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A: Minutes should be posted as “Docs” on your group page. Please name them in a straight-forward way and tag them as minutes so they can be easily found.

Q: How do I create docs, or begin a sub-site blog for my group (like my group.nycga.net).
A: All of these capabilities are for group administrators.  See “How do I become an administrator or moderator of my group” above.

Q: How do I become an administrator or moderator of my group?
A: Contact the current administrator of the group to be promoted to administrator.

Q: How do I make someone else an admin or a moderator for my group?
A: When you’re on your groups page, you should see a tab called “Admin”. This is where all the magic happens. When you’re on the Admin tab, there should be a sub-tab called “Members”. Under there is where you promote other members of your group to be admins or moderators. There many be many pages of members here, so sometimes it is hard to find the person you’re looking for. As a hint, the list is sorted by how recently they joined the group, so if you want someone to appear right at the top of the list, simply ask them to leave the group and then re-join.

Q: How do I create events?
A: The beautiful thing about this site is that it democratizes the adding of information and events. Tech Ops is not a gatekeeper for additions to the content of the site and you should not contact Tech Ops to get your event added. Instead, the events on the site are all added by the Group Admins of the relevant group. Please get in touch with whatever group you think is most relevant to your event and ask that admin to add the event. If you are an admin of your group, there is a “create new event” link. See “How do I become an administrator or moderator of my group” above.

Q: How do I email all the members of my group?
A: Also under the Admin tab, you should see a sub-tab called “Email Options”. Click there and you’ll be able to enter a subject and a message to send to your group. Please use this feature very wisely and selectively. If people feel like they are being spammed and overloaded with mass-emails they are likely to leave the group and if it really begins to be over-used and we get complaints, we may have to disable it for everyone.

Q: What’s this I hear about @nycga.net email addresses and phone numbers?
A: Tech Ops can provide @nycga.net email addresses and phone numbers for any group that requests one. To make this request, simply email Tech Ops. The email address is a Google Apps account which means it behaves just like gmail. Think of it as “Occupied Gmail” :) The phone number is a Google Voice number which allows you to set up rules to make it forward calls to other numbers of individual members of your group. We hope to someday offer these resources to individuals as well as groups, but those systems are not yet in place.

Q: How can I benefit from this site if I don’t often have access to a computer or the internet?
A: We are constantly working to bridge the technological divide and hope to provide as many tools as possible to make the information here accessible to all. Some useful tools are:

  • 855-NYCGA-411 (855-692-4241): You can dial this toll-free number from any pay phone for real-time voice access to nycga.net events schedule and announcements.
  • Remote Info: The Info/ComHub team is working hard to get people out on the street with the days’s information and with mobile web access.
  • OWS Internet Cafe: Before the raid, we had an internet cafe of sorts in the park and we are hoping to re-build that in 60 Wall Street and other OWS places around the city ASAP.

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28 Responses to “Web Site Help”

  1. John Hobden

    No matter what I enter when I try to register I get the following message !
    Please help.

    ERROR: Banned by WangGuard Is a mistake?.

  2. luna

    I had an event added to the nycga.cc page, but it isnt showing up here. The details are below, please add it to events so people will know about it.

    Thanks! luna

    Working People’s Group
    This Thursday 10/20 9pm Meet at big red statue in corner of the square and then we can move
    This Sunday 10/23 4pm Same meeting place
    For those who would like to stay involved in #OcuupyWallStreet but have to work elsewhere for most of the day/night.
    This group will start out as a discussion group to brainstorm on:
    1. How to stay involved in the Occupation while also having to work
    2. How to meaningfully contribute to the movement
    3. How it feels to be working wage labor while also fighting for economic justice
    4. What this movement can mean outside of the physical square
    5. How to attract other workers
    6. How to healthfully balance time
    7. Whatever else we come up with!

  3. Don Ginty

    Tried to get to the sign-up sheet for Laundry and Showers but got a “Page can’t be found” message.

  4. David Arens

    I cannot Join any groups and I wished to Join the 99% declaration group which I am part of on the forum and on Yahoo, in addition I would like to join the information and media groups – we need to respond back to having a legitimacy clearing house so that all those wishing to join are given a clearing house for their information and that noone is slienced because they cannot make it to the NY GA

  5. Beverly Harlan

    I’ve tried registering twice, but never received the confirmation email that enables me to log into the site.

    Please advise.

    I send my support and gratitude to ALL OWS protestors in the world!!!!!!

  6. James

    Sorry to bother you, but I keep trying to register for the nycga site, but I never get sent the confirmation email to finish the registration. Please help, so I can help. :)

  7. CJ Holm

    Howdy, Include me in the number who had a difficult time registering. I registered (twice) with a yahoo account, and never received the confirmation email. It wasn’t in my spam folder. But when I tried with a gmail account, all was well.

  8. Jon Werberg

    Registration doesn’t seem to be working with @yahoo.com email addresses – tried another address and it worked. Sounds like several folks are having similar issue

  9. Craig Seeman

    Like others I can’t register.
    I enter information, get message that I will receive activation email and it never arrives.
    I’ve tried from two browsers and two different email accounts from different service providers, yahoo, optimum.
    I’ve confirmed nothing is going into any junk mail filters as well.

    Please fix this otherwise participation is being inadvertently limited.

  10. Steve Baldwin

    I tried registering several times yesterday and today.

    I used three different e-mail addresses and two browsers.

    But never received confirmation e-mail message.

  11. Steve Baldwin

    Thanks to CJ Holm, who noted in this thread the IMPORTANT FACT that registration WORKS IF (and apparently only if) one has a GMAIL account.

  12. Robert Pollard

    I’m a little confused that some of the Groups don’t have a Forum menu item, so there doesn’t seem to be space to create or discuss topics in the group. Meanwhile, I have found one group that has a Blog option in its Menu. Would it be possible to have the inclusion of Forum and Blog as a default in all groups, and to create them for existing groups.

    • drew

      We need to activate groups forms. There are still some things that need to be brought fully up-to-speed on the site yet.

      I’ll be going down to the park today and running tutorials near the info desk.

  13. Anthony Rago

    I registered twice following all of the instructions. I am still unable to log in.
    There must be a bug.

  14. Justin Stone-Diaz

    Hey there! Was wondering when the Part Time Caucus Working Group Would be added? We’ve begun to meet & would like to start making the most of the platform! Much Mahalo!

  15. Chavisa Woods

    Hi. I am member of the Demands group and want to list the date time and place of our next meeting. I spoke with somone from media, I believe it was, tonight and he said that margurite from media is currently an admin. Could you pl,ease make me an admin and I will make others from the group an admin as well. – C. WOODS. if you have questions, my email is bdlilrbt@gmail.com

  16. Karen

    Among those who can’t register from a yahoo account. Please address this issue! Thank you :)

  17. Marcus D'Truth

    I just went through the logon process and now cannot login. When I try to login the system says invalid username or password. Then when I selected lost password the system returned an error that no one with that email address is registered. I know I am typing in all of the correct information.

    Also, why no capital letters in the user name? That is silly. Can you please help me with this? My username is truth247 and my email is marcusd107@gmail.com I just registered at around 7:05am on Friday Oct. 21.


  18. Athena

    I tried registering too but did not receive the confirmation email.
    Please help! The schedule is such a RESOURCE FOR CHANGE!

  19. Chavisa Woods

    Please please, can someone here make one of the actual members of the demands group an administrator so we can list our meeting place and time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Iw as in teh park last night and was to to send an email here, but I don;t know where else to send this. Admins can be myself. eric lerner, or cecily… or all of he above.
    you can contact be @ bdlilrbt@gmail.com

  20. Jo Ellen Ryan

    Created an account but never received a confirmation e-mail. Please advise.

  21. Chavisa Woods

    oh dear, that was done from the phone many typos. Sorry to be so adamant, but with the exclamation points. I just can’t figure out how to post events.

  22. kelly ball

    Tried thirty or so times to register. There is obviously a problem
    Here is poem I wrote after watching live stream OWS on 9/19 Please share with all the groups as I have never been able to post this
    Occupy Kauai

    Rift or Shift
    Kelly ball

    Fire burn and cauldron bubble
    Hey!…Wall St. you’re in trouble
    With the truth we’ll resonate
    And smash your flimsy paltry gates
    The meditation of our hearts
    Will rip your lies from part to part

    We all did this long ago
    At the walls of Jericho
    We will circle all around
    And blow our horns till you fall down
    It is we who are this land
    And you will meet the earth’s demand

    We will know and understand
    Realization of this command
    A world of haves and have nots
    A world of slaves and robots
    Where our souls are sold and bought
    Is a world that happens…not

    We intend to burn your ears
    And pierce your soul until you hear
    No more psycho warring tyrants
    And their bankster lying pirates
    No more making dollar bills
    From the numbers that you kill

    You grey suits that slither by
    Don’t you think you catch our eye
    You look askance at ground or sky
    Your furrowed brows betray your lies
    Don’t you know the truth slips in
    Illuminates your hidden sins

    And your crimes against the people
    From sanctimonious perverted steeples
    We’ll track you down to where you live
    And pound our drums till you give in
    And in day… or by stealth
    We’ll place – roadblocks – to your wealth

    We shall never let it be
    That you steal and you walk free
    We will change your attitude
    Or chomp you up like you were food
    We would rather mend the rift
    And have you join us in the shift

    All the money that you make
    You will not accumulate
    The only law is circulate
    Stars and planets all rotate
    Oceans rain and rivers mate
    The dance of life oscillates

    One for all and all for one
    The only way that Heaven’s won