1/28/2012: An Accountability Proposal To Hold OWS Members to OWS Standards of Conduct

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An Accountability Proposal To Hold OWS Members to OWS Standards of Conduct

“There are going to be times when we can’t wait for somebody. Now, you’re either on the bus or off the bus. If you’re on the bus, and you get left behind, then you’ll find it again. If you’re off the bus in the first place — then it won’t make a damn.”Ken Kesey

Occupy Wall Street (OWS) desires a better world for all and creates its standards of conduct accordingly, to be of benefit to all persons throughout the world. OWS conducts its affairs in a manner welcoming to all. Members of OWS as a global movement abide by the Principles of Solidarty, as well as individual Community Agreements or Codes of Conduct, that define appropriate behavior to one’s fellow occupier and within the Occupation as a whole, such as a commitment to peaceful non-violent civil disobedience and the engagement of direct and transparent participatory democracy for all decision-making.

Because OWS, as a primary concern, wishes the safety and encouragement of everyone, we therefore open our proceedings and spaces to all, provided those who accept our invitation abide by our standards of conduct. Our standards of conduct are not rules to restrict anyone, instead, they are boundaries to protect everyone.

SUMMARY: Those present at or participating in OWS activities agree to abide by our standards of conduct. They may end such obligation by departing and ceasing participation. OWS may also discontinue its relationship with any party, via direct and transparent participatory democracy, based on there adherence to the standards of conduct that define a member as part of OWS, thus releasing that party from any further such obligation.

“All persons, groups, or other entities, while present at, represented at, or participating in Occupy Wall Street (OWS) meetings, assemblies, councils, occupations, encampments, or other OWS functions or events, If you come to our events…
and/or while participating by any means in any OWS online or other electronic activity …or to our web sites, phone systems, etc…
shall, regardless of affiliation, purpose, manner of constitution, or other considerations, …it doesn’t matter who you are…
agree, in all dealings with OWS and its sub-groups and participants, to abide by any and all OWS standards of conduct then in effect. …you agree to follow our community standards.
“A person, group, or other entity may release this obligation exclusively by departing the place of and ceasing participation in any and all OWS functions or events, as well as ceasing participation in any and all OWS on-line or other electronic activities. If you leave the relationship, you don’t have to follow our standards.
“OWS may, to ensure the protection of all who choose to work with us and agree to follow our standards of conduct, choose unilaterally to discontinue entirely its relationships with any person, group, or other entity. The OWS General Assembly may propose to cut ties with those who do not follow appropriate standards of conduct, via direct and transparent participatory democracy, if the failure to maintain appropriate standards cannot otherwise be remedied. The General Assembly is empowered to sever ties with those who do not follow the Principles of Solidarity or other standards of behavior that have been agreed upon.
“Such persons, groups, or other entities will remain thereby released from any OWS standards of conduct for so long as they and OWS maintain no relationship. If we leave the relationship with you, you also don’t have to follow our standards. It stays that way as long as we’re not involved in each other’s business.
“For the purposes of this proposal, ‘other entity’ shall include any corporation, company, affiliation, or other collective enterprise and its employees, agents, and assignees.” If we get involved with companies, they have to follow our standards, too.
“For the purposes of this proposal, ‘sub-groups’ shall include all OWS-recognized Working Groups, Caucuses, Movement Groups, Operations Groups, similar collectives, or other entities within OWS, regardless of type or size of membership, operating method, or how constituted.” Our standards apply to OWS as a whole and also to all our working groups, caucuses, and so on.

Submitted by the Town Planning Working Group


1/28/2012: Fundraising Hub, aka “FUNHUB” Working Group Formation

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Fundraising Hub, aka “FUNHUB”
-To empower people to be full time activists by making the skills,
resources and locations of honest work available to the OWS community.
-SKILLS: connect artisans to people will to learn their craft
-RESOURCES: assist in sourcing materials for goods and services offered
-LOCATIONS: find locations and organize events endorsed by OWS
“If you have a general fund-raising idea, let us help you develop it!
If you have a mature idea, let us help you work out details!”

1st meeting minutes summary:
-weekly meetings will be Mondays @ noon
-upcoming projects: take part in occupy Washington Square Park, craft
fair endorsed by GA on Feb. 11th
-tasks assigned: 1) Shazz artisan outreach & submit proposal, all
working group liason, Yuri investigate 33rd & 2nd donated farmer’s
market location

attendees: Brian, Yuri, Jack, Mary, Shazz, Daniel, Gerard, Dylan

1/28/2012: Support for a joint declaration between the assemblies of Moscow and New York from the Anti-War Working Group

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We the people of the Moscow and New York Assemblies acknowledge that the future of the human race requires the cooperation of its members. We are at a critical moment in history.

There is a rising tide of military aggression and wars supported by increasingly lethal technologies. There are deaths and maimings of civilians across the globe.

Rampant military spending, over 1.5 trillion dollars a year, continues despite the global economic crisis and increasing poverty. In the global trade in arms, manufacturers make hundreds of billions of dollars a year, and Russia and the United States supply more than half of major weapons.

We are aware of the history of our two countries. The nuclear arms race was led by the United States, a country that used nuclear weapons on civilian populations on two occasions (Hiroshima and Nagasaki). The Cold War arms race between the United States and Russia deprived our peoples of our wealth.

It has been more than 20 years since the end of the Cold War yet our countries, Russia and the United States, still possess 95% of the more than 20,000 nuclear weapons on the planet. Nearly 2,000 of the Russian/US warheads are deployed  ready for immediate launch.

Thousands of nuclear warheads and millions of guns do not defend ordinary people from poverty and do not help them feed themselves.

Nuclear power continues to pose a threat to life and earth and is the essential technology driving the proliferation of nuclear weapons.  Every nuclear reactor is a potential bomb factory that burns and produces materials which with further processing can be used to make nuclear warheads. Nuclear accidents have led to nuclear catastrophes. Chernobyl and now Fukushima have given us the resolve to say “No to nuclear!”.

The threat of war is not an acceptable or workable response to the feared or actual spread of nuclear weapons which can emerge from nuclear power technology. To avoid nuclear proliferation and end the risk of devastating nuclear war, the current nuclear-armed states must eliminate their arsenals and initiate a universal phase-out of nuclear power. The United States and Russia, with the world’s largest stockpiles of nuclear arms, must lead the way for global nuclear abolition.

We envision a world without nuclear weapons, an end to the arms race and an end to war. We will not stop our public assemblies, we will not go home, we will not rest until the world and the power is restored to the people.

We put forth the following list of concrete measures to achieve nuclear abolition and disarmament:

•        Standing down of US and Russian nuclear weapons now ready to fire within minutes and unilateral actions by both countries to eliminate their arsenals.


•        Global negotiations for elimination of all existing nuclear arsenals and a world permanently and equitably free of nuclear weapons.


•       Closure of all nuclear test sites, including Nevada and Novaya Zemlya.

•       An end to development of missiles and space weapons and negotiation of a missile/space ban.

•       An end to the spread of nuclear technology around the planet and shutdown of existing nuclear power plants.

•       Transparent reduction of conventional weapons.

•       An end to all drone programs and any development of new lethal technologies.

•          Reallocation of military spending and capabilities of scientists to building a safer, sustainable world.

•       Dismantlement of NATO and other bloc military alliances.*

We don’t need missiles, we need housing.

We don’t need bombs, we need hospitals.

We don’t need guns, we need schools and books.

We don’t need bullets, we need food.


We need to live in peace and security. We need a world in which ordinary people are not victims of political games. We need a world where we can love one another, love our children, and be friends with our neighbors, without having to fear for our lives and our planet.


*This list is non-inclusive.

1/31/2012: Request for Liberty Square General Assembly to ban an individual (Nan) (from Edward H.)

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Many occupiers are gathering together after Nan attempted to destroy Tuesday nights GA.  We made an official statement on the 24th, stating that the GA will not tolerate deliberate destruction and attacks on itself.  We have witnesses that confirm that Nan planned to wage a violent attack on the GA if her proposal to dissolve Spokes did not pass (which it was not made to even do).
The following outlines the basic proposal
We wish to propose to the Liberty Square General Assembly a banning of Nan.  On the 24th, Nan successfully disrupted the GA process with a group of naive Yonkers Occupiers.  The Yonkers Occupiers were drunk, several people were punched in the process, and the GA was nearly disbanded for the first time in Occupy history.  Edward Hall proposed that the GA continue despite the violent attack, cold, and many hours of standing.  The GA continued with the statement that it would “not tolerate any violence, or deliberate attempt to destroy it.  Any person or persons that have done such will not be allowed to do so again”
Beyond nearly successfully destroying the GA for the first time in history Nan has done the following:
  • Violently attacked Occupiers like Jason – as seen in this video  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4Q7YrvJhdo
  • Blocked enough proposals that she should have left on her own if her participation in Assemblies was genuine
  • Taunted and communicated with Occupiers about her desire to destroy important proposals and the movement
Nan was thrown out of Bloombergeville early on in their occupation, the summer before Occupy Wall Street.  She was hoarding precious food from others in her tent, employing classic instigator tactics of disruption, and pretending to be homeless and uneducated when she actually lived in Manhattan and attended NYU.  In addition to the same things, minus the food, Nan lied about her age to OWS.  Even Tea Party blogs are questioning weather to associate with her.
We move to cut Nan off from the GA process and from the OWS occupation for good.  This is not a reflection of who she is as a human being, but for her clear attempts to destroy and disrupt this body.  We cannot “work with” someone who wants to destroy us.  Do white bloodcells ignore or try and “work something out” with a virus?  No, viruses are eliminated or taken out of the body.  Some of us would like to express our most serious grievance with Nan.  She deeply compromised the efforts of marginalized groups to voice highly important issues that threaten the movement and nation as a whole.  Many of us hope to genuinely heal the damage done, and cultivate a deeper dialogue and stronger actions to address oppression within and outside OWS.
This proposal does not wish to see a system created for cutting people off from the assembly. We are just addressing this single individual.  Grievance Council will hopefully provide some clarity on future issues Occupiers have with each other.

Here’s the document (for input to be added by all) – http://www.thefnf.org:9001/p/Asking%20Nan%20to%20Leave

Proposal submitted by
Edward T. Hall III (Ted)
C0-Founder and C3()
OWS/50 Broadway/Hubitat/31 West 26th

NYC General Assembly 1/26/2012 (Minutes)

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Audio Recording of the General Assembly

Location: Liberty Park, moved to 60 Wall Street due to rain

Facilitators: Anthony, Jack

Stack: Lady

Minutes: Lauren

Working Group Report Backs: None

Proposal: Breakout groups to speak about violence that happened on Tuesday report backs on that disruption

Proposal: Proposal for the formation of Global Justice working group: Consensus

Proposal: Food Justice: Consensus

Proposal: Occupy your workplace: Consensus with three Friendly Amendments:

1. Provide legal education and legal counsel for example NLG

2. Target Management in addition to workers

3. Worker ownership and collective control is part of the working groups objective

Proposal: Facilitation: Consensus with the Friendly Amendment that there be only one less GA per week with the new schedule being GA Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Proposal #6: Visions and Goals: Proposed breakout session, Tabled due to lack of time

Announcements: GSD Affinity Group, Angelo with Safer Spaces, Christina on behalf of Open Spaces, Structure, Visions and Goals, OWS Trade Justice, Mediation and NVC, Political Action and Impact, Zach, Food Justice working group

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NYC Operational Spokes Council 1/25/2012 (Minutes)

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Audio Recording of Spokes Council Meeting

Location: Quakers Meeting House at 110 Schemerhorn St. Brooklyn, New York

Facilitators: Daniel and Danielle

Time: Melanie

Stack: David

Minutes: David Buccola & Jose

Working Group Reportbacks (7:46): Infohub, Archives, Outreach, DAP, Library, Arts and Culture, Activist Legal, Town Planning, Sanitation

Proposal: Budget for Housing (21:00) passed in a modified form. Friendly Amendment to remove three violent people from Park Slope Church  accepted. And Friendly Amendment to only extend housing funding for one additional week past January 27, 2012 at Park Slope. Metrocard proposal aspect separated from original proposal but reached consensus.

Full Minutes:

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