Movement Monday Meeting Minutes

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This past Monday a group of about 45 Occupy organizers from many areas of the movement met. This meeting is coming off the success of the #S17 action. Participants wanted to continue organizing. The shape and structure of the meeting have been shaped over the past four weeks by an empowered breakout group. More information on the current state of the meeting style and organization can be found here: wiki.occupy.net/wiki/Movement_Mondays Feel free to leave comments on the “discussion page”.

There is a meeting at the same time and location next week. More info here: nycga.net/events/movement-monday/

One major part of the meeting was Calendar building. Currently we only have pictures, but hope someone will step up and do a better process.

The full meeting Transcript is below: Read more »

Tweets for Fri, 12 Oct 2012

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RT @OccupyWallSt: Write to the Pacific Northwest Grand Jury Resisters http://t.co/LfFAayTb via @OWSTactical #grandjuryresister #solidarity

RT @DiceyTroop: Live minutes for tonight’s #OWS #13O Action Spokescouncil starting soon, prepping for tomorrow’s actions in NYC: https:/ …

About 30-40 people here for the #13O Spokes Council, just getting underway. #ows

. @MutantLegal says they will do #jailsupport and know-your-rights trainings at Columbus Circle before the action tomorrow. #13O

The Strike Debt group says it had planned for a 7:30 march but is now suggesting it be earlier, for better exposure. #ows #13O

The Strike Debt group is now suggesting other tactics for #13O that I am not going to tweet publicly. #ows

The Strike Debt group is discussing going civilian to actions tomorrow and if we should reconvene for a Spokes Council somewhere. #ows

Our groups are now breaking out to discuss concerns. #ows #13O

One group has concern about the timing. Why are we starting at 4 pm when the rest of the world will be doing actions earlier? #ows #13O

Another concern: About the security of the targets for #13O. #ows

Another group has concerns about whether we’ll convene at Lincoln Center or Times Square–which is a better idea? #ows #13O

Concern: Whether to take the march to the west side or the east side of Manhattan, and how to focus the messaging. #ows #13O

A group wants to know about making tactical planning and legal trainings available in Spanish. Answer: We can do that! #ows #13O

Concerns: Have we been doing outreach? How can we get more people? Do we need trainings if it’s going to be the core people? #ows #13O

Concern: Have we printed fliers? Because this is like the Casseroles marches and we did great outreach on those. #ows #13O

Ingrid talks about how we can at least ATTEMPT to have security culture around this action. Like not giving out a map till day of. #13O

Talking about how certain targets for actions on #13O are more sensitive than others, and we need to be strategic. #ows

We are discussing how we want to keep the #13O targets close to the vest, so how/when do we also get that info out to participants? #ows

Now a POI about why we decided to center our actions at Columbus Circle: to take our noise to where the 1% live, work, and play. #13O #ows

Strike Debt group is answering questions about why the whole action is starting so late, and if we should shift the schedule. #13O #ows

We just had breakouts to discuss the timing of the action, and then consensed on the framework. Yay! #ows #13O

Just had a discussion about the question of outreach: do we have fliers? Have we talked to the press? And comms: Do we have a celly?

The answer to all of those questions was: Kind of and maybe. #ows #13O

We just consensed on adopting the same action agreements as we had on #S17 for #13O.

Now going over needs: lazers, flashlights to make a bigger splash. #13O #ows

An offering! We now have a celly loop! Text @nyc13O to 23559 to join! #ows #13O

Another need: To add websites to the flier we’ll print. Now popcorning them out. #ows #13O

A need from Strike Debt: That we have a tactical team in place for on-the-ground decisions. #ows #13O

Another need: There will be a debt burn. So bring debt to burn. #ows #13O

An important need: We think we’ll only have 2 livestreamers there tomorrow. We need more people to stream and tweet! #ows #13O

For livestream of #13O tomorrow, follow @stopmotionsolo and @ows_casper. #ows

Announcements: Kitchen has food for #OccupyTownSq for #13O and needs ppl to help bring it. Talk to @emarkadams or @sabokitty to help.

Announcement: We’ll be doing letter writing for the Pacific Northwest grand jury resistors after this meeting. #ows #13O

. @MutantLegal reminds the affinity groups to organize their own #jailsupport. And the NLG is at 2126796018. #ows #13O

Okay! The meeting is over! Thanks for reading the tweets! Hope to see you at #13O tomorrow! #ows

Tweets for Wed, 10 Oct 2012

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Share resources, discuss upcoming actions, brainstorm topics. Today 6pm #LibertySq (zuccotti park) #13O @StrikeDebt @OccupyWallSt

Currently discussing the different breakout groups for tonight’s popular assembly. #owspa http://t.co/amJCnLtz

#occupytownsq will be having a breakout group about #13O. #owspa

The third breakout group will be discussing getting money out of politics / election day actions. #owspa

The fourth breakout group is involving think tank and will also be discussing the events of #13O. #owspa

There will also be a spectra pipeline action on #13O. #owspa

Mark announces there are vegan cookies and chocolate. #owspa

Get money out of politics break out group. #owspa http://t.co/tCrucBeX

#occupytownsq / #13O breakout group. http://t.co/OvLwZ7ik

#13O break out group discussing ideas for the puppets guild.

#occupytownsq says #13O is open to many many possibilities and encourages people to share their ideas. #owspa

There is leftover money from #s17. Some will be used by the #owskitchen on #13O

#owskitchen needs volunteers! Contact Ethan efaqtor1@gmail.com if interested for #13O and future #ows events

A few great breakout group discussions taking place and will continue until 730. Come on down and participate #owspa http://t.co/7PUuOxsW

Discussing concerns about tables not being allowed in central park on #13O

Nathan says the puppet guild is meeting tomorrow to discuss plans for #13O

There are a lot of request for musicians on #13O. Goal is to make lots of noise all day. #owspa

Discussing the rolling jubilee. A project by #strikedebt. Focusing first on medical debt on November 15th. #owspa

Discussing the great interactions lately between neighboring general assemblies and other organizations not already involved with #ows

Discussing #freeuniversity plans on #13O

If you can’t make this #owspa, there is a #strikedebt action planning meeting here at 8pm for #13O

Discussing all the great flyers for #13O. People are encouraged to make their own as well! #owspa

Discussing two different episodes of #buffy, dressing up and involving student loans. #owspa

RT @CarrieM213: Buffy could kick ass as a revolutionary. #lulz RT @OWSPA Discussing 2 different episodes of #buffy, dressing up and invo …

Currently Discussing the need for blank cardboard, especially before a march like on #13O!

Tweets for Sun, 07 Oct 2012

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RT @OWS_Tech: @OWS_Tech: #PopularAssembly tweets from @OWSPA are now being published to http://t.co/8xBmeSbY

New to #OccupyWallStreet ? Trying to find a way into the anti-capitalist world ? Come find us, wednesdays, 6-8p #LibertySq @OccupyWallSt

Tweets for Fri, 05 Oct 2012

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RT @IOHNYC: Open meeting next week to organize against Greek neo-Nazi Golden Dawn group now in Astoria, Queens #Antifa #ARA http://t.co/ …

RT @OWSTactical: Action Spokes Council to plan #13O #globalNOISE today (fri) 7:30p at #LibertySq http://t.co/h2SpeVtJ @strikedebt

RT @DiceyTroop: I’m taking live minutes of tonight’s Affinity Group Spokescouncil, as #OWS plans for the #O13 Global Day of Noise! https …

Tweets for Wed, 03 Oct 2012

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In the spirit of Roundtable Reportbacks and the Asamblea Popular de Madrid, come to the #OccupyWallStreet Popular Assembly @occupytownsq

Break out around #globalNOISE #13O and discussion topics YOU are interested in. Need live steamers. 6p #LibertySq @StrikeDebt

The Popular Assembly is starting now in #LibertySq. Get here! #owspa

Agenda for the #OWSPA: Intros and role-filling, an hour of breakouts, and then reportbacks and People’s Speakout. #ows

Now taking suggestions for breakout groups. First: Occupying the Subways to do outreach to other communities. #ows #owspa

Another breakout: @smckeOwn wants to talk about #N6 and election actions. #ows #owspa

Another breakout: @OccupyTownSq wants to plan more workshops, actions, community spaces. #ows #owspa

Another breakout: For people interested in doing community support around the city, undermining the capitalist system. #ows #owspa

@tyfong919 To provide a discussion space and allow room for people to come together, share ideas and resources.

We are now breaking out for an hour to talk about the previously suggested breakout topics. #ows #owspa

RT @DiceyTroop: PSA: #OWS’ new Popular Assembly, inaugurated on #S17, meets Wednesdays at 6PM in Liberty Square (Zuccotti). Follow @OWSP …

Okay! Breakout groups are starting to come back to together for reportbacks. #ows #owspa

First reportback: Occupy Subways changed their name to Occupy Underground, plan holiday actions, need more people. #ows #owspa

Next reportback: Election day actions. One action is alternative exit polling. They need bodies to help poll. #ows #owspa

Election Day also plans Goldman Sachs victory party. Maybe moving to day before the elections to get more press. #ows #owspa

Occupy Town Sq talked about going to Astoria, Bay Ridge, and also helping #OccupyTrinity. #ows #owspa

The Mutual Aid group talked about helping street vendors, crisis response teams (an Occupy 311), debt resistance counseling, mental health.

Mutual Aid group also talked about helping with homelessness, & other service organizations we could hook up with. And lots of other things!

Announcements: A thank you to the ppl who helped with the recent Occupy Music night. Hope to do another one. #owspa

Announcement: #OccupyTownSq says at http://t.co/bKVcUlCB, you can see the doc “American Autumn” for free. #ows #owspa

Announcement: People went to a senior center and screened “American Autumn” and got a good response. #owspa

Announcement: Global Noise, the global day of action on #O13, is going to be awesome. #StrikeDebt is meeting at 8 to plan actions. #owspa

Announcement from Sean: The GA on Oct. 20 will meet to consense on dissolving the GA once and for all…until we agree to resurrect it.

Announcement: There are also Monday meetings to plan actions and movement building, and people should go to them! #ows #owspa

Announcement: Every Tuesday at 6 at The Commons there are events related to Occupy. #owspa

Announcement from Mark: The Free Store with @IOHNYC takes place on Fridays in Brooklyn and people should go pick up stuff. #owspa

Announcement: People should start getting their affinity groups together and plugged in for #13O. #ows #owspa

Announcement: Planning meetings for #13O take place Friday 7:30 in #LibertySq.

The location of the free store is corner of Lafayette and Marcy. Again, from noon to 6. People should go!

Okay, that’s it, folks! This week’s #OWSPA is over! Thanks for coming, and if you didn’t, come next week!!! Signing off, @CarrieM213. :)

RT @smcke0wn: @OWSPA That is being done by the Politics and Electoral Reform WG. Check http://t.co/5j1CuN2b for schedule and contact info.

Tweets for Tue, 02 Oct 2012

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Core #occupywallstreet activists said they need a space like the mon meetings to strategize, communicate, organize. umm #PopularAssembly ?

Thank you for your continued support @occupytowns and @OccupyWallStPR Roundtable Reportbacks were a success! Let’s do the same with #OWSPA

Upcoming Actions and Movement-Building Meeting 10/1/12

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Upcoming Actions and Movement-Building Meeting
(Billed as #O13 and #N6 Action Planning Meeting)

Monday, 10/1/12, 6:30 pm

Transcript by: DiceyTroop


* Intros

* Movement Building

* Upcoming actions


Tess — “she, they is fine. Excited for year 2!”


Jerry Ashton, “I do chronicling of Occupy by way of Huffington Post and a radio program I do called 15 minutes to fact. I also proliferate like a butterfly in different working groups like student debt, debt strike, and alt banking– that’s where I’m involved at the moment.”

Dana, “she/they is fine, w/ OWS PR.”

Maura, “with support and kitchen and whatever the hell.”

Ethan, “human, I like to cook.”
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