GA Meeting Times & Locations

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1, I propose that the General Assembly meeting on Saturday (and also Sunday if there is one) be held at 2pm starting at the beginning of November thru the end of March and at 5 pm for the remaining months of the year in Liberty Park.

2, I propose that if a meeting is to be moved to another location there must be a minimum of 12 hours notice posted on the websites.  If this is not possible, the meeting will be rescheduled for another day.

Reasons behind these proposals

1a, I know many people who either have a hard time going out at night in the winter or it is impossible for them to do so hampering their ability to participate in the movement, including me.

1b, to have meetings at different times of the day will bring in new participants.

1c, other occupations have meeting times that vary.

2a, there is no reason that weather should have to hamper participation in meetings.  To move the meeting to an indoor location that would allow more people to come to the meeting is only useful if you can make the plan to come.

2b, to have some indoor meetings will bring in new participants (see 1b).

Group reading of an excerpt from Emma Goldman

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Proposal: Group reading of an excerpt from Emma Goldman’s afterword to: “My Further Disillusionment in Russia”.  Proposed excerpt is below.  The proposer will distribute copies of the excerpt, and read the below out loud.  The reading should take between 10 and 15 minutes, maybe more if we use people’s mic.  If there is any time remaining in that allotted by facilitation for proposals that evening, the proposer will move that we open up breakout group discussions, subject to the consent of the GA.

There is no greater fallacy than the belief that aims and purposes are one thing, while methods and tactics are another. This conception is a potent menace to social regeneration. All human experience teaches that methods and means cannot be separated from the ultimate aim. The means employed become, through individual habit and social practice, part and parcel of the final purpose; they influence it, modify it, and presently the aims and means become identical. From the day of my arrival in Russia I felt it, at first vaguely, then ever more consciously and clearly. The great and inspiring aims of the Revolution became so clouded with and obscured by the methods used by the ruling political power that it was hard to distinguish what was temporary means and what final purpose. Psychologically and socially the means necessarily influence and alter the aims. The whole history of man is continuous proof of the maxim that to divest one’s methods of ethical concepts means to Sink into the depths of utter demoralization. In that lies the real tragedy of the Bolshevik philosophy as applied to the Russian Revolution. May this lesson not be in vain.

No revolution can ever succeed as a factor of liberation unless the MEANS used to further it be identical in spirit and tendency with the PURPOSES to be achieved. Revolution is the negation of the existing, a violent protest against man’s inhumanity to man with all the thousand and one slaveries it involves. It is the destroyer of dominant values upon which a complex system of injustice, oppression, and wrong has been built up by ignorance and brutality. -It is the
herald of NEW VALUES, ushering in a transformation of the basic relations of man to man, and of man to society. It is not a mere reformer, patching up some social evils; not a mere changer of forms and institutions; not only a re-distributor of social well-being. It is all that, yet more, much more. It is, first and foremost, the TRANSVALUATOR, the bearer of new values. It is the great TEACHER Of the NEW ETHICS, inspiring man with a new concept of life and its
manifestations in social relationships. It is the mental and spiritual regenerator.

Its first ethical precept is the identity of means used and aims sought. The ultimate end of all revolutionary social change is to establish the sanctity of human life, the dignity of man, the right of every human being to liberty and well being. Unless this be the essential aim of revolution, violent social changes would have no justification. For external social alterations can be, and have been, accomplished by the normal processes of evolution. Revolution, on the contrary. signifies not mere external change, but internal, basic, fundamental change. That internal change of concepts and ideas, permeating ever-larger social strata, finally culminates in the violent upheaval known as revolution. Shall that climax reverse the process of transvaluation, turn against it, betray it? That is what happened in Russia. On the contrary, the revolution itself must quicken and further the process of which it is the cumulative expression; its main mission is to inspire it, to carry it to greater heights, give it fullest scope for expression. Only thus is revolution true to itself.

Applied in practice it means that the period of the actual revolution, the so-called transitory stage, must be the introduction, the prelude to the new social conditions. It is the threshold to the NEW LIFE, the new HOUSE OF MAN AND HUMANITY As such it must he of the spirit of the new life, harmonious with the construction of the new edifice.

To-day is the parent of to-morrow. The present casts its shadow far into the future. That is the law of life, individual and social. Revolution that divests itself of ethical valuesthereby lays the foundation of injustice, deceit, and oppression for the future society. The means used to prepare the future become its cornerstone. Witness the tragic condition of Russia. The methods of State centralization have paralysed individual initiative and effort;the tyranny of the dictatorship has cowed the people into slavish submission and all but extinguished the fires of liberty; organized terrorism has depraved and brutalized the masses and stifled every idealistic aspiration; institutionalized murder has cheapened human life,and all sense of the dignity of man and the value of life has been eliminated; coercion at everystep has made effort bitter, labour a punishment, has turned the whole of existence into a scheme of mutual deceit, and has revived the lowest and most brutal instincts of man. A sorry heritage to begin a new life of freedom and brotherhood.

It cannot be sufficiently emphasized that revolution is in vain unless inspired by its ultimate ideal. Revolutionary methods must be in tune with revolutionary aims. The means used to further the revolution must harmonize with its purposes. In short, the ethical values which the revolution is to establish in the new society must be initiated with the revolutionary activities of the so-called transitional period. The latter can serve as a real and dependable bridge to the better life only if built of the same material as the life to be achieved. Revolution is the mirror of the coming day; it is the child that is to be the Man of To-morrow.

Proposal for NOW DC – Occupy Power!

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Proposal for NOW DC – Occupy Power!

1.  March 30, 2012, people from across the country will begin to gather for an American Spring in Washington, DC, The National Occupation of Washington, DC (NOW DC), to oppose the corruption of both parties in conducting U.S. domestic and foreign policies. The Bill of Rights, has been effectively (NDAA) destroyed, and the Supreme Court has allowed the Constitution to be perverted. We will unite against a corporate-controlled government which has failed to promote the public well-being.

2.  NOW DC, which combines education, protest and mobilization, will include a Social Forum April 7 to 14 to bring together the experience, knowledge and thinking of the 99%. Occupiers from across the country will present workshops on socially relevant areas, including political and policy issues, strategies for shifting power from the 1% to the 99% which include building alternative systems, ending wars and militarization, and the strengths and weaknesses of the Occupy movement, as well as concrete descriptions of how to organize communities, hold General Assemblies, live-stream and create your own media and other practical necessities for successful occupations. 

3. We will celebrate Occupy Power! with a day of music and arts in West Potomac Park near the new MLK memorial.

4. The civil resistance of NOW DC will focus on the power structure in Washington, DC. NOW DC will unite occupations in a focused campaign developed by the direct action working group and refined during the first 2 weeks of April to demonstrate to elected officials in Washington, DC, and K Street and corporate interests that the people no longer trust or accept their rule, that a radical transformation to a participatory democracy operating under the rule of law is essential. 

5. All occupations are invited to endorse this event and to become involved. There are 7 working groups, a listserve and weekly meetings by conference call on and in person meetings when possible (alternating locations). Minutes will be posted.  Visit the website: and join a working group. Shape this event to be by and for the Occupy Movement.
Endorsed to date: Occupy Baton Rouge, Occupy New Orleans, Occupy Washington DC, Occupy Denver, Occupy San Diego, Occupy Springfield, MO, Occupy Rochester, Veterans For Peace, Veterans Peace Team

International Women’s Day Event

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with “indignadas” from El Barrio, Occupy Wall St., and around the World

People around the world are rising up and saying, “Enough!”

They are organizing new movements from Chiapas to Egypt, from Greece to Spain, from South Africa to New York, and everywhere in between.

They are “indignad@s”, outraged by the staggering inequalities, the violence and deceit, the hatred of democracy, the flagrant corruption and utter disregard for life on this planet that characterize our society, our economy, our governments. They are struggling against this nightmarish status quo, and laying seeds for a new world in the process.

At the forefront of these global movements are countless dignified women whose “Enough!” resounds in different colors, in different languages, across the lands. They are spearheading the movements, and battling injustice head-on and without compromise, often at enormous risk.

In honor of the tremendous leadership and contributions of women everywhere, Movement for Justice in El Barrio has organized an International Women’s Day Celebration to take place this March 8 in Harlem.

In light of this, Movement for Justice in El Barrio and Global Justice Working Group propose the following:

–       That the General Assembly of Occupy Wall St. celebrate and honor the noble and dignified contributions of women in our movements and that it publically endorse, publicize, and support the event by encouraging members of all working groups and caucuses to attend.

Bring the GA Indoors

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The following shall apply to all GA meetings, effective immediately, through May 15, 2012. All meetings will be  scheduled at, and held in, indoor public spaces.

The Atrium at 60 Wall Street can be a default location for these meetings, but other indoor public spaces may be used as necessary. In the unfortunate event that indoor public space is unavailable on any given night, Liberty Square shall be the backup location.

Exceptions for outdoor meetings during this period may be made when the weather forecast 48 hours in advance of the meeting predicts temperatures in excess of 50°F and an absence of precipitation for the expected duration of the meeting. However, at all such outdoor meetings, any person in attendance may hold up a point of process and request a count of those present in the meeting who would prefer that the meeting be moved indoors. If the number in favor of moving is 10% or more of those assembled, the meeting shall be moved. Should the number in favor of moving be less than 10%, the meeting shall continue in place, but additional checks on the same question may be repeated every 30 minutes.

Spokes Council Budgeting

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Discussion on Monday
1) Request from each WG on where they see themselves in the budget and financial needs
2) Request from each WG on how they see themselves with fundraising and their attitudes toward it
3) Request from each WG to give ideas towards a centralized budget versus a decentralized budget
4) Request from each WG to analyze outside fundraising of affinity groups
5) Request from each WG to think up other financial models outside of fiscal sponsorship

Democracy in Spokes Council

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Contact Name: Ashley Love
Working Group: WON- Women Occupying Nations

 Proposal: Democracy in Spokes Council Proposal Process to be voted on Monday, January 30th

This proposal is very simple. Everyone in the OWS community should have the opportunity to participate the democratic process concerning the Spokes Council (SC) proposal voting process. However, due to the pattern of certain Working Groups and individuals not giving proper notice to the OWS community, *all* the Working Groups (WG), Caucuses (CA) and site prior to them putting their proposals to a vote, many community member s, WGs and CAs have expressed feelings of non-transparency, ‘surprise proposals’, irresponsibility, abuse of power, failure to give the community ample time to consider proposals and insensitivity & inconsideration of specific & oppressed communities who would be directly affected by the proposal and their right to take part in the voting process. Proposals with vital and complicated issues are inappropriately being rushed through.

We ask that:

1) – All proposals must be mentioned one meeting before the meeting it is to be voted on so there is sufficient time for community members to take part in an actual democratic process. If someone from the WG or CA is unable to attend the prior meeting, they must inform Facilitation or another WG/CA and ask them to inform the SC of their proposal

2) – All proposals must be posted on the website at least 48 hours prior to them being voted on.

3) – All Working Groups and Caucuses must be notified directly at least 48 hours prior to the proposal being voted on. A system will be arranged where an email can be sent at one time to the listed contact email that each Working Group or Caucus lists on their page at least 48 hours prior to the presentation date. It will take moments for the online-expert WGs to make a quick system where proposals can be sent to each WG or Caucus with a press of  button.

The principles of solidarity and democracy that the Occupy movement stands for asks that we enroll as much community buy-in, responsibility, outreach and collaboration as possible in our voting and proposal process. We feel this proposal will help inspire just that.

The most popular chant on our OWS marches is “Show me what democracy looks! This is what democracy looks like!” In an effort to show the world what real democracy looks like, we must give as many community members, WGs, CAs as possible the chance to be involved.

Ensuring that decisions being made are done so in a just and open process is what our ideals stand for.

NYC General Assembly 1/28/2012 (Minutes)

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Audio Recording of General Assembly

Location: Liberty Square, moved to 60 Wall Street, moved back to Liberty Square

Facilitation: Lady, Jason, Yoni, Evan, and Bana. Lady, Jason, and Evan stepped down from facilitation. Bana stepped up and finished out the meeting.

Stack Taker: Alia

Time Keeper: Evan

Minutes: David

Announcements: Occupy Williamsburg party, Occupy Town Square, Nan, PR Working group, Occupy Newark, Occupy Long Island (7:00), Occupy Danburry Connecticut

Proposal: Fun Hub Proposal reached consensus (35:00)

Proposal: Anti-War proposal tabled due to large number of stand asides.

Proposal: Occupy the Roads proposal failed to pass modified consensus with 45 yays and 7 nays

Proposal: An Accountability Proposal To Hold OWS Members to OWS Standards of Conduct tabled after 9 blocks made it clear it wouldn’t pass modified consensus.

Meeting ended with announcements from various people.

Full Minutes Read more »

1/28/2012: Occupy the Roads

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After my visit to Zuccotti Park on Oct.2nd & then to WA DC on 5th, I came back to Seattle area and purchased an RV so I could spread the message and keep the movement alive through the winter months. I have been “occupying the roads” since Nov. 8th. I started at the Canadian Border (Vancouver, BC), went to San Diego across to Atlanta and just now rolled into New York after visiting a total of 42 cities.

I know, first hand, how important it has been to connect everyone and make them feel a part of the larger picture when some are so far removed from OWS. All the connections made during the journey have been positive and motivating. People who want to help and have the resources, are willing to support any way they can as we move into the second phase. Universities and colleges are also very supportive and will be working with us to help make change (ie: the education system, community sustainability, etc).
We have documented the journey as well taken numerous video and pictures, which can be seen here:

FaceBook and on our
Twitter @occupytheroads

OTR is set up as a Non-Profit 501C3 in WA State.
Our mission has been, and continues to be, educating and informing the public about Occupy and help strategize solutions to problems. We personalize a “What is Occupy” for each Occupy Town/City so they can spread the word. The “V” is like a moving billboard with 31 ft of signs and posters adorning each side and the front + back. We attract a lot of attention going down the highways. We also attract the police at most stops, who have been consistent in their prying, asking for ID and moving us along even when we’re parked legally. We’re used to it by now. WE ARE being noticed.

With restrictions being placed on existing and future camps it will be more important to have creative means to keep the movement alive. We hope to have a caravan of vehicles joining in as we go and some have already contacted us for a spring movement.
The funds that I have spent so far:
RV payment $476.00 per month x 3 mo= 1428 + $2600 Down total $ 4028.00
Insurance payments RV & Phones $ 129.43
Fuel $ 3677.83
Food $ 1304.57
Phone & Internet $ 318.47
Supplies $ 1574.03
Printing & Postage $ 97.78
Office Expenses $ 461.10
Licensing $ 80.00

Total Spent $11,607.88

Cheap advertising and exposure along highways.

The RV (Occumobile) is headed for Florida (missed in order to take part in the WA DC “Occupy Congress”) and then back across the U.S. up the Midwest back to Seattle. I am welcoming others join in.

I am proposing that OWS recognize + support “occupy the roads” any way they can to keep the momentum alive and build on what I’ve already done. Either to reimburse for gas so that I can use that money to fuel the next trip, or allow us to create a separate working group. OTR is part of every city including OWS. Though my initial experience with OWS was short it is what motivated the creation of Occupy the Roads.

I’m aware that another group just left NY by busy and is heading for 16 cities, so it appears this is something the GA thinks is a worthy cause. I would like to focus on the older folks who may be willing to join the caravan moving forward.

Thank you for your consideration,
Janet Wilson and the crew from “Occupy the Roads”