No Police Liaisons

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Extended discussion of the possibility of having police liaisons. Consensus was that we will not have representatives of this body going to police, but we will deal with police as they come to us, and tactical and security and legal will work together to handle this problem.

Occupation of Liberty Plaza

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The following items were decided:

We will stay in Liberty Plaza indefinitely
We will rename Zuccotti park to Liberty Plaza
We will maintain the space and will be responsible for its up keep
We will select working and thematic groups

Some Groups that have been suggested (and are active):

Working Groups: Security, Food, Legal, Tactical, Sanitation, Media, Internet
Thematic groups: nuclear power and the environment, Student education

NYCGA Minutes 9/10/11

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NYC General Assembly- Pre-Occupation


Location?, 5:30p

Facilitators: unknown

Stack taker: N/A ?

Time keeper: N/A?

Minute taker: Richard.

Process Review.


    1. Committee Report Backs
    2. Individual Report Backs
    3. Passed Proposals


National Lawyers Guild
HOTLINE FOR ARRESTS September 17: 1(212)679-6018.

it was recommended to call them if you hear of an arrest or if you are arrested.

Send Legal Questions (What can I do legally and where?) to N.L.G. prior to September 17 same phone number.

starting Monday: 1(212)679-6018

Aim to protect protesters

Will attempt to coordinate representatives for those arrested

Legal to sleep on sidewalk with a few specific restrictions

If you are being arrested, try to tell people around you: Who you are; And that you are being arrested (which may be obvious)

Not obligated to speak to police. Within rights to wait for a lawyer (Miranda Rights & the Freedom of Speech [or not to speak])

N.L.G. Observers are being worked out, but spontaneity of September 17 is causing logistical problems

1.1.2 Misc. & stratified reports: Something is going on:

Amarachi Lounge

Tuesday, 7-9pm

325 Franklin Ave.,

Brooklyn, NY 11238

map, directions:

For further direction to get here, call: 646-641-4510

Coordination Contact:
? Successful Manu Chow concert outreach
Civil Disobedience Training
Tuesdays 6:30-8pm
16 Beaver

Coordination Contact:


Achieved $800+ in donations, could use way more

Need people to help deliver food to Wall Street and the people on

Needs people to help shop and dumpster dive for good, wasted food

Could use more experienced dumpster divers
SPREAD THIS INFO: The website to donate money is or

Coordination Contact: to see how you can help food committee


Failed to produce a working website as of September 10th

Provided assurances website will be up by September 17th


Live Streaming Workshop
Monday 8:30pm


84 Havemeyer St

Brooklyn, NY 11211


Coordination Contact:

Indie media teams plan to be present


Legal fact sheet to be released within the week.

UPDATE: Legal Sheet Ready:


NY Students Rising
September 16, Friday 5:00pm

Hunter College
(Get drunk?)

Coordination Contact: ???

1.2.1 Someone is gathering volunteers to help provide access to board & bathe logistical spaces for out-of-towners (click here to view the google doc)

1.2.2 Communications Committee Planning

If you want a part in keeping info flowing on September 17th
contact or the tactical committee,

now the Communications Committee
Translations from English to other languages for outreach is important Formation of thematic groups is important for developing bonds within NYCGA & for allowing more proposals to get passed in assemblies with less ideological or semantic debate.

Saying the phrase, “I formally propose” when proposing an item for consideration within the GA.
Spain’s “Take the Square” movement wants a contact within the NYCGA to coordinate actions.
NYCGA unsure which of having demands or no demands is more prudent.

Language introduced involving solutions instead of demands.


The New York City General Assembly (NYCGA) of September 17th be organized initially in one massive meeting with the purpose of:

providing essential points of information for simply conducting a general assembly
providing help and information necessary for the NYCGA to split into smaller assemblies capable of facilitating their own fair, democratic process, if it were that a critical mass of people is reached within the initial assembly; with the knowledge that if these goals were to be impossible to achieve, a backup plan would be implemented.

The smaller GAs then formed would be offered the suggestion to frame the discussion of their proceedings under the following guidelines:

Begin with a discussion of problems that we as individuals, we as a community &/or we as a society are facing, will face, or have faced.

Then a discussion of vision for the future.

Finally, a discussion of what one may possibly feel are solutions to the problems that were discussed or otherwise.

Volunteer Facilitator teams begin by deciding on which process to use that allows a fair and diverse recognition of voices within the assembly they facilitate.

1.3.2 The next NYCGA meet at 3:00pm, making its next meeting:

September 17th, Saturday 3:00pm at Chase Manhattan Plaza.

Hold the initial, massive NYCGA for 30 minutes with the possibility to extend.

The NYCGA will have NO marshals, nor will any be recognized as such by the NYCGA, with any powers to make decisions on behalf of, or speak for, the NYCGA.

A statement was approved for distribution for NYCGA outreach. Read it here

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