855-NYCGA-411 Is Back!

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855-NYCGA-411 (855-692-4241) is a free voice service that provides access to real-time nycga.net events, schedule and announcements. Call toll free from anywhere, including pay phones! Add your mobile phone number to your account profile and call in for personalized services.

Voice Commands

  • Text to speech listings of events – “EVENTS”
    • Todays events – “TODAY”Tomorrows events – “TOMORROW”
    • Group events (speak group name) – “GROUP”
    • Events on a specific date – “DATE”
    • My group events personalized listing for today and tomorrow (if you have your caller id phone # stored in your nycga.net profile) – “MY GROUPS”
  • Text to speech listings of Group names – “GROUP LIST”
    • Complete A-Z List – “ALL GROUPS”
    • Say the first letter of the group name search – “GROUP LIST”
  • Public Voice Announcements – “ANNOUNCEMENTS”
    • Record a new voice announcement message – “NEW”
    • Playback of recorded voice announcement messages – “LISTEN”
    • Posts new voice announcements as MP3 file with embedded player to voice.nycga.net / our wordpress site. – “NEW”
  • Other Features Implemented
    • Text to speech of Recent real-time twitter messages from various accounts – “TWITTER” *NEW*
    • Help page for site-wide voice commands – “HELP”
    • Allows for a personalized user experience based on caller-id
      • Integration with users nycga.net account by entering calling-from phone # into the phone field
      • Enables MY GROUPS command which lists the events for today and tomorrow that the user is a member of
      • Identifies registered/integrated users vs anonymous
      • Identifies first-time callers and plays welcome greeting for them

1/21/2012: Park Slope Methodist Working Group Formation

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Mission Statement:
The Park Slope Working Group is an organization of Occupiers who work together
with the Park Slope United Methodist Church to build a community exemplifying
the values of Occupy Wall Street.  We consist of people from a wide variety of
demographic groups and perspectives who come together through a horizontal
structure, build skills together, and try to contribute to the local
Here are the full meeting minutes, in which the Mission Statement was finalized & consented to:

Meeting:  Today (1/11/2012), 60 Wall, 9 am.
Present:  Tigga, Star, Will, Andrew, Katherine, Michael
Minutes Taker:  Katherine

1. Financial Point Person
2. Brainstorming on Mission Statement
3. Drafting Mission Statement

1. The consensus was that Katherine Flowers would be the working group Financial
Point Person (a designation that includes metro cards).  [I wasn’t sure if this
was really necessary, but Katherine was worried, and so she wanted to include
it in the minutes.]

2.  Temporary housing for OWS occupiers
Develop job building
Work toward building community relationships and on outreach
Find more housing through the community
We have different personalities working together to build a stronger community

3. [Mission Statement]

The Park Slope Working Group is an organization of Occupiers who work together
with the Park Slope United Methodist Church to build a community exemplifying
the values of Occupy Wall Street.  We consist of people from a wide variety of
demographic groups and perspectives who come together through a horizontal
structure, build skills together, and try to contribute to the local

[Consensus was achieved on this mission statement]

1/15/2012: Occupy House Parties

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A mid October Winnipeg poll showed that sixty seven percent of New Yorkers supported Occupy Wall Street. There have been other polls, taken at different times with different numbers, but with the same results: New York City supports Occupy Wall Street. These numbers, though encouraging, are somewhat invisible.

I have many friends who vocally support the ideas behind Occupy Wall Steet. It is great to hear their support, but it would be even more heartening to see them at Zuccotti or in a march. Many people, however, have told me that they would feel outside their comfort zone in a march or at Zuccotti. While it is not essential to go to a march or Zuccotti to support the 99 percent, I do feel that there are a lot of learning opportunities to be had at Zuccotti and that people are missing out on that.

A great many people, though not enough, support OWS in their own quiet way in the privacy of their own homes. They support the 99% by going to the farmer’s market, by buying recycled clothes at Thrift stores, by rejecting consumerism, by riding their bikes, etc.

In some ways, I feel like this kind of quiet activism should be the ultimate goal of OWS. Such quotidian habits as supporting the organic farmer rather than Monsanto, by relying on our own to legs to get us to work instead of by relying on fossil fuels, people are cutting off the supply of money to the 1% while also reducing one’s carbon footprint. It often happens that the less you give to the 1%, the smaller your footprint.

I am proposing, therefore, that OWS organizes a series of house parties, to happen all over the globe, initially on one specific designated date (it would be cool it if turns into a monthly ritual). The goal of the house parties would be manifold: they would display the strength of OWS’s numbers, they would raise money and raise awareness in a setting that people feel comfortable in.

It is an unfortunate fact of human nature that we more eagerly listen to our peers than to people we don’t normally bump into in our sphere of existence. The house parties, however, would provide a way for people to get educated within their own comfort zone. The more educated/interested in the movement, the more the comfort zone will expand.

A house party would offer teachable moments in the food that is served, how it is served, and the discussion that follows in a non-didactic setting. For example, hosts might serve food they bought at the farmer’s Market, or only drinks that have no high fructose corn syrup. They might encourage guests to bring their own drink receptacle to discourage the use of disposable dinnerware. Hosts in non-pedestrian cities would encourage their guests to carpool. Indeed, the organization of each party would be customized to each community involved. Guests can also learn about OWS events at house parties.

Each host would also keep track of the number of guests they have and the amount of money raised. At the end of the day, it would be very powerful to state how much money was raised and how many people all over the world attended.

Aside from setting aside a date for house parties, it would also be important to establish a working group or think tank to discuss ideas on how the house parties can truly provide opportunities for learning.

Occupy Earth Day Global Month of Action

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Call for ActionWhat and When: Occupy Earth Day Global Month of Action
March 23rd- Disrupt the business of pollution

                 March 24th- Rally for the 100% – Countdown to Occupy Earth Day

Where: Globally Coordinated actions by Occupy groups and ally organization- Connecting the dots between the 1% and the destruction of the planet

Call to Action: We are at a dangerous tipping point in history.  The destruction of our planet and climate change are almost at a point of no return. Our mountains in Appalachia are blasted; our drinking water in the northeast threatened by fracking; our American heartland is charted for an oil pipeline; and our forests in the northwest targeted for further deforestation. Our climate and earth risk never returning to a balanced state.

At this crucial moment, a small group of polluting businesses financed by the 1% have hijacked our political system for their benefit. They’ve rigged the system by paying off politicians, who in turn give these companies taxpayer handouts to continue to destroy our planet and atmosphere.

While the a majority of American people call out for alternative energy sources, our government only responds the interests of these big polluters. The very corporations that lobby our government in order to pollute, publicly admit that climate change is an issue, but ignore it in favor of continued record profits for Wall Street.

Many around the country have taken steps to make our lives and communities more sustainable and resilient, but Congress has done nothing. We must to reclaim our democracy to protect our planet. We need to take action for 100% of the occupants of the planet.

We are calling on all Occupy groups and our ally organizations around the country and the world to join us for 2 days that will launch a month long campaign where actionable steps to stop business as usual and expose the corrupt alliance of the 1% and our democratically elected leaders.

Friday March 23rd- Disrupt the business of pollution : A day of global direct action to disrupt and expose the dirty business as usual and its political supporters. We will occupy corrupt polluters, politicians and front groups like Duke Energy, ExxonMobil, BP, Shell, the American Petroleum Institute, through a diversity of creative actions on a local level.

Saturday March 24th: Rally for the 100% – Countdown to Occupy Earthday 2012 : A day of global mass rallies where families, community groups and individuals from all backgrounds march in cities around the world to demand a livable planet for all.

Ongoing Campaign (March 24 to April 22nd): Countdown to Occupy Earthday 2012: Launch campaign to have individuals around globe to take measurable actions locally, nationally and globally to raise awareness and withdraw support from the polluters and their supporters. This will be in the vain of “Move your Money Day” and similar campaigns while leaving space for a diversity tactics.

The fossil fuel industry is the most profitable enterprise in human history, and to defend those profits for a few more years the oil, coal, and gas companies are prepared to ignore clear scientific warning, and even the catastrophes already marking the early stages of climate change. Not only that, they’re prepared to use some of their money to warp the political process so that action never comes. We can’t outspend them, but we can use people power to fight back and disrupt the system.

There are a multitude of ways fossil fuel companies have infiltrated the political process to receive sweetheart deals and rote handouts. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Tax breaks – Highly profitable utilities like Duke energy pay effective 0% tax rates due to state and federal incentives.

  • Direct production subsidies – Certain utilities receive direct funding from DOE and other agencies to research and operationalize new fossil fuel extraction methods, including highly dangerous practices.

  • Regulatory subsidies – The natural gas industry, for example, dumps toxic hydrofracking fluids into municipal  wastewater treatment plants, and into the soil, for free, leaving taxpayers footing the cleanup bills, because those fluids are not regulated.

  • Public land access – Big oil companies like Shell are given free or cheap access to oil in fragile ecosystems like the Artic, putting them at risk of spills.

Each year, the oil and gas industries get more than $4bn in subsidies and tax breaks

Current members of Congress took over $25 million in campaign contributions from the oil, coal and gas industries in 2009-2010. This follows a decade-long trend of increasing contributions and influence. Since 1999, these Dirty Energy industries have shelled out over $137 million in contributions to members of Congress.

Break Out Discussion

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Break Out Discussion: Feedback on Vision and Goals Document

V&G Consensed 12/21/11: We return to our daily schedule of GA and Spokes Council appearances, soliciting feedback. Beginning on or after January 1st, at every GA, we ask them if they wish us to cease taking feedback on the document they have in hand and enter a one-week announcement period prior to a consensus request. We also invite them to propose an alternate endgame scenario if they want one.

We are still seeking more feedback on the document, but with an eye on the end of the visioning process, and we’d like to renew our request for  presentation time at the GA for at least the next week to do breakout groups or just take questions and written feedback on the vision statement.

The proposed schedule is as follows:

1/17: 10-15 minute breakout discussion
1/19: 10-15 minute breakout discussion
1/21: 10-15 minute breakout discussion
1/22: 10-15 minute breakout discussion
1/24: 10-15 minute breakout discussion