Creation of the Global Justice Working Group

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We, the Global Justice working group, are requesting to be added to the agenda of the General Assembly of Occupy Wall Street on January 26th, 2012 in order to present our statement and to seek consensus as an official Working Group. Our group of approximately forty members is composed of many activists from other working groups as well as community activists and others participating in Occupy for the first time. We have held open meetings every Saturday since December 3rd, all of which have achieved and surpassed a quorum of five. We have also already had numerous sub-group meetings and have a very active google-group email forum while we build our own website. Last Thursday, January 19th, we prepared and hosted a teach-in on the use of American-made Tear Gas to suppress protest from Cairo to Oakland, in anticipation of the first anniversary of the beginning of the Egyptian Revolution (today Jan 25!). This teach-in had a great turn-out, filling the house at 56 Walker Street.

Below is the statement that we consented to as a short description for the NYCGA website, which we would read aloud to the General Assembly. Please let us know if this is sufficient and please share any concerns, questions, tips, or information to help us prepare for any issues that may arise.

The Global Justice WG aims to build solidarity and coordination between OWS and movements for social justice around the world. We seek to raise public awareness about the impact of U.S. military, economic and strategic policy, domestically and internationally; to build relationships with social movements across borders; and to organize direct actions challenging prevailing power structures that put profit above all else. By shedding light on the ties between profit and exploitation in the global system, we aspire to help build an international mass movement for political and economic justice.

In Solidarity,

OWS Global Justice

1/25/2012: Housing Budget Proposal

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Spokes Council
Budget Proposal for Housing Working Group (WG)
   The Housing WG is requesting funds for a two week period (14 days) from the 14.Jan to the 27.Jan inclusively to pay various items to include:
– Utilities reimbursements at West Park Presbyterian                 $1050 /week ($150 /night)
– Utilities reimbursements at Park Slope United Methodist         $490 /week  ($70 /night)
– Pre-paid phone reimbursements for three                                    $75 /week  ($25 /person)
        liaisons/point people (Pk.slp, Wst.Prk, Hsing.Htln)      
– Sanitation, cleaning supplies and various needed hardware      $300 /week
– Miscellaneous items (office supplies, transport, etc.) ​        $85 /week
————————————————————————      ——————————-
​        Total:​      $2000 /week ( x 2 )

100 Occupiers
   The Housing WG is requesting an ongoing recurring budget to cover the costs of the Park Slope housing site beyond the scope of the current two week period with the following stipulations and costs:
–  The community at the Park Slope site abide by all resolutions consensed by the Occupy
                Wall Street community at large (ie. General Assembly, Spokes Council).
–  The recurring budget must be renewed via proposal every four (4) weeks it is effective.
–  The budget only be effective for as long as that community is active and in agreement    
                with the landlord on site (Park Slope United Methodist Church)
–  Utilities reimbursements ​     $490 /week  ($70 /night)
–  Pre-paid phone reimbursements for one site liason and             $50 /week  ($25 /person)
                 one Housing Hotline PP
–  Sanitation, cleaning supplies and various needed hardware     $100 /week
–  Miscellaneous items (office supplies, transport, etc.)​        $60 /week
———————————————————————–      ———————-
​Total:​      $700 /week
30 Occupiers
   The Housing WG is requesting a continuation of funds for $29 weekly unlimited NYC MTA metrocards.  Funds were previously allocated for the purchase of 115 cards per week on a recurring basis, with the accepted amendment to return to this body to reevaluate that request.  We feel with the current spending freeze, and an overall streamlining of the acquistion process through one central body there is a greater need.  Therefore we are requesting an augmentation of 5 cards, for a total 120 cards per week which will require $3480 in funds.  The previously established process for distribution and requirements for access will remain the same.
————————————————————————             ——————-
​Total:​  $3,480 /week
120 Occupiers

Groups Policy Implementation

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Dear Community,

On December 20th, the General Assembly consensed that all groups must provide the following information in order to make it easier for people to join the movement:

  1. A mission statement which does not violate the Principles of Solidarity
  2. A working email or phone number
  3. Day and time of a weekly open meeting (this should be listed as a recurring event, so that it shows up on the daily schedule)
  4. Minutes from a weekly meeting, which demonstrate at least 5 people in attendance.

You can see the list of groups and their current status here. The list is updated once a month.

If you are a member of a group that no longer appears on the website, don’t worry! Your group isn’t gone forever, it can be reactivated once you make sure these guidelines are met.

You’ll need to get in touch with us at with the updated info for your group’s website. If you need assistance bringing your group into compliance, please be in touch and InfoHub will be happy to help out.

In solidarity,

-InfoHub Working Group Team

NYC General Assembly 1/24/2012 (Minutes)

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Date/Time: 1/24/2012, 7pm

Location: Liberty Plaza

Facilitators: Anthony, Ronnie

Stack-taker: Nick

Minutes: Lauren and Chepe

Dissolution of Spokes from Strong Women Rules: Tabled

Adoption of a vision statement:Tabled

Craft Fair Fundraiser: Consensus

Reduce GA meetings: Tabled

Disruption followed by a conversation on how to deal with disruptions

Community Solidarity: Tabled by proposer

Follow up to GA reassembly: No Presented

Formation of Food Justice working groups: Tabled by proposer during disruption

OWS support for Occupy tour: Consensus

Working Group Report Backs: Facilitation, Information

Announcements: Safe Spaces, Occupy the Roads, Disability Caucus, Occupy Farms, Evelyn, Food Justice, Occupy LA, Joseph, Trish Read more »

NYC Operational Spokes Council 1/23/2012 (Minutes)

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Audio Recording of Spokes Council Meeting

Spokes sign in sheet

Location: West Park Presbyterian Church

Facilitation: Bana and Nathan

Stack: Melanie

Time Keeper: Gene

Minutes: David Buccola

Working Group Reportbacks: Minutes, Facilitation, Occupy Farms. Info-hub, People’s Library, Safer Spaces, Direct Action (DA), Archives, Translation.

Proposal: Safer Spaces Community Agreement did not reach modified consensus. (Started 16:00. Fails modified consensus 1:32).

Proposal: Sean’s Monthly Budget: Tabled due to a Point of Process; proposals should be proposed by working groups, not individuals.

Open Discussion regarding budget freeze, Spokes Council and how to go forward with disagreement with Accounting. (1:52)

Announcements: Vision and Goals, Minutes, Daniel, Awesome woman who needs help shopping, and Picture the Homeless.

Full Minutes Read more »

Formation of Food Justice Working Group

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The FOOD JUSTICE SUBGROUP (OWS Sustainability) wishes to apply to become a full-fledged working group.

The name of the group will remain FOOD JUSTICE.

The MISSION STATEMENT is as follows:

The Food Justice Working Group of OWS works to strengthen, empower and promote bioregional solidarity within the OWS movement by:

1.            Promoting and Supporting local-farm to kitchen relationships;

2.            Encouraging and facilitating dialogue, education and direct action on the issues of sustainable food production, food justice, food sovereignty and corporate control in our local, regional, national and global food systems;

3.            Incorporating the principles of food justice and self-sufficiency into the everyday practices of Occupy Wall Street.

The Food Justice group can be reached via EMAIL at The CONTACT PEOPLE are Paula Winograd and Vevlyn Wright.

The Food Justice working group will be based in NEW YORK.

The Food Justice working group will meet at least ONCE A WEEK and will take MINUTES, which will be POSTEDat 

Food Justice wishes to present its proposal for working group status at the GA meeting scheduled for Tuesday, 24 Jan. 2012.


NYC General Assembly 1/22/2012 (Minutes)

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Date/Time: 1/22/2012, 7pm

Location: Liberty Plaza, moved to 60 Wall Street Atrium

Facilitators: Yoni, Anthony

Minutes: Lauren

Audio Recording of General Assembly

Announcements: Shazz, Occupy DC, Outreach, Class War Campaign

Working Group Report Backs: Occupy the Farms, Visions and Goals

Proposal: Occupy House Parties. Tabled.

Emergency Proposal: OWS support independent fundraising to finance trip to Europe for world economic forum. Did not pass modified consensus.

Read more » – UX Round 6

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1/23/2012: Monthly Budget Proposal

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The amount of issues and time spent on budgetary issues is primarily caused by lack of forward thinking in terms of budget. This is a proposal for the next month, along with what we expect to get in return for these expenditures. Any future discussions will be framed within the context of these expenditures:

1. Set aside the 100k bail…. sorry… that would have been possible with more dough.. right now that is too much, for months in the future. We should be able to fundraise for more between now and then.

100000 for live work space, storage and a kitchen (75,000 for downpayment/rent 25,000 for improvements and services No further payments for at least 2 months Live space for 50-100, and place for GA’s and storage)
15,000 for Audit services (maybe accomplished by fiscal sponsorship switch)(legal necessity)
20,000 to start worker co-ops(100% employment starts with our own movement)
10,000 Transportation 2 vans and insurance gas

50,000 Budget 1/15-2/15
20,000 Kitchen (space, plus meals for 250 people at least twice a day, seven days per week)
6500 Housing
23,500 For EVERY OTHER SPOKESCOUNCIL Or GA expenditure

10,000 for tech infrastructure
10,000 for energy generation

20,000 in reserves

2. Switch fiscal sponsor to one that will do ALL accounting as part of the package, meaning we get more for the money we pay them. (tides offered to do it, and Avaaz is also interested)

3. Start fundraising effort immediately

Yes numbers will change some, but this is the format we need to be discussing