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Proposal to Discuss Resources in OWS

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As a community we decided to implement a spending freeze, so that we could evaluate our relationship to resources. In the wake of this decision a number of affinity groups have formed to started to raise funds for their own projects. While we are finally getting a clear picture of the general fund, the overall financial […]

2/11/2012: OWS – Finance Transparency from Accountability & Transparency and GA working groups

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After being in New York for a week now, it has become abundantly clear that there is some activity being performed in the OWS-NYCGA finance that is not transparent. Not only is it not transparent, but has been asked about ongoing since Oct. 2011 which is evident by being carried in a local newspaper: I have posted any […]

NYCGA Minutes 12/6/2011

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NYC GENERAL ASSEMBLY DAY #81 Date/Time: 12/6/2011 / 7:15 pm Location: Liberty Park Facilitators (F): Christina, Sully Minutes: Spencer   AGENDA 81.1.  Working Group Report Backs 81.2.  Agenda Items (Visions and Goals breakout, Accounting emergency proposal) 81.3.  Announcements

Finance Transparency Statement

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The Finance working group has released a transparency statement on their blog This was announced and printed copies distributed last Friday 10/28/11 at the General Assembly.