Good Neighbor Policy

Following respectful and good-faith dialogue with members of the local community which has been rebuilding since the trauma of 9/11, Occupy Wall Street hereby announces the following Good Neighbor Policy:

  • OWS has zero tolerance for drugs or alcohol anywhere in Liberty Plaza;
  • Zero tolerance for violence or verbal abuse towards anyone;
  • Zero tolerance for abuse of personal or public property.
  • OWS will limit drumming on the site to 2 hours per day, between the hours of 11am and 5pm only.
  • OWS encourages all participants to respect health and sanitary regulations, and will direct all participants to respectfully utilize appropriate off-site sanitary facilities.
  • OWS will display signage and have community relations and security monitors in Liberty Plaza, in order to ensure awareness of and respect for our guidelines and Good Neighbor Policy.
  • OWS will at all times have a community relations representative on-site, to monitor and respond to community concerns and complaints.

Occupy Wall Street
October 13, 2011

Note: In conjunction with local community members and their representatives, OWS is also working to establish off-site sanitary facilities such as port-a-potties.

29 Responses to “Good Neighbor Policy”

  1. Harvey Newman

    I commend you on your efforts to be good neighbors. Are the media telling the truth about the drumming and sanitary conditions? Or is OWS having difficulties self-policing activities that may derail its Good Neighbor Policy?

  2. Jose

    As a resident of Liberty Square and a fan of effective actions by our occupation, I have to register my concerns with “zero tolerance” policies of any kind, especially when there is no clarity about what that means. I do not consent to the above policy.

  3. Theresa Faelte Lee

    Well, there should not be any tolerance for verbal or physical abuse. Why would we want to tolerate that? And as for drinking etc. just do it in a bar or elswhere. The MOVEMENT is more important than having a party. A revolution is serious business and can be quite dangerous. And its very unhealthy to live in urine and feces, for the occupiers as well as the community. We need support. We must be willing to make a sacrifice. There are babies, children, sick people, elderly – all who need proper rest. Drumming isn’t banned but we have to consider others – especially when they are trying to support us. This is the most important fight of our lives. just my two cents.

    • Mr. Blue


      I would also add that corporate lackeys (our elected officials) are using drinking, drugs, sanitary conditions, and lack of concern for the surrounding community as an excuse to deprive us of our first amendment right to free speech and peaceful assembly. Let’s not give them that excuse!

  4. Lyle Courtsal

    When reviews above laws from perspective of 1960’s era supreme court decisions, you will find a reasonable middle ground for unity. That means most all your zero tolerance policies will have to be significantly revised or replace with much better, more humane alternatives. Remember presently NYC is a bill of rights free zone, making it a dead zone for poor people. See article New York Times about Grace freezing to death 50 feet from a locked church.

  5. Lyle Courtsal

    Good neighbor policy not made up by our good neighbors. Those people live in houses valued above $300,000.

  6. Lyle Courtsal

    Guidelines created by anti-democratic corporate sources associated with real estate interests, can be used maliciously if initiator has self-serving intentor obsessive will to power. .

  7. Lyle Courtsal

    Self defense is a right guaranteed under US and international law.

  8. Shawn CarriƩ

    Could this be updated to amend the fact that we do in fact now have Port-a-Potties at SIS?

  9. b j a

    AWESOME, now if only other groups would follow these…. You should talk to OccupyEureka about this. They are embarrassing your cause by stealing from local businesses, doing drugs on our courthouse lawn, urinating and crapping on our courthouse lawn and steps of outlying buildings, harassing people trying to go into the courthouse, blocking traffic on the highway that runs through our town, etc…. Please consider contacting them ( and requesting that they adopt your set of guidelines. They have totally turned off citizens like me to your cause. I am glad to read this and get some of my faith back in humans and protests like this one. THANK YOU for your good example!!!

  10. Mark Fossey

    Juan? Jose? Mr. Blue? This reads like a bad script. You are gonna have to try harder to disrespect a noble cause. Whoever wrote this filled in the comments too. It is blatantly obvious.

  11. Malcolm R Migacz

    “Zero tolerance for violence or verbal abuse towards anyone;”
    This statement is vague at best . Is there a list of verbal abuse words on this site ?

    • Jacob F.

      This is a question we’ve had at our GA – what place do words like “zero tolerance” and “must” have in language coming out of an Assembly, especially when no ‘or else’ is specified. Also raised but never addresed by Jose above.

  12. Lyle Courtsal

    Dear People, The church action was valid when you consider that Grace in her thirties froze to death fifty foot from an unutilized church that was probably heated adequately to save her life. When I talked with officials of the episcopal church here out west in order to start a day center for homeless for winter here, I was told by the usual enfranchised bureaucrat that it was an insurance matter. When I proposed alternatives that were legal and very possible, I ran into the usual runaround.
    Also remember we can now definitely prove that facebook is used by global security forces to persecute and prosecute anyone not fitting the new world order policies in the particular nation. In addition, facebook has decided to block any discussions of the drug war and cannabis legalization. Facebook is a corporate front group that is going public soon. Plan on your information landing in the hands of a few malicious operators.

  13. Lyle Courtsal

    All zero tolerance policies are illegal and subvert constitutional standards expressed in 60’s era supreme court decisions since the present courts decisions are illegitimate considering that at least 7-8 of them are the best center-right figureheads corporate money can buy and were appointed by a government that manipulated the elections putting them in power, therefore appointments illegitimate as well. See on digital vote padding across country.

  14. Katherine A Flowers

    I would just like to add that more respect given to fellow Occupiers would be nice. If we can’t respect one another how do we plan to get respect from those who aren’t Occupiers. A little trust that people have the right intentions. Stop acting like your crap don’t stink. I would also encourage those who have strong opinions to check with others to make sure that you are voicing a group concern and not just your own. We are in this together and all voices matter just check yourself that your fighting for the right values at the right time and not just in it for yourself.