NYCGA Minutes 9/21/2011

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Date / Time: 9/21/2011, 1pm

Location: Liberty Plaza



F: The general assembly is about to begin. You shouldn’t be shy, you shouldn’t be far away, because it’s hard to hear people with different ability to vocalize what they’re saying. Please come closer.

F: People need to be patient with the process and each other and please come closer. Second we need two people, we need two people to act as human mic’s, one over there and one over there so people can hear.

F: On this point if you hear there is an arrest, stay where you are. It’s not helpful. Certain people that have the responsibility to help will go. But this general assembly is important.

F: Hey everybody, if everyone could move forward it will be easier to hear. So please move forward and stay seated if possible. And please keep isles.

F: I’m Katchup, and I’m Emery, and we’re facilitating. I’m a little nervous cuz it’s my first time but this is going to be great.



5.1.  Agenda Items

5.2.  Announcements

5.3.  Principles Group Presentation

5.4.  IWW Discussion

5.5.  New Proposals and Agenda Items

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Principals of Solidarity Break-out Discussion

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What is so extraordinary about what we’re doing here together is that we are pre-figuring the world we want to create in the here and now together. So tonight we are going to break up into groups and come up with, collectively, our principals of unity. Our principals about how we make decisions together, we make food together, we make media together, our principals that guide how we act now, and the world we want to create. Ready!? Principals of solidarity!