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4 Responses to “Assembly Proposal Form”

  1. alvin steinberg

    My Occupy Wall Street New York City General Assembly site doesn’t allow me to get into the “Assembly” in order to put a proposal on the General Assembly Agenda. I wrote to you about this before. I also cannot not read any of the proposals being considered by the Assembly. Please tell me what I can do about this. My telephone number is 212 – 505 – 5276.

    I am resubmitting the proposals. If the other two proposals are on the agenda for Saturday night then don’t resubmit these proposals.

    Proposal one is to unfreeze the funds for any appropriations that the Assembly wants to use for tonight. After the funds are unfrozen and the desired appropriations are made the Assembly should then freeze the remaining funds as we don’t want the few dollars that we will have left over to be spent frivously.

    Proposal 2. is to appropriate $3,000 to pay for C.T. Butler’s Consensus and Conflict Course. We should also consider appropriating two hundred dollars for recording expenses. The course starts Friday evening and coontinues through Sunday. It is a total of 16 hours. We need a record of this course for future use.

  2. Urgyen Thupten Dorje

    I also just proposed for you alvin, through the proper channel I beleive.

  3. Darrell Prince

    This site should certainly be the right forum; I fail to understand why proposal do not post immediately.