Declaration of the Occupation of New York City

This document was accepted by the NYC General Assembly on September 29, 2011
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As we gather together in solidarity to express a feeling of mass injustice, we must not lose sight of what brought us together. We write so that all people who feel wronged by the corporate forces of the world can know that we are your allies.

As one people, united, we acknowledge the reality: that the future of the human race requires the cooperation of its members; that our system must protect our rights, and upon corruption of that system, it is up to the individuals to protect their own rights, and those of their neighbors; that a democratic government derives its just power from the people, but corporations do not seek consent to extract wealth from the people and the Earth; and that no true democracy is attainable when the process is determined by economic power. We come to you at a time when corporations, which place profit over people, self-interest over justice, and oppression over equality, run our governments. We have peaceably assembled here, as is our right, to let these facts be known.

  • They have taken our houses through an illegal foreclosure process, despite not having the original mortgage.
  • They have taken bailouts from taxpayers with impunity, and continue to give Executives exorbitant bonuses.
  • They have perpetuated inequality and discrimination in the workplace based on age, the color of one’s skin, sex, gender identity and sexual orientation.
  • They have poisoned the food supply through negligence, and undermined the farming system through monopolization.
  • They have profited off of the torture, confinement, and cruel treatment of countless animals, and actively hide these practices.
  • They have continuously sought to strip employees of the right to negotiate for better pay and safer working conditions.
  • They have held students hostage with tens of thousands of dollars of debt on education, which is itself a human right.
  • They have consistently outsourced labor and used that outsourcing as leverage to cut workers’ healthcare and pay.
  • They have influenced the courts to achieve the same rights as people, with none of the culpability or responsibility.
  • They have spent millions of dollars on legal teams that look for ways to get them out of contracts in regards to health insurance.
  • They have sold our privacy as a commodity.
  • They have used the military and police force to prevent freedom of the press.
  • They have deliberately declined to recall faulty products endangering lives in pursuit of profit.
  • They determine economic policy, despite the catastrophic failures their policies have produced and continue to produce.
  • They have donated large sums of money to politicians, who are responsible for regulating them.
  • They continue to block alternate forms of energy to keep us dependent on oil.
  • They continue to block generic forms of medicine that could save people’s lives or provide relief in order to protect investments that have already turned a substantial profit.
  • They have purposely covered up oil spills, accidents, faulty bookkeeping, and inactive ingredients in pursuit of profit.
  • They purposefully keep people misinformed and fearful through their control of the media.
  • They have accepted private contracts to murder prisoners even when presented with serious doubts about their guilt.
  • They have perpetuated colonialism at home and abroad.
  • They have participated in the torture and murder of innocent civilians overseas.
  • They continue to create weapons of mass destruction in order to receive government contracts.*

To the people of the world,

We, the New York City General Assembly occupying Wall Street in Liberty Square, urge you to assert your power.

Exercise your right to peaceably assemble; occupy public space; create a process to address the problems we face, and generate solutions accessible to everyone.

To all communities that take action and form groups in the spirit of direct democracy, we offer support, documentation, and all of the resources at our disposal.

Join us and make your voices heard!
*These grievances are not all-inclusive.

We also have a visual representation of this document from the Arts and Culture Group and the Call to Action Working Group. To download your own copy of this image as a jpeg (12.7 MB), click here, or for image inquiries e-mail

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626 Responses to “Declaration of the Occupation of New York City”

  1. Tom Poppitz

    It all comes down to our elected officials letting it happen. We’re presently electing “Bogdonovitchs” – candidates who thrive on gaming the system for ever more money. Instead we need to elect people who thrive when doing the will of the people. But they can’t compete in today’s mega-money political environment.

    • Barbara Louize

      Would it be possible to GET MONEY OUT OF POLITICS without a revolution against capitalism? Note how the statement of the “Occupy WallStreet NYC” General Assembly resembles the early statements in the Declaration of Independence. How can voting save us when the rich own the government?

      • Pop Silly

        we have to vote for each other instead of them. not use money to influence decisions

          • Jeremy K

            In an interview tonight between Michael Moore and P. Morgan, Michael informed us that we have good new! He went on to state, “The richest 1% of the nation, only have 1% of the vote.” We need to find the candidates that truly speak for the people. They exist but have failed the political advertisement/fundraiser games. If anyone finds more like Ralph Nader I will gladly make my first political contribution.

            Young Adult, Social Worker, Proud member of not 1%

          • johnny

            we dont need money. We need organization. Its like the Army if you have 5 or 10 main heads of the movement that are responsible for a certain amount of people and those people have responsibility for a certain amount of people and so on. then spread the word of who to vote for would stick. but there should be some type of web site that people can go to and obligate to, saying that they will vote for “candidate” before the actual voting day so that a way people see that there vote is not a lost cause.

        • Max

          Voting for each other as opposed to ‘them’ works only in a perfect, but what about an imperfect system? Clearly, our system in place is imperfect — otherwise there would never an OccupyWallStreet movement. If you elect a ‘good guy’ or ‘one of us’ but send him into a room full of ‘bad guys’ or ‘them’ with just as much power (but more numbers, experience and etc), it’s not going to get anywhere — and if it does that anywhere either won’t be the desired destination and most likely will be done unpeacefully. 50 Cent recently took to his blogs ( — one of the largest Hip Hop blogs in existence) to ask the world why we all stopped caring in feeding homeless children, why our culture has become so drug obsessed and why our system on wall street is so fatally flawed. This is coming from a rapper that does not do drugs, owns countless corporations and is one of the wealthiest entertainers in history. He plans to feed a billion kids this year and spread the news of Occupy Wall Street. We don’t need to simply vote ourselves in, that’s what we’ve been trying and failing. We need to change corporate laws, the way our government practices and rewrite stupid laws like ‘you can’t use a megaphone during a protest’. We need to change the system and then put in politicians that fight for the people. I’m not encouraging revolt, I’m encouraging a rewriting for many of our system’s laws and policies. The world changes every day, our government and our most powerful corporations need to in order to be applicable to real life people like ourselves during times like these.

        • fred

          Unlike then, we have a vote. If you continue to vote for those politicians that accept lobbyist money then you are at fault.

          • Jim Zieger

            Agreed that we cannot vote for the politicians that accept the lobbyist money, but the problem that occurs to me is… Who CAN we vote for? It seems impossible to make it to any office because of the money required if a politician doesn’t accept the ubiquitous money or have their own form of independent wealth (which of course brings it’s own corruption). Yes, we must get ALL the money out of the election process.

            Just a wild idea – perhaps the playing field might be flattened if all contenders for any office ran completely anonymously (by number or code?) using only a text web-site (that was standardized in size and format) so that an individual could be judged on their words alone. Of course this would require a some sort of resume of past experiences and voting choices. Again, for something like this to work, it would have to be completely standardized and as such it would have to allow by multiple choice (or the likes) for the many possibilities of ones past experiences.

            I realize, at this point, it’s not well thought out and not very workable, but I’m just trying to put forth some ideas to stir the pot of thought.

        • Jane

          The truth is that “we” (center left and left) have more votes than “they” (center-right, right) and so if everyone who is of age were to vote we would consistantly have a center-left government that would hopefully be more responsive to the needs of the most of the people, most of the time. Highest and best use.
          If one thing, just one thing, happens with this new movement it would be to get each and every elligible voter out at each and every election.
          Then-change the laws. It will take a very long time, but if we don’t vote it will be never.

      • Anais

        Yes it is possible to get money out of politics without a revolution against capitalism. Capitalism is just an economic system based on little intervention of the state in economic affairs. But the problem we are protesting is rooted in strong ties between a corrupted government and big corporations.

        The real problem, is that the government let these injustices happen, and sometimes even encouraged them (bail-outs, favorable regulations). And the reason why the government did that, is because it is composed of people who where elected, not by the People of America, but by whoever had the most money. And this happened because the law allows lobbying and privately funded campaigns.

        If we change that, then politicians won’t be driven by money anymore, but by a will of doing the best for the people. Which is how democracy works. And this has nothing to do with capitalism.

        • Jen King

          The real problem is that the PEOPLE who are responsible for the corporations and “our” government (for those accepting the current “for” the people version of the constitution) are not acting FOR the people. One must respect, value and uphold the position of leadership within any community; and sustain resistance toward greed, self interest, power and control. To be a public servant is to quite simply serve the public. Nothing speaks louder to me than the crowd yelling “who do you serve?” at the police. The same holds true for ANY government official. No life is more important than any other on this planet. We each hold a purpose for our role on the earth at this point in time. That role must be respected by all………period. Every life has value – every single one.

        • StratDad

          The police serve the public, and the public is not defined by the crowd. The voice of the public is written in the laws which the police are paid to enforce. The chant ‘who do you serve’ is only effective if you are calling to an authority higher than the voice of the public. Crowds are not that voice. To believe and act differently is hubris.

          • James

            The Police really don’t give a rat’s ass about the laws they uphold. They merely follow the whims of the mayors that are appointed over them for good or bad.

          • Eric Savoie

            James sorry but you’re really off track…

            the people is above all those laws and the individuals working in position of authorities are manipulated by the laws to break them. What is coming right now is the profound understanding of our fundamental rights that are being violated by the people hired to serve us. If they step outside of their rights and duties, they are not immuned by their positions. What is happening right now is that as soon as the people will be able to have their own common law courts, the people who steped outside of their rights and duties will be help accountable for what they do. It is their duty to understand thier limitations into their jobs and not violate people’s rights just because they are told to do so by their supervisor giving them orders. By not knowing and understadning their limitations they are themselves comiting crimes and breach their oaths and this is good for all orders of men anywhere.

          • nikosgreco

            The Armed Forces of America belongs to the People of America, not to the Power Elite. Should the People wills it that they do away with the Power Elite, the Armed Forces of America is to uphold that Will. If the Armed Forces disobeys that Will, then it is not the Armed Forces of the American People, but the Armed Forces of the the Power Elite.

        • Eric Savoie

          I aggree with you Anais,

          The GBoom team is actually promoting that and what we simply need is an organizational structure that will empower the people to self organize and facilitate the collaboration and interactions between the people, the products and services. Wea re presently developing such an Organizational Network. You may want to drop your name and mail on our web site. In a few months we should have the prototype ready, I’ve been at this for over 20 years and now we are a team of experts puting it together and offer the people some global duplicable solutions for organizing our knowledge collectively and share it between people, businesses and communities.

          We feel that our solutions is pretty unique and we are preparing it right now with the idea that this will becoem a virtual society that will stand for the people and by the people. We all agree that what we need is improve the system that we have to fit our needs with this new transformational economy coming.

          Appreciate your comment!

          Eric Savoie
          CEO Gboom Organizational Network

        • xavier

          yes, Anais, i really agree that privately funded campaigns and lobbies are at the heart of it and have enabled so many things that are wrong. they seem to be the main way our democracy has been privatized and taken out of our hands.

        • CD

          Good post. Our eye and blame needs to go on the political system and we should be very careful to demonize our banks and corporations. What’s odd is that just a few years ago the liberal mantra of EVIL was BIG OIL. Now it’s banks, Wall Street, and the wealthy. What about unions and foreign countries? Don’t they have a huge influence on our gov as well? Yes they do. So if we pull ourselves back to the 40 thousand foot level with a clear head we would see that it’s not just this org or that one. They all have one thing in common and it’s called our Federal gov. They are too big and too powerful and have now duped a good portion of people into thinking someone else is to blame.

          • Jeff

            But who steers the Federal government? Do you think we would have gone into Iraq if Halliburtion, GD, KBR and Exxon didn’t stand to make billion$? Do you think cancer causing tobacco would be on the market if there weren’t billion$ at stake.

          • Joanie Summer

            Didnt you mean “we should be very careful NOT to demonize our banks and corporations,” CD? That would have fit in with the rest of your remarks much better, don’t you think? And “what about unions and foreign countries? Don’t they have a huge influence in our gov as well?” — pleae study the history of the labor movement to answer the first item in your statement. As for foreign countries, yes, the multinational corporations /do/ have a huge influence, along with the (here it comes) banks and organizations such as the IMF, EUB, and national orgs like ALEC and the US Chamber of Commerce.

            Btw, CD, are you one of those troll people? I only ask because I’ve never met one in person, but you seem to fit the descriptions I’ve heard.

      • StratDad

        While the format of this declaration may resemble that of the Declaration, it certainly does not resemble it in any other way. The Declaration lays down the principle of which all rights are derived. This declaration does not. The Declaration submits specific facts that attest to the violation of these rights. The declaration does not. The Declaration lists the previous attempts at finding a peaceful resolution, this declaration does not. Finally, the Declaration closes with a solemn pledge of ‘lives, fortunes, and sacred honor’, of which turned out to be prophetic. This declaration does not. Indeed, it asks others to step up.

      • James

        How can a representative who bares allegiance to the public even become selected by any party when said parties are under the thumb of Wall Street? Further, the Electoral College votes for us. The popular vote accounts for nothing. The only way to fix this problem is to take decisive action and replace our government with a new form of government – step by step, piece by piece; not work within the confines of a system that has been manipulated by the 1% to always lean in their advantage.

        • museman

          A “new form of government” -kind of illustrates the problem; no one really knows what that is. I know from my own attempts over the past 40 years to get some kind of acknowledgement from my own ‘peers’ (the boomers) towards that end, that the closer you get to an actual ‘people-based’ government, the more you begin to resemble forms that have already been cast into the shadows of our collective political psyches, like ‘communism and socialism’ – and the boogie men come out to play.

          Yes, I agree, only starting over, scrapping the shredded constitution, and the current system of ‘professional politicians’ who falsely claim to represent the peoples interests is the only way. Compromise with uber-corruption cannot possibly lead to anything but more corruption, and less opportunity to address it in the future.

          A common sense approach to a New Constitution.

          We could create an online/in the cloud peoples constitutional convention, and begin to achieve the consensus of participants necessary to make it real. But if we do, we must take measures to ensure that no ‘professional’ politicians -and excruciatingly important- NO LAWYERS get in to mess up the common sense atmosphere with their ‘legaleze’ gobbledegoop. These ‘professions’ are by-and-large composed of one percenters or their sympathizers.

          We the people can no longer afford to make the kinds of compromises with common sense that our government has forced down our throats for,…well I have noticed a distinct lack of historical awareness about how this all came about -but that is moot.

          One thing I have noticed as a more-than-sympathetic observer (my ‘participation’ can be measured over decades, even though my age and disability limits me) -and that is that the online response on many blogs and forums is starting to get ugly. Though this new generation, coming of age, is willing and able to discuss ideas and debate nuances in an effective, communicative, intelligent manner, hundreds of ‘responders’ are now in the mix throwing nothing but negatives, mud slinging, name-calling, and in general reflecting ignorance and stupidity that obviously is not aware that the entire world is seeing their lack of consciousness. -this made me angry, and a little despairing at first, but then I realized that this is all the opposition has to this global uprising. There is no substance to such ignorance (except the government enforcement agencies) and it is a sign that Truth is winning.


          • Rodney Hytonen

            The trouble with an election process online is that EVERONE-even the poorest pauper- is not guaranteed internet access or a computer. In some places even rich people couldn’t get access (if any would live there.)

            You would just be substituting one elite for another – just as anointing a “working group” limits choice in the same way as our current election system. You need to do EVERYTHING in a GA or it’s nothing new.

            IMO the problem with most movements today (example::TEA party) .is that they strive to SIMPLIFY as the country becomes MORE complex to govern, That is a recipe for disaster, born of laziness.

            I ws a hippie and decided early vitng was a waste b/c the choices we got were not choices at all. But Retirement (and C-Span) have shown me one irrefutible fact – Citizenship is a daily, FULL TIME JOB and we now need to admit we ALL have AT LEAST two FULL TIME jobs. There just isn’t time to watch Dancing WithTheStars any more when the likes of LINK, CURRENT and even some on msnbc are trying to tell us the truth.

            The same problem exists in attempts to make government SMALLER and this LESS capable of regulating crime, as more complex and economically powerful forces strive to find more complex “shell games: in which to wrap the essentially pyramid/Ponzi scheme of Wall Street.

            NEGATE THE “BIG LIE”:
            As for squeaky clean candidiates, just look at the media differently The more advertising you see for a candidate, the less likely they are to be for The People, and the more likely they are to be .01% ‘ers. Follow the money and AVOID it – never vote for a candidate or issue with LOTS of ads. (Look at how often they can afford to run the “huckabee/anti-PPACA” Ad! DANGER=RED FLAG) Vote for candidiates and advocate issues with the LEAST advertising, IMO Elizabeth Warren makes Nader look like a hedge fund manager.

            Locally, have a look at your green (or Mountain) party’s platforms.

            I wish I lived in Vermont(Bernie Sanders) or MA (where I grew up, and they’re about to get a REAL people’s senator in Liz Warren-who should be President) but I’m retired on SS and can only afford 2live in the poverty capital of the US – WV – where we have the CORPORATIST Manchin, thanks to the hold of the job/planet-destroying COAL/GAS industries, and where FRACKING -and flammable public and private tap water- are about to be a fact of every county.

        • CitizensUnitedprotectsourfreespeech

          “How can a representative who bares allegiance to the public even become selected by any party when said parties are under the thumb of Wall Street?” The Republican Party isn’t under the thumb of Wall Street. “Further, the Electoral College votes for us.” As it should be. “The popular vote accounts for nothing.” It does with regard to congress. “The only way to fix this problem is to take decisive action and replace our government with a new form of government – step by step, piece by piece; not work within the confines of a system that has been manipulated by the 1% to always lean in their advantage.” So you’re advocating revolt?

      • Jim Francis

        “Getting the money out of Politics.” I think this actually means having fair representation in the election process for voters and candidates alike. Here’s my suggestion…

        1) Have ALL the local Occupy chapters agree on a member candidate for the local Federal offices (House and Senate),
        2) Agree to do 100% write-in voting — you skip the ballot procedures up front AND you take automation out of the vote-counting process — so everybody needs to practice penmanship (printing only, no script/cursive) and remember to bring a pen to the polls,
        3) Get out and register people to vote !! Not just the easy suburbs/malls/supermarkets — We NEED inner city support, we NEED the poor and impoverished to vote. Again, on election day, organize rides to the polling places for the poor and impoverished that work with THEIR schedule. Get to know a little bit of their perspective — it ain’t iPads and MacBookPro’s.

        Then you’ll have yourselves in power. What will you do then? I would hope you’d impose legal obligations on big corporations, whose ONLY legal duty now is to make money for shareholders. They have no ironclad obligations to employees, retirees, communities, or ecosystems/environments. Best to all.

      • Lynzie

        I couldn’t agree with this more!!! It doesn’t matter who we vote for! The popular vote is not taking into consideration during elections. The electoral college needs to be abolished in order for anything to change!

      • Robin

        I think you make some very valid points, if we look back historically we seem to be heading in that direction, but instead of a single person causing the issues it is now corporations. Our forefathers believed in an ideal that we have lost site of. We need to keep pushing, to create change for everyone. I think we all just want to be able to live our lives take care of our families without outside entities controlling our lives in such a negative way. Revolution is built on the despair of the downtrodden, I pray we will find an answer before we get to that point.

      • Andrea Feodorov

        well put…if voting made a difference it would be illegal… voting is just a ploy to channel our collective energy into a dead end with words like “Hope,” “Change” and “Reform” ..collective action and the threat of a redistribution of wealth is the only thing that keeps the rich up at night.. the fear that someday the masses might rise up, challenge their authority and take what’s rightfully theirs… iike digital occupation, I, too, don’t just want money out of politics. I want publicly funded elections that are prohibited from taking money from special interests or foreign governments…I want jail time for elected officials who take money or gifts from lobbyists… I want a ten year cap on an elected official’s ability to take a job with the industry they regulated in any way, shape or form… will voting bring this about? heyel no. This will only happen if we assert our collective power.

      • LilyJayne4

        We can begin to take steps to remove the MASSIVE amounts of money from politics. First, we should make all electoral political campaigns publicly funded by tax dollars. Every candidate receives the same amount, resulting in a transparent system. Corporations and special interest groups would no longer be able to bankroll candidates, with the assumption that the candidate will honor their corporate interests in congress.

    • digital occupation

      I don’t just want money out of politics. I want money out of the basic operation of my life as a human being. I do not want my life and well-being determined by the extent that others can profit off of it.

      I don’t think this is an unreasonable request.

      • Katzen Hobbes

        Thank you digital occupation. Again and again I hear people rant that we should find “our” politicians and support them. The problem is the structure of things now is that ALL politicians will find that corporations are everywhere in politics. STOP RECOGNIZING CORPORATIONS AS PERSONS! Corporations should NEVER be granted PERSONHOOD status. A person should always have more rights than a corporation.

        • Ante Lauc

          Katzen you are near truth, but we need much more people who are self-actualized! With all pokažu education, where students do not learn about love and freedom, we can not create better organizations, corporations are pure reflections of low level of motivation, knowledge, etc.

        • Bud Fields

          I am heartened by these responses so far as I have read. I believe the GA has correctly and succinctly identified the majority of the issues that American citizens are most concerned with. In the spirit of our first patriots, our true and deep patriots, it is now time for us, as citizens of America, to come together and create the solutions that America needs.

        • Eric Savoie

          absolutely right on Katzen Hobbes,

          The only way the people will get that resolved is by creating our own common law courts as proposed by the British Constitution Group. The the people will be able to destroy that fraud perpetrated on humanity. The people have to stop arguing beside the fundamentals of the problems and drill deeper into profond understanding before wasting thier time commenting on irrelevant matters. That is what the system want, keep the people beside the fundamentla by leaving them confused about them and that is stoping the people to agree on proper actions to take.

          Individual Education with the empowerment of collective education is what we need and unite experts to debate this knowledge and create an educational program for the masses to finaly get the truth about it all and stop the manipulation of our minds. We got to get to the bottom of this and I am certaily no experts in the matter, I just listened and studied fro online experts but why I share my opinions is because we devleoped the organizational Network to empower the people nad the experts to organize knowledge and then educate the masses with information marketing systems on automation which will empower individuals to get educated about the fundamentals on their own time right from their computer screen from anywhere anytime.



        • Rodney Hytonen

          We HAD antitrust etc. laws and corporations forced either stopped enforcing them or bribed pols to legislatively loophole them out of existence.

          Bringing back ALL those antitrust laws (;ie glass Steagall etc) & eliminating exemptions and subsidies is a step.

          But also MOST MARKETS (like derivatives,commodities, futures etc) have to be eliminated. Exceptions should ONLY be made to help the poorest individuals – never “BUSINESS” – because government was formed BY USm & exists to protect us FROM it – NEVER to help it fleece us!! And “small Business’ ONLY aspires to be ‘BIG BUSINESS,’ thus will always emulate it in such a system (capitlaism) b/c it relies on a RIDICULOUS concept – infinite growth.

          A business is a failure in capitalism if it is “only” sustainable – it doesn;t provide GROWTH for lazy, do-nothing “investor”/gamblers, even though it provides a good product at a reasonable price and reliable jobs with salaries/benefits.

      • Einner

        Digital Occupation sums up the entire thing for me. Being a person, I can’t help but push the envelope and ask why we don’t start a living experiment in the near future to address how to remove the focus in life experience from the acquisition of wealth to self improvement as living organisms.

        • go start a commune somewhere

          This money needs to be about politics and economy. What role you want money to play in your life is a lifestyle, cultural issue. Please, let’s stay focus and be realistic, keep your sentimental/moral/lifestyle preferences out of this. There are many other forums or real world experiements to address these kind of things.

      • Soclialism doesn't work

        Money is necessary for the fair exchange of goods and to facilitate economies. The rich, sheltered life you’ve lived (and don’t argue that one because of student debt, etc – you’re not eking out a living on a private garden and one pig with your children starving and a life expectancy of 30 years) is all thanks to capitalism. The “green” technologies you praise are largely due to capitalism. Many technologies every day including drugs that keep you and your relatives alive, are all due to capitalism. Your roads, cars, homes, furnaces, air conditioning units, ipods – all of that shit was handed to you by capitalism.

        And if you come up with your ultimate argument of “well I don’t want any of that stuff” – then Fuck You. I do want it. Your opinion of what I need does not trump my opinion.

        • Solace

          I’m not rallying against money in order to buy food, goods or services.
          I do not have student debt. I agree with you there, if you got yourself into debt, then you need to deal with it.
          “Green” technologies have been around for as long as capitalism has. There is an electric car older than Chevy, which gets 40 miles to the charge, the exact same as the new Chevy Volt.
          Medicine is not due to capitalism. Many of the drugs that are available are because of research by many different means of funding. However, capitalism does profit off the drugs, which is fine.

          Keep your iPod. I don’t care about that, I love music too. What I don’t love is a government whose policy is derived from whoever throws the most money at it. If you want to argue with that, then Fuck You. I don’t want it, and your opinion does not trump my own (that policy is original, and not influenced by money. See what I did there?).

          • veedgo

            I am going to chime in hear at the risk of putting my foot in my mouth, but I am an intuitive person, and I’ll just see where this goes…
            Money is not needed. Capitalism did not come up with any of this! Lives are saved through knowledge. I get to study old books for a living and one of them was a set of arts and sciences from France during the reign of Louis XIV: Le Arts de Metier (two versions exist, one based on the original Louis XIV one). The facets of technology were amazing! And guess what? Louis the XIV was about a capitalistic as Stalin was. The only difference was Louis was much more arrogant and wanted the world to know how advanced France was. Everything they had in arts, sciences, technology, health, etc. was due to individuals being nationalistic enough to back him. Now we know what happened soon after that.
            Besides, capitalism starts off innocent enough, but it grows dark much faster than it helps. Look at all of the displaced people around the world through oil, greed for electric power, pipelines, ruined ecosystems, pollution, and on and on. People all too often like to look at the “benefits”, but forget the tragedy of such systems. I call that propaganda: communism and fascism aren’t the only ones with it. What made capitalism more “successful” than the other two was just that it was more heinous, even taking advantage of the other two (read up on Prescott Bush in Nazi Germany and Armand Hammer in the former Soviet Union). “Capitalism” isn’t American (ie US), it is world domination greed. If people weren’t so lazy, lured by emotions or lust and greed, we wouldn’t have needed capitalism.

        • randy

          Soclialism doesn’t work, your not getting it, we want capitalism, we just want it out of our governments policies, we want our politicians campaigning the people for their votes, not corporations! I want a nation FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE! If that is too hard for you to understand then your obviously for the 1%!

          • Robin

            We need to stop spatting back and forth it serves no purpose for anyone. Real change takes effort and commitment. I am for change, and for a government that is for the people not corporations. Americans have the most indomitable spirit yet people seem to be getting side tracked here. There are good points to any style of politics, socialism, capitalism it is the people who make it work or not work. The 1% has control because we all allowed it with bleeding heart idea’s and more laws that gave away more and more of our freedoms. We stopped taking care of our own, putting the needs of foreign interests above what goes on in our own back yard. Healthcare, taxes all of this we allowed and did to ourselves, now its time to step up to the plate and try to come up with realistic solutions that work. I drive to the food store and still see empty houses because there are no real checks and balances in this country. Money should come out of politics, and lobbyists for corporations should not have a voice. But the first step is getting everyone on board. Most people I have talked to don’t even know what the OWS was for, what they where doing there. That is kind of sad if you cant get the message to the people it effects the most how can you expect to make a difference at the top?

          • jered

            Try this one on for size,…….Hold the government accountable to the constitution! We live in the greatest nation that the world has ever known, fact. The people who run this country should be accountable to its laws. Giving a taxpayer funded bailout to a company that is deemed “Too big to fail” is illegal!! The proponents of such actions should be ACCOUNTABLE to the laws they swore to uphold.

        • Socialism DOES work

          Well a nonsense statement that something does or does not “work” is itself impossible to refute. What does “work” mean? Does that mean that some greedy people are able to capitalize on the work of others and make money?
          I can define what I think it means for something to “work” in this context. It should benefit society as a whole and it should allow the people in the country to thrive.
          Capitalism does not do this. Most technological, artistic and scientific achievements were funded by research dollars, mostly by government research dollars (Arpanet for example, or Tang). Many people who come up with ground breaking ideas (television, copier machines) die penniless in our capitalistic society whilst people who had nothing to contribute to the idea are able to make money. So which group would you want to support- the inventors, artists and idea people or the people who steal the idea and sell it for profit? Another simple point to the “socialism doesn’t work” crowd is this- which countries in the world now have the healthiest populations measured by the standards which everyone agrees are meaningful. It is the Socialist countries- the countries who provide health care and other benefits to their people. Socialism works and is a better system to allow the people of a country to thrive and develop new ideas. Capitalism is overly concerned with making money for a few people and quashes new ideas, development and the health and well being of most people for the sake of a few people.

          • Really?!?

            So, let’s just take this step by step, shall we? First, whether or not something “works” is absolutely not “impossible to refute” – in fact, it’s real easy. You find evidence that refutes the argument, present it, and laugh at the stammering response. You, I might point out, achieved none of these things with that dismissive sentence. And if you really require a definition of “works,” then that sucks for you. Here it is, though, out of the kindness of my heart: something works if, in a utilitarian sense, it does the greatest amount of good for the greatest number of people. Don’t just take a condescending tone and shit all over someone else’s belief just because it doesn’t jive with your own; the worst kind of argument is one that has no support, and saying that a statement is “nonsense” just because a vernacular term was used in a way with which you do not agree is, by itself, asinine. You then, of course, go on to give a similar definition for “work” to mine own (oh, I get it, you were pretending not to know what it means! what an effective argument strategy!), which tells me you’re the sort of smug prick that says he “dabbles” in something for which his parents have been paying for lessons since the first grade. See? I can be insulting and ignore the need for coherent discourse too!
            Next, you ask, does capitalism work? Well, you say it does not, because it does not “benefit society as a whole and it… allow the people in the country to thrive.” Well, hell, you’ve got me there. I mean, in a third world country like America… no, wait, the most advanced nation in the world. Well, in a poor country like America… largest and most powerful economy in the world? Hmmm… Well, in a place where… damn, I’ve run out of sarcastic responses. See, the point I’m making here is that, were this Guatemala or Somalia or even Greece, I could look at your argument and say “well, yes, I suppose the capitalist system has failed us.” But that’s simply not the case; in fact, it seems more that people are angry not because the pie is divided unfairly but because their slice is not as big as they’d like. Well, there are two ways to go about this; Herbert Hoover, for one, would suggest you go out and work your tail off until you better your situation, because he believed that rugged individualism was a uniquely American trait that made this country great. Or, you could look at things the way his immediate successor did: if you aren’t happy with your lot in life, the government will make that all better; vote for politicians who see it my way to ensure you get yours. So, to recap, capitalism “works” just fine for those who sell their labor at an advantageous price, and poorly for those who are not so inclined.
            After that, you seem to seriously consider Tang a scientific achievement. You actually said that. Well done.
            So, you believe “[m]ost technological, artistic and scientific achievements were funded by research dollars, mostly by government research dollars,” huh? Maybe the dumbest thing I’ve seen so far on this post, and considering the competition, that’s saying something. Pick and invention or innovation and I’ll explain to you why you’re wrong. “Research dollars,” from the government or otherwise, are an investment. That investment is made to bring about a product that will create a profit for the investor. If said investor is the government, then the profit need not be monetary; they may invest in cancer research not to gain dollars from a cure but to gain votes from backing the correct pony. In fact, the smartest way to go about such a task is to hedge one’s bets by backing every pony worth a dime, which is just what the government does. No money is given to anyone altruistically; even in a case where material profit is the end, “research dollars” that are expended promise to give the American people (you, jackass) a better life through whatever invention or innovation is being pursued. The corporation is allowed to keep the patent because they do the work (gosh, that sounds noble, no?). And if you feel bad for people inside corporations who do the dirty work and get little credit, you should also understand that no one is forcing them at gunpoint to work there and invent without the prospect of keeping the patent for themselves; in some cases, they may even be inventing for the greater good of man, and not profit (!!!), and so they may not be concerned with the fact that they only draw a six-figure salary with none of the inherent risk that comes with being an inventor and entrepreneur. Weird.
            Thereafter, you bitch and moan that inventors and artists and such don’t get the credit (or, more appropriately from your ranting, the money) for their inventions. You mention television first – are you truly implying Edison’s invention of motion pictures has not adequately been attributed to him? Or are you saying that, once someone co-opted that technology and combined it with radio technology to produce something like television, that they did not receive enough credit for their “invention”? Meanwhile, a man who died very recently and whose products you probably base your life around, Steve Jobs, NEVER INVENTED A THING WORTH MENTIONING IN HIS WHOLE DAMN LIFE! The pc idea was stolen directly from Xerox at their Palo Alto facility in California, the mp3 player was almost a decade-old technology when he “made it cool” to own one, and if he can be said to have had any real technological impact in his life, it was when he insisted on marketing computers to preteen girls by coloring them tangerine and light urple. So, there’s that.
            Finally, I simply cannot believe you feel “the socialist countries” “have the healthiest populations measured by the standards which everyone agrees are meaningful.” So, what, Cuba no longer counts? Venezuela? China? Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos? To what socialist countries are you referring? The quasi-socialist meccas of Canada and France, where people take home about half what they earn for the privilege of working four day weeks and waiting a month to see a doctor about their sniffles? Socialism “is a better system to allow the people of a country to thrive and develop new ideas”? I mean, can you even read, or did you just have someone write down the most inane bullshit you could think of for you while you tried to jam your head ever further up your own ass? NO SOCIETY ON EARTH IS AS REPRESSIVE OF NEW IDEAS AND INDIVIDUALISM AS SOCIALIST COUNTRIES!!! That’s the basic tenet of socialism, for Christ’s sake! Everyone works their own job, gets the same amount of everything that everyone else does (unless, of course, they’re “more equal than others”), and there is absolutely no room for innovation or invention. Just how many of the gems of the twentieth century in the field of technology or medicine came out of Russia? China? Any other impoverished, backward-ass country? In truth, the only nominally successful “socialist” country is China, and they get the quotation marks because (get this) they embraced capitalism when they reacquired Hong Kong from the British and, for the first time ever, have an economy worth noticing. Astounding!
            Finally, just to set you straight (if such a thing is possible), capitalism is not “overly concerned with making money for a few people” and does not “[quash] new ideas, development and the health and well being of most people for the sake of a few people.” To say that, you must ignore the very most basic idea of capitalism, that everyone use their knowledge and labor to gain the most money they can. Everyone in a capitalist society is concerned with making money to buy stuff; consumerism is tied very closely to capitalism, and neither is inherently evil, contrary to whatever ridiculous opinion you might have. If capitalism were to truly “[quash] new ideas, development and the health and well being of most people for the sake of a few people,” then people would not make money because “most people” would not buy a product they were unable to make because some faceless corporation or syndicate or other nonsense kept them down. Unbelievable. Nothing is quashed in America; not racists marching in parades, not gays marching in parades, not idiots camping in a few city blocks, unintentionally playing directly into the hands of those they hate the most. Or do you think corporations will cower in the face of your demands. No, most likely, they’ll sell you all lattes to keep you awake, cheap blankets (probably made in “socialist” China) to keep you warm, and everything else you need to keep your shantytown running. Never thought of that, did you? Ever wonder from where the donations to keep your tent city running come? I’ll bet the people who give money to keep you protesting didn’t print it in their basement, which means (gasp) they probably drew that money as part of a paycheck from an evil corporation! Heavens!
            If you gave this any thought at all (and you obviously haven’t), you’d understand there is nothing wrong with capitalism. China, a communist society which has moved to a capitalist economic structure, is finally relevant again after almost two centuries of decline. America, shining beacon of capitalism for all the world to see, has some issues right now; unemployment is up (something I know of firsthand, unfortunately), wages are down, and all seems lost. But this is not America’s first economic downturn, nor its worst; in fact, a panic, or recession, or depression, or whatever you want to call it, happens about every twenty years in American history, so we’re just due. We’ll get out of it, because we always do; not the best argument in the world, but for a historian, pretty tough to refute. And do you know who will probably get us out of this jam? Inventors and entrepreneurs, who will take risks and make money and create jobs and make things all better. Because that’s how it’s always happened before. And when those people become rich off their ideas and their labor, and create a corporation to protect themselves from today’s frivolous lawsuits, assholes like you will hate on them for what they’ve achieved. Sigh…

          • TJ

            Socialism is yet another example of an ideology that veils the truth of what’s really going on. Socialism is apparently in existence (to some degree) in Australia, but it lives side by side with Capitalism and, in essence both of those feed off of the MONETARY and MARKET systems. With the market and monetary systems in place, the 99% will always have some degree of social suffering as individuals and in communities, whether it’s addiction, depression, poverty, social discrimination and exclusion, war, unfair imprisonment, slavery (whether direct or indirect) and finally, ill health.
            Without the monetary system, there would be no need for competition for a supposed “scarcity” of resources and we would all join in to help one another achieve happy, comfortable lives through: a research in technology, love and compassion, and an abundance of knowledge.

            I am a teacher and I believe the root of change lies in education of every single child to their true creative potential in life. I see 10 year olds and younger solving complicated problems everyday, learning complicated concepts (that I have also taught to 16 year olds!) not because they are geniuses but because if we give people challenges they will live up to them, and to see that everyday fills me with amazement and hope that we too as adults can solve this dilemma of corporate greed for power in the money-game that all of are subjected to on a daily basis.

            The simplest example I can give you is this: in order for us not to be overwhelmed every day in our homes with the amount of chores we have to do, is delegate to people – either our fellow loved ones whom we resent for having free time, or if we have a bit of extra cash lying around a maid, or a friend or .. the list goes on. Basically, the delegation frees you up of time, BUT it also strips that other fellow human being of their time essentially creating inequality right there and then. Micro systems are simply stacked on top of each other to form macro systems and in order for us to break free of this we need to start having empathy for our fellow human beings and help without the need for money. We have more than enough resources, energy and the potential for technology to allow every single human being to live comfortably on this Earth.

        • FranGo

          To “Socialism Doesn’t Work”: Oh yeah. Capitalism is just purrrrrfect. Both systems naturally spin until they’re out of control. Capitalism was doing ok until it pulled the rug out from under workers and took the jobs overseas. Now it either needs to get reined in, or we 99% need to buy off the Wall Street grid. Start by putting your money in community banks, folks.

          • angrygnat

            Capitalism and corporatism are two distinct systems and it’s important to understand the differences. Capitalism isn’t about bailouts and monopolistic government licensing scemes. Capitalism isn’t about private profits and socialized losses. We live under a corporatist state system more akin to socialism or fascism than anything else I can think of. I believe we need to separate business and state in the same way we separate church and state. I think this would alleviate most of the corporatist concerns in the manifesto above. However, the supposed right to a job, education, healthcare etc. must be shed in defference to the absolute right of people to keep what they earn. The theft the peoples earnings to provide for these supposed rights is immoral and inexcusable.

          • nikosgreco

            Oh yes, Capitalism was really doing great during the time of Black cattle slavery. Also during the reign of the English Empire with its countless children and women laborers working 12 hours a day for a meal. Oh yes, when old civilizations in the Middle East and in Black Africa were not yet revolting for their independence from their European exploiter-colonizers, inventors of Capitalism. Capitalism was really doing great then…

          • prolerat

            Actually corporatism is a part and parcel of capitalism.
            What is capitalism?
            Socialism has never been tried despite what anyone says re the former ‘soviet’ countries (state capitalism)and ‘welfare’ capitalistic economies.(mixed state & market capitalism).
            What is socialism?
            Actually capitalism can’t be reformed.Any reform made to it mutates and is accommodated in more exploitative ways than previously.
            Reform or revolution?
            Revolutions don’t have to be violent affairs.They do need the assent of a ‘politically conscious’ majority.That is the hard part of social revolution.
            Democracy is a powerful tool which can then be used to ensure the peaceful nature of the revolution.

            There is a lot of useful info. at The World Socialist Movement website.

          • evenstevens

            “However, the supposed right to a job, education, healthcare etc. must be shed in defference to the absolute right of people to keep what they earn. The theft the peoples earnings to provide for these supposed rights is immoral and inexcusable.”

            As to the “supposed rights” you list, they may not be accepted law, but they are demands that can be forcefully imposed. If you accept anything as a right, understand that it is the result of demands.

            As for what a person “earns”, it is seldom equal to what they receive. A simple example: You know a woodsman who cuts, packages and delivers firewood from a remote forest to a nearby store where he stacks it up on the sidewalk out front. The store owner pays $85/cord, then sells it by the bundle for $500. His expense is $85 + $25 for the space cost + ten minutes making the deal, and shrinkage (theft), sales tax, etc. is figured in. Being your friend, he drops an $85 cord at your place every year. If you would be willing, the store owner would be happy to deal with the woodsman for ten minutes at your house for $500 – $110 = $390, his usual profit. Sorry, he only earned maybe $50, what a process server would charge for roughly equivalent service.
            Now, next time you buy a 24 pack of toilet paper for $15, realize you are paying a CEO two and a half times as much for his “labor” as you are paying his 100 man crew that turned logs into neatly packaged, delivered rolls. Is that really worth it? Yes. Is the CEO’s take really earned? No. Is capitalism in need of regulation to be equitable?
            Economic justice is at the center of most of what #OWS is protesting.

        • robbo203

          I agree with Prolerat. So everything that we have is “provided by capitalism”, eh? Excuse me but capitalism is just a label for an economic system we live under. Capitalism doesnt “do” anything. It is human beings working on naturally given resources who produce all the wealth of the world. The question is – do they do it in their own interest or for the sake of a tiny class of economic parasites who monopolise the means of production?

          People talk about “socialism” not being the answer but their conception of socialism is one in which the state takes control of everything. Actually this has got sod all to do with socialism as it was traditionally understood. The ex Soviet Union was an example merely of capitalism being run by the state – state capitalism. The same class divisions occured there as occurs in the West with a tiny group of economic parasites – the nomenklatura – assuming de facto ownership of the means of production via their control of the state.

          I urge people to consider the real alternative to capitalism not the bogus ones. Perhaps follow up some of the links that Prolerat has provided. It could kickstart you on a journey of self dicovery and open up vistas – ways of looking at the world – that you might never have thought possible


        • six

          You have a 40 hour week because of unions and socialist ideas. Your children are not working beside you in filthy conditions because of socialist ideals and striking workers.Social ideals forced the clean up of the work place and gave jobs to ‘minorities”. These were not gifts but hard fought for. Those wonderful things that capitalism “gave” us is at an enormous price… dirty water, dirty air,oiled oceans, poisoned dirt. The food we eat does not even contain the nutrient it once did.We have nearly lost the ingredients of life for a few years of plenty for a very few people. Commercials blaring in every space we go and a loss of open green space in the name of profit.
          We have never been able to see if Socialism or Communism could work because our finest corporate minds have attacked those sovereigns that have tried it. Cuba is constantly under attack, El Salvador, Chile, what could be accomplished when one is NOT always defending itself?
          I wish people would wake up and realize that the carrot of the”American Dream” small town boy makes good should not be swallowed. Success is feeding my family,a roof over our heads and an ability to enjoy a healthy life! That”dream” is there to instill competition with your neighbor NOT cooperation. THAT is the “American Way of Life”… NO MORE!
          Trade will exist but it has to fair. The enormous profit of multinationals are disgusting. There should be no one hungry, food should not be a commodity.
          Read without fear www, , stop reading about Marx and read his words.

          • socrat

            Socialism did not end discrimination. Civil rights law did and constitutional law did. Know your history!

        • azzabazza45

          Talking about capitalism like it is a singular being that somehow gives things to people is about as rational as talk of that virtue of that other divine giver of gifts, Santa Clause. Capitalism is a concept, and will never be anything more or less than this, that allows one to grasp particular features of a society, and as an ideal my serve to guide the direction a society takes. It is not and never will be society itself, just as it is not and never will be a singular being or entity that gives anything. Looking at the present status of the world and the value that people readily attribute to the concept of capitalism, I think it is safe to say that it is an ideal that has led us straight down the toilet. Other values, like real democracy, equality, and the possibility of an ethical society, need to replace the old valorisation of the capacity of money to make money into some sort of force of nature and moral good. Of course, an ethical society, one that has replaced totalitarian corporations with democratic institutions, would involve capital accumulation in some form, and so might be termed “capitalist” in some significant aspects.

      • Jenn

        Do you seriously think you can live without some form of barter or currency? Really? So you should just be able to walk up to a farmer who has worked his ass off to produce crops for people to eat and take what you want because it’s wrong for your ability to eat his food to be determined by whether or not you can pay him for his blood, sweat and tears?
        OH MY GOD. Grow the hell up!!!!

        • Octavius

          i think the problem is that very few people who bash socialism even know a thing about it. socialism is not authoritarianism, it says nothing about how we distribute resources, it simply says that the resources (and this does not inherently mean labor and in my opinion it should not) belong to the state. This is where i think people have some difficulty imagining a society which functions like this (a libertarian form of socialism, rather than authoritarian) we are so used to these corporations which function as hierarchies and we may find ourselves unsure about democracy as a functional system.

          what many here are arguing is that the people need more than representatives. people need direct control over themselves and the policies that affect them. in a word, we need our person-hood. for those who say libertarian socialism (and do some research before you say this, please) will not function, i and (from what i have read, the majority here) can see no other way in which it would be functional.

          the very logic of capitalism is that we are not equals, that our net worth actually should determine whether we should have access to food and clothes and health insurance. this would certainly apply to the 1 in 5 children who are homeless as well.

          it is my understanding that far too many injustices are brought about purely because of capitalism, many argue we need to regulate it better, but i would argue that once the ideas of libertarian socialism are accepted, it works right out of the box. to anyone who wants evidence, look at the way anarchy-syndicalism operated in Spain ( you can also look at Freetown Christiania, a neighborhood in Denmark ( the only problems either of these systems face are those related to an open system with nearly all the external forces being capitalistic. killing out of greed only makes sense in a capitalistic system, in other words.

          also: (

          • Doubtful in the real world

            I have to jump in on this one. You can’t reliably point to small societies as an analogy for global, or even national societies. These examples of functioning socialistic communities are made up of like-minded individuals with a vested interest in the success of their experiment. And while the fundamentals of socialism are ideal, they are not possible in reality on a national or global scale.
            The website referred to by prolerat indicates that work would be voluntary, without pay, and that the needs of the individual would be met, for free, by society. Let me ask you, do you have any lazy friends? Freeloaders?
            The capitalistic model meets two very important requirements of the real world, first it organizes labor to meet all of the needs of society, and second, it penalizes the lazy. If work were voluntary, people would pick the easy and/or fun jobs. Who in their right mind would volunteer to clean toilets when they could sit at their computers and test video games? I wouldn’t, would you? So, let’s say that the only job left to do this month was cleaning toilets, and I wasn’t in a very altruistic mood, I would just stay home that month, after all, I will still get my food, housing, and what ever else provided to me. By the end of the month, I have become extremely enthralled in a television series I missed while I tested video games the previous month, so I sit out the next month to check out the DVDs and catch up. After the next month, who’s to say I’ll ever want to return to work, I don’t have to, right? In a capitalistic society, if I don’t work, I don’t eat and can’t make the rent, I lose my home and the ability to sit and watch TV for months at a time. This is incentive to go find a job, and contribute to society once again.
            Just a couple thoughts.

        • Maryann

          Nice straw man, Jenn. But no one is saying that you should take what you want from a farmer. Not sure where you’re getting that, you must have made it up in your own mind, because that is not what this is about. Please learn more, before shooting off your mouth with imaginary arguments.

          BTW – there are no more farmers, contrary to what you might believe. There are only corporations producing our food now, and doing it poorly. You might want to look into that too.

          • KITDFOHS

            Maryann, take off your blinders for a second. Contrary to what you’ve invented in your head, farmers do still exist. My uncle owns a farm, manages his own employees, and sells directly to local markets. Corporations aren’t the only source of goods and services, and pretending that they are makes any valid points you try and present sound childish. Let’s at least all have this discussion from the same reality.

          • Jenn

            If you look in the posts, the one I originally replied to was from someone who said she didn’t think she should have to use any form of currency to live.
            With no form of currency (and barter is a form of currency, it’s just a different form), you are either having everything handed to you or you are stealing it. Take your pick.
            I grew up on a farm and know exactly what a farmer goes through to produce the food we eat. Even the large farms are still prey to the whims of Mother Nature.

          • Octavius

            jen, i see no reason for barter and in fact no need for property. it’s been said since Proudhon and the argument has only gotten better, property is theft and we can do without it.
            I am talking about Karl Popper’s Open Society.
            i’m not talking about charity and theft is hardly realistic.
            If you want an example, i already named it: the spanish civil war. hasn’t anyone read orwell or chomsky?

        • BREFFNI

          farms seem to be few and inbetween these days. a farm out on long island by me had to close down for BS reasons because i know the farm and the family who owned it were doing very well. i guess the food corps got a bit uneasy about them because food corporations run majority of farms, not farmer joe.
          if we as a society can use barters- i believe we would be better off then where we are now.

          • Jockomefeeno

            It doesn’t matter much, when it comes to buying food at the supermarket or from the local farmers market because of the relative costs of living and producing within this economic structure. The prices are going up and up. I gasp when I hear people say its better to buy from the farmer’s market because of its locality and therefore cheaper to ship and “greener.” When I go to the farmer’s market, the prices are so high, I wonder if perhaps some farmers have been watching too many reruns of “who wants to be a millionaire.” The best way that I’ve found for buying food is to join the local food co-op. It’s much more economical all the way around. When I go to the farmer’s market at Union Square, thinking that it might be a good idea to shop for something there, it seems like all the vendors are price gouging. It’s unbelievable. Food for the rich. For the retired or disabled it’s even more expensive than the supermarket monopolies of Gristedes, Food Emporium, D’Agostinos, etc. which are the only food markets here.

        • Hope

          To the long stream of suggestions and arguments about which “ism” we should follow, why not try a new one. Stop arguing over what type of system and start breeding common sense as a system. Within common sense is the realization that every being on this earth is here on this earth to BE here, together, and every action creates a reaction that we ALL have to live with. The more one has, the less another has, so live with what you need and cultivate connections with those around you. As for currency, it was developed out of necessity to ‘grease the wheels of society’ because some goods and services don’t translate well. For example, if I fix cars and you need your fixed but you make puppets, and I don’t need puppets, money that you gained from selling puppets to people who needed puppets can be used to pay me to fix your car. However, if you were a farmer and I needed food, we would trade a fixed car for food. But there again, how much food for how much work is fair. Here’s where common sense plays a role. If I allow myself to be greedy, I can hold the car hostage and say that an excessive amount of food, leaving the farmer without a car and without food enough to trade or use for other things (sounds a lot like corporations to me…). But if I understand that my greed will effect many that would have traded for your food or money AND that I will gain more business because I was fair in my price, whatever it may be, I will have food, you will have a fixed car, and everyone will have gotten what they needed without difficult contracts, fine print, or having to listen to a group of children that never grew up telling us how much my work is worth and why that amount is different from people who have shown us for decades that they care nothing for anyone but themselves. Just seems like a simple concept to me. I am the 99%.

      • Moonwood

        Its a straw man argument – I sympathize with your anguish but you are missing the point – don’t demonize things or people – money is not the problem – the misuse of money or the misuse of power are the problem. The SCOTUS has legalized bribery for the wealthy in the Citizens United case. Its not that money or capitalism are bad its the misuse and imbalance that causes the problem. A good start would be strict campaign finance laws or public financing.

      • Adam

        Yeah, I’d really trust someone with a symbol of anarchy as their picture..

      • TimB

        It is not possible to eliminate money, so don’t let the perfect become the enemy of the good.

    • Ben C

      I agree that “taking money out of politics” should be our first priority. It won’t solve all of our problems immediately, but without it we are hopeless, as our politicians will continue to support the interests of the monied 1%.

      I believe there are a fair number of us who think that “taking money out of politics” should be goal #1. I think we should form a working group, attempt to draft a resolution that would get broad support, and bring it to the GA.

      • Mark Roest

        If we, the 99%, even without people who are emotionally tied to the dominant paradigm, organize locally, at the state level, and nationally, and we use social media skillfully, we can fill the local level posts (volunteer and electoral) in the Democratic Party and elect each other, without paying for television ads. We simply take over the machine because we can operate it for far less cost, and there are more of us (count all minorities, most women, progressives, even traditional Republican moderates without a political home) than there are in the right wing. Then have clear-headed discussions with Independents and put them on the web too, and get most of their votes. End of political story. Meanwhile, organize all that we collectively know about sustainable economic development and technologies, and put it to work as quickly as we can find and form state banks and community development banks and tap the Federal Reserve for nine times deposits, which balloon because we take all our money out of all the bad mega-banks and put it in them instead. Also meanwhile, we stop buying garbage processed food and consumerist junk, and buy quality whole food, organically grown, and quality products that were made without harming the natural world or the people who live and work in it (that would be us). We divide up the jobs of making those good green products, so more people can have an income and fulfilling work and more time to be creative in Life, and establish dual currency systems to reward each other for being nice to each other in all the ways that are needed, and to give people with excess inventory a way to sell it at a hard currency discount, but with added secondary currency to make it worth selling. And we tell each other what stocks are for bad companies with bad products, and we divest ourselves of those stocks and invest in, and buy the products of, good companies with good products. Thus we also drive bad companies out of business by driving their sales below the break-even point, which in turn drives their stock prices down (so they no longer have access to the cheapest capital), and funding their good competitors (so they do have access to the cheapest capital). Voila! We have rendered big money (the 1%) politically AND economically impotent! The People + Knowledge + Communication + General Assemblies (for policy-making) + Concerted Implementation of Strategic Tactics > (is greater than) The 1% + Mega Corporations (of the World Domination persuasion) + Mega Media + Mega Banks + Mega Chemical + Mega-Star Wars-Military + Their Political Lapdogs (some of which will jump off their masters’ laps, bite their ankles, and run away). If we write as many songs to support parts of this process as we did in the sixties for the transformation then, we will also have a shared cultural experience (not to discount Assembly and Occupy and mass marches, which are great, lasting and meaningful experiences) that makes it a meme for all of us. If we see the light in each others’ eyes and hear them singing our songs with us, we know we are united once more. Then we can truly chant together, The People, United, Can Never Be Defeated!

      • Jeff

        I agree. Campaign donations, Insider trading by politicians, all forms of bribery should be eliminated.

    • Vaughn

      I agree.
      First: I wrote a PETITION yesterday.

      Secondly: TRANSITIONAL STRATEGY: a) Reform OR b) Revolution
      What do people think of some of Peter Joseph’s ideas?
      a) Form a World Occupy Global Conference at a set location for the media to digest, issues are established, forum created to solicit established governments
      b) Parallel Government representative from various regions are brought to the table along with legal and technical teams associated.
      b-1) Eventually creating a virtual global institution which begins to prepare the new social system as the old system continues its operation and inevitable failure.

      Once the public model is defined, a mass public awareness campaign is commenced in which this new governing body is announced and the tipping point will come once the public begins to see the merit of the new social proposal and is recognizing the governing entity itself, eventually giving it priority over the prior political establishment.

      • Denise

        There appears to be a typo in the first statement… or I’m reading it wrong. In all respect and seriousness, please tell me what I’m missing or fix the statement. I agree with the other statements and would sign the petition if I could correctly understand the first statement.

      • Teri Pettit

        Vaughn, Denise is right, you seem to have a typo in your petition. In part 1, where it says “There will be funds derived from…”, don’t you mean “There will be no funds derived from…”?

        You would probably get more people signing your petition if it were worded as intended.

        The petition also seems overly broad to me. I wouldn’t want every candidate for my local school board to have to seek federal funding in order to run a campaign, which is what it literally would ask.

        Further, it does little to reverse the problems of the Citizen’s United decision, because much of the corrupting influence by corporations does not go to candidates for office. That decision was to allow unlimited corporate expenditures on so-called “issue ads”, where the “issue” end up implicitly supporting one candidate or ballot measure, often in a deceptive way.

        The best part seems to be line 4. To the extent that we can get national campaigns to be very inexpensive to run, politicians will not have such a need to seek deep pocket donors.

    • jules

      Nader is good, but voting for Nader WILL ONLY CAUSE A REPUBLICAN WIN IN THE WHITEHOUSE!!! For years and years, Nader votes have split our liberal/democratic votes enough to secure Republican wins. The stronger Nader is, the more delight the Republicans take watching their numbers rise.Yes, it sucks that we have to play this game, but we can do more good with Democrats in control than Republicans, not that Democrats are any angels either.
      But please – look to the state of Maine where even though 61% (yes a majority 61%) of the population did NOT vote Republican, a right-wing conservative was elected as Governor. Why? A very strong Independent candidate ran a very strong campaign, thereby dividing liberal votes between democrats and independents. PLEASE DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN IN THE WHITEHOUSE IN 2012! It’s destructive to vote just make a statement. Vote Democrat or suffer a republican landslide yet again. Thank you for listening for a sec.

    • Gregory Dean Lemke

      Dear Friends

      My name is Gregory Dean Lemke and I want to let you know I support your movement and protest. Please do take the time to review my post on under the name of Gregory Dean Lemke and learn what really happening to America. Please do follow my post to the end and review all the issues. This will give you a better understanding of what I am trying to do to help bring reform and to educate the public on the crisis we all face today and what may come from it, if we as a nation don’t act and act fast to bring real change and reform in policy affecting us all that is the 99% of us.

      Please don’t be concerned about the fact I am a Republican because I have also supported Reform issues in the past.

      Here is the advice I want to give you about what I believe you need to do to start to resolve the crisis in America regarding your concerns and issues.

      1. Continue the protest in numbers and create a clear message among the people.
      2. Start to support Candidates for elected office at all levels of elected office as soon as possible.
      3. Look at what happened on Wall street and what create the crisis we have today. You can learn about the history regarding the issues and why we had a crisis in 2008 from my post on under the name of Gregory Dean Lemke.
      4. Your protest needs to create a P.A.C. to have any say with the elected and that mean you must elect officer and File as a P.A.C. to create a lobby, without this your movement will not have real input on policy issues in Washington or with your elected.

      Gregory Dean Lemke
      Republican Candidate Washington State 38th District ending returns 41% of the vote.
      Phone 360-474-8047
      Reform advocate !

      P.S. In review of your concerns on the issues look right on. What the plan to bring reform in the system is the question ?

      Dear Mr. Lemke,

      Thank you for contacting me to express your concerns about the need for reform of the country’s financial system and improved regulation of financial markets. I appreciate hearing from you on this important matter, and I sincerely regret the delayed response.

      The recent crisis in our housing and financial markets has shaken the confidence of the American people. I recognize the tremendous burden that Washington families and businesses have faced in recent months and I remained concerned about the lack of transparency and oversight in U.S. financial markets. Main Street continues to pay the price for Wall Street’s risky business. We cannot allow Wall Street’s shenanigans to take down our economy again.

      Like you, I am concerned about the stability of our country’s financial markets and believe that regulatory reform is necessary to create a stable foundation for economic growth and prosperity. We are still suffering the negative effects of the financial crises that was brought on by risky behavior on Wall Street and abetted by lax regulation, particularly in the $600 trillion unregulated derivatives market. Washingtonians are still experiencing high unemployment, families are losing their homes to foreclosure, and small businesses cannot access all the credit they need to grow. In order to avoid a similar crisis in the future, we need strong regulatory reform.

      That is why I was proud to support the final passage of the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010. With the passage of this historic financial regulatory reform legislation we will, for the first time, require oversight and transparency in the dark over-the-counter derivatives markets that did so much to damage the U.S. Economy. We will also have, for the first time, a single agency with responsibility for consumer protection in the financial sector: the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

      I will continue to work for fiscally responsible policy – including a return to the Glass- Steagall separation of commercial and investment banking – to rein in Wall Street and put an end to the concept of “too-big-to-fail.” Bringing transparency to government and to the financial markets by fighting for smart, effective regulation and oversight would help avert a similar catastrophe like this from happening again.

      Thank you again for contacting me to share your thoughts on this matter. You may also be interested in signing up for periodic updates for Washington State residents. If you are interested in subscribing to this update, please visit my website at Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future if I can be of further assistance.

      Maria Cantwell
      United States Senator

      For future correspondence with my office, please visit my website at

    • Bill

      How about, if in addition to the Declaration we start on a statement of OCW ethics. Something along the line of the following:

      It is legitimate and good to people to use all just, legal, and healthy means to get, keep, and grow wealth for ourselves and others. To do so morally requires that:

      It is our duty, individually and corporately, to tell the truth to one another in word and follow through by action; to be faithful and just in our contracts and commerce.

      People should be paid what they’re worth.

      All monies and goods illegally or immorally gotten should be returned to their rightful owners.

      Individuals and institutions should give and lend freely (with reasonable assurance of repayment) according to their abilities, and the necessities of others.

      People and corporations should exercise responsible, informed, and reasonable effort to get, keep, use, and dispose of the things they need to benefit themselves, their families, their communities and be able to generate a reasonable profit.

      Individuals and corporations should engage in work for the common good as well as the good of the employees, stockholders, and management.

      It is everyone’s responsibility to avoid unnecessary, and especially harassing, lawsuits as well as enslaving debt, individually, corporately, or nationally.

      Punishment should be prescribed for:

      Theft, including using, buying, selling, or keeping stolen money or goods.

      Dishonest, fraudulent, or misleading communication, false or misleading advertising or labeling; dishonesty in contracts or in matters of trust; mistreating and misusing workers, people in the community, or harming the environment; extortion, usury, bribery; and manipulating commodities and markets to inflate profits.

      It is the duty of individuals to reduce, in themselves, envy and greed as well as compulsive working, achieving, and obtaining at the expense of others, the common, and one’s own good. It is also incumbent on individuals to overcome laziness and not engage in over spending, compulsive gambling, and acquiring excessive debt.

    • Not so left

      Look at Herman Cain – no one thought he could contend with Romney and Perry and he is tearing up the polls! Like him or not he is the perfect example of what you are calling for – a politician who is not controlled by money.

    • john dokimos

      FINALLY – I have been beating this drum for a year now and thank God you folks have got the discussion going. We need major political reform that takes the money out of politics. You have the momentum going with the OWS movement. I would like to propose we champion 3 major political reforms. These reforms are simple, widely agreed upon and if implicated would change our world by solving many of the issues we are protesting against. The biggest problem is THE MONEY IN POLITICS. We can and must TAKE THE MONEY OUT OF POLITICS. The following is from my website.

      1. CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM. Campaign contributions “a blatant and legal form of bribery” It should be illegal to give money for influence and that is precisely what campaign contributions are. Does anyone really think corporations make donations to be good citizens. Yet they do it and we let them? This is a system designed to fail. We can do much better.
      2. THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE AND ITS CONSEQUENCES: A system that creates complicated political strategies which waste time and distract, It allows some votes to be more important than others. The State by State winner takes all electoral votes makes no sense and should be stopped. We could end up with a President who did not get the most votes. How would that be?? We should count every vote equally. To still be using this system today is not logical and could only be happening because the people necessary to change this wont or cant because of their position. Then we the public get lost in the details of the polarizing politics having taken one side or the other in the game that has become politics. Its another system design to fail.
      3.TERM LIMITS FOR EVERYONE IN CONGRESS. No more career Politicians. Career politicians in the current system must play the game to stay. There is no other way due to how our system is structured. We all know its about the money and to make a change against the hand that feeds you is impossible. If they had term limits they would be inspired to make a difference rather than a career in Washington

      Check out our website, we would like our movement to become involved with yours as we have the same goals of delivering the government back to the people. Please use our blogs and get involved.

      • nikosgreco

        The government is only a superstructure, a machinery of the System. It is not surprising that it us under the control of the Power Elite. Thus the money in politics. We have to dismantle the System and all its machinery first before we can build a better one where we won’t need either money or politics.

    • Thomas Jefferson

      I agree. This is why I believe the Occupy Movement should focus on political corruption. And it is why I wrote the Declaration of Desperation:

      The Declaration of Desperation

      When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for a People to occupy the streets of wealth and to assemble on the lawn of power, a decent respect to the opinions of humankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the demonstration.

      We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all People are equal, that they are endowed with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Peoples, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,–That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed will dictate that Governments long established should not change for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience has shown that people are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a design to sacrifice their Liberty, their Security, and their pursuit of Happiness for the benefit of a select few, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to set aside daily concerns and demonstrate their grievances, and to demand, and to ensure, the renewal of their Government, which only then may provide sufficient Guard for their Future. –Such has been the patient sufferance of the American People; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their System of Government. The history of the present Government and Social Order is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, constant deception, corruption, and cronyism, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Plutocracy over this Nation. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.

      The Supreme Court has consistently ruled against the Rights of Citizens in favor of the rights of corporations.

      The Supreme Court has given so-called “citizenship” to corporations.

      The Supreme Court has removed all restraints from the corrupting influence of private and corporate wealth in the Political Process, thus allowing a select group of persons and corporations to buy Politicians and hold near total control over the domestic and foreign policies of Government.

      The Congress has consistently failed to act in the interest of the Nation.

      The Congress now acts only in the interests of the wealthiest persons and corporations.

      The Congress has enabled the consolidation of Mass Media.

      The Congress has deregulated the financial sector, thus precipitating the Great Recession and putting the Nation in danger of a second Great Depression.

      The Congress has failed to respond to the Great Recession with substantial financial regulation reform.

      The Congress allows former Government Officials to find employment in the industries they once regulated.

      The Congress gave billions of dollars to the very Financial Institutions which caused the Great Recession, without requiring any reform of those institutions.

      The Congress has repeatedly and significantly lowered tax rates for the wealthiest persons and corporations.

      The Congress has enabled the gross redistribution of wealth into the hands of the top 1%.

      The Congress has failed to take the necessary measures to reinvigorate the national economy.

      The Congress has failed to take any substantial measures to preserve the Middle Class, or to help the Lower Class.

      The Congress has allowed the public education system to deteriorate and to fail to adequately prepare Students for employment and their Duties as Citizens.

      The Congress has so neglected higher education that Students must endure usury and indenture themselves for education.

      The President is either incapable or unwilling to lead:

      He neglected to reform financial regulations when he first came into office and had sufficient political capital.

      The Criminals of Wall Street have not been arrested, tried, and imprisoned for perpetrating the Fraud which so devastated the world economy and wreaked such havoc on the lives of Americans.

      Corporations plunder Our seas, ravage Our coasts, burn Our towns, and destroy the lives of Our People, without fear of commensurate retribution.

      The Press fails to address the real issues.

      The Press neglects even the most basic investigative journalism.

      The Press propagates trivial distractions which deflect attention from the real issues.

      The Press is guilty of aiding and abetting Politicians in the deception and manipulation of the American People.

      The Press is now little more than the propaganda network of the wealthiest persons and the largest corporations.

      The top 1% possesses 40% of America’s wealth.

      156 million Americans, half the Nation, posses 2.5% of America’s wealth.

      3.5 million Americans are homeless.

      14 million Americans do not have jobs.

      49.1 million Americans endure lives of poverty.

      52 million Americans go hungry.

      A Government, whose character thus condemns millions of men, women, and children to lives of desperate poverty and unwarranted hunger, while ordaining a wealthy few to live lives of unprecedented opulence, is unfit to be government of any people.

      In every stage of these Injustices We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury:

      We have not been wanting in Our observation of Our Representatives. We have condemned them from time to time for their failures to represent Our Interests, but Our voice remains unheeded. The Politicians reserve no lie to garner Our votes. They shamelessly neglect their campaign promises, and only realize those favors promised for the highest bribe. They have proven themselves unworthy of Our confidence. Worthy candidates cannot be heard over the babbling voices of those Whores of Wall Street and their incestuous bride, the Press. The two-party political system is broken: We no longer enjoy the luxury of electing representatives who represent Our Common Interests and Values, and are now resigned to just vote against those Politicians We most fear. The Political Process is no longer responsive to Our Will. For the Politicians have formed to themselves an interest separate from the Interest of their Constituents. We must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity of nonviolent direct action, and hold them, as We held their royal forbearer, in contempt.

      We, therefore, the People of the United States of America, Assembled, in General Outrage, appealing to the supreme judgement of the world for the rectitude of Our intentions, do, in the Name, and by the Authority of this Nation and its Founding Principles, solemnly publish and declare, That these United States must be, and of Right ought to be, Free and Independent of Corruption, of Greed, of gross Inequality, and that Government must cease to be a Plutocracy; and that We, as the Citizens of these United States, reaffirm Our Sovereign Right and Power to consent to Government, and to revoke Our consent; and We here resolve that this Nation will have a new birth of Democracy–and that government of the People, by the People, for the People, shall again prevail across the earth. — And for the support of this Declaration, We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor.

      We are the 99%.

      • Colton G

        1) Which corporations are doing what you said? Name them specifically please, if you don’t mind.
        2) How did the “1%” earn their wealth? Name specific individuals and their individual story please.
        3) I agree that greed is bad and negative. But if those people you claim are in the “1%” earned their money fair, by working hard and diligently, why are you trying to take away their money? Or did I miss something? Is it because you say other people need that money?
        If I take away all your money because I see three other people who need it more than you, doesn’t that make me envious of what you have? Doesn’t that make me greedy? I, who denounce you and your wealth because what you did is worked hard to make money to sustain yourself and support causes that you have a heart for, take away your right to give that money to people/organizations/charities because they differ from those places I want to give my money. Is that not greed? Is that not what you’re crying out against?
        If I am mistaken please inform me and correct me.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      I agree, the first and probably only goal of OWS should be to get money out of politics, all other complaints will be solved by 99% elected Representatives. OWS must come to grips with the fact that they are only 5% of the 99%, we must appeal to the 94% to get their vote.

    • brent

      campaign finance reform.

      it is the only way. everything else is a pipe dream.

      – completely eliminate (that includes individual donations) campaign donations from the political system.
      – campaign funding supported ONLY through a predetermined amount of taxed revenue.
      – divided proportionally among candidates from respective parties using proportional representation from the previous voter turnout to determine percentages. you could even introduce some sort of system similar to the draft used by professional sports leagues to give less proportional parties a little bonus.

      it’s a money-ectomy. you yank the influence money has on the campaigns and thusly election or reelection of politicians and over night money is not what gives a politician victory, now it is political platforms and job performance that give a politician his/her office.

      support campaign finance reform. it is the real cancer that causes all the symptoms we are discussing.

    • Jack Raddatz

      OWS needs to become a political movement FAST. A party needs to be formed ASAP. And, OWS representatives need to be on the electoral ballots across the nation. Its not impossible. I don’t think you have to have a lot of money to do it. Look what the internet did for Obama. Make it the internet political movement like no other. Support is there, you just have to get the word out that the party exists and start connecting. I think there are frustrated people everywhere. Connect with every University across the nation. Have them put up candidates locally and regionally. Main Platform? Get the influence of big money out of our government and our nations information Highway.

    • Dan Long

      Until we place a 90% tax on all corporate donations to campaign funds, there will be no need for ethics to return to the election process. It is a voluntary tax, will reduce the money that is used to ‘buy’ election results, and help the deficit to which corporate America has contributed.

  2. Antoine

    Its our patriotic duty as Americans to uphold the pillars of Democracy and Liberty. In attempting to achieve this, we must not select and elect leadership from among the plutocracy. In a democracy the majority must rule with considerations for others, for success to be gained. The wealthy should be allowed to live and conduct business in a free society but with rules and regulations. This is necessary so that while they create fortune for themselves, we are not hurt in the process. We the people must select leaders from among us that are not corrupted by wealth and power. Leaders who have a first hand knowledge of the pain and suffering of the poor and working class. #OWS

  3. Gorvop

    Spot on. I can see OWS as an information resource that could be valuable to the electorate. For Example OWS could disseminate documented data on all candidates for any office as to their voting history and supporter donations records and affiliations. Transperancy can be a powerful means of separating the “We represent corporate interests” and the “We represent the common populace interests” candidates. Candidates who will not share this type of information would of course be flagged as likely being corporate allied. As a nerve center of information OWS could be a trusted tool for the voting populace to use in their decision making process. My family is transferring our checking & savings accounts to a Community Credit Union prior to the 5th of November along with already almost 60,0000 others, as a protest that grew online from just the idea that OWS presented by it’s solidarity with the 99%, Bank Transfer Day, which can now be found online. Check it out! Peace

  4. Philip Malter,

    In Europe, judges are civil servants; they are basically academicians who are selected by merit without political interference. In the United States a judgeship is a political award; and the higher the court, the greater the award’s value and political control. Politics have corrupted our judiciary; and the courts have returned the favor by corrupting politics. Every authentic judicial scholar knows what a travesty Bush v. Gore was (The Court said that counting all the Florida votes would constitute an irrevocable injury to Bush; but not counting the votes would not be a similar injury to Gore). Subsequent to that decision, the “non-activist” Court has been on an orgy of overturning accepted precedent and law, particularly those restricting corporate funding of elections. As a result, virtually unlimited corporate money has been let loose into our elections. To most politicians, the power which comes with being elected is their most valued possession. This is especially true of those who support the interests of the 1%. And, those in high office who do support the interests of the 1%, can now count on virtually unlimited funds to help them obtain/retain that most valued possession. This reciprocal corruption between the courts and politics is essentially what has brought us to where we are today.

  5. Owen

    Having an audio link on this page to the Declaration in standard American English would serve to enhance its access to many people. Ditto in Spanish as it is the most widely spoken second language in the US. As a person who is legally recognized as being “disabled”, I urge that this be implemented.

    • Nota Bene

      I am also legally disabled. This site works alright with a screen reader. A text only option would make that even easier.



      • Tom

        People who occupy my ship:
        Samuel L Jackson,
        Chuck Norris,
        And My Dog Rockefeller.

        It may not be true…but it is a manifesto.

        • Mr. Marx

          I once wrote a Manifesto once. It led to millions upon millions of deaths. #winning

          • ralph scenic

            how many millions of deaths did jesus’s legacy produce? Of course all those heathens slaughtered during the crusades, the invasion of the western hemisphere and the colonization and enslavement cause? Of course they all went to heaven?

        • Mark

          My dog Rockefeller is pretty funny… I think they mean to say the list with a bibliography is….. actually that works for me. The list is not just one persons point though its consensus. I guess a well documented list is as good as one that’s not. Perhaps with time the list will evolve, each grievance becoming a link on the severity of the problem and plausible solutions and at some point actions.

  7. AL

    So i have read, and glanced at many of the OWS stuff– i get it its information- but where are the actions?? so people around the US stand on streets holding signs and protesting- for what? what are the changes you are tying to accomplish- and please no one tell me to read the list above because those are just statements- not solutions
    and what about those thousands of people in the streets? Don’t you have jobs to tend to? Do you think that the “1%” (non talking about gov. employees- im talking about the Bill Gates, the Steve Jobs the Oprah’s of the US) the ones who EARNED their titles at million or billionaires– do you really think they earned that money by bailing on work to hold some cardboard sign in the middle of some herd? and for those of you who are unemployed- why are you not out looking for work? I have been between jobs and its a full time job looking for a job, so why are you playing art at home making signs to just prove to everyone you are willing to fallow a crowd instated of speak /work for yourself.
    So please if i have missed something, INFORM ME- that seems to be what the OWS is about at this point so inform me!

    • Kyleigh

      The changes are in the greed of the government; the taxes, the government spending, bailouts. Small, honest working businesses are being taxed uncontrollably to support the government. Large businesses afford to weasle their way out of such taxes, and out of rules the government has set (ie illegal loans and foreclosures). In turn, the middle class is suffering and working itself to the bone to get by.
      You have some good points, like how Bill Gates and Oprah have EARNED their money, and how they only state the problems not sollutions.
      As far as Bill Gates and Oprah and etc., the difference is the earned it. It is not the earners OWS is after, it’s the cheaters and scammers of the government who spend what they want because our taxes are paying for it.
      Regarding the issues vs. solutions, this website is about shedding the light. You make your own solutions and opinions, they are merely trying to show people the inequalities.
      You mentioned you glanced at the OWS website, maybe that’s the issue. You should do more than glance; actually read, and whether or not you agree with everything or anything, at least make informed opinions. Maybe this isn’t your forte, but you can’t see the whole story, or anything by “glancing.”

    • Ryan Stuck

      To AL –

      I have seen and heard this or similar comments being made from a variety of folks and can understand the sentiment. This is my understanding of the situation –

      From a distance it can seem that rhetoric is the only thing being generated. However, progress toward action is being made and is most obviously seen when participating in the General Assembly process directly. I would suggest trying to find one or more of the livestream video links to watch an assembly, or better yet, find the information for your local assembly and go attend in person!

      I believe the other main factor in the “deliberate” pace of the assemblies deciding upon action is the process of direct democracy itself. I think people are somewhat new to this process, and both discussing and then coming to a consensus with such a large number of people can take time and considerable debate and dialectic. I believe over time people will become more comfortable with the process, however as more people join and participate, coming to consensus will still take a reasonable amount of time.

      This is my understanding of the situation. There are probably many other factors at play, and you may very well get different answers from different folks. But I hope that my little blurb may have helped you. I think some patience is needed as things come together. It probably helps to remember that these are just regular folks, not a seasoned political machine, and that consensus takes longer than just doing what a lobbyist tells you to do ^_^

    • missmom

      Al, did you hear yourself? you are between jobs…. and its a full time job looking for one!! THATS BECAUSE THERE AREN”T ENOUGH!! don’t make dumb comments if your not interested than keep on hunting that job buddy! I currently have a job.. I am blessed I got hired w/ 300 others… out of thousands of applications!! we are 2 mo. in and they have let several go and hours are being cut for everyone… face it… times are really hard for everyone.. I too lost a house to foreclosure.. while I was working!!! the prices of everything has gone up sooo much its crazy… and I am currently making 20k less year than 2 yrs ago.. I have kids and its hard to just keep food on the table and I work full time!! I am the 99…. and so are you buddy!!! :)

    • Ben

      I do not start this comparison of the Declaration of Independence and our current form of government light heartily. Nor do I do this to attack, insight revolt or cause a civil war. We as Americans have had our head in the sand for too long when it comes to Washington D.C… We no longer exercise or right to vote. We no longer have much if any participation in our government. We have career politicians. We no longer have Statesmen. We have the Electoral College decide who our president will be. Why? I’m not sure. Have we becomes sheepepole?
      When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.
      Unfortunately the “great political experiment” in America is failing! In the course of our human events we are moving to dissolve the political bands that connect us with our current Federal Government. Our government is bloated and filled with self-centered self-seeking people who no longer represent “WE THE PEOPLE” but represent “We the Corporations and wealthy few”.
      We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
      We, meaning the people Hold these truths to be self-evident Meaning “It is only obvious to everyone but the elite few” That all men are created equal. And that a power great then mankind has granted us all Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
      That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.
      In order to protect these “god given rights” governments are formed by mankind and these governments get their justifiable powers from the consent of the masses not the elite few.


      That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their Safety and Happiness.
      When politicians abuse their power or make such laws that affect our “Life, Liberty or the Pursuit of our Happiness” It is our right as being the consent of the governed to alter or abolish and to install a new government! Our government has failed us. Our government has abused us for the last 1oo years as best as I can figure.
      Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes;
      This means that no government should be changed just “because”. That we should only change our government when it can no longer do what it was set out to do. As we have seen with our own government.
      and accordingly all experience hath shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.
      We as people are comfortable with not changing. We become complacent with the way things are done. Even if it means that our government slowly takes away our rights 1 at a time. And justifies it by telling us we are protecting you.
      But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.
      Under our own Declaration of Independence we have the right to throw off our own government and start a new government to secure our future. The question is how much further do we need to go down the despotism hole until we stop it? Do we need to wait for American blood to be spilled?

      Here is your reasons for thier manifesto. “They” violate the most important document this country has. And the problem is that a corporation is not a person therefore they feel the constitution does not apply to them.

      • eatthebankers

        The SCOTUSA declared corporations have human rights. They also ruled that the Rights of Americans are now a PRIVILEGE.

      • This

        I read for half an hour and only a few people seem to understand. the system is broke, we need a new one. The issue that arises however is how do we accomplish this?

        Our forefathers did it by leaving and starting new in a new land and doing it from scratch (basically), this is not an option for us, as we as a people are living in an existing land with existing situations. My belief is that no matter what the reform that we impose on the governement it will leave us with the same results as we have now and that we always have had. There can only be true growth if we form an new institution from the ashes of the old one.

        However like stated this is not an option, the collapse of the government would force millions more out of jobs out of shelter and out of basic needs such as food and water. Within good conscience how could we force that upon a populace that may not even be in favor of such change?

        People would die, and we as a nation would be forced to regress hundreds of years economically and most proposed systems of commerce and trade would fail due to the existing market and global trade system. We would become a third world country even more so at the mercy of privatized infrastructure. Its happened time and time again in any number of countries.

        There simply is no way to demolish the government without increasing the effect of the conditions we wish to resolve. How much do you (or general population) pay for water? electricity? food? housing? The absence of government regulation would let these companies and other countries privatized infrastructure charge whatever they wanted untill it becomes unaffordable (moreso than now). And that is only one example of a number of issues that would arise from the abolishment of government.

        But hey for what its worth, I’m in favor, lets burn it all and let the strong survive.

    • six

      Gates and the others earned their “kingship” off the backs of others and our resources.
      If they were so wonderful why does Gates want to pay less taxes.
      gates wants to privatize and give his customers the shit end of the stick while he and his family live the high life.
      His money is not his, mine is not mine(though I have none) it is gained in the raping of the earth with little regard to the future. Is it hard to take the idea that we all could have something rather than the current situation: 1 in 6 kids are hungry, hard hit cities have a 1 in 16 foreclosure rate, at least 23% of homeless are families with children.
      If you are so afraid that the wealth will be redistributed then you should look again at where ‘your’ wealth comes from. I will gladly do with less so my brothers,sisters and the children of the world can live without fear of poverty.

    • Jane

      Steve Jobs’ factory in China had to bar the windows to prevent suicidal leaping.
      It is not that you earn money, it’s how. How much humanity do you give up at what price?
      Right now our society is so rotted that the “All’s fair in _____, _______ &________ .” is more or less accepted. Can we just start by rethinking some of the old rules?

  8. Erin

    America is pissed, and with good reason. Corruption, greed, and control is getting old. But while I agree with SOME of these grievances, I’m afraid of the solution that may come when/if this movement is answered. The answer will be in the form of redistribution of wealth (meaning the people that earned their money honestly will have worked hard and saved all their life just to have it stolen from them and handed to someone else), too much government regulation in the private sector, and generally the Socialization of America. Then do you not think there will be corruption?

    There are answers to this, but they aren’t very easy or comfortable, so no one likes them:
    Grow your own food. It’s healthier anyway.
    If they charge you to use a debit card, don’t have one.
    If Nike outsources, don’t buy Nike.
    Don’t have a job? Acquire a skill and go out and get one. Start your own business.

    We complain because credit companies conspired to all raise ATM fees, but we use the ATM anyway instead of planning ahead and making a withdrawal at the bank. Do you see where I’m going with this?

    Granted, there are more problems that can’t be fixed like this, but if the National Global Warming Conference wasn’t held in Indonesia, where everyone attending flew their fuel-burning, carbon-emitting private jet to be, several of the things on this list could be fixed.

    • veedgo

      Umm, everyone around the world (the full 99%) is ticked. America’s set is just now waking up. We are actually late to the game.

    • Mr. Revko

      Not everyone can grow their own food because of where they live. So that’s a tough one to realize. I agree with you about debit/credit cards. I’ve never fallen into that mainly because of the way I was brought up. Accepting credit was frowned on. Save your money and then buy what you want rather than pay someone so you can pay someone else. I always wonder why would anyone do that. Its like, you go to buy something that you need to live and someone runs up to you and says, hey wait, before you pay him you have to pay me so you can pay him. The convolution is over the top for me. It’s like dealing with the mafioso.
      I worked for a shoe factory once when I was a teenager in Pa. for Keds. Not a great job, repetitive, mind numbing work at a punching maching 6 days a week with a half hour for lunch. If the profiteers of a company like this were to have some sort of profit sharing collective and all the profit wasn’t going to straight to the top, it might be feasible to work at a job like this for some people. When I hear someone like Richard Simmons saying he couldn’t keep his clothing line in business if he didn’t outsource the labor for his products because the price of doing business in the U.S. is too high, I have to question that whole mind set. And then I have to ask, how rich does anyone have to be and at what expense to the lives of the people and the environment being exploited for that economic power. Seems rather unethical to me, which probably explains why I live in relative poverty. I said to myself once that I wouldn’t buy anything from cheap outsourced labor but its almost impossible. Nothing is made here anymore. Even if you don’t buy Nikes, whatever brand you do buy, it’s the same story. I would like to see the end of that type of accumulative wealth in the hands of those “entrepeneurs” and the wealth of the labor spread out on a more egalitarian basis. The creation and fight for unions that were fought by my antecedents was what allowed them to enjoy a middle class life, have kids, and a pension to retire on. Old age is not a segue to the “golden years.” Its a time of physical deterioration, illness and ultimately death. All those ads with the couple in the retirement park playing golf and enjoying martinis is the same old spiel as smoking Lucky Strikes because they taste good and 9 out of ten doctors recommend them.

      • martin

        I have worked at my place of employment since i got out of high scholl no i was not interested in going to college nor am I now. We are presently being downsized going to work is so depressing now everyone waiting on pins and needles for the doors to be shut just so our CEO can make another million and million in stock options.while our jobs are being sent to El Salvador. All I want is the right to have a job and make a living for me and my family but our goverment was bought by NAFTA and decided that greed was more important than the working people in America. I am all for small business but we need jobs that will hire workers with insurance and some benefits and not just work us 20 hrs a week. I am glade that someone is finally standing up and saying enough is enough..Go OCCUPANCY someone needs to fight for us because its not the ones in Washington.

  9. quintana711

    What do you guys think of Ron Paul’s message. He says that he endorses those in the movement who are there for the right reasons. I would hope everybody in the movement at least educates themselves on his views and makes there own opinions. The more you know, the more amo you have to fire against anybody from the media asking questions.

  10. Jack

    In 2000 the U.S. Supreme Court usurped the right of the people to elect their national President and Vice-President. The Court’s action was an act of treason. Nothing short of a coup d’etat was carried out by the High Court. As a direct consequent of that Court’s action, the national government was immediately rendered illegitimate and continues to remain so.
    The response of Congress to Bush v. Gore, was to replace the will of the people with its own corporate spousers. The Republican Congress pushed through the Help America Voting Act (HAVA) which was signed into law by Mr. George W. Bush in Oct. 2002. That law facilitated the implementation of electronic voting systems in any state that wished to use them (the federal government heavily subsidized the introduction of these machines in voting precincts across the U.S.).
    Using the rationale of the Court (hanging chads and helping handicapped people vote) to justify the transition to electronic voting, the Congress proved to be silent on the issue of electronic voter system certification. Since the software used for these voting systems is proprietary (privately owned), certification of the votes was left to private corporations to count and tabulate the vote. This remains the case today.
    Thus the potential for manipulating the votes is ever present and self-evident. By making the election races appear close, it becomes strategically possible if not probable to engineer outcomes. In tight elections, using electronic voting machines in just 1 or 2 states, the outcome can easily be left with a 2-3% margin of error. Such a margin is within the statistical range of acceptable error and therefore is not likely to be subject to scrutiny nor will it be reviewed by state voting commissions dominated by flavored interests. It is thus impossible to audit. Many voting jurisdictions do not use paper audits and, where and when they exist, their reliable is unknown due to a complete lack of a system of public certification.
    When one reflects on the amount of money involved in national elections with no limit on the amount private corporations can spend (Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission) , the potential for fixed elections is clear. In is, of course, instructive to consider that the Outlaw Court is once again replacing the prerogative of the People to a government of their choice for one selected by corporatist constituents.
    Removing any possible doubt about the legitimacy of our elections is crucial to restoring faith in our system of government and for any semblance of a faith that the U.S. economy is not rigged by a corrupt government.
    Take back the vote now!

    • stephen sivonda

      Well spoken ! is imperative to get control of the voting process, and to remove the big money influence involved in elections. I notice several posts above…several possible trolls, or some of little faith in OWS.

      • Mark

        If Jack is correct his point deserves very serious consideration as perhaps a top priority of this movement or color it gone and turn to violence. I’d prefer a working democratic process though.

    • DarnThatDream

      If you have ever stated “The Constitution is whatever the Supreme Court says it is,” then you are being hypocritical. Or you could have had an honest change of heart. The Supreme Court decided that the 14th amendment was being violated by the Florida counting process. Me? I’ve never made the claim.

    • zman58

      Very well stated. Any system that is used for voting should be completely open and transparent and free to replicate and use as needed by anyone. There should be no proprietary component of the system permitted. Any hardware, software, or process, should be completely transparent. No patents no limitations. Building and providing the system would be a paid-for service, with the result being public ownership of the system with the ability of hiring anyone they want to service the system.

  11. Mary Lindsay

    We must amend the US Constitution to affirm that:
    1. a corporation is NOT a “person” and does NOT have constitutional rights that were intended for human beings and
    2. money is NOT “free speech” and therefore is CAN be regulated in the political process.

    Learn about Move To Amend, a nonprofit coalition of organizations that came together in response to the Citizens United v. FEC. That’s the US Supreme Court decision that freed corporations to spend unlimited money campaigning for or against candidate in elections.

    • richard hodge

      Getting money out of politics is the most important, after that anything is possible

    • Aaron

      Ok, corporations are not people. Last I checked, you can only sue people.

      Ergo, you will no longer be able to sue a corporation. Don’t even try to say “oh, we’ll make them people in terms of being able to punish them, but not give them rights.”

      But do remember that corporations are made up of people assembling together for a common goal. The 1st Amendment protects both the right of people to assemble as to speak as an assembled group. Ergo, even if you take corporate person hood away, they may still issue political statements.

      • Phil Sheidan

        Check again. Corporations can sue and be sued by humans,by governments, and by corporations.

        I don’t see why a Constitutional amendment is needed to state what is a matte of dictionary definition. Are we going to add a definition for every word in the Constitution?

        OK why don’t we add a glossary to the Constitution.

        Amendment XXVIII: Glossary of Terms for this Constitution:

        Person: [plural people] A human being, homo sapiens, of the animal group, called mammals..

        Speech: A form of communication between humans, talking. Money is not included in the definition of speech. Speech includes writing on paper or writing messages on a computer or handheld device.. etc

        Corporation: An organization assembled for conducting business that employs people to make profit or return on investment or for other purposes.. A corporation may sue or be sued in court but does not have the protections of the U S Constitution such as freedom of speech, equal protection under law, and right of privacy, that are only given to humans., .

      • zman58

        “Ergo, you will no longer be able to sue a corporation.”
        Yes, and that may be a very good outcome, because NOW you will be able to sue the actual people (owners, employees, etc.) of the corporation when you are wronged by them. In current law, you sue the corporation, but the people who actually caused harm are protected using the shell of the corporation. You can not get to them.
        If you remove the shell, you can bet the owners and operators of the corporation would be far more careful about how they operate because they would be personally liable. Just imagine what a difference that would make–they would be personally liable just like you and me are for any harm we might cause to others.

  12. Kyleigh

    I think there is greed and corruption in the government. I also believe Americans have gotten lazy, and the corruption is not limited to the government. There must be personal choices made as well to prove we are better than the government. We are a consumer society: we need food, we go to the store, we need fuel, we go to the gas station, we need clothes, we go to the mall. We have become obese with our list of desires; we are controlled by our wants and needs and the companies providing them.
    There not only needs to be a change in the government, but in the lives of all Americans.
    Change isn’t easy; we all need to work harder to represent the change we need the government to make.

    • veedgo

      I agree. It is a two way street: we were led astray, but we allowed ourselves to be led astray. For better or worse, since coming to grips with reality hasn’t happened until now, now is as good a time as any to change.

  13. Ryan Stuck

    In reference to bullet point #6 (preventing workers from negotiating salary, benefits and workplace safety): though the statement is true, I believe that collective bargaining is the primary target. It may be worth considering re-wording the statement to be more specific to collective bargaining, though definitely not necessary, as the current form works well as a general grievance.

  14. David Scott Norton

    There is a big difference between “corporations” and “The Corporate Oligarchy”.

    The mainstream media (owned by The Corporate Oligarchy) keeps the Right fired up against the Left by calling an attack on corporations.

    OWS should consider abandoning the use of the word “corporation” and replace it with “The Corporate Oligarchy”,

    The executive, judicial, and legislative branches of our government are overseen by a sovereign power. It needs a catchy name. Oligarchy is a scary word and sounds fictionalto most people. Any suggestions?

    • veedgo

      “Mob” worked pretty good in the 1920’s and 30’s, but that may be too “harsh”.=_P
      I just found this interesting point made at Wikipedia about oligarchies:

      Especially during the Fourth Century BC, after the restoration of democracy from oligarchical coups, the Athenians used the drawing of lots for selecting government officers in order to counteract what the Athenians acutely saw as a tendency toward oligarchy in government if a professional governing class were allowed to use their skills for their own benefit.[5] They drew lots from large groups of adult volunteers as a selection technique for civil servants performing judicial, executive, and administrative functions (archai, boulē, and hēliastai).[6] They even used lots for very important posts, such as judges and jurors in the political courts (nomothetai), which had the power to overrule the Assembly.

      From: Bernard Manin, Principles of Representative Government 19-23 (1997).

  15. Kev

    Look, I think this OWS has begun to reek of socialism or communism — I dont know my -isms too well.

    But my point is, I’m a firm supporter of Capitalism… isn’t capitalism what helped the US become the greatest economic power in the world? I don’t think OWS should be against capitalism. If you have the ambition to build a massive company from the ground up, more power to you, you deserve lots of money!

    Shouldn’t the point of the OWS movement be to stop CORRUPTION in corporations? Shouldn’t the point be to separate money from politics and government?

    I’m definitely not one for anarchy or communism or socialism… capitalism is what makes America great, right?!

    • veedgo

      Honestly, we have a very narrow viewpoint about capitalism and what it’s done to the world. After reading books like “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” and studying effects of our self-centric stance in the US, I am disgusted with capitalism. It’s one thing to be the greatest, it’s another to show others how to be great themselves: we’ve become great at the expense of almost everyone else and it is a crying shame.
      We have an insatiable, unsustainable economic model started by the robber-barons of the late 19th, early 20th century. We’ve plugged into their human labor machines and think that we are living. Is it truly living just because our kids can go to the store and buy one of a gazillion barbie dolls? Have our children learned to cultivate the earth, their minds, and action in their communities? If they don’t have it on hand, can they invent something on their own? Are we actually self-sufficient if we were to find ourselves without power tomorrow? Can we bring health to the sick if we don’t have access to medicine? Do we have truly living knowledge or are we eluded into thinking that our great society is really that great just because we can charge it on the plastic “wonder card” and “have it”?

      • Mark

        Veedgo whoever you are…what you’ve contributed to this discussion makes a lot of sense to me. This movement as whole, I hope, will generate some change in the practices of both government and big biz. I think we the people have been a bit absent in our constitutional role, turns out it takes more than voting, who’d a thunk it:) This last comment you make about what essentially comes down to our value system seems painfully true. If we look at how Americans spend money, their’s or someone else’s it seems we don’t mind giving companies, well known for screwing us, our money. Watch a BP station, no shortage of customers there. News about their reduced share price isn’t related to our refusal to buy from them. I guess we don’t care, money talks! We’re rightfully scared by the unemployment situation, but oh don’t Chinese made goods fly off the shelves at Walmart. I was in Saudi working when the people of Egypt and then Bahrain decided enough was enough, listening to the people around me, Arabs of every stripe, genuinely at their wits end made me post about how I thought I could see the same winds blowing on this side of the pond. The process here in the US may look different, but how high would the unemployment rate have to go before the shit hits the fan…We’re not far off brother. I’d hate to see it but we don’t need to be history majors to realize the truly powerful, don’t give it up without a fight. So lets hope this movement grows to become a national distraction of the first order and out of it comes a cleansing first of government and then Biz. As far as big biz goes, no body is fixing that without a very big stick. Effective government and or where you spend your money are the only power greed understands. I have no problem with good companies. To be clear, fear of the law, of getting caught, is what I mean by good companies not the quality of their products. The ones that got “too big to fail.” Yeah. that’s too damn big. Big wasn’t the problem though corruption was. It’s at least partially true that big in this country means rich enough to buy elected officials? We can all see that kind of problem! Is it too much to hope for to think we can find a way to pay down 14+ Trillion dollars in dept. Create jobs. Find the political will to tell everyone that medicare, medicaid, and social security as currently written are unsustainable. Put (I use the word “put” here instead of “vote” thinking force may be necessary option) into office enough openly like minded individuals to get their house in order then identify and breakup every company that has broken so many rules letting them continue to exist would be a crime in itself…

      • Jim

        Well, If you’re seeking Communism then maybe you should look at the history of China, Cuba, and Russia. Communism is CORRUPT. May i suggest reading George Orwell’s book Animal Farm? Also, are you aware of the human rights violations in Communist countries? Socialism requires a government to pay for the needs of it’s citizens, usually through taxation, so help me to understand …. If you’re unemployed and against the greed of the rich then who’s going to pay the taxes that would fund socialism here? I’m FAR from being rich, i’m just a working stiff like everyone else lucky to have a job nowadays. I live paycheck to paycheck, but i don’t understand the end game of this movement.

  16. Kev

    And one more thing:

    Drug companies block generic forms of drugs because a generic producer doesnt need to go through the years and years and BILLIONS of dollars of research, development, and testing spent to bring just one new drug to the market.

    Asking them to allow generics right away would be like doing away with copyright or patent laws.

    I do support a discounted drug program for those in need, but a flat out “allow generics immediately” policy would destroy the funding and financial motivation to develop MORE life-saving drugs.

    • avnetd1

      Read the statement again:

      They continue to block generic forms of medicine that could save people’s lives or provide relief in order to protect investments THAT HAVE ALREADY TURNED A SUBSTANTIAL PROFIT.

      I think that last part says it all.

      • James Reid

        They don’t charge $7.00 a pill for some thing that cost thirty cents to make because they enjoy people being sick. They charge $7.00 a pill for a pill that costs thirty cents because the second pill cost thirty cents to make…the first one cost four million. If they can not recoup their research and developement costs and make a profit then they won’t develope the next drug, and that may be the one that you or I need. That’s why they get exclusive rights to market their own product for seven years, then anyone can use their work and market the same drug generically and pay no royalties whatsoever. I hope one day you invent a better light bulb or build a better mouse trap. How would you feel if the government came in and told you that you had to give away your idea to anyone that wanted it, for free I’m sure the first thing you were gonna do was to start a non-profit to help give your product away anyhow, right?

        • Alex Wording

          It is simply not true. The pharma companies like to go on about how much was spent in r&d on some drug. But in virtually every case, they did NOT spend that money. WE DID!

          Much of this r&d is done in university labs, on research grants, from the government, and from science foundations, and from charitable foundations, using equipment paid for by the academy. Even r&d done in house by the pharma co themselves, funding for clinical trials, funding for production, etc., even the bulk of these costs can usually be traced back to our tax dollars, through government subsidies and generous federal grants, if you actually take the time to follow the money trails.

          Big pharma is very good at twisting the truth into a lie. They don’t pay to develop these drugs. We pay for the development with our tax dollars. Sick people who need the drugs pay for the development ahead of time. Families of sick people often contribute a lot to these development costs. Scientific foundations pay for the development. And big-pharma rakes in the profits after the fact. Their initial investment costs may also be fairly high in some cases, but their investment is mostly spent on securing and protecting exclusive production rights.

          Do you honestly beleive that our world’s sientists and governments and academies would not be working to cure diseases and develop drugs if it weren’t for big-pharma monopolization? That is a patently absurd proposition. Monopolies do not encourage inovation, they restrict it.

          • StraightEdge


            I am afraid that your argument is misinformed. Although health related research is conducted many places and enjoys considerable support from the US government (i.e. tax payers), the most relevant research is almost exclusively the domain of industry. Industry aims to make a drug – and a profit of course – whereas researchers focus primarily on understanding disease. These areas are linked, but if you take either away no new medicines will be produced. If your notions were correct, new drugs would frequently come from universities and research institutes, but they don’t. If the problem were industrial monopolization preventing such actions, the would-be university inventors would be in complete accord with your claim, but they are not. The success stories where new medicines come from universities, and they are very rare, are facilitated by industry. It is expensive to develop a new medicine. Ignoring the cost of basic research, it often costs hundreds of millions of dollars to run the required advanced clinical trials. Keep in mind, though, that only about 10% of the potential medicines entering such clinical evaluation make it to your local pharmacy. So the cumulative cost of running advanced clinical trials (ignoring everything else, remember) is billions. At current costs of medicines, most drugs do not ‘break even’ until after 5 or so years on the market. Big Pharma is not perfect, but on this point the reality of the situation is somewhat different from what you presented.

    • Savannah

      Has anyone ever noticed that no drugs out there “cure” anyone? Like… there aren’t any “cures”. All the pharmaceuticals they’ve developed just treat people, and they just treat the side effects. Then a new pill comes out that treats another pills side effects. I’m sorry, but I’m not impressed with the prescription drug field. It is one big money-making scheme. More people need to do research on eating a whole food plant based diet. Read up on Dr Max Gerson and his cure for cancer and other disorders. <It is ILLEGAL for a doctor to tell you about his method in the US. Why? Because they can't make any prescription money on it. You tell someone they can heal themself and live longer by eating organic vegetables and juicing, and they look at you like you're crazy. Yet, they scarf down their mcdonalds and their candybars and high fructose corn syrup and wonder why they and their children have diabetes. Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe we're not supposed to be eating this way? Or maybe this overprocessed GMO food makes us sick- which in turn forces us to buy more expensive pharmaceuticals?

      • robbie

        Savannah – You are so on the right track. Of course, living in America, anything other than a prescription or an operation to fix everything is blasphemy. And any thing other than allopathy is voodoo medicine. It’s strange how the rest of the world knows about good medicine that actually heals people and the ‘greatest country on earth’ only gets to buy cold medicine for our symptoms. Change is very slow when someone is making huge profits from things staying just the way they are! But I keep hoping.

  17. Rick Cassar

    If anyone expects to change anything, a necessity is the public funding of political campaigns. Without the elimination of corporate, union, and PAC contributions, we will never have a true democracy.

    • DarnThatDream

      Somehow I suspect that two parties in particular will get most of the public’s money.

  18. jelfrank

    Did I miss it or is CLIMATE CHANGE missing from the points?

    I would think something like:”They have continued to pursue profit through practices that increase climate change while aware of irrefutable evidence of the consequences of their actions on the environment.”

    • kathy

      there are some points that touch on this (this is my passion as it sounds like may be yours):

      ■They continue to block alternate forms of energy to keep us dependent on oil.
      ■They have purposely covered up oil spills, accidents, faulty bookkeeping, and inactive ingredients in pursuit of profit

      it’s a start, I suppose. this movement is subject to change and addition and growth and I pray to God it is kept alive and well and produces results! we are the 99%, we stand together, we can fight corporate influence and corporate take over of our government. we have to find leaders at a local level who will join on a political level and begin changing the polical scenery with people who will take a stand for the democracy of the 99%, for the earth and the wildlife, too.

      • Rick Gold

        And don’t forget Nuclear. They are reinventing their Nuclear rhetoric, stating that Nukes do not contribute to global warming. They are also stating that Nukes are an alternative energy. Nukes are the most dangerous long term detriment to the global environment, that a few multi-national corporations have spread throughout our world. Another statement should read ”They have continued to pursue profit through practices that increase Nuclear proliferation in all it’s deadly manifestations, worldwide.”

        • Michael

          You’re right Rick. Nuclear is very, very bad option. Just ask the Japanese.

  19. ARG

    We Are The 99%:

    1. Recognize that we do not live in a full-fledged democracy, not in an ideal sense, but an achievable form of government truly accountable to the people. We are no more idealistic than our founding fathers, nor more so than our contemporary Tunisian, Egyptian, Libyan, Bahraini, Syrian, Arab, Iranian, and European dissenters. Far from any conceivable notion of a free market, we must recognize that the current political and economic establishments actively supports and maintains monopolies, rampant inequality, fraud, and corruption. Such conditions abolish economic justice, equal and fair opportunity, and prosperity for all.

    2. Aspire to genuine democracy as the best solution: Our goals are rooted in American values. We are neither communists nor fascists. We believe that democracy holds the solution. Inspired by the Arab spring, the Iranian Green Movement, and other non-violent protests around the world advocating democracy to alleviate their problems, we the 99% reaffirm our commitment towards democracy as the best means to address our dire circumstances. Genuine democracy with economic justice can best foster prosperity for all.

    3. Safeguard our liberties from corporations, lobby groups, and government through enforceable regulations: Corporations and lobby groups have hijacked our democracy, manipulated our government, and distorted legislation to greedily seize tax payer money, abuse our liberties, and destroy the social fabric and environment of our country. We the people must determine our future; Repeal Corporate Personhood! Get money and lobbies out of American politics!

    Money and corporations run our politics, not the people. Our votes don’t count! Politicians serve the 1% and ignore the well being of the 99% to the detriment of all Americans. We should refuse claims that support the wealthy at the expense of a poorer, less fortunate, less educated, jobless, and unhealthy American society. Occupy Wall Street advocates the aspirations of all Americans who seek a flourishing, clean, safe, and truly democratic America with an active, motivated, educated, healthy, and prosperous citizenry.

    When corporations and lobbies shamefully and systematically exploit our freedoms and profoundly influence our politics, through corruption and deception they distort our democracy, control our government, and abuse our liberties. Corporations are not people! In this plutocracy, where money and wealth determine politics, corporations and lobbies exert disproportionate influence, thus, making an American citizen’s vote worthless.

    Fellow Americans, we must rid ourselves of illusion; we must deepen and expand democracy in our great country, the United States of America! Understanding and exposing our current undemocratic political and economic system guides our agenda towards greater democracy and away from the pitfalls of failed ideologies. Whatever issues we face (job creation, healthcare, education, welfare, security, the environment, etc.), we, the American people, must determine our future; Not corporations or lobbies! In some countries, unelected ruling elites rob their citizens of equal participation; in America the financial and economic system reprehensibly perpetrate this role.

    We the 99% are nothing short of a peaceful revolution! Transforming the cruel and greedy power structure subverting American politics to corporal and lobby interest. 2007 exposed the dangers and failures of this corporal and lobbyist system, which should not be dismissed as a one-time mistake. Yet, nothing changed! So it falls on us, the American people, to seize the moment and shape a better future for all Americans, for our country and the world. Through genuine democracy and economic justice, safeguarded by enforceable policies and regulations, we can more powerfully than ever rise up to meet the challenges of our time.

    • Douglas Gault

      Sorry but #3 you need lobby groups for common access to government, this give such things as NGO’s and community action committees and non profits access to governance.

      • Mark

        Doug each and every member of any group or corp already have access by virtue of them being a citizen. The group doesn’t need special access can’t you see what that’s led to?

    • Rich Florentino

      Democracy is the goal and the means. It was the ideal of our nation at its founding. It has fallen short. But we do not want the American experiment to fail. We will do what we must as those who love liberty – as idealists – as pragmatists – as citizens – as humble, proud human beings – to ensure that America as a nation, as an ideal survives – and all in it live in dignity.
      We need to re-imagine ourselves as the Founders, as we are, of a new democracy. We are the new Founders – knowing what the first Founders did not imagine – economic power as the Leviathan to be guarded against. We must imagine a republic – a representative democracy – as it must be. One person – one VOICE.
      We must remember that corporations are human inventions – that can be redesigned. They can be brought into a democracy – if we all work together – in deciding how to do that. Those within the upper reaches of corporations have become an aristocracy – with no connection to the world the rest of us live in. They are unelected and yet they exert power even beyond that of government. This cannot be allowed in a democracy.
      We must set as our goal that we design a new democracy – by means of democracy. It is a goal NOT a demand. A demand means we want someone to give us something – that is not the case – we will do it ourselves – among ourselves – until we achieve it.
      Explain that to the media – in simple terms: We don’t have a demand – we have a goal – Democracy and we will achieve it!

  20. Charles

    Until we convince our lawmakers(both sides) to quit taking bribes from big money, the middle class will suffer.

    You can see who and how much at

    • Aaron

      There has never been a time when those in government won’t take a bribe. Reduce the power of the government is the only real option, make it a prize not worth buying.

  21. Johanna Clearfield

    We are the 99% but animals aren’t counted for anything, anywhere, in any way. The current laws say that animals are no different than inanimate objects or things. They are legally, “property.” OCCUPY WALL STREET needs to OCCUPY the USDA which is on an unrelenting mission to destroy, torture and kill animals of every kind (farmed, wild, flying, swimming) on behalf of big-agriculture. Animals need to be re-categorized and deserve to be “persons” in legal terms. If a corporation can be a “person” (which the Supreme court has ruled is now the law, Corporations are “persons”) then animals should be “persons.” WE NEED TO INCLUDE THEIR VOICE IN OURS. see:

    • Aaron

      I like how you are including animals but not foreigners. If you include the latter, you almost automatically become the 1% because of your access to the Internet. Down with 1 percenters like Johanna and her greed!

  22. what is real

    Is the middle class really “suffering”? Maybe anyone who thinks so should live in the shoes of the truly poor sometime. If you really want to bring down wall street, stop buying things. Stop being the mass consumer that this country has taught you to be. Be responsible. Don’t take loans from them and pay them interest. Choose to live a harder life for the sake of the future. Standing in the streets is not going to solve the problem. We feed Wall Street everyday when we eat out, buy new things we don’t need, go to concerts and buy sports paraphanalia (yes, part of the 1% are the entertainment sector/sports sector). If you don’t like it, don’t support big business with your money. Make hard choices. But don’t blame others. We all created Wall Street, everyday, with every decision we make to feed it. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something real about it.

    • John McG

      Instead of bringing the poor up, the current system is pushing the middle class down, so that we can give more of the nation’s wealth to global banks and billionaires. Boycotting the worst corporations is important, but it will not stop the looting of the world. That will take 10s of millions “standing in the streets” and making a world where hard work pays more than using massive wealth to steal more wealth.

    • Mark

      John McG is right on the money! Uncle Sugar and Big Biz might not be falling all over themselves trying to hear what you say, the patriot act not withstanding, but OH you can bet your ass they care about how and where you spend your money!

  23. Perry Lloyd

    The media keeps harping on the lack of a “message”, by which they really mean “soundbite”. I would like to propose a simple, concrete, if difficult to achieve one:

    We need an Amendment stating that –
    * Corporations are not People.
    * Contributing money is not Free Speech.
    * and Free Speech should actually be Free (as in there should be no charge for political discourse on the PUBLIC airwaves).

    This will, as many have said needs to be done -GET MONEY OUT OF POLITICS- and we will have our democracy back.

    • Wake up

      It was to the REPUBLIC for which it stands, not the democracy. We need the republic back.

    • Sue B

      Personally, I think it would require four Constitutional amendments to abolish undue corporate influence of government. We’d need the 28th amendment which explicitly defines a person as a human being (natural person), rendering corporations, unions, businesses, and other entities as property; the 29th Amendment, which states clearly that only persons as defined under Amendment 28 shall be eligible to contribute to political campaigns; the 30th Amendment, removing burdensome barriers to ballot access, guaranteeing public funding for political candidates and free air time and/or press space for such candidates; and the 31st Amendment, guaranteeing an affirmative right to vote for all American citizens of voting age.

  24. RAdhakrishnan K

    Muscle power gave them money power, and money power gave them more mucle power that they can cause unimaginable destruction by pressing a single finger. To quote Mahatma Gandhim “there is enough in this world to meet the needs of all the people; but not enough to meet the greed of one man” With lies they mislead us, with machines they control us, and with dysinformation they keep us under perpetual imprisonment.

  25. Ralph Lopez

    Get the Money Out of Politics. Everything else will follow.

    Congressional campaign contributions should be limited to private individuals living within the district, maximum of $2,000. No money from outside the district whatsoever. Abolish corporate and special interest contributions of all kinds, period. That’s low enough for anyone who is really committed to get another part-time job to save enough to support his or her candidate to the max, so it is not a rich man’s game. Most campaigning will have to revert to door-to-door, community meetings and appearances, and rallies. All media will be required to give the lowest rate to candidates.

    • Mark

      Once again the voice of reason! We’re facing some pretty complex problems but as Ralph illustrates if you understand a system and know where to look, you can fix seemingly monstrous problems.

  26. Rick Gold

    OK, I like the discourse and I think there are a lot of valuable points that you all are making. I think that the list of grievances is a great starting point (and we should encourage even more.) Next. Take each point and ask the 99% what would/could we do to mitigate/change this. Accept ideas and debate them. What kind of constructive actions could we employ to effect the change we wish to see? Yes, We need an Amendment stating that –
    * Corporations are not People.
    * Contributing money is not Free Speech.
    * and Free Speech should actually be Free (as in there should be no charge for political discourse on the PUBLIC airwaves).
    And I understand that a few States are beginning the process of regulating/limiting corporations.
    But in the meantime, there are other personal/collective actions which we can do almost immediately (like moving money from banks to credit unions, using less resources, buying/growing organic food, not shopping at big box stores, putting off buying the latest technological gadget, boycotting multi-national corporations and stuff made in China, Korea, India (the U.S. recently negotiated a Nuclear treaty with them), etc with the statement that we want these jobs, factories, technologies made only in the USA.
    thanks and peace,

  27. Che Guevarra (was an idiot, too)

    To the extent that any of you are over the age of, say, 20, you’re the biggest bunch of fucking idiots I’ve ever seen in my life. “I want to live in a world without money.” When you’re parents cut you off, you’ll be in that world. Try moving moving to Cuba at that point. I think that’s about the only place left that’s still (officially) trying that. You retards need to read Milton Friedman. If you’re too lazy to do read, search him on Youtube.

    • Michael

      Everything Friedman wrote is far-right ideology disguised as science. Lies can be written in equations too, you know.

  28. Che Guevarra (was an idiot, too)

    Rick Gold “understand[s] that a few States are beginning the process of regulating/limiting corporations.”

    First, dummy, all states regulate corporations to some extent, but who do you think is doing the regulating? Politicians who are persuaded by the very people they are regulating. It costs money to run campaigns to get elected, so you’ll never get money out of politics. Despite your misapprehensions, money is speech. The only way to reduce the amount of money in politics is to reduce political power. The less politicians can regulation corporations, the less corporations will give to politicians. At that point, corporations will be regulated by competition. Take the banks for example: Some are raising fees. Fine, go bank somewhere else and thereby “regulate” those banks. On the other hand, if government is given too much power, big banks can persuade them to pass regulations that will put their competitors out of business. Then the banks can raise fees and you’ll have nowhere to go. Your answer would be to give politicians more power to regulate the banks, but the more power they have, the more they’ll be persuaded by the banks, which will just make the problem worse.

    • Big V

      I could’t read your entire statement because it was too incorrect by the time I got to the middle.

      You can separate money from politics by outlawing campaing contributions. Make them publicly funded.

      Money is not speech. Look it up. Use a dictionary.

      The problems with the banking industry are not about fees and mortgages. You do realize that these “international lenders” have literally taken over entire countries, right? Their goal is to supersede governments, so they can be in control without being elected. At that point, regulation is moot. They have access to the treasury that way. You should not agree to let them do that.

  29. Denise A Romano

    I am a workplace expert, former whistleblower, and an author on workplace issues. I am also a former Human Resources professional. I have worked in government, for-profit corporations, non-profit corporations, and academia; there can be egregious corruption in all of these workplace systems.

    Government is not inherently corrupt or incompetent, though it often is because of cronyism, fraud, and the rampant violation of labor laws. It is ENTIRELY possible to build corporate governance structures that make corruption extremely difficult to exist. We KNOW what these are but few workplaces of any kind have implemented them. I have written about this in my book. I’m not here to sell books, but if anyone here wants to see what these are, there are free excerpts from my book on these topics at There are also sample memos to use if you or someone you know is being harassed, discriminated against, or retaliated against at work.

    There are also petitions to sign to the Whitehouse (site is glitchy, please do not give up) and also on that demand that US labor laws be enforced. Currently, most workplaces of all kinds consider labor laws to be optional. Most employees do not know what their rights are and are not, and when they find themselves being harassed, discriminated against or retaliated against; they don’t know what to do. Even if someone does know how to handle such a situtation, it is extremely difficult to think clearly while having one’s livelihood threatened and being under so much stress; that is why I have free sample memos for people to use. These are not foolproof – corporations often fire people for asserting their rights, so think carefully before you use these.

    However, I do strongly believe that the more employees who speak up in solidarity with each other about violations of labor laws, the less workplaces of any kind will be able to continue to get away with these violations, which are absolutely epidemic at this time. I am very pleased that many of the points of the declaration deal with labor issues.

  30. Francesca Rheannon

    Catastrophic climate change is the major threat to human civilization and the survival of species, yet there is no mention of it in this document. Therefore, I recommend the following:
    In spite of the overwhelming scientific consensus that our current path of carbon emissions will cause catastrophic climate change and untold suffering from drought, floods, extreme weather, disease, insect plagues, and food and water shortages, governments and corporations have refused to cut carbon emissions or institute policies to cut them to bring them down to the safe level of 350ppm in the atmosphere.

    • Big V

      If you are saying that corporate influences have prevented our government from properly addressing the issue of global warming, then I think you are correct. We shouldn’t get too confused about the point of the movement, though. It can’t be an environmentalist movement, an animal rights movement, an economic movement, and everything else all at the same time.

  31. Tenn Ring

    How much are you paying people to ‘occupy’ these places? I might be interested!

    • Michael

      What are you talking about, Tenn Ring? That’s toxic nonsense. You must have caught it like a disease from Fox “News” or somewhere like that.

  32. Shandara

    We’ve separated Church from State but we now need to separate Corporations from State. That’s the only way that the Government will restore itself to it’s original purpose: serving the people.

    In my opinion, It should be illegal for corporations to employee lobbyists and to make campaign contributions or make perks available to elected officials. This is too simple and a little harsh, but actions such as these, that benefit a corporation at the expense of another corporation or the population at large should be considered treasonous.

    If we want to stop having bought elected officials in office, we should stop allowing them to be put up for sale.

    It’s evolution, not revolution and it inspires me!

    • Michael

      Shadar writes: “In my opinion, It should be illegal for corporations to employ lobbyists and to make campaign contributions or make perks available to elected officials. This is too simple and a little harsh..” Well I’m a businessman and I’m all for genuine free enterprise as long as respects employees, customers and the environment — and I don’t at all think your idea is “too simple” or too harsh. It is appropriately simple; just; and more then fully justified by the corporate abuses of the last few years, and their catastrophic effects on the livelihood of the 99%

  33. Madeleine

    I hear where you guys are coming from. My mother recently lost her small business and is only just holding on to her house. The humiliation she is subjected to seems to never end.
    It is my understanding that corporations are responsible to their shareholders who demand profit and do not always fit the picture of the corporate pig. In this way, responsibility for injustice is watered down. In any case, we continue to support the criminal acts of the corporations by purchasing their products.

    We demanded profit.

    We bought their products.

    My view of the US is a culture of insatiable capitalism which goes beyond the 1%. Maybe it’s time for ALL Americans to rethink what matters most. The 99% are not innocent bystanders. They played a role in this mess and they can change it. The difference between “us” and “them” is minute. WE need to change.

    Money is power. Every dollar you spend represents a vote for the kind of world you want to live in. Spend them wisely.

    • Big V


      We need solutions. It is not going to help to say “Oh, that’s just American culture. Doomed to fail.”

      Our most basic problems can easily be solved by simply removing corporate influence over the government. Publicly funded campaigns would go far towards that. That would get the people back in control, so we can take care of all these little issues one by one.

      • Dave in FL

        I think Big V is absolutely correct. Getting the money out of politics should be the number one goal of the occupy movement. Many of the other reforms will follow once our Senators and Representatives are truly “representative” of the people and not corporations and their lobbyists. Questions about health care, taxation and education will be solved based on the wants of the people and not the profit margins of insurance companies, corporations and banks.

  34. Katherine Carroll

    I’m still reviewing the Declaration, but the document above is NOT the same as the Declaration I found by googling yesterday! THAT version has two epigrams at the top: “Educate and inform the whole mass of the people.They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” Thomas Jefferson. Then, the MOST important one, I think: “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.” Benito Mussolini. I believe that corporatism is the real core issue we need to always keep in focus, here. Yes, eliminate the legal status of corporations as “individuals”; yes, bring back the Glass-Steagall Act. But, to me, MOST importantly, the current integration between government and multi-national corporations MUST be severed. All aspects of legislation and governance have been captured by corporations (and their bankers) and it is their perspective that informs the direction government has taken, over the past — what — sixty years, at least. This remarkable opportunity the brave Occupiers around the world are giving us to reformulate a democracy that knows how to protect itself from the dominance by private interests has to harpoon the central and most poisonous element that is destroying us. And that is the corporatist relationship, it seems to me. If we can’t disrupt that, they’ll throw some money at our “causes” and go right on, as before, if they can. Corporatism should be specifically named in any declarations we make (as it was, originally) and it has to be the core analysis from which all of our solutions are derived. Also, any of these top-down, consensus-oriented groups that are posting comments are just more of the same, unfortunately. The “wisdom of the people” MUST dominate the ultimate decisions in this movement. Not “activists,” not professional organizers. We recognize that, in a democracy, everyone really is EQUAL. If we allow the organizers and activists to dominate, we’ll be run by another group of “experts,” many of whom have very specific political agendas.

    • Big V

      I agree. I think there needs to be a way for people to vote on this declaration, other than personally showing up in New York at a protest. It appears that a few hare-brained ideas have been added to appease certain individuals, and the basic message (down with corporatism) is getting obfuscated.

  35. tatsmaki

    Facing beginning of spontaneous new revolution in USA, what to do
    A demonstrator “Occupy Wall Street” shouted: “A revolution is beginning !”
    Wonderful !!
    The Declaration on occupation of NY and rising up of a Manine Corps’ group and USArmy’s group to defense the Occupywallstreet movement from the oppression by the police force are wonderful too !
    But a problem is in the direction and contents of revolution.
    At the time of G8 leaders’ meeting in London British workers staged a demonstration under a banner “Abolish Money !”.
    They became the avantgarde of libelation movement of earthmen.
    But the spontaneous demo “Occupy Wall Street” doesn’t raise both a tactical and strategic targets. A initiative and the leadership by workers’ parties or leading groups don’t be felt.
    In the USA, according to a record by the National service on selfmurder prevention, USA, the poor under tyranny by Wall Street and its boss Rockefellers forms 29% of population (311 mill. 800 thou. in 2010), i.e. 90 mill. 420 thou. people. The number of selfmurder became 4 times more in 2009 than in 2007 .
    You should raise a tactical target for Basic Income to secure free all Americans’ minumum life which is called by American young man Piter Jozef, and a strategic target for Abolition of barbarous, tyrannical and decayed Money system, for transition to the new society of gratuitous services in all life fields of peoples.
    This is the will and order of the Creators.

  36. Aaron

    The whole world is watching!

    And the whole world is getting bored. As the great philosopher Axl Rose once said, “where do we go now?” Movements, by definition, need to move. If you don’t move forward, you will regress, and quickly, given the fact that winter is approaching quickly.

    You are in the streets. Great. You’ve been there for over a month. Meh. What now?

  37. Get Out

    Here is a great idea: Free plane tickets to all/any of the “Occupy (insert Noun here)” protestors to any socialistic/communist country in the world you would like. Once you sign up, you also sign over your rights as an American citizen (if you weren’t one in the first place, you will be deported on the spot because you’re probably working without paying taxes anyway while we all foot the bill for entitlements) and will no longer be an American citizen. You can deal with your new gov’t yourself in the process of gaining citizenship and employment.
    If its so bad here, then leave! Stop costing the city money with your occupy crap that only results in tax money being used to clean your area and fix your broken fingers from banging on the bongos all day. Pull your boots up, stop brying, get a job, or beat it.

    • Wake up

      You speak of socialism/communism as a type of government nobody in their right mind would want established, yet you fail to realize that is what they are speaking out against. If you say these citizens are quote “Jobless bongo players wasting tax dollars on a little cleanup”, then you truly could not possible understand the amount of socialist spending that goes on in our country. And to top that, all the corporate CRIME committed you obviously have no care about. You sir/ma’am are the type of UNpatriotic grime that needs to leave, YOU that supports a corrupt government and financial institution. No I think these people are heroes, plain and simple. They are putting there livelihoods at risk, something I doubt you have ever even thought about. Tell me this, how much research have you done into what they are protesting for, furthermore how much research have you done into WHY they are protesting it? If you have no time in it, you should have no say in it.

      • Get Out

        You’re a snippy one.
        Go ask them why they are doing it, you’ll get one thousand and one different answers. Why? because they have no idea what they’re doing. One day they’re attacking banks, no the bailout, no wait its the 1% (btw its not 1% because if 99% of USA were like occupy-ers, we would all be broke), the next it’s corporate greed, the next thing you hear its all Bush’s fault. Give me a break, they’re all bandwaggoning on nonsense.
        Corporate crime? Sure, theres corporate crime. Theres crime in every industry.Lets talk crime. Rappers go around breaking drug, prostitution, gun, human rights laws, etc. They have money up to their elbows. I don’t see anyone standing outside Young Money, or any of these other low lives telling them theyr’e wrong. They’re coooool maaaaan, yeahhh! Im gettin paperrrrrrrrrrr!
        Theres also much more of Wall Street and corporate America that has made huge strides for this country. HUGE. They got bailed out, Obama’s decision. Maybe he should have let another company buy they’re debt. We are a capitalist nation and thats what should have been done instead of that moron volunteering all of our hard earned money bailing out these banks. My guess is you voted for Obama. So, partially your fault too.
        So you need to wake up. How about all the actors, movie stars, KARDASHIANS, all those morons who have millions and sit on it. At least large corporations are traded and create products to sell.
        This movement is petty. Its bullshit. It will be over by mid winter. Banks will keep trading. Companies will still profit. The financial world will not stop turning. Which is good for you otherwise you wouldn’t have gas in your car or service for your cool iphone you tweet from.
        Stop crying.
        Stop telling people to wake up when you clearly havn’t even been born into this knowledge yet.

        • Big V

          Get Out:

          You are being irrational. You keep throwing out unrelated ideas, trying to tie them in somehow, and using them as an excuse to deny that we have a problem in this country.

          Surely you are aware that it was George Bush Jr and Hank Paulson who pleaded for TARP. Hank is the guy who wrote it. That wasn’t a tall, skinny black man on the the TV who told you that the entire global financial system would collapse within 3 days without TARP. That was George.

          There is no reason to believe that Hollywood stars are doing anything right now to corrupt our government, so I don’t know why you keep mentioning that. We have copious evidence that Wall Street is behind the shenanigans. Wall Street. It’s not rappers or the Kardashians.

          • Megan

            If you are protesting against the 1% and the celebrities and useless talentless “music artists” and sports stars whose tickets are so expensive the actual really struggling people in this world (sorry not you tantrum throwing rich kids out on wall street) can’t bring their children to see the games, THEY are stastically, logically, and factually part of the 1%! so you ARE protesting against them. SO stop buying lady gaga songs off i-Tunes. Sell your i-Pod and donate that money to the people who are ACTUALLY in need. And Go protest in Hollywood. Because at least these people in the corporations are doing something productive to earn a living, unlike these idiot celebrities who do NOTHING and have all this ridiculous amounts of money. And feed more into these big bad corporations more than any one person of this alledged “99%” ever will. If you don’t think so go watch Cribs or one of those stupid shows and see.

          • Big V


            The OWS is not protesting against the 1%. They are protesting against the laws that enable the 1% to hold an inordinate amount of sway over the government. Those laws mostly pertain to Wall Street-type organizations. I don’t see a bunch of NBA stars lobbying for policy that benefits them at my expense.

        • wow

          been reading on this site for quite sometime now and there are actually a few people who have a clue. People want to complain about the way things are for the “middle class” and how hard it is for them, try living in the lower class, and I’m talking less than 20k a yr lower class!! People want socialism, marxism and the likes can live in the country of their choosing but not here….I’ll be damned if i’m going to work for my money just to give it away to someone else because they feel like they need it more than I do and they make more!! The “theories” of how this world should work is something else, I am earning my own money, paying my own way and if I have to do without something, so be it, at least I have the necessities like a roof over my head, utilities and a way to get to work and I do alright. I’m not going to take a handout from someone who worked for their money, whats the point in that? People that I knew years ago support you guys and I’m not sure why, because once the middle class have to give up their money and life style to hand it over to someone like me who have less than they do, i’m sure their opinions will change about how unfair life is. And just from reading all this stuff here, i’m betting this is a Democratic group since Gore is brought up and that “We can’t let a Republican win” comments are throughout this site…and Wikipedia really? I can go in and add stuff to that site, doesn’t make it true but anyone can add to it its the least honest site on the internet….and if people lost their homes, 1st that sucks but 2nd never buy something that the lower earning of the 2 can’t afford and if your single use half the amount of your yearly earnings for what you can afford because things change and you could be out of a job and making half of what you do now so how about people just get a job doing whatever it is to start paying the bills and for those who actually are able to go back to the supposed one they have pay your bills and quit bitching about what others have because there will always be people with more, but don’t forget, there are people with less and work for what they have and are happy with it, they may not have what they want but at least for now, we still have our freedom which I am grateful for and have the ability to vote and not be a dictatorship, which is where we are heading if things don’t change because this current president keeps bypassing congress and passes his own stuff because it won’t make it through the house and senate and spending like he has hasn’t helped and where’s the job creation he promised, the transparency the balanced budget or budget in general that hasn’t been done since he’s been in office think for yourselves because it sounds like you were all indoctrinated!!

  38. Douglas Gault

    The very idea of a leaderless movement is a noble concept of pure lunacy at this time in world history. It will be doomed to failure. Just look at the negative press that you guys are already receiving as to the reputation of the NYCGA. The concept of utopia is as old as man himself and it does not yet exist. The best nations to have ever achieved such a concept as utopia also became corrupted, that being the original isle of Sparta.

    Now just why is it that so many of the other Occupy Movements across this nation do have Governing boards and leaders, and have implemented steering committees, and are being conducted far better than the one in NYC’s OWS? And yet all of the eyes of a Nation and the Whole of the World have been watching and waiting to see just what is going to come out of New York. And so far nothing except pure Chaos and a state of Anarchy has come from NY; this is only bound to collapse upon itself if something does not develop a bit faster.

    All Concepts, Ideas, Inventions and even Movements are ripe for a takeover if not properly managed from inception to implementation.

    Are you even aware that the premise of the United States was stolen from the Indians form of Democracy? Look to the peace accords of the “Treaty at Albany” of 1921-1722 Cited in”O’Callaghan, E. B. (Ed.). (1855). Documents Relative to the Colonial History of the State of New York, vol. 5. Albany, NY: Weed, Parsons, and Co., 657–681.” As this proof.

    Early Americans were totally blown away that a form of Democracy, thought to have been first envisioned in Greece existed here in the Colony’s, and had been in existence far longer than it had ever lasted in Greece. And the sad fact is that this Nation of once 5 tribes is now 6 tribes strong, and still stands united without change, with there fire of peace still burning to this day in there long house. They also have there own form of effective governance, and it is not leaderless either.

    Every society that has ever existed had some form of self governance even the earliest of tribal societies. The NYCGA has got to come to gripes with this or they will sure die as an unorganized union.

    Douglas Gault

  39. Paul Glover

    America’s Constitution Revived: We Confront and We Build

    The American people demand control of CONGRESS. Summary eviction is imposed on any official accepting corporate bribes, directly or indirectly.

    The American people demand control of ELECTIONS. End the Commission on Presidential Debates. End paid campaign advertising. Enable all candidates polling 1%+ free air time and equal debate time . Establish Proportional Representation and Instant Runoff Voting.

    The American people demand control of America’s MONEY. Issue money debt-free rather than via the Federal Reserve, in quantities sufficient for real needs of the general public.

    The American people demand control of JOBS. Establish the Green Labor Administration (GLAD) public works program, to employ millions rebuilding America’s cities, towns, forests and farms.

    The American people demand control of EDUCATION. Learning beneficial skills is a human right and a social necessity. There shall be no financial impediment.

    The American people demand control of LAND and FOOD. Private property is our sacred right to use American land, not to destroy it. When urban land is idle while Americans starve, it shall be transferred to nonprofit farms and orchards. Welfare to agribusiness shall end. GMOs shall be labeled or prohibited. Ultimately, the land is the law of the land.

    The American people demand control of HOUSING. All submerged mortgages shall be canceled, and such housing shall be returned to evicted owners or the homeless.

    The American people demand control of HEALTH CARE. Every American shall receive the best health care, made available by transfer of funds from military to medical purposes. Medical schools shall be expanded to train more family doctors, and shall respect holistic modalities. Nonprofit self-financing health co-ops shall be permitted, to establish a national network that controls costs.

    The American people demand control of TRANSPORTATION. Federal and state funding shall shift from automobiles to railways and bicycle paths.

    The American people demand control of MEDIA. Retun public airways to non-commercial subscriber-based service.

    The American people demand control of the MILITARY. Most personnel shall be redeployed to stateside civilian service repairing infrastructure, to defend America from rotting bridges, fuel waste, water and air pollution, deforestation and soil loss.

    The American people demand control of POLICE. The reforms above will make policing safer and easier, because Jobs fight crime.. Require all police to receive college diplomas, free of student debt, focused upon nonviolent conflict resolution.

    We not only demand from government; we intend to become the government, when existing laws become a cage for us to die in. Therefore, whenever urgent changes are not lawfully made we will defend our lives by the following:

    1. We will seize vacant land for food.

    2. We will seize abandoned houses for shelter.

    3. We will defend homeowners and renters against eviction by banks making predatory loans.

    4. We will defy building codes where they prohibit construction of earth-sheltered dwellings that need no fuel for heating and cooling.

    5. We will commence a national transition from dollars to HOUR money, backed by real goods and services, and lent interest-free.

    6. We will start regional stock exchanges which gather capital for ecodevelopment.

    7. We will form underground movements to self-insure cooperatively. We will shut down HMOs.

    8. We will invade school boards which fire teachers to enforce “No Child Left Behind” trash teaching.

    9. We will forcibly but nonviolently remove legislators from their offices who have been confirmed to have accepted corporate bribes, beginning with those who have accepted largest bribes.

    10. We will refuse military conscription or deployment abroad.

    11 We will create good lives for all, with or without the help of the rich.


    • Get Out

      You guys get a few losers together around the country and you think you’re going to change world currency?
      Are you insane? Have you completely lost your marbles? You expect the world to come to a grinding halt and say “ok, lets just use HOURS now instead of currency. Im cool with that” Why don’t you go back to sleep and keep dreaming.
      Shut down HMO’s, thats a real good one. Lets see how far Hippie Health Care can get you when you are dying of lung cancer from all of those publicly traded tobacco products you love smoking/chewing, whatever.
      Get a grip on yourself and get a job or do everyone a favor and move to Sibera where you can live off the land and play checkers in the woods without disrupting the people that actually move the world forward.

      • Andrea Feodorov

        now there’s some intelligent advice! …wow…. let’s see… move to Siberia? do you have any idea how much a ticket to Siberia costs these days? I checked with Kayak and a one-way trip to Siberia would cost me and my family over $2,200!

        If you’re interested in helping, I’ll tell you where you can send the money!

    • June

      So Paul, about Housing….when I was considering buying a house, I did some basic research, and the handwriting was on the wall, actually spelled out: home prices would fall, people would wind up owing more than the house was worth, there would be foreclosures, etc. This information was right out there for anyone to see. (I am not defending predatory lending.) So I was responsible and didn’t go through with it. As far as others (as I said, predatory lending aside), buying a home is the single biggest investment one makes. Don’t you think one should do the research before making such huge commitment to a mortgage? So you want to let people stay in homes that they aren’t paying for. So I’m punished for being responsible…I’ll just continue living in and paying for my apartment while others live in some McMansion they aren’t paying for?

    • Deadbeat

      I wonder why only “corporate” bribes. Why not ANY and ALL bribes. It is not JUST corporations that have perverted the system.

    • Deadbeat

      The American people demand control of HOUSING. All submerged mortgages shall be canceled, and such housing shall be returned to evicted owners or the homeless.

      This is an important plank. All American should have housing that means ENDING housing as a commodity. That means ending ALL mortgages AND ending landlords and real estate ownership and rents.

    • Deadbeat

      The American people demand control of America’s MONEY. Issue money debt-free rather than via the Federal Reserve, in quantities sufficient for real needs of the general public.

      This is what I don’t understand. If people need money to obtain the thing they need then WHY have money at all. Money is a defunct intermediary and encourages hording and scheming. It is not money that people need but DIRECT ACCESS to the resources is what that they need. Let use this opportunity to eliminate money.

  40. Jim

    I am trying to understand this demonstration…. if it’s about greed, injustice, bailouts, corruption in the government, etc etc …. why isn’t there a march in Washington DC at the Obama White House??? If it’s not about changing the capitalist system to socialism or wanting communism like people say, then why are there communist speakers??? We all know about greedy wall street …. and corruption but shouldn’t Obama, Pelosi, Reid and yes republican also be blamed??? They continued the bailouts under TARP after Bush! Obama is pushing harder for paying back student loans when people are unemployed after college. I’m just sayin’!

    • Andrea Feodorov

      I don’t speak for the movement, but I think we would all agree that it doesn’t really make any difference who’s in the White House or Congress at this point. They’re all marionettes. The entire process is designed to keep us fighting among ourselves and divert our legitimate rage toward the ballot box (as if that will solve anything). Bush, Obama, TARP… the whole criminal system is no longer debatable. It MUST change. We all can agree on that. The form that change takes will be decided by who we support. If we support phony “grassroots movements” designed to bolster the status quo, we’ll end up in a worse mess than ever. If we face the enemy head-on, like we should have done decades ago, anything is achievable.

      This isn’t about demonizing a politician or party. It’s about changing the entire system. Because nothing else will work anymore.

  41. Joseph of Jesus

    A Penny Is Worth More Than A Dollar
    Joseph of Jesus

    A penny is made of copper. Copper is intrinsically valuable, its numerous uses vary dramatically from artistic sculptures to electrical wiring. Regardless of Wall Street’s or Washington’s opinion of this metal, copper is a valuable commodity. An American with a penny in hand has hold of an asset. The more pennies a person obtains the greater is that person’s assets.

    Previous to 1935 the American Government deposited gold into reserve banks for every dollar they printed. Citizens had the ability to exchange their dollars for gold.

    The American dollar is no longer backed by gold or any valuable commodity. Through the period from the mid 1930’s to 1971 the government incorporated laws that completely severed the relationship between gold and the dollar.

    Presently, a corrupt, thoroughly bribed, tremendously indebted American Government prints these paper dollars. Ironically, the government needs and expects the holder’s faith in these notes of promise in order to give them value.

    For decades the American Government has enacted laws that have decimated Americas’ formerly powerful manufacturing ability. Along with corruption and debt, this behavior has deteriorated the promise that backs a dollar, since a manufacturer can back a dollar and a consumer can not.
    A penny is worth more than a dollar, because copper is worth more than paper.

  42. Mark

    The answer to most of the problems is relatively simple in nature. Use the “General Assembly” as the “NEW” congress. Totally bypass congress!! Get enough people to come down and support the general assemblies. Then organize them across the country, cast votes on issues, create your own police force, draft a law that outlaws the current congress. Issue your own currency! Draft a law that makes it illegal for the bankers to do what they have done. Make wall street illegal! The problem here is that we continue to legitimize congress, when the solution is to re create our own congress, A NEW ONE, We the people, by the people….. with the General Assembly. draft a law that makes current congress which is owned by the corporations anwyay… illegal!

    • Andrea Feodorov

      I couldn’t agree more!!!! The new government is already being formulated!! (I was wondering when anyone would catch on to that) 😉

  43. Ethan

    Why is it that baseball has a salary cap so not one team wins the World Series every year, but campaigns for Congress and the Presidency do not have a salary cap in total funds that can be raised in order to keep special interest groups and corporate influences in check? If there was a cap this might give a sporting chance for the most qualified candidate to win an election. America also should not assume corporate patriotism is still the way it was in the past with the way the world markets operate today and how corporations make money.

  44. Ken

    I am a Ph.D. student and have studied the topic for some time.
    Taking Money out of politics is actually very simple. Money becomes a problem in any government when power is concentrated on X number of individuals. The fewer individuals, the more effect money has. The more individuals the less effect money has. Our government is a representative democracy. The members of congress are supposed to represent the people. However, with representative democracy comes political parties. these parties are formed along general guidelines, and secure spots in congress to legislate according to the guidelines. Parties help party members become elected, and require monitory resources. These resources are given by corporations that benefit from the party’s guidelines. Regardless of what an individual representative may believe, at times they are required to fall in line with the party’s guidelines. This is because if they don’t then the party may not help them get reelected next term. Essentially then, this country’s legislative power is concentrated in two entities, the republican and democratic parties.

    The solution is a form of direct democracy. This is where every citizen of a country votes on legislation, no representatives. This virtually removes the connection between money and politics, since every person has the power. In order to influence votes in a direct democracy, corporations would have to buy off a majority of the citizens, which becomes improbable. In the past direct democracy was impossible due to logistics. However with the internet, there have been movements to implement forms of direct democracy. Switzerland is one example. However, for this to occur in the US a revolution becomes necessary.

    There is a compromise. In Hungary there is a political party called “The Party of Internet Democracy.” This party has no political guidelines. Instead they have a very interesting system. Once you register to the party you can vote on any legislation on their website. Those that are from this party in Congress do not vote on their own; they vote according to the proportion voted on the website. For example, if the party had 10 seats, and on the website the vote by regular people who signed up on the website was split 60%-40% on a particular piece of legislation, then the elected party members vote 6-4 on that legislation. This party has been functioning since 2004 and Canada has just created their own version of this party. This system actually makes the representatives represent the people.

    I believe that power should be returned once again to the people. Not political parties, not representatives. If someone sees this who has the know-how to begin a political movement, please look into this.

    • Andrea Feodorov

      fascinating…. direct rather than representative democracy… thanks for sharing… I’ll check into it

  45. Joe Gray

    We have a world that is divided between “private property” and public property. Public property is best described as “The Commons” and it includes everything that people should have a right to that is not “private property”, including clean air and water, the sky, the gene pool, the diversity of life, our government, the Internet, the oceans, the fish, the rights of our future progeny, and our right to the health of our own bodies. We have a right to protect the Commons from unfair taking by the propertied people, principally rich corporations. We have a right to prevent introduction of alien life forms and poisons into the Commons. We have a right to protect ourselves against taking of our government by corporations. We have a right to protect ourselves against converting the Commons into private property. This taking is what is occurring when 1% of the population amasses 40% of the world’s wealth. Protect the Commons! Take back the Commons!

  46. Martha Hayden

    I agree with everything EXCEPT the right to a college education. Everyone has the right to a high school education, but not college. There are other ways to learn besides college. I’ve learned more from reading books than I ever learned from two college degrees. Anyone who really wants to learn should have the skills necessary after high school to pursue any subject. If what you are looking for is not to learn, but to propel yourself into a higher income bracket then major in something that will bring you employment and pay back your loans. Also, there are affordable ways to work your way through community college and local state universities without incurring the huge amounts of debt students have been taking on lately. It’s not right for individuals to borrow money they can’t repay any more than it’s right for the govt to borrow money it can’t repay.

    • jDeppen

      I totally agree. I educated myself with audiobooks, two associate degrees (via grants and the GI BILL), reading books, and mostly the internet. I have built a great real estate business with 7 agents.

      • jDeppen

        Oh and I forgot to mention, I’m debt free. It took us 38 months of saying “no” when we wanted to buy stuff we really didn’t need. Maybe people should stop blowing their money.

        I agree, there are things to be changed but “be the change you want to see”. It starts with each of us.

        • June

          Thanks you two. I just commented on the “free education” idea below. Your comments have renewed my faith. I paid all mine off, and I sacrificed as well.

    • Big V

      I agree with that statement. Now all we have to do is end the new corporate right to offshoring. If you are a capitalist corporation making use of artificially oppressed wages in a communist country, then you should be required to compensate the US economy by paying a tariff when you import your product back here.

      If that were done, then people wouldn’t feel like they have to get a college education just to get a job.

  47. kari kalan

    Dear Occupants..
    Greets for your bravery….
    A declaration of its kind..born to be historic..
    And let us understand some thing clear.. the present global outcry centered at Newyork is a symptom of a universal cancer which has crossed its threshold level..the 23 facts outlined of NYC General assembly is not a new one..but its the latest one with a astonishing global presence which the globe has never witnessed.. the capitalists,corporates and armed governments has very well exploited every poor country of the globe.,their societies,their wealth their nature,their democracy,their land,their water,their earth,their culture,..and everything they had.. and now its the turn of their homeland america and their counterparts itself. just now Wall street Occupants have started sharing the pain and cry of these already sucked poor people..this is a great moment where every exploited ones voice rise all together..
    now the prime responsibility of the Occupants is not just to list out the facts of corruptness and immediate solutions for it..but to single out the causes of the current intoxication of the entire globe..let the occupants try to identify themself in a rational ground..a unique rational is needed for sustaining any mass time to come out of this symptomatic responses and be more objective and specific of the causes of this continental agitation and be more global in mainstreaming the support budding across the nations..
    let the general assembly take a lead in initiating organised plenums with agendas of grave importance at this moment..


  48. Jorj X McKie

    When is the Occupy movement going to focus on who the real criminals are? Who is the criminal? The corporation who bribes our representatives or our representatives, who we elected to protect our interests, who accept the bribes? Corporations are not the enemy. Our elected officials have betrayed us. And it is both parties. Democrats are as guilty as Republicans. Look at the crony socialism that Obama has cultivated since he took office. Look at the funding of Solyndra. Look at GE not paying taxes. Look at who Wall Street donated to in the 2008 election. Look at all of the congressmen and women who are getting rich while in office. Wake up people, this isn’t about wall street, this is about Washington DC. OCCUPY THE WHITE HOUSE! OCCUPY THE CAPITOL!!!

    • Big V

      DC has allowed itself to be corrupted by Wall Street. I think we need to focus on both of them. Unfortunately, we can’t vote the corporatist bribers out of office, so I guess that’s where the protests (and groups such as Anonymous) come in.

    • Mark Kelly

      I think it’s wrong to oversimplify the situation. Yes, the government is a HUGE part of the problem. I’d say it’s about half the problem currently. The other half of this freedom-crushing equation are huge, bloated corporations that exist on the back of the working class. Corporations don’t act in the best interest of the people, and that’s just a cold, hard fact. Stretching back into antiquity, the system of profit-over-people has dehumanized the population at large time and time again. Slavery, child labor, indentured service, dangerous consumer products… the list can go on forever. The government enables these evils, and worse – the government props them up and encourages their unchecked growth in direct opposition to the people that elected them to serve THEIR needs. This is the problem, in my own humble opinion. It is so deeply ingrained into our way of life that the solution seems impossible without violent revolution and failed forced policies that we have seen in battered communist nations like Russia and Korea. But positive change can happen, and it is happening. We are blessed to live in a nation that does facilitate public discourse. If there is one thing I’m certain of, it’s that these Occupy protesters are patriots. They love America, and they want to see a country that is prosperous, peaceful, verdant, and FREE. We all want liberty, we want freedom from poverty, we want the right to pursue our personal dreams and goals. These are ideals that every American can get behind. In fact, there are very few differences between the Occupy’s vision and the Tea Party’s vision. Look closely and you’ll find great parity in their respective goals.

  49. spellchecker

    you misspelled culture in the arts and culture link at the bottom

  50. Tom

    I don’t believe how so many respondents lose the point and spue their corporate media training. OWS is about compassion for our fellow human regardless of where they live in the world. OWS is about stopping the smarmy finacial dealings leveraged by buying politicians and training the people through corporate media. TV is poisonous as well as much of the media. The media is twisting people’s minds as I see in these resposes becoming a debate about capitalism vs socialism etc. The core of the issue again is Wall Street ownership of our government. Our government is no longer “of the people, by the people.” Its corporately owned by a handfull of very rich people making oir governmentit an oligharcy, a government controled by a group. This what needs to be stopped. We the people need to take our government back, plain and simple.

    • angrygnat

      I think you are missing the deeper point. You are arguing that OWS ends are virtuous, I agree. The argument is over the means by which the ends are achieved. Are the means voluntary-capitalist, or coercive-corporatist, or tyrannical-socialist.

  51. Ryan

    The orignal document uses the term “they” in every accusation. They have done this, they have done that. While it is obvious the proposers of this declaration thinks “they” refers to “wall street”, do the proposers know that to generalize wall street is to dilute their own demands? Part of this being the simple fact that many corporations are not “evil” and are chaired or owned by altruistic individuals. To claim that “they” are doing something when some or most are not. One of the reasons our country is the place we love so much is because of capitolism and capitolism breeds corporations. Somebody in effect got rich and those who didn’t would like to be. Maybe these urges to get rich are not all born from greed, most would say they don’t want to work a job (or a job they don’t like). The problem is if everyone was rich, there would be no one to make my cheeseburgers. Don’t worry I’m not rich, I wash cars, but when I get off work and I’m tired, I need somebody to step up and make me a cheeseburger. The person who makes cheeseburgers are probably not rich, so they need someone to buy the cow in order to sell the cheeseburgers. There needs to be a clean establishment to do that from, so somebody needs to buy a building to sell them from. If I have enough money to buy a building, you can be sure that I won’t be making you a cheeseburger. If in one of those steps you thought “the government can own it”, then you don’t appreciate capitalism. Socialism and communism don’t work. For those that say capitolism isn’t perfect…your right! However, the reason why any system will ultimately fail is because humans are imperfect beings. Capitolism merely is less imperfect and the best way to do things. It sparks innovation and growth. I can go on and on with this, the point being the reason why a corporation or a government goes bad is because it rests on the shoulders of imperfect beings. You can vote for a new government official but you can’t vote for a new corporation owner. Why? because they are owners and are the very thing you cherish from the freedoms of the United States. A perfect society might (might being the key word) be formed when no one owns corporations or property. However I’m not going to give up my property until the next guy does. Unfortunately that’s what he says about me. It is a viscious cycle, yet I digress. The core issue about the OWS document is corporate influence over government. This is an eventuality and greed is a very basic instinct. The problem with politics is in order to amass enough votes, you have to make sure your message is heard which costs money. Corporations have money, but you must understand if they lose money they die. You can give me money to run for office but how will that benefit you when your loss will not be replenished. Maybe instead you want a tax break or a guaranteed contract. The first caveman that owned too much meat instead wanted fruit from the caveman that owned too much fruit so they traded, except fruit doesn’t grow in the winter and he would later have nothing to trade. So the fruit guy says I’ll give you some of this fruit for free now if you give me some meat later in the winter. These types of deals are an eventuality because behind corporations and governments are humans. The same imperfect humans that are picketing wall street and have no idea why they are there. The same imperfect human that is writing this now or reading it later. The only real way to deal with a corporation is to either not buy it’s product or have the government step in and delegate. There is no real solution here. The picketers would be better off picketing in DC or at their respective congressman’s houses. The real problem with relying too much on the governement is that it eventually grows too big to support.

    • Martha

      I agree with everything you are saying. I think this revolt needs to be careful about turning a little too liberal and vague or they will lose followers. The goals are good, but expensive, and companies are, after all, in business to make money, and the harder you make it for them to do that in the US, the faster they will leave. Then, only the mom and pop businesses will be left to pay taxes. The main thing to advocate should be to get the government to put some of the prior regulation of the banking industry back in place and to put more meat into investigation of insider trading. I’m also kind of liking the proposals to tax stock trades which would limit some of the speculative ups and downs of the market, but I’d like to see a discussion of the pros and cons before I commit to that idea completely. Also, more progressive taxes would be good to limit the gap between rich and poor. In the 70’s the tax structure was considerably more progressive for the top 3% of income earners and it didn’t exactly stifle growth and innovation. We’ve lost a considerable tax base recently as more large companies have gone multi-national and now pay minimal US taxes. The revenue has to be made up somehow; we can’t trim the budget enough to make up for the lost revenue, even though it does need some trimming.

    • Big V

      Yeah, it needs to be more specific. It should say “Wealthy corporations have influenced our elected officials through lobbyists, campaign contributions, and outright bribes to change the laws in such a way to benefit themselves, at the expense of our country. The following is a list of the many ill effects of this behavior.”

      Or something like that.

  52. June

    How did “they hold students hostage with tens of thousands of dollars in student loans?” Those students made that choice to attend that school and borrow the money. I’m sure many went to more expensive private schools when they could have attended a state school. So the money was used not only for tuition/books but also to support a lifestyle while the student was probably not working, at least not full-time in most cases. Also, these hostaged students, do you have an iPhone with an expensive monthly bill? Expensive jeans? Sunglasses? How many electronic devices do you own? I think this issue has a LOT to do with personal responsibility. I paid off all my student loans and sacrificed in the meantime. I’m someone who would support many of your ideals but there is no way I support forgiving of student loans except in major extenuating circumstances. You’re going to find a lot of resistance to this one….except of course from anyone who doesn’t want to repay their loans.

    • jeff

      Your perspective is valid to be sure. To be fair minded and try to understand the other perspective I think we have to also consider that our culture at this time has inherent values expressed in policy which can certainly be questioned. I can imagine a time when higher education might be available to everybody without cost in the same way the roads, for example, are today – something we just take for granted as a social service made possible by the people and coordinated by the government. Given the chance I believe the majority might very well vote for allocating more of the federal budget toward education rather than toward many current federal programs which we may not believe serve the people as well. If not, I can certainly imagine it being possible in the future – and wouldn’t that be good?

      • June

        You’re right about the subsidized education–I have a friend who is 71 and state college was free when he went (1958-1963), but not room and board and books. That does sound great, doesn’t it? Also, when I first attended SUNY (early ’80s) my tuition was $750 per semester, which was pretty nominal. (Of course, there were many students protesting the idea of a raise in tuition, which hadn’t gone up in like 8 years. And I know for a fact that these students had $100 sunglasses and $80 jeans back then.) But I bet private schools were not free. That was a choice people made. In fact, I made this choice myself–went to a very expensive private grad school (what was I thinking?!?!). And so I sacrificed and paid. it. all. back. Over many years. My brother is doing the same.
        I agree that our culture has inherent values…including that all these electronic gadgets and the monthly plans to support them are necessities of daily life. Don’t get me wrong, I am more on this side of the fence than the other…my boyfriend is quite conservative and I argue with him all the time about issues. But I don’t agree with any idea of a free ride. I work in healthcare for many years now, and I have been in support of universal healthcare for many years (not this Obama plan, though). BUT I also believe in personal responsibility, including taking care of oneself. This is a slippery slope, though, and also off topic. But thanks for replying, I was hoping for an intelligent response.

      • June

        Say, can I have your thoughts on another aspect…about the idea of foreclosures. Predatory lending aside….some years ago (after I finally paid off my student loans, no joke) I considered buying a house. I read a lot about what was going on in real estate, and it didn’t take me long to find out that it was a bubble, prices would drop, people would wind up owing more than the house was worth, you know the drill. I read this over and over in many different places. Buying a house is the single biggest investment of one’s life; doesn’t it seem like something one would do tons of research about before committing to a huge mortgage? If the info was out there plain as day for me to read, why didn’t others know this? It is well-known that the real estate market is cyclical. Like you mentioned, our culture has inherent values, including buy buy buy and I want I need I gotta have. I don’t want to be too harsh, and I know there are circumstances (job loss, etc). But things are so different from when I was younger (I’m 47 now, not “that” old)…..people used to buy basic homes and work over years to add the niceties, a fence, a pool, redo kitchens, etc. Also, couples used to live with parents or in simple apartments and save for their first house. Now it seems (seemed) everyone thought they deserved to buy their new home right away. Also, when I was looking into buying a home, everything was luxury, luxury, luxury. I wondered what happened to “a decent place to live.” Now look where we are.
        Any thoughts?

        • Martha


          Everything you say is reasonable and true. I think not everyone is savvy, though, and sometimes people are a product of their environment and can’t see another way. Not an excuse, but an explanation.

    • Big V

      IMO, the problem is that the Federal government guarantees the loans, which has the effect of making them way too easy to get. If there were no Federal guarantee, then the lender would double-check and make sure that student has a snowball’s chance of earning enough to repay it when they get out.

      The offshoring is also a huge part of the problem. A lot of those kids would be earning enough to repay the loan, if only 50% of the employment in their field weren’t being sent to communist China. A simple tariff ought to take care of that, so why don’t we have them anymore?

      • Connor

        Because we would than be in a trade war with the single largest manufracter in the world. It not a very good prospect.

        • Big V


          A trade war would be good for us and bad for China, since we are currently a net importer, and they are a net exporter. However, it is important to note the difference between a tariff and a trade war.

          Up until about 30 years ago, the United States was wise enough to implement reasoned tariffs against imports from countries such as China. Strangely though, we didn’t have a trade war. That’s because everyone knows that tariffs are a necessary component of international trade. Nobody views a tariff as a call to war.

          Those who warn against a trade war are disingenuous for the reasons stated above and summarized here: 1) Tariffs do not cause trade wars; and 2) If they did, we would win because of the position we’re in.

  53. J. Miles

    They forgot to mention in Declaration in this statement THE USE OF NEGATIVE CREDIT RATING TO DISCRIMINATE IN OBTAINING EMPLOYMENT. “They have perpetuated inequality and discrimination in the workplace based on age, the color of one’s skin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation and CREDIT RATING

    • Connor

      The ability to make logical decisions and plan for uncertainties in the future would seem to me to be a pretty important quality to have in an employee and I think many would agree. So why exactly is a system that measures this bad? There are people out there with good credit why shouldn’t they have an advantage over the people who used their money unwisely? You didn’t have to go to college to get a job. You didn’t have to go to an expensive private college t get an education. You choose all that and just live with the consequences.

      • StreetJustice

        A system that allows for discrimination based on a suspect classification is ALWAYS a bad thing because it will create a class of individuals who are placed on the bottom for unjustified reasons. Whether or not some one is fiscally responsible is only relevant to an employment inquiry IF THE JOB REQUIRES FISCAL DECISIONS TO BE MADE. Taco Bell would be hard-pressed to justify denial of employment on the basis of credit if the job offered was prep-cook.


  54. Hozdaddy

    Go to and sign the petition.
    Listen to Buddy Roemer’s speech…”Tyranny of the Big Check”
    Buddy Roemer is the only politician proposing to get the money out of politics…the other politicians are all saps who tell the people what they want to hear to get elected and then do what big money dictates. Just like a message of hope and change gets Obama elected as he takes more money from Wall Street than any other President in U.S. history. Our govt is a joke…’s like WWF….the democrats are Hunter Hurst Helmsley, The Republicans are The Undertaker, and Obama is Vince McMahon with a cast of supporting characters.

  55. REB

    Hi. I believe that the elimination of poverty should be one of the goals of OWS. There are many proposals on how to achieve that goal. I’m a strong supporter of the Basic Income Guaranteed, something that not only would eliminate poverty but would also break the dependency-chain that links labor to capital, i.e. the absolute need to work for an income. The goal of the industrial revolution was to put machines to work. That has happened and is happening. However, the capitalist, the ones that unfairly appropriated the machines (technology should be a common resource), are keeping all the rewards and more and more people are excluded from work, and because of the chain above mentioned, they don’t have income, and so fall into poverty. The Basic Income Guaranteed would give people the freedom to say no to corporations, and without eliminating capitalism would transform, not just it but the overall society by redefining its values. There is a wonderful documentary made by a couple of Swiss-German guys, with English subtitles that is truly worth seeing (here: The UN just published the report “Social Protection Floor for a Fair and Inclusive Globalization” (here: that tackle the same issues.
    Could someone tell me which group is the most appropriate to join and discuss/work on this? Thank you. I think OWS is one of the best things I’ve seen in my life. Thanks again.

    • Connor

      Wouldn’t that just raise the poverty line and make everything more expensive?

      • REB

        People would continue to buy the ‘essentials’ by spending the basic income. I believe demand for ‘inessentials’ will drop, and so prices. I don’t see a very direct influence on prices. One way or the other, a big portion of a ‘basic income’ is already distributed – unemployment, retirement, etc. A ‘true’ basic income will simplify the distribution and decrease bureaucracy. In regard to increase the poverty line, I’m not sure I understand. People will be able to choose whether they want to live simply or go out and increase their income through working for money – they may choose to work for no money, usually one of the most rewarding activities. By taking away the grip of capitalists on labor (including white collar middle-class ‘labor’) you take away the main mechanism for the capitalists to become incredibly rich, hence I believe there will be a less unequal society – from the point of economic point of view.

  56. Big V

    “They have taken our houses through an illegal foreclosure process, despite not having the original mortgage.”

    I would really like to see that one deleted. If you borrowed more money then you could ever possibly hope to repay, and then the bank let you live in the house for two years without making a single mortgage payment, and now you are simply being asked to move somewhere else (and to pay the rent there), then you got a pretty good deal.

    Some of us chose not to buy a house because we could see they were overpriced and we could not afford one. We have been paying our own rent every single month. Is it really reasonable to complain about being evicted when you knew the whole time that you could never, ever, ever have made that payment?

    The investor who leant you that money deserves to get their collateral, by contract. The fact that the mortgage was bought and sold is irrelevant to you. Besides, the banks are getting stuck with collateral that is worth maybe 1/3 of what they lent against it, so they are getting theirs too (except for the bailout part).

    • June

      Thank you for this! You are renewing my faith that some people are reasonable.

    • Name

      This is part of why I don’t jump on board with this movement. There is a number of things I do agree with but when it comes to the student loans and housing I can’t back it. There is nothing that I have learned in all my years of college (with no student loans by the way just my own money) that I could not learn from some other source. If I could not afford it I would stop. I bought my house at the tail end of the “boom” and they tried to get me to take an “interest only” loan telling me how much money I could “keep in my pocket” but I read it and knew it was going to be a bad decision. I have moved since then and could not sell the house because of the crash but have it rented out (lower than what my payment is) and have never missed a payment. Why? Because I take responsibility for my actions and do not expect the government or anyone else to “bail” me out. I planted a garden to save money and to eat better, I do not spend on “junk” like new electronics because they are new, own a vehicle that is paid for even though a new one would be nice, drive when I have to not because it is easier. I don’t eat out hardly at all, working to pay off all debt and stay that way and I have survived. I know for some it is hard but for many it is because they refuse to change their lifestyle and expect anyone and everyone to ensure they do not have to sacrifice one thing in their life.

  57. Connor

    Why exactly shouldn’t corporations have the same rights as people? Are corporations not made of people? Do people not run corporations? Shouldn’t all rights people have individually also transfer to a collective union of people?

    People complain that money is what gets corrupt politicians elected. That’s incorrect. They receive alot of votes from poor and rich alike. Even people who are known to be corrupt get elected. A congressman that was censured was reelected during the next election. The problem isn’t with money it’s with dumb ignorant people who know nothing but party rhetoric and refuse to think for themselves. Never take the word of a politican, political commenter, or newspaper. Everyone is biased and everyone lies. Do the research yourself. Read the bills look at people’s records and never take anything at face value.

    • Big V


      The people who comprise the organization have their own rights. Why should those rights be multiplied just because those people are members of a corporation?

      The Constitution only applies to US citizens. A US citizen is a person who was born under the jurisdiction of the United States. Since corporations can’t be born, they are not citizens. The Constitution was never intended to apply to corporations.

      The Supreme Court has made a severe mistake in classifying corporations as people, and doubly so in classifying money as speech. By classifying money as speech and corporations as people, they have essentially granted corporations a lot more speech than everyone else. Under current law, a few corporations can donate BILLIONS of dollars to the candidate who does what they want. That is none other than a bribe, and it should not be allowed. If we don’t put a stop to this insanity, then wealthy corporations will continue to strip of us our equality and our rights.

      • Wayne

        Sadly Big V, there are people like Connor that only see half of the issue or the result and don’t dig deep enough to find its root cause. The reason why (I’ll use your word) “dumb” people vote against their interests is precisely an effect of money used by politicians from big business to sway votes by using fear and smear. This is not just me writing BS, it’s happening in small, previously uneventful elections, where hundreds of thousands of dollars are being poored into state congressional elections where a democrat may be completely smeared by big dollar PACs. These are the attacks we must be aware of. There are a few legitimate reporters covering this, but can they cover all of them. No, but the people must be aware. I wish I had the answer to that.

    • Robert C.

      If you are serious. The supreme court did not set up corporations as separate legal entities. This was done in Old English Law. Trade ships would venture to foreign lands. Someone with not so deep pockets would invest a lives savings. Someone with deeper pockets would invest only 100$. The ship might sink during the voyage. The family of the crew members would attack the person with deep pockets legally. This lawsuit would take everything the deep pockets investor owned, even though the initial investment was only 100$. As a result no one wanted to invest in these risky ventures. To encourage commerce. The law set up the corporation. The amount that you invest in the corporation is the amount you lose. This protects an investors home from a corporate investment loss. The deep pocketed person would lose 100$. In America there are 3 interesting types of corporation. The C corporation. The S corporation. The LLC. For the new entrepreneur, The S corporation is usually used to conduct business from. Real Estate holdings and material assets should sit inside LLC’s. To isolate from risk of loss during a lawsuit, people who sue an LLC typically receive a charging order. Anyone anywhere in America can form a corporation. Please start one. America needs entrepreneurs to start businesses and hire the unemployed. I am not an attorney, all examples are for demonstration only.

  58. John

    The real problem is the federal government not the banks. you people should be protesting in Washington and at the federal reserve. corporatism is ruin our country along with a morally corrupt government that is trying to take away the rights of every one. we need to take down the government and rebuild it upon the values written in the constitution. you should not be protesting the banks you should be protesting the government. asking for the federal government to regulate these corporations is not going to work, asking the government to bail out tax payers and students is not going to work. the state governments should have more control and the federal government should have very little control. it should be up to the states to create policies and enforce them. relying on the federal government to regulate and solve all of our problems has gotten us into this situation.

    • Name

      That is what I don’t understand either. Course they say it will do no good. Reality is this country lives by “soundbites” and what is “cool” to them instead of doing the harder job of looking for themselves of the person that is running. This country has ADHD and is why we continue to have the same “clowns” being voted in time and time again. Plus we do not stand as “one voice” even with this movement because everyone wants “their voice” to be more important. It is easy to sit on the sidewalk chanting, or marching in the streets it takes work to actually make a difference

    • Michael Coburn

      It would appear that the anti-federalists never gave up. Nor did the Confederacy. If one actually reads the preamble to the constitution in the context of the history of the time it is quite instructive. “We the people, in order to form a more perfect UNION…”. Ya see, pal, the dudes went to the big show in order to amend “The Articles of Confederation” and found them quite wanting. We have the US Constitution _BECAUSE _ States rights wasn’t working and could never work. People that see the history differently are wearing some very strange glasses indeed.

  59. Ben

    Why is there not more of an outcry on college campuses about the scam of higher education in this country. You’re told early on that you must go to college or you don’t stand a chance of success. Tuitions continue to rise, administrators and some professors make middle six figure salaries not to mention savory pensions and healthcare coverage. You’re left with an undergraduate degree worth little in the way of marketable skills and a hugh debt. Institutions of “higher learning” are never held accountable for their poor performance and take a large share of the pie. OccupyCollegeAdministration

  60. Nikolaev

    hey people Bulgarians are with you! I wish you success. I suppord you 100%. Soon in Bulgaria.

  61. Terry

    Keep up the work as you are the start of a free world for every one.

    ZMUK Radio (The Zeitgeist Movement uk , com)

  62. Phil Sheidan

    I support the Declaration of the Occupation of Wall Street, which my fellow citizens have adopted in General Assembly, and propose to add to the grievances list the following:

    The corporate-controlled United States government, redefining the English language, nullifying laws regulating moneyed corporations, and passing unconstitutional laws, ignored the Constitution , which they swore to preserve, protect, and defend.

    It ignored Constitution Article I Section 8 giving Congress the right to “coin money and regulate its value” by creating, by law, private financial Federal Reserve corporations, outside public control that create and regulate money, and spent more in one year, 2008, without approval of the people, than the gross national U S debt, and gross annual production,[416 trillion] to prevent bank collapses.

    It ignored Constitution 14th Amendment “The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, shall not be questioned” creating a debt ceiling law holding the United States unconstitutionally in default when debt exceeds a ceiling. The debt ceiling was then used as blackmail by vindictive Congressmen to force retirees to give up pensions and health care to pay bank subsidies, bonuses, bailouts, and 2 illegal foreign occupation wars. Congress created an unconstitutional “supercommittee” of corporate Congressional bootlickers to cut the budget, and create a second Great Economic Depression.

    It ignored Constitution Article II Section 2 Paragraph 2; “He [the President] shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur” by passing a whole raft of trade treaties that decimated the United States manufacturing industry, creating high unemployment, bankrupting small Mexican farmers, causing an illegal immigration wave and southern border drug war, by a slim Senate majority. Neither NAFTA, CAFTA nor any of the other trade agreements since 1990 [until 2010] have obtained approval of necessary two thirds of Senator present, and by reasonable analysis, are unconstitutional. The Supreme court refused to rule on this, upholding the false, fictional, fake “political” court doctrine.

    It ignored Constitution Article I Section 8, 9th Amendment, and 10th Amendment unconstitutionally requiring all citizens who are not insured to buy health insurance from a private insurance corporation, “denying other [rights] retained by the people,” a “bill of attainder,” and “power, which is not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, reserved to States or to people.”

    False Supreme Court rulings redefined the meaning of “ speech” and “person” destroying laws regulating corporations, preventing them from controlling government, ruling that money is speech, which clearly it is not, and corporations are persons, which clearly they are not, violating “people’s” First Amendment freedom of speech, falsely voiding corporate regulation, nullifying laws restricting corporate campaign contributions, and other harmful activities.:

  63. colleen smith

    im one of the used-to-be’s-the-way-it-was homeless ! i here you got a rift w/ me & mine ! SOooo why should i care about your NYC bla bla bla scribbles ?

  64. Angus Martin

    Hey 99%ers!
    I see no mention of the Drug War, which is a major injustice, and at the root of so much of the suffering, especially in the ‘3rd world’ and ‘minority’ communities in the US. It is moreover, one of the deepest control elements of this pejorative system which goes by the misnomer ‘free market’. While you declare that “They continue to block generic forms of medicine that could save people’s lives or provide relief in order to protect investments that have already turned a substantial profit”, you should have continued by saying that ‘They continue to block herbal forms of medicine that could save people’s lives by pursuing the ‘Drug War’ precisely against nature’s best medicines, against the ‘poor’ who have successfully employed these medicines for millennia, and against the practitioners of herbal medicines, because they want everyone to be on the ‘same page’ (their page) taking the same drugs (their drugs) or no drugs at all (their puritanism, which is a false one).
    Free Cannabis. Free Mushrooms. Free La Pachamama!

    Yourse sincerely,
    the 69%

  65. paul

    I;m a slow plodding reader. Did I miss the Federal Reserve Bank in all these comments? I’ll have to print ’em out and read slower. If I missed it or not, one interested in education and information could google the Fed. or FRB Red Shield. This company is not part of our government, their name is meant to mislead and shilly shally around non- transparency. The fed is owned by a private group who operate central banks world wide and constitute a octopus with it’s tenacles on everything on earth. No one is allowed to do anything important without the consent of the octopus, such as be president of USA. We have a National Debt thanks to these folks who have been stealing from us since their inception in 1913. Coincidentally, that’s the year we got the right and opportunity to pay income taxes, the Fed must be fed and that’s where our money goes. The US operates on debt. Check it out for yourselves. Truth is the result of inquiry/investigation. Some conspiracy theorists should instead be called fact checkers, but there’s condescension by/from our “betters” should we question authority. I prefer beyond a reasonable doubt, with no questions unresolved. I feel like a mushroom, kept in the dark and fed bullshit all day by those who are responsible for keeping us informed, all owned by Republicans. Thanx Paul

  66. Mark Reid

    As people are likely aware, Congress is proposing legislation concerning the Internet, which if passed will have consequences for everyone. The Federal Government would have new powers over the Internet that would include, for instance, the legal power to remove websites entirely from Internet. It is my view that such Bills being proposed in Congress would make way for the power and corporate elite to influence Federal Authority such that the list of charges in this Declaration above would grow to include crimes against we the people through the Internet that may be as large or larger than those above listed. I feel that Congress is fundamentally wrong in attempting such legislation and that, as proposed, such Bills would be unconstitutional. So, I wrote a letter to congress expressing my disagreement as follows: (Consider it open, I have not sent it to Congress yet, please feel free to offer any suggestions).
    Nonviolence, compassion, and solidarity, MR

    Please Note: This letter is addressed to Congress. I am sure that some of you in congress are actually representatives of we the people and not primarily the representatives of wealthy corporations. This letter is not to you, but it is in support of you as you are on the side of sociopolitical justice, economic equity, and we the people. Unfortunately, that number is probably smaller we dare to realize, but you are greatly admired and appreciated by the people. And unfortunately, nearly everyone in congress receives a large portion, usually the majority, of their funding from the 1%.

    Dear Congress,

    I cannot see how such Internet Bills as you have been proposing in your committees would be perceived by we the people as anything short of a declaration of a form of war on we the people whom you have sworn to represent and whose interests it is your job to act solely on behalf of.
    According to the Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph E. Stiglitz (2011, Vanity Fair), however, the vast majority of you in congress are from the 1%, are elected by the 1%, and act in the interests of the 1%. The 1% contains virtually all of the corporations that the NYCGA criticized on Sep 29 (First Declaration) [above], a statement that was read on National Television on Oct 5, which charges the corporations of the 1% with 23 crimes against humanity that have a broad reach in population and time (to which the 1% and corporations have provided not a single shred of evidence to the contrary). You Congress are responsible for allowing these crimes to be committed, and your failure to prevent them makes you guilty of complicity in these crimes, while giving we the people strong reason to infer that you have roles as accomplices in committing these crimes.

    These corporations – seen by the courts to have many rights that actual persons have – place profit over real persons, while the United States Government fails to prevent or provide recompense for much of the harm done to real persons. IBM and the Hollerith machines are the darkest examples, but other large corporations today are of the same ilk though differing in their shades of gray. These “Internet-death” Bills are an attempt by you and the power elite and the 1% to gain control of we the people’s freedoms and ability to organize our protests. That makes this sort of Bill unconstitutional on fundamental grounds by massive violations of the First Amendment.

    After being sold out by you to yourselves and your cronies in the 1%, we the people are beset with exhaustion in our bones and fire in our bellies. The more you suppress us, the more we will rise up, the more our numbers will swell, as has happened in New York City, Oakland, San Diego, Nashville, and Cleveland throughout the month of October 2011, and virtually every city with an Occupy assembly that has been unconstitutionally raided or harassed by police officers unconscionably following immoral orders of Mayors or Governors (usually members of the 1%, e.g., Haslam, Cuomo, and Bloomberg). Such Internet-death Bills are perceived by many as an act of class warfare and makes the USA one step closer to having a government that resembles a dictatorship more than a democracy. I would have to say that they make a good point. It would be an act of war on we the people committed by those who want it passed and the large corporations and their owners who would benefit from it and hope to gain greater immunity from we the people whom they oppress.

    Destroying the middle class, stealing the American dream from nearly everyone, allowing the illegal foreclosure on our homes, and supporting the interests of the power and corporate elite of which you are an integral part are all things that you in congress have allowed to happen or have participated in doing to we the people. We nevertheless do have compassion for you as fellow human beings, and we ask that you show more compassion for us.

    You are now trying to sneak a wolf into law and remove our freedom of speech through the removal of the Internet as we know it by dressing the Bill in the sheep’s clothing of anti-piracy laws. At some point, congresspersons of the USA, it might be wise advice that you contemplate the old saying that one’s greatest and most feared enemy are those whom you have left with nothing left to lose.

    Sincerely, Mark V Reid (I am non-anonymous, I am someone, I am an instance of the 99%)

    P.S. We the people gained the courage to awake to reality as it really is. In this letter, most of my claims, including central ones, are generally not “conspiracy theory.” If there are people conspiring, perhaps it is you and your wealthy friends. (To anyone, if you find this letter informative, please share it with a friend).

    • Teri Pettit

      Mark, can you supply the numbers of the bills you are thinking of? You say that they are wolves in sheep’s clothing, under the guise of anti-piracy laws. I’d have to read the text to make up my own mind as to whether that is really the case.

      I don’t believe in taking someone else’s word for the “hidden” purpose of something. For example, the right-wing propaganda machine claims that the hidden agenda of Occupy is to install a communist dictatorship. That’s baloney, of course, but the way to counter it is to insist that everyone go look at Occupy’s own web sites (or attend a General Assembly) to see what the movement is really saying, instead of taking the Tea Party’s claims at face value.

      So, before sharing any letter, I want to investigate as to whether I agree with it.

      • Mark Reid

        Thanks Teri for the ideas and replies to my letter to congress. The Bills are the (1) Stop Internet Piracy Act (SOPA) and (2) PROTECT-IP. Unfortunately, OWS has not turned its attention much to these threats, but hopefully such legislation will not make it out of congress. Also, Obama said he will veto any such legislation. He says he is committed to net neutrality, which these Bills would remove.

        Yes don’t adopt someone else’s claim as if it were your own personal knowledge. As the Buddha says, you only really know what you experience for yourself. The wolf in sheep’s clothing problem is, in my experience, a pervasive human sociopolitical phenomenon. And it is more severe with governments because governments have so much power. Take the simple example of the legislation after 9/11 that gave the government the power to tap into privacy without the judicial branch approval for the purpose of tracking terrorists. However, as the GA refers to with complaint 11 of the Declaration that “They have sold our privacy as a commodity” Governmental institutions such as the NSA and Mega Corporations such as ATT cooperate together to extract as much of the private content of the entire country as they can. EFF puts it as follows
        The U.S. government with assistance from major telecommunications carriers including AT&T has engaged in a massive program of illegal dragnet surveillance of domestic communications and communications records of millions of ordinary Americans since at least 2001.
        News reports in December 2005 first revealed that the National Security Agency (NSA) has been intercepting Americans’ phone calls and Internet communications. Those news reports plus a USA Today story in May 2006 and the statements of several members of Congress revealed that the NSA is also receiving wholesale copies of their telephone and other communications records. All of these surveillance activities are in violation of the privacy safeguards established by Congress and the U.S. Constitution.
        The evidence also shows that the government did not act alone. EFF has obtained whistleblower evidence [PDF] from former AT&T technician Mark Klein showing that AT&T is cooperating with the illegal surveillance. The undisputed documents show that AT&T installed a fiberoptic splitter at its facility at 611 Folsom Street in San Francisco that makes copies of all emails web browsing and other Internet traffic to and from AT&T customers and provides those copies to the NSA. This copying includes both domestic and international Internet activities of AT&T customers. As one expert observed “this isn’t a wiretap it’s a country-tap.”
        EFF is fighting these illegal activities on multiple fronts. In Hepting v. AT&T EFF filed the first case against a telecom for violating its customers’ privacy. In addition EFF is representing victims of the illegal surveillance program in Jewel v. NSA a lawsuit filed in September 2008 against the government seeking to stop the warrantless wiretapping and hold the government officials behind the program accountable.

        Europe Justice Knows Better Than to Mess with Net Neutrality

  67. Bill

    Great declaration, but can you replace “they” with the word “we”. These “evil corporations” are made up from “us”! Just like the government, companies are e mployed by our citizens and invested by our own. I totally agree with the declaration, but the 1% people are not corporations of 1 person. This change needs to be collectively within all of us! There is no “they”

    • Mark Reid

      Bill you say the corporations are employed by us. I am curious how broadly you intend that? Was IBM employed by the 6 million Jews that were each “inventoried” “processed” and “tabulated” with the method of death by IBM in the 1940s? And since our employees – the corporations – have replaced family farms on a massive scale with factorty farms that severely damage the environment and torture and kill billions of animals each year, are these animals the employers as well? And if we today are the employers of these corporations, shouldn’t we be able to just fire them and take their pensions as they have done to so many of us for exceedingly poor, unethical, and illegal performances over the past several decades? So since it is your claim, I ask if you could provide instructions for us about how to fire our employees the corporations? Because I want to fire them or fix them, freaky bad. And certainly, it would seem reasonable for us to seek compensation from these wretched employees since, despite their poor performance, these corporations and the people behind them have quadrupled their salaries without our approval over the past few decades and even taken taxpayers money directly from the US Treasury and given themselves exorbitant bonuses. Meanwhile, during that same time, we the employers have salary increases that have not even kept up with inflation. Surely, if we are the employers, then we should been able to prevent such massive inequity. And then, how does the role of government fit in to your claims? From those people in government today whom I have researched at the federal, state, and local levels, they mostly are all extremely wealthy. Many of them own large percentages of fortune 500 companies, for instance, and some of them are the sole private owners of such companies. According to the Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph E. Stiglitz (2011, Vanity Fair), the vast majority of politicians are from the 1%, are elected by the 1%, and act in the interests of the 1%. If Stiglitz’s claims connect in any way at all with his credentials, then I am inclined to believe that this all means that our government is largely looking out not for us (here “us” does mean the 100%) but instead looking out for our employees the corporations and the wealthy people behind these corporations (which includes past, present, (and if nothing changes) future politicians). 

      Now I have here just combined your main claims (about replacing “they” with “we” and about our being the employers of corporations) with a couple of well supported contentions. So if your claims are credible, everything should work out, and we should possibly even have some new insight. But instead I am just thoroughly confused. You say that companies and the government are employed by us, and that we all 100% of us need to change. But why then do *all* our employees – both corporate and governmental – (1) just happen to be concentrated to 1 in every 100 people? Why have those 1 in a 100 employees become 4x wealthier in the past couple dozen years while the others have become less wealthy and kicked out of their homes by the 1 in a 100 and so on?[see additional examples above] I conclude then that “they” the 1% and “we” the 99% must have sufficiently distinct economic and ethical statuses that the use of “they” by the 99% is justified and meaning, indeed necessary,
      You say everyone needs to change not just the 1%. I sort of agree with that. I support personal growth, strive for continual self-development and positive personal transformation, and boycotting corporations based on their ethis. So in principle I find your idea everyone needing to change to be remarkable. Perhaps there is a sort of way your idea about everyone needing to change is right. Such change may just be exactly what began on Sept 17, fitting with Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s point that the oppressing class never changes or lays down their tools of oppression willingly, but instead must be enjoined to change by the majestic forces of peaceful resistance and the arousal of the conscience of the community.

  68. SussexSocialist

    The ONLY way to cure what ails us is the compete removal of capitalism and its replacement with a classless, moneyless, democratic society. Everything else will not result in a ‘nicer’ people-based capitalism. The current system, despite criticism, is working PERFECTLY well – it is delivering profits to the 1%, exactly as it has been designed to do. You won’t make it work any other way, it can’t. Only genuine socialism has anything to offer the masses of the world’s population.

  69. Sloppy_Tuna

    The only way to get through to the corporations, government, and banks is to hit them where it hurts… in the pocket. They won’t take any of this seriously unless you effect their bottom line profits. Organize boycotts of corporations and their subsidiaries – even if it’s only one or two days a week- it will make a difference and you will have their attention. Now do this week after week and you will have their balls as well.

  70. Asher

    Nice “zionist jews” talk. How about that “run ’em out of the country” clip.

  71. white tiger

    I haven’t read all of the comments but of the ones I read and after reading the “Declaration…”, I still haven;t seen the Federal Reserve mentioned. Centralized and privatized banking, aka, The Federal Reserve is the problem. We need to remove the gag order placed on NESARA and end the Fed and restore our constitution and end the corruption that has infiltrated and taken over our government and the judicial system. The Fed Reserve and its shareholders are the culprits, and let’s not forget all the other institutions that have been put into place as a result of privatized banking: IRS, IMF, etc.

  72. Sympathetic to the 99%

    To Really Perhaps you should check your facts before putting down other countries. in
    Canada we bring home a lot more than 50% of what we earn (even the highest tax brackets
    don’t pay anywhere near 50%). We don’t wait a month to see a doctor – I can see my doctor
    the same day that I call. Also the socialist countries are not all third world countries as
    you would like to suggest. Have you ever heard of the Scandinavian countries? Some of the “socialist” countries that you put down have a longer life expectancy, better medical care, higher literacy rates than the US does, which I think was the point that was being made.

  73. woodburning stoves

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  74. david mills

    i am for focusing on taking the money out of politics first and foremost. once this is done all other objectives will become possible.

  75. Nina


  76. RevKahn


    1. We demand the unification of all US Citizens in the US on the basis of the people’s right to self-determination.
    2. We demand equality of rights for the US people in respect to other nations.
    3. We demand land and territory for the necessities of our people.
    4. Whoever has no citizenship is to be able to live in the USA only as a guest, and must be under the authority of legislation for foreigners.
    5. The right to determine matters concerning administration and law belongs only to the citizen. Therefore we demand that every public office, of any sort whatsoever, whether in the National, the County or Municipal, be filled only by US citizens. We combat the corrupting executive branch economy, office holding according to Occupy party proclivity.
    6. We demand that the state be charged first with providing the opportunity for a livelihood and way of life for the citizens. If it is impossible to sustain the total population of the State, then the members of foreign nations (non-citizens) are to be disqualified from the US.
    7. Any further immigration of non-citizens is to be prevented.
    8. All citizens must have equal rights and obligations.
    9. The activity of individuals is not to counteract the interests of the US, but must have its result within the framework of the whole for the benefit of us all. Consequently we demand:
    · Abolition of unearned incomes. Breaking of debt interest-slavery.
    · In consideration of the monstrous sacrifice in property and blood that each war demands of the people, personal enrichment through a war must be designated as a crime against the people. Therefore we demand the total confiscation of all war profits and abolition of the mercenary security agency’s with formation of a specialized national security army.
    · We demand the nationalisation of all (previous) associated industries (trusts).
    · We demand a division of profits of all critical industries.
    · We demand an expansion on a large scale of old age welfare.
    · We demand the creation of a healthy middle class and its conservation, immediate communalization of large unused buildings and their being leased at low cost to small firms, the utmost consideration of all small firms in contracts with the State, County or Municipality.
    · We demand a land reform suitable to our needs, provision of a law for the free expropriation of land for the purposes of public utility, abolition of taxes on land and prevention of all speculation in land.
    · We demand struggle without consideration against those whose activity is injurious to the general interest. Common national criminals, users, speculators and so forth are to be punished without consideration of declaration of guilt or gender or race.
    · We demand substitution of a US common law in place of the Roman Law serving a materialistic world-order.
    · The United States is to be responsible for a fundamental reconstruction of our whole national education program, to enable every capable and industrious US Citizen to obtain higher education and subsequently introduction into leading positions. The plans of instruction of all educational institutions are to conform to the experiences of practical life. We demand the education at the expense of the State of outstanding intellectually gifted children of poor parents without consideration of position or profession.
    · The United States is to care for the elevating national health by protecting the mother and child, by pursuing outlawed child labor, by the encouragement of physical fitness, by the utmost support of all organizations concerned with the physical instruction of the young.
    · We demand legal opposition to known fabrication’s and their promulgation through the press. We demand legal prosecution of artistic and literary forms, which exert a destructive influence on our national life.
    · We demand freedom of religion for all religious denominations within the US so long as they do not endanger its existence or fiscally oppose the prudence of the US.
    · For the execution of all of this we demand the formation of a strong central power in the US. Unlimited authority of the central Government over the whole US and its organizations in general. The forming of state and professional chambers for the execution of the laws made by the US within the various states. The leaders of the Occupy promise, to support by the execution of the points set forth above without consideration.

    • Agast

      This utopia looks like a hell to me.

      What is a strong central power with unlimited authority? Dictatorship?

      Who determines which artistic form is a destructive influence? My 90 year old grandmother or my 14 year old nephew? The strong central power?

      Maybe the movement would consider moving to some remote corner to experiment and grow these ideas. If you don’t kill each other within 2 years or starve to death maybe you will have something worth sharing with the rest of us. Honestly, don’t you have some laundry or something productive to do?

    • Teri Pettit

      RevKahn, you should take off your “Occupy Declaration” tag and replace every single “we” in your manifesto with an “I”, because NO WAY would that totalitarian mishmash get the support of any General Assembly. I don’t know where you get the bizarre idea that Occupy stands for a “strong central power” or any of the other repressive crap you list.

      I suspect you of being a counter-movement plant posting here, so that the corporatist propaganda machine can then come in, and spread it around saying, “see, this is what the Occupy brats want to do.”

  77. Damon

    ■They have taken our houses through an illegal foreclosure process, despite not having the original mortgage.
    incorrect, people that purchased houses when there was a possibility that they would not be able to pay their mortgages and more often than not speculators who purchased with little to no money down bear the brunt of responsibility for forclosure situations that they find themselves in. Should something be done to protect people in the future? Yes, but as an adult anybody should remeber the phrase caveat emptor “let the buyer beware” I learned that back in the fourth grade.
    ■They have taken bailouts from taxpayers with impunity, and continue to give Executives exorbitant bonuses.
    The auto industry and the banking industry did took “bailout” money, but the term baleout is a term that is misunderstood and has been a term that has mislead many people, including OWS. the FACTS are that Banks and the Automobile industry received temporary LOANS to right themselves in order to prevent an economic disaster that would have affected millions of people. In laymens terms, if you found yourself with rent due, the light bill etc. and had just lost your jobs, and you spent all of your money on something else and suddenly you could not count on that next check on friday (i.e. sudden cash flow reduction) if you were not given a grace period to “right” things you would be out on the street, even people are given/take 90 days to get thrown out of an apartment and they can fall back on family friends etc. And most importantly, The banks and the auto industry have paid back their “baleout’ money with interest.
    They have perpetuated inequality and discrimination in the workplace based on age, the color of one’s skin, sex, gender identity and sexual orientation.
    HA! if a big corporation blatently breaks the law believe me there are a ton of lawyers that will take on the case to sue theoffending company.
    ■They have poisoned the food supply through negligence, and undermined the farming system through monopolization.
    Oh please, so there is no FDA? nor USDA etc. yes some things do slip through the cracks but NOTHING compared to previous decades.
    ■They have profited off of the torture, confinement, and cruel treatment of countless animals, and actively hide these practices.
    That is impossible to argue because if you eat a hamburger you are indirectly responsible for the murder of a cow for instance. It’s called the food chain, when rabbits an monkeys are able to vote perhaps things will change, in the meantime animalss purpose is to be of benefit to human beings, be glad you’re not a cockroach.

    I do not have enough time to answer all of the remaining accusations levied at “corporation” but what puzzles me is that the term corporation is used in this movement as if a corporation is an actual living being. That is not the case, corporations are OWNED by people and PEOPLE decide by voting their shares etc. who will run said corporation and the amount of compensation they will receive. If you or your parents or your grandparents own a mutual fund have an IRA or a 401k plan then it is THEY that are the corporations!!!! Every publicly held corporation has an annual meeting of the shareholders, if they just vote by proxy or not vote at all then they are perpetuating the ‘evil corporations” practices, the point that i am trying to make is CORPORATIONS are owned by the people the 99%.

    • Khadijah

      Your last point is extremely important, especially as it relates to the rights of the corporation to contribute politically.

      I I were to ask almost anyone on the street “Should I, a private citizen, be able to join with other private citizens to pool our resources in an attempt to influence politicians and the political system” the answer would be a resounding YES, I suspect.

      NOW does it, NARAL does it, SEIU does it, the UAW does it.

      How is that any different than the corporation? The corporation is a group of individuals who have chosen to use their free right of assembly to join together in ownership of a for-profit concern. Do we give up our free speech rights when we do so? No, we do not. We retain those rights, and the rights to use our pooled resources to advocate for policies sympathetic to our objective, which is to turn a profit.

  78. chat news forum

    I just couldn’t go away your web site prior to suggesting that I extremely loved the usual info an individual supply in your visitors? Is gonna be back often in order to check out new posts

  79. Khadijah

    Grievances are easy to write. Solutions are difficult.

    There are no solutions offered, so the assumption has to be that the solution is the opposite of the grievance. Since, enacting the opposite of these grievances would be the death of the corporations., count me out. I know where the jobs come from.

    The problem with these sorts of “grievances” is that they ignore reality, that being that the interests of the corporation and the citizen are ultimately aligned. I suspect that most of the “occupiers” don’t realize this — that they believe that the solution is the END of the corporation. If so, I have bad news — the end of the corporation is the end of our country, at least to the extent that one prefers the rule of law.

    The grievances, therefore, cannot be seen as reasons to REMOVE the corporations — in that end lies disaster. Instead, they are instances (some better fleshed out than others) where the corporate/citizen alignment has become MISaligned. This is what needs to be fixed.

    How do corporate and citizen interests become misaligned? Because of GOVERNMENT.. Republicans tend to conflate conservativism with corporatism, and become enamoured of corporatism’s Big Lie, which is “what is good for the corporation is good for the citizen”. This is OFTEN true, but not ALWAYS true, and thus government has to act to perform it’s primary function, which is the establishment of a level playing field by which free commerce can occur. When corporatists take control of conservativism, the “level playing field” begins to tilt in favor of the corporation.

    Democrats, on the other hand, sometimes attempt to solve what they percieve as inequities in the capitalist system by absorbing those functions into a government of ever increasing size, instead of promoting policies designed to address those inequities. It is no surprise to any capitalist that the three most dysfunctional areas of our economy — health care, housing, and student loans — are the same three areas which traditionally have the most government fingerprints on them. This is a recipe for disaster.

    My take would be simple: Get rid of the ones which are fingerpointing (It was our elected officials who offered the banks bailouts, so don’t blame them for taking them), the ones which are associated with “fringe leftism” (how many Americans really care about animal to the extent expressed above?), and the ones which sound like the frustrated whining of children (there are thousands of news sources out there — quit complaining about the large ones and fix the rest). Add solutions for the rest of them, making sure the solutions don’t abrogate the rule of law (the SCOTUS is not going to reverse Citizens United; that has to come through legislation).

    And dress warn.

    • CD

      Thank God for your post. I was beginning to wonder if there was any common sense left in this country!

    • Michael

      I believe that the “global” grievance of the occupiers (and many more supporters) is to establish that the system is broken! There is little hope that change will occur given the system as it currently exists. It simply has to change from outside pressure (not an easy task).
      And I cannot agree with your point that “the solution is the END of the corporation” contrary to your point, I believe the solution is rethinking the corporation. There has been too much emphasis on the bottom line…profit, profit, profit has resulted in costs spiraling beyond absurdity. Multi-million annual salaries are not needed, period. But before you label me as a Socialist, I suggest that the 99% simply play the capitalist game.
      It’s all about demand. If “We, the People” choose not to financially support corporations that engage in practices that result in gross inequity (wealth distribution), that corporation will take notice because it will directly affect their bottom line.
      Forget about the proxies as shareholders, that’s like getting elected in Washington to bring about change…ain’t gonna happen (sadly) we have seen it and that is why the Occupiers exist now. A prime example is when the Occupiers established a “move your money to local banks/S & L institutions. If that, and similar efforts, were to continue effectively, the result would surely affect mentality of the board of directors. We all saw what happened to the monthly charge for the use of debit cards (a very small item). Now, withdraw billions from our (individually) paltry checking and savings accounts and let’s see what happens.
      There is a way to redistribute wealth in this country, we simply have to realize the power that we possess as a unified bloc.

  80. mark schrier

    While I agree with all or most of the points stated, I think it would benefit the movement to simplify what it wants, otherwise the republican/democrat machine will eat this up and try and make the movement look like a bunch of unorganized fools. I know there are thousands of issues we all need to deal with, god knows I’m living in Europe so I can raise my family in a saner environment, but I would focus on the real problem…….the Billionaire vs. everyone else gap and start with 1. regulating wall street so it actually supports businesses rather than gambles… corporations based on how many real jobs and benefits they provide, if they manufacture overseas and just use Americans to sell their goods…95% tax…remember if you tax a billionaire 95% they still walk away with 50,000,000…….3. create a real social system that deals with heath care, education and care of the needy (understand the World has changed and there are more people then jobs and that is a reality)

    • Gail

      The problem is that the world has changed. The social and economic models that we have are not compatible with the worldview that is compatible with what the field of physics has discovered in the last 50 years. Hence, EVERY problem that we have is a SYMPTOM of a core illness.

      We need to change ourselves before we can correct the problem. That means that we need to learn about the unified field of consciousness and what that implies for human beings. We need to learn about economics – because our current economic system is a ponzi scheme that causes us to live in a war-based society.

      We know how to end war today, and it doesn’t involve keeping Pakistan or Iran in check. It involves the use of group mediation. There is abundant scientific evidence of that. But if we stop war using meditation – which is free – we will put everyone out of work. What then?

      How nice it would be to look around and not know that all that I have is a result of my being forced to hire mercentaries to fight wars in my name because war is the most effective way to grow an economy. when will the Occupy movement start talking about this?

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  83. Andy

    What is this “They” entity? Could you be a bit more ambiguous please, I’m having trouble understanding your explicit language.

  84. CD

    Nobody had a right to “Occupy” public space for their own liking. Protest are not camp outs and “Occupation”. Your address “To the World” say’s it all. This is not the Declaration of Independence and doesn’t even come close. It’s nothing more than a declaration of whining and socialism.

  85. CD

    LOL…the more I read the false claims above the more I think of one thing….Our Federal Gov. You guys really missed the boat.

  86. kcsapper

    These Facts need to be placed into actionable language. Without a cogent argument of how to effect change and begin the actual process of making an actual difference the Occupy movement will die on the vine. Radical positions will tend to weaken an overall demand for change, however they can be used as tokens to be negotiated for more realistic and achievable goals. So long as extremist views are not given significant weight and credibility within OWS there is a great chance of success. However until a formalized list of demands are proffered, this remains a tempest in a tea cup.

  87. David

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win” Keep up the good work everyone. I wish I could be there with you. Most of the right’s fears are bloated by a wish for they know that it’s not the wealthy that are the problem, it’s the way they are allowed to steal their wealth that is the problem. Your presence evokes the worry that things will change and that brings fear to those who have the perception that it will bring loss to their lives, but when the fruits of your labors are manifested they’ll also be among the first in line.

  88. S

    “They have accepted private contracts to murder prisoners even when presented with serious doubts about their guilt.”

    This one on the list caught my attention most. I’m currently doing a project on this movement for school, and have spent the past few days delving into the history of, well, everything from the movement, its people, and its ideas to the history of the corporations, and what exactly is going on.
    It’s a generally unbiased (or as unbiased as it can be) look at the history of the whole situation and I was wondering if I could possibly have a specific example to the above grievance…I’m trying to find where the validity of each grievance is derived.

    Thanks, your time is much appreciated.

  89. MXR Carbon Copy

    Thank you, I’ve recently been looking for information approximately this subject for ages and yours is the greatest I’ve discovered till now. But, what concerning the conclusion? Are you certain about the source?

  90. Joseph n. Caucci

    Our corrupt government has lots of lists. The FBI,homeland security,the police, the CIA, the TSA. The 99% should have their own list, of everyone who is against free speech, peaceful protest etc. Instead of using karate to fight the 1%, use judo. So maybe the 99% can keep convincing the individual members of the military, police etc. that they are part of the 99% That they, after the 1% are are done with them, and they retire, they will lose their pensions and health care just like the rest of the 99%. That they, are working for the 1%. After convincing them of these facts, maybe they won’t do the bidding of the 1%? As an example of some things that may grab the attention of these greedy b-astards, a policeman see’s two cars speeding, one car a chevy, the other a Rolls Royce, pull over the Rolls. Or two boats in distress in the ocean, one boat a little dingy, and the other a yacht, the rescue team can help the dingy first. All non violent protest. If you are a waiter, and you have two plates of food, and one is for is for someone who is dressed in an expensive suit and the other in a more modest outfit, and the waiter needs to sneeze, sneeze in the rich persons plate. Just kidding on the last. And a favorite of mine, if a fireman gets a call to a fire, one from a high end zip code and one from a low end zip code, go to the low end one first. Some people may call this profiling. Maybe it is.

  91. Patrick

    I can’t put into words how much I disagree with OWS and the principles on which the movement is based. This is misguided, and dangerously so. That’s my opinion, and I’m one of the 99%. I only hope that future generations don’t indict the many for the folly of the few.

  92. Steve J

    I’m a skeptic. I see a long list of complaints, but no solutions. Is there a website with a legislative agenda to bring about these changes?

  93. Melissa

    Are you people f*ing kidding me. Who are you even rallying against – the big business that pays your salary or the government that’s paying your unemployment benefits? This is not a nation of woe is me, I deserve to be rich and famous. I went to college I deserve to have a job. At what point do people say, it’s up to me to affect change. If you don’t like your situation, you should change it. This is supposed to be a nation where if you WORK hard, you can get somewhere in life. But you know what, you have to be willing to WORK even if you consider those jobs beneath you. If you think that our unemployment rate of 9% is bad – go to South Africa where it’s 42%. You rally against God knows who, but you offer no solutions. I get it, you’re pissed, but so are the rest of us. The difference is that we still get up every day and elbow our way onto the subway platform and race like little rodents to whatever menial job we’re blessed to have. So quit fucking it up for the rest of us. Let the rest of the 99% get back to work.

  94. Brent B

    What are we/they rallying at? Melissa, THE HEART OF THIS MOVEMENT is the desire to count and believe your voice is being heard and that your vote counts. In this current quasi-democracy dominated by the powerful elite who buy politicians for their own ends, WE THE PEOPLE have been silenced. That includes you and me. If you don’t agree with everyone’s ideas and actions, well, that is your right. I agree with you that this is not a nation of woe is me and perpetual handouts; however, please try to understand the reason people are rightfully crying sour milk and running into the streets and shouting at the top of their lungs is for this basic reason. The Constitution of the United States is written to be of the people, for the people. Perhaps you are not aware of the 2010 law passed by the Supreme Court that has led to people crying foul play. The court ruled that Corporations ‘are now people too’ when they ruled in favor of ‘Citizens United’. This law allows a corporation’s big money to have no limit to the amounts of money they can throw into the ring to influence politics, thus in effect, putting politicians into their very deep corporate pockets, and drowning out the voices of people like you and me. In other words, Corporations have more say than me or you in determining the laws of the land which we must abide by. I applaud you for participating in OWS on any level and questioning what the movement is all about. I hope you and others will look beyond the demands of restitution by OWS for harm done by such policies which is where you are obviously picking up on the woe always me sentiment that accompanies the movement – please look beyond this small part of the movement – to see the actual policies and corruption that they are rebelling against that are having devastating effects on everyone’s – yours, mine, and theirs – constitutional rights. Look at the recent Issue 2 vote in Ohio where Big Business tried handily to turn back 40 years of worker’s right with a union busting law that luckily got repealed. What is your position on that issue, Melissa?

  95. Kevin

    What about coming up with a small, less than 5, list of legislative policies to support?

  96. Lisa Rahon


    Since the current government is no longer “of, by or for” the people, it’s time to consider holding ALTERNATE ELECTIONS.

    20 years ago it would not have been possible, but it is now.

    Even announcing the desire to “explore” the possibility of alternate elections would be powerful.

    Call it a “test” at first. The elected citizens could start out as a lobbying body to the corporate (existing) government.

    Wealthy corporations have lobbyists, why shouldn’t the general public?

    I see your group is working hard to change the political process, but working within their corrupt framework may take a lot of time, and get us nowhere.

    Please let me know if you would be interested in viewing a presentation of my ideas.

    Thank you very much for all your hard work, and for reading.

    Lisa Rahon, my cell # is 504-292-2293

    • Lisa Rahon

      Look at your list of things they are doing to us! Why would we continue to work with them? within their established channels?
      Screw them!
      Start a REAL democracy. I am happy to present this idea to anyone who is interested in helping.

  97. Albert

    Yes Melissa,
    There are even some older folk who are standing up, in addition to the grievances and injustices you already mentioned, because we grew up in an America where we were told that the enemy were people who took your picture, filmed you, kept you in pens and tried to control you by creating absurd and fictitious regulations (funny how they’re always talking about deregulation!) and smear propaganda. I was told that the Soviet block mostly used all the military hardware it bought, against its own people. That’s why it’s frightening to me to see the high-tech equipment and militarized tactics that were much enhanced with 9/11 funds used against citizens. In fact I am outraged.
    The America I grew up in was an inspiration place– far from perfect, but a land of promise– and the place where I find myself now, ain’t it.
    We would like to work towards a more direct participatory democracy, really the same radical principals the country was founded upon– and like the man said, “the price of democracy is….” so if you want me to keep out of your way, on the way to my day job I will, but please respect my right, and the Bill of Rights, too.

  98. Robert C.

    They have taken our houses through an illegal foreclosure process, despite not having the original mortgage.
    NO WAY – A mortgage is a legal and binding contract. While some of the reviews were improper. They do indeed withstand scrutiny. In Ohio the banks have stopped taking the houses. Looks bad on the balance sheet. Sadly saying it is wrong to take a house someone has stopped making payments on, is easy. The reality it is honorable to do so.

    They have taken bailouts from taxpayers with impunity, and continue to give Executives exorbitant bonuses.

    -Not a problem. It prevented a depression. During a depression the rich become far richer, the 99 percent eat out of soup lines. In history class. The auto industry is still around, thinks to the bail out that saved it. All money repaid.

    They have perpetuated inequality and discrimination in the workplace based on age, the color of one’s skin, sex,
    gender identity and sexual orientation.

    -Please. Only in the ivory tower. Corporations have anti discrimination laws. The largest are the most stringent. Please come out into small business. Where the minority business owner services and hires mostly minorities. Their is virtually no protection in the sole-proprietorship.

    They have poisoned the food supply through negligence, and undermined the farming system through monopolization.

    -BS. Yes lots of people are dying from the food supply. But yet life expectancy is increased each year. Show me a double blind study. The farming system is changing due to the free market system. Efficiency kills inefficiencies. Been this way since the founding of the country in reference to the changing economy (yes the farming system is a business).

    They have profited off of the torture, confinement, and cruel treatment of countless animals, and actively hide these practices.

    – I love that they use animals. Testing on humans is and should be outlawed. Been to a lot of funerals for humans. None for a lab mouse or animal.

    They have continuously sought to strip employees of the right to negotiate for better pay and safer working conditions.

    -Google union struggle. This also has existed since the start of the country. The working conditions are better now than at any time in the history of the nation. Except for that period when kids could work in the factories, black lung and asbestos affected workers. lol a joke.

    They have held students hostage with tens of thousands of dollars of debt on education, which is itself a human right.

    -Do not go to college. A colossal waste of money for most. Start a service based business instead. Hire your fellow American. WE DO NOT NEED MORE COLLEGE EDUCATED UNTRAINED WORKERS> STOP THE MADNESS. WE NEED ENTREPRENEURS.

    They have consistently outsourced labor and used that outsourcing as leverage to cut workers’ healthcare and pay.

    – Free enterprise at its best. Efficiency again. Don’t like the benefits and pay. Become an ENTREPRENEUR. Your country needs you.

    They have influenced the courts to achieve the same rights as people, with none of the culpability or responsibility.

    -Complete BS. Because you are just becoming educated does not make it a new influencing of the courts. The corporation as a stand alone entity was established in Old English Law and adapted in this country at its founding. The opposite of this has happened. Class action lawsuits have represented the common good numerous times.

    They have spent millions of dollars on legal teams that look for ways to get them out of contracts in regards to health insurance.

    -Health insurance is rubbish. A guaranteed profit for a medical corporation. I lost track are insurance corporations evil or good. lol. Doctors will cut a deal, based upon income, outside of the insurance racket.

    They have sold our privacy as a commodity.

    -Always have. Direct mail pieces were directed to you from information collected and sold.

    They have used the military and police force to prevent freedom of the press.

    -Not true. Document the case. Lots of coverage for this goofy movement. Lots of coverage for the Tea party nuts. False.

    They have deliberately declined to recall faulty products endangering lives in pursuit of profit.

    -Wrong. They get it right eventually with the help of government inspectors. When mistakes happen, there is legal recourse. For a percentage an attorney will take your case.

    They determine economic policy, despite the catastrophic failures their policies have produced and continue to produce.

    -The elected official determines economic policy. The largest economy on earth. Catastrophic failures?

    They have donated large sums of money to politicians, who are responsible for regulating them.

    -The government agencies regulate. Politicians are elected and liable to their constituents.

    They continue to block alternate forms of energy to keep us dependent on oil.

    -BS. Grow up. Follow the money. When green becomes profitable in the market place. Change will occur. Ethanol with government subsidies. A renewable energy has increased food shortages in third world countries. Al Gore and others make a fortune in real dollars do to others naivete when it comes to business and energy.

    They continue to block generic forms of medicine that could save people’s lives or provide relief in order to protect investments that have already turned a substantial profit.

    -LOL. Who dictates when something I have designed has generated enough profit and needs to be handed over to my competitor. Ivory tower logic at its worst. It worked great for recording artists and the internet. lol

    They have purposely covered up oil spills, accidents, faulty bookkeeping, and inactive ingredients in pursuit of profit.

    -All corporations pursue profit. lol. When found guilty of wrong doing they are forced to pay up.

    They purposefully keep people misinformed and fearful through their control of the media.

    -Wrong. The media loves ratings. A nonsensical listed diatribe such as this movements website is not good for ratings. Maybe if you could dance with a star or have a 2 and a half man visit.

    They have accepted private contracts to murder prisoners even when presented with serious doubts about their guilt.

    -Law and order. Crime. Time. Death Penalty…etc… I heard the McDonalds Corp is now killing kids at the playpen. lol

    They have perpetuated colonialism at home and abroad.

    -Impossible at home. It worked great when we set up limits to our markets during the last depression. A joke. We are part of one big interconnected world. It has lifted the standard of living of workers in China.

    They have participated in the torture and murder of innocent civilians overseas.

    -The 1 percent have. I saw Donald Trump doing that on The Apprentice. No. lol. Dictators overseas torture and murder many more.

    They continue to create weapons of mass destruction in order to receive government contracts.*

    -The government has all kinds of contracts. The small mom and pop carryout typically cannot make a weapon of mass destruction. These vendor corporation tend to be huge.

  99. Carl

    The Occupy movement has been criticized for not having presented a specific list of demands.

    The problem with presenting demands is that we are in a crisis of sustainability that the present system of globally-metastasized corporate power is, by its very nature, incapable of addressing. Making demands that do not address that fundamental crisis would be a waste of time, and making demands that do address it to a system that cannot possibly meet them would be misleading and self-deceiving.

    The Occupy movement’s drumbeat of “we are the 99 percent” implies not only the moral weight of the majority; it also implies that the solution must come from us, and not from the present elite rulers. We can’t make demands of the unproductive, elitist one percent; the solution must come from, and be implemented by, the majority.

    The present system operates by extracting wealth from communities and nature, and then sending it as tribute to financial and military centers of power. It does not acknowledge or support the well-being of the communities and natural ecologies that are the source of its wealth, and so it is fundamentally suicidal.

    Our response to this must be to stop the flow of tribute, and to preserve our wealth for our local communities. Any decision to send wealth beyond a given area should come from the people who live in that area. So I propose that the next phase of the Occupy Wall Street movement should be an Embargo Wall Street movement that keeps resources in local communities and stops their flow to the banks. The Occupy movement must transform itself into a movement for economic democracy.

    We see the beginnings of this with the transfer of funds by individual consumers from large banks to local credit unions. This transfer from global to local should be continued through locally-based initiatives to withdraw and withhold local and state funds and pension money from Wall Street, and put those funds to work on local projects that directly benefit communities. This can include an expansion of the local credit union system, state-backed loan guarantees for local projects and businesses, expansion of democratic member representation on local credit union governing boards, and the formation of government-owned state and local banks, so that representatives of the majority can more directly influence how their money flows back into their own communities.

    Once this has been done in a given area, I propose that the next phase should be an Occupy Our Communities movement to rebuild local economies by using these re-directed resources for specific local projects, chosen by and for the people of each locality.

    This approach also addresses the other criticism of the Occupy movement: that it has no leaders. The movement does need leadership, but that leadership must arise organically, at the local level, to meet local needs, not as some centralized anointed group whose only function would be to present a set of useless demands to useless elites who would be incapable of meeting them even if they were so inclined. Regional and national representation would have to be built from the bottom up, by delegations from these more local organizations.

  100. James White

    Dear Fellow Progressives

    As the monstrous J Edgar Hoover the “conspiracy is so great and so pervasive no one could believe it”. Anyhow I am incredibly impressed by the great demeanor of the protestors. I just hope that there is a luciferian at Langley who devised this whole milieu.

  101. Robert C.

    The supreme court did not set up corporations as separate legal entities. This was done in Old English Law. Trade ships would venture to foreign lands. Someone with not so deep pockets would invest a lives savings. Someone with deeper pockets would invest only 100$. The ship might sink during the voyage. The family of the crew members would attack the person with deep pockets legally. This lawsuit would take everything the deep pockets investor owned, even though the initial investment was only 100$. As a result no one wanted to invest in these risky ventures. To encourage commerce. The law set up the corporation. The amount that you invest in the corporation is the amount you lose. This protects an investors home from a corporate investment loss. The deep pocketed person would lose 100$. In America there are 3 interesting types of corporation. The C corporation. The S corporation. The LLC. For the new entrepreneur, The S corporation is usually used to conduct business from. Real Estate holdings and material assets should sit inside LLC’s. To isolate from risk of loss during a lawsuit, people who sue an LLC typically receive a charging order. Anyone anywhere in America can form a corporation. (The 99% should) Please start one. America needs entrepreneurs to start businesses and hire the unemployed. I am not an attorney, all examples are for demonstration only.

  102. Rafique Iscandar

    Sponsored By American Coptic Union
    Union of Coptic organizations in Europe and USA-UCOEU- Contact:, Tel 646-300-9548

    “Occupy Wall Street” is the Hope for America’s and the World’s Future
    • Wall Street and US foreign Policy are the roots of all America’s crises.
    • Wall Street controls the government of the US. The 1% has a power monopoly.
    • Wall Street continues to loot the wealth of the American people. This is the biggest robbery in history.
    • Wall Street infiltrated the two-party political system. Whoever gets elected serves the interests of the 1%, Wall Street, and the special interests.
    • US foreign policy promotes Anti-Christian sentiment in the Middle East, Europe, and US.
    • US foreign policy is responsible for turning the revolutions in the Middle East to a Jihadist and Islamic Extremist takeover. It’s “ Islamists terror Spring” not Arab Spring.
    • US foreign policy supports theocratic States in the Middle East such Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, and Tunisia. More theocratic regimes will emerge.
    • US foreign policy is waging new wars in Uganda, South Sudan, and Kenya. The 20-year war in Somalia is intensifying.
    • USA Supports Anti –Christian sentiment in Europe. The US bombed Yugoslavia 1998. The US infiltrated Catholic Churches and corrupted Christian values and societies.
    • Immigration Laws target South American Catholics while non-Christian illegal aliens are welcomed.
    • Media promote hatred against Christian faith, and continue to mock Jesus Christ.
    • In the Middle East: The US is using taxpayer money to fund Islamic Extremists, the military, and the government of Egypt to genocide Egyptian Coptic Christians.
    • In Israel: Christian holy sites are not accessible to Christian pilgrims. The Israeli Knesset passed laws against Christians. Jesus’ place of baptism was converted to a sewage plant.
    • In Iraq, Christians are fleeing their lands and homes because of US military aggression against them.
    • In Africa: Nigerian Christians are being killed. In the Ivory Coast, the US helped topple the Christian government.

    • jack siler

      This administration played cheerleader for the so-called Arab Spring, because they hadn’t a clue what was going on, just as the Bush administration ventured into Iraq out of their ego-blinded greed and ignorance. It will become worse.

  103. Fran

    You guys are not making a dent in the machine… Obama is just a simple conductor on a train, that will move on it’s TRACK no matter what you guys do. He’s just Bush in a velvet glove. The left right paradigm has already been bought and paid for by the Global Elites planned out in advance for Decades before you guys were even an itch on your daddy’s ball sacks. All of you Morons trained in the high art of Granola and Social justice don’t realize that that movement was encouraged and funded by the Ford foundation because they created this Bubble of social injustice just like they created the real estate bubble, and the education bubble.

    Listen to Alex Jones and GET A CLUE people, you have fallen under the illusion that you have a CHOICE all along. They, Global Elites bought and paid for the gender/race issue by ecouraging the Granola headed socialist underground to teach you guys revolution. That is why this country is falling from within they seduced you with ENTITLEMENT as well as the Right with their greed and separatism. The market will fall, but not because of you dumb slobs, but because that is how the Global Elites will OWN THIS NATION through the lust and greed of money and ideology lust taught in schools.

    The game HAS PLAYED YOU into this position both the left and right and we are slowly losing our rights arguging about somantics and politics, money and social justice and you guys are just too late to do anything about it but toot your own horns. Knowing that something is definately wrong, because you can see it feel it all around you. Yet the police state was way in place for this even before you guys had the bright IDEA to have a tamboruine circle jerk!

    You guys have bought into this long before you knew what was going on and all I can tell you to do is pray that we’re not all enslaved because of this. This was meant to be and planned out long before any of us were born. They played US ALL, Rich and Poor, the have and have nots. Now the GAME is PLAYING you right into a corner with your entitlement and social injustice. The market will crash and all the 401k will be lost, backed by absolutely NOTHING BUT your/our imagination and faith that the government gives a crap about you or I and that we actually have a choice; Yeah a choice between cherry coke laced with arsenic or vanilla coke laced with arsenic.

    GO HOME! CAMPAIGN! TALK TO YOU POLITICIANS! GET ORGANZIED instead of his hodgpodge of disorganized noise and angst. You are getting attention and sympathy but having no effect, my fear is that you are all already too late to effect any change in the system. And the only thing you were taught to do was have a tambourine tantrum with no goal or no thought of logistics in mind. They will give you a solution that will make you think you had an effect, but it will be worse or more of the same. One world government, One currencey, Slavery!

  104. Harmonic Resonance

    Our ego is the the 1% and the heart is the suppressed 99%.

    What is the use of tearing down Bank of America when we ourselves have similar corruptions in our own minds, greedy and deceiving not only our friends and families but even our very selves? What are our self interests and what is the ‘self’ in which these interests claim to serve?

    Numerous examples are there….

    Without any solid evidence we blame others and even prosecute them in our minds, words or actions. We ourselves don’t want to be wrong or to take responsibility. ‘Who took my _____?’ Then we discover later that actually we misplaced ____ ourselves. Often even after recognizing our error, we won’t apologize because of pride.

    We’ll interrupt others speaking because our ego feels it is more important. Observe how the television, advertisements, etc. talk to us, not with us. There is generally a one-way communication channel with the 1%.

    The 1% hungers without satisfaction for more. We receive gifts, food, shelter, money, clean air to breathe and earth to walk on without any gratitude or recognition. We feel we deserve what we get that is good. What we have is never enough- there is a new this or a latest that which we are craving and consuming. We too are trapped in the mindset of exponential growth syndrome, insatiable hunger. The corporations are no different, increasing bonuses and profits without any sight of satisfaction or a sense of what is enough.

    We give gifts not from our hearts with humbleness, we give gifts because we want something in return. Corporations give us a token, discount, or a ‘sign up for a free ____’, so they snatch us and our wallets to spend spend spend. Where has generosity gone? Where is genuine customer care?

    Though we may acknowledge the fuel-burning jets are contributing to global warming and all it’s implications, we still can’t restrain ourselves at the grocery store from buying those out-of-season specialties that have come from those very jets. Often we are completely deluding ourselves when we think we’re better than anyone else because we shop locally or organically. Look in your pantry. Who among us doesn’t consume sugar, chocolate, coffee, tea, and countless other luxury commodities which have now become to us ‘essential’ commodities.

    What about our healthcare? Do we take care of our own health or contract it out to others? Are we serving the 99% when we push our bodies to stay up late for a t.v. show, to over-exert ourselves, to consume take-out and too-good-to-resist junk food? Are we taking care of our ‘subordinates’ health like our children when we don’t have time to make their food and serve them processed foods?

    Sometimes we keep our selves misinformed under the guise that ‘ignorance is bliss’. We are afraid of the Truth and what changes that may imply. If we acknowledge certain things are simply not working for us, we will be obligated to change those things. So really, our ____ isn’t so bad. If we really look, we know. Of course we know but we choose to ignore or we control the ‘media’ input to ourselves. Likewise, if the corporations acknowledge even a fraction of the Truths about themselves and their actions, they would be forced to change.

    Let’s not be hypocrites. Ought we to ‘fight the good fight’ on both frontiers? Let us redefine the world we want to inhabit by redefining ourselves and leading by example. Look with scrutiny at the truth of our own state. Leave no stone unturned. If everyone led this movement by example of the very principles which we are asking for from others, there certainly would be a shift and that shift would be within the hearts of the people. Why not take this outrage as a great opportunity to practice. Practice generosity. Practice Truthfulness. Practice non violence in your thoughts. Practice all the noble qualities.

    Ghandi’s wise advice: “We need to be the change we wish to see in the world”.

  105. The Banker You LUV to Hate

    Stop your whining about bankers and politicians and own your own bank.

    A group of us got together to offer you an opportunity to do it – FREE. That way you can enjoy the same profits as “The Big Boys” and have the power to lend locally, fund local projects, create jobs and enterprise in your own communities and take control of “Americas Banking System” at the grass roots level.

    So are you going to sit around and complain about the system, or do something that resembles WORK. It means getting up at 6am five days a week. It means taking a shower and wearing a tie once in awhile. It means shaking hands with a borrower and solving their business problems with capital, with referrals to other advisers and taking a genuine interest in their well being.

    WE – the developers at Green Mountain Bank – have worked for the largest banks in the world. WE built Green Mountain Bank so you could take a crack at managing the capital, prosperity and destiny of your own communities.

    Forget the debates about socialism, capitalism or democracy. Given a choice between voting for another corrupt politician or helping a foreign nation, funding a military campaign, protesting about one of the above OR taking charge of your own community’s financial future – what will you decide to do with your precious time and resources?

    THAT is the big question today.

    As the Knight of Templar said to Indiana Jones before selecting the Holy Grail “Choose wisely”.

    • Deb

      You had me hooked till your last sentence. Quoting fictional characters such as Indiana Jones does not make your case. It rather suggests your entire statement is a fantasy.

  106. Chasw

    As long as WE allow our lawmakers to legally take bribes from lobbyists, the majority of Americans will suffer.

  107. cpa review course ratings

    Very great post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I have truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I’m hoping you write once more very soon!

  108. amy poelker

    i find it interesting that the occupy organization, is ok with the government but the tea party was not. with occupy the government says they are just people expressing their opinion. with the tea party the government says they are a threat to democracy.
    so with that you must decide…if the government which for the past 3 presidencies increased regulations that force businesses to do things a certain way-making their products cost more-which of course gets passed down to us. which told the banks they had to lend to people who could not afford the loans realistically-creating the banking problem(regulation)-which gave the banks the authority and time to change their policies prior to yet another regulation being put in place-causing the banks to rip credit cards from people, increase interest rates even on fixed for life credit cards, and lower credit limits. a government that decided it was ok for you and i to pay for everyones healthcare,(have you read this plan-do you realize that in 2018 what your company pays for you for healthcare will become part of your taxed salaries), lets not forget that the government regulated how much a bank could get from a retailer for use of their debit cards causing the banks to raise fees to again take more money out of the middle class pockets, gas taxes and regulations are what cause the price of gas to go up. so is it governments fault, capitalism’s fault or our fault?
    when our ancestor’s came across the sea’s to america-it was indeed to get away from a government that controlled their lives and kept them poor…double taxation…the boston tea party happened because of over taxation.
    think about it (the tea party) is about stopping the over taxation and regulation coming from current government.
    apparently occupy may think the same way, yet the tea party people did it legally with permits and occupy thinks they are above the law.
    the tea party started with a small group of people and grew.
    occupy was all of the sudden, taking over the country in every state-who organized this group, what are their real motives, why would the rich and the government support the thinking and method choice of this movement.
    have you heard of the bottom up top down theory….van jones stated-we get the people at the bottom to stand up and force an outcry so we the government are forced to top down(send in the troups to save the people) guess what folks when you let them save you, your freedom is gone. there may be some of you who think socialism, communism, marxism etc are a good thing…let the government take care of you. but that also gives them the right to decide how much money you can make, if you get the medical treatment you need or die, if you are smart enough to go to college or should be a janitor, if you are allowed to drive a car or must ride the bus, even if you should walk instead. if you can live in a house or must live in an apt, mobile home, shack. if you can have running water, heat, a/c, take a shower, eat baloney or steak.
    capitalism may not be perfect but at least you and i have control over what succeeds and what fails
    capitalism succeeds only on supply and demand
    if a company is charging too much money for their product-YOU have the ability to choose not to buy that product, when enough people do not buy the product guess what-the price is reduced or the product fails.
    today this is my philosophy-why because currently government regulation is causing and encourages corporations to fight harder to maintain their profit levels…the only way for you and i to fight back is to not buy.
    companies have to maintain their profits for their shareholders, or they cannot continue to grow and will fail. the shareholders lend them money that allows them to continue to build and create jobs….it’s a wicked circle.
    you and i decide if their companies are worth investing in.
    these same companies who create jobs have people to pay, people to give raises to, people to cover insurance on, government regulations to follow: eeoc, osha, epa, mandated minimum wage(btw when this goes up-so do their prices and labor/jobs get cut) etc…these companies have to pay federal, state, city taxes as well.
    lets look at it from this perspective: if you owned a house that you were going to rent out, let’s say it’s paid off but you of course still have to account for repairs, personal property taxes and realestate taxes. to round things off lets say realestate is 2000/yr, ppt is 500/yr, and repairs may accumulate to 1500/yr.=4000.00 projected expenses/year. now divide that by 12 months=333.33/month necessary to cover projected expenses. now you are not greedy but would like the rent of this property to cover the rent of your new home, you have reduced your house size because the kids moved out so your rent is only 500.00mth. so it’s decided your renter will pay 833.33/month for their rent.
    through the course of the year, you had to fix 2000 dollars worth of stuff, the taxes went up for both properties adding another 400.00 to the cost. so that’s an extra 900.00 you did not project into that year that will have to made up for in the following year, because right now you are 900 in the red. so assuming this could happen again you double the 900 and 1800/12=150.00 so your renters property must now go up 150/mth, now costing them 983.33/mth just for you to break even.
    corporations must do the same thing, so everytime we add a new regulation that costs them more money, or increase a tax, or require them to pay their employees more than they expected, or require them to offer insurance to every employee. the price of their products must go up and who does this affect the most? YOU THE CONSUMER…
    meanwhile your government keeps adding jobs to itself to control all these regulations and rules, they are required to pay industry standard wages….guess what pays those wages, their insurance, their wages….YOUR TAXES.
    THE GOVERNMENT also decided to spend your money over seas, AMERICA IS THE GREATEST COUNTRY ON THE PLANET. if our neighbors need our money, it should be our decision to send it over there to help them, how many of you do that now? on top of the tax money they are already sending over there.




    • Devin Burcham

      You nailed it, good job and keep spreading the word. it all comes back to personal responsibility. It makes me feel bad when I see so many confused people who are so angry, and the last person they look to to fix their problems is themselves.

  109. MXR Carbon Copy

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  110. Mark Gilbert

    A safer way to protest for occupy

    People for the People (OCCUPY AMERICA)

    This may sound radical, however; American citizens, tax payers and home owners are fed-up with the change we’re experiencing in Washington and the banking system. The people in this country are watching the stimulus money (ours and our grand-children’s money) slip away to wealthy businesses and the banking conglomerates who continue to get richer on our money… we are sick and tired of it… it is time for the people of this country to take action. There are many home owners still facing foreclosure and it will take years for these people to see any effect from the stimulus money, by then, for many, it will be too late. It is heartbreaking to hear of someone losing what would be their largest life time investment. What even makes it worse is that someone else with money buys the home in a short sale for less than half of what was owed or at an auction for pennies on the dollar as the banks do very little or nothing at all to help the current homeowners whose loans are now lopsided to remain in their homes. I currently have two mortgages (a first and second loan) for $139,000.00 on a home that is now only worth $25,000.00 with interest rates of 7.25% and 11.25%. I agree I owe the $139,000 and should pay for it as I committed, however, it is difficult for me in this economy with little work to make these payments. I have tried for 22 months to have them reduce my interest rates to make it more affordable, however, they tell me they cannot as I owe more than it is worth… where is the logic, I owe them the money anyway… lowering my rate would make sense so that I can meet my monthly payments and remain in my home. This scenario fits millions of others. Yet, these are the very same banks that we the tax payers are bailing out; what an unfair concept. It is time to take action. I wanted to put together a class action law suit against the banking industry; however, I could not find a law firm that would take on the banks for years of unfair interest rates. However, if all mortgage payers would (about 50 million plus) band together maybe the banks, the Federal Reserve and Washington will listen and hear our pain.
    The interest rate should be the same for all, regardless of a credit score. Credit score should only project how much one can borrow.
    Example: A $125,000.00 home, a person making $30k per year versus one that makes over $1m per year, would the rates be different, YES. WE SHOULD ALL HAVE THE SAME RATE.

    Example: If a person making $1m per year was driving a new Jag on tax payer roads and stops for gas, just as the person making $30k per year would the price of gas be the same, YES. We all pay the same at the pump but not when it comes to banking. TAKE ACTION.

    It is time to stop talking about what is going on and start doing something about it. If a law firm will not take on the banks as a Class Action suit then we will start an organization called People for the People (PTP). It will be the citizens, the PTP that will pave the way in putting this country back into financial stability one unified wave at a time as the Government can’t seem to get it right and is sinking us deeper in debt while they are only padding the wealthy. If the banks don’t want to listen to the PTP, then perhaps we need to do something to make them stop, listen and respond in our favor. A unified stop payment plan may just accomplish this. If we all stop payment to our mortgage lenders and spent the entire payment on things such as the local hardware store to purchase materials to repair or maintain the homes we are trying keep, a department store so we can buy clothing, supermarket for food or take the family out to a nice restaurant, this way the economy and local small businesses will get a quick stimulus boost. There is an estimated fifty million plus home owners that are paying over fifty billion dollars per month to the banks. We can shift this money directly to the economy for one or two months while the banks can think about lowering the rates in our favor. We know that the banks cannot take our homes for missing a couple of payments. We all demand instantly a sweetheart of a deal, no different than Chris Dobbs who received a 4.25% on his mortgage, why should we be treated any differently. The PTP can set up a Web Site and or utilize Face Book, You tube, Twitter and ALL other well known visited sites to inform the people of America how and when to band together, this would be a modern twenty-first century revolution, a peaceful revolution. There will be no need for Town Hall meetings with angry crowds, no need for tea parties and no marching to Washington which has no affect; therefore, there will be no riots on the streets, no police, no national guard, no military and no union thugs intimidating anyone as in the past, it will be a peaceful online demonstration with action where we, including many on the police force, national guard, military personnel and even the union thugs who are fed up as well and I’m sure they will participate and join in on this national revolution plea/action from our homes, our work places to make a grand statement and where we in a joint effort will be listened to. The internet will be our weapon. Perhaps this concept will be our future method for the government and big business to hear the voice of the people, where we could, in unison and numbers, help to reduce bank interest rates, petroleum costs, electric power, insurance, credit card rates and even remove a crook or bad guy from government office. People… we must unite… we are the numbers that makes this country what it is today but our power is being taken away from us by a small group who are depleting our finances, our voice and power more and more each day. We are the soul and strength of this country and no one should take that away from us. Our constitution reads… “We the people of the United States in order to form a more perfect union establish justice and insure domestic tranquility” must stand together and force this government and the banking system to do what is right for all and not just the few.

    STOP PAYMENT March 1,2012
    First wave of request:
    1. Give a Chris Dobb interest rate to everyone with an existing mortgage loan upon request without prequalifying or stipulations.

    2. If a mortgage payer can’t meet a payment, the payee submits an extension request form supplied by the banks and sends the form with the payment stub. The payment then would be added at the end of the mortgage life without penalties or credit score implications. The amount of extensions would be determined by the life of the loan, (example, a 30 year mortgage can receive 30 extensions throughout the life of the loan; 20 year can receive 20 extensions, etc.).

    The current mortgage rescue plan has one big catch
    Money-Saving Refi Plan doesn’t apply to 35% of home owners:
    Who Does Qualify? Millions don’t!
    Second wave of requests: To be determined at a future date.
    Let’s make our government and the 1% listen

    • Sally Marks

      If you borrowed the money, knew the rate, knew your home was overvalued and that you could not afford the payment, why did you borrow the money? Sounds to me like you dug yourself a hole and failed to provide a means to get out.
      When I bought my home, I made sure the price was ‘real’ (meaning not over inflated), I put half down (meaning I scrimped and and saved), I took out a fifteen year mortgage (to save on interest expense) and I made to payments every month (again, scrimping and saving). I paid the home off after 6 and 1/2 years. My car is ten years old. I have been saving for a few years so when the time to get a new one comes along, I will pay cash for it. I was out of work for four years due to the economy. I lived using my savings. I never bought what I could not afford.
      The ‘poor me’ simply is an unrealistic way to live. All the pictures I have seen of the OWS folk, they are all dressed in nicer clothes than I have, own more ‘gadgets’ and certainly eat better. They also complain they have no money. Hmmm, I wonder why? When I went to college, I knew if I took out student loans, the debt would overwhelm me. So I worked full time and took classes as I could afford them. It took six years. I graduated debt free. Each of my siblings did the same thing.

  111. Neil K

    Hey, could somebody clarify what Alex Stepanian’s relationship is to the NYC GA and this declaration? He is running a Kickstarter to publish the declaration. It seems to me that the NYC GA already has funds to publish this if they want.

    Also, you need to clarify, what is the license on this work? Can anyone republish it? Is it under a Creative Commons license, or something like that?

    I can advise you on this if you need it — I work for the non-profit that produces Wikipedia and deal with multimedia issues, particularly licensing. I’m a programmer, but I’m familiar with the law, and can talk to our lawyers here.

  112. Wayne Isaacks

    When the abuses of power and excesses of corporate actions so dominate a society that its democratic processes are stymied, its representatives give themselves as lackeys to corporate masters, and its people are essentially fettered as indentured servants to corporate purposes, the people must throw off the oppression. It is ever so. Now is the time. I pray that we may throw off the yoke of oppression peacefully, and preserve our democracy. The corporate powers have never yielded peaceably.

  113. Betty Donnelly

    I was given a copy of the OWS Journal on a visit to Liberty Park on 11 Oct 2011 I really didn’t think much of the movement until I read the article by Chris Hedges entitled ” This Movement will not stop ” this should be required reading for every American.
    Will this be a regular publication and how can one get on the mailing list ?

    Love Betty.. I can be reached @ .

  114. Vrej Grigorian

    I agree with most of the decoration, but it’s stating what you are against and does not show what we would do to fix the problem. In order to have a direction we need to know what we would do about it. It is not enough to know who our enemy we need to know how to tame them. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just say it: Tax them!!! Yes it is class warfare. They taken it all and now the middle and lower classes are suffering. That is a statement that all can agree on.

  115. BardOfEarth

    I am with YOU=You are my People! Protect Human Rights, Speak up 4 Environment. OPPOSE Corporate Personhood. For Labor, Freedom of Education and Information. At your service!
    Public Speaker/Singer/Songwriter/Performer
    JOB CREATOR see website above a sustainable power system to be built as a WORKER OWNED Co-OP help me build it PEOPLE WILL COME.

  116. Sue B

    May I propose one more grievance to the Declaration:

    They have imprisoned children as young as 5 for exaggerated or contrived offenses, while simultaneously allowing the financial criminals who brought down the world’s economy to go unpunished.

  117. M. King

    “But they had not gone twenty yards when they stopped short. An uproar of voices was coming from the farmhouse. They rushed back and looked through the window again. Yes, a violent quarrel was in progress. There were shoutings, bangings on the table, sharp suspicious glances, furious denials. The source of the trouble appeared to be that Napoleon and Mr. Pilkington had each played an ace of spades simultaneously.

    Twelve voices were shouting in anger, and they were all alike. No question, now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

    George Orwell

  118. Ken

    Do any of you not realize that this dilemma has been around since not long after the invention of the wheel? Do any of you not realize that these corporations have known for hundreds of years that we are not happy about it? Do any of you not know that the corporations DON’T CARE?! Do any of you know that you can’t change the current socio-economic landscape without doing one of two things? 1) Get elected to form the government which means you will be forced by these corporations to bend to their will and nothing will change……….. or 2) Forcibly overthrow the government and install a new one, after which you will realize you will be forced by these corporations to bend to their will and nothing will change.
    Pitch as many tents as you want, people. You can’t win. If you were meant to win you would have been born or married into the 1%. Get used to it..

  119. Luke

    Can we expect corporations to bring jobs and manufacturing back unless they are either restricted or incented? Is it fair to hold those who’s jobs were off-shored responsible for not taking personal accountability and re-training themselves for the jobs that are not being off-shored? Should government or unions be expected to somehow have prevented this or protect these folks? Is it even likely that the off-shored jobs are somehow going to come back? Other than tariffs or corporate restrictions/incentives, how else can these jobs come back if it comes down to corporate profits vs US worker’s ability to earn living wage? Our cost of living way too high here to compete with overseas workers and that’s not about to change. Instead of a check, should unemployment benefits be in the form of retraining, childcare, food stamps, and affordable housing? Can we quickly retrain the unemployed for the jobs that are in demand today? Is our economy far too dependent on domestic demand? How do we sell more of our products and services overseas?

    Changing the political/corporate power structure, campaign finance laws, or term limits may very well be a good thing but is it likely we’ll see these implemented any time soon given the current political/economic system? For now we need effective and achievable solutions today to get unemployed into sustainable productive jobs and start rebuilding our nations equity. I am very happy to have a job and be able to take care of my family but I am ever vigilant to ensure my skills are in demand as I am under no illusion that my job may not be here tomorrow.


  120. Ray Bilcliff

    If you want to know who to vote for as the next president of the USA, Vote for the one with the least money to spend on his/her campaign. This is the one who is not bribed and paid for.

  121. truthisgone

    Let the Bush tax breaks end. Capitalism will be fine. It will be invigorated by it. A thorough grommet cleansing…

  122. Bolog

    Hey Occupiers!
    Obama is the one who bailed out the banks…the failed solar companies, etc…there’s only one place that deserves your occupation…The White House.

    You should all start walking now, you wouldn’t want to line the pockets of the oil company executives with filthy profits from the purchase of fuels (let alone the greenhouse gases you will emit from all your vehicles).

    Don’t forget to pull up all your vegetables from your garden, you don’t want to line the pockets of the grocery chain executives along the way.

    Take your thickest and strongest clothes, you don’t want to line the pockets of the department store executives along the way.

    Side note: stop buying tents from REI, the executives at the top of that “Co-op” are lining their pockets with profits (let alone the large tent manufacturing corporations).

    …and by the way, there is a country just south of here that runs the way the ows prefers, it’s called Cuba and I believe it’s a short swim after your done with DC.

  123. the city of killeen

    Hi there, You have performed an incredible job. I’ll certainly digg it and in my opinion recommend to my friends. I am confident they will be benefited from this website.

  124. Katherinemp

    WOW- It takes quite a while to read through these- A few comments based on some of these that I think may have a point. First I commend OCCUPY for at least trying. The others sitting in the warm living room and being the ARMCHAIR QUARTERBACKS, shame on you. I have been to the park three time and left after awhile because I was cold. I went home to my warm house, they didn’t. THEY ARE STILL THERE. They lack some organization, clear goals, and identified solutions but at least they are doing something.

    People need to check out Alex Jones, research the Bilderberg Group, and connection to the New World Order. Alex Jones has stated many times when confronting the Secret Meetings of the Bilderberg group that we are not going to be their slaves. Check it out!!!US foreign policy now is creating and funding Anti-Christian movements first in Lebanon, now Israel, and Egypt. We have thrown Israel under the bus! And People think that Obama is still a Christian? Who knows if he is or not his actions I believe leave me to question. We are funding numerous projects around the world all on our backs and without out consent!

    What about healthcare? Harmonic Resonance- I do agree with this that we all have individual responsibility. But how many people are just doing the best they can after working their 40-80 hour work weeks and have no other alternative than to grab some ill prepared and unhealthy food just to get by? We all need to check out the Bilderberg group that meets in SECRET every year to plan for the next year. This group includes major political leaders from around the world, media, corporations, and the financial world. Anyone from USA should be charged with TREASON. We need to step away from TV. Movies, Video games, endless sports,, and shopping at the mall. Bilderberg counts on the fact that we keep pre- OCCUPIED so they will allow questionable food practices, fracking, chemicals in our water, chemtrails all to reduce the population because it’s not supposed to rise above a certain number of people in the world. This is our contribution to controlling the world population, did you know that? It is actually euthanasia. Bilderberg is already planning our next war. They count on us being asleep and unaware of what they are doing. WE NEED TO WAKE UP- WE ARE NOT THEIR SLAVES.

    How many of you have family or friends or yourself that got hired at a corporation and was quoted ex. $40,000 for a 40 hr. week only to find out the work load was so outrageous that it takes 80 hrs per week to actually do the job. I have family, friends, and myself that have been and are still in those positions. Exhausted at the end of the week, NO SOCIAL LIFE, POOR HEALTH, AND FEELING LIKE A SLAVE. Do the math for a minute. $40,000 for 80 hrs, equals $3,333 per month divided by 4.3 weeks in a month equals $775.00 for one week which equals $9.60 per hour. Beware when you go job hunting because annual salaries can lie. This is slavery! These people have homes to pay for, children to feed and raise, and student loans to pay because these are consider Master’s Level positions. So you can count on $50,000 in Student Loans, as well. ARE WE ALL STUPID? People intelligent enough to get through Graduate School and willingly getting screwed. I wonder how many jobs would be created if corporations were mandated by law to stop this abuse of salaried workers who by the way DO NOT GET PAID TIME AND A HALF FOR OVERTIME. $40,000 per year for 40 hrs per week which turned into 80 hrs. Keep in mind, at least in my mind anyway, that 80 hrs equals (2) full time jobs! HOW MANY JOBS WOULD BE CREATED IF THIS WAS DEEMED ILLEGAL? BETWEEN MY FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND MYSELF IT EQUALS AT LEAST TEN NEW JOBS. THAT IS JUST MY LITTLE CORNER OF THE WORLD. What about yours?

    I once worked in a position where i worked 50-60 hrs per week after Graduate School, got paid $24,000 per year and when all was calculated I was earning $3.00 less per hour than the secretary and I had student loans to pay! It was a non-profit job where during the holiday season I hauled free turkey dinners and all the trimmings to the families I worked with and bag upon bag of Christmas presents for their children. Problem was that those years my children went without Christmas presents and Christmas dinner, not to mention, sub-standard clothing and quality of life. DOES THIS MAKE SENSE? I DID EVERYTHING I WAS SUPPOSED TO, TRUSTED THE SYSTEM, AND FELT TRULY BETRAYED.

    Who can forget that with the Help of George Bush ( I am neither a republican or Democrat) that he allowed the banks to approve mortgages for people who would not ordinarily qualify just so more Americans could know the pride of home ownership. Even the people without the ability to save for the down-payment, afford the payment according to previous held percentage of 30%. Despite in previous years banks having that percentage to ensure the homeowner would be able to repay the mortgage. This was protective because the prospective homeowner had to have the down payment up front and the mortgage couldn’t be more than 30% of the owner’s gross pay.
    Not to mention the prospective owner had to prove that they could in fact afford the mortgage, by demonstrating ability to pay! President Bush allowed the banks to push all those regulation aside. Now look at the mess we are in with real estate. We need to change the regulations back to what worked in the past. I am not even going to get into the number of Home Equity Lines of Credit that have been mailed to me , my family, and friend’s houses to try to bilk the Equity out of our homes even when they can stay in them. Finally where are the regulations keeping banking institutions from taking advantage of the elderly. The reverse Mortgage sounds real good until the person does the math and figures out that in the end when granddad and grandma are in their last days they have no equity in their home and when they die the home is not passed to the next generation but goes to the bank instead. Where are the regulations for this stuff?

    In terms of home mortgages, and credit cards, the people who don’t earn as much, or with the worst credit score (including people losing their jobs through no fault of their own or people with health problems and disability) get the highest interest rate and people more able to pay get the lowest interest rate. THE PEOPLE WITH LESS MONEY STRUGGLE AND THE RICHEST JUST SAIL THROUGH. ISN’T THIS UPSIDE DOWN? Can’t we push for legislation/regulation to change this?

    In order for this movement to be strong there needs to be more SOLUTIONS not just complaints.Propose ideas for legislation and for regulating Corporate America, banks and Wall Street. I have to believe that when our country was established that the Public Policy that was set in place believed in the ethics of Corporate Man. Corporations received Tax deductions and Incentives in good faith by our Government and were expected to grow their companies, create jobs, and have salaries for all employees in modest percentage compared to the CEOs. Specifically to limit the earnings of the CEOs. It seems that in a public Policy class I took about ten years ago the theory was that CEOs were not to earn more than a certain percentage times the salary of their lowest paid employee. So the salary of the CEO, CFO couldn’t increase unless the salary of the lower paid workers also increased. It had to be in proportion and percentage. If this didn’t happen the incentive was supposed to encourage Corporate America to either raise the pay or create jobs. But not today, the Corporations are truly greedy and padding the pockets of the CEOs and other administration along with outrageous perks and retirement packages. So much so that if one of them majorly messed-up and they were fired they continued to receive the perks! Now if we were to get fired due to lack of performance we would lose it all. HOW ABOUT SOME PROPOSED LEGISLATION AND REGULATIONS TO STOP THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL. We need to stop this black/white mentality of either you are for the corporation/or there won’t be any more business. There is a gray area and it is through legislation and regulation.

    For the gentleman that identified that we are stock holders in companies and are neglecting our duties of voting as stockholders. I think that you are speaking like you didn’t lose your life savings in the stock market by Unethical Wall Street representatives. I have friends and family that have lost their life savings HOW THE HELL CAN THEY VOTE? Just asking , any suggestions? Also, When for ex. Walmart’s CEOs earn eight thousand dollars per hour and the lowly employee earns $8.00 how would you propose that they can invest in anything? Just asking, maybe you might have a creative idea. I LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR RESPONSE!!!

    • HotDogCartOwner

      Very simple response. It is so, so simple.

      You are the 99%, they are the 1%. They own 30% of the nations assets. You 99% own 70% of the nations assets.

      Start your own, Exxon, Goldman Sachs, Walmart, etc. with “economic justice”, and you will be able to make cheaper products than the 1%ers, right. Certainly among you are 500 CEO’s ready to compete against the Greedy CEO’s of the Fortune 500. Then we would have the OWS 500. All you need to do is look around you at the OSW demonstrations, there are scores of people with degrees from the Wharton School of Business and 35 + years experience in an industry, who would be willing to be a OSW 500 CEO and make $50,000 a year with no other incentive for their success. And, OSW has millions of protesters who will invest in these companies, so there is no need for Wall Street to be involved.

      It is just that simple!!!

  125. Jeremy Michaels

    A major contributing factor to this problem is Fox News and religious fanatics tricking the poor and middle classes into voting against their own self interests. They get them so riled up about cultural issues such as abortion and gay marriage that they vote for extremist conservative politicians who would rob them of every last dime in their pockets.

    • J P McMahon

      Jeremy, Your comment looks kind of weird being posted here, because I thought that the whole purpose of the OWS movement was to get people to look BEYOND their self interests to make things better for everyone, thus the 99% business. What is the self interest for the economically average part of the 99%, at least those that have jobs? Have stable remunerative employment that is reasonably bearable and includes a couple of free days a week? A place to live in with heat and A/C? Nutritious and delicious food to eat, that you don’t even have to prepare yourself? A functioning automobile with cheap gasoline? A cheaper and a wider variety of consumer products? A hospital reasonably near by? To have something happen pretty quickly when you call 911? A school to send your kids to while you are work that will, hopefully, make them a better person? Movies, and indie rock, and Nascar, and football, and American Idol, and Vegas? A church if they want to go there, and a nightclub if they want to go there? The Internet, and Facebook? Owning a Glock, or a jet ski? A secure feeling that the Janjaweed aren’t going to come riding into town and shoot everything up? The vast majority of people in this land have all of this stuff, and most of them don’t give a shit about who is running things. Making any kind of big systemic changes that remotely threatens the status quo is not something they want to hear about from anyone, let alone people camping in a park.

  126. Katie

    Are they also the source of all evil?
    The reason why people die?

    What else can we blame then for?
    Oh! The 1% is the reason my car doesnt run right. curse you 1%!

    • Marat Roux

      omg… basically this?

      SADE: that’s how it is Marat
      That’s how they see your Revolution
      They have toothache
      and need their teeth pulled
      Their soup’s burnt
      They shout for better soup
      A woman finds her husband too short she wants a taller one
      A man’s shoes pinch
      he sees his neighbor’s shoes fit comfortably
      A poet runs out of poetry
      and desperately gropes for new concepts
      For hours an angler casts his line
      Why aren’t the fish biting
      And so they join the revolution
      thinking the revolution will give them everything
      a fish
      a new pair of shoes
      a poem
      a new husband
      a new wife
      So they storm all the citadels
      and there they are
      and everything is just the same
      the soup burnt
      verses botched
      a worn and stinking partner in bed
      and all that heroism
      which drove us down to the sewers
      well we can talk about it to our grandchildrem
      if we have any grandchildren

      • Dar

        their Teeth hurt because the Food they are given is poisonous and destroys the body.
        Their soup is “burnt” because they can’t afford better food.
        They can’t catch fish because the waters are poisoned.
        their shoes hurt their feet because thats the way they were designed, to destroy the feet, making them have to pay more for special shoes.

        Profiteering at the cost of human resources has destroyed this nation.

    • Marat Roux

      but actually, prob. is the reason your car doesn’t run right because if we were truly efficient we would build cars that last a long time and well, that is not how we are presently doing things, not with a situation where they annually push new vehicles

    • Pax Unus

      Yes. It’s engineered obsoleteness. Check out “The Story of Stuff”.

    • Pax Unus

      Yes, to your car. It’s engineered obsoleteness. Check out “The Story of Stuff”. As to evil, yes somewhat… Follow the schooling system (The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America and John Taylor Gatto’s books.) and 440Hz a dissonate frequency monopolized for radio and tv electromagnetic waves.. Minimum wage is disproportionate to feed the people to the military. And both sides of WWII were funded by the banks of the same family responsible for the schooling of us and our children, and the establishment of the 440Hz. (my opinion: at least a third of Americans are biological robots to fuel the materials economy. Skinnerian psychology, frequency manipulation, “foods”, cosmetic products with toxins, and Everything else have been engineering tools.)

    • Dar

      when they are the ones who control and engineer society, yes. yes it is their fault. When 99% of people are sheep, and are shepherded by the 1% who control the money and the jobs in this society, YES IT IS THEIR FAULT.

  127. socrat

    What an astounding bunch of nonsense this Declaration puts forth. And the comments of the people here only reflects the pathetic state of history education in this country. It is clearly a socialist propaganda that has nothing to do with our democracy. This fiasco did not occur because of Capitalism you dummies. It happened because of the monumental failure of Congress to represent the People and the failure of the People to exercise their right to vote. We are by far the freest nation in the world and the richest. We, the People, have failed ourselves in continuing to refuse to exercise our right to vote. We have done more damage to our democracy by failing to hold Congress to task. We continually re-elect the same corrupt politicians who are responsible for the unleashing of the banking system’s greed. The banks did it in the Depression and they did it again as soon as Congress allowed them to in 1999. The banks are very predictable, past behavior predicts future behavior. All of you had better get back to school and learn the history of the founding of this, the oldest, democratic republic. Start by reading the Constitution and then the Federalist Papers. It is not the economic system stupid it is the nature of power in government. This has always been the truth and always will be. The answer is not about scrapping Captialism, it is about keeping Congress under control by the people. The only solution is term limits and the only way for this to happen is to demand the States to use their power under the Constitution to call a Constitutional Convention. And do not give me that crap excuse for doing nothing that the States will not respond or that politicians will not respond. Demand that they respond – tolerate nothing less! You all should be occupying Washington and your State governments not Wall Street!

    • Lauren Kennedy

      I don’t think anyone said anything able scrapping capitalism. As you pointed out: power invites corruption – or at least over stepping the bounds, wealth equals power in this country and corporations equal wealth and power. Why shouldn’t corporations be subject to the same rules and regulations to which citizens must adhere? That does not equal socialism. When banks and investment companies are allowed to make loans that they know will most like fail, and then use some economic instrument to bet on the outcome -(that they will fail), they make money for making bad loans. The game is rigged. If you don’t believe me, look into it, it’s a fact.
      In addition, a candidate must have extraordinary funds for a successful campaign. So, even though I do vote, my choices are limited to those people who are indebted to their corporate contributors.
      I think one of the points of this movement is to hold the government accountable, to encourage them to enact campaign reform, to reinstate regulatory guidelines for banking, investments, corporation, that were put in place after the Great Depression and have been dismantled in the last 10 years, in spite of the efforts of a select few Congressmen.
      You say its not the economic system, but then point out the bank’s greedy behavior. I submit that its the banks and corporations that corrupt the politicians with their promise of wealth, position, and power. Not that it is an excuse. our politician’s are, according to the constitution, suppose to be public servants, not corporate servants.
      My husband has worked hard to rise in his company. But when our group insurance premium is going up another 15% this year, we are falling further behind even though he has gone from entry level to administration. Insurance companies pay one third to one half less for medical services than an uninsured individual would pay. And that’s just one concrete example of how these big conglomerates have misused the system, and also somehow avoided the earlier anti trust laws that at one time existed. It is they, and other power brokers that are ruining our economic system. It isn’t capitalism that is under fire, it is the perversion of it that is the culprit.

      • William Hay

        …No what you are talking about is scrapping capitalism. We’ve already scrapped it though. Banks do shady things and then ulitmately they fail right? Wrong! The government gives the banks trillions of dollars to bail themselves out and claim that it is to protect the people. I thought that was what FDIC was for? The great thing is, both the Democrats and the Republicans gave taxpayer money to the banks so you can’t blame one or the other. How can you blame corporations for being greedy? The idea behind creating a business is to make money – that is capitalism. If you don’t like what they are doing, boycott their product and/or eventually, they will fall apart. Instead of letting capitalism take it’s course, the government made the gap even bigger by claiming some banks were “too big to fail” so they let the big banks get even bigger and let the smaller ones fail. The problem is clearly the government. I’m honestly not an affiliate of either group but I believe the Tea Party was complaining about similar things. I know that suggesting that Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party are similar in their gripes would probably cause a lot of people to disagree, but really, both are pissed off that the banks are ripping us off. One places the blame on the government and the other places the blame on the banks. Any way you look at it, both the Democrats and the Republicans gave trillions of dollars to banks to keep them in business which encourages them to do the same thing over and over again.

        To another point, what good do you think you are doing by camping out? Why don’t you guys go back to work and just boycott the products of the companies and vote in people who are willing to change the system. That way, you make your OWN money that you can then donate to politicians who stand for you and then they can dismantle the system you despise! That is the way a Republic works. I mean this is supposed to be spawned from Egypt and Tunisia right? Well, they were protesting the government and then overthrew thier government. You can’t overthrow a corporation.

        • lv

          what if a company doesn’t depend on your consuming? I mean weapons exporting, Hedge Fund and commodity futures etc… I don’t think there’s any goods made from Wall Screet that 99% people can consume it.

  128. indeed

    No mention in this declaration of the heinous treatment of Americans in the U.S.? No mention about the heinous “welfare” state treatment against the hard working U.S. citizens IN THIS COUNTRY? No mention of the discrimination against the accused “disabled”? No mention about the FDA preemption travesty, which prevents all redress against hateful medical industry, (except of course, the .01%)? Who the hell made themselves their own god? No mention of the ugly discrimination of the so-called health travesty?

    PERSONAL freedom is what I need. Not more welfare for masses crap. OWS, you have sold your souls to one-size-fits-all hell.

    • Jackie Wilson

      No they haven’t sold out their soul, they have opened up their soul. This is a living document, and if you want to be a part, and have your voice heard, than just attend a GA. If you want to help change the world, than send in your thoughts on what is wrong all over the world, when it comes to ordinary people realizing their dreams. All voices are heard, so let us hear yours.

  129. Marie

    Too bad this declaration (and this website) are in a hard-to-read bold and italicized font.

    Though, I wish OWS and/or the NYC General Assembly had the money to do more investigative reporting and publish their own facts to back this Declaration up. People like the commentators up there need to understand that this is real. They need to focus less on themselves and learn what is happening out there in the great big country that doesn’t revolve around them.

    Capitalism isn’t a bad thing. However, unregulated, capitalism, and the greed that come with it, drive people to do things that negatively affect others. Sometimes to the point of killing them. And that is not right.

    Who oversees the oversight agencies/organizations? At this point, only a few grassroots organizations. OWS/NYCGA have begun trying to bring this to light, but people are just too self-centered to listen.

    Good luck, guys. I’m with you. I’m poor as !#$% but I backed your project on kickstarter. Even I’ve got a dollar left on a BofA credit card I can give.

  130. Bill

    You all can claim any and all of these statements as fact, as much as you want to. Show me proof for every “Statement of fact”. I can claim the government knows the moon is made of cheese and that cows have a super power of invisibility, Its a statement that I might believe to be fact, but there is no proof to back it up.
    Some of these “facts” were only true years ago, and have laws in place to prevent such occurances from happening. or provide accountability if they do occur.
    Why are we asking for a form of communism IMO, when we are a capiltalist society? We have been since the founders started this country.
    My biggest beef with this movement is alot of complaining without a clear unified answer to, “Ok, we see these problems, How do you plan on changing it?”

    • Lauren Kennedy

      Sorry to inform you but the laws that prevented a lot of the “crap”, laws that were put into place after the Great Depression, have been steadily dismantled in the last ten to fifteen years. Look it up.

      • truthisgone

        @pihera Thanks Lauren for bringing this to light. Decimalization of equity markets by “bright light” Arthur Levitt absolutely decimated employment in the financial industry in 2000. The repeal of Glass-Steagall was a reaction to it. When my buddy Art took the spreads away, he wiped out 150,000 jobs. And who is his buddy, his royal highness, Emperor Bloomberg. History will judge both of you poorly!

  131. Ryan

    Ask yourself this:

    How many people in the world would accept 1 million dollars on the drawback that only a single person in the world would be spontaneously die as a result? Keep in mind, this person who is killed would be a stranger and not even remotely affect the profitting individual and the benifactor would not be liable for the death.

    The reason for this question is to provide prespective on the viewpoints and roles of a “1 percenter”. This is not to say a “1 percenter” advocates the spontaneous death of a random person. This is merely to point out a possible disparity of viewpoints between the appearance of a “1 percenter” and the reality of an impoverished person who gets rich.

    A “1 percenter” that started out poor, worked hard to get where they are and cannot be faulted, since others strive to do the same. Being a “1 percenter” disenfranchises you from some realities therefore some inequities of a previous life get forgotten.

    Everyone wants to “not struggle”, most want ot be mildly to filthy rich, while a smaller number is satisfied with simply “not struggling”.

    Everyone cannot be rich. It’s a simple fact. Even if all the income were equally distributed. It would eventually coelesce. Some people are just more talented than others.

    Let’s revert to the original question (see above). Obivously a poor person would be more likely to take the money, because they are poor. The more pertinent question here mirrors the original: “Who would choose something positive that they need to survive at the expense of another person’s feelings?” I would say 99% of the population, let’s face it there are “freaks” out there that would consider the others feelings.

    Simply put, rich business owners or executives or even legislators are still basically selfish beings trying to survive just like poor people are selfish beings trying to survive. A poor person merely has a bigger reason to be selfish, this in no way diminishes standard survival and human nature tendencies.

    The system can’t change because we can’t change. Even when the system collapses, a new system will take it’s place with just as many flaws as the previous. Whether those flaws are different or the same, who knows.

    • Evan

      Thanks Ryan. I can sense that you went further than most, being so talented, and bravely flexed the muscles of your intellect until you had a vision, bringing to light truth once unclear. I was really touched by one of your ideas, a gem really, that poor people are more likely to “take the money” because they have “a bigger reason to be selfish”.

      It’s amazing to see someone so ass-backwards, and so comfortable in their understanding of “human nature”. Obviously you’re not poor, or you think you were and are no longer. The poor, ostensibly, would have more reason to “take the money”, but being poor is to know what it is to live without, and so maybe empathy, charity and solidarity become increasingly tenets of the poor that the rich, especially the rich who believe falsely they are “self-made”, increasingly might not have. If anything I would contend that the rich, abstracted from the realities of money and the many, saturated in the medium of material well being, are more likely to make flamboyant and emotionally ill-informed financial bargains and decisions.

      This would illustrate that this isn’t a matter of cyclical events reproduced by a homogenized and codified population of equally selfish individual ambitions, but rather of dynamic and contextually embedded structural relationships that individuals play parts in, and that produce and reproduce themselves. As we are at least partially defined by our worldly relationships, we can never be understood as purely atomized, a priori individuals. This concept is liberating because it validates the exercise of free will as a process that can define and redefine relationships in the world, and thus change the environment in which individuals themselves are produced, reproduced, and defined (and thus no “pure” human nature).

      I don’t know, you might be smarter than Gandhi, but he said: “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Collectively we produce ourselves. We are short-lived, feeble minded, and ill-informed. So it makes sense that there is a common perception of mankind’s nature as inert over the millennia – the millennia that we can’t truly bear witness to. It’s easier to justify our nature and structures and thus the reproduction of oppression and domination, because it is wearisome to think and act differently from what you know and how you do.

      It’s tragic to me the amount of misunderstanding and hatred that is being poured onto the backs of the general supporting people of the Occupy Movement, who at least have the courage to see injustice, think change and act accordingly. The “selfish by nature” doctrine doesn’t really help anyone, bro, it just reinforces peoples sense of helplessness.

  132. vets74

    Pledge For Nonviolence

    1. As you prepare for Occupy Wall Street, meditate on life, love and the blessings of faith, hope, and charity.
    2. Refrain from violence of fist, tongue and heart.
    3. Walk and talk in the manner of love; for truth and love are the core of life, neither ambition nor the temptations of control.
    4. Sacrifice personal wishes that all might be free.
    5. Observe with friends, with false friends and with your foes the ordinary rules of courtesy.
    6. Perform regular service for others and the world.
    7. Pray or simply ask within to be moved so that all men and women might be free.
    8. Remember that nonviolence seeks Justice and Reconciliation – not victory.
    9. Strive to be in good spirits and in good health. We are the 99% and we must go in peace.

  133. atmoore

    Is it possible for the OCW supporters to write their own Declaration of Independence and have the courage to sign and publish it? As it is now, you’re message is too disjointed, disconnected, and granola and not representative.
    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”.
    – Thomas Jefferson
    “Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you”.
    – Thomas Jefferson

  134. HotDogCartOwner

    Evensteven said: “Now, next time you buy a 24 pack of toilet paper for $15, realize you are paying a CEO two and a half times as much for his “labor” as you are paying his 100 man crew that turned logs into neatly packaged, delivered rolls. Is that really worth it? Yes. Is the CEO’s take really earned? No. Is capitalism in need of regulation to be equitable?
    Economic justice is at the center of most of what #OWS is protesting”.

    Mr.Steven, you seem to forget that:

    You’re not forced to buy the toilet paper
    The “100 crew” were free to start their own toilet paper company, but they chose not too.
    The CEO was free to be a crew member, but he freely chose not too.
    You are free to start a toilet paper company yourself, that is more “equitable”, and pay yourself the same as the crew, so you can sell the toilet paper for $13.00 and put the other CEO out of business.

    As for your logger example, any ten year old reading it would come to the same conclusion: Stay in school, get a good education, work your butt off and save enough money to own a store and work their 12 hours a day, otherwise you might end up as a logger, who through his own free choice, barely makes a living.

    Economic justice is a form of enslavement of the successful by the drones..

    So, keep on protesting and not offering any solutions, meanwhile I will keep taking my Hot Dog Cart (it is a corporation and I am the CEO) to Occupy locations and make $300-$500 a day while you guys are laying in your tents, smoking joints and waiting for “economic justice” to give you a handout.

    PS…You guys need a calculator to add up the annual salaries and bonus for all the CEO’s in the Fortune 500. If you all of that money from them, 100%, it would only be enough to run the federal government for 2 days!! If you taxed all of the income of all of the 1% that would only be enough to run the federal government for 8 days. And, if you took all, yes all, of the assets of the 1%, that would only be enough to run the federal government for only 63 days.

    If we chose the last option, and took away every asset from the 1%, where would your toilet paper come from? Or, your clothes, or house or car or medicine of food. Face it, without the 1%, the drones of OSW would be fighting with themselves at garbage dumps.

    Good Luck…….Would you like sourkraut with the hot dog?

  135. HotDogCartOwner

    The declaration if a farce. It looks for some boogey man. Instead of reading “They have”, it should say “we have allowed.” Also there are no, I repeat, no solutions offered.

    The solution is so, so simple.

    You are the 99%, they are the 1%. They own 30% of the nations assets. You 99% own 70% of the nations assets.

    Start your own, Exxon, Goldman Sachs, Walmart, etc. with “economic justice”, and you will be able to make cheaper products than the 1%ers, right. Certainly among you are 500 CEO’s ready to compete against the Greedy CEO’s of the Fortune 500. Then we would have the OWS 500. All you need to do is look around you at the OSW demonstrations, where there are scores of people with degrees from the Wharton School of Business and 35 + years experience in an industry, who would be willing to be a OSW 500 CEO and make $50,000 a year with no other incentive for their success. And, OSW has millions of protesters who will invest in these companies, so there is no need for Wall Street to be involved. These new age CEO’s, unencumbered by limos, jets and mansions will lead the way and never lobby Washington for the dirty self interests of the new OSW corporations.

    Ladies and Gentlemen….start a corporation today that is based on “economic justice”, put your money and your labor where you mouth is………

    It is just that simple!!!

  136. HotDogCartOwner

    One question. What is “corporate greed?” Since the measure of greed has to be a number, what is that number?

    Is it a gross profit?
    Is it a net profit?
    Is it a net profit after taxes?
    Is it a Return On Investment of 1%?
    Is it a ROI of 3%?
    Is it a ROI of 5%?
    Is it a ROI of 9%?
    Is it a ROI of 20%
    Is it a ROI of 30%

    What exactly is it?

    Please give me a number that I can understand, so I can identify and boycott a “greedy” corporation.

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  139. Sam McKay

    This is great stuff, but what we really need is a better plan of action. The 99% Declaration is just that a plan for ACTION. This will help the PEOPLE of the United States of America take back control of our government by way of one of our few remaining CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. Please read this and show your support by joining and volunteering. This needs to spread like wildfire to the masses much the same way OWS did.

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