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NYCGA Minutes 3/8/2012

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Facilitators: Corey, Lady Stack Taker: Isaac Time Keeper: Minutes: Lauren Vibes: Link To Audio Recording Announcements Brookfield is messing with us tonight, they are going to leave and abandoned bag assuming we are going to steal it if you see any property that is not yours don’t take it. This is very important. Thank you. […]

NYCGA Minutes 2/28/2012

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Co-Facilitators: Daniel, Jennifer Time Keeper: Isaac Stack taker: Jean Vibes: David Minutes: Lauren No Audio Available Working Group Report Backs: Housing, Visions and Goals, Marsha: Fiber Arts working group, Grievance Council, F28 report back, Occupy Farms Proposal: Statement of solidarity with the city wide GA on March 17th Result: Tabled, GA did not extend time Proposal: […]

Bail Fund

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The accounting working group, with your consent, would like to move $100,000 dollars from the NYCGA general fund to establish an account with the sole purpose of posting bail.  This is an effort to ensure that we are able to continue to post bail for those arrested going into the spring.

NYCGA Minutes 12/6/2011

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NYC GENERAL ASSEMBLY DAY #81 Date/Time: 12/6/2011 / 7:15 pm Location: Liberty Park Facilitators (F): Christina, Sully Minutes: Spencer   AGENDA 81.1.  Working Group Report Backs 81.2.  Agenda Items (Visions and Goals breakout, Accounting emergency proposal) 81.3.  Announcements