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@Occupier_942 @DiceyTroop @jopauca Thank you so much!

RT @Occupier_942: Just nominated @LibertySqGA ( @DiceyTroop @jopauca ) for an #OccupyTheTweets Award. Such dedication! Thanks! http://t. …

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RT @OccupyBKGA: @LibertySqGA last night was big! Proposals on #OO new port action, legal action, bail funds, & more. Great to see #OWS c …

RT @jopauca: Big thanks to @_girlalex who brought me coffee and did some tweets tonight for @LibertySqGA! #YouAreAwesome

RT @jopauca: OWS Livestream Media’s Press Release on Thorin Caristo. More details tonight at Spokes.

RT @OccupyWallStNYC: Some upcoming @NYC_GA proposals: #ows cc: @OWSFacilitation @LibertySqGA

RT @OWScom: Spokes Councils at 7pm, tonight and for the foreseeable future at West Park Presbyterian Church.165 W 86th St,1/B/C to 86th …

RT @CarrieM213: FAIR WARNING: I am bringing to Spokes Council the sign-in from Wednesday. If you spoked then (for ANY group), you cannot …

RT @blackalaureate: one of OPD’s strategies to break up occupy crowds is to start “surgical arrests” to cause confusion (live at http:// …

RT @DiceyTroop: Anyone know where we can get a few hundred laser pointers? #needsoftheoccupiers #ows #imserioustho

Spokes begins soon! In the meantime, vote for us! RT @OccupyWallStNYC: Nominate some1 for the OccupyTheTweets award!

Hi there! About to start #NYCSC #SpokesCouncil. #nycsc #OWS

We extend a warm welcome to all of the law enforcement personnel who are monitoring this feed and who are attending #nycsc tonight. #ows

Discussing the fact that this space will not allow certain individuals into the space because they violate space’s guidelines. #nycsc #OWS

Please note that #nycsc was “disinvited” from 56 Walker because of the disruptions. #nycsc #OWS

“We are civilized, we shld have ability to have a discussion… those ppl are disrespectful, hateful…. Ppl leave because of them.” #nycsc

… Let’s respect the space’s decision. #nycsc #OWS

Comment: “We are in someone else’s space, and we always will be, we will need to abide by their rules.” #nycsc #OWS

Comment: “Even when we’re in a public space, there are rules we need to abide by. They’re called laws.” #nycsc #OWS

Comment: “We’ve made a lot of rules for ourselves and we haven’t been able to keep those, enforce them” #nycsc #OWS

… “In the end, we have thse rules already” #nycsc #OWS

Comment: “Charter says that we need to come to consensus about who we want to exclude, so we shld start that process” #nycsc #OWS

… “And if there will be other rules, we should know about them.” #nycsc #OWS

Stairs comments that the ban was based on behavior from Wednesday’s #Spokescouncil. #nycsc #OWS

By the way, Anthony and Robbie have asked for our consent for them to facilitate and we uptwinked. #nycsc #OWS

Stairs: We only have till the 2nd of January to move from our old space, to this one #nycsc #OWS

Stairs: Pastor Bob is very excited to have us here at West Park Presbyterian. #nycsc #OWS

Stairs: Since we are creating community agreements, it’s very clear that Spokes must change .. #nycsc #OWS

Stairs: .. in the way we communicate w/ one another. The pastor was here the 1st night and left #nycsc #OWS

Stairs:…this is a private space and the pastor does not want disruptions here. That is why 3 people arent allowed to come here #nycsc #OWS

Stairs: Nan, Sage, and Trish have been barred from coming. #nycsc #OWS

Stack: Can you be more clear on who is not allowed in? #nycsc #OWS

Stairs: Nan, Sage, Trish, a guy from Philly, and one scary looking dude who’s name i dont know. #nycsc #OWS

Stack: Who are the people outing these names? #nycsc #OWS

Stairs: The people who will be moving into this space and those hosting us. #nycsc #OWS

When the tweets stop flowing, click over to @libersqga2, @libertysqga3, and @libertysqga4 for moar!

Stack: Can you please raise your hand if youve ever walked out here in tears or disappointment? #nycsc #OWS

(About 20-25 people raise their hand. There are about 60-70 people here) #nycsc #OWS

Stack: My concern is that the people hosting us never made us aware of their guidelines. What are they? #nycsc #OWS

Stack: And also, that we’re not being quite transparent in this process. #nycsc #OWS

Stack: Hi. I also think we should tell the people banned, face to face, why they’ve been banned. #nycsc #OWS

PoI: We would like facilitation to not inject any personal reasons here. You’re here to facilitate #nycsc #OWS

Stack: Sure, we might not be able to co exist with them, but i dont think we should exclude these people. #nycsc #OWS

PoI: This is NYC and space is not just a commodity, it’s the commodity. #nycsc #OWS

PoI: It’s really difficult to find a space in Manhattan to accommodate what we want to do. #nycsc #OWS

PoP: someone notes that Stairs may be overstepping their bounds (they are supposed to be neutral). Stairs notes that they were providing PoI

CQ: the person who said they don’t agree with the space’s rules: “Do you have an alternative space?” No. #nycsc #ows

Facilitation WG: If we are going to ban ppl, it should be our decision. #nycsc #ows

… “If we’re going to make a decision about certain individuals, we shld give them our reasons.” #nycsc #ows

Comment: “We’re herer discussing these thing, yes disruptors shld be addressed, maybe we shldn’t be in any space if we can’t…” #nycsc #ows

… agree to a space’s rules.” #nycsc #ows

Comment: “I don’t think this is a closed mtg, it’s closed to ppl who have done something to be excluded.” #nycsc #ows

Comment: On the one hand, I think many ppl here have been terrified by some of the things that they have done… #nycsc #ows

… but I’m still sensitive to mental health issues, etc. But our charter gives us the right to exclude ppl. If don’t feel comfortable…

… continuing unless we address this as an agenda item. #nycsc #ows (not: it appears that we are having a discussion now…)

Comment: “I feel like I’m in the middle of a blackball situation. Is there a better way to explain our frustration and try to fix that?”

… “We cld be in Zuccotti Park right now, all of us.” #nycsc #ows

Comment: “I’m of two minds. I’m uncomfortable, because of the issue of agency & authority that is not transparent… #nycsc #ows

… That’s not a comfortable place. OTOH, I see how ppl need to be asked to leave, directly. Strong believer that we need to censure…

… ppl who are continually out of whack. OTOH, we are where we are right now, we should proceed with this & get the guidelines down. #nycsc

…. Maybe we should have a re-wind and start fresh with a set of guidelines.” #nycsc #ows

PoI: We have had many guidelines, none enforced because the process has been so disrupted every time we try to address. #nycsc #ows

PoI: If we are not a ratified #SpokesCouncil , then anything we come up with is not valid. #nycsc #ows

Comment: “This is not closed because they haven’t said that nobody can come in, they have pointed at certain ppl who can’t. #nycsc #ows

… If we have guidelines, and haven’t been enforcing them, then that is up to us. It’s a lesson to us. #nycsc #ows

… It’s not just three ppl when 50 ppl are arguing. #nycsc #ows

Comment: It seems we have 2 different things going on: 1. do we stay here in this space? 2. do we decide guidelines & process for… #nycsc

… removing disruptors? #nycsc #ows

… If we choose not to exclude, then we are choosing to not be in this space, b/c the space is excluding those ppl. #nycsc #ows

… Those 3 ppl provoke everyone else, we can deal as a group in a productive, civil way when those ppl are not here. #nycsc #ows

Comment: I heard this was going to happen and I can’t believe; It’s not the part that excludes ppl that is the problem… #nycsc #ows

… we should expect that if we are in other ppl’s spaces, they might [constructively] exclude ppl. But what alarms me is that… #nycsc

… these things are what we as a movement are against. I blame us for not acting for ourselves. #nycsc #ows

Comment: 2 things going on. 1 We need to have a proposal/conversation about what we are, what decisions we’ll be making. #nycsc #ows

… And we need to talk about disruptors. They are not just here, they are in WG meetings, too. #nycsc #ows

… We haven’t been making this decision for a really long time. We knew that someone else was going to make it for us… #nycsc #ows

… We shld approach the space with solutions we’re comfortable with & if the space isn’t comfortable with them, we find new space. #nycsc

OK, done with stack. Stairs: Let me re-phrase what I have been hearing and what has been discussed, and then if the group wants… #nycsc

… to proceed, it is up to them. #nycsc #ows

Comment: Why is Stairs talking about the proposal? (Note: what proposal? We’re discussing issue but I don’t think a proposal is up.) #nycsc

Stairs: – If someone is going to be excluded, they shld be excluded by us. – We have community agreements, but no enforcement tool. #nycsc

– Ppl are against excluding ppl that aren’t following the rules. – Mandate says we can exclude ppl but doesn’t say how. We need to come up..

… w how. – What I am hearing is that the group is not comfortable with the fact that this decision was not made by us. #nycsc #ows

… We need to make a decision about how we are going to be using this space right now. #nycsc #ows

… Whatever decisions we make here need to be in accordance with our mandate. #nycsc #ows

Discussion regarding what we shld be discussing/doing now about this… #nycsc #ows

Comment: Before we proceed, we shld let the excluded ppl in (audible boos/also letting them in isn’t our choice right now). #nycsc #ows

… They should all be here for this discussion. #nycsc #ows

PoI: They can’t come back here. (Noted!) #nycsc #ows

… We’d have to leave and do this. #nycsc #ows

PoP: If we’re going to consense on a proposal, we shld hear all of the proposals. #nycsc #ows

Comment: If we haven’t formed as a #SpokesCouncil, then we’re just a group of ppl having a discussion, so I propose we close..

… Spokescouncil and have a discussion as a group. #nycsc #ows

Comment: We should divide the time on whether this is a formed #SC, and the other time on how to deal with excluding/enforcement. #nycsc

… and maybe that should be a #GA proposal anyway. #nycsc #ows

Comment: I don’t care if this is a #GA, an #SC, or a group. If we’re able to kick ppl out, we need to do so by consensus, and… #nycsc #ows

… and when we’ve ever tried to come to consensus on this, it’s been been disrupted! #nycsc #ows

Comment: He read my mind. #nycsc #ows

Comment: When we come to an agreement on how to formulate a way to deal with this, we need to explain it to them explicitly. #nycsc #ows

PoP: Can we have a time limit? Lots of ppl on stack and we want to hear as many voices as possible. #nycsc #ows

Comment: All of the proposals that involve bringing them into this space, we can’t do that. So… those wldn’t work? #nycsc #ows

Comment: If we invite any of those ppl into this space, we run the risk of being disinvited. Maybe at some point we can… #nycsc #ows

… re-approach the space about it. #nycsc #ows

Comment: If we don’t want to participate in this space, go to another space, I heard we’re only looking in Manhattan… I don’t know why.

… why can’t we go to Brooklyn, Queens? #nycsc #ows

PoI: Mandate requires that we’re indoors. #nycsc #ows

Comment: We’ve heard a lot of ideas. SC has been hopeful at time, frustrating at times. We need to work as a grp to come up w a tool. #nycsc

Comment: Also, #Zuccotti is limited to ppl who don’t have bags. #nycsc #ows

Stairs: We need to address whether we are operating as a #SpokesCouncil. Until we make that decision, I don’t know how we proceed. #nycsc

Comment: What can we do now so we can leave here as a #SpokesCouncil? #nycsc #ows

Stairs: The WGs need to be ratified to be part of #SpokesCouncil. #nycsc #ows

PoI: We can declare us whatever we want, we just need to agree to make that declaration. #nycsc #ows

PoP: To help keep this moving, can we stop using PoIs to jump stack? #nycsc #ows

Stairs: (something I cldn’t hear b/c ppl next to me keep talking. hello!) #nycsc #ows

(@blogdiva someone speaking out of stack)

Comment: Something to consider: If we’re going to “be better” that the society we’re in, we need an ethical process. #nycsc #ows

… Maybe we need a mini-process/arbitration to address the ppl directly. #nycsc #ows

Comment: I’m going to lay my head here. If #SC is going to jeopardize ppl sleeping here, they shld leave, not have disruptors here. #nycsc

Comment: If everyone agrees that 1 person has disrupted so many times, the enforcement is difficult b/c ppl will need to be at the door…

… physically excluding ppl, and that’s a tough position to be. But if this is seen as a disruptive space, this won’t grow, it will shrink.

… there needs to be a compromise. #nycsc #ows

Comment: I don’t think it’s outside of being inclusive if you’ve given ppl multiple chances. To function in grps, you need to produce…

… positive outcomes. If someone is producing mostly negative outcomes, that needs to be dealt with. #nycsc #ows

Comment: We are an open, civil society. Just b/c we excluded ppl doesn’t mean we’re closed. Do we have suicidal tendencies? We need to…

… have a method to remove the destructive ppl. #nycsc #ows

Comment: We are all having a civil discussion now, and when ppl start shouting, I feel like my voice is worth less… #nycsc #ows

… whatever mechanisms we have to exclude those ppl, it needs to be in a way that is not disruptive. We’ve tried to exclude… #nycsc #ows

… before, but it devolves into a shouting match. #nycsc #ows

Comment: Technically, we are not a #SpokesCouncil (?). Can’t we come to an agreement as a group of ppl and approach this space? #nycsc #ows

Comment: This is the 2nd (friday) in a month that we’ve had a civil, productive experience. Maybe we need a different mtg for Fridays…

… instead of #SpokesCouncil. #nycsc #ows

Pop: All these voices are wonderful but we’re hearing the same things over and over, can we come to a consensus on the 2 issues. #nycsc #ows

@blogdiva STOP YELLING AT ME!!!! 😉

Comment: I’ve been to a lot of meetings about trying to form a #SpokesCouncil. Maybe we need to say that we can’t do it…. #nycsc #ows

… Sometimes it feels good, and then sometimes I wonder why we’re wasting our time. #nycsc #ows

Comment: I agree with what was just said. I’m a teacher, I have experience w disruptive ppl. It’s necessary to remove disruptive ppl…

… for the good of the whole. #nycsc #ows

We’ve moved to @libertysqga2!

… There should be a process to re-integrate them, not comfortable w being “banned for life” #nycsc #ows

Comment: We talked about exile, we need to talk to the person. Someone suggested we shld have 3 #GA a week and that’s a good idea. #nycsc

… We shld have a discussion about what a #SpokesCouncil shld be, and… (whoa, he is talking sooooooo fast) #nycsc #ows

… best ideas rise to the top. I love you guys. #nycsc #ows

Comment: I don’t see a lot of functionality here, consensus is a wonderful thing but direct democracy needs a fallback to get moving. #nycsc

… a movement needs to move. This isn’t abt me, it’s about not alienating ppl who want to participate, but can’t. Not respectful to be…

… be spending so much time on this when there are ppl preventing others from doing good. Because that is there mission: to prevent good.

Comment: I’m w Facilitation, we bear the brunt of the disruption. We want tools, but they need to be tools that are in keeping w our values.

… what is to be gained is a nice, functional #SpokesCouncil. What is to be lost is that these problems are just going to go back to #GA.

… That causes me concern, because I think they will be more disruptive at #GA, and that’s a serious safety concern. #nycsc #ows

Comment: I don’t think it’s a bad thing to work on a process & protocol to deal w these types of things. I think we need to…

… agree to a statement about what happened tonight. Wasn’t sure if we ran the risk of getting kicked out or wld be kicked out. #nycsc #ows

Commment: But you’re not running the risk of #SC getting kicked out, yr running the risk of 100 ppl not being able to sleep here. #nycsc

Comment: I hear that we want to get things done tonight. 1. Disruption can be abusive, as well as unsafe. 2. We need to talk about how to…

… deal with the disruption, together as a group. #nycsc #ows

Comment: We formed the #SpokesCouncil in order to deal with things that were difficult to deal with at #GA. The disruptors… #nycsc #ows

… came to an agreement to disrupt #SpokesCouncil because they did not like it. They’ve succeeded! #nycsc #ows

… We already have a process for exclusion. It involved a temp check on whether ppl were being disruptive & going to mediation. #nycsc #ows

Comment: Just wondering, if we’re not a #SpokesCouncil, why are we doing this? #nycsc #ows

Comment: I don’t feel like we’re using our movement properly. We’re not using the tools that we have. #nycsc #ows

… We’re talking about structural reform. We have WGs, but it doesn’t seem integrated. I don’t understand. #nycsc #ows

… So if we want to be serious about getting past these issues, let’s use the tools we already have, please. #nycsc #ows

Comment: I don’t feel I’m wasting my time, I’ve grown to trust everybody in this room, knowing they r trying to be as inclusive as possible.

… In growing to trust this room, I also trust that we wld not come up with rules that we wldn’t want to live by ourselves. #nycsc #ows

… I wldn’t agree to a rule that I cldn’t live with. To say this is waste, I don’t agree. We’re in a critical time. We can’t just sit…

… here and wait while our desire for inclusiveness destroys us. #nycsc #ows

Comment: I wanted to propose that for the next week, all we do is hear props on what we’re going to be doing as #SC, and to ratify #SC.

… And try to come up with tools to deal with the disruptors, letting them know what we have a way of dealing w this. Need to… #nycsc

… to let them know what they did or didn’t do, it seems wrong. #nycsc #ows

RT @misosusanowa: @LibertySqGA2 [comment] The 1st & 2nd Constitutional Congesses took 11 months to produce the Declaration. No rush. #ows

Stairs; I’m hearing a lot of frustration that these dialogs are preventing action. We’re a group of individuals. Here are some… #nycsc

… actions that we can take. – If we are going to have a process to exclude ppl, they need to be addressed. #nycsc #ows

– We shld adopt the “edmonton” sign about disruptors. (No! someone says) (Stairs: that’s the feedback we heard). #nycsc #ows

@grrrlrob Moved to @LibertySqGA2

don’t forget, if @LibertySqGA gets topped out, we move to @LibertySqGA2, then @LibertySqGA3, then @LibertySqGA4. please re-tweet

(general discussion now)

Employee from building is here w an idea on how to re-occupy wall street. #nyscs #ows

OK, so that happened! #nyscs #ows

Stairs: How does this group want to proceed w this meeting? #nyscs #ows

Comment: We acknowledge that we are a grp of individuals and that our decisions are as a group of individuals. #nyscs #ows

Comment: We have tools (principles of solidarity, community agreements, etc). We just need a system of enforcement. #nyscs #ows

(FWIW, there are a ton of ppl saying the same thing, I’m paraphrasing and sometimes not relating it if it’s been said 5x already.) #nyscs

RT @dontbeaputz: The NYPD just came and left. They explained to Nan that she had to go. No yelling. Nan calmly left. Looking forward to …

Comment: I think a crucial step might be missing. PoC asked us to avoid a system that resembles our current justice system. #nyscs #ows

… System should be used to address the frustration, but avoid excluding. #nyscs #ows

… We need a 3rd branch/voice to hold us accountable. (sorry, missed some of those details). #nyscs #ows

Comment: I think it’s premature to judge #SpokesCouncil, because we’ve spent so much time dealing with the disruptors, we haven’t… #nyscs

… been able to deal with anything else. #nyscs #ows

Comment: If we start having discussion about non-punitive ways of dealing, that will take years. It is almost impossible to come up with 1.

… Also, a 3rd branch may create a hierarchy. To have accountability, it shld apply to all mtgs, #GA, #SC, #Wg s. #nyscs #ows

Proposal: I came here not knowing anyone wld be banned. On Monday, we meet at an open location and discuss the banning to keep things legit.

No, we don’t have anything to do with that. RT@OurFadedGarden: @LibertySqGA2 Do you know if the livesteam is going to be coming back up?

Comment: Ppl keep saying we’re not a #SpokesCouncil, as if it’s fact! But that’s not a fact. We’re a group, the process isn’t that rigid.

… It’s the rigidity of the process that allows them to disrupt. They want us to fail, and we are letting them do that. #nyscs #ows

Comment: The only reason ppl here say we’re not a #SpokesCouncil is b/c those disruptors have said it so many times, we’ve believed it! …

… We have already functioned successfully as a #SpokesCouncil (lists all the #SpokesCouncil-y things we’ve done). #nyscs #ows

Comment: Glad we’re all here. How we work together is evolving. It wld be great to talk about organization theory more. Different models.

Comment: We have process to deal w/ disruption, not to enforce. The #GA has empowered us why don’t we ask the #GA to decide to exclude them?

Comment: It seems to need to address the issue of a 3rd party excluding ppl. #nyscs #ows

Comment: You have the power to make the decision to make this group effective (and to ratify ourself as a #SpokesCouncil). #nyscs #ows

Mgr of space: I want to welcome you hear, I have a great deal of respect for you. I’m glad to help. This bldg was empty for 3 yrs…

… we envision a community of communities. This is home of sweatshop-free movement. My responsibility is not just to you, but to other…

… to other groups that use this space. We ask that ppl share our values and desire to cooperate as a community… #nyscs #ows

… This is a fragile human ecosystem. Safety is a very strong concern, we need to emphasize that for everyone. #nyscs #ows

We need you to operate as part of a community of communities. Thank you very much. #nyscs #ows

Stairs: We’re opening stack for proposed agenda items for Monday’s #SpokesCouncil. #nyscs #ows

Proposal: empower a break-out group to find a space for Monday that will allow everyone in. #nyscs #ows

Proposal: moderated discussion about our roles. #nyscs #ows

Proposal: we ratify ourselves! #nyscs #ows

Proposal: 1. proceed w discussion of membership; but first 2. there will be no additional placards added. #nyscs #ows

… start ball rolling, nominate housing for membership. #nyscs #ows

@OWSLibrary Nope…

… and make a decision on legitimacy on certain working groups. #nyscs #ows

Proposal: SC shld be deciding campaigns/direct actions with all our working groups here. #nyscs #ows

… so on Monday, can we discuss a solidarity action? We’re able to do this, we just haven’t yet! #nyscs #ows

PoI: This is an operational #SpokesCouncil, there is a Movement #SpokesCouncil that DA/Movement Building is part of. #nyscs #ows

Proposal: Better way of dealing w disruptors, etc. #nyscs #ows

(Please note, these are proposed agenda items for Monday’s #SpokesCouncil) #nyscs #ows

Looks like we’re wrapping up. Darrel, Nicholas, Zach all randomly wandering into facilitation’s space. #nyscs #ows

PoI: It seems like the first agenda item on monday would be ratifying #SpokesCouncil, so everything after that is “legit”. #nyscs #ows

OK folks, looks like things are wrapping up. Have a g’night folks, and happy new year! #nyscs #ows

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RT @OWS_Tactical: We need all our DAWGs at GA tonight to hear the proposal about BAIL!!! To keep the actions coming, we need y’all to ha …

Welcome everyone! The General Assembly begins soon. Huge budget proposals are on the table tonight. Stick around! #ows #nycga

Sully, Stephano will be facilitating tonight with Liz on stack. #ows #nycga

We’re about to start the GA! Stay tuned here and at @LibertySqGA2 @LibertySqGA3 + @LibertySqGA4! {Also peep @shawncarrie for editorial :}

Stairs: there are 6 proposals tonight. We expect tonights GA to be very long this evening. #ows #nycga

(Report backs begin) #ows #nycga

@owsnyclive ( @TesselizaTC ) is Livestreaming the GA tonight! Check out for video! #OWS #NYCGA

StrongWomen: My WG are working on amendments & getting legal involved. If u violate law, we will take u to court. #ows #nycga

First on stack for WG reportbacks: Nan: Anyone who puts slander online, I’m gonna take you to court. REAL court. {yikes!} #OWS #nycga

Comfort: We are looking for a NY residence. Also, please do not try and slander anyone. #ows #nycga

WG rptback: Comfort: give us CLEAN clothes! You’re my brothers & sisters, we love you as you love us! #OWS #NYCGA

Media (livestream): We’ve streamed alot of things & one thing we noticed a decline in participation. Come out! #ows #nycga

Lorenzo: Livestream: we’re streaming all over the place! Egypt actions, union actions.. But there’s not enuf people coming to actions! Love!

Stairs: 1st we’re going to go over the OccupyOakland proposal and the Bail budget proposal. #ows #nycga

@Korgasm_ Liberty Square park

First on the agenda: @OccupyOakland! Hella #solidarity at Liberty Plaza! #OO #OccupyOakland #OWS

OO: Since Oct 10th, Oakland has been at the forefront of the movement. #ows #nycga

OO: When tear gas & flash grenades were sent into the crowd, OccupyOakland acted swiftly and powerfully. #ows #nycga

“Hello #OccupyWallStreet!” Stephan from @OccupyOakland is reading a history of #OO’s kickass actions. #OWS #Solidarity #nycga

OO: Within a week, a massive general strike was organized that culminated in 30K ppl marching on the Port of Oakland. #ows #nycga

“#D12 proved to the world that the #occupy movement is still alive and kicking!” -Stepan from @OccupyOakland #OO+#OWS #Solidarity @ #nycga

OO: We shut the port down. (Met with applause and cheers) #ows #nycga

“To make this action a success, to reimburse costs, and carry out the #portShutdown, @OccupyOakland is requesting $20,000 from #OWS #nycga

OO: Next, we want a direct action against EGT grain shipment. #ows #nycga

OO: To make this successful, we ask for $20,000 from Occupy Wall Street. #ows #nycga

“Hey everybody, I’m Chris from #OWS DA! Today, we unanimously consented to fully support @OccupyOakland’s proposal! Much #solidarity to #OO

Stairs: Ok. Stack is now open for clarifying questions. #ows #nycga

Stack: This is very nice. But id like to see receipt for these actions bc we are running low on funds. #ows #nycga

OO: Our accounting is very meticulous and those receipts are available upon request. #ows #nycga

1st on stack for CQs is Nan-“I’m glad DA supports this, but you didn’t rly do your job on #D17…” Where are your receipts?#ows #nycga

OO: Everything is accounted for to the dime. #ows #nycga

Stack: I cried during your activities. But now im going to be a grinch tonight. I want to know what efforts u have made… #ows #nycga collect support from the Bay Area. #ows #nycga

next on stack:Susan:”I cried during your actions at #PortShutdown – but i’m gonna be a grinch tonight. Have you done fundraising?” #nycga

OO: Despite our poverty, we have helped other occupations. For example, we passed a hat and collected.. #ows #nycga

Lots of PoP’s as Nan goes off topic-proposers are answering:”We’ll give you receipts!”PoI:@OWSAccounting: No reciepts=no money!” #nycga #ows

OO: ..$500 which we sent to you guys. To fundraise we do what we can – online and offline. #ows #nycga

Proposers:”We are about action, not fundraising!” #ows #oo #Solidarity

OO: but OccupyOakland is about action, not fundraising (the assembly applauds and cheers) #ows #nycga

Stack: Ive looked over your budget, but see nothing on bail. So, id like to make an FA to add $5k #ows #nycga

Chris from DA: “We at #OWS get most of the money, but most ppl believe that money is to build the national movement.Spread the love!” #nycga

PoI: (applause & cheers) We’re still on clarifying questions, but save that for later. #ows #nycga

Stairs: we’ve reached our 15min. Temp check on extension (uptwinkles, we continue). #ows #nycga

CQ:”Did DA really unanimously consense to support this proposal?” Many in crowd: “Yes!!!” #ows #nycga

CQ:@LiborVonSchonau:”Why is $ going to Seattle/Portland thru #OO, and not straight from #OWS to @OccupyPdx? #nycga #ows

Porposers:”We are streamlining the process. #OccupyOakland is the coordinating body, now we just need to decide who does what. #ows #nycga

Stairs: Stack is now open for concerns. #ows #nycga

CQ:”Is #ows DA gonna do an action in #solidarity?” Major uptwinkles. “Yes we are!” {see @OWS_Tactical for updates} #ows #nycga

Stack: Money should never be the question. If NY has the money, donate it. #ows #nycga

CQ:”I think other occupations should get more money…” People agree, but Stairs PoP’s them.”Save it for FA’s!” Lots of #PoA’s #ows #nycga

Now moving on to concerns! @jdegroot:”Appreciate you guys bringing a much more clean and neat proposal this time! Thank you! #ows #nycga

Stack: I just want to say there are way more ppl here today and glad this proposal is much more clear. #ows #nycga

Concern:Jeff:”I like actions-I am concerned w proposals requesting large amts of$-#nycga should use discretion about who/where we spend$ on”

Stack: I like action. I like marches. But i believe there is a large responsibility on this GA to decide how we spend money #ows #nycga

Jeff:”The rate at which we’re spending, we’ll soon be out of money.But maybe this is the right way to run out of money!” #ows #nycga

Stack: If we continue spending money this way, we’ll lose it all. But, if we are, maybe this is the best way to lose our $ #ows #nycga

(Everyone applauds) #ows #nycga

@shawncarrie:”My concern is very serious! If this proposal doesn’t pass, I’ll be HELLA pissed!” @OccupyOakland #ows #nycga #oo #solidarity

Stack: My understanding is that OO has never consensed on nonviolence. So, how can this be addressed? #ows #nycga

PoI: occupy wall street has also never officially consensed on nonviolence. #ows #nycga

Stack: Hey guys. Guess what. We should pass this bc one day, we might need $ and OO will help us #ows #nycga

PoI: Our principles of soidarity does state we believe in nonviolent, civil disobedient actions. This is a living document. #ows #nycga

Jerry:”If we help out @OccupyOakland, they’re gonna come back and save our ass someday!” #ows #nycga

Jerry:”The only social movement that can succeed is one that is decentralized!” #ows #nycga

@carriem213:”I’m concerned that @OccupyOakland has never officially consensed on a strict principle of nonviolence…” #ows #nycga

Stack: Im sorry but im from accounting and we need to be precise. The IRS, if we’re not accurate, will come after us. #ows #nycga

Someone PoI’s @carriem213:”Direct Action Working Group operates on official policy of nonviolence!+we use diversity of tactics” #ows #nycga

OO: We will not survive if we do not share resources. Many funds coming in to ows are donations made to the entire mvmnt.. #ows #nycga

Proposers:”Just to let you know, the Longview action is for the whole movement! It’s gonna use funds donated to the entire movement!”#nycga

OO: not just occupy ny. #ows #nycga

Stack: Ppl who are not in accounting should not make announcements they have no idea about. #ows #nycga

Nan (Concern):”Ppl who are not in @OWSAccounting should not make announcements about stuff they do not know about. #ows #nycga

Stack: but as accounting shows, we are running out of money. I support the action, but will block until i see receipts #ows #nycga

Stairs: I see several points of process. #ows #nycga

Nan: (con’t) I’m gonna block you until I see receipts. I always turn in my receipts! *yelling*… #ows #nycga

(Side convos take over, stairs mic checks. Regains control of process).

Someone PoI’s Nan: “Susan IS part of @OWSAccounting, so check your facts, Nan.” #ows #nycga

OO: I want to say we’re requesting $20k and we wont receive it until ows accounting gets our receipts. #ows #nycga

(Tempcheck for extra 15 min for upcoming Friendly Amendments) #ows #nycga

*yelling* Stairs brings it back:”Side conversations are, by definition, non-participation!” Thanks, @OWSFacilitation #ows #nycga

Stack: We spend $30k / week just on operations. OccupyOakland is asking for a 1-time $20k donation for an awesome action! #ows #nycga

Concern: Anthony:”I’m concerned that all we talk about is money! We have way more $ than @OccupyOakland! Let’s spend it on something good!”

Stairs: Stack is now open for friendly amendments. #ows #nycga

Concern:”I’d like to know how much money we actually have?” Justin from @OWSAccounting PoI’s: $347,000! #ows #nycga

FA: i didnt see any acct for bail, food, & travel. Lets add an extra $10k. OO: We accept. #ows #nycga

FA: please post your receipts online. OO: We accept. #ows #nycga

Now Friendly Amendments:”I don’t see any allotment for Bail/Travel. Can we add $10,000 for that?” *major uptwinkles* Accepted! #nycga #ows

FA:Justin:”Since I’m the one who will be getting the receipts,& I soo look forward to giving you guys cash, but can u post receipts online?”

FA to post receipts online: Accepted! #ows #nycga

FA: Each occupy site have one specialized fundraising unit to supply funds to all occupations. #ows #nycga

OO: we think thats a good idea, but that fits outside the scope of this proposal. We dont accept. #ows #nycga

FA: I would like u guys to raise an addl $20k to match us. #ows #nycga

Next for FAs:Nan:”My FA is, actually I have 1,Turn the receipts in before you get the cash-2,I believe you guys can raise $20K to match”#ows

OO: We appreciate that, but $20k is enough for these actions. #ows #nycga

Proposers:”We can do that! We just raised $7,000 thru a screening of ‘V for Vendetta!'” #ows #nycga

FA: I request each addl working group get an addl $1000. OO: We think we have enough money. We reject. #ows #nycga

FA:”Can we add $2,000 more for Medical?” Proposers:”We rly appreciate it, but we think $30K is awesome already” #ows #nycga #oo

Stack: I think adding extra $ on. May be imbalanced. If they asked $20k, lets appreciate their conservative request. #ows #nycga

Stairs: So early, OO accepted an extra $10K. But they want to ask u if its ok they accept the FA Tempcheck please. #ows #nycga

(Many uptwinkles to include an addl $10k) #ows #nycga

(Some downtwinkles) #ows #nycga

FA:”I love #OO & love that they brought us a well thought-out proposal. Seems like we support it, but we shouldn’t be lumping on more $..”

OO: okay. Lets balance. We will accept only an addl $5,000. We appreciate the extra money. #ows #nycga

OO: (restating proposal) we request 25,000 for a kick ass action in oakland. #ows #nycga

Stairs: Tempcheck please (major uptwinkles) any blocks? (One) #ows #nycga

Block: The extra $5k is an ethical prob for me bc we’re not Bank of America. #ows #nycga

Proposers:”We love you guys! We appreciate it… We could really use that bail #, so we’ll meet you halfway at $25K” #ows #nycga #oo

Restating the proposal:”@OccupyOakland is requesting $25,000 from @OccupyWallStNYC…for a badass action in January.” #OWS #NYCGA

Block: Im concerned we’re burning money. That said, i am in solidarity and remove my block (crowd cheers) #ows #nycga

Stairs: are there any other blocks? (None) #ows #nycga

Stairs: The proposal passes! (Massive cheers and chants) #ows #nycga

Major uptwinkles for @OccupyOakland’s proposal!!! “Are there any blocks?” (suspense….) #ows #nycga #OO

When the tweets stop flowing, please click over to @LibertySqGA2, @LibertySqGA3, & @LibertySqGA4 for *moar* #ows #nycga

Accounting is up next #ows #nycga

One block. It’s Nan. “#OWS is spending money too fast. We’re not Bank of America. That said, I remove my block, because I’m in #solidarity!”

CONSENSUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @OccupyOakland @OccupyWallStNYC #Solidarity #OWS #OO

Acct: We’re concerned about how much $ we will have. We have a responsibility to protect one another. #ows #nycga

Acct: Ppl give us money bc we do direct action. The money for bail will serve as a safety net. #ows #nycga

Acct: This money will be used if we need money to get bailed out. Acct: #ows #nycga

Acct: That said, we are asking for $100K to set aside for bail. It will not be spent on anything. #ows #nycga

Major cheers at @OccupyOakland’s proposal passing #NYCGA!!!! Hella #solidarity from #OWS to #OO!

Acct: If we decide to us it for something else, we all can make that decision. #ows #nycga


Acct: Approx $90k has been spent on jail related costs and we’ve only received a 1/3 back. #ows #nycga

Now calming down after a few minutes of cheering… Next proposal is from @OWS Accounting – #ows #nycga

“@OWSAccounting is concerned that we’re running out of $! Each of us has a responsibility to each other safe” #ows #nycga

Diego:”I’ve been arrested several times! In jail, it was nice knowing that NLG and #OWS had my back” #ows #nycga

Stack: What is the current limit on bail? Acct: right now, there is none. #ows #nycga

Stack: How much on bail has been spent since september? Why isnt an action group taking care of this? #ows #nycga

Acct: on our blog, we have many expenses listed. We’re looking to post more shit. If ur into data entry, come join! #ows #nycga

Acct: As we said earlier, we’ve spent about $90k on bail related issues. #ows #nycga

“So we propose $100,000 for an Emergency Bail Reserve” #ows #nycga

1st on stack for CQ’s: “Is this money just for bail?” A: “Yes it is! Should you consider it a FA, we’ll talk then.” #ows #nycga

CQ:”What are the stipulations?” A:”Bail is only for an #OWS

PoI: this is a GA. We’re all individuals who can propose things. #ows #nycga

Razor:”Why is this coming from a finance group, not an action group? Also, there’s not transparency&accountability” #ows #nycga

Stack: Receipts are not transparency. Theres also a bank account thats secret. Accounting isnt being neutral. #ows #nycga

Stack: We are spending more than we are taking in. #ows #nycga

PoI: I brought the bank statements last night. They were available. #ows #nycga

Sparrow: “I’m from DA! A lot of us are here to support this proposal so we can keep doing awesome shit!” #ows #nycga

(Many side convos erupt. Stairs trying to facilitate. Screaming matches ensue). #ows #nycga

Stairs: Id like to acknowledge, feelings have been hurt. Please, handle these personal conflicts outside the GA. #ows #nycga

Stairs: The GA is a decision making body. Lets return to the process. #ows #nycga

“To keep up strong, we need to keep up the actions! Actions means we’ll get arrested, and we’ll need bail.” #ows #nycga

@OWSAccounting con’td: “We can only be as transparent as you are. You bring us receipts, we give you cash.” #ows #nycga

(Convo on personal conflicts continue –) #ows #nycga

Danielle:”We are all #OWS! I didn’t join to keep the books! #OccupyWallStreet is an ACTION ORGANIZATION!” #ows #nycga

Stack: Hi. Arrests have to be for action. Not ppl agitating police for no reason. #ows #nycga

Stack: ive been locked up, beat up, & fucked up. Although im on bail, what happens with these dats? #ows #nycga

Legal: a DAT means u must go to court on a certain date. It doesnt cost $. #ows #nycga

Stairs: Tempcheck for 15m extension (uptwinkles) #ows #nycga

Legal: you can be charged with anything. Theres a difference bw being accused & charged. #ows #nycga

Stack: how much $ is in this account? and will it return to the acct? #ows #nycga

Acct: we have $347K in our account. we have decided when the money comes back, we’ll return it to the coffin #ows #nycga

Stack: How much $ have u spent since September? You’re coming to us asking for $100K. Why so much? #ows #nycga

Legal: There have been 2,000 arrests and a total of $90K have been used. #ows #nycga

Acct: Not all arrests require bail. The 1st time your arrested, no bail is need. But if u keep getting arrested again…#ows #nycga

Acct: again and again, you will need bail money. #ows #nycga (stack is now open for concerns) #ows #nycga

Stack: I’m here everyday. I want to know besides farming, what are we doing about ppl who have no where to go? #ows #nycga

Stairs: At this time, I feel this isn’t a concern relevant to the proposal. Next on stack. #ows #nycga

Stack: If someone has a prior record that makes the judge set a high bail, lets say 100K, is there a cap? #ows #nycga

Acct: This proposal isnt about setting standards for bail. that can be left to other groups. this is about money allocation #ows #nycga

Acct: Also, lets remember they’re (NYPD) going to raise bail and charges just to fuck with us. #ows #nycga

Stack: I heard money will go into two separate accounts that is returned. Which account is it? #ows #nycga

Acct: Since there is no bail fund yet, the money returned will go to the general fund. #ows #nycga

Acct: But a friendly amendment can be made to have funds returned to a specific account. #ows #nycga

Stack: I would be very concerned if this proposal does not pass. Im personally out on bail. This shit saved my ass. #ows #nycga

Stack: if we dont keep a bail fun, we’ll be screwed in the spring. let’s keep this movement going & pass this proposal. #ows #nycga

Stack: My concern is $100K is too less for bail. A friend of mine who was just marching up 7th ave got arrested for a felony #ows #nycga

Stack:.. and was arrested during a nonviolent action. His bail was set at $25K. Let’s raise the amount. #ows #nycga

If the tweets stop flowing, please click over to @LibertySqGA3 and @LibertySqGA4 for moar! #ows #nycga

Stack: I’m concerned this money is too much. We owe every occupier in the world, not just here. I dont want finance proposing .. #ows #nycga

Stack:..this amount. it is too high. #ows #nycga

PoI: I know that accounting has covered bail for other occupations. But we have no way of anticipating what future bails will be #ows #nycga

Stack: This proposal is important. Please consider passing it. #ows #nycga

Stack: If someone is going to get arrested, please make sure it’s not for stupidity. #ows #nycga

@elkinginnetti @Buddhagem (@jopauca)

JailSupport: I just want to reiterate there is a huge difference between being charged and convicted. #ows #nycga

Stack for friendly amendments is now open #ows #nycga

FA: When we get money back, lets return it to the bail fund. Acct: We accept. #ows #nycga

FA: I propose you allocate $150k. Acct: We friendly reject. #ows #nycga

FA: Can the bail fund be used for court costs? #ows #nycga

Legal: Of 2,000 arrests, only 60% have cases not going to trial. Only some have paid court costs #ows #nycga

Legal: Add more, and its only a couple thousand. #ows #nycga

PoI: I believe thats out of scope. This is just for a bail fund. #ows #nycga

Acct: We accept that FA, but will have legal explain. #ows #nycga

Legal: Will use bail fund to cover mandatory court costs & related fees. #ows #nycga

FA: i suggest come tax time, if acct is invaded, we create some safeguards. #ows #nycga

Acct: we totally appreciate that concern, but we reject. But, please come work with us! #ows #nycga

FA: Can u subtract a penny? Acct: We accept! #ows #nycga

FA: place that $ in a credit union. Acct: it is in a credit union. #ows #nycga

FA: When the $ is withdrawn, please tell GA how much & how many were arrested. #ows #nycga

Acct: we dont accept but only bc we will do that anyway. That is accountability and transparency. #ows #nycga

FA: I propose the bail fund be available for other occupations & their bail funds. #ows #nycga

Stairs: That has already been included in their proposal. #ows #nycga

Restatement: $100k for bail. Mandatory court costs covered. $ returned goes into account and.. #ows #nycga

Restatement: ..we remove 1 penny to make it $999,999. #ows #nycga

Stairs: Are there any blocks? (One block) #ows #nycga

Block: ive been personally attacked and dont trust whats going on with finance. #ows #nycga

Stairs: The proposers have chosen not to respond. Do u still block? Blocker: Yes. #ows #nycga

Stairs: We’re now moving to modified consensus. #ows #nycga

Stairs: Lets obtain everyones attention. Raise ur hand if u do *not* support the proposal. #ows #nycga

(Counting) #ows #nycga

Stairs: We have 3 blocks. #ows #nycga

Stairs: Raise ur hand if youd like the proposal to pass (counting) #ows #nycga

Stairs: (after 33rd count) Ok. This proposal has passed! (We chant and applaud) #ows #nycga

Stairs: Ok. The GA is still in session, lets continue moving forward. #ows #nycga

Yes, one penny was removed. The amount is $99,999.99 Thanks for the correction everyone! :-)

(Next up is legal) #ows #nycga

Legal: There was a lawsuit filed on the morning of our raid. That lawsuit is still open. #ows #nycga

Legal: We ask ows to endorse Adam Levine to represent us for that lawsuit. #ows #nycga

Legal: We are putting together an affinity group that will decide how this campaign moves forward politically. #ows #nycga

Legal: We want you to get involved. Email us at or see us after tonight. #ows #nycga

Legal: We are asking the GA to authorize Adam Levine to handle the lawsuit. Hes a longtime civil rights attorney. #ows #nycga

Stack is now open. #ows #nycga

Stack: i would like to know what problems will u be addressing pre and post eviction #ows #nycga

Legal: The lawyers are examining details of the case and we want to tell our story that is political in its design. #ows #nycga

Legal: This lawsuit will also cover collective property taken & how to legally reclaim those items. #ows #nycga

Stack: Mr. Levine has 50 yrs in law? Amen. #ows #nycga

Stack: Whats your relationship with the legal working group? #ows #nycga

Stack: We are the occupy wall street legal working group. #ows #nycga

Stack: is this for other occupations? Legal: This is NY specific. #ows #nycga

Stack: If we intend to reoccupy zuccotti, and we sue brookfield, wouldnt this have an adverse effect? #ows #nycga

(Everyone laughs) Legal: Yeah, our relationship with Brookefield isnt that great in any case. #ows #nycga

Stack: What is the plan for nationwide litigation? #ows #nycga

Legal: The lawyers are talking and sharing papers with one another. #ows #nycga

Stack: How much are we allowed to sue brookfield for? I want to bankrupt those ppl. #ows #nycga

Legal: I gotcha. But this lawsuit and proposal isnt about suing brookefield. #ows #nycga

Stack: Journalists approached me & said NYPD were letting ppl out of the tombs (a local detention center). So… #ows #nycga

Legal: We’ll make sure the lawyers are aware. Please email us and work with us. #ows #nycga

Stack: i say we include journalists also. Legal: Yes, we are. #ows #nycga

FA: Lets have a call for volunteers. #ows #nycga

Legal: (restating) We ask Adam Levine to represent ows in this lawsuit and ask for volunteers to help with this effort. #ows #nycga

Stairs: are there any blocks? (None) Alright! We have reached consensus! #ows #nycga

Proposal: id like to propose a quorum for GAs. #ows #nycga

Stack: How was this proposal created? #ows #nycga

(Fyi- a few police cars have arrived with their lights on, no sirens. Its quite strange) #ows #nycga

Proposer: As an individual, i am allowed to present a proposal. #ows #nycga

Stack: So the number u proposed (100) is a little high. #ows #nycga

Stack: I also agree 100 is also an ambitious number. My FA is to have a facilitator to keel track of the numbers #ows #nycga

Stack: im also concerned about that number. #ows #nycga

Stack: im concerned we need to pass this bc the GA numbers have been dwindling. #ows #nycga

Friendly amendments now. Not accepted. #ows #nycga

Agreeing to discuss proposal further. Number dropped to 70. Someone asked to wait til there is 70 here to continue. #ows #nycga

Idea that 70 ppl be here to pass the quorum proposal not accepted by proposer. #ows #nycga

Someone asks to not make this a binding quorum. #ows #nycga

Facilitator saying this is starting to fall apart. #ows #nycga

Nan’s friendly amendment: when will the quorum be in affect. Proposer says next year? #ows #nycga

Stack: i would love for u table this. #ows #nycga

FA: i really like this idea, but there should be a mechanism to repeal it. Proposer: Lets place a hold on that 1 #ows #nycga

Stairs: Given some calls for tabling, can i get a tempcheck on tabling? (Uptwinkles) #ows #nycga

Stairs: Ok. The quorum proposal is tabled. #ows #nycga

(Moving on to next proposal) #ows #nycga

Proposal: Occupy Dartmouth is cold and needs one tent. #ows #nycga

Stairs: clarifying questions? #ows #nycga

Stairs: are there any blocks? (None) Proposal passes! #ows #nycga

MedicalResearch: We propose the federal govt spend at least $ on med research as they do on military research #ows #nycga

Stack: im concerned about the narrow focus of this proposal. I admire it but why only med research? #ows #nycga

[The GA, as always, isn’t into issuing a “demand” as per this proposal. Also, folks are super cold and want him to table.] #nycga #ows

The proposer is super invested in this idea, citing the large number of untreated mental and physical health problems in the US. #nycga #ows

Stairs: Ive got 2 on stack for FAs. Lets see how they go. #ows #nycga

FA: I sympathize but lets incorporate it with wider issues. #ows #nycga

Stairs: So what im hearing is we incorporate it with healthcare. MedResearch: i accept that. #ows #nycga

The first FA, before, was essentially to table the proposal until the proposer can share some of his expertise with us. #nycga #ows

Sully (Stairs) to proposer mid-speech: “I’ve got to test [for consensus] — you’ve no idea. These folks are about to kill me!” #nycga #ows

Stairs: just to restate, medresearch wants the fed govt to spend $ from mil research to medical research. #ows #nycga

Stairs: “How do people feel about passing this right now? I’m seeing a lot of downtwinkles; I don’t think we have consensus to pass this.”

Stairs: TempCheck on consensus? (Downtwinkles) #ows #nycga Proposal not passed

Announcements! Cari Machet, Livestream: “Thoren Caristo is not a part of the Media working group of #OWS.” All #OWS ties long-cut. #nycga

Next, @OccupyDC’s #OccupyCongress — get bus tickets, there are 200,000 free tickets from MegaBus apparently. #nycga #ows

Ted, Light Source: “New Years’, there’s an open action project;” they’re going to occupy the ball drop in a legal manner. #nycga #ows

Ted notes that because he hasn’t gotten that much help, it might not happen, but would be amazing. If you want to help, get at Ted! #nycga

Announcement: Thorin is not part of the occupy wall street working group. He is an independent. #ows #nycga

Nick’s announcement: “I want to make a demand of the government: tell us the truth about Area 51!” #LULZ #OWS #JOKES

Announcement: more info on Thorin will be on again, he is not part of ows media. #ows #nycga

Camille’s announcement: “We’re going to be playing an awesome board game, Revolution, 1-4 at 60 Wall tomorrow.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “It’s in beta-testing, but we’re going to work out all the kinks tomorrow. Also, we’re working on a campaign against NDAA…”

Cont’d: “We’re having an informal conversation [about opposing NDAA] at 5pm tomorrow at 60 wall, and then Sunday again.” #nycga #ows

ThinkTank: We’re having a meeting at the manhattan side Staten Island Ferry location tomorrow. Go go for info #ows #nycga

Think Tank says they’re having a mobile thinktank prior to the #StatenIslandGA tmrw, 4:30 at the Staten Island Ferry (Manhattan side) #nycga

Stairs: Are there any more announcements? (None) Okay, im officially declaring this GA over! #ows #nycga

OK! And that’s it! Much love #NYCGA, @jopauca did everything except the last 10 tweets. Show him some love! #OWS #OVERANDOUTCHHHHHT

Whew! Thanks for staying with us. As always thanks for your support! Stay warm, rest well, and we’ll see u tomorrow at Spokes.

Tweets for Wed, 28 Dec 2011

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RT @heratylaw: #SpokesCouncil tonight is 7PM @ West Park Pres Church: (nr 1/2/a/b/c lines) #ows #nycsc

RT @heratylaw: #SpokesCouncil tonight is 7PM @ West Park Pres Church: (nr 1/2/a/b/c lines) #ows #nycsc

RT @heratylaw: #SpokesCouncil tonight is 7PM @ West Park Pres Church: (nr 1/2/a/b/c lines) #ows #nycsc

RT @heratylaw: #SpokesCouncil tonight is 7PM @ West Park Pres Church: (nr 1/2/a/b/c lines) #ows #nycsc

Tonight’s #NYCSC is in a new location: West Park Presbyterian Church, 165 West 86th at Amsterdam. See you there at 7pm!

We just got to the church! We’ll see you guys soon! Pre-discussions include informal direct action plans for the spring.

Here we go! Spokes council begins momentarily #ows #nycsc

Danielle, repping the People of Color Caucus, starts by telling us about how the PoCC felt about last time. #nycsc #OWS

PoC: Our group was accused of being racist. We’re not. We just want people to pay attn to these issues which exist. #ows #nycsc

(PoC = people of color working group) #ows #nycsc

PoC: For example the Aryan sign brought to the Spokes council. People didnt feel safe and thats real. #ows #nycsc

PoC: And it’s not just people of color. It’s all of us to make sure we all feel safe in this space. #ows #nycsc

PoC: We dont want to marginalize any groups of people. When we see that, lets examine, discuss, & come to an understanding. #ows #nycsc

PoC: We have a living document addressing many issues u have brought to our attention. #ows #nycsc

PoC: On Wednesday, we want to present our final draft where u can propose your friendly amendments #ows #nycsc

PoC: This is about all of us and if we dont work together, we’ll fail. #ows #nycsc

Stack is now open. #ows #nycsc

Sage: I feel like our community is attracting a bunch of isolating ppl. I mean does any1 give a fk about any1 else here? #ows #nycsc

Sage: I feel like none of u have made any decisions that really matter to me. #ows #nycsc

Sage: Or are we all a bunch of negative, selfish Americans? #ows #nycsc

Stairs: Im sorry Sage. Is this a clarifying question? Sage: Oh sorry. Didnt know. I dont know what ur talking about #ows #nycsc

Stairs: ok we’re going to keep moving. #ows #nycsc

Stack: Is this a living document? #ows #nycsc

PoC: We would like it to be. We want this to be issue specific, not race or gender specific. #ows #nycsc

Stack: I feel what Sage brought up is a real issue. I think this can be solved by addressing race & gender specific issues #ows #nycsc

Stack: Lets take Jewish people. Their experience is different than the black mans. So when we march, how about a march for.. #ows #nycsc

Stack: … people belonging to a specific group (eg spanish, jewish, blacks) #ows #nycsc

PoC: We believe in part this could be good & we will be looking at such proposals at our meeting tomorrow. #ows #nycsc

(Side discussions taking place, stairs regains convo) #ows #nycsc

Stack: I want to recognize the difference bw ppl and that between ows & the outside world. Are we doing enough to make …#ows #nycsc

Stack: …a level playing field? #ows #nycsc

PoC: I think we all have tried to bring change. In terms of the outside world & ows, although we’re trying to create something..#ows #nycsc

PoC: ..different, we were educated & work within that external system. We need to look at ourselves & our internal dynamics… #ows #nycsc

PoC:.. to continue moving forward in the society we find ourselves in. #ows #nycsc

PoC: Also, i think creating an effort to reach those who are on the fringe, who are marginalized, is paramount. #ows #nycsc

(Now arguments are breaking out) #ows #nycsc

(Stairs reclaiming the conversation) #ows #nycsc

Stack: I realize there are different responses to PoC statements, but please dont interrupt her while she addresses ur concerns #ows #nycsc

Stairs: We have gone over the 10 minutes. But, i recommend u get PoC’s contact info #ows #nycsc

PoC: I came purely to give a statement and dont feel like i can address all concerns w/o the entire group. #ows #nycsc

PoC: My email address is please email me for add’l questions and concerns. #ows #nycsc

(Currently taking consensus on facilitation team. Uptwinkles for all.) #ows #nycsc

Stairs: Ok, so lets begin with working group report backs. Please get together in your groups if u havent already. #ows #nycsc

Stairs: Also, this is the 1st night we have the new 7 day rotation in effect. Please write down your spokes’ name #ows #nycsc

SacredSpaces: we’ve been working on a community agreement. Copies are on the way. We’re trying to collect as much.. #ows #nycsc

SacredSpaces: possible so we can make a decision this coming week #ows #nycsc

DirectAction: 25 police officers, after our meeting, came up to us with zipties. Wintergardens might not be a safe space to meet #ows #nycsc

VolunteerServices: We dont get paid for our services. We might change our name. We’re working with techops… #ows #nycsc

VolunteerServices: to create a secure listserv of ppl from around the world to communicate with one another #ows #nycsc

StrongWomen: Park Slope housing has become a working group. Just an announcement. #ows #nycsc

Allies: We focus on issues of racism that disproportionately affect ppl of color #ows #nycsc

Allies: We hope we can continue playing our role within ows #ows #nycsc

Music: We working on a huge music occupy festival taking place in the summer #ows #nycsc

Music: So we need alot of planning help. Contact us at #ows #nycsc

ThinkTank: We’re preparing to do mobile think tanks at musuems & other places for outreach. See us on #ows #nycsc

Facilitation: Tomorrow a huge decision on a $160,000 budget will be proposed. Please come to Zuccotti park at 7 pm #ows #nycsc

Accounting: Tomorrow we will propose a $100,000 budget for a bail reserve. #ows #nycsc

Accounting: Yesterday, we pulled in $7,000 in donations. We also spent around $7,000. #ows #nycsc

Accounting: We’ve brought receipts. Please come see us and we can show u how money is being spent. #ows #nycsc

Accounting: it’s no surprise that since actions have slowed down, so have the donations. #ows #nycsc

Stack: How much is left? Acct: in one account $99k. In another, $170,000. We’re also waiting more to put us at around $300k #ows #nycsc

Nan: not everyone has access to Internet or mobile devices. Can u bring hard copies? #ows #nycsc

Nan: Make it detailed. Who’s handling our money? What account is it in? This is needed. #ows #nycsc

Accounting: Well, come to the GA. Nan: I want to see this before the GA. #ows #nycsc

Planning: We might get our army tents back and will discuss law&order stuff next wed 5-7 pm #ows #nycsc

(Fyi – that prev convo ended bc of something tech ops related – was inaudible but seemed to quell argument) #ows #nycsc

Printing: We have a printing budget. WGs please email me from ur WG email address #ows #nycsc

Sean: We’ve had a lingering issue on media. One where media lost $350k. Thorn is here to address the issue #ows #nycsc

Stairs: Ok. Lets begin creating an agenda item (stairs begin taking topics) #ows #nycsc

When the tweets stop flowing, please click over to @LibertySqGA2, @LibertySqGA3, & @LibertySqGA4 for *moar* :-) #ows #nycsc

(Returning to announcements momentarily) #ows #nycsc

Housing: Our meeting place has changed to the Staten Island Ferry. We meet at 330 pm daily. #ows #nycsc

Stairs: Agenda tonight includes Media, contact info, spring marches, and structured appreciation #ows #nycsc

PoI: Guys. Occupy Oakland is being raided. #ows #nycsc

RT @LibertySqGA: Housing: Our meeting place has changed to the Staten Island Ferry. We meet at 330 pm daily. #ows #nycsc

RT @LibertySqGA: Housing: Our meeting place has changed to the Staten Island Ferry. We meet at 330 pm daily. #ows #nycsc

RT @LibertySqGA: Housing: Our meeting place has changed to the Staten Island Ferry. We meet at 330 pm daily. #ows #nycsc

(Sighs all around) Stairs: Let us be more resolved tonight. #ows #nycsc

@heratylaw (@jopauca)

Stack: All we have are discussions. How about we get things DONE (applause) #ows #nycsc

Stairs: Ok. We can do a couple things. Table discussions, have a hybrid, and plan for next mtg. #ows #nycsc

Stairs: We realize items on the agenda will be intense and last an hr. We’re going to ask for consensus. #ows #nycsc

(Many arguments are breaking out. Some have left) #ows #nycsc

Stairs: Can i get a temp check on how to make Spokes more operational? #ows #nycsc (more arguments break out)

(One member of facilitation is leaving.) #ows #nycsc

Stairs: We want a consensus right now on those agenda items. Can i get a temp check? #ows #nycsc

(Some uptwinkles, now many PoI’s) #ows #nycsc

Stairs: Ok. Im really sorry but i walked in here & didnt know what to expect (some one says but youre facilitation!) #ows #nycsc

Nan: I think the woman who just left was marginalized. Lets begin working together as a family & talking w/ 1 another #ows #nycsc

Someone says, “We need a new facilitator.” #ows #nycsc

Stack: Everyday we have open discussions to discuss these things. Please come to thinktank & air these ideas. #ows #nycsc

Stack: Why are u guys having meetings during the GA? #ows #nycsc

ThinkTank: Very good question but it’s when our members can make it. #ows #nycsc

Dan: i have an article that discusses creative action. #ows #nycsc

Dan: i think these ppl, the imaginary foundation, can help. #ows #nycsc

Stairs: If u want u get more info, contact dan after the meeting. #ows #nycsc

Stack: We keep talking about how to makes Spokes work. Lets start the process from where we left off. #ows #nycsc

Stack: Perhaps from the park. Lets set aside a day and just get it done (applause). #ows #nycsc

Stack: I run comfort & this process is chaotic. Lets keep it simple & focus on working groups. #ows #nycsc

Stack: We’ve devolved into a soapbox. Lets follow the process we had at one time. 18 WG were approved with 3 caucuses. #ows #nycsc

Stack: I propose we nominate the housing working group as an operational group. #ows #nycsc

Stack: I agree with Jeff. We should go back to process. Lets even pass more groups, but lets do it thru facilitation #ows #nycsc

Stack: if we’re here for a movement, let’s MOVE. let’s tighten up. #ows #nycsc

Stack: We do need to change. Look at the Spokes Council now. Almost everyone has left. #ows #nycsc

Lily: We havent gone over the agenda items or one proposal. So i think how spokes should function is critical. #ows #nycsc

(Arguments have broken out) #ows #nycsc

(Many criticize facilitator for doing poor job) #ows #nycsc

Stack: I appreciate everyones frustration & i think we should look at spokes for what it is. #ows #nycsc

Stack: our approach and interpersonal relationships are being affected by our frustration. #ows #nycsc

(Now additional side discussions have broken out) #ows #nycsc

(For those following, there were around 80-100 people here. That # has fallen to 30-40.) #ows #nycsc

It appears the Spokes Council is over. Facilitation is ending it, but everyone is already talking in their groups. #ows #nycsc

I want to thank everyone for staying here through this arduous process and many of you have addressed various, valid concerns…

One was asked by @mikecane regarding media, Thorn, & missing money. I followed up with him after meeting & the following are his words…

Thorn: “I dont know why everyone is mad at me. I’m just here to follow my dreams as a livestreamer. I’m doing nothing wrong….”

Thorn: “I came here prepared to address any concerns anyone had, but unfortunately, the meeting dissolved. I wish it hadnt.”

I then asked if he will return to try again to make another statement to which he responded…

Thorn: “I will be here Friday again to address any concerns and accusations.”

That said, if you’re in the area, come to the Spokes Council meeting to hear the specific concern. If you cant make it, follow us here.

Thank you again for all your follows, comments, and RTs. See you tomorrow when we cover the $100K bail proposal at the GA. Rest well.

RT @America2_0: @LibertySqGA Thank you for your work. 99% of us appreciate it.

@Conakat Don’t know, we don’t have anything to do w stuff that is posted at

@Adam_T4 Contact the NYCLU/ACLU/NLG. This twitter account has nothing to do w how money is spent. Or bring a proposal:

RT @Adam_T4: @LibertySqGA I’d like to see some money spent filing suit against First Amendemenrt abridging local government actions. Whe …

RT @aaronbornstein: @Adam_T4 @LibertySqGA Some NLG lawyers are actively working on 1st amendment challenges. Call them for further deta …

Tweets for Tue, 27 Dec 2011

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@MarkMayhew @occupynolaga [I’m not totally sure but I’m pretty sure it’s because you’re an individual who sends tweets like this to people.

@MarkMayhew None of our accounts have ever blocked @occupynolaga. Check yourself. #ows #stopitwiththeinsultinghashtagsalready #kthxbai

RT @heratylaw: RT @Newyorkist: @FAIRmediawatch awards @GiniaNYT “We Could Do It Better Award” for infamous “Gunning for Wall St” piece h …

RT @heratylaw: RT @Newyorkist: The complete list of the P.U.-litzers from @FAIRmediawatch; a special installment, The #OWS edition: http …

@reactivi We don’t know @markmayhew, we don’t have anything to do w/ him, we didn’t block him, & we don’t know why he keeps sending us msgs.

@reactivi But he’s probably a fine person.

RT @OccupyWallStNYC: We r a #PeoplesMic 4 twitter. Send updates from ur #occupy & we’ll blast ’em out! #ows #EqualOpportunityTweeter

RT @OccupyWallStNYC: Have friends not on Twitter but want 2 stay updated? Tell them 2 TEXT ‘follow occupywallstnyc’ to 40404 #OccupyAdvice

@reactivi Do you understand what’s going on with @MarkMayhew? Because we don’t.

@MarkMayhew It seems like yr attacking us out of the blue, none of us know you & don’t know why you are doing this. @reactivi @occupynolaga

@reactivi Agreed! #ows @markmayhew

RT @shawncarrie: @LibertySqGA @heratylaw @jopauca @DiceyTroop So does guest livetweeter @shawncarrie! #ows

RT @OWScom: TONIGHT: General Assembly 7PM at Liberty Plaza, bring umbrella!


Hey fam! We’re in a very wet Liberty Square, readying ourselves for another #NYCGA. Follow here, @LibertySqGA2, @LibertySqGA3, @LibertySqGA4

And we’re starting! @NegestiC and Nathan are co-facilitating tonight. We’ll affectionately call them “Stairs” for short. #nycga #ows

Negesti: “the 1st order of business tonight is to check whether we want to move to 100 Williams Street” due to conditions. #nycga #ows

RT @jopauca: For those of you on the way, head over to 100 Williams.

Many Uptwinkles, no blocks on moving to 100 William St, so we’re en route. It’s at William and John. #OWS #NYCGA

RT @NYC_GA: #GeneralAssembly moving to the #pop at 100 William st. #wetdemocacy

Here we go! Working group reportbacks live from 100 William. #nycga #ows

Bill from Press is telling us about an #OccupyFashion event, where models will be in “Designer clothes but w/ bruises, gashes, and cuffs.”

Next, Bobby from Accounting! “I just spent the last 2 hours talking to accountants, so we have more! It’s good for me because it…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…keeps me out of prison.” Next, housing. “B/c the Atrium will be closed for the next 2 days, if you need a metrocard, we’ll…”

Cont’d: “…still be doing it 6-9, but in McDonald’s. Don’t worry, you’ll still get yr Metrocards.” #nycga #ows

Also, “on a personal note,” he’s leaving to go back to North Carolina. “It’s been fun, but y’all can kiss my ass, I hate New York.” #nycga

Jail support thanks us for showing up everytime some ish goes down. “Ppl have been asking for more training, can I get a temp check…”

Cont’d: “…on tentatively this Friday?” Contact him to get on the list, or peep for info about training. #nycga #ows

First proposal: RE: Bail fund, from Accounting! “We have about $300,000 in the account – give or take where we stand right now.” #nycga

Cont’d: “We’re spending about $30,000 a week, plus what is allocated at GA. Taking in about $7,000 a week, a large net flow out.” #nycga

Cont’d: “We’re not sure how long that’s going to last. We felt that there were a few items that should probably be set aside to make…”

Cont’d: “…sure we’re safe going forward.” Hence, they want to take a chunk of our standing money and set it aside for bail. #nycga

Cont’d: “We felt a third of what we currently have would be a nice round #, came out to about $100k. This relates to how bail has worked…”

Cont’d: “…in the past. Police have been trying to interfere w/ us by setting higher and higher bails.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “The highest bail we’ve paid was about $40k, average was $600.” Should be long-term, 6, 8 months. #nycga #ows

So, that’s how they came up with $100k. “But we’re not demanding it.” Opening CQ stack. #nycga #ows

CQ: “Are we posting bail, or bail bonds?” A: “We’ve not done bail bonds in past b/c it’s contentious, exploitative.” #nycga #ows

A cont’d: “We considered it in one instance, but it was handled independently by an affinity group.” So, hasn’t happened. #nycga #ows

CQ: “You said not all the $ is for bail?” A: “We say this is a bail/legal defense fund. IANAL, but I don’t want to hamstring us.” #nycga

Cont’d: “When someone gets arrested, their lawyer calls us; it’s being done pro bono right now but we don’t want to take that for granted.”

Cont’d: They want to make sure NYC knows that they can’t just eff w/ us, we have that money set aside. #nycga #ows

POI: “A lot of defense/legal work has been done in the past, sometimes pro bono; been some restraining order work.” #nycga #ows

CQ: “How much have we spent on bail?” A: “First month, about $200. They didn’t think we were a real protest. Then they realized we were…”

RT @DaynaR: 60 Wall Street will be closed Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Tonight’s @LibertySqGA is at 100 William St: …

RT @OWScom: GA has been moved to 100 William St. which is 2 blocks east of Broadway. #OWS

Cont’d: “…and they started upping it to $1k, $10k, etc.” But they stopped using bail to mess w/ us because we handled it well. #nycga #ows

RE: the affinity group, we have like $100k of money in a bail fund from them that can be retracted. “Don’t want to be dependent on 1 donor.”

CQ: “Can we use this money later for other occupations’ bail?” A: Idea it would be for #OWS, but GA can allocate it later however.#nycga

A notes that other bail funds in many other cities haven’t needed to be nearly as large because bails have been much lower. #nycga #ows

OK, that’s it for CQs, now Concerns stack. “I’m concerned that by setting up these bail funds, we’re encouraging or saying we’re in…”

Cont’d: “…solidarity w/ some of the charges that have been leveled.” A: “We have a bail fund, but it’s also our spending account.” #nycga

A cont’d: “In the past, the GA has said that #OWS funds go to #OWS protesters who aren’t being aggressive / violent.” #nycga #ows

@misfist Bobby from accounting. It’s just 3 tweets back in the timeline.

“We pay for non-violent action affiliated w/ #OWS.” Legal notes that there’s a difference between charges and what actually happens…#nycga

Cont’d: …and police tend to ramp up charges. Concern: “Have funds in the past come back, and is this large because those will come back?”

A: “The $ will hopefully work its way back to our spending account again.” But that money won’t go into this. Also, he hopes we won’t…

A cont’d: …need the money, but this is to say “don’t mess w/ us, we can take care of our own.” #nycga #ows

Legal clarifies that big bails can take 9 months or a year to work back due to higher severity of charges usually associated w/ it. #nycga

Next concern is tht setting so much $ aside may encourage legal community to charge us unless we restrict “only to bail and court expenses.”

A: “This is a long-term fund; we’re not looking to spend it, we want to have it to say we have it. Also, the NLG will continue to work…”

Cont’d: “…pro bono.” Also, he can’t imagine spending normal hourly lawyer rates because that can rack up insane charges fast. #nycga

So, this is becoming a friendly amendment: “Let’s restrict to bail and fees, but no hourly rates.” Accepted, I think. #nycga #ows

Next C: “I love you guys, but this is really half-assed.” Wants more #s on how much money we’ve spent on fees, court costs, bail. #nycga

Stairs notes we’ve run out of time; asking if we can extend time for 5 minutes. Sounds good. #nycga #ows

Bobby: “I’m not here to declare that this is what we need to do, but I think this is an important topic.” #nycga #ows

Bobby says he was hoping the GA could make some of these details clear, but concern says “maybe question is whether we agree in principle..”

Cont’d: “…and come back later on after you guys can come back with details and some vetted legal options.” #nycga #ows

Legal: “First of all, there’s not really an appropriate way for us to come w/ numbers b/c we can’t anticipate what the police will do…”

Cont’d: “…and what kind of bail will be set.” Numbers paid previously also not entirely out of #OWS funds, so it’s not representative…

Cont’d: “…of total bail that’s been paid.” No one is in jail! But “there’s no way to project based on past amounts of bails set or paid.”

POI: “All bail previously paid will come back to General fund, where it originally came from,” not to this separate bail fund. #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “The purpose of this fund is to have it. This is a bail reserve.” Concernee wants to add that language to proposal, then. #nycga

“Basically, I’d like it to be very clear that it is for bail, filing fees related to bail… I don’t know what other legal fees are involved

So, proposers will clarify bail-only (Legal: no fees required), and add to proposal that an FAQ about bail will be released. #nycga #ows

Concern: “Coming to # of 100k / 300k w/o historical analysis is ad-hoc,” not sure we’ve got numbers to justify size of fund. #nycga #ows

A: “He wants us to come forward w/ better numbers – $100k is a recommendations. And getting the data: we can’t do it…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…I just gave you the average #s, but we’re not the main bail-runner here by a longshot.” Doesn’t include any fees filed pro-bono.

Cont’d: “All we can really say is our bail average is $2,000.” Also suggests that since we moved, we need to wait given size of #. #nycga

So, we’re straw-polling whether we feel comfortable making this decision or put it off until Thursday. #nycga #ows

Temp check voted that we should continue. Nan, who’s here, is saying that ppl don’t know that we moved. #nycga #ows

Someone: “The financial regulations passed after crash were extremely watered-down,” could easily have another crash. #nycga #ows

They feel putting the $ aside is prudent. Stairs notes that wasn’t a POI. @jopauca representing ideas from elsewhere… #nycga #ows

See RT @juliacreinhart: @LibertySqGA is bail being refunded if arrestee shows up for proceedings?

Josh: “From, first comment: I suggest bail fund be set up w/ checks and balances,” specific charge exclusions. #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “..and all ppl receiving bail funds are responsible for making sure they’re returned to #OWS.” #nycga #ows

A: “In first 2 weeks, we consensed on paying bail on non-violent offenses during actions w/ #OWS.” So that’s already all set up. #nycga #ows

FA language: “This money is only for bail and court-specified bail-related fees required in filing for bail.” Legal reiterates…#nycga #ows

…Legal: “There are no court-specified bail-related fees.” “There’s a difference b/w criminal proceedings and civil proceedings. Civil…”

Cont’d: “….proceedings have filing fees.” Criminal proceedings do not. So, the FA will specify only for bail, and they accept. #nycga #ows

Razor: “There’s 50 ppl and it’s occurring in rain, off-site.” Says many ppl don’t know where this is, & $100k shouldn’t be passed right now.

Stairs: “Razor has raised very valid concerns, but POI: we don’t have a quorum rule. There is no minimum number for passing.” #nycga

Proposers remind us that this isn’t about spending $; it’s about setting $ aside. “If we’re doing bad-ass actions in the…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…spring, and you get arrested and put in jail, have fun, we’re gonna send you a book? No! That’s not what this mvment is about.”

Finance also notes that looking at current expenditures, we may run out of $ within 6 to 8 weeks. “Instead of putting $ aside when we have..

Cont’d: “…150k left, let’s do it now.” We can always reallocate later. That’s it for FAs; Proposers will restate proposal. #nycga #ows

I may have misheard first time. $600 is probably low #. RT @misfist: @LibertySqGA He previously sd average ws $600. So, is it $600 or $2000?

OK, Bobby will restate proposal. “This is a proposal to allocate $100k for a long-term bail fund for now til next September, in line w/…”

Cont’d: “…#OWS principles, and *only* for bail.” That’s it. OK, checking for blocks. Negesti reminds us about standasides. #nycga #ows

OK, 4 blocks, and 4 standasides. First block: “I would gladly remove my block if we know it’s for non-violent offenses only.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “I’ve been charged w/ things I didn’t do. We need to be sure that people are doing homework on this.” #nycga #ows

A: “That’s why we decided to use language in reference to principles of solidarity. We know ppl get charged w/ shit they didn’t do…”

A cont’d: “…and we don’t want to discriminate. That’s not cool.” So, block lifted. #nycga #ows

Blocker #2 is saying that his block is on safety and ethical reasons that this location isn’t well-enough publicized, but supports proposal.

Blocker #3: “I have a lot of ethical problems w/ Legal,” especially regarding $25k bail [that we did not actually pay. -Ed.] #nycga #ows

Nan is also bothered by fact that ppl didn’t know where GA was moved to. “I’m for this proposal; ppl get arrested for bullshit. But needs..”

Cont’d: “…to be tabled until Thursday in Liberty Square when other ppl know about it.” #nycga #ows

Proposers want to hear last block before deciding. “I just want to say something; I agree w/ gentleman over there.” Need time to think…

Cont’d: “…and we need to explain the structure to everyone.” #nycga #ows

Someone notes they’ve counted about 100 people here. Someone new notes that folks in park are still pointing ppl here. #nycga #ows

Responding to blocks. “I 100% understand the legitimacy of the block, but remember, we’re not spending a dime.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “We’re merely moving $100k into a separate account for bail.” GA can still hear proposals to pull $ from that fund. #nycga

Cont’d: “It’s to show we are dedicated to taking care of those arrested in an unjust system for protest.” Can’t think of better thing to do.

Legal notes that “in past 15 minutes, we’ve gone from 75 to 100,” so through some combination of mechanisms, ppl are finding GA. #nycga

POP: “My understanding is that now we move to modified consensus.” We down. @NegestiC asks for votes against. #nycga #ows

Andy Smith notes that ppl against and not blocking can not vote, like a standaside. Moving forward. #nycga #ows

Counting all votes against… 8. About 65 for. At 89%, just barely falls short. Proposal is tabled for now. #nycga #ows

Someone mic checks: “It’s everyone’s responsibility to not be divisive and to actively build community.” Not sure what in response to.#nycga

Next proposal. “I spent 10 years making a plan to build a grassroots movement around a comprehensive package of reforms…”

Cont’d; “…that will bring great benefits to middle class and poor, and let us take back Congress and the Presidency.” #nycga #ows

@what_a_fiasco it’s not so straightforward as that

OK, so this guy Cole is reading his proposal. I’ll post pics. Page 1:

Page 2 of this reform proposal, next on agenda. #nycga #ows

@heratylaw yeah…. I’m sayin’.

Ok, CQs now. “This sounds like an announcement.” A: “I’m looking to get an endorsement from #OWS so I can do press for it w/ that.” #nycga

But proposer clarifies he’s not looking for us to agree tonight. “But ppl are looking for answers from 99%.” He’s not coming back to GA…

…he’s hoping we’ll take the ball and run w/ it. CQ: “Do you feel like this conflicts w/ existing #OWS principles about not involving…”

Cont’d: “…in electoral politics or issuing demands?” A: “I see that may be possible, but people are looking for answers… imagine if…”

Cont’d: “…we took back this country, our congress, our Presidency.” Stairs clarifies that since it’s been presented, now we’re moving on.

Next proposal is from Medical Clinic, but they’re not here, so we’ll bump it to bottom. Next is #J17 #OccupyCongress solidarity proposal.

…they’re not here yet. Next is @OccupyOakland. They’re here! Wooo. #nycga #ows

#OO: “@OccupyOakland helped coordinate the port shutdown on West Coast, we did a solidarity action here in support of that.” #nycga

Cont’d: “They used up most of their resources; at their GA dealing w/ funding, they voted to use 3/4 of funds to make it happen.”

Cont’d: “Other occupies also needed funding, so half of that money was for other occupations to flyer, all that stuff to get actions…”

Cont’d: “…of the ground, and the port shutdown was the biggest success we’ve had, biggest actions we’ve done.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “This proposal is to support them, so they can keep doing actions,” etc. Money would go to #OO Finance, and there’d be receipts…

Cont’d: “They requested money for the other cities as well, as they used resources as well.” $30k for reimbursing receipts on those actions.

Cont’d: “Anything not used can be sent back, or used for next longshoremen action” at end of January. #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “#OO’s Finance WG’s been one of the most transparent working groups.” Feels it’s important not just to show solidarity in action…

Cont’d:… but also in resources. “We’ve received $ from all over the country, so it’s important that we support use of funds for things…”

Cont’d: “…that we say we support, and not just say we do, but also to fund it.” #OO FWG would be accountable for funds for all cities.

CQ: “How much per city?” A: “5 cities; #OO spent $10,000 on other cities.” #nycga #ows

Nan’s CQ: “I’m confused. I’m trying to understand, what exactly are you asking for $30k for? Can you summarize exactly what it’s for?”#nycga

A: “A lot of $ was already spent by #OO to make the port shutdown happen. This is reimbursing them for expenditures they’ve made.” #nycga

Cont’d: “I can give you a list: sound truck, portapotties, etc” — notes that if we’re alone as #OWS, we’ll fail. “We’ll be one group…”

Cont’d: “…that falls apart.” If we don’t support other #occupations, are we national and global, or local? Nan wants receipts. #nycga

A: “We’ll give you the receipts.” Nan’s FA: “Table this until you have the receipts.” #nycga #ows

CQ: “Last time we wired #OO, 2 things came out. It was very hard to get you money at all in a legal way b/c of how hellish things were.”

Cont’d: To do it, had to record GA requesting the funds, put it in minutes, and that folks who are responsible need to be stated in both.

A: “I’m not #OO; I’m #OWS. I’m not requesting funds; I’m proposing funds.” Bobby clarifies, “My understanding is that #OccupyThePorts…”

Cont’d: “…did their own funding and specifically stated they did not need money from #OO.” #nycga #ows

A: “I’ve been in touch w/ #OO; they have raised some funds, but many expenses needed were covered by #occupations aside from the…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…port shutdown group.” CQ: “You said you were proposing, not asking; then you said you were in contact and they’re asking…”

Cont’d: “…which is it?” A: “Good question; #OO requested funds before #D12 and they didn’t get them. This is separate, I’m proposing…”

Cont’d: “…that we actually show solidarity, and make sure these movements are a success, not just us.” #nycga #ows

POI: “2 days before action, #OO asked for $25,000 IIRC via phone at GA. Budget showed that #OO had consensed on giving $1000 to each…”

Cont’d: “…occupation. We proposed as an FA to match #OO’s contribution; it was declined and that’s why it was voted down.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “We didn’t understand why we’d be covering so much of the costs of these autonomous occupations.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…so now I’m confused as to why an even higher amount is being proposed now.” #nycga #ows

A: “I’m bringing this up not to somehow re-bring up the initial proposal, but to indicate, we have resources we spend in different ways…”

Cont’d: “…here, and they’ve made decisions too. We indicated solidarity… I think most people agree or were in support of #PortShutdown.”

Cont’d: “Issue isn’t whether they need the $ — they do.” If this is about whether we’re in solidarity; that’s one thing. But if we are…

Cont’d: …then we should be in solidarity, give funds. “They have accountability; they’ll send receipts.” “It’s about making sure…”

Cont’d: “…they’re viable and making sure they can keep doing actions like we do. We’re not separate; we’re in it together.” #nycga

Bobby’s POI: “I love the sentiment of what you’re saying; I’ve been talking to them and #OccupyThePorts. If they want to ask for $…”

Cont’d: “…they know we’re available, they know we have a process to do so. If they want to, get in touch w/ us.” #nycga #ows

POI: “I went to #OO and it seems like they’ve only raised about $40k to date; we’ve raised much more, just for perspective.” #nycga

Someone else restates: “#OWS has received disproportionate amount of $, and I think #OO has been the most successful occupation.” #nycga

Cont’d: “If we can’t share that… that’s not good. If we want to stay in solidarity, we should be in solidarity.” #nycga #ows

POI: “Before I came, averaged how much we’re raising this past week. According to my calculation, it was about $1328/day, best week in..”

Cont’d: “…a long time. So while we had been raising a lot… if we keep spending at this rate, we won’t have any.” #nycga #ows

Hey another POI: “Hi, I’m Stefan, I’m here from #OO! I’m really excited; this is my first time here w/ you guys. I was involved in some of..

Cont’d: “…the discussion about the funding, and I know the first proposal was rejected, but we decided to request higher sum b/c…”

Cont’d: “…we had the receipts.” Notes shutdown cost port b/w 4 and 8 million dollars. “I’m not sure, I don’t know how, when ppl donate..”

Cont’d: “…$ to different occupys; this is #OWS where it started and maybe it gets money meant not just for here but for elsewhere.” #nycga

CQ: “How much $ do these occupations have in bank right now? And are they requesting, or are you proposing?” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “B/c the proposal on says the money was being requested.” A: “I’m proposing. It’s been changed based on feedback.” #nycga

A cont’d: “To be completely clear, yes; they’ve made requests. But this is coming from me and other ppl here working, coordinating w/ #OO..”

Cont’d: “…who want to see the movement keep going. So, they need the $, but they’re not asking.” Says #OO has about $3k right now. #nycga

Cont’d: “As he pointed out, we’re the target for donations; ppl think of here. Need to keep thinking of others, not just ourselves.” #nycga

OK, CQ stack is done. Opening stack on joined Concerns/Friendly Amendments. #nycga #ows

Concern: “I agree w/ point that $ we get is meant for movement as a whole. My concern is that for the movement, it’s a little dangerous..”

Cont’d: “…for ppl to feel like $ is being handled w/o too much accountability,” notes Bobby mentioned process they’d set up, and “now…

Cont’d: “…we’re just bypassing.” It’s easier, but we should do it the right way. A: “They attempted to go thru process we put forward…”

Cont’d: “…and that was a mess. I’m not saying we bypass that, but this is to show solidarity, make sure they have funding they need.”

Cont’d: “And the proposal already includes receipts from the #OO FWG.” Will be completely clear accounability. #nycga #ows

Next Concern: “1, you haven’t presented us w/ a specific budget, just buckets. 2, per Bobby’s POI, if #OO or any #occupy needs funds, they..

Cont’d: “…should come to us thru process and make that request, not have ppl here do it for them. And 3, same concern from before…”

Cont’d: “…GA was moved, so I move that you table it until we can hear it in ZP w/ adequate budget.” #nycga #ows

A: “It was stated earlier that ppl were informed via blasts and via ppl in the park pointing ppl here.” #nycga #ows

A cont’d: “As far as bucket allotments, we’re concerned about accounting and will get receipts. Whatever is remaining will come back.”

Next C: “If this goes thru, as a FA, can we have someone at Accounting talk to #OO, say, “Do you need this $?” and give it only if a is yes.

A clarifies the FA, just to add a check b/w Accounting and #OO to make sure the $ is needed. “Yes, I accept.” #nycga #ows

Jason’s C: “You’re asking for so much $ w/o even a sheet of paper that has a general breakdown. I know it’s online, but that’s 24 hours…”

Cont’d: “…whenever I’ve seen someone request this much money they have info here so ppl can inform themselves.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “That #OO wouldn’t match is a huge concern, too. And haven’t heard how proposal was created, whether even spoke to Accounting.”

A: “Accounting doesn’t make these decisions; #OO’s already put in upwards of 3/4s of their funds; action was one of most successful so far.”

POI: “I was in Oakland during #PortShutdown; can confirm that they spent most of their $ on supporting other cities. Also can confirm…”

Cont’d: “…they refused to match b/c they’re livid that we keep the funds to ourselves even w/ its movement focus.”

Jake’s POI: “#OWS doesn’t control; donate page includes #NYCGA general fund and #OO.” Someone: hasn’t always been true.

Justin from Accounting’s FA: “Bring receipts and let us decide what we want to reimburse.” Need more info and documentation. #nycga #ows

A: “I don’t accept b/c we think action was great, if we don’t approve of how $ was spent, we must not approve of the action.” #nycga #ows

A: “The action happened; it came out of the consensus of #OO GA; we were in support of that action. If we think they spent the $ poorly…”

A cont’d: “…do you really think everyone here will read every receipt?” Justin clarifies: “I don’t think you understand. Am I correct…”

Cont’d: “…that you’re proposing we send $, and they send receipts + change? I suggest we pay for receipts received.” #nycga #ows

A: “If we look over their shoulder on every decision they make – and I do think we need to receive receipts — they’ve spent the $ already.”

A cont’d: “Whether or not we reimburse it is a different issue than whether or not they spent it how we’d want them to.” #nycga #ows

Nathan’s concern: “It seems like there’s a process that’s been established b/w our Accounting and their FWG – it sounds like this…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…is circumventing that process, and when we asked you you said it was confusing to navigate.” Skeptical of what happened. #nycga

A wants someone from #OO to verify $ is needed. “I think all of the pts that have been made are quite valid; idea of needing receipts…”

Cont’d: “…and transparency is really important; sad there’s no concrete budget. Could have it for Thursday if it is tabled. But, it’s…”

Cont’d: “…very time-sensitive; we’ve agreed to go up to Washington to support Longshoremen against EGT’s union-busting actions…”

Cont’d: “…there’s a big shipment due out sometime in January (will know exact date ahead of time), and we’re hoping for 1000s of ppl to..”

Cont’d: “…go up and stop shipment from going out.” Not a coincidence they chose remote town to try non-union labor at grain terminal. #ows

Someone, out of process: “This is about #solidarity and giving them the effing $ b/c we have oodles of it.” Someone else: “No, we don’t.”

She was also not into waiting for receipts. POI: “We have ppl whose names are on bank accounts and their futures hinge on receipts.” #nycga

Stairs reminds us that POIs aren’t opinions. “They’re factual information regarding the proposal, or whatever it is, on hand.” #nycga #ows

Nan’s Concern/FA: “I’m in solidarity w/ Oakland. I am. But #OWS is having things going on right now. Jail, housing, a lot of things…”

Cont’d: “…the $ that we have, we have to take care of ppl here first.” But says she’ll block til gets “concrete evidence,” i.e. receipts.

Nan cont’d: “And also, btw, we’re not Bank of America.” And on that note, we move to consensus. Asking for blocks… 6 blocks. #nycga

Someone notes they don’t think it can be passed right now b/c of opposition, highlights FAs to table. Stairs clarifies still need to ask…

…for blocks! First block removed. Oh, but we need to restate proposal w/ FAs. Good lookin out, proposer. #nycga #ows

Proposal is to give $30,000 to #OO, to distribute $5k to each other city in #PortShutdown and cover their own outlays. Leftover will go…

Cont’d: …back to us. Also, will make sure they need it before we go forward. Asking for blocks again. #nycga #ows

OK, 5 blocks. Nan’s block. “If you don’t table until you bring receipts, I don’t remove my block. You want us to approve expenses we…”

Cont’d: “…haven’t seen. We need to know what the $ is for.” A: “The other week, we were both at AWG mtg, and you indicated…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…that you wanted them to give you $ w/o receipts. So if they’re an ethical concern for you…” Stairs de-escalates. #nycga #ows

Proposer insists it pertains to the ethical nature of her block. Nan: “It was a question I asked Accounting. Just a question.” #nycga #ows

Next block: “There’s a process for everything w/ Accounting; if #OO doesn’t want to go thru the process, they shouldn’t get $.” #nycga #ows

A: “That’s a process for requests, this is a proposal made here.” Blocker is unsatisfied. #nycga #ows

Justin’s block: “The semantics b/w request and proposal are irrelevant; if you’re not willing to have receipts produced ahead of…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…disbursement, I can’t — if you would provide receipts first, I would gladly remove my block.” #nycga #ows

Next Blocker is for same reasons, “and plus because of the move tonight.” Proposer asks to address by amending to include that.. #nycga #ows

Cont’d: …”by Thursday, we get a list of items and receipts to present to AWG. They need receipts anyway; they’ll be provided to us Thurs.”

Blocker indicates that his block could only be set aside if they table and bring back, w/ receipts, for Thursday. #nycga #ows

Next Block is due to financial concerns. “We’ll run out; we have other needs, we need to address our own needs first. If NY runs out of $..”

Cont’d: “…then what happens?” Answer: “We spent $30k in less than a week and had the best action yet, on entire west coast.” #nycga

Cont’d: “…this is about keeping entire movement viable.” Also, re: running out of $: “If we start worrying about spending $, if we…”

Cont’d: “…don’t keep doing things, we won’t need the bail funds.” Must continue doing things. “We wnt to see more things of PortShutdown..

Cont’d: …caliber. “I hope you’ll reconsider yr block w/ respect to quantity and quality of funding.” We need to think about them. #nycga

Blocker: “Unfortunately, had you asked for 1 digit less, I would have supported you like mad. But at this moment, until we’ve put aside…”

“…money for NYC’s needs,” can’t give to #OO. Next block: “You didn’t come correctly. Until you know, ‘this is what they spent…'” #nycga

A: “#OO has brought receipts before; their finances WG is incredibly transparent. We denied funding before; this is for the Port action.”

Cont’d: “This shouldn’t be about receipts; that’s a resolvable accounting issue. This is about solidarity.” #nycga #ows

Stairs notes, “I didn’t see any blocks that dropped. Did any of the blockers drop their block?” Nope. #nycga #ows

Stairs: “The proposers have decided to table the proposal b/c it’s clear we won’t reach either full or modified consensus.” #nycga #ows

Jake announces that the #tweetboat Pizza delivered was to celebrate @OccupyWallStNYC’s 100,000th follower! Yay! #nycga #ows

And the other proposals are tabled b/c the proposers are not present. Now we’re moving to announcements, heading to end of GA. #nycga #ows

Alex: “It’s important that we remember that this is a movement, that we need to work together and get on track. A lot of GAs, we’re…”

Cont’d: “…talking about $. A lot of working groups have tensions; what concerns me is the page. We have a lot of…”

Cont’d: “…these random videos, but we need to educate ppl about NDAA, and SOPA.” Has been telling ppl about it over holidays. #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “We’re just talking about funds. We need to be working together to create change in the world, focus on main points of actions…”

Cont’d: “…that need to be done. We wouldn’t have this money w/o people’s donations every day. We’re sitting at 60 Wall, eating food..”

Cont’d: “…drinking coffee; ppl are coming around looking for Info, having to mic check at 60 Wall.” Wants a better information structure.

Cont’d: “Everyone has a voice, even tho not everyone wants to come and tell you how to do things. We are a movement. A lot of these…”

Cont’d: “…issues aren’t just happening in NYC; they’re around the country and the world. Ppl are bombing each other.” #nycga #ows

Next: “It’s very important what my brother was saying right now; we’re focused on money every day, replicating same bodies we’re…”

Cont’d: “…fighting against. I think — and this is just my personal opinion — we have this false sense of entitlement. Someone was…”

Cont’d: “…talking about us, us us — us is not here, it’s around the world. Oakland has straight-up way more balls than we do.” #nycga

That’s contentious. “They have no $, and they’re still activists. We have a few hundred thousand and can’t get our shit straight.” #nycga

Cont’d: “What we need to do is not HAVE any $, and see if we can still do the same shit.” APPLAUSE. #nycga #ows

“I’m in Minutes, and I see what happens at GA every day. I’m part of @OccupyTheYouth; I teach direct democracy to HS youth. I don’t…”

Cont’d: “…ask for money for pizza parties or books.” “It’s unnecessary; we need to pump the brakes and figure out how we’re doing.” #nycga

Next on stack. “I’m Fury; I’m from @OccupyLA; I was born and raised in LES. It’s an honor to see you here bringing the soul back to NYC.”

Stairs notes that ppl should be giving factual announcements in Announcements, and then we have Soapbox. #nycga #ows

Anthony: “In Egypt, ppl are being shot in the eyes. We’re not being shot yet. Fuck our money, man. We’re a movement, we’re all brothers…”

Cont’d: “…and sisters [and people of many other gender identities -Ed.] and we should act like a family instead of bickering over money.”

Next announcement: “Alternative Currency working group is trying to have a fundraiser Sunday selling artwork, so if A&C has ppl who want…”

Cont’d: “ sell artwork, that’s on Sunday.” Notes that when we make decisions & lots of ppl aren’t around, they get confused. #nycga #ows

Sparrow’s Announcement: “OccupyTheatre is going to have its first open meeting! on Thursday! At 3pm! Charlotte’s Place is closed, so we…”

Cont’d: Well, they were gonna use 60 Wall, but someone POId that it’ll also be closed Weds, Thurs, Sunday. “We’re gonna meet at the Park.”

Sparrow restates: “On Thursday, at 3pm, in Zuccotti Park, OccupyTheatre will be having an open meeting. We also need ppl who know of…”

Cont’d: “…locations where we can hold events and fundraisers.” #nycga #ows

Also, “my phone was stolen for the third time. If anybody in the community has a working cellphone that they’d like to donate for me to…”

Cont’d: “….use, I’d really appreciate that.” Stairs: “Mic check! This GA’s completed its agenda. Now closing, having Soapbox here!” #nycga

@jopauca @what_a_fiasco …while you count standasides, the only real numbers that matter are: # against and # of ppl present.

@jopauca @what_a_fiasco so, we should never be counting the number of people for a proposal. It’s just about whether >=10% oppose.

@jopauca yes, there was a dude who had driven tents from NC for part of #n17 and when the van was impounded he was arrested, found w/ gun.

Tweets for Mon, 26 Dec 2011

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Just heard through the grapevine that 60 Wall St is closed today. Double-check locations of your working group meetings.

RT @dontbeaputz: Just heard from Melissa Coley of Brookfield: “No plans for [Zuccotti] park closure.” No change from what she told @elli …

RT @dontbeaputz: Just heard from Melissa Coley of Brookfield: “No plans for [Zuccotti] park closure.” No change from what she told @elli …

RT @OWScom: TONIGHT: No Spokes Council. Spokes will resume on Wednesday. Enjoy the night off, because you are beautiful. #ows

RT @Fieryreddragon: RT @LibertySqGA RT @OWScom: TONIGHT:No Spokes Council. Spokes will resume on Wednesday.Enjoy the night off,because y …

Looks like there is a GA tonight beginning at 7 with report backs and the people’s mic. Heading on over. Come join! #nycga #ows

The GA will begin at 7 pm at Liberty Square. #ows #nycga

@wookietv yes

We begin in 20. Come join! #ows #nycga

Facilitation is here and the people’s mic is now open (however, many WGs have not yet arrived). #ows #nycga

Stairs: Since not many people have arrived, we are closing the GA for the night. Thanks to those who came out. #ows #nycga

A few people will stay for another hour or so to converse with those who come down. We thank them. See ya’ll tomorrow! #ows #nycga

@nubspeace Mondays are #SpokesCouncil, but it was cancelled today, so we had a surprise/ad hoc #GA.

@nubspeace Of course! Thanks for following. Check in tomorrow. Have a good night.

Tweets for Sun, 25 Dec 2011

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RT @lmnopie: @carriem213 @LibertySqGA I’m proud of you guys for holding GA at the stock exchange on Xmas eve. Merry Fistmas all

Hi everyone and welcome to our 100th GA! We’ll be starting soon! #ows #nycga

Stairs: Tonight’s GA is an “open expression” GA. We would like to open the floor to everyone… #ows #nycga

Stairs:.. who wants to talk about the past, the present, and the future of occupy wall street. What would you like to be seen? #ows #nycga

Ivan: I just want to say Happy 100th to Occupy Wall Street! #ows #nycga

Stack: Over the course of 5 weeks ive slept here before the raid, i just want to say ive met the most interesting ppl here #ows #nycga

Stack: One was a 90 yr old man who gave me the Star of David. It was given to him from his wife. #ows #nycga

Stack: His wife was a prisoner at Auschwitz and was a long time activist after being rescued. She would have loved to… #ows #nycga

Stairs: ..occupy with us. The star she gave to her husband was confiscated by the police during the raid. #ows #nycga

Stairs: Although they both arent here to celebrate with us today on our 100th day, lets keep them in our hearts & mind. #ows #nycga

Stack: Hospitals will announce a strike at Mt. Sinai. The nurses are overworked. Lets join them Jan 3rd & visit the .:-) #ows #nycga

Stack: … the labor outreach page on for more info. #ows #nycga

Stack: I thank you all for being here. You are some of the nicest, smartest people I have ever met. #ows #nycga

Stack: I first came down here bc the papers said there were a bunch of crazies down here…. #ows #nycga

Stack: .. and honestly i thought i could make some money off u guys. But i came down here and you guys totally changed my heart #ows #nycga

Stack: Im a different person bc of the interactions ive had at occupy wall street. That is all. Thank you#ows #nycga

Stack: Im from florida. Thank you for all being here. Dont let anyone push u down. We’re on a journey. Youre on a journey. #ows #nycga

Stack: Learn more about yourself and continue pushing forward #ows #nycga

Stack: I am so glad to be here and there is nothing that the 1% can stop us from changing this world. #ows #nycga

Stack: We are all beautiful and are all people who share the same life and dream – to help this earth. #ows #nycga

Stack: 4 days ago, the veterans for peace set up a peace board. Their aim is to train veterans to stand between us & the police. #ows #nycga

Stack: So be aware of the veterans coming your way. We stand with you! #ows #nycga

Stack: When i first came down to occupy, i didnt go to meetings bc i didnt understand. I used to stand right over there .. #ows #nycga

(Points to Broadway) Stack: #ows #nycga

Stack: My aunt then called me and asked if i was at occupy wall street. I was scared of getting in trouble but i said yes.. #ows #nycga

Stack: ..and she said I know! I see u on msnbc! (we laugh). Since then i go to the meetings and i encourage.. #ows #nycga

Stack: …everyone who occupies to join our working groups and help us grow stronger. #ows #nycga

Stack: It seems to me that occupy will become more powerful as time passes. When u make a good thing and add other.. #ows #nycga

Stack: … good things, we realize how good we can all work together! #ows #nycga

Stack: Lower manhattan is surrounded by such darkness. But, somehow, occupy was a beautiful thing. #ows #nycga

Stack: So many beautiful lights came here and shone light not only here, but onto the world. #ows #nycga

Stack: Lets be grateful for all that we’ve done despite how tired, cold, & beaten we are. This is it. Wait until the spring. #ows #nycga

Stack: We’ll show them how powerful we are. #ows #nycga

Stack: There’s still an encampment in Newark. You should really check us out. Get people there! #ows #nycga

Stack: We’re working on ways to reoccupy Zuccotti but more in a culturally relevant manner. Think shows & art. #ows #nycga

Stack: My names Jeff. I’m an American & we appreciate all our international occupations. #ows #nycga

Stack: We had a president in 2001 that started & continued all these wars. I felt i had no voice for my political views. #ows #nycga

Stack: But then I started campaigning for years. And still, i felt like i had no voice. #ows #nycga

Stack: Then i read in the paper about a bunch of people sleeping in a park that hadnt left in weeks. I was skeptical. #ows #nycga

Stack: But i came down. And you know what, im still here and i finally feel like i have a voice. #ows #nycga

Stack: Now that I, you, and all of us have a voice, I want our voice to be heard. And this is happening right now w/ all of u #ows #nycga

Stack: The Bill of Rights is very important and i feel there is lack of support for opposing the NDAA #ows #nycga

Stack: Im from a country where there is no due process. Lets show our strength and oppose the NDAA while… #ows #nycga

Stack:…we still have that right! #ows #nycga

Stack: About the NDAA, if it does get ratified, i know im coming down to zuccotti asap to let them know what i think is right #ows #nycga

Stack: And, if we do get detained and go to Guantanamo, i wouldnt want to be with any other company! #ows #nycga

Stack: There is also another bill called SOPA. Please stand against it. It will cripple the Internet! #ows #nycga

Stack: I want you to look to your right and look to ur left. Now introduce yourselves to someone u dont know! #ows #nycga

(We’re all now introducing ourselves, conversing. Be back in a bit!) Stack: #ows #nycga

Stack: mic check! #ows #nycga

Stack: We do have one proposal. Justin, can u present ur proposal? #ows #nycga

(Prev tweet was Stairs, not stack) #nycga

Justin: Thanks. Before i continue, are there any blocks? Stack: #ows #nycga

(One block) #ows #nycga

Block: Im blocking u bc gifts were supposed to be handed out, which u were in charge of, never happened. #ows #nycga

Justin: That is true. The person never got back to me tho. The money, however, was never spent. We still have the $3K. #ows #nycga

Stairs: Given that, will u rescind ur block? Blocker: Yes, but keep ur word. #ows #nycga

Housing: We would like to continue giving day unlimited metrocards. 140 to be exact. #ows #nycga

Housing: we ask for $3,480 for these cards so WG members can continue making group meetings. #ows #nycga

Housing: I have copies and will hand these out. #ows #nycga

(Stack is now open) #ows #nycga

Stack: Im homeless and belong to 3 WG. Will i have access? #ows #nycga

Housing: Yes, but please see ur WG. A point person should be assigned to deal with distribution. #ows #nycga

Stack: Will these ppl getting cards working as ows members? #ows #nycga

Housing: We believe this proposal will give greater accountability & an opportunity to help those join who cant bc of travel issues #nycga

Housing: Also, these cards are not just for ppl staying in churches. #ows #nycga

Stack: i just read ur proposal and think this is a great proposal. I rescind my question. #ows #nycga

Stack: some ppl take the metrocards who dont need it or use it for personal use. How do we rectify that? #ows #nycga

Housing: Yeah. Thats true. #ows #nycga

Stack: are these weekly unlimited? Housing: Yes. Stack: then personal use doesnt matter. #ows #nycga

Housing: what if they come up here to ows, then go home? Is that unethical? #ows #nycga

Stack: No. I just dont want ppl to use it for partying or anything else completely unrelated. #ows #nycga

Stack: i hear the previous concern, but we’re hear to hold one another accountable. Use ur judgment. #ows #nycga

Stack: will those ppl bring those cards back? #ows #nycga

Housing: You need to sign ur name and return ur old metro card. It helps the accounting ppl. #ows #nycga

Stack for Friendly Amendments open. #ows #nycga

FA: If u pass out the MCs, remind them its for ows business. Housing: come to our meeting. We repeat this everytime. #ows #nycga

(Friendly amendment is accepted and no blocks) The Metrocard proposal passes! #ows #nycga

Stairs: And we’re done. Happy 100th for Occupy! #ows #nycga

That’s it everyone! Thank you again for staying with us for our 100th GA!

Thank you for all your support. @DiceyTroop @heratylaw and @jopauca appreciate all your RTs, mentions, & follows. Happy Holidays to all! <3

RT @elkinginnetti: and in NEW HAVEN. RT @LibertySqGA: Stack: There’s still an encampment in Newark. You should really check us out. Get …

Tweets for Sat, 24 Dec 2011

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RT @OWScom: TONIGHT: ARTS + CULTURE EVENT: Candle light vigil at Liberty Plaza, 9pm. The candles are badass works of art. #ows

RT @NEREphotography: Badass Candle Light Vigil Tonight, Christmas Eve #LibertyPlaza 9pm Mourn our park and our rights; light to a brigh …

Hi fam! Liberty Square GA is starting nowish! Follow here and at @LibertySqGA2, @LibertySqGA3, and @LibertySquareGA4! #nycga #ows

First up tonight, the Unsettling Occupation! “This Thursday, December 29th, we want to gather for a commemoration of the masscre…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…at Wounded Knee.” Wish to open dialogue with Native Americans and recognize the post-colonial struggles we all face. #nycga #ows

“We have 2 activists and educators who are joining us from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, where the unemployment rate..”

Cont’d: “…is approximately 85 to 90%. We’re also lucky to be working with an organization in New York and will be featuring an activist..”

Cont’d: “…and our friend named Fire Horse and an 81-year-old activist performance artist named Gloria who’s going to blow yr mind.”

Cont’d: “The event will take place Thursday at Irondale in Brooklyn, which is accessible by lots of trains.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “We’re going to have an important conversation about the meaning of ‘occupation’ and how we can be more just in our attitude…”

Cont’d: “…and our love and our action.” So tonight, they’re asking for funding: $2687. “If it’s OK, I can read the breakdown.” #nycga #ows

Breakdown: $1,107 for flight from Rapid City to NY for Jake Little, “a nationally-recognized American Indian activist w/o own funds…”

Cont’d: “…we’re asking for another $130 to hook him up with a Metrocard, plus a ticket to Jersey, where he’s staying w/ Chris Hedges.”

“We’re asking for $500 to use the space at Irondale; it’s a big discount only covering electricity and cleanup staff.” #nycga #ows

“$400 for art materials for Gloria, $50 for Gloria to get here, plus $500 for candles and art materials so we can gather together here…”

Cont’d: “…to remember the loss of lives at Wounded Knee and to make a commitment at #OWS to support ongoing native struggles…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…and for natives and non-natives to come together as allies to love each other and fight together.” #nycga #ows

OK, that’s the proposal. CQ stack now open. Justin’s CQ: “What WG is presenting this and what does this WG do on a regular basis..” #nycga

Cont’d: “…to achieve the goals of this proposal?” A: “This is coming from the Direct Action WG and it’s the beginning of a relationship..”

Cont’d: “…between a DA subgroup and this NYC organization called Amerinda (sp?) which will yield small and large actions in 2012.”#nycga

Justin is confused still. “This sounds like something from Indigenous Working Group.” Says he’s unsure of spending $ to bring ppl when…

Cont’d: ..we’re not in the Park. A: “We think it’s important to start thinking of occupation in many, many different ways, b/c occupying…”

Cont’d: “…physical spaces is considered violent by many who live on land already occupied by force.” #nycga #ows

“This is important at a time when our movement is redefining ourselves beyond literal spaces.” #nycga #ows

RE: “Jake Little, we feel this is an important step in connecting #OWS here w/ other #occupy movements across country and to start a..”

Cont’d: “…dialogue about how we can be more radical about occupation and how to reach ppl who feel occupying spaces is violent to them…”

Cont’d: “…because we’re not addressing these issues of colonialism.” #nycga #ows

Justin says he supports the proposal, but his questions haven’t been answered. They’ll speak afterwards. #nycga #ows

CQ: “Have you looked for any sponsors or had any fundraisers?” A: “No, we’ve not had much time to put this together.” Trying to time it…

Cont’d: …in coalition w/ Janice Richards’ presence on this date.” CQ: “What’s the capacity at Irondale?” A: “300-350.” #nycga #ows

CQ: “Why have you waited until this date, and why not ask Arts and Culture to access their art supplies/budget?” #nycga #ows

A: “We were planning this for a couple of weeks; there were a few variables and didn’t think we could present it until they were definite.”

A cont’d: “The plane has already been bought by a very generous support w/ credit card debt who would like to be reimbursed for the ticket.”

CQ: “Maybe you should have consulted the GA before you purchased the ticket?” A: “Yes.” #nycga #ows

CQ: “What’s the time-sensitivity, why does this have to be Thursday?” A: “It’s the 122nd anniversary of Wounded Knee.”#nycga #ows

CQ: “What kind of promotion/advertising have you done up until this point?” A: “We’ve gotten word out on Amerinda’s website and the radio…

Cont’d: “…show of [two of the activists] who will continue promoting it.” And they’ve reached out to #OWS websites and they have… #nycga

Cont’d: …promotional materials ready to go. Trish is next… she asks which stack we’re on. #nycga #ows

Trish’s CQ: “Have you reached out to our American Indian Solidarity group? Networked, touched base, gotten feedback?” #nycga #ows

A: “We didn’t know that group existed.” Joseph from that group will speak. #nycga #ows

Joseph: “This is a solemn assembly, a memorial, in respect towards our ancestors, and we should keep it as such and dignified.” #nycga

Cont’d: “So we shouldn’t hv personality contests abt who’s doing what or whatever. So let’s continue on and do this and fortify this mvmnt.”

Joseph: “Let’s just do it, man. That’s it.” [Sparkle that. -Ed.] #nycga #ows

RT @hockymickle: @LibertySqGA Amerinda=American Indian Artists, Inc.

@hockymickle thank you!

First concern, now. “I’m concerned this event is too hasty. We have indigenous ppl here that weren’t contacted. Also I think that the…”

Cont’d: “…topic is really specific. I think we have current structures in place against the same ppl who faced dignities at Wounded..”

Cont’d: “..Knee but are currently in a different context.” Great idea, bt in future, “consider parallel events from the past & the current.”

A: “We agree, and in the future we’ll do other events that connect parallel experiences b/w different ppl, past and present.” #nycga #ows

Nan’s Concern: “I think if #OWS doesn’t support this movement, it’d be a wrong thing to do. The Native Americans, whatever tribes they…”

Cont’d: “…came from, this is their land. We walk on their land and are eating their food. Our ancestors killed them. Supporting this…”

Cont’d: “…is a way of saying we’re in solidarity.” Concerned about anyone who would try to “[eff] this up.” #nycga #ows

Next, friendly amendments. FA: “Contact arts and cultures to get needed supplies; what they don’t have them, you can purchase.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “Also, I’m wondering if you can amend your proposal so OccupyTheatre can do a 10 minute piece on parallel experiences of ppl.”#nycga

A: “We accept the Arts and Culture proposal and commit to returning money not spent. Second part, don’t feel I can answer right now b/c…”

Cont’d: “..this event has happened in collaboration w/ all of those involved on the program, so I can’t speak for them and would have to…”

Cont’d: “..ask all of them how they feel about having another performance on the program, and I’m happy to do that.” #nycga #ows

Nan’s FA: “My friendly amendment is this: I would like for some kind of a card where ppl sign, write their thoughts, as occupiers…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…to say ‘thank you, we appreciate your history’, ‘we are walking with you.'” #nycga #ows

.@shawncarrie’s FA: “W/ all due respect, I lived on Pine Ridge Reservation for a month and having experienced that, I feel that ppl there..”

Cont’d: “…would not appreciate that type of gesture. It’s patronizing.” “So, don’t do the card.” #nycga #ows

Proposer’s FA: “Let’s make a card for participants coming from Pine Ridge, in keeping w/ what Shawn said about not addressing everyone at..”

Cont’d: “…Pine Ridge, because it would be patronizing, but we cn thank our friends from Pine Ridge tht we do know personally.” #nycga #ows

Reviewing: “So, we propose a gathering on 12/29, the 121st Anniversary of the Massacre at Wounded Knee.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “The goals of the event are to listen to native voices. By listening, #OWS can move to a radical unsettling of #occupation in…”

Cont’d: “…vision and in action and build a movement that is more inclusive, expansive, loving, and just.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “We want to ask how #OWS can be more just and to organize from the margins of power and not from the center.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “It will also start a reciprocal relationship b/w #OWS and Amerinda activists.” Will share info w/ marginalized communities. #nycga

Cont’d: They’ll talk to A&C to see what art supplies they can get for free, and then also they’ll have a card “where all occupiers cn sign..

Cont’d: “..and express their feelings to our friends from Pine Ridge.” OK, temp-checking the proposal. Looks good — any blocks? #nycga #ows

No blocks! “We hope to see you all on 12/29 at 5:30 at Irondale if anyone wants to talk to me or Demelza (sp?) we’ll be here.” #nycga #ows

OK, next proposal: to prohibit WGs from meeting during GA and Spokescouncil. #nycga #ows

“GA is the heart of our movement, as is Spokescouncil. We have left 100s of ppl at 60 Wall during GA and Spokes.” #nycga #ows

“The proposal is to prohibit working groups from holding meetings during GA and Spokescouncil b/c these are our directly democratic…”

Cont’d: “…processes and if ppl aren’t here, they’re not participating. We need all the participation we can get.” #nycga #ows

Stairs opening stack on CQ. Dave’s CQ: “What WG are you from, if any? And how would you enforce this proposal?” #nycga #ows

A: “I’m part of many working groups, but I’m bringing this as an individual. I plan to enforce it thru the GA.” #nycga #ows

CQ: “I think participation in the assemblies we’ve created is really important. W/o it, we can’t get anything done.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “I also think it’s important to workshop proposals like these w/ the ppl affected. What kind of workshopping was done?” #nycga

A: “Great ?; I personally haven’t done much, but NYCGA Council Working Group has gone to WGs to request they not meet during these times.”

Trish’s CQ: “Jason, your proposal, if passed, means no WG meetings would go past 7pm.” #nycga #ows

Sparrow’s CQ: “Have you considered the possibility that prohibition is a very violent word and perhaps an alternative terminology that..”

Cont’d: “…that wasn’t compulsory could be used in its stead?” A: “I used the word because it was compulsory.” #nycga #ows

CQ: “Since you guys want to do this, what about Kitchen, that feeds ppl during evening around 6:30 or 7? How do you enforce that?” #nycga

A: “I think Kitchen’s pretty reasonable. They’re here tonight, at the GA! So if you want to eat, come to GA!” #nycga #ows

CQ: “Since prohibition is going to be a part of the terminology of this proposal, have you considered that every group is autonomous and..”

Cont’d: “…can send a rep to the meetings while they’re having their meetings or doing their business?” #nycga #ows

A: “It crossed my mind, but at the same time, I would like to have more than a rep. I think we as a movement need all we can get, hence we..

Cont’d: “..want everyone out here.” Trish’s POI: “I’ve reached out to kitchen; we’re working at serving hot meals at 60 Wall before 5 so..”

Cont’d: “..we can attend GA. If not possible, we’ll have pizza!” #nycga #ows

Nan: “I think this is a great thing, b/c we do need participation.” But some meetings start late, so some groups are prolly not gonna do it.

OK, that’s it for CQs. Concerns now. 1st: “Under the current system, that would mean we could never meet after 7, and most ppl have jobs..”

Cont’d: “..before 7. Perhaps we could have a system where we enforce this rule only part of the days.” #nycga #ows

A: “That sounds more like a FA — I have a job, and I need to get off work to get here. I do my best; not always on time to meetings b/c..”

Cont’d: “…I have to come from work.So I feel that, but at the same time, the movement has to keep moving.” #nycga #ows

Justin’s POI: “When we designed this in the beginning, plan was on the wknds, folks not full-time could participate Sat and Sun.” #nycga

Next C: “Groups need time to change their meetings. I didn’t hear anything about a grace period, so that’s my concern.” #nycga #ows

A: “We could amend it to begin this the 2nd week in January.” #nycga #ows

Justin’s C: “There are many ppl who participate in this mvmnt who think the GA is dysfunctional due to disruptors.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…this would exclude those ppl because after 7 is a large period of time. Secondly, would violate WG autonomy.” #nycga #ows

A: “That is a great point. Working groups are autonomous, but I feel if they were truly down w/ the mvmnt, they’d be out here.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “I also feel that if we had more people here, there’d be less disruptions.” #nycga #ows

John’s C: “I’d like to reiterate that I think the concern this brother has is really important: participation. W/o it, we can’t get…”

Cont’d: “…anything done. I also feel concern just raised: an erosion of autonomy. Ppl need to be able to have choice where they want…”

Cont’d: “…to be. So, w/ this principle in mind of being able to make yr own choices, I’m concerned this kind of proposal is babying ppl.”

Justin: “My biggest thing is that we marginalize thru design. This proposal is trying to change that.” #nycga #ows

Trish: “I understood this proposal was not focused on working groups not meeting. The proposal is focused on working groups not meeting…”

Cont’d: “…after 7:00 on nights of GA and Spokes. The WG doesn’t have to attend; individuals who would be at meetings would be…”

Cont’d: “…at the GA if there weren’t meetings. GA is the heart of the movement.” Hundreds are at 60 Wall. #nycga #ows

A: “In 2012, we are going to start having GAs on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at the same time as Spokes. This will resolve…”

RT @Dwayne_wins: going live from Liberty Square GA on in a moment #ows

Cont’d: “…a lot of the concerns about meeting times.” (Trish: “Nobody knows what he’s talking about.”) #nycga #ows

My concern: “What Sparrow said. Let’s ask ppl to focus on coming to GA rather than trying to force people to come.” #nycga #ows

OK, Friendly Amendments. Trish: “FA that this proposal addresses the GA rather than Spokes. B/c the GA is the heart of the movement…”

Cont’d: “…proposals are brought to the General Assemblies.” #nycga #ows

A: “The FA that this only apply to the GA and not Spokescouncil — I accept that.” #nycga #ows

FA: “That this proposal apply to GAs on Tues, Thurs, Saturday, until schedule changes.” So, not on Sunday. #nycga #ows

That FA was accepted. Yoni’s FA: “On Sat and Sun, ppl have the whole day open, so they should be here at the GA. But on wkdays, a little…”

Cont’d: “…more difficult.” So, he wants it apply to Saturdays and Sundays and not Tuesdays and Thursdays. #nycga #ows

A: “We’re just prohibiting meeting; we’re not forcing them to come.” #nycga #ows

FA: “My concept is we wait to implement this until we have a place inside to hold GA. Otherwise they’ll stay inside.” #nycga #ows

A: “I’d like to decline that FA because I’ve already accepted a friendly amendment to postpone implementation until the 2nd wk of Jan.”

Cont’d: “And we should be inside by then.” Shawn’s FA: “Change the language in this proposal from ‘prohibit’ to ‘suggest’.” #nycga #ows

A: “I kind of want to decline. I understand your reasoning, but I’ve seen this pass at other occupations, and it’s helped out a…”#nycga

Cont’d: “…a lot, and I think we can use it.” Another FA is essentially the same. “Please don’t make me block this b/c it…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…tells ppl what to do.” A: “This is a GA; if ppl don’t come here, they can’t possibly care.” “They are in effect mocking us…”

Cont’d: “…by calling themselves a part of this movement but not participating in this, the most important event.” #nycga #ows

“I don’t want to make you block this, but like you said, we can’t make you do anything.” #nycga #ows

Sparrow’s FA: “I believe that we should amend this proposal in another location for about a week, so we can work on the language, so that..”

Cont’d: “…the language is not so violent. A big piece of the movement has been pushing this idea of nonviolent communication, and the…”

Cont’d: “…parameters of this proposal are violent!” Does think if everyone showed up, “shit would get done.” #nycga #ows

Jason declines to table the proposal as requested, but is willing to change language to “formally requests that all WGs, caucuses…”

Cont’d: “..affinity groups, and other groups associated w/ #OWS do not meet during the time of general assembly.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “..if passed, this won’t be initiated til January 15th.” OK, moving to consensus. Any blocks? Yes, 4 blocks. Hearing them now.

Block 1: “One of our core principles is that of respecting individual autonomy. While the language was changed to suggest, I still think…”

Cont’d: “…that this proposal is in opposition to one of these core principles.” Trish: “I don’t know about this movement.” #nycga #ows

Trish: “Blocks? There’s no blocks here.” Nick: “You’re always about direct democracy.” Trish: “Who said that?” #nycga #ows

.@shawncarrie’s blocks: “Even tho the language has changed, proposal is in direct conflict w/ Principles of Autonomy, consensed on by GA.”

A: “I’ve never heard of that. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. But GA has power to reverse itself if it wants to. Also, I think that…”#nycga

Cont’d: “…solidarity might overshadow autonomy.” [OH SNAP. -Ed.] #nycga #ows

Shawn says a FA that would resolve his block “not really tho” would be to table the proposal. #nycga #ows

Nick’s block “is moral, ethical, as well as safety. You keep using the word direct democracy, but by prohibiting, you’re forcing ppl to…”

Cont’d: “…attend.” Jason says he changed it, but “even without prohibit in it”, forcing ppl to act in a certain way, Nick says. #nycga

Next Block: “Because this proposal is stopping WGs from meeting a time that may be the best time for them to meet. And I don’t think it’s..”

Cont’d: “…up to the GA to determine when is the best time for a group of individuals to come together.” #nycga #ows

Someone PoPs: “Facilitation made a procedural error; should have tempchecked coming to consensus,” if declined, would be tabled. #nycga

Someone points out that’s not true; it’s up to the proposer whether to table it. But still 4 unremoved blocks. Moving to modified consensus.

18 votes against, and there just plain aren’t 180 ppl here, so “consensus has not been reached.” #nycga #ows

An announcement frm Danielle. “Arts and Culture has brought all of you a very special Christmas Eve candlelight vigil.” Wants a 10min break.

Ok, we’re taking a break for a march! Wooo! #nycga #OWS

GA is continuing in front of the New York Stock Exchange!

Next proposal on the agenda: Global Protest March – “With legislation like #NDAA + #SOPA being passed, movements like this won’t be possible

With enough time, we can amass a global summit with marches, performances, etc. w/reps from global #occupy movements #nycga

CQ: Have you worked w/ #OWS WGs? A: I brought it to DA, got good vibes, was told to bring it straight to GA. #nycga

CQ: Hey! I’m from @OccupyBaltimore, we’re part of @InterOcc, and i’ve been on the conference calls, we discussed Million tent march in Jan

…CQ: Have you discussed this? A: I think this will ware us down physically, feel this time could be better spent building & mobilizing..

CQ: How doy ou propose ppl will get to DC? Who’s gonna bus them? Have you been working on that? A: Some private donors getting in.. #nycga

A cont’d: I think starting with this call, support will come to us. #nycga

…doesn’t serve our message. I would like to see us work on meeting somewhere that makes more sense, maybe the center of the US…#nycga

Which is actually in Kansas, which makes a point on how the system existing are obsolete, & we’re trying to build something new.#nycga

Stairs: No more CQs, moving to Concerns- @DiceyTroop: We have avoided engaging political process.. Not sure marching on DC… #nycga

C: Have you been talking to occupations around the country? A: Not really, but everyone i brought it to had good response.. #nycga

Concern: This is a fantastic idea, but maybe we should keep the date & location open, but consense on coming together. #nycga

A: We are at risk of losing our rights, we need to raise ALL of our voices in solidarity right now. #nycga

Response: We can’t lose our rights bc they’re inalienable. Going to DC to say “don’t take our rights away!” empowers them to decide.#nycga

A: The point is not to plead for our rights. It’s an assertion that these are our rights, they cannot be taken from us. #nycga

PoI: The world is awakend! Response: I wouldn’t say awake yet, but it’s waking up. #nycga

.. IT’s the point to awaken those people that their civil liberties are being taken away. Most ppl are unaware. This action wil wake ppl up

No more Concerns, moving to Friendly Amendments. There are some friendly tourists coming! Let’s ask them to join us! (chanting: Join us!)

Now chanting to tourists: You! Are! The 99 percent! #nycga

FA: I propose that we consense on national unity, and leave open the date and possibly the location. #nycga

FA: “This GA can only really speak for this occupation, every GA has its own voice, lets not make plans for the whole country.” #nycga

..”I’d like to amend, instead of making a plan, we consense to support the creation of a conversation w/ @interOcc & Mvmt Bldg… #nycga

…”This is a weird time to make big decisions, because lots of important people can’t be here right now.” #nycga

Proposer: “I’ve noticed that since eviction, the movement has splintered. Ambiguity is good, but also could be detrimental.” #nycga

Proposer: Part of my proposal to to initiate communication nationwide, and further development that these conversation are necessary. #nycga

FA: The occupation mvmt is a beautiful thing, but since I’ve been in DC, I’ve seen other movements do better.Free Tibet Mvmt still strong..

“Can we move towards a total human movement for an international day of movement?” #nycga

Proposer: “I consider #OWS to be a global human revolution. But I would like to see one day of action uniting us all.” #nycga

FA: This is not a FA, but has to be said. Idea is rly cool, but we shouldn’t be so hasty about getting things done fast.” #nycga

FA cont’d: “I don’t know if we’re gonna change evertything by the next election, that’s a LOT to do. Just be aware of that.”#nycga

Stairs: “This process involves far more people than are here now. This conversation should move to include those people in planning.”#nycga

Staris: Can we take a moment to consider what’s happening right now- we’re doing a fucking GA in front of the NYSE! *cheers* #nycga

“So the proposal is for an int’l #occupy summit in conjuction w/ movements worldwide. Amemdements include flexibility on the date”..

“Another proposal is to wait to talk with the broader community of national and international #occupy movements.” #nycga

Stairs: The proposer has decided to table this proposal. We are with it, but it’s not gonna happen today. #nycga

#MicCheck: Joseph: tomorrow, we’re having a dinner for everyone. If you can, bring whatever clothing you don’t use, bc layers are important

@what_a_fiasco Sorry, technically the person said “very committed people”, not “important people”.

“When you show you care, it makes a world of difference!” #ows #nycga

Stairs: We have one more proposal, and it will be our last one. #nycga

Yoni: This is a very basic proposal, doesn’t seek to change any rules of GA procedure. It wishes to subscribe to rules we agreed upon @Sep17

@_girlalex Person speaking said “very committed people”, not “important people”, if that makes a difference. @what_a_fiasco

“On monday, one of the blocks was to shove a fist up someone’s ass, and I think we can agree that that’s not a legit block”

@_girlalex Sometimes paraphrasing into 140 chars gets awkward. We do our best, tho 😉 @what_a_fiasco

“A block is a moral, ethical concern for the movement. 80% of the blocks we’ve been seeing have not been legitimate.” #nycga

PoP: Nan: did you go through the proper channels for this proposal? A: yes. #nycga #ows

“So the proposal is going forward, when a block is raised, we take a temp check on whether it is a legitimate block” #nycga

Opening on stack for CQs: 1st: Razor: It’s #Xmas Eve, I didn’t even know this GA was going on. Now, the power of blocks… #nycga

… Razor: “is being discussed at a GA nobody knows about. This a power grab by the people making this proposal. This is not a propoer GA.”

Razor cont’d: “I would ask that you table this and bring it back to a regular GA.” #nycga #ows

@what_a_fiasco Nope, not the case. @_girlalex

@what_a_fiasco It might sound that way if that is what happened, but it’s not the case. @_girlalex

Someone: “I believe that this GA is entirely legitimate! However, this issue should be discussed by larger grp of ppl.” #nycga

“If you were to table this, I would be highly supportive.” #nycga

Proposer: “I will table this proposal”. #nycga Stairs: Okay guys, guess that means GA is over! Let’s go back to the park! #nycga #ows

GA is over, we are now marching back to Zuccotti! That’s it for #NYCGA, folks! Tune in to @OWS_Tactical for tweets from the march! #OWS

Tweets for Fri, 23 Dec 2011

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RT @OWScom: TONIGHT: OWS Spokes Council at 56 Walker at 7pm. #OWS

RT @DiceyTroop: About to start livetweeting Spokescouncil over at @LibertySqGA. Hey, have you seen the amazing @OWSAccounting feed? Walk …

And the #OWS Spokescouncil fun begins! Follow here and @LibertySqGA2, @LibertySqGA3 and @LibertySqGA4 for livetweets. <3 #NYCSC #D23

Ashley mic checked and asked if folks minded if she facilitated; she is complaining that the intended team facilitates too frequently.#nycsc

.@NegestiC: “I understand we need to have this convo, but the whole room needs to be involved.” Ppl focusing in now on meeting. #nycsc #ows

Negesti explains that the situation is that @OWSFacilitation has changed our meeting model & that’s why Stairs teams have been ad-hoc often.

(We moved from 7 meetings a week to 3, with idea that individuals would coordinate facilitation. Sometimes it hasn’t happened.) #nycsc #ows

Negesti, who was to Facilitate, telling the meeting calmly that Ashley has a personal issue w/ her, despite refusing mediation. #nycsc #ows

OK, so it looks lk co-Stairs (facilitators) tonight will be Jeff from Town Planning and Karanja frm PR. Rest of the team coalescing. #nycsc

Oop, looks like Danielle and Jeff will be the team, Karanja stepping back. @thejorobin will do vibecheck, Kyle from @OccupyDC taking stack.

Jeff is introducing the team — someone stepped up: “I feel like what happened before the meeting started, where Negesti was told she…”

“…couldn’t facilitate… I felt like she didn’t have a chance to respond and it was out of process.” Says it was bullying. #nycsc #ows

Ashley says that’s an attack on her; speaker didn’t actually cite her by name tho. #nycsc #ows

Jeff notes that there is no official process for selecting facilitators (sort of true), but he’ll RPS w/ @NegestiC for facilitation. #nycsc

Ashley says she wants to respond to that. #nycsc #ows

.@ThatsJodi MCs: “Ashley, you’re saying an individual did something to you very similar to what you did to another individual.” #nycsc #ows

.@ThatsJodi continues: “When you spoke, you were out of process”; so was the 1st person who brought up issue; everyone is OOP. #nycsc #ows

So, enough of that. Facilitation gets everyone to pay attention. @thejorobin: “I know tonight is intense, and I’m offering to step back…”

Cont’d: “…w/ my opinions tonight to work as vibe checker, if that’s OK.” Kyle says he’s taking stack and says “I don’t feel there’s…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…a lot of tension in this room, because we’re all adults and we came here” to get stuff done. #nycsc #ows

Patrice asks for consensus on her being timekeeper. This is entirely uncontroversial. #nycsc #ows

OK, Stairs are opening stack on Working Group reportbacks. Starting w/ hand signals. #nycsc #ows

For the hand signal review, I again point you to this great compilation made by @maxfenton. #nycsc #ows

Lots of ppl asking about Livestream tonight; I don’t see any streamers. Sorry, I’ll do my best to fill the void. #nycsc #ows

Some notes brought up about the “wrap it up” signal (revolving hands around each other) – “use it with compassion”, let Stairs do it mostly.

And, Jeff highlights the “point of affection” (make a <3 w/ yr hands). “I have this for everyone in this room.” #nycsc #ows

Jeff asks that working group reportbacks be concise, 1min. And the agenda will come from the reportbacks. #nycsc #ows

People of Color Caucus (@ThatsJodi spoking tonight): “I’m saying this during the report back portion, but this wouldn’t constitute a…”#nycsc

Cont’d: “…a report back.” PoCC will convene a review of what happened Wednesday. “We’re convening the process of this spokescouncil…”#nycsc

Cont’d: “…to confer as a caucus,” and will come back to the group. Means we must halt all business until we deal with what happened. #nycsc

Jodi: “What happened wasn’t appropriate; not just the incident but what happened w/ facilitation and the ppl in this room.” #nycsc #ows

Jodi: “It’s not just what happened this one day, but there are dynamics that have been evolving which will affect how the process unfolds..”

Cont’d: “…how consensus unfolds, how the enforcement/accountability process unfolds.” Asks we hold ourselves accountable and “challenge…”

Cont’d: “…yourself to think of new models of justice. That’s what we’re asking and we’ll get back to you.” #nycsc #ows

Stairs sort of continues w/ reportbacks, but Karanja notes “to be clear, we are invoking our power to stop proceedings.” #nycsc #ows

Also, “if you’re sitting w/ another group, we’re calling for our caucus to convene.” #nycsc #ows

[This hasn’t happened be4; pure opinion: This is needed, and it’s great to set precedent of asserting caucus powers when clearly needed.-Ed]

[We’ll be back as soon as the People of Color Caucus is ready to proceed.] #nycsc #ows

.@ThatsJodi micchecks: “Someone pointed out that if you weren’t here Wednesday, you might be in a state of confusion about why PoCC..”

Cont’d: “…has decided to invoke the operations of this Spokescouncil” (i.e., specific caucus protections around issues of concern.) #nycsc

Cont’d: “On Weds, an individual had a cardboard sign that would be used to identify WGs or caucuses; on that cardboard sign was written…”

Cont’d: “…a statement that said “Aryan Brotherhood & Sisterhood & Allies Caucus.” Was hidden by another sign, not sure how long held for.

Cont’d: “When I saw, I pointed it out to PoCC spoke; they brought it to Facilitation, and what happened was, we felt, a break in process..”

Cont’d: “…or the process was not designed to deal w/ this sort of thing, but either way Facilitation continued process in Spokes….” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…and the individual was asked to move outside for mediation.” Issue was not adequately addressed in Spokescouncil that nite. #nycsc

Cont’d: “We felt that was really inappropriate and we hope we all can come up w/ process for dealing w/ that in future w/o just continuing…”

Cont’d: “..process.” Someone else points out that many people defended it, saying it was “a stupid joke,” especially white ppl… #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: …but he says, “it happened to be “a stupid racist joke.” @shawncarrie asks that we not soapbox during this time, tho. #nycsc #ows

@zhustlah [I feel you, hard. But so can unaddressed grievances, especially re: oppression. Very important work for us to be doing. -Ed]

Still here! The People of Color Caucus are preparing to address the SC. We’re in recess until then. MT @drovarela: where’d you go, Dicey!

RT @heyniceplanet: @LibertySqGA Many thanks for your hard work – esp with no live streams. Folks are copying the your twitterfeed into t …

.@heyniceplanet [No problem, fam! That’s why we keep it robust, reliable, and avoid any central points of failure or control.]

@YashBoone [This is new (not part of ongoing power struggles), this isn’t disruption, this is in-process and, IMO, on point. -Ed.]


@maxfenton hahahah. My bad.

Sorry, @maxfenton kindly pointed out that we forgot to actually post the hand signals link. Here: #nycsc #ows

Kyle from @OccupyDC got up and expressed a loss of patience w/ #NYCSC, said it wasn’t about sign, it was about walking out. #ows

Folks asking for patience as PoCC prepares to address us… we’re coming back now. #nycsc #ows

PoCC: “We’d like to ask, if everyone’s willing, to take your seats, so we can talk about why we did what we did, and how we all together..”

Cont’d: “…can build a stronger movement. We had a chance to decompress; we want you to have a chance to decompress…”

Cont’d: “…and then we want to switch, and be solutions-oriented, and not just grumble unless we know how to change things for the better.”

Cont’d: “Does that sound OK?” I think we think it sounds OK. #nycsc #ows

Jeff from TP: “First, we need to establish if in fact the PoC, this caucus, has decided to break their caucus and resume process.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “So, we just need the word from this group that we can return to process.” Yes, that’s the plan, PoCC indicate. #nycsc #ows

.@thejorobin, vibes check: “I know it’s tense right now, but we’re focusing on movement building and it’s important to respect the space…”

Cont’d: “…and respect the process that follows,” notes she’s not trying to convene a meditation, in reference to last night. Hahah. #nycsc

Jeff explains that what just happened is “completely a part of process. Everytime a caucus group decides to convene, what they can do is..”

Cont’d: “…freeze process. They can do it for 30 mins, weeks, month. They’ve decided to discuss an issue pertinent to their group.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “Once they’re done conferring, before we can move forward, they must tell us we can return to spokes process.” #nycsc #ows

.@shawncarrie: “Before the PoC caucus resumes to address what we were discussing,” wants to address what someone just posted on @VibeWall.

Jason wrote a message onscreen; there was a discussion about whether he should do that, Jason says he has free speech but is sorry. #nycsc

(The message was perceived as disrespectful to PoC caucus decision. Moving on.)

PoCC: “I think a lot of ppl in the space have been feeling that this isn’t a safe space, no matter who you are. Experiencing different…”

Cont’d: “…types of oppression in this space. I don’t want to tokenize myself, so please take what I say as recorded from other ppl…”

Cont’d: “…but my own interpretation. We want to give people the opportunity to decompress. We were evicted from a space; that was a…”

Cont’d: “…violent experience.” We don’t have enough space to decompress from oppressive things that happen to us. #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “Secondly, we want to be solutions-oriented.” Have ideas on how we can move towards safe, just world. #nycsc #ows

She wants us to address what happened Wednesday, which “wasn’t addressed properly.” “If we take silence as our cue,” not resolved.

“There needs to be equity and consistency in how systems are enforced. Currently there’s no way to build trust” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “How do we know where we are all at? We need to check our own privilege (all of us have it), we need to talk about language, of…”

Cont’d: “…what would and would be appropriate. For example, idea that b/c we’re all part of the 99%, racism, classism, sexism doesn’t exist”

Cont’d: “That’s oppressive because it erases our history. This movement is about human relationships — people, not processes.” Need to…

Cont’d: “…be flexible.” Means we need deep listening and feedback. Need to hear each other. #nycsc #ows

Next, @shawncarrie: “I want to make sure we’re in a safe space, where we don’t feel rushed to speak. That happens a lot… we have a lot…”

Cont’d: “…of meetings. There’s a culture where everyone wants to say something. And what we all want to say is important, but there’s a..”

Cont’d: “…culture that’ sreally unspoken thatI want to name now, and that’s rushing ppl to speak. Not intentionally; some people dont’…”

Cont’d: “…feel comfortable speaking in large groups — I do, but I sensed that Sara felt uncomfortable.” Shows her <3. (She was last spkr.)

Cont’d: “We feel facilitation needs checks and balances. As member of @OWSFacilitation there are some, but there could be more.”

Cont’d: “Everyone’s invited to our meetings. I feel like they’re not always working out to make progress — I’m speaking for myself.”#nycsc

Cont’d: “I feel like lately, Facilitation WG hasn’t been able to address it because of way we’ve restructured our meeting time.” #nycsc #ows

“There are checks and balances;” everyone is welcome at meetings. “We really really mean it, and we want you to come.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “We spend a lot of time talking “there’s not enough PoC here”, not enough diversity — so I can’t stress that enough”. #nycsc #ows

Shawn also points out that we can at any time make a PoP expressing “I don’t feel comfortable w/ what’s happening right now, I want…”

Cont’d: “…facilitation to address it.” If they can’t, “it’s your right to overthrow the facilitation.” #nycsc #ows

“Facilitation wants to, and needs to, have more trainings for its people. I want to know more about oppression, non-violent communication..”

Cont’d: “…and anti-oppression.” We want these trainings so everyone can facilitate and “be a good facilitator.” #nycsc #ows

“And I’ll repeat myself, just so that everyone gets it — we want everyone to understand facilitation, NVC, anti-oppression.” #nycsc #ows

Shawn says he’ll make a commitment to bring this issue to facilitation “so we are trained in the things we need to understand.” #nycsc

“Oppression works in invisible ways. You don’t see it, and it works on structural, institutional levels, like racism, a form of it.” #nycsc

“It works in ways that you don’t understand and you need to learn. If you think you understand it completely, you don’t. None of us do.”

“It works on psychological levels.” One of the best things he’s heard in this movement was a response to a sexist joke… #nycsc #ows

“A woman stood up, said, ‘that’s not cool; you can’t say stuff like that, that’s sexist.’ He said, “Oh, it’s a joke.” But 1 of the things..

“..this movement is doing Is changing the discourse in society, so you can step up and say, no, that’s not cool. That’s not a joke.” #nycsc

Ashley says it’s not about the sign, we need to incorporate more allies and safer spaces and have a space to address discomfort. #nycsc #ows

Ashley cont’d: “This has been going on for months and weeks before; when women of color have brought this to group’s attention..” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…they’ve been mocked,” felt Facilitation tweeting about how it was just a joke [?] was inappropriate. #nycsc #ows

Ashley cont’d: “We need to hold facilitation and each other accountable,” make a safe space. Says this is about many other people than…

Cont’d: …those here and “since there’s an inadequate representation of marginalized groups here”, some ppl have been going overboard…

Cont’d: …advocating for them. “The 99% is not on equal playing fields.” #nycsc #ows

Jeff (Stairs) says we’re “overtime” on this issue, gives options: outside discussion, agenda topic, or …? #nycsc #ows

Karanja says that if we rush them off the floor, they’ll have to reconvene again and nothing will get done tonight. #nycsc #ows

PoP: “I don’t understand why you (Jeff) are asserting time limits on a process that’s informal, let’s temp check giving PoC the floor”#nycsc

.@thejorobin restates, asks for temp check. We are very much in favor of giving PoC caucus the continuation. #nycsc #ows

PoP: “I was involved in creation of SC; we specifically talked about the role of caucuses and I specifically struggled w/ that group and..”

Cont’d: “…the GA to make sure caucuses have the right to freeze meeting and reconvene. We don’t have to request right to speak.” #nycsc

Stairs: “This is like a fire in the room. We’re not going to keep going until we deal with it. We’re bringing it to group as a whole b/c…”

Cont’d: “…we are the 99% and if part of us is harmed, we’re harmed. Can’t make a movement if ppl” feel unsafe. #nycsc #ows

PoCC continuing: “Next pt we talked about was having a check for equity for all proposals coming forward- to look at whether they are…”

Cont’d: “…equitable in terms of race, gender, gender identity, and class.” For all proposals that come to GA or spokes. #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “That should be part of criteria by default for anything we’re passing. Next point: a caucus should not have a requirement for…”

Cont’d: “…the # of ppl in the room. The caucus by default is a minority in the larger movement, so to marginalize a group for being…”

Cont’d: “…a minority when caucuses were created so they could speak for rights of minorities, is really problematic.” #nycsc #ows

Karanja (POCC): “I’m an active member in a # of working groups. I assert myself; I’m very assertive, wherever I go, and in many ways I’ve..”

Cont’d: “…felt that I function and contribute to this movement in many ways, and there’s space for that in many ways.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “I reach valleys every single day and mountains every single day. And I function in spite of what I see going on here.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “What’s so shocking to me is despite being grad school educated, I still face so many barriers — so many doors still get shut…”

Cont’d: “ my face. And that is so disheartening, but at the same time, b/c I function, the things I’m able to do make me feel like…”

Cont’d: “…I reach mountaintops every single day. So we stopped this, we convened and called this process, not just for the fun of it…”

Cont’d: “..but because this pains us.” “Can’t believe how blind ppl can be to not see what’s so clear to us in the PoCC and our allies…”

“…including white allies that we have here. There is so much denial of the privilege that exists for some ppl, just ignorant privilege…”

Cont’d: “…that is granted to ppl, that can be destructive, rude, oppressive, and can stop process using polite, pretty language, and still..

Cont’d: “…be very destructive. I’ve seen it in this space, and in many WGs I’ve been a part of, someone who left who is very bigoted who..”

Cont’d: “…actually stopped an all-day training I attended, and his name is Dan Zeder; he’s very bigoted, and people that know him…”

Cont’d: “…some of his best friends admitted to me that he’s very bigoted. And he was a member of the Structure group that formed…”

Cont’d: “…this spokescouncil. He said to me that one of the intentions of forming the SC was to exclude ‘west-siders’, and he figured..”

Cont’d: “…by moving SC indoors, they couldn’t come in, and the SC would function w/o these people. So, these aren’t things I’ve created..”

Cont’d: “…in my mind. Anyway, we stopped this because it’s too painful — we cannot continue if this oppression continues, and it’s…”

Cont’d: “…not just people of color, it’s all kinds of minorities that are ignored in this process. If WGs hold closed meetings, are not…”

Cont’d: “…accountable, we must hold them accountable as well.” Says we need to redefine what WGs and Caucuses are, since…

Cont’d: …what’s ‘operational’ is no longer relevant since raid. “We propose that WGs and Caucuses — that the system no longer works..”

Cont’d: “…and needs to be modified,” that WGs and Caucuses should make a new spokes maybe. #nycsc #ows

.@ThatsJodi picks it up from there. “I’m just going to quickly speak on behalf of myself. There’s a paper in front of me w/ some items we..”

Cont’d: “…talked about together; we took opportunity to convene today to get input from ppl on what we should bring to you.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “But before I do that, reading bullet points, I want to address the fact I’m at the point I’m about to cry. Going to try to…”

Cont’d: “…mitigate my emotions.” But notes that Caucuses needing to bring agenda to deal w/ oppression “is offensive to me.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: So while she’s “dealing with my emotions,” “we still have to give, put forth, and still experience historical experiences that…”

Cont’d: “…we all have from outside,” and is disgusted we haven’t addressed how to hold incidents like this accountable. #nycsc #ows

“One of our issues is to hold Facilitation accountable, and one of the facilitators stepped out of process to tell us we couldn’t do…”

Cont’d: “..what we thought we were able to do.” Notes they haven’t been empowered to know how to operate in this sort of instance. #nycsc

Jodi objects to how ppl don’t know that caucus has these powers, are down-twinkling, asking why they’re doing this, and haven’t “bothered..”

Cont’d: “…to educate themselves as to why there would be a women’s caucus, a PoC caucus, a queer caucus,” and she is frustrated that…

Cont’d: ..she feels like we’re wasting time b/c she’s not even sure what she needs to do at this point in the process. #nycsc #ows

“The movement needs to come up w/ a new accountability system and process. Folks have seen me stepping up on behalf of how I felt…”

Cont’d: “..or other individuals” — wants to address idea that they don’t care about accountability. “I care about accountability…”

Cont’d: “…I care about justice.” Notes that folks are threatening to leave the movement based on what they’ve seen, but… #nycsc #ows

“If the best this movement has to bring forward, to model, in terms of what @shawncarrie was talking about, is to come up w/ a justice…”

“…system only based on petty instances, ejecting people, removing people, I’ll leave the movement.” That justice system is based on…

Cont’d: …punishment. “It’s called the punitive justice system. Where is that operated? In this country.” Applied to folks of color, those…

Cont’d: …who don’t fit into gender norms, have mental illnesses. “That’s what the justice system looks like outside of this movement.”

“If this mvmnt can’t challenge itself to come up w/ justice/accountability system to address history and experiences of immigrants…”

“..native-born” — justice system rips immigrant families apart. Nan’s up next. #nycsc #ows

Nan asks, on behalf of -isms caucus, that we suspend Spokescouncil for a month starting 12/27 and replace w/ education about -isms. #nycsc

PoC members behind me are putting up points of process. “What are you doing, Nan?” Someone: “She’s doing her Nan thing.” #nycsc #ows

Ashley to Nan: “Stop using us!” Folks now conferring w/ Nan in center of room. Looks like might be a minute or two. #nycsc #ows

Ashley steps up. “This is a break from what’s supposed to happen. An individual has gone rogue to talk about something we did not discuss.”

Nan is mic checking. “I want to discuss what happened on Wednesday.” Jeff mic-checks. “We’re still in process.” #nycsc #ows

Jeff cont’d: “This community hs consented to give the People of Color Caucus the time necessary to finish the discussion.” Bringing us back.

.@shawncarrie puts up a PoP: “So, PoCC convened our caucus, and we’re speaking, and somebody who’s a member of our caucus..” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…got up to speak, but wasn’t speaking about things group agreed to speak on, and spoke abt another group.” Disclaims Nan’s speech.

Nan gets another chance. “On Weds, I feel like facilitation wasn’t doing their job, especially when they brought that lady to do meditation.

“…because it disrespected ppl of other religious belief.” She expressed that, asked her to step down. #nycsc #ows

Nan cont’d: “This gentleman who was sitting right there, w/ that board, hid the sign. He saw me coming; he sat down in front of me w/ the..”

Cont’d: “…sign. I raised my hand, I said, “facilitation, can you please put me on stack to address the sign he has?” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “She refused to put me on stack. So I said, “you’re oppressing me and I don’t feel safe in that space.” #nycsc #ows

“After raising hell, somebody said “let her talk.” I was halfway through and she interrupted me; and here I’m trying to address…

Cont’d: “…this person is disrespecting my race. And I was shot down by facilitation over and over and over again.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “Then I just got so frustrated w/ her, I said forget it and stopped talking. My friend, who was sitting nxt to me, moved his chair..

Cont’d: “…because he felt uncomfortable.” Someone asks she not speak for them. “Less than 5 mins later, he came back and sat in front..”

Cont’d: “…of me again, so I got my phone and started to text ppl about what was going on, to try to get support.” Pointed Jodi to sign..

Cont’d: “..and next thing I know, it got their attention and they started walking out.” Says facilitator then said she cared, but didn’t…

Cont’d: …when Nan pointed it out. “She disrespected my race, culture, skin color.” Someone says, “it’s b/c you’re an a-hole, not because…”

“Woah” we all say. [Really not the time, dude.] #nycsc #ows

.@SgtShamarThomas mic checks. “Hello, can I talk for one second please? I have been sitting here w/ my mouth shut, and anybody who knows..”

Cont’d: “ — anybody who has seen the video of me knows how I am. I am losing my patience with the adults here.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “The world is watching! The ones who are here snickering, the one who said that — I don’t care how you feel! She is a human being!”

Cont’d: “Y’all have forgotten why you’re here. We need to start saying it — why are you here? We need to start treating people like…”

Cont’d: “…human beings and give respect.” Joe from the space comes in and asks folks to stop being loud. #nycsc #ows

Sgt. Thomas continues: “The disrespect you show the people are who you are as a person. You’re not disguising your hate w/ me.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “I treat everybody w/ respect, and you need to give that to the next person. There are so many ppl who don’t give that…”

Cont’d: “…and that’s why we’re here. So stop giving yourself excuses, stop snickering at people talking about their oppression.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “I love you all, remember that. But you are the foundation. The way you act in this room is how people remember us. Remember that.”

Nan: “Before I was rudely interrupted by name-calls.. and also, I feel like Facilitation owes me an apology” for posting a proposal…

Cont’d: …on the website that was designed to remove Nan from the movement. “That wasn’t just a show of disrespect for her,” but also for…

Cont’d: ..marginalized people and black people, she says. She notices Robert grinning and takes issue w/ his behavior. #nycsc #ows

Robert is not handling it well. Karanja tells him he’s being disrespectful. @Shawncarrie mic checks to pick up the floor. #nycsc #ows

[These are real issues that the 1% has seeded w/in the 99% for centuries. Changing this is going to be hard. I’m glad y’all are seeing…]

[…this, as “ugly” as some may find it. Because this is about a real, vast disconnect that we cannot just set aside. It affects all of us.]

.@thejorobin mic checks to ask us to refocus and address this issue immediately. “The house — this house — is uncomfortable…”

Cont’d: “…with the fact that we continually have these arguments.” Says the space is kicking us out. “I think this conversation is…”

Cont’d: “…extremely important. But unfortunately, we need to go somewhere else to continue this conversation.” #nycsc #ows

.@thejorobin invites us to reconvene the convo at Liberty Square. It looks like I’ll be joining it there. Keep an eye on the feed.. #nycsc

So, the meeting has adjourned and according to @ThatsJodi the PoCC hasn’t cosigned any continuation outside the space. #nycsc #OWS

We’re heading to the park now, but I’m wary of documenting anything outside of the PoCC’s intended process. So, probably won’t. #nycsc #ows

My sense also. RT @drovarela: @LibertySqGA2 this is not cool. If space really supports movement, it should see value in this conversation.

@CallMeGoldie [You are right for the most part, but there are white folks agitating for it that IMO hv mixed up the two. Makes complicated.]

RT @blogdiva: @LibertySqGA2 ummm. that’s not how it went down when i was facilitating. btw, people ought to know am not there but follow …

I’m now alone in Liberty Square. Will wait for a short while but it sounds like this will continue w/ Monday’s #nycsc. See you there. #ows

Any questions, comments, concerns, hit me up on @diceytroop. We’ll continue convo there. Much love to everyone. Out. #nycsc #ows

RT @mancoww: @libertySqGa The space has neighbors who are a major pain. it’s not their fault.

Tweets for Thu, 22 Dec 2011

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RT @alexisgoldstein: @LibertySqGA Here’s the statement in solidarity with the Egyptian protestors:

RT @heratylaw: Yes, @freecycle rocks – to give AND receive. @northernspyfood: Finally discovered @freecycle. Emptying crap out of baseme …

RT @heratylaw: .@freecycle is a network connecting ppl getting rid of useful stuff to ppl who cld use that stuff, all for free, saving i …

RT @OccupyNewark: We need (1) 24ft or (2) 14ft 2x4s to connect the top beam of the military tent. If anyone could help out email info@oc …

RT @OWScom: Call 855-692-4241 toll-free for real-time voice access to events schedule and announcements.#OWS

RT @DaynaR: FYI, GA starts at 8 tonight.

RT @DaynaR: FYI, GA starts at 8 tonight.

RT @OWScom: Call 855-692-4241 toll-free for real-time voice access to events schedule and announcements.#OWS

Welcome to another GA! Jackson from Occupy Seattle will be helping with facilitation 2night. #nycga #ows

RT @Dwayne_wins: Not many ppl at GA yet. Started late. We are at 56 Walker Street #ows #nycga

We begin with meditation. #ows #nycga

RT @Dwayne_wins: In a few moments Im going to go live from #NYCGA the general assembly at 56 Walker St. We are just getting set up. #ows …

“This is a chance to bring ourselves together and to reconnect with ourselves, each other, and our purpose.” #ows #nycga

Right now there is a debate on whether or not we should meditate. #ows #nycga

After much yelling, it seems we will no longer do facilitation so others wont feel marginalized. #ows #nycga

Stairs is trying to continue… #ows #nycga

Stairs: 1st proposal is from Occupy Dignity #ows #nycga

OccDig: Im not feeling safe right now. Can we please have a little more kindness right now? #ows #nycga

OccDig: 24 hr vigil starting Xmas on the 25th. It will begin at 3pm. #ows #nycga

OccDig: We ask for $800 for food, $300 for water, $400 for hot drinks, $200 for rain ponchos, & $450 for travel cards #ows #nycga

Stairs: Stack is now open for clarifying questions. #ows #nycga

CQ: I love the proposal. Is all this money necessary? A: Well, we dont know how else to go about it. Can u help? #ows #nycga

CQ: Yes if course, but i will vote yes regardless. #ows #nycga

CQ: Last night i was uncomfortable bc i found an aryan nation card and you (the proposer) laughed. I dont feel safe around you. #ows #nycga

A: We all have different sense of humors… (he was cut off) #ows #nycga

Multiple arguments breaking out. Stairs trying to regain facilitation process. #ows #nycga

Stairs: I cant make this GA feel safe. Thats up to you guys so please make that possible. #ows #nycga

CQ: Nan- i lost all respect for u Jason (facilitator). After u laughed about the poster, i think u should apologize. #ows #nycga

The People’s Kitchen’s contact information is here: and @OWS_Kitchen #ows #nycga @blogdiva

Nan: i dont feel safe with him running the Christmas event. #ows #nycga

Multiple side conversations are now taking place. #ows #nycga

Stairs is trying to refocus everyone. #ows #nycga

More arguments have broken out. Someone mic-checks. “It is not fair to silence anyones voice.” #ows #nycga

“Please stop interrupting people.” #ows #nycga

CQ: why is the food $800? What is in those ingredients? #ows #nycga

Process is being broken every 5 minutes. #ows #nycga

Stairs announces stack is closed, yet process continues being disrupted. #ows #nycga

PoI: Process was created to get through proposals. The same people cannot continue breaking process. #ows #nycga

Stairs: Are there any concerns? #ows #nycga

PoI: If you dont feel safe and dont like the xmas proposal, you dont have to be here or participate in the party #ows #nycga

Concern: We are always on camera. So to hold up a sign like that (aryan sign) is just a bad idea. #ows #nycga

Stairs: Are there any blocks? #ows #nycga

(None) Are there any friendly amendments? (One) #ows #nycga

Stairs: Ok. There are a few. Kyle. Start. #ows #nycga

Kyle: i offer that this is a holiday get together because not everyone celebrates christmas. #ows #nycga

Proposer: Yes. although it’s on the 25th, it’s really to celebrate the 100 days of occupy. #ows #nycga

(The friendly amendment passes) #ows #nycga

(Next FA): IM not for or against xmas. But i dont like the way he handled the sign issue last night. I dont want him running it. #ows #nycga

Stairs: Stack is now closed #ows #nycga

(Scratch that. 2 more) #ows #nycga

FA: I propose if u can donate clothes, please bring some. Second, i feel we should all sit down & talk about where we come from #ows #nycga

(On that Sunday) #ows #nycga

OccDig restating proposal #ows #nycga

OccDig: beginning xmas eve at midnight, we’d like to hold a 24 hr vigil to celebrate 100 days of occupying… #ows #nycga

OccDig: And that we’ll accept clothing donations that day #ows #nycga

Stairs: Okay, are there any blocks? (There are two) #ows #nycga

Block1: Nan – I want remediation with the proposer. Once thats done, ill withdraw #ows #nycga

Proposer accepts, block is withdrawn. #ows #nycga (second block is gone as well)

Stairs: Okay! Proposal for celebrating 100 days of Occupy passes! #ows #nycga

Now religious discussions are being resumed. Proposer states we honor anyone who wants to celebrate any way they want #ows #nycga

But that day we’re celebrating 100 days of occupy. #ows #nycga

Stairs: i just want to point out we set aside 20 min yet 45 min passed #ows #nycga

Next proposal is from labor #ows #nycga

(Labor is handing out motions on paper) #ows #nycga

Labor: We need to help the unions who helped us on #d17 #ows #nycga

Labor: Our motion is to create the largest strike on december 28th #ows #nycga

Labor: We think it’s time to say thanks to 32BJ when they decide to strike in solidarity. #ows #nycga

Stairs: Stack is now open for clarifying questions #ows #nycga

Progressive stack in effect #ows #nycga

CQ: How do u want occupy participate and where? A: Do what uve always done & duarte #ows #nycga

CQ: is this an illegal march? A: No, we’re following our union rules #ows #nycga

JackRabbit: is this is a proposal that needs to be consensed on? A: yes #ows #nycga

@YashBoone Why not what?

Adele: I would like to have more of a plan that can be galvanized instead of some random event #ows #nycga

Jarrod: Im concerned whether or not this info is correct. Can we please have it verified? #ows #nycga

Nan: I like marching. Especially against the police, but it seems it’s not organized. So how is it organized? #ows #nycga

@YashBoone From what I understand, a cpl ppl thought it was oppressive. That’s all I know.

Labor: We have shifts beginning at 9 am. Youll see shop stewards & theyll guide u. #ows #nycga

Anthony: Can u talk with (inaudible) so we can plan and avoid arrests? #ows #nycga

(Cheers and wooos!) #ows #nycga

Labor: lets get together after the meeting. #ows #nycga

(We’re now taking a break. Dance party and pizza) #ows #nycga

Accounting: We’ve been getting receipts where alot of personal expenses were being covered by WGs money. #ows #nycga

Accounting: So if youre painting all day and get hungry. Put it in your minutes & post it online. #ows #nycga

Accounting: If u need help with taking minutes, come to us or others and ask them. #ows #nycga

Accounting: I would love for ows to help me pay for coffee , but i dont know. Im opening this proposal to u #ows #nycga

Acct: We encourage everyone not to use money for their own personal expenses. #ows #nycga

Stack: What is not ok? Male says to female lets get some food. U like ows? Ur in ows… #ows #nycga

Stack: Lets create the Horny & Hungry working group. Now lets do minutes to cover the expenses #ows #nycga

(People laugh) #ows #nycga

Accounting: No that cannot happen. Consensus needs to be reached by many in the group. #ows #nycga

Stack: Can we combine the $100/day? #ows #nycga

Acct: So, the $100 is not per diem. If u spend $120, youre eating the $20 bucks #ows #nycga

Acct: This is something that was agreed upon by you guys, the GA #ows #nycga

Stack (Nan): Our group doesnt work like that. With that, do we still need to create minutes? #ows #nycga

Acct: Nan, in that situation, consensus upon it, we can work with your group, & upload the minutes #ows #nycga

Acct: Id also like to add, many of you have asked us for transparency & accountability. We ask the same from your WGs. #ows #nycga

Acct: We ask you to post them on your working groups minutes page #ows #nycga

Lisa: Do ppl need to say who was at that meeting? #ows #nycga

Acct: Yes i think so. The best minutes will have who was there. #ows #nycga

Hero: I think the daily budget goes for that mtg. But other groups run around & we buy stuff on the run #ows #nycga

Hero: So, what about those circumstances? #ows #nycga

Hero: When (any WG) is running around, i cant have a meeting, but i have a receipt. What then? #ows #nycga

Acct: At a weekly meeting, you can discuss these things in advance. #ows #nycga

Acct: We dont feel it’s ethical for us to making monetary decisions for all WGs. Thats why we’re bringing it to u guys. #ows #nycga

Progressive stack is now open for concerns #ows #nycga

Stack: How do we know how to define items? A: Right now we’re talking about food & trying to make it fair, but each WG can.. #ows #nycga

A: reach consensus on certain things #ows #nycga

Stairs: Be mindful of how much time we have left. #ows #nycga

Evelyn: Im with human rights. And i think we should start from somewhere. #ows #nycga

PoI: U know we have places that serve lunch. lets begin using them for food. #ows #nycga

Wayne: So, a working group can essentially come together and just arrnge minutes. Essentially, it doesnt change the status quo #ows #nycga

Jeff: Everytime we come here, we’re always talking about money. I mean, ppl are doing serious protesting & getting shot #ows #nycga

Jeff: So that was my process. #ows #nycga

Stack: I suggest accounting meet with WGs to create something before we decide. #ows #nycga

Acct: We didnt want to be gatekeepers. We have open meetings all the time but no one, not even those who argue, comes #ows #nycga

Ashley: I feel that many of the WGs that will be affected are not present & should be presenr #ows #nycga

(Present) #ows #nycga

Stack for friendly amendments now open #ows #nycga

poI: 855 nycga 411 is the number for info #ows #nycga

Kyle: I like the proposal bc these funds were designed to be used by the WG for the WG. So lets mandate a wkly mtg #ows #nycga

Stack: Id like to make an FA where Accting makes an FAQ with best practices (accepted) #ows #nycga

Stack: I suggest after one week of this proposal, extra money be sent to those fighting in Egypt #ows #nycga

Acct: Unfortunately, thats a separate proposal and not an amendment to ours. #ows #nycga

Stack: Many dont have access to computers. Why not create a kickstarter? #ows #nycga

Stairs: we have a PoI and technically, that wasnt friendly amendment. #ows #nycga

Stack: We should not be allowing any food expenditures. #ows #nycga

PoI: Multiple WG members are homeless. I think there isnt adequate time for discussions on mtgs. #ows #nycga

Acct: Back to the friendly amendment on food receipts, we’ll redact that. We’ll leave the decision to WGs on what they consensus on #nycga

Acct: We’re a fking movement to change the world. Practice high ethical standards. #ows #nycga

(Acct now restating proposal) We want WGs to create minutes for items they purchase and we’ll post FAQs #ows #nycga

Stairs: Are there any blocks? (There are five) #ows #nycga

Acct: Okay. If u are blocking, make sure it’s not anything personal and practice some personal reponsibility #ows #nycga

RT @Newyorkist: ☛ @NYCLU: If u have photo/video of TARU recording lawful protest, email them to subject line “TARU” ht …

Block1: Many in my WG are blocking on behalf of them. #ows #nycga

Block1: also, many WG are not here to say anything #ows #nycga

Acct: We just passed $10K budget for kitchen to supply food. They can go there. Food is there #ows #nycga

Block2: My friend just passed something in our group, but shes still in the process for covering expenses… #ows #nycga

Block2:..and i feel her process will be disupted by this new proposal #ows #nycga (people seem confused)

Hero: what does everyone think about facilitation? Can we do a tempcheck for switching out(uptwinkles) #ows #nycga

(Hero is now facilitating) #ows #nycga

Stairs: A block is suppose to be for ethical concerns and these blocks are not ethical #ows #nycga

Many arguments have broken out #ows #nycga

Stairs: We have 30 seconds for the next block. There is another mtg scheduled and we dont want to cut into their time #ows #nycga

More arguments have erupted #ows #nycga

Stairs: please, lets listen to nans block #ows #nycga

Nan: Diego… if u give me a hug, ill lift my block #ows #nycga

(Nan and diego embrace, everyone laughs and claps) #ows #nycga

Stairs: So there are 4 more blocks, lets try to finish #ows #nycga

Stack: if we’re putting up the same social constructs we’re against, then wtf are we doing. Minutes for food? #ows #nycga

Stack: Not everyone is as strong as you guys. some of us are sick #ows #nycga

(Man and woman interrupt) you dont even understand the proposal lady #ows #nycga

Stairs regains control: Okay. Respect please. #ows #nycga

(We’re now moving to modified consensus) #ows #nycga

Stairs: ok, after taking a count, the proposal has passed with over 90% consensus #ows #nycga

That’s it for tonight’s GA! Thanks for sticking with us! TechOps is next & are showcasing their new system… #ows #nycga

…if u want to learn more, stick around for the extra coverage right here. Thanks again <3 @jopauca

RT @OWS_Tech: Here comes the #TechOps mock #GeneralAssembly, complete with lots of Tech Toys. For a play-by-play, follow @LibertySqGA

This is the display for the new system currently being showcased by TechOps

This is also the other part of the design

TechOps: Our system is not to replace process, but to help process.

TechOps: This system is used by many public institutions and we believe it will help immensely

Right now, remote controls are being handed out to help voting.

This is the device we’re currently testing.

TechOps: So, lets begin with a test. This is a test.

@OWS_Tech u got it!

Please show some follow love to @OWS_Tech team who have helped develop the system currently being showcased. #techops

#TechOps: We are open source whores. That means we love software that is free! #TechOps

#TechOps: when i go to sleep, all i think of is how to develop something for the GA.

#TechOps: By pressing the 1/10 button, the system automatically and anonymously logs you in.

#TechOps: You’ll be able to see all the votes youve ever made.

#TechOps: Now we hear about hacked votes, so lets talk about concerns

#TechOps: so lets get into electronic voting — tho i hate that word, its what we’re essentially doing at the GA

#TechOps: Now there is a concern. What prevents someone from voting 3, 4, or 5 times. Right now there isnt but we’re working on it.

#TechOps: Still, lets look at this technology’s potential. Eventually, these bugs will be ironed out

#TechOps: You can press 1 to get into stack, 2 for blocks, 3 for FA’s.

(Btw, if i land in twitter jail, head over to @libertysqga2)

#TechOps so how can the system be gamed? Well, it’s an honor system. So lets vote with the remote..

#TechOps: 1 is not important, 3 neutal , 5 critically important. (Voting taking place- 24 so far)

#TechOps: oh. Clarification. The remote will only count one vote per remote.

#TechOps: and these are the results of the votes we just took! (Do check out this photo)

We just voted on “how important is electronic voting?” Check out the results

On the fly question: how happy are u with spokes? #TechOps

And these are the results where 1 is unhappy and 5 is very happy. #TechOps

#TechOps: In the future, we also plan to incorporate motion and animations.

#TechOps: can this do progressive stack? You better believe this can.

#TechOps: Now, on this computer you see time. Just as we allocate 15 min for proposals, this screen will help us keep track of time.

(This is the screen displaying the time limits) #TechOps

And this device will help with texting. #TechOps

#TechOps: so lets imagine we’re returning from breakout groups. we can text this info into our database and do much w/ this data!

#TechOps: so lets take a vote on how important are price vs features and US vs China

Here is the question on the ppt #TechOps

And here are the results! #TechOps

#TechOps: So that’s it folks! Thanks again (met with applause)

Thanks again for staying with us. If you’d like to contact #TechOps reach them at or email at Rest well

Tweets for Wed, 21 Dec 2011

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RT @OWS_Tactical: ACTION: #OWS #Egpyt Solidarity Action on Egyptian Consulate – Tomorrow 2:00pm, 1110 2nd Avenue @ 59th St. #SCAF

RT @OWS_Tactical: ACTION: #OWS #Egpyt Solidarity Action on Egyptian Consulate – Tomorrow 2:00pm, 1110 2nd Avenue @ 59th St. #SCAF

RT @OWS_Tactical: ACTION: #OWS #Egpyt Solidarity Action on Egyptian Consulate – Tomorrow 2:00pm, 1110 2nd Avenue @ 59th St. #SCAF

RT @OWS_Tactical: ACTION: #OWS #Egpyt Solidarity Action on Egyptian Consulate – Tomorrow 2:00pm, 1110 2nd Avenue @ 59th St. #SCAF

RT @heratylaw: Those are for #nycga on Thurs Dec 22 RT @OccupyWallStNYC: On the #nycsc agenda tonight: Accounting, Blocks, Labor http:// …

Hey everybody! #Spokescouncil is getting started soon, ppl are trickling in. Follow the #nycsc #ows hashtags.

Some of the working group placards. #nycsc #ows

@MMFlint Don’t forget to follow @LibertySqGA @LibertySqGA2 @LibertySqGA3 (and sometimes @LibertySqGA4) for #SpokesCouncil livetweets #nycsc

On the agenda tonight, a companion proposal to the take-yr-turn proposal that passed on Monday. #nycsc #ows

here are some livestream links, not sure which is here: #nycsc #ows

@OccupyMyCat the #CuddleCaucus! #nycsc #ows

@heyniceplanet Cuz we haven’t started. DOn’t worry, i see some streamers here, setting up. #nycsc #ows

@theonewhoknits There’s another one, too, not sure which one, tho. #nycsc #ows

@theonewhoknits It hasn’t started yet, they are setting up. #nycsc #ows

thanks for your patience, I guess #spokescouncil starts late when they bring the food at the beginning. #nycsc #ows

Sage states that he is facilitating, introduces Liza. Liza says it’s her first time. Working Group reportbacks shld be concise. #nycsc #ows

WG reportbacks: Facilitation: Talks about Spokes on Monday, says that the modified consensus stands. #nycsc #ows

OccupyNewarK is doing well, they haveelectricity, need ppl there, so please help them occup. #nycsc #ows

Someone is talking for a WG, but I didn’t hear what WG and can’t hear what they are saying, sorry. #nycsc #ows

OccupyTheYouth: Tmrw, Thurs, 4pm will be at 504 (or 540) President Street in BK for a ReelWorks media making program. #nycsc #ows

Screenprinters Guild is doing great! They have shirts. They were approved to help screenprinting in other occupations. #nycsc #ows

Sebastian from OccupyDignity. They didn’t have time to get to a vote on funding for OccupyChristmas, asking if… #nycsc #ows

… if other WGs have any extra funds they can pitch in. #nycsc #ows

OWSLibrary: they need help! If you love words & books, email them, they’re WG is at #nycsc #ows

Printer WG: if you have printing needs, contact them #nycsc #ows

WoWS states their support of Egypt protestors, they’re WG is also at, for more info. #nycsc #ows

James with the painting guild says they are starting a zine. #nycsc #ows

Safer Spaces: if youhaven’t heard from them lately, get in touch: #nycsc #ows

Moving on to the agenda: 1. OccupyDignity and the OccupyChristman program. Sebastian wants to know what we think…

… his WG shld do about not being funded. He doesn’t know whether to go back to the #GA for funding, or maybe we can all make it… #nycsc

…. happen in a different way. The $$ proposal was $7K. He says we have a kitchen to cook stuff. Wants us ALL to pitch in… #nycsc #ows

… for OccupyChristmas #nycsc #ows

Someone has a PoI: doesn’t know if other WGs has authority to shift their funding to other WGs. But Sebastian wants us all to… #nycsc #ows

… to pitch in to make it happen, presumably just like we used to make all the other dinners etc. happen at #Zuccotti #nycsc #ows

Someone states that they are not Christian and feel alienated by the Christ-centered celebration. #nycsc #ows

Someone else asks that the celebration be made as secular as possible. #nycsc #ows

PoI: notes that it’s a multi-faith type of thing, it’s only still called OccupyChristmas because stuff has already been printed. #nycsc #ows

Someone suggests a potluck type of celebration. #nycsc #ows

Someone feels that some of the other budgets wasted, makes a statement that… I’m trying to follow, sorry. #nycsc #ows

Liza notes that Sebastian isn’t asking for money. #nycsc #ows

Sebastian also apologizes for all the bad stuff christians have ever done. #nycsc #ows

Someone suggests that instead of celebrating christmas, we celebrate 100 days of OWS. #nycsc #ows

Someone who looks like a rabbit comments that Christmas means something in america, it’s a family time… #nycsc #ows

… Christmas is especially painful for people who have nothing, it’s important to provide this for ppl who don’t have anything. #nycsc #ows

Sebastian notes that this will involve music and celebration, and you can bring musical instruments & if you have a spiritual conviction…

… about it, that’s great! #nycsc #ows

Someone encourages all of us to use our social media chops to spread the word about the Dec 25th celebration at #zuccotti! #nycsc #ows

Sebastian asks us to please help them with this… #nycsc #ows

Town Planning proposal! This is the companion piece to the Spoke-a-week proposal that passed on Monday. #nycsc #ows

@ProtestChaplain It’s not a matter of *letting* him, it’s already happening! He’s asking for active volunteers to help. @occupywallstnyc

Ok, onto the proposal! If you come to our events, use our resources, you agree to adhere to our standards (principles of solidarity). #nycsc

It applies to all of the meetings, including #GeneralAssembly. He’s asking #SpokesCouncil to ratify this for #SpokesCouncil…. #nycsc

@my_rubbersoul scroll back in the stream. #nycsc #ows

I think Safer Spaces is speaking, they want to restate the principles of solidarity, and want to clarify what severing relationships means.

Liza reads the Principles of Solidarity (you can find them on #nycsc #ows

RT @gomelanie: @LibertySqGA WOW is a caucus. @wowsnyc feel free to follow :)

@lobetsyh Sorry, someone who looks like a rabbi… durrrr.

Essentially, the principles of solidarity consist of non-violent, anti-racist, anti-oppression, anti-sexist principles, etc. #nycsc #ows

Someone wants to talk about the process, suggests that we talk about the process of severing ties, how can we put ppl out… #nycsc #ows

… we should have a process of inclusion rather than exclusion. That is his deep concern. #nycsc #ows

Proposer: it is his understanding that a process is going to be introduced at #GeneralAssembly tomorrow. Person sez we shld wait until…

…process is in place and then deal with this proposal. #nycsc #ows

There was a bit of back-n-forth, Sage reviews the process, a PoI talks about how a concern can be combined with a friendly amendment. #nycsc

Nan is agitated and says that Facilitation is trying to silence her. Her placard says “Dissolve #SpokesCouncil Working Group” #nycsc #ows

Minutes asks about the process, proposer says that there is no means of enforcement, that will come later. Recognizes that method of…

… enforcement is important and may make some ppl uncomfortable. #nycsc #ows

Someone wants to speak, but it’s unclear if she is a Spoke with a WG. #nycsc #ows

Tech: Wld like proposer to clarify whether we are establishing the fact that we could ask ppl to leave. #nycsc #ows

A: that is something that we might want to do, and that’s what this proposal is about. #nycsc #ows

Constitution WG asks whether community agreements are in the works & shouldn’t we wait for them? #nycsc #ows

Proposer: we have something to work with, we just are building something on top of that (not sure I got that one, sorry). #nycsc #ows

A: Right now the proposal doesn’t have a protocol for enforcement, this is giving us the ability to address the problem/ #nycsc #ows

Safer Spaces: If your WG hasn’t seen the working document that we have been working on for months, pls email us

That’s really important! It’s essentially an elucidation of our principles of solidarity. #nycsc #ows

NVC/Mediation: Who is making the determination of severing relationships? Is there going to be an effort to resolve things internally…

… before a severing of ties. #nycsc #ows

Faciliation: We have agreed on a consensus process, which Nan knows well, so let her be on stack for anything she wants. #nycsc #ows

Someone notes that Nan isn’t even a Spoke, and this is a SpokesCouncil. Liza: Nan is not honoring the request to speak on behalf of the WG.

This is simply to note that Nan signed in as Spoke for Strong Women Rules WG, but she was a spoke for SWRWG on Monday.

And someone notes that she Spoke’d for SWG WG on Monday. #nycsc #ows

Sage asks if anyone feels bullied, lots of ppl raise their hands. Nan says we’re marginalizing her. #nycsc #ows

Medics: I’m concerned about this because sometimes we accidentally become the “it”, we need to be careful of how we treat them… #nycsc

… I’m really concerned about this. In a group process, anybody can become the problem. #nycsc #ows

Nan asks if Town Planning has contacted PoC and other groups on this? A: Yes. I am working w Housing & Safety Cluster. #nycsc #ows

OK, stack is closed. We’re going to concerns – and we;re going to do concerns and friendly amendments together. #nycsc #ows

Strong Blockers Rule Working Group. #nycsc #ows

Blockers Solidarity WG #nycsc #ows

RT @DiceyTroop: And tonight @heratylaw is kicking out the livetweets on the @LibertySqGA family of accounts!! #nycsc #OWS

Negesti: We need to respect people’s past trauma and experiences and try to keep things from being contentious, suggests… #nycsc #ows

… taking out some of the language that might exacerbate the situation. A: All this says is that if you don’t agree with our principles…

… please leave the movement. Your suggestion wld be the subject of a separate proposal. #nycsc #ows

Solidarity: The concern is that there’s nothing backing up what is being proposed. Suggests they meet with a number of WGs. …. #nycsc #ows

A: I may accept that, and table this to tie this into what other WGs are doing about this situation. #nycsc #ows

Translation: Concerns previously raised, this prop is unacceptable unless there is a way to enforce (paraphrasing there). #nycsc #ows

Constitution: Big concern is that this is incomplete, and given that we’re unsure how to incorporate the community agreements… #nycsc #ows

… essentially he is asking them to table, too, until it is worked more. #nycsc #ows

PoC: This prop makes #OWS an entity, but it shld empower us as individuals. This may involve deeper issues that shld be addressed….

Environmentalist: Spokes is supposed to be a wheel and this wheel isn’t moving. I’ve been following, and praise to you for being here..

… all the time. We care so much that we won’t go forward with something that is imperfect, but we need to make movement forward… #nycsc

… I’ve been following the minutes, and certain names keep coming up more than others. To address the concerns here tonight… #nycsc #ows

… FA should have a deadline for coming up with the community agreements and a process. I suggest 2 wks, a month. #nycsc #ows

Occupiers WG: If you look at this language, it’s corporate language, two ppl have already left. It’s talking about doing business w #nycs

… with other businesses and I didn’t even know we were doing that. A: We’ve gone down that path already w OccupyFarms & others. #nycsc

OccupyDC (woot!): Suggests making a public announcement for tons of other WGs from other occupations (?) have input to cut down on… #nycsc

… amendment process. (Note: Not sure if I got that right, or how it fits in with this proposal). #nycsc #ows

(I’m sorry, I don’t generally relate language that is repetitive). Proposer: For example, we have never had a situation where someone…

… brought in guns, we have no way of dealing with that. It violates our principles, but what wld we do? #nycsc #ows

OccupyTheYouth: we need to share the community agreements. A: we have agreed upon the principles of solidarity. Other #Zuccotti-specific…

… rules, like drumming, but that doesn’t apply any more. #nycsc #ows

Safer Space, tmrw 5pm at 60 Wall, an open meeting collecting feedback on the “living document” of the community agreements. #nycsc #ows

Direct Action: Concerned that ppl don’t see how urgent this issue is. I’m really uncomfortable in this room b/c certain ppl dominate. #nycsc

I don’t feel safe (lotsa uptwinkles). #nycsc #ows

Nan again, from the Dispose Spokescouncil WG. Someone asks why she is Spoking. No answer. Says the proposal shld be tabled. #nycsc #ows

PoC would have a lot of input into this. You guys brought this way… b4 you reached out… to any working group. #nycsc #ows

PoI: PoC has to address this: Someone has a sign that says Aryan Brotherhood WG and it’s making things v uncomfortable. Ppl say it was…

… a joke. Stairs notes that they asked him to remove it before. Asks that the two WGs shld work it out. #nycsc #ows

Someone breaks process to say that the person with the sign shld leave, instead of the PoC caucus (they left). #nycsc #ows

Stairs: What just happened is extremely serious, I want someone from NVC/Mediation to step in and deal with this. We need to get back…

… to process. #nycsc #ows

(Note: We were just discussing a proposal to that would give us a process to remove disruptive ppl). #nycsc #ows

OccupyDC notes that he came here to encounter ppl who were working on a movement, but instead he is seeing fights. He’s very upset. #nycsc

Stairs notes that we need a moment, and let’s get back to the agenda. #nycsc #ows

Nan: where were you this morning, someone was almost dying at 60 Wall, we had to call 91. #nycsc #ows

Medic: Important! Look at me! If someone is dying, call 911! Do not rely on us for that. #nycsc #ows

another announcement: we have a bit of space, can’t tell you where yet, it will be a place where we can help you further. #nycsc #ows

RT @heratylaw: Announcement from Medical: set up a meeting to be held at 60 Wall every monday from 630-745pm. It is an open meeting, ple …

RT @heratylaw: … and let us know what you need. #nycsc #ows

BTW, I’m surrounded by @mikedelic, @dontbeaputz, @Dwayne_wins, & @DiceyTroop, they are adding #NYCSC tweets so follow them, too. #nycsc #ows

Town Planning has agreed to table the proposal, we will meet with more groups, and we have another proposal for Friday that will… #nycsc

… cover the shit that just happened here. #nycsc #ows

Looks like the rest of the agenda items are off the table b/c ppl left on account of the Aryan Brotherhood sign (which ppl say was a joke).

Looks like the official #Spokescouncil is over. We’re having a 30-minute un-facilitated conversation. @Dwayne_wins is going on stack…

… to discuss something. But Liza is stepping up and she is very upset. She wants us to keep working toward a better world. #nycsc #ows

She says she never points ppl out. But she cites Nan, says that she’s one of the ppl she’s talking about being disruptive & stopping…

… progress in this movement. #nycsc #ows

She discusses a proposal that specifically targeted Nan, and she thinks 1 person shldn’t be targeted b/c 1 other will just pop up. #nycsc

RT @DiceyTroop: So, Jay, w/ a very poor decision, made a point about inclusion by putting an “Aryan Nation” spoke sign up. Everyone frea …

@DiceyTroop Point taken, but I wasn’t saying it was a joke, I was saying other ppl were saying it was a joke. #nycsc #ows

Dwayne pulls Nan up so we can talk to her as a group. Dwayne: why do you hate #SC? Nan: Because of the racism (paraphrasing, sorry). #nycsc

Says nobody listens to her. Says there is racism, says she gets threatening text messages, but doesn’t relate it to #SC. #nycsc #ows

Dwayne reads the text message and it looks like it’s a message from a working group about a meeting. #nycsc #ows

They stand aside. Negesti speaks. She’s tired of being called names, being disrespected, she has a lot to contribute, but if.. #nycsc #ows

… we can’t get it together, she’s going to have to leave (note: we don’t want that). #nycsc #ows

… we’re all getting burned out. We need to get this together to make it a safe space so we can get things done. #nycsc #ows

PoC: I don’t think we decompressed from what happened here earlier. I’m not sure what to say, this isn’t a race thing, this is a room thing.

… Talking about it out on the street instead of in here isn’t the way to deal with that. #nycsc #ows

OK folks, I’m wrapping it up here. Thanks for following along! G’night! #nycsc #ows

RT @heratylaw: The Aryan Brotherhood sign in the garbage, where it belongs.