Draft Proposal for Fri 10/28 General Assembly: Structure

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OWS Structure Proposal       

(A Living Document) — Submitted by the Structure Working Group


Since September 17th Occupy Wall Street (OWS) has grown and inspired occupations around the globe. The General Assembly (GA) is at the heart of this movement.  It provides a forum for political discussion and a plurality of ideas. It is, however, struggling to meet the day-to-day operational needs of the Working Groups and Caucuses.

CHALLENGES: (Identified in discussions in the GA, Working Groups, and Caucuses)

  • Access: The GA is a difficult place for new people to find a Working Group or Caucus they want to join
  • Transparency: There is a lack of transparency about the on-going activities of the Working Groups
  • Participation: There is little space within the GA for Working Groups and Caucuses to effectively communicate their needs, either to the broader movement or with each other.  Many of the groups doing the day-to-day work of the occupation no longer regularly attend the GA.
  • Functionality: Decisions take so long to be made in the GA that there is insufficient time to address the many needs of our Working Groups, and the Working Group members are often left feeling unsupported
  • Decision Making: Attendance at the GA fluctuates from night to night, which makes it difficult to make well-informed, consistent, and strategic decisions
  • Accountability: There is no accountability for the spending of finances granted by the GA
  • Marginalization: Some Caucus members do not feel that the GA is an empowering space for marginalized voices
  • Time for Visioning: Broader political and community visions are rarely discussed in the GA because it is consistently bogged-down with logistical and financial decisions
  • Trust and Solidarity: The GA does not currently offer its participants the time to get to know each other and build meaningful relationships

In order to address these problems, while maintaining the non-hierarchical nature of OWS, we propose that, in addition to the General Assembly (GA), we create a directly democratic Spokes Council of Operations Groups and Caucuses.



The Structure Working Group recommends the following definitions:

Occupy Wall Street Operations Groups (OGs) are groups that are contributing to the logistical and financial operations of Occupy Wall Street on a consistent basis. They are open and accessible for people to join and can only exclude people for either repeatedly disrupting the group’s process or behaving in such a way that seriously violates the GA’s Principles of Solidarity. Operations Groups must produce a written description of what they do and how people can get involved.  The Occupiers (people living in Liberty Park) are defined as an Operations Group.

Occupy Wall Street Movement Groups (MGs) are groups that are contributing to the Occupy Wall Street movement. They are autonomous and may partner with Operations Groups on a project basis.

Caucuses are self-determining groups of people that share a common experience of being systemically marginalized in society at large.  This marginalization may be based on, but not limited to, their real or perceived race, gender identity, sexuality, age, or ability.

The General Assembly

The GA will continue to have the power to make all decisions about

  • The representation of OWS as a whole (declarations, principles, visions)
  • The relationship between OWS and the Occupy Movement
  • Financial decisions related to the Occupy Movement as a whole
  • Dissolution of the Spokes Council with at least one week notice prior to the proposal. This notice must be given in both the GA and the Spokes Council.

 The Occupy Wall Street Spokes Council

A Spokes Council is structured similar to the spokes of a wheel:  It is designed to combine large group participation (like in the GA) with small group deliberation and consensus process.

  • Each group selects a “spoke” to sit with the other “spokes” in a circle in the middle of the meeting space, with the rest of their group sitting right behind them
  • Spokes have no authority and are not decision-makers. They actively discuss all agenda items with all other members of their group who have joined them for the Spokes Council.
  • Spokes are responsible for communicating any diversity of sentiments that may exist within their group to the rest of the spokes council
  • Spokes rotate at every meeting, and can be recalled by their group at any time
  • During Spokes Councils, individuals in multiple groups are free to sit with any group that they are a part of and to move around at will
  • Movement Groups may partner with Operations Groups and/or Caucuses

Decisions & Decision-Making

  • The four types of decisions that the Spokes Council attend to are:

1)   Decisions related to the logistical operation of Occupy Wall Street

2)   Approval of Occupy Wall Street budgets and expenditures

3)   The addition or subtraction of Operations Groups and Caucuses to the Spokes Council

  • All Working Groups and Caucuses will be admitted to the Spokes Council that adhere to the above definitions of an Operations Group or Caucus and that agree to abide by the Principles of Solidarity adopted (as a working draft) by the GA [available at http://www.nycga.net/about/]
  • The only reason a group may be asked to leave the Spokes Council is for either repeatedly disrupting the Spokes Council’s process or for behaving in a way that seriously violates the GA’s Principles of Solidarity

4)   Amendments to the functioning of the Spokes Council that do not alter the power of the GA

  • Similar to the GA, Spokes Council decisions are made by modified consensus.  An attempt will be made to reach consensus and if consensus cannot be reached, a vote will be taken. At least 10% of the group must vote against a proposal in order for it to be rejected.
  • Both proposals and blocks to proposals are brought to the Spokes Council by groups as a whole
  • Caucuses may delay any proposal that they think has potentially negative consequences for their caucus until the next Spokes Council, in order to give them enough time to discuss the proposal with their caucus as a whole

Open Access and Transparency

  • Anyone may attend a Spokes Council
  • Anyone may participate in a Spokes Council by joining any Operations Group or Caucus in the Spokes Council and/or becoming an Occupier (i.e., living in Liberty Square)
  • The Spokes Council will take place in a well-publicized indoor location
  • Amplification and signing will allow everyone to follow the discussion, participate through their Spoke, and ensure that their Spoke correctly communicates the sentiment(s) of their group
  • Each Spokes Council will be broadcast over the Livestream (http://www.livestream.com/occupynyc)
  • Budget details and complete minutes from each Spokes Council will be posted on the NYCGA.net website through open-source technology
  • All decisions made in the Spokes Council are reported back to the GA with space for questions and concerns

The First Spokes Council

During the first Spokes Council, all Operations Groups and Caucuses will present a description of what they do and how people can become involved in their group. The rest of the groups in attendance will welcome them through the modified consensus process.  New groups may continue to propose themselves to the Spokes Council on an on-going basis.

Proposed Schedule

  • The GA will meet at 7pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays
  • The Spokes Council will meet at 7pm Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays


Brief History of the Spokes Council

A spokes council is a structure that has been used widely by democratic movements since the Spanish Revolution and draws inspiration from many indigenous struggles, such as the Zapatistas in Chiapas, Mexico. It was used effectively and for many years in the Women’s Movement, the Anti-Nuclear Movement, and the Global Justice Movement in the US.  It was also used effectively for years in China in the movement that grew out of Tiananmen Square.

What Does a Spokes Council Look Like?


History of This Proposal

This proposal has undergone many revisions, taking into account a wide range of concerns. It has been work shopped in the Facilitation Working Group; the 4 GA discussions; 2 large public meetings; 5 Structure Working Group meetings; and 4 Spokes Council “teach-in” discussions.

Questions and Concerns

Members of the Structure Working Group have been available from 2-5PM in the Atrium at 60 Wall Street to answer questions and concerns.  This will continue on October 27th and 28th.

We are also available at owsstructure@gmail.com.

Draft Proposal for Thursday 10/27 General Assembly: Community Relations

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Merchants Alliance Proposal – This is a draft for the GA – it has NOT been approved!

Some local merchants have been supporting us. To support them and keep access to facilities it would be helpful if we showed consistent consideration of their needs.

They are requesting that we:

  • Look presentable meaning wearing shirts and shoes:
  • Don’t eat outside food
  • Don’t hang out more than 30 min
  • Buy something if you are going to spend time more than just using bathrooms

I propose that Community Relations be empowered to hand out a flier explaining explaining what the GA has agreed in terms of treatment of local merchants that says:

The GA has come to a consensus on the following points. We will ask all Occupiers and allies to:

  • Display non-violence, quietness, kindness and understanding at all times when dealing with our merchant neighbors, even when there is a dispute being discussed.
  • Buy at least some product for each 1 hour we stay on merchant premises.
  • Dress presentably including wearing shirts and shoes.
  • Avoid consuming food and drink from outside.
  • Remain awake while on merchant premises.

Draft Proposal for Thursday 10/27 General Assembly: Sustainability

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Budget proposal:
20 bikes are to be donated by times us NYC. We are requesting $1220 for parts to fix the bikes to create a bike share for the use of all zucotti, run by sustainability.

Items needed:
Tires – 40 units – $20 each: $800
Tubes- 40 units – $5 each: $200
Cables & housing – 20 units – $4 each: $80
Brake pads – 20 units – $2: $40
Labor & food for production time – $100 total

GRAND TOTAL: $1220 requested

Please contact me if you need more info or there are any issues asap.

Sarah Baxendell
Finance engineer, sustainability working group, zucotti Ows

Draft Proposal for Thursday 10/27 General Assembly: Community Relations

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Community Relations proposes a partnership with the Street Vendor Project, a labor project that organizes food cart operators and defends them from city harassment. Through this partnership, they would set up a website that would allow people to support food vendors who have been negatively affected by our presence here by donating food to the occupation via online orders from the food vendors. The Street Vendor Project will facilitate placing the orders and getting them delivered to our kitchen, but take no cut for themselves. The labor and resources to set this up are all being donated.

Occupy Central Park

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We are currently in the process of planning Occupy Central Park, a one-day cultural event that will gather in Central Park on 11/11/11, the global day of solidarity. The event will not be a protest, but a people’s fair. We will have the chance to come together as the 100% to start building the foundation for this new, positive world which we dream of. We come here today to get the official support of OWS GA. So that we can make this as big and awesome as possible.

Oakland Eviction Relief Funding

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We propose that $20,000 for legal/medical plus 100 tents plus shipping costs be sent to our fellow occupiers in Oakland. Amended to include commitment to working with other occupations to set up a national emergency fund.

NYCGA Minutes 10/26/2011

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Meeting Date/Time: 10/26/2011 / 7pm EST

Location: Liberty Plaza

Facilitators (F): Facilitators: Leo, Danielle


Stack taker: Larry; Stack greeter: Reza; Time keeper: Alejandro; Minute taker: Carrie

Process Review/Opening Comments: We’d like say we’d like to make this GA go as fast as possible. We will explain why shortly. But it’s something coming from Direct Action. We abide by two important principles. The first is that we take progressive stack. This means the stack taker will reorder the list of people who want to speak by prioritizing traditionally marginalized voices. The second principle is a self-imposed principle called step-up, step-back. Take note of the privilege in your life and if you have been traditionally encouraged to make your voice heard in society, we invite you to step back, and if you have been traditionally discouraged from making your voice heard, we invite you to step up.

Read more »

Occupy Intelligence Agency is no more

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I am writing this post in the interest of full transparency. This afternoon, I deleted the group “Occupy Intelligence Agency” from the site. At the time of deletion it had 46 members and very little activity. I made this move for the following reason: I was contacted by an admin from the Think Tank group who informed me that “Occupy Intelligence Agency” was an original proposal for the name of the Think Tank group. That is to say, it was never intended to be a standalone group in the first place. It was created on the site in error, it had no admins, and it was not a real group. The last thing we need on the site are extra groups of which no one is taking ownership and which have no real purpose. After learning this last night, I posted about it on the group’s activity stream and warned that I would be deleting it later that night. In fact, I waited until this afternoon. With no replies to my warning, I proceeded to delete the group. Anyone who was interested in that group, I recommend you join the Think Tank group instead.

Hope this addresses any potential concerns. Let me know if you have further questions.

Working Group Coordination Minutes 10/26/2011

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OWS Working Group Coordination Meeting #38 Weds 10/26/11
Facilitator: Drew
1) Report Backs
– info – taking on some Internet task. Please keep your WG contact info up-to-date. In order to get cash from Finance, you need at least 2 current contacts.
– Library – Working on a way to keep things dry. will work with town planning
– Community watch – slightly unorganized last night. were some issues. need more agreements about how to handle problems
– think tank – here to figure out how we connect with other groups. Can provide space to groupsource issues WGs are facing
– community relations – community board passed a proposal in support of us
– Environment – Rio earth summit – putting some energy behind having a presence there Read more »