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1/24/2012: Community Solidarity

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  Does anyone wish to see the OWS movement become violent? -NO! If we let a bunch of Occupiers, who have come from all over and have given their lives to this movement with the hope of changing this country and our world into a more inclusive space; if we let these people, who our […]

1/13/2012: Archives Budget

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OWS Archives Budget Proposal Revised as of January 11, 2012 Statement: We are the Archives Working Group. We were created to ensure that Occupy Wall Street preserves and owns its past and so that we can collect the breadth of perspectives and flyers, signs, posters, audiovisual and digital files, photographs, and artifacts. We are also […]

1/13/2012: Housing request for MetroCard budget

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The Housing group would like to continue the process of weekly MetroCard requests that has been ongoing for the past six weeks. To facilitate the participation of the various individuals and workgroups that are making a tangible contribution to the daily operations of OWS we would like to request funds to purchase 7 day unlimited […]

1/14/2012: Formation of OCCUPY CO-OPS & CONDOS Working Group

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RACCNYRUSSIAN-AMERICAN COMMUNITY COALITION PARTNERSHIP THAT BENEFITS ALL     Tel. 718-714-6717          ~   ~              E-mail: Twitter: @RACCNYUSA   ~     Facebook:   January 5, 2011. PROPOSAL A 100% volunteer’s Russian-American Community Coalition proud to propose ‘Occupy Wall Street’ administration for registration and following administration — 2 new groups for their activities under OWS ‘umbrella’. Group name: […]

1/9/2012: Stop Stop & Frisk Budget for Button Printing

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Working Group: Stop Stop & Frisk Name of Point Person: Desiree D. Members: Christina,Terrence, Tim, Tyrone, Desiree, Matt, Greg, Jesse, and Jose Budget Proposal: Three-week Proposal; 1/13-2/3 WEEKLY PRINTING 400 SS&F buttons/day @ $.26/button = $728.00 WEEKLY TOTAL: $728.00 We protest the police to the police. All day everyday, we’re up in their faces. 700,000 of us were S&F’d last year and all of us want to […]

1/8/2012: Blocks Protocol at General Assembly

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This is a proposal to repair a serious problem we are encountering: the abuse of blocks. During a General Assembly, its Facilitation team is able to tell a person “That’s not a clarifying question, that’s a concern.”  And yet, for the most contentious part of the GA – blocks – neither Facilitation nor the body as a whole […]

1/8/2012: Bail and Camp Funding for Occupy Tampa

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Occupy Tampa has been a strong and active occupation since the beginning of the movement. They now have a permanent occupation at Voice Of Freedom Park which is privately owned by a supporter of the movement and can not be kicked off the property. Occupy Tampa has participated in Strong Direct Actions condemning consumerism and […]

Tech Ops Working Group Budget for Phone Services, Hosting Reimbursement, Infrastructure & Operating Costs, and Livestreaming in HD

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TECH OPS BUDGET PROPOSAL The Technology Operations group of the New York City General Assembly strives to provide tools that enable our movement to connect and communicate with each other and the world through technology. We provide as many tools we can to supportOWS and the broader Occupy Movement as we all transform the world. Some of our more notable projects include tools thatmany […]

1/5/2012: Removal of 99 Declaration from

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In the interest of adhering to the OWS Statement of Autonomy – a document consented to by the GA on 11/10/11, for the purposes of maintaining the integrity of Occupy Wall Street and in solidarity with a similar proposal passed by the Philadelphia GA, I bring this proposal to this General Assembly to remove the […]

Extension Denied

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The petition to extend the restraining order has been denied. “The movants have not demonstrated that they have a First Amendment right to remain in Zuccotti Park, along with their tents, structures, generators, and other installations to the exclusion ofthe owner’s reasonable rights and duties to maintain Zuccotti Park, or to the rights to public access of others who might wish to use the space safely. Neither have the applicants shown […]