Terms and Conditions of Use Policy

Passed by consensus by the Technology Operations Group on 01/22/2012

To be reviewed by the Legal Working Group and for approval by the General Assembly


These policies intend to clarify the New York General Assembly’s relationship with users and others who interact with its “digital properties.” “Digital Properties” include nycga.net, databases, social media accounts and any other such entities designated as belonging to NYCGA. These digital properties are community resources administered by the NYCGA Technology Operations Group [“Tech Ops”]. By using or accessing any NYCGA digital properties, you agree to these policies.

Terms and Conditions of Use

We encourage the public to participate and collaborate with each other using NYCGA.net and other digital properties established by the New York General Assembly.

Be advised that all postings, including any links to 3rd-party sites, shall be subject to limited monitoring for violations of this and any other policy.

The following types of content are considered inappropriate for posting on NYCGA digital properties:

commercial; self-promotional; prurient; abusive; discriminatory speech, including but not limited to, hate speech based on race, gender, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, religion or disability; disclosure of a user’s personal contact information without permission from the user.

If content is determined to be inappropriate, such content will be removed from the website. Such action will be taken in order to maintain the effective operation of our forums for civil, constructive and thoughtful discourse. If a Participant notices that his or her content is deleted and he or she wishes to dispute the determination, such Participant may request an explanation of deletion by emailing tech at nycga.net.

Participants should note the following prior to posting content:

(a) Regarding community-moderated content, a participant may flag content he or she believes to be in violation of this Terms of Use. He or she may not flag content due to disagreement with opinions stated.  If several flags are noted by administrators, such Reviewer may remove the content pending review for appropriateness.

(b) Any comments submitted for posting by a Participant may be rated and/or otherwise commented upon by other members of the public.

(c) By using this digital property, a Participant hereby acknowledges that he or she has read, understands and agrees to be bound by the terms as outlined herein, as well as with any applicable laws and regulations relating hereto.

This Policy Not An Alternative to the General Assembly/Spokescouncil

The Tech Operations Group will not take action on issues that are appropriately under the purview of other groups and bodies. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Deciding that a group deserves to exist/not exist
  • Determining that particular voices are inconsistent with Occupy Wall Street’s message and intentions
  • Requiring that opinions expressed conform to NYCGA resolutions