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NYCGA Minutes 2/23/2012

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NYC GENERAL ASSEMBLY DAY        (2/23/12) LOCATION: 60 Wall St., 7:15 PM FACILITATORS:  Sully, Marissa, Sean STACK:  David MINUTES:  Carol, Lauren Rugg Working Group Reportbacks: LEGAL/ANTI-REPRSSION:  Meeting is at 3:00 on Fridays.  This week at training on what to do if visits from FBI, detention, Try to do also on town squares. OCCUCOPY: We are here, […]

OWS stand in solidarity with Resist the RNC!

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This Proposal is just to have OWS stand in solidarity with Resist the RNC!. Resist the RNC is  setting up the logistical foundation, like marches,medical, housing and etc. We have listed  Occupations and organizations that allready endorse  us but would like the solidarity from OWS as well. Resist the RNC  is not affiliated with any political […]

1/28/2012: Support for a joint declaration between the assemblies of Moscow and New York from the Anti-War Working Group

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JOINT DECLARATION BETWEEN THE ASSEMBLIES OF MOSCOW AND NEW YORK APPROVED BY OWS ANTIWAR WORKING GROUP We the people of the Moscow and New York Assemblies acknowledge that the future of the human race requires the cooperation of its members. We are at a critical moment in history. There is a rising tide of military […]

1/31/2012: Request for Liberty Square General Assembly to ban an individual (Nan) (from Edward H.)

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Many occupiers are gathering together after Nan attempted to destroy Tuesday nights GA.  We made an official statement on the 24th, stating that the GA will not tolerate deliberate destruction and attacks on itself.  We have witnesses that confirm that Nan planned to wage a violent attack on the GA if her proposal to dissolve […]

Proposal for Saturday 12/24 General Assembly: Direct Action Un-Settling Occupation & Budget

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Un-Settling Occupation 29 December 2011 Irondale 85 S. Oxford St. Brooklyn, NY Program begins at 5:30 We propose a gathering at Irondale Ensemble Project on the evening of December 29th 2011 that connects the colonial occupation of Manhattan to the occupation of Wall Street— an occupation of already occupied land. We have chosen to take […]

Draft Proposal for Saturday 12/10 General Assembly: Medical Clinic Budget

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Proposal For Medical Clinic BudgetOn Thursday, Dec. 3rd, 2011, there was officially a split between Medical Clinic and Street Medics.  The split happened to protect our licensed physicians and nurses from losing their licenses and to give the clinic its own accountability.  Due to the split, the budget that we had needs to be proposed […]