Draft Proposal for Wednesday 10/26 General Assembly: Shipping/Inventory/Storage (S.I.S.)

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Need: Requesting funds to purchase SHELVES

Amount: $2500

In case you haven’t heard, people from across the world are big fans of ours. S.I.S. receives hundreds of packages for Occupy Wall Street every day. As we work hard to sort and deliver all of the shipments, we are working equally hard to organize the storage space for working group surplus. It is a large task. There is a lot of stuff! Before we can have the conversation about what to do with our surplus, it is important for us to know, exactly what we have. That is the “I” in S.I.S. : INVENTORY.

There have already been many generous donations of shelves. This is helping us turn unruly piles of supplies into a coherent stock room. This is essential if we are to tackle the massive and necessary task of taking inventory. We have 25 shelves in all, and they are all allocated to groups, with piles of supplies still covering the floor.

We are asking for $2500 to purchase more shelves. We would like to have them before the weekend as this is the only time that packages aren’t flooding in, and is most conducive to organization and counting. Based on our research this can be used, at least, to purchase and transport 20 more of the shelves we are currently using. We will wait to purchase these shelves until Friday. If we can find a better deal before Friday, we can always use more than 20 shelves. This will not only facilitate an efficient and accurate inventory, but will also create a more useful storage space for ALL working groups.

Thank you,


NYCGA Minutes 10/25/2011

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Meeting Date/Time: 10/25/2011 / 7pm EST

Location: Liberty Plaza

Facilitators (F): Saresh, Marissa

[Editor’s Note: I’m not sure, but I think that these minutes stop prior to the end of the actual GA. It cuts off during Working Group Report Backs and there is no section for announcements. If anyone has further notes taken at this GA, please let us know at owsminutes@gmail.com.]

Stack: Peter, Time: Christina

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Working Group Coordination Meeting Minutes 10/25/2011

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OWS Working Group Coordination Meeting #37 Tuesday 10/25/11

Agenda Items:

* Sanitation
* Community Watch
* Policy for press attending meetings
* Personal donations/transparent financing
* Food distribution


Olivia report back from Outreach: Nov 11-13: Occupy Your Time

o Building support from community groups
o A time for supporting groups to present teach ins and community projects. Expand dialogue at Liberty Sq. to all over NY.
o Need to talk to working groups with Outreach subcommittees: If you have contacts with other GAs, talk to them.

Laura reports from Food

o Talk today at 2pm about how to curtail eating times and how to distribute food to working groups
o Ongoing conversation.
o Talk to them in the kitchen
o Will report back to 7pm Peacekeeping meeting
o Ben reports back from Community Relations
o Meet at 6, talk about agreement with drumming
o George reports back from Movement building/InterOccupations working group
o Last night: conference call with lots of other Occupations around the country
o 6pm meeting at 60 Wall St.
o Hoping to get another occupation to facilitate a conference call.
o Rick: alternative currency working group
o Money IQ tests, speakers at 60 Wall St: successful day
o Other events to come
o Evan from Open Source
o Developing website for sharing skills
o Max from Direct Action
o Labor Outreach Group in Brooklyn at 5pm today
o Friday 2-4pm drop off letters to banks.
o 10/29: march in Queens about foreclosures
o Andy from Facilitation
o 3 Bronx GAs
o Last Saturday: marched on Chase Bank
o Announcement: don’t lose sight of what we created by going to too many meetings and events! INREACH! Do a community watch.
o Community Watch meets 10pm every night at drumming place
o Jonathan: FUN working group!
o Meet 3pm Wed. by artsy red sculpture
o Josh: visitor from another group to learn
o “Boomer’s guilt”: lots of love and support coming to you all!
o Joe (?) from Alternative Economies
o Worker’s Coop Committee, other committees
o Trying to start printers’ coop
o Sully from Facilitation
o New Spaces and Scheduling Working Group: keeping track of off-site spaces, help with scheduling time

Internet group

o Conference call to work on project management

Beth from Press

o AM radio station broadcasting tomorrow. Need guests!

Amanda is Occu-Hopping! from Oakland

Terra getting more involved

Yasmine: first meeting of Entrepreneurs at 5pm

Deborah: working against workplace bullying

Randall from Outreach

o Proposal for march to DC for MLK day. Working with DC folks

Kim starting group called Homelessness and Allies

o March for homeless people in the future

Farrish: continuing support

Debra joining Community Watch and Fun!

o CONCERN: people on the news concerned with fire hazards at Liberty Sq
o Update: biodiesel coming soon.
o Debra: asked firefighters to come down, but they said they can’t


Sanitation: Murdoch

* Sunday: element of fear in the park. Frustrated. Press already reporting on this. Need to be able to call ourselves out if we’re calling the world out
* Signs with sanitation and food saying, “We will clean up your occupation, not your party.”
* About violence: need signs that say “This person is violent” to use when someone is threatening.

Evan: “culling out” is not useful language. Shouldn’t do “us vs them.”

Max: community not enough informed about this. Have mediation or small group

Answer: it’s been done

Community Watch report back

* One violent incident in which someone was pushed out of camp
* Drinking
* Someone selling drugs. All of community watch went over, the guy left

George: call to action to social workers in the city.

Debra: crack and heroin in the park. Remove the tents? Also, it’s ok to talk to the media about this because we need to be open about it

Farrish: can’t help people who don’t want to help themselves. Going to have to make a decision

Community Watch

* Meet at 10pm at drumming area

Policy about press and the media at meetings

* Rick: Need to embrace transparency and set a presidency.
* Josh: something to identify people as not wanting to be on camera
* Beth: meetings were always open to the press. A few days ago, coordinators meeting decision that press would identify themselves and people at meeting have to decide that whether they can stay.
o It’s a public space: they can leave or stay
* Andy: hope we can have GA decide this. THIS is the most inspiring part of this revolution.
* Joshua: Trinity Church asks that we get permission before filming onsite
o Ask for Nathan Brodsky: he’ll give you permission pretty easily
* Terra: important to have transparency, but need to create space where people feel safe to share
o Response: that’s easy to set up.
* Joshua: be aware of security culture. Anyone could be an informant.
* Working group to bring this proposal to the GA? Press will do it
* Important to have independent free press in the camp.

Donations within working groups

* Evan: skill share, project proposal page important for transparency
o Individual projects comprised of people from multiple working groups can get funded directly
* What are we doing with Community Watch and Security to deal with people panhandling for drugs on site?
* Joshua: propose that we have break-away group that focuses on this
* Evan: it’s not parallel funding that’s sneaky. It can be transparent and not centralized
* Kim: great point, but GA not passing funding all the time, and those folks still need the money.
* Kaspar: from De-escalation. About people with buckets getting money for themselves. Need to make signs and point those people out.
* Worked with finance? Evan: yes

Random announcements

* Sean: security is really important. On the ground presence in the park important
* Charlie: consciousness group. Putting together team to go to all Occupations. Meeting at 11 at 60 Wall. occupywithin.

Coordination Meeting Minutes 10/24/2011

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Coordination Meeting

Facilitator: Chen

Agenda Items:
36.1.1 Reportbacks
36.2.1 Are folks getting what they need from Info?
36.3.1 Off-site Support Space
36.4.1 Discussion of Peacekeeping Meetings
36.5.1 How Groups are Created and Maintained
36.6.1 Moving items and fund to other occupations

36.1.1 Reportbacks:

36.1.2 Internet: The minutes email can be minutes@nycga.net, plus on the resources section of the website, where it can be formatted as a file.

36.1.3 Community Relations: We are working to negotiate new off-site work-space. We’d like a group to help coordinate the use of the space we have and the space we’re getting.
We want to figure out some of the points of progress we’ve codified, drumming seems like a big problem, and we have a hotline. Our job is to reportback between the community and OWS groups

36.1.4 Alternative Banking: We had a 17-person meeting with a conference call. We spoke with Alternative Economy about handing off the Bank Transfer Day. We also spoke about credit unions or alternative banking. Next Sunday, 3-5, East 20th, 5th Floor.

36.1.5 Library: We’re showing movies now. We’re using this earpiece thing to broadcast sound.

36.1.6 People of Color and Outreach had a organizing lunch, with 200 people, talked about OWS in the boroughs. It went really well, it was twice the size of the last one.

36.1.7 Spanish: We had our meeting yesterday, with 50 people and more digitally. Next Sunday, 60 Wall, we will meet again, English speakers welcome.

36.1.8 Environmental: 4PM, 60 Wall St.

36.1.9 Facilitation: We’re starting an on-site facilitation table 10-6PM. We’re working on a proposal to make the General Assembly process more efficient, which will include a 24-hour feedback period before proposals hit the floor.

36.1.10 SIS: we’re doing well, taking stuff in, giving it out. Going to GA to get a monthly fee of $500 for UPS. We want to buy shelves, too. Please spread the support. owsshipping@gmail.com

36.1.11 Open Source: We’re looking for project managers to help us implement agile development. Please get in contact with me, drew, or shen.

36.1.12 PR: We’re putting out info about finance, which is a big PR soft spot, as well as community relations and we’re liaising with the cops.

36.1.13 Info: We’re coordinating with internet to have quicker information flow, plus we can update the website for folks. We are buying laptops, which we plan to defend with a bulldog. Please let us know what you need.

36.1.14 Education and Empowerment: There’s a lot going on, a lot of folks are scattered. WORKING GROUP meeting Friday, 8:30. A subcommittee is Nomadic University.

36.1.15 Food: We have a mealtime schedule to try. 730-10 breakfast, 1130-330 lunch, 6-10 dinner. We’re planning to attend the conference we’ve discussed. We’re working on making our distro to working groups smaller and better.

36.1.16 Comfort: We have a ton of tents and sleeping bags, we want to give working groups with folks at Liberty priority on those.
On Tents: Can we use them? We don’t ask for permission, and some are, in fact, up. We have concerns that the tents hide unsavory activity.

36.1.17 Structure: We’re thinking of pushing our spokescouncil proposal back to Friday. We’re doing teach-ins to Wednesday, then putting something online with all the feedback we’ve gotten.

36.1.18 Peace Council: There’s a lot of concern with safety and other issues. We think there’s drug dealing, local gangs on hand, according to security, which is unreliable.

36.1.19 Internet and Open Source want you to come to us with concerns, etc., about the website. We are doing the project management thing.

36.1.20 DA: We are now a hub, not a vanguard. 2PM Trinity Church. Stop Government Sorcery march to the Secret Police at 2Pm.

36.1.21 Stop Stop and Frisk: We took people up to Harlem, there was civil disobedience. About 5 were arrested from OWS. October 22d march had 700 from here.

36.1.22 Finance: Posting our balance sheet today, online. I can’t do it hour by hour, it’s more month by month. We had some miscommunication from internet, I had to go to Boston, but I have a balance sheet right here. I’m trying to find it now. Balance about $423,000. Please look to the website for this balance sheet.

36.2.1 Proposal to adopt a meeting structure:
We will have 1 minutes report backs, ask for members of press to leave at the beginning of the meeting, have 5 minute items, and cap the meeting at 90 minutes.
36.2.2 Friendly Amendment: Let’s have a co-facilitator.
36.2.3 How do we decide to adopt or carry items?
36.2.4 We already do a good job self-policing what is important, we probably don’t need this mechanism. If someone is taking lots of time, we have a breakout group. That can be items that are less universally relevant
36.2.5 We could use Google Docs for agile development and agenda development.
R: I don’t have a lot of internet access. I don’t like that because it shits people out [twinkles].
36.2.6 We can list what items are on the agenda, bump items to the top, or reject them.
36.2.7 Isn’t this is already the same meeting structure we use?
36.2.8 When we make decisions about the internet, we do it in person. Also, please make sure decisions to take more time do not take more time.
36.2.9 Please create a structure for a takeaway action and bring back the proposal.
36.2.9 Friendly amendment: Let’s briefly review minutes at the beginning of meetings.


36.3.1 Tents Item merged with peace Council.
We have formed our own ghetto, which is a security and social concerns. We have local gangs, as well. Food and comfort is free, it’s police free. We’re trying to get identifiable sashes for people who are up all night, maybe 15, to do a direct action and move people out of the park. Let’s make it slightly less accommodating. Close the kitchen at 8PM. Folks stay up to 4AM, sometimes police come in. Tents are a concern because they hide things and enable people to sleep later.
36.3.2 Do we have professional drug workers, health workers?  We should do harm reduction.
36.3.3 Police are letting it fester, but we do have some health workers.
36.3.4 Everyone needs to join this group. It’s a huge problem we need to deal with, and direct action folks need to be ready to use nonviolence. We can’t neglect the society we want to change.


36.4.1 Off-site spaces.
We have the storage space. We need to assemble support for that space. Outreach, archives, food, comfort are using that space, need to step up to cleaning and taking care of it. The support nerve center we’re looking at, other folks looking at office space need to talk with me. I need help thinking of how to proceed on moving working groups into it, etc.
I’ve been contacted by a donor who woks with real estate and NY city planning. She’s looking at office space or live/work space.
The space we’re looking at could probably have every working group move into it tomorrow, we just need to figure out how to allot the space, etc. There is no cost.
36.4.2 We have a lot of space offers. Let’s ask for space of sufficient size, with power and internet. We should say, this is what meets our qualifications, let’s work from there.
R:That’s the whole idea.
36.4.3 Could outreach work on outer borough spaces? We are making progress on this.
36.4.4 The more the working groups move from Liberty Plaza, the more we neglect our symbolic space. A Breakout could be arranged


36.5.1 How groups are formed and maintained.

Drew was asked to remove demands working group. There is no formal process of what a working group is.

36.5.2 This is very pertinent to the kitchen because we have a lot of people coming from working groups to get food. We’re trying to limit doing this. We agreed to limits in another meeting, but some working groups feel left out of that decision. Some sort of legitimacy would help us.

36.5.3 As a structure member, I want to remind folks of our teach-ins and the fact that a spokescouncil would help solve this problem. This meeting was talked about as a spokescouncil model. Temperature Check: Positive.

36.5.4 If we did that, we would need someone from structure to do that.

36.5.5 As SIS, we have been policing working groups as folks try to get supplies, but it shouldn’t be our responsibility.

36.5.6 Proposal: All working group registrations should go through info.
Extended for 3min.

36.5.7 This is totally contingent on spokes councils. Nothing to be done here.

36.5.8 With finance, we can cut off funding for groups that don’t bring receipts, maybe even for folks who break agreements (drummers).

36.5.9 Walkie-talkies, sashes would help.
I’ve cut off funds to some people who I don’t believe are consenting with a legitimate working group. It’s a problem. We need to register.

36.5.10 There is a form at info. Does it need to be ratified in some way?

I36.5.11 nfo: You register, you ID yourself visually, you talk to finance to make a budget.
Info and finance should meet now, coordinate this issue as we wait for the spokescouncil.


36.6.1 Sharing Resources.
The Metro brought a concern in a story, that have lots of resources and are not sharing them. Let’s figure out how to share.

36.6.2 I got a call from Boston and Oakland, saying they need specific stuff. Let’s have a weekly call to distribute our wealth. Let’s have a national legal fund.

36.6.3 When we talk about the spokecouncil, it came up that maybe the funds it was dealing with should be for the whole movement. If we figure out how to disburse them, then we have more legitimate claim to what’s left.

36.6.7 The library has been spreading its wealth already.

36.6.8 Occupy Together is supposed to be a clearinghouse.
R: It is just a website, it is very nebulous.

36.6.9 We have $416,000 in the bank, we’ve spent $60000, it’s a lot, but not as much as people think. I’d like to do some sort of percentage thing, as well as especially moving in-kind stuff.

36.6.10 Let’s focus on supporting occupations in NYC first.

36.6.11 I’m going back to Colorado, my plan is to spread this. If there’s things to share, that’s great, but relationships and skillshares are what’s needed.

36.6.12 How can we share with other occupations if we can’t share with our working groups?

36.6.13 One of the main complainers was Philly, but food is going to a conference there. If we can get a truck, we can bring them supplies. Anyone who could help, see me.

36.6.14 I don’t think we can rely on one article to decide that to do. The media are looking for whatever chinks they can find. Let’s be deliberate. We should also thin about internat’l occupations.
Breakout group on this today.

Betsy and Drew will co-facilitate, Daniel from Structure will help to make the spokes council happen.

NYCGA Minutes 10/24/2011

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Meeting Date/Time: 10/24/2011 / 7pm EST

Location: Liberty Plaza

Facilitators (F): Naiva Star


F: Good evening! We are the facilitating team and we welcome you to this General Assembly on October 24th, 2011.

My name is Naiva Star (?) I will be Co Facilitating.

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Direct Action WG Minutes 10/24/2011

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Direct Action Working Group Minutes, 10-24-11

Facilitator: Sandy

Note taker: Madeline (note: I’m sorry, I didn’t catch all names of people involved. A “?” indicates I didn’t get the proposer’s name.)

Introductions: about 40 people attended, of whom about 15 were at the meeting for the first time.

Report-back on this morning’s working group coordination meeting

Zack agreed to do the GA and working group report backs, and will come to tomorrow’s meeting.

Proposed actions discussed in breakout groups. (Minute-taker’s note: I’ve grouped any report-backs with the action announcement, in hopes of making it easier to read)

Carl: monitor city council meetings on use of parks, on finance, etc.

Kira: Nov 17 general strike. Reportback: more thought and discussion needed.

Jerry: action at Nov 30 conference in NYC between military contractors, banks, etc. Reportback: plans and interest growing; see me.

Robert: Occupiers Guide on Civil Disobedience—help put together

Helena: Oct 26, 10 year anniversary of Patriot Act, vigil

Ethan/Dave: hydrofracking & tar sands, Nov 21 action, OWS Environmental Solidarity and United for Action. Reportback: Trenton NJ; there will be free busses.

Ken, Sierra Club: Oct 30, 2-4pm, demonstration in solidarity with OWS, about corporate greed and rape of the earth.

Josh: Oct 26, Healthcare working group march to private insurance companies. Reportback: we still could use more pacers, runners, ushers.

Anthony: Nov 13, silent walk to WBAI

Max: Oct 26, silent walking meditation. Reportback: meet at red structure at 1pm on Wed.

?: bell of hope. (reportback tomorrow)

Max II: drummer de-escalation; request that direct action help with strategy after DA meeting today.

Sam: DA trainings, proposed strategic action planning at Wednesday’s DA meeting. Reportback: we will have DA meeting at 52 Broadway on Wed Oct 26, with trainers available during breakouts and after full meeting for troubleshooting on event planning.

Alex: Occupy the Boardroom message delivery on Fri Oct 28; March Against Banks planning. Reportback: pacer training tonight (Oct 24) under red structure. Meeting at Bryant Park at 2pm; 2 marches, 2 to Citi and Wells Fargo, the other to Morgan and B of A, convene at Chase at 4pm.

?: Nov 1 march to Cuomo’s office in NYC, solidarity with Occupy Albany. Meet at Liberty Park at 11am, Bryant Park at noon, then to Cuomo’s office.

Ari: Oct 29, South Jamaica, Queens, action about foreclosures—Occupy the Hood. Main organizer is New York Communities for Change, 718-600-5857. Reportback: Plan is to meet at 10am at Liberty Park; take J train (subway party!) to arrive at Liberty Ave & Guy R Brewer Blvd (York College) at noon. Proposal: that this be the official march action for Saturday– CONSENSUS. Asked for $ for occupiers to take subway—CONSENSUS.

?: winter viability

Erin: march for police pensions (reportback tomorrow)


Please respect Trinity Church’s space; keep clean, don’t sit on headstones.

Rae: heading out to other occupied zones. (Bye, we’ll miss you!!)

Emilio: Nov 5, National Bank Transfer Day, dismantle the infrastructure

?: Nov 3 Goldman Sachs hearing/trial on accountability. Meeting tonight, 6pm at red cube, going to 60 Wall; open meeting

Mario: Oct 25 labor working group meeting, Seward Park library, 192 E Broadway.

Schedule for NVDA trainings will alternate between intro and more advanced. All will meet at 2pm at the cube and move to Battery Park. Estimated time 2 hours. For this week, there will be:

– Oct 24, basic

– Oct 25, advanced

– Oct 27, basic

– Oct 28, advanced

– Oct 30, noon: 4 hour combined basic and advanced

Please spread the word!

Egyptian revolutionary sharing info 4-7pm today at red structure

Oct 30: several hour training on dealing with barricades. Will be on the website in a day or 2.

Jason: 5K run has new name: OWS on the run/Oscar Mike USA.

“Buttonwood Gathering” at museum of American Indian, Oct 26-27. Do we want to do an action?


Occupy the ‘hood: see info above.

Budget: ?: Need $ for printing stickers. Will come back with full proposal.

?: need $ for whiteboard to help identify breakouts for DA meetings. Some discussion and concerns. Revised: each group will come with paper or pizza box to make sign so they are easily identified without interrupting the discussion to ask. CONSENSUS.

NYCGA Minutes 10/23/2011

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Meeting Date/Time: 10/23/2011 / 7pm EST

Location: Liberty Plaza

Facilitators (F): Daniele, Leo, Christina, Larry


Process Review/Opening Comments: Facilitators are not leaders, they are only here to help facilitate the process of the meeting. They are always looking for new facilitators, and especially encourage anyone from an underrepresented minority to join them. Review of hand signals and definitions. We take progressive stack. This means that speakers who do not usually get the chance to be heard
If anyone can interpret in sign language, please come up.


37.1.  Working Group Report Backs
37.2.  Agenda Items (Discussion of Statement from Visions and Goals Working Group)

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Minutes From 10/22/ Coordinators Meeting

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Beginning of meeting:

Please be time. Facilitator arrives 5-10 earlier, prepare the area for the meeting. Some reinforcement: if late you can only be a monitor of the meeting unless decided otherwise.

Who are are auditors? This must be known at the beginning—this may change the nature, info shared at the the meeting. If from the press, they should leave. Need to know who is speaking. All cluster for each group, the same group can sit together.

Identify and sit together.

Timekeeper: each report back has one minute.

These meetings have tended to be informal so need to be flexible at each. This is a reference point for making the meetings more efficient.

Decide on the next meetings moderator. If cannot be moderator it is your responsibility to find another.

Agenda Issues:

1. De-Escalation

2. Kitchen Working Gp. Jail workers spoke with Deputy Chief of Staff of Manhattan Borough President, wants to meet to discuss what he can do for us, what we can for us

Report back:

Sean/ PR group:

Justin/ SIS: new process for supplies. You will make a list for the worksite, and someone from SIS will escort the person through supply due to a theft

Mike/OWS-Spanish. Keep sensitizing people to diverse language

Loren/Facilitation: outreach to faith based organizations for meeting. Concerned about safety

Johnson, Vermont School Paper

City Council: trying to get restriction on park. Bloomberg enforce on marches that do not have permits (this is all marches for OWS)

Haywood/Info: report

Jose/Medical: man on red sculpture, 5pm 60 WallStreet Adrian Space safelty security, drug use, sexual violence. Stakeholders need to be present

March to Union Sq: leaving at 2pm. Anit police brutality

Justin/Chapel Hill Occupation. Bringing back info





Sophie: transition two info tables into welcoming table. Computers for info table needed.

Joshua/Kitchen: big things, some businesses that we are trying to work with and need to branch out with other groups. Support, but no logos. Don’t want to get co-opted. Phone streams for the parks

Internet/Solution: streamline and the goal is to coordinate technology. Key issue is hosting. GA website is on WordPress. To clarify two groups are working together as one team.

Casper/de-escalation: calm down the individual, deter the behavior. The situation on the sculpture need to de-esculate

Agenda Items

Agenda Item One

De-escalation: limit to authority, at 5pm in the Atrium Space: eviction, keeping people out of the occupation. Need to put on the website. Bring all concerns to this meeting, get together after meeting

Proposal: for the funds for the uniforms for the De-escalation. Couple of times that walkie showed up, the attitude changes in a good way. Need a point beyond that, too. Point of concern about uniforms: seems like that is too much like police. Still logistical issues that need to be worked out, needs money for walkie-talkies. The GA is now in control of the funds without going through everyone else. No way to get money for what security needs.

Agenda for GA: emergency issues get put on top. Someone from Finance should be at each meetings

Report back for late arrival:

Performing Arts group: tents, theater, and music. More festivities, visuals, positive images through art. We have meeting 60 Wall Street at 3pm. Arts and Culture have been involved.

Agenda Item 2

Kitchen: Correctional Officers is a big supporter of ows. In contact with Deputy Chief of Staff. Speaking with urban planners. Working groups please meet afterward to discuss this in more depth.


The meeting is TBA announced with Dep Chief of Staff, is there anything they can do Manhattan Borrough President is supportive when other

Coordinate with other working groups before the meeting to be sure there is no co-optation.

There is a chance this could be a good cop/bad cop scenario.

Should this meeting be advertised or private? Transparency or keep it quiet until more is known?

How do we build this with sensitivity? There may be a lot of people screaming about co-optation.

Let Community Outreach handle this and support groups should just keep things going.

Sponsors who are in support of OWS , but who don’t want to do it officially. Any person/politician who wants to donate, they can go to the website to donate. There are ways to donate already, let’s use those. Still concerned this is a political platform, so he should go through the channels

Decided that this should be a breakout issue.

Nicholas/Tea House: bought 120 ceramic cups by last night there were 14. System to solve this: stainless mugs for everyone who can take care of their own vessels. Nicholas has not started a meeting as he just started 2 days ago.

Raphael and Armando/Occupy Virginia Beach: Support of OWS


Agenda Item 3:

Should we have media present? Identify press and ask them to leave. One prefers not to have media-this is the space for getting work done without media. The concern is that there should be no worry about spin/issues. Proposal: media should contact PR and they let them know when they want media involved in the meeting.

Community relations has addressed this, ask if any press is there if there are sensitive issues and let them

Beth: from media, transparency is wonderful, but we have tried with NY Post and FOX news and they have a specific spin.

POI on FOX news: this was a more balanced team in FOX on site.

For these meetings we could do without the media. We do not need them here.

We do not have a mechanism for expelling anyone from the media. Can’t actually tell them to leave, can only request.

Propose: open for the press right now? Do not have consensus, proposal: ask the press to leave to in response to those who have concerns.

Press left the meeting.

Closing stack.

PR said no press for working meetings. Inform the press after the meetings.

Agenda Item 4

Structure Committee

Discuss the situation about spokes council

Final decision: new proposal printed, final consensus blocked by 14 people, tabled until teach-ins can happen. Will come back to the GA on Wednesday. No blacklist. Spokes COuncil is arrangement so it is a way for the groups to share info. Not to replace the GA.

POI: Hoping to have updated version of proposal by Sunday night so there would be plenty of time to look over it before the Wednesday meeting.

No one is here from Structure group.

Shen: Spokes Council was significant, but not the main decision making body of Tianamen Square. Grassroots structure, pro is that is quite close to direct democracy. Con: still doesn’t scale if there are lots of people.

Some voice that GA should not decide on whether we can have spokes council.

Issues surrounding the Spokes council were aired.

Structure Working Group member present

Jose: Convening the Spokes council before the GA approves. The groups just need to organize. Most people in structure would agree to this. Then bring it back to GA on Wednesday.

Money issues are a concern.

Many working groups have their own donation bins and finance is not meeting the needs of the working groups so the groups keep the money rather than turning it over to GA.

Concern: there is no accountability in the groups for the money.

Finance is not at the meeting perhaps in part to internal restructuring. Many changes for Finance, there was a productive meeting to address issues, but it was resolved. Finance will likely be fine to withholding money from Finance. They are working on issues of reporting, etc.

Structure group asks the working groups to discuss the spokes model with those that are opposed. Feels that would help the spokes model get accepted.

Anyone using money without going through finance, please be accountable and keep records.

Spokes council will make the process more accountable, working groups will hoard

Report back:

Beth/Press Table: always looking for good stories. If we don’t give them good stories they will make them up. Always need fresh stories. Strong women in working groups have them speak up.

6 pm pret a manger PR meetings

Community Relations: quality of life, noise problems speak with someone form remediations. Technology roadmaps discussed online and published.

Conclusion of meeting: Rules reiterated.

Please be on time for the next meeting:

Sunday 9am. Meeting is always at Trinity Church.