Spring Training IV: Splinter Marches


This Friday, April 6, at 2pm, we march and we run !

Occupy Wall Street will converge in the streets once again for our Weekly Marches on Wall Street.

These weekly marches give anyone new, experienced or interested in various street tactics & formations a chance to practice them in a low risk activity, so come General Strike on May 1, we are prepared to shut it down!

This friday, April 6 at 2pm, Spring Training continues its series of Street Tactics Trainings with a giant ‘Splinter March’!  

The schedule is as follows:

2:00PM Meet in Liberty Square for sign making and a short march tactics training
3:15PM March to Wall Street
3:45PM Descend on the New York Stock Exchange to counter the closing bell with “The People’s Gong”
4:30PM Meet for a debrief, games, or soap boxing.

#SpringTraining for #MayDay #GeneralStrike

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