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Hi fam! We’re at West Park Presbyterian; waiting on the arrival of the #OccupyTheCourts folks before we start Spokescouncil! #NYCSC #OWS

Stairs: “Welcome to another episode of Spokescouncil!” Steve and @thejorobin will be our facilitators tonight (“Stairs” for short.) #nycsc

Jo and Steve are reviewing our handsignals! Here’s a recap previously compled: #nycsc #ows

First, announcements. Outreach: “They’re running a mobile town hall on 1/29, the last Sunday of the month, to get ppl out there…”#nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…it’s a pop-up occupation kind of thing.” January 29th, Washington Square Park. #nycsc #ows

Ravi (Outreach) also notes that the rules passed 12/20 defining requirements for working groups to be recognized kick in today. #nycsc #ows

Interoccupy reminds us folks do look to us as an example, and thank us for our work. Suggest we use #interocc to coordinate. #nycsc #ows

Next, Billy: “8 or 9 of us have been talking about” getting ready for the RNC and DNC. Talk to him if you, uh, want to go. #ows #nycsc

Minutes reports that they’re working to perfect their audio-recording system, to be posted on #nycsc #ows

Nan, Strong Women Rules: “We went to an meeting at Charlotte’s Place,” announces the next Tech meeting time for some reason.#nycsc

Next, Drew from TechOps: “We want to start doing a lot more trainings on tools we’re offering & blogging, Facebook, whatever else.” #nycsc

OK, closing stack on Announcements. Next, Jason tells us “OccupyAtlanta is hosting a Southeast Regional occupation” March 9th. #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “They did want a group from #OWS to come down, so there’s planning going on; I wanted to give as much notice as possible.” #nycsc

Shawn notes he has a proposal for everybody- he’s got copies! It’s about changing our meeting schedule. #nycsc #ows

Ashley, Women Occupying Nations- they’re working to honor all women and allies this month. She went to the MLK #j15 vigil, and notes..#nycsc

Cont’d: ..all of the #OWS speakers in the program were men. “We want to remind everyone not to repeat the mistakes of the past, and be…”

Cont’d: “…responsible and inclusive.” They mic checked to make sure that women were heard. #nycsc #ows

Jason: “The Occupy Town Square Facebook page has gone up! They want support/participation from as many WGs as possible.” #nycsc #ows

OK, we’ll roll call all the Spokes: Facilitation; Town Planning; Arts; Think Tank; Translatione; Structure; People of Color Caucus; WoN…

…Constitution, Tech, OccupyFarms, GSD, The People’s Kitchen, @DAP, @OWSLibrary, Class War WG, Safer Spaces, Outreach, ComHub. #nycsc #ows

RT @occupyphoenix: Just briefly spoke at @LibertySqGA to thank #OWS members for all their hard work & to look to other city’s while work …

@occupyphoenix right on! sorry, i missed the first couple sentences you said.

ClassWar: “We’ll meet Weds at 5; Charlotte’s Place or 60 Wall. Announce on website. We’re speaking with #communist groups…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…to see if we can do some joint action with them. New point person is Zak.” #nycsc #ows

Next, Direct Action Painters (@DAP): “Regretfully, we’re going on art strike until we have a good place to work in.” Art, banners, posters.

.@DAP will put together a Kickstarter campaign so they can have a space and some art materials. “In the meantime, we have some banners..”

Cont’d: “…in our inventory that we’ll let ppl use if they want to.” They need a 24/7 space where they can spraypaint in. #nycsc #ows

Joe, Education and Empowerment, tells us about “Occupy University!” Website: Working to get it rolling. #nycsc #ows

TechOps’ report back: “We’re building out, purchasing all the equipment you approved for us!” They’ll have weekly trainings during… #nycsc

Cont’d: …the day, once they find “a space where we have power, Internet,” they’ll do them in the evenings for ppl who work during day.

Check out Tech Ops at! And you can blog for your working group there. #nycsc #ows

Next, OccupyFarms. “We’ve been building relationships w/ Farms in Woodstock and Vermont, and are trying to get our website up..” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…so we have something to show farmers when we approach them.” Still in outreach; let ’em know if you want to work, or know farmers.

Cont’d: Also, “the different eco groups are having a summit on the 28th and forming an eco-cluster to better coordinate.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: The eco cluster meets 1/28 at 56 Walker. #nycsc #ows

Ashley (Women Occupying Nations) already made her report back during announcements, so she repeats what she said earlier. #nycsc #ows

Steve will review process of Spokescouncil. We sit in working groups with a consensed-upon speaker or “spoke.” When we have… #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: …the opportunity to weigh in, we confer as working groups & our Spoke then articulates the consensus of the group. #nycsc

OK, the first proposal we’ll discuss tonight is Facilitation’s. Stairs asks us to temp check giving 20 minutes for the proposal. OK. #nycsc

Brian (Facilitation): “Facilitation has a great proposal- you’ve never heard or thought anything like this before.” Jokes! #nycsc #ows

Brian: “The proposal is to reduce the number of spokescouncils to create time for us to do other things. We know many people are doing…”

Cont’d: “…other things, & the nightly meetings are a hammer hold on time.” Nods at need for other community-building formats than meetings.

In addition to reducing the meetings from 3 times a week to 2, the Facilitation proposal also expressly states Spokescouncil… #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: …can set meeting times / frequency. “We feel like right now there’s a law about meetings, & we want to break that law.” #nycsc #ows

OK, so Working Groups will confer and when they’re done, their spokes will voice their decisions during consensus process re: this proposal.

OK, we’re back. Think Tank: “We like Spokescouncil; we’re worried that this may cave to some of the problems that it has.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: They’re also curious how this proposal will interact with the larger restructuring from DA that Shawn mentioned. #nycsc #ows

Next CQ: “What would the week look like? If this changes GA schedule, it needs separate consensus from GA.” #nycsc #ows

A: “I forgot to include in the proposal that the idea was to have #SC on Mon and Weds,” but it’s bn in works for long, hence #jokes before.

Brian notes that since Facilitation was having some trouble maintaining quality of facilitation, were motivated to propose change. #nycsc

Brian notes though that the proposal empowers #Spokescouncil to decicde its own meeting times. #nycsc #ows

Nathan, Facilitation, handles the question about whether this affects GA, and the DA proposal. “I think they work hand-in hand.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “The idea is to open up Friday nights and make them available for other ideas and events.” #nycsc #ows

Next question. “If you’re going to arrange what days #spokes meets, are you going to take into consideration that WG meets during Spokes?”

A: “One of the things we noticed a month or two ago, when there were GAs and Spokes, ppl wouldn’t schedule working group meetings. But..”

Cont’d: “…as time went on, that happened more,” as if it’s hard for people to attend 7 meetings a week! #nycsc #ows

And Brian notes they’re not trying to solve disruption at all; they just want to give the community flexibility about how it spends time.

OK, we’ll take 2 minutes to confer on concerns and friendly amendments. Be back soon! #nycsc #ows

OK, we’re coming back. Stairs: “Now it’s time for concerns and amendments.” Opening stack for such. Kitchen is first. #nycsc #ows

Kitchen’s concern is that if Spokescouncil changes its meeting times, how will it get notice? Brian notes that this proposal… #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: …doesn’t seek to dictate how the schedule changes in future beyond this one change to drop the Friday meeting. #nycsc #ows

Kitchen asks if they can have a friendly amendment to make sure that if a meeting is added or changed, they’re told in advance. #nycsc #ows

Next, “my concern is a financial one.” Once “the spending freeze is released,” w/o Friday SC, groups will have harder time getting $. #nycsc

…”because the office is closed on Sunday and Monday.” Nathan seems to feel that this wouldn’t change much in effect. #nycsc #ows

Think Tank: “One of the things that’s making these meetings difficult is the endless budget props;” little space for ideas, actions. #nycsc

Think Tank suggests we use the Spokescouncil funds allocated for Friday, going fwd, to enable us to use a different format to meet. #nycsc

Facilitation says that’s definitely the idea- can use Thinktank format, Open Spaces, many others to try different styles of organization.

Ashley (WoN): “My concern is that ppl who are involved every MWF, there’s not going to be repetitive multiple changes so that” it… #nycsc

Cont’d: …gets far away from what GA designed Spokescouncil to be, “even tho I think this is an appropriate change.” #nycsc #ows

Ashley continues, saying she’s concerned the Facilitation “clique” might keep making changes. A: “We respect the concern…” #ows #nycsc

Cont’d: “…but we want to pt out there’s nothing cliquish about Facilitation.” Facilitation, Brian says, generates proposals using consensus.

Brian: “I don’t know what’s going to come next, but the heart of facilitation is not about monopolizing power, operating as a clique, or..”

Cont’d: “…de-legitimizing anybody.” Ashley requests that this statement be put into notes. [Happily. Not saying anything else argh. -Ed.]

Next, Class War’s Concern: “Since the spending freeze, the GA is an hour at most, and the only other place we have discussions is here…”

Cont’d: “…and here, discussions take a little longer.” Feels now isn’t the time, as GA attendance is low. Maybe after spending freeze ends.

A: “We believe, as I think many do, that the movement is a long-term thing, and we want to make decisions looking into future.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “That being said, it doesn’t mean we won’t meet on that day,” just that we can use “other formats for meeting.” #nycsc #ows

Nathan also notes that they’re also looking to reduce the GA meetings by one as well, which would improve GAs. #nycsc #ows

Translation’s Concern/FA: “Let’s have Facilitation to really make a concerted effort to include” captioning, signing on livestream and…

Cont’d: …in a broader sense, “the inclusion of chat participation.” Says @Occupy_Boston now has chat participants. [Oh word #OB? -Ed.]

A: “That sounds like a great proposal for Translation to bring — we don’t want to make any promises we can’t keep.” #nycsc #ows

Next, @DAP speaks to their own proposal about a similar plan for reorganizing – “it’s a concern slash announcement.” #nycsc #ows

A: “I think that proposal and this one work really well together,” applauds their work. “Our thinking is to leave those days open…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…for the community,” and their plan for what to fill those days with is extremely compatible and exciting. #nycsc #ows

TechOps’ Concern/FA: “Spokes repeating — will it be 2 spokes a week? Still 7 days, or #s of meetings? How will that be affected?”#nycsc

A: “We hadn’t thought about that at all.” Tech: “OK; we have a friendly amendment you can take or leave. We ask that this proposal..”#nycsc

Cont’d: “…only go into action if your proposal to also reduce the days GA meets is accepted. Just so we’re on the same path.” #nycsc #ows

Also, TechOps asks that Facilitation “continue to secure space on Friday so that we can experiment with other meetings” on those days.

A: “RE: GA: this is a little more complicated now, because DA’s proposal will go to GA tomorrow before ours.” #nycsc #ows

A cont’d: “We’re actually not planning on going to GA with our proposal b/c of the other proposal, and we’re trying to work together.”#nycsc

RE: the amendment to still get space on Fridays, Nathan accepts provided the money set for Spokescouncil space can be used for that. #nycsc

Brian notes that Facilitation questions its responsibility to pursue and secure space, which fell to it by default. #nycsc #ows

Brian: “The park didn’t cost anything; Facilitation’s addressed space as it’s come up.” But doesn’t want to accept responsibility to..#nycsc

Cont’d: …secure space b/c it “fell to us by default.” Recap; the accepted FA was from Kitchen to let them know if SC changes. #nycsc #ows

Translation asks about their FA; Brian isn’t sure that he understood his answer to it. “We can’t promise implementation; what we do..”#nycsc

Cont’d: “…is” maintain the process. Stairs notes this isn’t facilitation’s proposal, it’s everyone; can’t bottomline everything. #nycsc #ows

The Strong Women Rules spoke is being questioned about the last time he spoked… we’re working on that. #nycsc #ows

Apparently he’s good to spoke. His amendment is to have Weds’ Spokescouncils vote on meeting Friday. The formula for… #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: …the voting was confusing, tho, so I’m not exactly sure what it was. Still, yeah, voting each week on meeting Friday. #nycsc #ows

Stairs asks if we’re ready to move to consensus — we are! “The proposal is simple, it’s to reduce Spokescouncils to Mon and Weds..” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…and states that this body has the right to change its meetings by consensus.” And the friendly amendment was that… #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: …if an additional meeting is added, Kitchen will be notified. And Facilitation will reach out to Translation to talk about… #nycsc

Cont’d: …other ways to include translation. Think Tank brings up the Tech amendment about keeping budget in place for Fridays’ meetings…

Cont’d: …and Brian says “I’m trying to get facilitation to acknowledge that we don’t have an obligation to secure, rent, pay for space.”

Cont’d: “We don’t want it to become” standard, “it’s not something that is our responsibility by any kind of tasked proposal.” #nycsc #ows

OK, so we’ll move to consensus. Stairs asks if we have standasides, which would come from consenting to stand aside if working groups…

Cont’d: …cannot consense on either supporting or blocking the prop. 1 stand aside; are there any blocks? no blocks! CONSENSUS! #nycsc #ows

Stairs notes that “not Facilitation, not the Facilitation WG, but we all” got through that proposal in an hour with full consensus. #nycsc

They also mention that we need to close the meeting at 10:25. They suggest we take a 2 minute break, with some quick disagreement frm group.

So, we temp-checked taking a 2 minute break to “reward ourselves for reaching consensus” — approved! So we’re taking a quick break. #nycsc

OK, we’re back. Jo: “I have a request from individuals who are staying here;” they want us to stop at 10:15 so they can go to bed. #nycsc

So, we’re tempchecking stopping at 10:15 — agreed. Stairs tells us Safer Spaces’ proposal is going to come up on Monday by their request.

And, Town Planning’s prop can’t be presented because Sean is too sick to present it. So… it snds like Spokescouncil is going to end? #nycsc

There’s some disagreement; ppl want to meet. But Stairs doesn’t hv proposers for the proposals on the table. Opening stack for suggestions.

Melanie: “Did we ask the room if there were other people on board for any of the proposals?” RE: Town Planning, “it’s everybody’s proposal.”

Melanie herself isn’t prepared to bring the proposal, “b/c I’m somewhat biased.” But she says many ppl in room are. #nycsc #ows

Stairs: “I hear your concerns, but to tell you what happened: I was told informally 2 days ago that Outreach would present the proposal..”

Cont’d: “…and I was given unclear details on the proposal. When I arrived today…” Sean has returned! He’ll present! Yay! #nycsc #ows

So, it sounds like we’ll hear Town Planning and Outreach’s proposal… which I think is about excluding a certain instigator from #NYCSC.

Sean: “There’s something we’ve been putting up with too long; we all know what it is. One of the things SC is empowered to do is…”

Cont’d: “…exclude someone from SC b/c of “repetitive disruption,” or violations of the principles of solidarity. We’d like to ask the…”

Cont’d: “…spokescouncil to choose to exclude Nan, based on repeated physical assaults including of this man who facilitated Friday.” #nycsc

Stairs: “Is that the whole proposal?” Sean: “That’s it.” Stairs gives us 2 minutes of discussion to consult w/in working groups. #nycsc #ows

OK, we’re back. Opening stack on clarifying questions. Sage: “What I want to know is, has there been a history of emotional abuse…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…between the victim and the abuser, or this body and the abuser? I.e., was the person who was physically violent…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…violated herself in any other ways? Did any instigation take place?” Wants 2 or 3 witnesses to describe the relationship. #nycsc

Sean asks him to clarify. Sage: “I want to know if there’s a history — if someone spends 3 months treating me like shit, if I lose my…”

Cont’d: “…shit on a particular day, I don’t want that to be the day that I get in trouble while everyone else gets a free pass.” #nycsc #ows

Sean: “She’s abused us repeatedly, threatened us repeatedly.” Isn’t in her head, doesn’t know if she thinks we all have been that to her.

Jason will speak to his relationship to Nan; Nan speaks for the first time. “Can I say something?” Stairs: “You’ll have your chance.” #nycsc

Someone from SIS speaks: “Jason and Nan really didn’t have a relationship, and there’s no conflict online that I could find.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “It was just a separate situation where she went off on this individual.” Notes Wednesday that we decided to remove someone… #nycsc

Cont’d: ..who threatened others and scuffled with others, and notes that Nan has threatened many and assaulted more than one. #nycsc #ows

Nan is starting to shout out. Stairs: “Everyone can speak, including those being mentioned,” but we must stick to stack. #nycsc #ows

Order maintained so far. Sage tells the person who is speaking to this relationship that he agrees w/ proposal, just wants background.#nycsc

Next on stack: Drew, TechOps: “Our question is, it’s not Strong Women Rules WG being removed, just Nan. Right?” A: “Yes.” #nycsc #ows

Ashley: “Is this person being removed because of her violence, and nothing else? Not because she speaks out of turn, but b/c…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “..of her violence?” A: “Yes.” Housing asks if we can let Nan respond on every point. Stairs: “We don’t do direct responses…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…because we found they just allow people to jump stack, and cut ppl off — it’s really divisive.” #nycsc #ows

Sean notes that we have no process to do this, so we’re making it up as we go along to some extent. Stairs says Nan can speak at end. #nycsc

Nan: “I think I can speak. First of all, you are nothing but hypocrites.” Says Sean has “an agenda” and accuses him of “backstabbing”…

Cont’d: …Jason and Jeff from Housing, and “then you have the nerve to bring this proposal here.” Nan says she was defending herself… #nycsc

Cont’d: …and removing Jason from her space. [I watched Nan lunge at Jason with fists. -Ed.] Sean asks if we want to see the video. #nycsc

OK, we’re opening stack on Concerns and Amendments. First: “The concern of #OWS En Español is, beyond what we decide to do about…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…this individual, we feel there is no place really where these kind of situations are dealt with as a rule. How does it come…”

Cont’d: “…to happen to threaten a whole movement? Whether they’re removed or not is irrelevant to me; important thing is how we deal..”

Cont’d: “…with this situation. We’re dragging a whole world we’re trying to leave behind with this situation, and that’s what concerns me.”

Sean: “We’re making this part up together as we go along;” notes they’re working on developing a “grievance circle” to resolve… #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: …problems, reveal hurt, and “bring that individual back into the group.” They feel they need to leave a way back such as that.#nycsc

Next concern: “Sometimes there are acts of violence or blocks; we know who does that. The amendment is to ban the person temporarily…”#nycsc

Cont’d: “…on the basis of, if you’re blocking so many times, maybe you need to take a time-out from the movement.” Blocking halts… #nycsc

Cont’d: …”the progressive proposals we want to do, and it’s really frustrating when we’re” trying to move forward. So FA is to ban…

Cont’d: …Nan for a certain amount of time and to include blocking as a reason. #nycsc #ows

Sean: “This has nothing to do w/ blocking; it has to violence.” They don’t want to expand it beyond that. #nycsc #ows

Facilitation’s Concern: “We’re concerned about the precedent this is going to set, and what we’re doing, banning Nan, not from the…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…movement, but from SC, and to look at the history we know so well and how it might be perceived from outside as being exclusive.”

A: “To re-iterate, this proposal is about asking someone to leave this specific space because of physical violence. She tried to take…”

Cont’d: “…a swing at this guy.” “We want to let everyone know, inside and outside the movement, that we don’t accept violence.” #nycsc #ows

Stairs notes there’s lots of PoIs, wants to make sure they’re real. “Yes, I want to make clear it’s about this meeting — Spokescouncils.”

A: “Yes, that’s true.” Stairs temp-checks extending meeting back to 10:30, “that has to be it, tho.” #nycsc #ows

PoI from Lopi: “Nan attacked me at the GA.” Nan starts accusing her of mispronouncing her name. “I was hesitant to speak…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…because I knew she’d attack me.” “We’ve been tolerating violence in our movement for so many months…” Nan starts speaking over her

Cont’d: “We can’t tolerate violence in this moment. She’s attacked many people here. I’m a survivor of PTSD, & I can’t… I don’t feel safe.”

Safer Spaces agrees, but are concerned that only addressing physical violence is dangerous, and note that without a clear road back… #nycsc

Cont’d: “…this just feels indefinite.” Also notes they feel “it’s a serious conversation, and this is being rushed.” “No,” many people say.

Sean: “We don’t want it to be indefinite. There must be a road back; what we should do is make and open the road back.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “A lot of us here know what we want it to be (the grievance process); we haven’t figured it out yet but plan to soon. We have to…”

Cont’d: “…create this way back together and then give it to the individuals we have excluded” due to violence. #nycsc #ows

Ashley’s Concern: “I just wanted it to be clear that a lot of us in this room care about Nan as a human being, and acknowledge she’s…”

Cont’d: “…going through pain, and may have past traumas. We care about her. But this is because there has been physical violence.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “And we feel there needs to be a road back, because despite the pain…” Nan interrupts: “I’m not in pain. What the hell?” #nycsc #ows

Ashley continues: “The reason she needs a break is she physically assaulted multiple ppl; it’s not because she speaks out about racism…”

Cont’d: “…and sexism,” and she notes that she thinks it’s unfair for ppl to abuse those issues — Nan: “You yourself use it!” Woah woah woah

Sean: “It’s certainly not that I don’t care. Case in pt, someone swung a chair in her head at the SC; I got in the way, it hit me instead.”

Next, Class War. “Throughout the existence of #SC, Nan has been disruptive each and every meeting. She’s gotten in…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…ppl’s faces and yelled, which is a form of violence — verbal violence. She has hit people. I believe this is long overdue.”#nycsc

Next, Vision and Goals: “We have no system for this.” Says we need to show system here and now. (This was SWR spoke before…) #nycsc #ows

SWR/Vision and Goals’ spoke (?) said “this is how people got lynched in the past,” and maaad people were like “oh no you didn’t.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “We don’t have any specific allegations vs. Nan.” People are getting frustrated with him because he’s just wicked wrong. #nycsc

The SWR spoke is continuing to go on and on and on, same stuff. “There’s no finding of fact here!” “He’s filibustering,” someone says.

We get the guy to calm down by offering him vid of Nan attacking J. So Nan picks up where he left off, shouting tht we didnt let him finish.

We’re moving to consensus. “How many standasides?” 3 standasides. “If they wish to address their standasides, they may.” #nycsc #ows

First stand aside is because we’re dealing with one person when “what we have to deal with is a lot bigger than that.” #nycsc #ows

Direct Action: “I’m just going to say that we have a conflict in our group; I personally came here to create a utopia; I don’t believe in..”

Cont’d: “…punishment, I believe in finding out why people are the way they are so we can change them.” Doesn’t want to exclude. #nycsc #ows

Restating proposal: “We’re asking SC to activate section 3b of original Spokes design proposal.” Want to bring forward Safer Spaces’ prop…

Cont’d: “It’s not a permanent ban; it’s not a punishment.” We’re asking them to remove themselves until we figure out best way “to be…”

Cont’d: “…respectful of those who have been physically attacked.” “Any blocks?” Safer Spaces is blocking. Jaws drop. #nycsc #ows

Safer Spaces’ block is because they’re worried that since we don’t have the road back yet, it’s indefinite. Their FA is to have… #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: …a grievance circle begin “by Monday,” even if it’s not the final format it comes in. Safer Spaces remove their block. #nycsc #ows

Sage decides to block. “Nan strikes dude at #SC. Facilitation knows rules of #SC; when violence happens room temp checks whether it’s…”

Cont’d: “…violence; messages sent to de-escalation to keep them out.” Sage says that proposal hasn’t served our ends. “The list of people..”

Cont’d: “…at #OWS who are unwilling to be accountable is long,” doesn’t believe we need to approve this proposal to bar Nan? #nycsc #ows

Many are skeptical of this from Sage, but Ravi responds in earnest, explaining that we need to set precedent of accountability. #nycsc #ows

Ravi says that the Spokescouncil proposal sets this process up. “I wish it was better,” but this is required. Sage is asking, “so, you’re..”

Cont’d: “…saying that you need to do this to bar Nan from #Spokescouncil next time? We can’t just temp-check violence?” #nycsc #ows

Ravi does feel that way. Sage says he thinks we should be able to just bar based on existing proposal. Ravi asks if his block is resolved..

Sage stands aside. Stairs asks if there are any more blocks. NO MORE BLOCKS. “We have now reached consensus on this proposal.” #nycsc

Stairs: “Mic check! I just want to observe one last time that we’re not happy to be excluding someone.” Nan starts yelling. #nycsc #ows

“Bye, Nan,” someone says. Stairs: “This is only the beginning. We need to develop better processes for resolving conflict…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…this is a band-aid solution and it’s not the way we should continue to deal with this issue.” #nycsc #ows

“Productive Spokescouncil is productive!” Anthony, Class War WG’s Spoke, observes. #nycsc #ows

OK, that’s it for tonight, folks. Recap: we approved a proposal to reduce Spokescouncil from 3 to 2 nights a week, freeing up Friday night.

Recap continued: We approved a proposal to bar Nan from Spokescouncil until we have a grievance resolution process, because of her…#nycsc

Cont’d: …physical violence against facilitators a week ago. There is video of this, I’ll try to post it asap. #nycsc #OWS

[Thanks fam! Questions, comments, concerns, frustrations, excitement, revolutionary fervor, hit me at @diceytroop. -Ed.] #nycsc #ows

Tweets for Thu, 19 Jan 2012

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Hey fam! We’re back! Not to fear; we haven’t yet been #SOPAed. “Live”tweets of tonight’s #Spokescouncil meeting go up tmrw. #nycsc #OWS

RT @OccupyWallStNYC: We are back. Here’s why we went DARK: #BlackoutSOPA #NoSOPA #KillPIPA MT @justinstoned: @libertysqga Kinda weird to make your Service/ Work to #nycsc into a protest. #sopa

RT @OccupyWallStNYC: Even @LibertySqGA went dark for #SOPABlackout, and saved hundreds of livetweets! Thanks for not crossing the picket …

@justinstoned not at all, just explaining the simple reasoning. Thank you for your comment.

@justinstoned we’re volunteers; our team consensed. We didn’t stop others from LTing, warned folks we’d be dark. Sorry to offend.

Just counted and sorted 582 tweets from tonight’s #NYCSC! Never counted before. We’ll spend a couple hours tomorrow sending them out. #OWS

OK fam! Today, we’re “airing” Wednesday nite’s #NYCSC! We’re livetweeting on a delay! It’s the opposite of that live episode of ER… #OWS

Jason Ahmadi and Nicole will facilitate tonight. “Does anyone have any issues with that?” Someone: website said 7:30; it’s 7:09. #NYCSC #OWS

Nicole: “OK, so we’re not starting, then!” Jason: “We’ll start at 7:30 promptly.” Til then, “we’re just gonna hang out,” Nicole says. #nycsc

Jason & Nan discuss the proposal expected tonight to ask Nan to leave the #NYCSC. Nan: “All Spokescouncil does is bitch about ppl.” #OWS

Nan sits down. “I’ve got a team on the way, so I’m just going to enjoy the show.” Nan guffaws. “I love being Nan sometimes.” #OWS #NYCSC

“I can’t wait for #SpokesCouncil to be dissolved,” Nan says to someone. “Because you’re all a bunch of hypocrites.” #NYCSC #OWS

“I just love beating up on Facilitation. I love being mean. I just love being the center of attention,” Nan continues. #NYCSC #OWS

“I’m going to be doing some yelling, too. We’ll see. We’ll see if I have to be my typical Nan…” [Sorry, but she’s sitting right next to me.]

OK, it’s 7:30! Here we go. Facilitators checking to make sure all WGs’ Spokes signed in to comply w/ once-a-week rule for that role. #nycsc

Jason: “So, as agreed before, Nicole & I will facilitate today. Calvin’ll be our stacktaker & Steve..” Nicole: “Is going to be timekeeper.”

Jason: “I request that people heed our timekeeper & that only spokes speak. Are people willing to do that?” Yes! “& no side convos.” #NYCSC

Jason: “I’d like to bring back a facilitation tool: raise your fist in silence.” Lets us “bring the room back,” when we all do it. #nycsc

Jason: “So, there were 5 agenda topics brought fwd to the facilitation team. 1’s a continuation of facilitation’s proposal to…” #NYCSC #OWS

Cont’d: “…limit the number of Spokescouncils. Another is a discussion about how the spending freeze affects #NYCSC…” #OWS

Cont’d: “…another is to bring back discussion of Archive’s perpetually-tabled $ proposal. Another’s to resume the Safer Spaces prop.” #NYCSC

Cont’d: “…& another is from Outreach dealing with, um… disruptive behavior & the process of removing people from Spokescouncil.” #NYCSC #OWS

Stairs note that b/c Archives and the discussion on the spending freeze are very similar, they’re hoping to table for another #NYCSC. #OWS

(Stairs is our shorthand for the facilitation team as a whole, though generally tonight we’ll probably refer to Nicole and Jason by name.)

CQ: “RE: zero tolerance for side conversations – what’s the accountability?” Jason: “I’ll use my de-escalation techniques..” #OWS #NYCSC

Cont’d: “…to make that stop.” Nicole: Use the raised fist signal “so we can all remind each other to not hv side conversations.” #nycsc #ows

Jason: “Also, you might find me just stopping talking, and pausing. Or walking to the person who’s talking & just stand there.” #nycsc #ows

Jason: “The way we’d discussed working this agenda out:” 30min of reportbacks, 30 minutes of Facilitation’s proposal, 1 hour of… #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…the safer spaces and community agreements, and an hour of Outreach discussion of disruptive behavior.” #nycsc #ows

Jason: “If we take longer, and we aren’t able to come to consensus within these timeframes, they will be tabled.” Any questions? #nycsc #ows

Ravi suggests the Outreach proposal should go “1st rather than last. It has bearing on our ability to talk about anything else.” #nycsc #ows

Jason: “So the proposal is to move the hr on disruptive behavior to the beginning, with caveat that if…” #NYCSC #OWS

Cont’d: “…we can’t finish within an hour, we’ll table it.” A disruption is happening outside, someone yells “de-escalation!” #nycsc #ows

Several people run for the other room to de-escalate. Someone is very angry outside, I have no idea why. #nycsc #ows

Jason suggests that “I’d like to add some levity to the situation.” He asks that everyone stand… conflict outside very distracting. #nycsc

(Note that as we tweet, Twitter’s rate limits will kick in & we’ll have to move to @LibertySqGA2, @LibertySqGA3, and @LibertySqGA4.) #NYCSC

Now airing: last nite’s #Spokescouncil, delayed by #SOPAstrike. MT @mikecane: Is GA happening live now or are these tweets from last night?

Jason: “I’d like to own that as facilitator, this is very hard for me as well.” Notes our attn “is directed in the other room.” #nycsc #ows

There’s some discussion of pausing the meeting during disruption; ppl really want to keep going tho. We’ll start w/ reportbacks. #nycsc #ows

First, @PolicyStats notes “I’m working on a portrait series of occupiers who’ve been arrested.” He’ll pass around contact info. #nycsc

“I’d also like to take pictures of this mtg – that’s a different thing.” As we often do, we ask invididuals to indicate discomfort w/ film.

CQ: “What’s the other project?” A: “The portrait series is for a possible exhibit. The general #Occupy photos are something I’ve…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…been doing for months, & I generally just put them online. I’ll do my best to avoid people who” indicated discomfort. #nycsc #ows

First report back: Kitchen. “Um…” He pauses, the commotion is distracting. “Anyhow, I’m giving my reportback.. Just to give…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…people kind of an update on where Kitchen is: we’re trying to be more mobile, b/c as a movement that’s what we’ve become.” #NYCSC

Cont’d: “But we’re also looking into spaces. And different vehicles we can look at– a truck, a vending vehicle…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…and also an actual space. And the reason it’s taken so long is we need to get a non-profit to help us get that space.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “But we also wanted to make an announcement to see if anyone would be interested in starting a breakout group.” #nycsc #ows

“Maybe this summer, to have a permit for a free concert in Central Pk, & to get #OWS organizers together & musicians who want to support.”

If you want to get involved in any of that or in kitchen, get at ! #nycsc #ows

(The room is very, very tense; we couldn’t all see what was going on outside but there was a prolonged physical altercation.) #nycsc #ows

Nicole says she wants to take “a second, a beat,” to “acknowledge something that happened. Let’s take a collective breath, and then…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “..move on. Unexpected, but these things happen.” Next Reportback: Picture the Homeless. #nycsc #ows

Picture the Homeless: “I want to make it clear that we are in the house, and we want to let you know when we’re in the house.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “And we want people to understand that Picture the Homeless has been here from the beginning, through Bloombergville…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…and Occupy Wall Street.” He says our problems stem from not dealing w/ reality. “We know all about the certain variety of…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…people in your domiciles that you call homeless.” We’ll need PtH, he says, to help try to “keep ppl from taking advantage of..”

Cont’d: “…the movement.” Safer Spaces working group is next: “We’ve been working on the community agreement.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “We had a really productive discussion Sun for about 3 hours, so the latest revision, we’re going to present tonight.” #nycsc #ows

Jason: “And if future report backers could come to the middle, that would help us all here in this somewhat tenuous situation.” #nycsc #ows

Next, Vision & Goals, Sumumba. “I’d like to thank everyone who was at the GA last night; we got a preliminary consensed-upon…” #nycsc #OWS

Cont’d: “…vision stment, of the vision of #OWS. We’re no longer taking new feedback, but if you’re interested in looking at our…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…document,” he has copies. “We had a unanimous twinkling; it was a good night, and we’d humbly just thank you because the…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…world is waiting to see what #OWS stands for.” Notes after vision, “we still have the goals” to develop. #nycsc #ows

Alejandro asks if Vision and Goals will be doing breakouts at GA tmrw. A: “No, we’ll be back Tuesday for the final consensing.” #nycsc #ows

That’s it for reportbacks! Moving onto the agenda. Jason: “Thank you! So, we had a proposal, or an amendment to the agenda that..” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…was brought, to move the disruptive behavior proposal from the end to the beginning. We wanted it at the end…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…because it’s a contentious topic we’ve never dealt with in our movement. Wanted to get through other topics first.” #nycsc

But we’ll take a temperature check to see, “do folks want to move the question of disruptive behavior to the beginning?” #nycsc #ows

Spokes will check in with their working groups, and raise their spoke sign if they consent to move Outreach to top of agenda. #nycsc #ows

ARA has a CQ: “We don’t know anything about Outreach proposal; we do know about Safer Spaces’. Why does it have to be…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…before Safer Spaces’ proposal, which will address “disruptors” as well?” Jason asks folks to quiet side conversations. #nycsc #ows

Jason: “As a facilitator, I feel empowered to note that I saw many up twinkles and many down twinkles, so I think we should move ahead…”

Cont’d: “…with the agenda as planned.” So, we’ll move to the facilitation proposal to cut back on meetings, first, as planned. #nycsc #ows

Brian notes that Facilitation originally would propose both GA and Spokes would meet 1 fewer day, but instead split it into two. #nycsc #ows

Brian: “The proposal’s extremely simple; it reduces #Spokescouncil to 2 meetings/week, Monday and Wednesday instead of MWF.” #nycsc #ows

Brian: “It also acknowledges that going forward SC can either increase or decrease its meeting schedule as it sees fit.” #nycsc #ows

Nicole: “OK, so we’re going to check back in with our groups, discuss this proposal, and see if we have any clarifying questions on this.”

Brian restates. “Without getting into the specifics of why Facilitation wanted to bring the proposal, it’s very simple…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “ proposes to reduce the number of Spokescouncil meetings from 3 to 2 a week.” Mon+Weds instead of Mon+Weds+Fri. #nycsc #ows

Brian: “There’s a lot of weight on us meeting every night.” OK, WGs now breaking out to discuss before stacks open. #nycsc

Jason: “OK, we’re back.” RE: the disruption, “We’re going to take some time to deal with this situation” after this current proposal. #nycsc

Stairs opens stack on clarifying questions. “So, if you’d like to get on stack about clarifying questions on this proposal, we’d…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…love you to do so at this time.” Ravi and Jeff are loudly pressing Jason to deal with the earlier situation first. #nycsc #ows

Jeff: “I think the issue is we cannot move forward unless this is a safe space.” Ravi notes “someone took a swing at facilitation Friday..”

Cont’d: “..and several ppl were attacked just now.” Jason: “We’re all very uncomfortable with the situation. We will deal with this…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…situation — I promise you that. But we’ll get through this, and then deal with it.” Ravi alleges the attacker stays at church.

Someone notes “he said he was going to murder me.” Nan: “Stop lying, he didn’t say that.” “How dare you call me a liar?” #nycsc #ows

Jason: “Because of the opposition, I want to take the entire group’s temp check on my facilitator’s opinion of finishing this..” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…proposal, and then dealing with the situation, or the alternative is to table this proposal, deal w/ it now.” #nycsc #ows

Jason: “Are people comfortable w/ me continuing with this?” Notes he’s seeing a very mixed response. Ravi is speaking over him. #nycsc #ows

Ravi: “I can’t be here if we don’t deal w/ it. I’m leaving and never coming back. I’m a survivor of abuse.” “I can’t live like this.” #nycsc

Someone steps up, interjects o-o-p: “As someone who’s here for the very first time, can I say something?” Everyone is like “No.” #nycsc #ows

He does, tho: “Call police, & have the fucker arrested.” “We tried that,” someone notes. Ravi is taking autonomous action to… #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: …guard the door. Stairs try to open stack for clarifying question, but accept a point of process from Outreach. #nycsc #ows

Outreach: “I feel very unsafe in this space currently. What are you going to do for me?” #nycsc #ows

Jason: “I also feel unsafe.” But thinks we should slow down, take care of this and then after calm, talk about the proposal. #nycsc #ows

Jason: “This is me as a facilitator taking this decision, and we’re going to do it. OK?” Now moving to clarifying questions. #nycsc #ows

First CQ: Direct Action. “Will we have impromptu assemblies?” A: “Sounds like you mean how SC and GA can decide meeting schedule…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…it just means that if they want to have their meetings on certain days or number of days, they can decide that.” #nycsc #ows

PoP: “When facilitation took that temperature check, it was only on one side. If you have two options, it should be a straw poll.” #nycsc

PoP cont’d: “Also, it was unclear.” Nicole: “Can we take a temperature check on that being unclear?” Yeah, ppl agree. #nycsc #ows

Nicole says we’ll take a straw poll. Lopi raises concern: “We don’t all have information on what happened. We’d like to know.” #nycsc #ows

Nicole: “Can we take 15 seconds right now for everyone to calm down? We have a lot of passionate feelings.” #nycsc #ows

Brooke witnessed the entire thing. “What I saw happen… one of the men who was an occupier went in to get a Metrocard, and was surprised..”

Cont’d: “…to find that there weren’t any more left for occupiers, and was upset to find that he was too late to get a metro card.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “He got upset at that, and he snatched a card, and there was some verbal back and forth, and there was some physical…”

Cont’d: “…back and forth, and there wasn’t particularly good de-escalation, to be honest w/ you. And the scuffle went into [another] room…”

Cont’d: “…more people got involved and tried to de-escalate, but there was a lot of emotion.” He first knocked the food table over… #nycsc

Cont’d: “…then the computer table, and then Nan and others helped de-escalate him out the door. The police were called, and…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…they were making threats, & there was concern abt whether they have a weapon & that they’re sleeping in the same shelter…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “..people had mixed feelings about that, and they came in and asked if they were going to press charges, but no one wanted…”

Cont’d: “…to, and then there were questions about whether to press charges around the metrocard, but they weren’t [pressed].” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “I think an individual volunteered the $ to cover the Metrocard, & that’s what happened. Now there are concerns the individual..”

Cont’d: “…that the person was threatened by is sleeping in same shelter. And so there’s concern about whether to bring that here, b/c…”

Cont’d: “…it’s unclear as to whether the people at the shelter can take unilateral action to ask them not to stay there, b/c…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…the other individual feels unsafe abt staying in the shelter where the other individual may or may not have a weapon.” #nycsc #ows

CQ: “If there’s a rumor that they have a weapon, I’d like to know who it is.” A: “It’s Will.” “The occupier.” His friend claimed he had one.

Nicole: “OK. Everybody’s on the same knowledge level as to what happened. So the question was to take action now, to empower…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…a unilateral decision to prevent individual from going to housing, or whether to continue what we’re working on” 1st. #nycsc #ows

Nicole asks for hands if we want to talk about this right now. “OK. I see. I see that. So, just for transparency’s sake, raise your hand…”

Cont’d: “…if you’d like to continue this proposal first.” Many hands for dealing with it, only 3 for continuing the facilitation proposal.

OK. Nicole: “We’re going to table this facilitation proposal until after we finish this matter, & right now we’re going to discuss…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…if this individual should be prevented from going to housing. So anyone who wants to present that, now’s the time.” #nycsc #ows

Jeff (Housing) will bring the proposal. “Good evening. the first thing I’d like to say is, I don’t like to stand in front of this..” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…group to talk about things of this nature, but we need to deal with real problems, as well as process problems.” #nycsc #ows

Jeff notes he’s too biased to give his own account of events, endorses Brooke’s account. “I’m concerned that we have an individual who…”

Cont’d: “…not just threatened violence, but has also attacked individuals. I know no other place to go but group consensus.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “We’re a mvmnt built for inclusion of all peoples, but I will stand here and tell you we’re not inclusive for all behaviors…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…and the behavior expressed by this individual is against our principles of solidarity, whether they’re against yr morals or not.”

Cont’d: “We don’t attack individuals physically. IMO, we should do it verbally.” [Or, in case of awful comedic timing, w/ tomatoes. -Ed.]

Jeff asks that “we ask this person to leave our movement and deny him resources he can control,” financial and physical. #nycsc #ows

Jeff: “And that is my proposal.” Jason opens stack for clarifying questions. “We’ll give you 3 minutes to discuss CQs and concerns on this.”

Bringing it back! “If you can hear me, clap once.” Clap. “If you can hear me, clap twice.” Clap, clap. #nycsc #OWS

Jason: “I’m hearing a request for more time.” Asks spokes to raise their cards if they wnt more time. “OK, more time, then we’ll come back.”

OK, we’re back with a point of information. “Last #SC we went through process as a whole group, rather than spokes, and this…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…seems like a similar proposal that affects the whole community.” Last time it was abt dealing w/ issues at West Park Presbyterian.

Nicole: “This Spokes, like the GA, is a direct democracy. Just because every voice isn’t heard doesn’t mean every idea isn’t expressed.”

Cont’d: “I don’t think this would work better w/ individuals rather than Spokes. So as a facilitator I’d ask that we continue w/ process.”

Cont’d: “I don’t know what happened last time, but I’m asking we continue as Spokes tonight.” Someone notes that last time.. #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: ..the change was a personal decision by Sully acting as a facilitator [because issue affected folks who weren’t spokes.] #nycsc #ows

First CQ, by TechOps. “For the record, we’re wondering what other sort of reason besides violence this should apply to.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “This will be an important precedent, so succinctness and comprehensiveness is going to be important.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “Physical violence is kind of vague, so I’d like it to be clear.” Jeff will respond. #nycsc #ows

Jeff: “Violating the principles of solidarity — taking swings at someone, assaulting someone.” Someone asks, includes verbal abuse? #nycsc

Jeff’s A: “Yes, verbal abuse — well, threats of physical violence, like “I want to murder you.”” #nycsc #OWS

Nan and Trish are complaining out of process, echoing TechOps’s concerns. Jason asks that only Spokes speak. #nycsc #ows

Next, Minutes: “Our CQ is if we pass this, how will it be enforced? How will it be implemented?” #nycsc #OWS

Jeff: “The only way I can suggest is any space that we can close, we exclude from. In public spaces, I expect we’d deny him…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “..participation. Don’t put him on stack. Deny him resources from accounting, SIS, etc. Perhaps even food.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “There are plenty of public spaces we cannot remove people from. But even inside park we could exclude them from areas.” #nycsc #ows

Minutes: “And from housing?” Jeff: “We can control those spaces, so we can exclude them.” #nycsc #ows

Kitchen is next. “Hi, I kind of have a couple of questions. One is related to enforcement, but more particular, how will Kitchen…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…be able to enforce not feeding ppl? Because none of us in Kitchen feel comfortable w/ that position of saying in a public…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…place, you can’t eat. So that will need to be answered if we’re asked to do that. And 2nd, why wasn’t it de-escalated properly?”

Cont’d: “I saw the whole event explode, & a person who stood up to de-escalate was doing what he thought was right in an ugly situation.”

Jeff’s A: “I understand denying ppl food is vry sensitive subject in general, not just for #OWS. I certainly hope he doesn’t starve.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “There are plenty of resources in the city for it, and if he comes to us we should direct him to them.” Notes that our money was…

Cont’d: …donated to a non-violent movement. “If he walks up and takes something, I’m not asking for anyone to physically..” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…stop him.” Jeff notes that, re: de-escalation, “we asked him to leave. He kept standing there, threatening people.” #nycsc #ows

Someone was threatened and tried to push him, and then the attacker assaulted him. Jeff notes that de-escalation is supposed… #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: …to be present when Metrocard s are distributed. “This has happened before, b/c we’re in the uncomfortable situation of having the…”

Cont’d: “…Metrocards.” Picture the Homeless is next. “I’d like to make a proposal that this person be expelled, because violence…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…should never be tolerated in this forum. And if we are sleeping w/ persons who threaten violence, who knows what they…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…can do while we’re sleeping.” Jason thanks him, notes that “that is what the proposal is, and at this time, we’re hearing CQs.”

@justinstoned we tweet out of process remarks when relevant to the narrative of what transpires, as much as is possible & w/ discretion

Cont’d: “Next, we’ll hear concerns. I’m sure many have concerns w/ this proposal, but we also have questions about what this..” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…proposal means.” Safer Spaces steps up w/ their CQs. “First, we want to acknowledge that serious harm and physical violence..”

Cont’d: “…is a reason to stop the process. Our first ? would be, is yr proposal to eject this person w/o a road back, w/o a way…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…to address the harm and to be accountable for that process, and come back to the movement?” Might be a FA if not. #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “On our community agreement, on last pg, it says “those who have committed harm…” – you can read that, but might address it.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “Next, what are we doing to help the person who was threatened? If they no longer have a safe space to go, what will we do…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…about that?” And thirdly, “are you proposing this apply to all incident or just this one?” #nycsc #ows

Jeff: “1st, the road back. I’ve supported that idea in previous proposals. We haven’t given thought to it in this proposal mostly..” #nycsc

Cont’d: “… and we don’t have an established process for a road back and I’m hesitant to form process in this proposal.” #nycs #ows

Jeff supports the idea but isn’t sure this is the time for it. “As far as person injured, I’m also concerned. A facilitator was assaulted..”

Cont’d: “…last week who has not returned to #SC. I don’t know that it’s connected, don’t know it isn’t. We don’t have bars…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…We cannot rehabilitate people. We’re trying to protect every individual in this community, and so…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…our absolutely primary impulse is to help individuals who have been attacked, and I hope they seek help in our mvmnt.” #nycsc #ows

Ravi notes that she did speak to “the facilitator who was attacked,” & “he’s not coming back. He’s considering leaving the movement.” #nycsc

Jason: “Thank you for that. I’d like to close stack…” CQer notes she had one more, about whether the proposal was to apply to all incidents.

Jeff: “I’ve had some experience w/ community agreements myself; I don’t think the question is whether it should pertain to all..” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…physical violence.” He feels we should exclude all physical violence without exception. #nycsc #ows

Nan starts talking, people shush her. Jeff notes greater question has to do with the type of physical violence, as well as enforcement.

Jeff: “Right now, we have no process to determine in this group whether people’s behavior deserves exclusion.” Supports broader proposal…

Cont’d: …to cover that. “For the time being, we ask simply that physical violence be grounds for exclusion.” #nycsc #ows

Next: “I think our concerns have bn addressed, re: appeals process / a way back.” Nicole notes we’re on clarifying questions, not concerns.

OK, the last speaker says he does have a CQ, of sorts: “I guess there’s nothing commenting on verbal threats.” #nycsc #ows

Next CQ: People of Color Caucus (@drovarela): “Expelled from what?” A: “This organization.” CQ: “Why wasn’t he given the metro card…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…& also, if you’re pushing me, who’s violent? And also, how is this situation different from the rape situation when someone was..”

Cont’d: “…allowed to stay?” Jeff: “This individual was denied a metrocard because every working group has a limited allotment.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “We’ve done a breakdown of metrocards versus total number of groups we have. That group, we already let extra ppl in…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…b/c it’s a large group, the occupiers.” “We did not deny the individual a card; we gave him one last week, & we’d have..” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…given him one this week, he just needed to find a different working group to get it through.” #nycsc #OWS

Cont’d: “It’s a great question about who initiated the violence,” points at larger questions: pushing, shoving? Threats of violence? #nycsc

Cont’d; “And your last question is of great importance. We’ve previously dealt w/ threats in park; we had an incident recently when…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…an individual who’d been in our sleeping space for 3 days, it was brought to our attn he was accused of heinous crimes…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…in the park, against other occupiers. We have no process of enforcement; no group consensus ever came through…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…the GA that any individuals had been excluded from the movement.” So housing, he says, met to decide whether they would… #nycsc

Cont’d: ..throw him out. They decided not to do so “in the middle of the night”, but to exclude him the next day. #nycsc #ows

CQ: “And you called the police tonite?” Jeff: “I called the police. And if there’s any question, I’m the one who signed out the resources..”

Cont’d: “..and the card was taken from me. 4 ppl were assaulted. I called the police.” #nycsc #ows

OK, next: Vision & Goals’ CQ: “I need clarity, the good neighbor policy, is that just for liberty square, or applies to all spaces?” #nycsc

Cont’d: “Because we had destruction of property as well as assault here; how does that affect proceedings going forward?” #nycsc #ows

Nicole notes that’s a ? for the group as to “how that translates.” Anybody want to answer? Someone will read the Good Neighbor Policy aloud.

Good neighbor policy that we passed at GA:

Nan: “It’s only for the park.” Others: “That doesn’t make sense.” #nycsc

Nicole recaps for the group: “We asked if anyone could further explain the good neighbor policy through…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…how it applies to other things. If the POI could speak through their spoke…” They’re reading the Good Neighbor Policy. #nycsc #ows

When the reading gets to “limiting drumming to 2hrs a day,” we all have a big laugh! Oh, the good old days. That conflict seems so quaint.

We also laugh at last line abt port-a-potties. V&Goals says the opposite of, but means, “We should be good neighbors everywhere.” #scarcasm

Jeff: “The 1st pt in the text says #OWS has zero tolerance for drugs & alcohol in the park.” So, we tolerate drugs, alcohol outside of Park?

Jeff: “The second pt says “zero tolerance for abuse,” and doesn’t specify location. So, applies everywhere. #nycsc #ows

Next, Strong Women Rules (Nan): “I’ve got a few questions for you, Jeff. My 1st question for you is this: you allowed a gentleman…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “..who’s a raper — a rapist, thank you — ” People question her spokehood, she says she didn’t speak last time. Ooook. #nycsc

Nan: “You allowed someone who raped a woman in the park in the church, and now you provoked someone you know has a mental problem…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “..and you called the police without consulting #OWS.” Sumumba: “You called the police to get back into a Spokes!” #nycsc

Room loses focus after that. A lot of people don’t want her to be able to speak [because she’s such an anti-contributor -Ed.] #nycsc #ows

Jason: “i want to say something abt disruptive behavior, as a facilitator. It can be a problem, but what’s worse is when ppl react.” #nycsc

Cont’d: Notes the whole room reacted. “I understand many of you may have problems with this person, and may be waiting for proposal…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…at end abt Nan. But right now, you’re disrupting more than this person is. I want to point that out to all of you…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…so you can be aware of your own behavior. As a facilitator, I’m trying to hold this room together.” #nycsc #ows

PoI, Minutes (@CarrieM213): “This is to help you guys, OK? I’m the person for minutes who keeps track of who Spokes…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…and Nan can be a Spoke tonight, OK?” Notes she Spoke Friday out of process, but it didn’t make her a spoke necessarily. #nycsc

Jason: “Thank you so much for that.” 2 more CQs on stack, then Concerns. “What I’d like, Nan, for you to do, is to speak & continue…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…your points uninterrupted by the room and try to do it in less than 2 minutes. I’ll cut you off after 2 minutes.” #nycsc #ows

Nan: “Like I was saying, Jeff, you’ve done several wrong things in this movement. You knew about the Metrocards; you knew…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…that this guy had mental problems, and you knew the Metrocards belonged to the GA, to the ppl, and took it upon yourself…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…to call the police. I called the police because I was pushed by Jason to clear the room. So, how on earth are you going to have…”

Cont’d: “…the Pastor of that church enforce your rules or demands?” Nicole: “Great; thank you for that question.” #nycsc #ows

Jeff notes he’s happy to have the oppty to address this. “You mentioned I knew an individual who was accused — I didn’t. I’d never seen..”

Cont’d: “…him before he was brought to me at SPSA that evening. And the second thing, which was very subtle, was that I allowed someone…”

Cont’d:”…to do something. I don’t have the authority to allow someone to do something, I just have to respect group consensus.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “I expect to take this decision to the Pastor of the church where Will is sleeping, and I expect that pastor and the Park Slope…”

Cont’d: “…community to enforce the will of this group, not just Jeff’s feelings.” Says he called NYPD b/c he’s responsible for #OWS… #nycsc

Cont’d: …property, and felt responsible to do so since he can’t enforce the law himself. #nycsc #ows

Next, Picture the Homeless. “This is a CQ about Minutes’ POI. So, if we’re doing spokes, and I want to break process, can I just talk..”

Cont’d: “…in Spokes whenever w/o breaking process?” Nicole: “Facilitation is up here, and it’s our job to maintain process. Sometimes ppl…”

Cont’d: “…break process, & we don’t have a uniform way to deal w/ that. We encourage you to not break process. Our job is to open…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…up a conversation.” Nicole also notes that non-verbal dismissals don’t “help us hold [a safe space for a conversation].” #nycsc

Next, PtH’s CQ: “My clarifying question is that I keep hearing about a rapist. I want to know, was this person tried and convicted?” #nycsc

Cont’d: “This is America, whereby we say everyone is innocent until proven guilty. So I want to know if the person was tried…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…and convicted, or was it alleged?” Jeff: “It’s a very serious accusation.” Nan and Trish start yelling protests. #nycsc #ows

Jason: “We don’t want to start shouting out answers.” Nicole: “This is why we have non-verbal communication.” #nycsc #ows

Safer Spaces responds. “This person hs charges of sexual assault against him, multiple, w/ multiple ppl. Criminal case pending.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “He hasn’t been at this point convicted, but he has multiple charges of sexual assault. SS has been in contact w/ at least..” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…one survivor & has done a significant amnt of support work for” them. Notes there’s an order of protection (restraining order).

Nan interjects an unrecognized PoI: “Strong Women working group has been dealing with the rapers.” Stairs asks her to hold off. #nycsc #ows

Nicole: “We’re talking right now about what might become our generalized way of dealing w/ violent behavior. OK? So a question abt…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…other violent behavior — b/c yes, rape is violent behavior — might be pertinent to this conversation.” #nycsc #ows

Nan’s POI is that this guy raped 5 people. “There’s a court date in Feb, and I’m one of the witnesses, I walked in and saw it.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d :”The reason that this guy went out on bail is that he had a family member who works for the court system.” $50k bail. #nycsc

Nan is confident he’ll be convicted “of all 5 rapes.” Housing’s PoI: “We don’t have the authority to throw anyone out of the space. If ppl..

Cont’d: “…in the community have an issue with someone being in that space, it’s up to the community to decide what to do about that.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “We don’t have the authority to kick ppl out of the space; that’s why we’re coming to Spokescouncil to bring this up.” #nycsc #ows

Shawn: “I’ve been raising this PoP for about 3 minutes now; I really have to say this. We are off-process right now for several reasons.”

Cont’d: “PoI are only factual & relevant to the proposal and to everyone in the room. When they spontaneously arise 1 after another…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…they are very clearly not relevant to the proposal we’re talking about.” Factual isn’t the only criteria for PoI. #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “I know one reason we’re off process is that stack wasn’t closed at the right time, because one group that was on stack got…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…on stack again. Not closed, so that’s one reason. And we’re not using a stack greeter to take PoIs, which we’ve done for awhile.”

Nicole notes that it’s because there were only 2 of them on the team when they walked in. Also, “as a good friend of mine says, sometimes…”

Cont’d:”…if you can’t see how a PoI is related, sometimes it doesn’t mean it’s not related- just that you can’t see how it is.” #nycsc #ows

Next CQ: “Back to original proposal, it was a 2-for, right? We’re unclear, there’s been discussion, but whether it included verbal..”#nycsc

Cont’d: “..violence, & if it does, what’s the exact def. of that?” Jeff: “I think it should, but the group has to decide what’s too far.”

Cont’d: “Are damaging rumors, slander, behind a person’s back? Threats to a person’s face, “I’ll murder you?” Thinks we should deal… #nycsc

Cont’d: …with it case-by-case, “but it is something we should remove a person for.” Threats, he thinks, should count. #nycsc #OWS

Jeff: “We’re #OWS. We’re not violent.” Nicole notes that’s the end of CQs; now for concerns. #nycsc #OWS

Jason asks for our patience, noting that we probably won’t get to much else on the agenda, reminds us to keep side convos to nil. #nycsc

Jason: “We’re taking stack on concerns, and there will be a lot of them.” Someone notes that new info may need discussion. #nycsc #ows

Jason: “Great point- I’m going to take these side conversations as a sign that you need to check in 1 more time.” More time w/ Spokes now.

OK, we’re back. Jason: “What we’re going to do now is have our stacktaker take stack on concerns.” #nycsc #ows

Jason: “I just want to remind everyone, we’ve been talking about this topic for an hour & 15 minutes. It’s 9:43pm right now.” #nycsc #ows

Jason: “I want to try to get out of this space by 10:30, and I know we can come to a consensus decision on this topic…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “..and bring it back to the tabled Facilitation proposal.” Proposal is being restated one more time… #nycsc #ows

Jeff: “Just for clarity, I think a number of ppl asked questions about inclusion/exclusion of verbal violence, so on.” #nycsc #ows

Jeff: “Just for the sake of brevity, this is dealing w/ [this attack],” affecting this space and the church in Park Slope, Brooklyn. #nycsc

Jeff: “I am a big believer in community agreements. I think we need effective, practical, functional CAs; I’m not trying to write those…”

Cont’d: “…in this time period. It should be a top priority, bt tonight I’m asking for action against a single individual, Will, who…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…acted violently in this space, against occupiers, for physical items.” Wants to stick to this issue for this proposal. #nycsc #ows

Jason announces that he’s now going to close stack. “We have 15 ppl on stack right now, which will take about 30 minutes.” #nycsc #ows

Timekeeper notes he’ll “time you; when the time goes off, I’ll give you a warning about 30 seconds. When you’re done, you’re done.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…because we have to get out of here. Is this OK?” Yeah. Anti-Racism Allies’ cncrn. “So, the first concern we had actually..” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…has to do with the racial & class dimensions that pertain to this tonight. We don’t believe that this person who is threatening…”

Cont’d: “…and has used violence should be in a space that should be safe, & it’s up to that community, & we think they should be excluded.”

Cont’d: “But this relates to issues racial justice forum a few weeks ago brings up; when a white man is handing out metrocards…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…and a homeless person of color is receiving them, we do need to look at that dynamic and unpack it.” #nycsc #ows

ARA also notes that Safer Spaces also has a proposal pertaining to agreements and they feel a lot more comfortable w/ that one. #nycsc #ows

ARA are also uncomfortable with how ppl were throwing the word rape around earlier. “We understand there was a proposal to exclude…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…someone who had done that was excluded by Spokescouncil previously.” They want to note that. #nycsc #OWS

Next, Think Tank: “We just want to make sure that in this case Mediation is part of process. And we do think [the attacker]…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…shouldn’t be allowed back into the space tonight if ppl feel unsafe. But he and the other person should be involved in mediation.”

Next, Direct Action. “We’d like to call for a breakout group to talk about the process back for anyone accused of said violence.” #nycsc

Next: Strong Women Rules working group, Nan: “Can you come back to me, because I’m smelling a fart right now.” #Jokes! [Sheesh. -Ed.] #nycsc

Next CQ: “What are the greater implications of not making a decision tonight?” Jeff: “I think absolutely a decision should be made…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…that’s why this is an emergency proposal.” Violence has occurred, and they’re uncomfortable with him in Housing. #nycsc

Jeff: “We’d like a decision on this this evening to effect policies to prevent further damage to this community.” #nycsc #ows

Jeff: “We’re not trying to punish people; this isn’t a punitive action. We’re simply trying to protect this community.” #nycsc #ows

Next, Kitchen. “The concern is, again, whatever we end up deciding, if we’re asked to not serve food to this individual, there are…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…other people who might not observe tht.” Also don’t feel comfortable asking volunteers not to serve food in a public space. #nycsc

Cont’d: “If we’re going to be asked to do that, then we’re going to need some sort of…” (It sounds lk they wnt de-escalation’s help?) #nycsc

Jeff answers. “I think you’re talking about a larger issue for the community to decide, whether we’re performing social services or not.”

Cont’d: “I think that’s a discussion that can happen- not tonight; it’s a serious discussion tht needs to happen. We’re asking…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…that this person not get #OWS resources, which may include food.” Trish, Nan, and at least one other vocalize “No.” #nycsc #ows

Jason: “Kitchen seems to have a concern w/ excluding this person from food. Is that part of the proposal?” #nycsc #ows

Jeff: “We mean resources, unless you strongly feel we shld serve food to ppl who committed violence against #OWS occupiers.” #ohsnap #nycsc

Kitchen: “My concern is if we’re going to be asked to do tht, we’re put in a very uncomfortable position of denying someone a basic…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…right, and asking ppl who volunteer to serve food, that they can’t serve this person in front of other people who can get food.”

Kitchen: “I think if they’re being denied food, there are some ppl who won’t understand the situation of why, if we’re asked to do that.”

Kitchen continues with their second concern, “about the person who was in a scuffle with [the attacker].” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “Why isn’t there something else being done about him, because he helped escalate it?” #nycsc #ows

Jeff feels the person who scuffled didn’t “assault Will, he was assaulted by Will, and Will then assaulted several others.” #nycsc #ows

They say a witness said they pushed Will first, others contradict. Strong Women Rules is next; Nan’s handed off the spoke role. #nycsc #ows

SWR: “Some bullet points: we’ve had no finding of fact; just a dispute here about who pushed who first- that’s critically important.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “Also, we don’t know what his side is; he has no right to face his accuser, we have no solid standard for verbal violence…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…we have no understanding of history between these people. 99% of time is talking about rules, and not facts of who…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…pushed who first, and the person telling us what the rules are, I don’t know if he saw anything – we don’t know what happened.”

Nan jumps back in after giving up spoke role. “#SC is #SC; the ppl, the GA need to make that decision about if we feed people.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “And I think the community at that church needs to decide whether to remove people, not us.” #nycsc #ows

Jeff: “First, they’ll have a hard time doing that because it didn’t occur here. They’re not empowered to make decisions about #OWS policy..”

Cont’d: “…outside of their community space. #OWS is empowered to make this decision.” RE: GA and Spokes, notes Spokes has power… #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: …to make decision about operations, which he feels this applies to because Housing is an operational effort. #nycsc #ows

Jeff: “Who pushed who would be interesting if we were only talking about initial contact; but Will assaulted several others after.” #nycsc

Jeff again cites Brooke’s earlier recounting, notes his recounting would be far less neutral. #nycsc #OWS

Jeff: “This went beyond initial conflict and included several other ppl, including those threatened.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “This person isn’t here b/c he was asked to leave, but has ppl to speak on his behalf. This isn’t a trial…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…and it’s not to make judgements…we’re simply asking for protection of this #OWS community.” #nycsc #OWS

Next, Media. “We are also concerned with the lack of due process and the fact that there may or may not be another person who…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…also escalated.” But they’re mainly concerned that also there was physical aggression against a female also involved. #nycsc

Jeff: “I personally would not mention that, because I don’t see gender in any case — I think violence against a human being…” #nycsc #ows

Folks react sharply to that last remark. [Wow, ‘gender blindness.’ That’s a new one. -Ed.] Jason notes Jeff needn’t respond to every C.

Jason to Jeff: “Some of these may not be pertinent to whether your proposal will be changed. For time, pls [don’t comment on all of them].”

Next, DAP. “My group has a positive concern for this proposal. To briefly borrow the words of MLK, this movement is seeking…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…a revolution of values – a world that has no violence in it of any kind, be it verbal, physical, racial, sexual, any type.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “We create an example by growing a community into a movement and then spreading worldwide!” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “We need to set an example that everyone be completely nonviolent, & it may be difficult at first, but that’s the community…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…my group feels we must create, and if you’re not completely non-violent you’re not a part of this movement.” #nycsc #ows

PoCC, @drovarela: “We feel like violence is unacceptable; safety for all is paramount. On same page, echo strongly” Safer Spaces and ARA.

Cont’d: “But this is an emergency proposal to deal with an immediate need; the long-term effects should be dealt effectively…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “.. at another time, & not with this shock doctrine approach.” Started as immediate concern, “but now we’re broadening.” #nycsc #ows

PoCC Cont’d: we feel we need to be constructive and make solutions palatable for community and for wider society. #nycsc #ows

PoCC: “Sometimes outrage is a rational feeling, so we want to echo that, and recognize the very monster we’re here to battle…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…capitalism, greed, are responsible for many of these personal behaviors.” Ask that group recognizes that violence… #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: …has many flavors.” Want to really talk about building breakout group right now to start working on “the road back.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “Also, distribution of housing & metrocards is creating a power struggle that’s exacerbating the situation. Withholding resources..”

Cont’d: “…like housing or food is violence.” “We respect all of the effort that you’re giving, but it doesn’t change that broader picture.”

Cont’d: “We’d ask that the working group [requirement for getting metrocards] just be removed. Because we see reaction to that every day.”

Cont’d: “We’re putting Jeff, and everyone else, in an unsafe situation. We need to remove that clause, & thanks for indulging me…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “Jeff, we ask you respectfully to consider the things that happened w/ housing, the sexual assault, that you reconsider yr..” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…role in housing, & the power that, without you wanting it, seems to reside in your hands.” Offers to help redistribute it.. #nycsc

Cont’d: ..and notes that he is becoming a lightning rod. Applause follows for @drovarela’s statement. #nycsc #ows

Jeff: “First, we gave out metrocards last night; I wasn’t involved. Only happened this eve because” he was waiting for a volunteer. #nycsc

Cont’d: “As far as the fact that resources, and their existence, causes a disturbance inside of this movement… I want to remind the group…”

Cont’d: “…that the basic struggle of humanity has been a struggle for resources.” Land, finances, everything, he says. #nycsc #OWS

Cont’d: “This movement you’re in is not new, whether it started in Biblical times or further.” Groans. “This is an age-old struggle…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…if you don’t understand the very basis of why we’re here is to talk about resources; to ask that there’s no differentiation…”

Cont’d: “…between resource allocation, is to be blind to, that’s why we’re protesting. Resources aren’t infinite…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…this is abt a fair process for obtaining resources.” [Lots of folks right now beg to differ, things are a little rambunctious.]

Nicole: “We are going to keep all of this to answering concerns… we’re not taking this moment to define what the movement is.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “This is about the urgent matter of housing tonight, for this individual.” Asks we remember the topic and stick to it. #nycsc #ows

Women Occupying Wall St.: “We have a concern & an amendment: there’s no clear way of enforcement, & there’s no way of excluding someone..”

Cont’d: “…from someplace like, say 60 Wall. And we want this to apply to all future situations, and spread community-wide…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…why this person was excluded, and if they try to return, we want someone like de-escalation and witnesses…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…at the door to let them know explicitly why they’ve been excluded.” #nycsc #ows

Kitchen want to make a friendly amendment. “Building off of what Alejandro said, let’s split into Housing and then other issues..” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…separately.” A: “I’m going to decline the amendment to split this up; isn’t abt Housing, it’s abt #OWS as an organization.” #nycsc

Next, OWS Works, Ravi. “The concern I want to bring is actually the concern of the man who was threatened. He needed to leave…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…to make sure that Park Slope is safe. His concern is he was threatened — he was told by the individual that he would murder him.”

Cont’d: “People’s stuff is there [at Park Slope]; they’re very worried. Alec wanted everyone to know how urgent the situation is.” #nycsc

Next Concern: Vision and Goals, Sumumba. “As a witness, and a person of color, I want to say that… I have a concern, a safety..” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…concern, and a friendly amendment. I’ve witnessed violence at the last 2 spokescouncils; I’ve witnessed where someone…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…was swung upon. This was from a person of color to another, & my concern is we’ll allow this and it will lead to someone…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…getting seriously hurt. You can twinkle down, but I’m a person of color, & I am homeless.” Nan is reacting negatively. #nycsc #ows

Sumumba continues. “I’m a PoC, so I’m vry sensitive to that. Bt this individual took a metrocard, I know you can go to a shelter to…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…get a free meal and a cot. To say this person has nowhere to sleep at night is fallacious. I’m sleeping on someone’s cot.” #nycsc

Sumumba notes he is concerned not just with this individual but anyone caught on record behaving violently. #nycsc #ows

Sumumba: “We don’t have a safe space right now, and if we don’t resolve this, we won’t have housing or Spokes anymore.” #nycsc #ows

Nicole: “Before we go on with stack.. and I really hate to do this, but this is where we’re at and I want your input… since this wasn’t..”

Cont’d: “..brought by a working group, & deals with an incident, this proposal belongs to all of us. And the urgency has to do with…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…tonight. The Housing tonight. RE: Kitchen, it doesn’t seem to be as urgent, so maybe it can go to GA tomorrow…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “..but the urgency seems to be w/ housing tonight.” So, Nicole PoPs “this entire process”, hopes the proposal is just about tonight.

Nicole asks that we check in within WGs on “moving forward with that.” [So, essentially, she wants us to restrict proposal to housing. -Ed.]

Spokes are now conferring with their working groups about this potential change to the proposal. It’s 10:20pm, & time is short. #nycsc #ows

After a short convo, Nicole claps us back into session. “Clap four times if you can hear me!” All back together now! #nycsc #ows

Nicole switches: “The proposal was to take the urgent aspect of this, the housing tonight, and to make that what we’re voting on.” #nycsc

PoP: “Isn’t the proposer the person who can change the proposal?” Jeff, miffed: “Did Facilitation just change the proposal?” #nycsc #ows

Jason: “The reason my co-facilitator is saying this is that this is an emergency about tonight, and we’re making some big decisions…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…about this emergency proposal, which delayed our agenda, which had a proposal on it that should have dealt with this.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “So, as a facilitation team, rather than have this emergency proposal be some broad thing,” let’s restrict it to emergency. #nycsc

Cont’d: “We feel as facilitators this proposal is out of process, & needs to deal with the emergency issue of this individual.” #nycsc #OWS

Cont’d: “Facilitators are not supposed to have opinions, but we feel this is a process situation we’re dealing with.” #nycsc #OWS

Cont’d: “Especially in light of Safer Spaces’ proposal having been tabled to deal with this.” #nycsc #OWS

Someone: “Violence is out of process.” Stairs: “So that’s why we want it to deal with this situation in particular,” not a blanket stment…

Ravi: “Is there a situation wherein violence would be accessible?” Stairs direct folks back to the temp check on the change. #nycsc #ows

Very few spoke signs went up, but not clear all participated. People seem to be frustrated Facilitators ‘broke the 4th wall’, as it were.

PoCC stepping in. “This is an emergency proposal; there’s no need to accept violence, so we need to focus on what happened today..” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…and what happens in the housing in park slope. Yes or no? That’s the emergency. You have an issue where some ppl got threatened..”

Cont’d: “…and they’re going to share space in Park Slope. And everyone there has a responsibility to look out for everybody, and if…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “..this person threatened, you may need to let the church know.” Jeff: “Also [that].” PoCC (@blogdiva): “Yes or no?” #nycsc #OWS

Jeff pushes back: “I’m also concerned about housing for tomorrow night, and meetings tomorrow before we address this issue.” #nycsc #OWS

.@blogdiva: “Don’t you have to tell them tonight? Yes or no?” Jeff: “Also [that].” But @blogdiva presses him on whether he needs… #nycsc

Cont’d: …to tell the church & whether that would prevent danger frm entering anyway. Jeff: “Also.” Restates concern for other spaces. #nycsc

.@blogdiva: “The issue is that you have a safety issue at the church. We have a Safer Spaces proposal that’s huge and covers a wide…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…issue of violence and safety. So are we going to deal with the issue of violence at the church?” Jeff: “I hope so.” #nycsc #OWS

.@blogdiva insists we then must focus on this emergency. Some murmur in crowd that Alec needs to feel safe in all #OWS spaces. #nycsc

Jeff: “He needs to be excluded frm #OWS activities, which includes the church.” Again says we should address broader questions later… #nycsc

…yet continues: “…but we need to deal with other spaces. Like GA tomorrow. Will someone put him on stack?” #nycsc #ows

Jeff’s “not here to judge or punish this individual; we just want to protect ppl in #OWS who’ve bn assaulted for following process.” #nycsc

Jeff says he hopes SS gets its proposal through, “I know they brought it last week, but we needed it months ago.” #nycsc #ows

Jeff: “We’re concerned that — and I hate to even use the words — some of those threats may be followed through on.” #nycsc #ows

.@shawncarrie for @DAP notes tht PoCC’s statement awhile ago was out of process, derailed it, and he wants to return to process. #nycsc #ows

Jason notes we can continue til abt 11. It’s 10:30. “We’re responsible for facilitating a democratic process; this is not in any rulebook..”

Cont’d: “..and we’re doing the best we can.” Back to stack: PR, @Dwayne_wins. “My concern w/ this proposal is the language of removing…”

Cont’d: “..someone from #OWS, b/c it’s supposed to be all-inclusive, and people have done worse things. I understand what…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…he did was wrong, and not allowing him to stay at the church for safety reasons, but saying ‘remove him from…'” #nycsc

Cont’d: “‘…the movement’ is opening up a huge can of worms that threatens many individuals who are supposed to be part of the 99%.” #nycsc

Dwayne also feels “removing food from someone is inhumane. If the US gov’t stopped feeding prisoners, we’d be outraged, & we should…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…treat ppl in our movement the same way.” Next, Safer Spaces. “Referring to our original concern, I want to address that…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…it’s come up that [our proposal] is a way to deal w/ all of this – that’s not true, puts a lot of weight on smthing that…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…is supposed to be the start of a process.” Notes tht it’s not their proposal, it’s everyone’s, b/c of inclusive process. #nycsc

Cont’d: “It doesn’t yet specify a process of accountability or anything like that, & I feel like that’s been implied; want to clarify that.”

Cont’d: “My next cncrn is that ppl threatened haven’t been asked what they need — I guess they have a bit, but want to add FA that…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…safer spaces is empowered to reach out to those people to ask what they think the process of returning to mvmnt should be.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “We want a clear road back, & Safer Spaces wants to take responsibility for reaching out to those harmed to determine that.” #nycsc

DA: “Our amendment was to make a breakout group to create an appeals process for returning. So before SS offers their services..” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…there are two opportunities for helping people create a way back in.” Safer Spaces clarifies: just want to check in w/… #nycsc

[POI: We’re posting the last batch of last night’s strike-delayed #NYCSC tweets over at @LibertySqGA4 right now. And see you at 7 for GA!]

Cont’d: …ppl who were harmed to see what they think. “I don’t think we can determine that w/o talking to them.” #nycsc #ows

Next, Anti Political Repression. “This has been really confusing. Whether or not this is a long-term thing we’re trying to…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…pass tonight, or just for tonight, this FA is still relevant. I want to amend that we very precisely define verbal…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “..violence in this circumstance, and use it as precedent later on, as interpersonal credible threats of violence.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “I think we need to be very specific, and very precise.” Jeff pauses, then accepts the language as an amendment. #nycsc #ows

Last on stack for Concerns/FAs: Facilitation. “Let’s see… there’s this kind of weirdo dynamic that we talked about as a concern…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…that none of us — well, most of us don’t live at Park Slope; weird that we’re making a decision for folks from community many…”

Cont’d: “…of us aren’t a part of. So a concern we have – beyond that – is if any decisions are made here, especially re: mediation…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…and the road back, we’re concerned it’s not the Park Slope community doing that, but rather other folks…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…trying to do that for them, so we want to make sure that doesn’t happen. We also have a…” Michael interrupts. #nycsc #ows

Michael: “She’s saying that no one knows anything about the ppl in Park Slope. Why is that? It’s because no one has listened.” #nycsc #ows

Michael gets pushy with Jason, who tried to point-of-process him, and then storms out. Jason clarifies that it started because… #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: …he asked Michael to move because he was blocking peoples’ view of the speaker. Moving on… #nycsc #ows

Facilitation resumes speaking. “We also had a concern about just limiting it tonight — like, let’s make this space feel safe…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…and like Safer Spaces was saying,” we really need to ask the affected what they need. She’s opposed to making this… #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: …a one-day fix, should be done right. Jeff notes that Park Slope can’t make a decision about events that happen elsewhere. #nycsc

Jeff: “We can’t decide based on a criminal record, but we can make judgment about what happens here in this community.” #nycsc #ows

Jeff: “In fact, I’m not talking about the Park Slope community, I’m talking about these folks [us]” who fund that space. #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “We don’t have to support someone who is committing physical acts.” If they had no other recourse in town, it’d be different. #nycsc

Cont’d: “The truth is, there’s other shelters, other opportunities to eat, other resources in this city. So no, I don’t feel we’re…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…committing “violence” by excluding people.” Just keeping community safe. “We’re simply saying: in #OWS, violence is not ok.”#nycsc

Cont’d: “I still think Will will find a home somewhere in this city. But not with a movement of people who’re non-violent.” #nycsc #ows

Stairs asks Jeff to now restate the proposal, with the accepted friendly amendments. #nycsc #ows

Jeff: “So far, the only friendly amendment I’ve accepted has had to do with the definition of verbal violence.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “Otherwise, we just ask that #OWS stops supporting this individual who committed & threatened physical violence against ppl.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “We’re asking to cut housing, food, participation in GA, & any events, until there’s a road back via mediation for them to return.”

Cont’d: “In the meantime, I think we need to separate this person from #OWS, period.” #nycsc #ows

Nicole: “What I hear is that the Think Tank FA has been accepted…” Jeff won’t accept the mediation aspect, tho; too specific. #nycsc #OWS

Jeff: “I’m willing to accept that there may be a road back in the future; I just don’t know what it is.” #nycsc #ows

Others will restate FAs Jeff missed. DA’s as “to establish a breakout group for Friday to build a ‘road back’ or appeals process…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…for any person who’s kicked out.” Jeff: “OK, so we establish a time for the discussion, but not what the result is, right now.”

DA: “The amendment is that a subgroup be established on Friday to find a road back, and if it doesn’t happen Friday, this proposal expires.”

Ravi shouts: “So, what, he’s allowed back?” Jason: “This is a space where people can express their opinion without being…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…shut down or, out of process, stomped on.” Jeff seems to accept the DA amendment as just restated. #nycsc #ows

Media has a PoI (@TesselizaTC): “As someone physically struck by this individual this evening, I would block any proposal from tonight…”

Cont’d: “…that indefinitely bans this person from our mvment. I’d block tht. I think immediate safety is a serious concern; I think there…”

Cont’d: “…needs to be something established until Wednesday, when we deal, first and foremost, with the Safer Spaces proposal..” #nycsc

Cont’d: “..that was meant to be on the agenda tonight. This is a specific incident and we can’t be making any permanent or long-term…”

Cont’d: “…decisions based on this. And I’m speaking as someone who is really freaked out right now from being hit.” #nycsc #ows

Nicole restates: the FA is to make whatever happens today go on only until next SC, on Wednesday, when Safer Spaces’ proposal is up. #nycsc

Jeff: “Again, I’m not opposed to having Safer Spaces set policy on CA. I’m opposed to having timelines and deadlines…” #nycsc #ows

Jeff notes that Safer Spaces’ proposal has been tabled by time limits repeatedly, as if to suggest we can’t rely on that fix. #nycsc #ows

Jeff: “I’d be willing to accept the friendly amendment that we put this in place until SS is passed and we have some community agreements.”

Cont’d: “It might be Weds, Fri, whenever that goes through.” @TesselizaTC: “As long as SS is first on the agenda Wednesday.” #nycsc #ows

Jeff: “So, this exclusion becomes effective until we consense on a safer spaces agreement. I’ll accept that.” #nycsc #ows

WoW’s FA from earlier was that the entire community be made aware and and that de-escalation and witnesses stand at entrances… #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…and inform the individual specifically why they’re banned.” #nycsc #ows

They also ask that “this applies to all future situations,” and Jeff notes that he accepts that as limited by Tess’ proposal. #nycsc #ows

Jeff: “And absolutely, we should tell them why we’ve done this,” and whole community. Notes in past this hasn’t always happened. #nycsc #ows

Nicole: “OK, so we’re going to move to consensus process. Let’s check in and decide if we’re ready to do that…” First, Jeff restates. #nycsc

Jeff restates the proposal. “We’re going to ask that this individual who verbally and physically assaulted this community…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…be excluded from #OWS resources and activities until Safer Spaces’ community agreements are consensed upon.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “In the meantime, we’ll have a breakout grp to discuss the road back; Weds we’ll discuss broader community agreements.” #nycsc #ows

SS: “I just heard persons and people, and I just want to clarify–” Jeff: “Person.” OK. So this excludes just this person, Will. #nycsc #ows

Media notes that they’d block it as it stands right now “basically because of the exclusion from– I agree with exclusion from #SC…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…and church, but the other exclusions, like food, we’d block based on.” #nycsc #ows

Nicole notes that if we move forward, as the facilitators would like to do, Media can block & make that a friendly amendment to resolve it.

.@shawncarrie asks if we’ll help him find other resources. Jeff: “Absolutely. That’s fine. We just wnt to protect ppl in #OWS frm violence.”

Nicole reviews how we got here. “We went through CQs; that took quite some time. Then we went through Concerns at some length.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “Then FAs were in there, and we extracted them and talked about more. Now we’ve reviewed, and it’s time to move on to consensus.”

Cont’d: “So, the next question I’ll ask is if there are any standasides on this matter.” Folks want time to confer; Stairs gives it. #nycsc

Suggested length for this consultation period w/in wrkng grps is 3 minutes. It’s been like 5 already. Ha. It’s 11:01, so we’re in OT. #nycsc

Tony from BAI, sitting next to me, observes: Jeff seems to have made a decision on his own to restrict access to community resources. #nycsc

Jason notes we’re staying beyond time we’re asked to leave, but we apparently have some dispensation. Need to bring it home tho. #nycsc #ows

Stairs use the new “fist in air” signal for solidarity, until everyone is quiet. Nicole: “Good job, everyone. We did it.” #nycsc #ows

Nicole asks for standasides to register their vote. Facilitation: “We just don’t have a full consensus.” 1 stand aside. #nycsc #ows

Nicole: “Any blocks on this?” Five. Kitchen will speak to theirs first: “We don’t have a problem w/ removing disruptive people…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…from access to our resources, but the request on Kitchen to not serve certain ppl in public spaces puts us in the position…”

Cont’d: “..where we either don’t enforce this — and thus would like FA that we don’t have to — or we’d have to stop serving in public.”

Cont’d: “B/c it’s just not OK to ask a volunteer to create a situation w/ a dangerous person where there might be a violent confrontation.”

Cont’d: “So we either serve everyone, or we stop serving in public places.” So the FA to resolve block is to exempt Food. #nycsc #ows

Jeff accepts that friendly amendment, removing Kitchen’s block. PoCC has a block: “We feel this is one of those omni bills through…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…Congress where we have to support a war to support AIDS funding, and we don’t want that. We don’t want…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…all these services to be denied, and we don’t want to be addressing big issues without addressing causes.” #nycsc #OWS

Cont’d: “The resource issues are contributing, outside resources – we think we’ve reached limit of what we can do. & the metrocard policy.”

Nicole asks Alejandro if PoCC has friendly amndmnts. “We stated them before; he rejected all of them.” Nicole invites him to restate. #nycsc

Alejandro: “I feel like very few ppl are handling a lot of responsibilities and facing burnout w/ Metrocard and other responsibilities.”

Cont’d: “I offered to help redistributing that so it’s not just on Jeff. And I think it just being on Jeff is contributing to the problem.”

Cont’d: “And #2, those outside resources; I think the task force DA suggested should include outside voices” who may have solutions. #nycsc

Cont’d: “And finally, I think we need to remove that clause [requiring Working Group approval] in the Metrocard policy.” #nycsc #ows

Jeff accepts the DA thing; but “This isn’t about me.” “The person who started Metrocards was Lauren, and she had to step away because…”

Cont’d: “…she was experiencing so many threats of violence, that she had to step back and had an emotional…” #nycsc #ows

People are mad that Jeff just talked about Lauren’s health situation. [He said more that I excised.] Jason brings us back to focus. #nycsc

Jeff: “Let me apologize. But I do think it’s important to say that ppl who had given out Metrocards had received threats personally.” #nycsc

Jeff: Also, RE: “the clause inside Metrocard proposal that requires WGs to sign [people off to get them]…” #nycsc #ows

Jeff cont’d: “That came from Strong Women Rules, not housing, and I myself do not feel empowered to remove that from the statement…”#nycsc

Cont’d: “…nor do I personally think we should break down process to accept ppl who don’t like process or use violence b/c of it.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “Sorry. I decline that friendly amendment.” #nycsc #ows

The Occupiers have a POI: “A lot of things brought up tonight have to do with whether an individual has a place to stay. I’m one…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…of the major metrocard givers; quickly becoming known for that. I’ll be going to Park Slope tonight.” #nycsc #ows

Huh – someone called the Police, and they’re here, and we don’t know who it was. Hmm. We’re continuing while others deal with it. #nycsc

Occupier continues: “I’m going to Park Slope tonight, and a lot of ppl have been worried about where the individual is going – what about..”

(The delayed airing of #NYCSC is wrapping back around onto @LibertySqGA now, having rounded the bases, or something). #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…ppl like me? Where am I going? We need to make sure this passes, at least for tonight, because I’m concerned for my safety.”

Nicole returns to the process: “Does that answer your block, PoCC?” She’s referring to Jeff’s response. No, they say, it holds. #nycsc #ows

PR blocks “because we don’t like the idea of this applying to future cases. That’s my FA. And also, re: kitchen’s issue, we shouldn’t..”

Cont’d: “…reject food for anyone in any way.” Jeff notes it’s just for this individual; “we’re not trying to apply this beyond” that. #nycsc

Jeff also notes he accepted Kitchen’s amendment to be exempted from denying him food in public spaces. #nycsc #ows

Jeff: “If we’re inside of Spokes, he won’t be allowed in to get food. But in public…” OK, Press withdraws block. #nycsc #ows

Media: “We’re reluctantly blocking, b/c we feel like this is an emergency proposal, but nt yielding emergency solution. It’s a…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…permanent ban until Safer Spaces is passed; ideally, it’ll be soon, but we don’t know when it will be.” #nycsc #ows

Jeff: “It’s not a permanent ban; it’s until Safer Spaces’ proposal is approved,” and notes that we agreed to make effort to put it 1st Weds.

Blocker from Media continues, notes “we also are concerned he’s not here to defend himself.” “We want this to have more forethought…”

Cont’d: “…with giving him an opportunity to speak for himself, at GA tomorrow night or Spokes in 2 nights.” #nycsc #ows

Jeff doesn’t accept the friendly amendment. “I’m not against Will having a voice, but I’d like to wait for a well-thought-out..” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…proposal” to establish a process. “If we do it at GA tomorrow night, still no process. Same emergency.” #nycsc #ows

Nicole: “Because this is about Safer Spaces, I’m going to take this PoI from Safer Spaces.” Safer Spaces’ spoke steps up. #nycsc #ows

Safer Spaces restates that “the community agreement does not address what this process should be, just that there should be one.”

Cont’d: “…and our friendly amendment to the proposal was that we’d volunteer to reach out to those harmed to determine acctability process.”

Cont’d: “It’s not part of the community agreement; it’s not something we’ll develop on our own or in a week.” #nycsc #ows

Nicole asks Media: “Does that info, in any way, have you thinking differently about the block or are you holding it?” Media holds. #nycsc

Nan wanted to block, but she’s not here. Trish notes she went to the hospital? [Huh? -Ed.] She gave someone her spoke sign tho.. #nycsc #ows

SWRWG: “This individual, tho Nan is a friend of his, sent Nan to the hospital, so there is no block.” Trish objects: “Wait…” #nycsc #ows

Trish’s objection is because he didn’t talk to his working group. It’s 11:22; SWRWG will discuss outside of the room. #nycsc #ows

Nicole: “Right now, Strong Women Rules working group is discussing” — they return, couldn’t consense, will stand aside. #nycsc #ows

Nicole: “We have 2 standasides, and 2 blocks. So how many Spokes are here right now?” Counting spokes to prep for modified consensus. #nycsc

Nicole counts the total number of Spokes. There are 23 working groups represented here. “We had 2 standasides, so that’s 21.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…& we had 2 blocks.” So now we’re moving to modified consensus. “Check in w/ yr grp, figure out if you support the proposal.”#nycsc

Spokes are conferring. It sounds like Media may be preparing to change to stand-aside… #nycsc #ows

(I’m told that Nan was who called the police; she said she got hit by a chair. She got in an ambulance; police told her not to cry wolf.)

(And no, no one seems to know what that whole thing w/ Nan is about.) #nycsc #ows

Here we go. Nicole: “We’re doing modified consensus, which means a total of those supporting and those against.” No standasides. #nycsc #ows

Jason: “Standasides can abstain. We’ll count yes, and no, and compare those 2 numbers.” First, How many nos? “I only see 1.” #nycsc #ows

Next, counting those in favor. Jason: “1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10…11…12…13…14…15…16…17…18. The proposal passes.” #nycsc #ows

Many start to celebrate, but Jeff interrupts: “Wait. A statement. I take no joy from this.” Many resume celebrating. #nycsc #ows

Jason and Nicole ask folks to let them “acknowledge what happened this meeting.” #nycsc #ows

Nicole: “I want us to be on the same page: we discussed some tricky, urgent issues that need time to be tested, and we need to believe…”

Cont’d: “…in this process and what we’re doing here. So that took 4 hours; it’s fine. That’s what had to, needed to happen. And hopefully..”

Cont’d: “…we have a consensus we can all agree on.” #nycsc #ows

OK, folks! That’s it! Thanks for following this weird delayed broadcast of last night’s #NYCSC! It’s a long process, but we definitely…

…succeeded in unpacking nearly every important angle and coming to vast agreement on something that has many implications. #nycsc #ows

Thanks again; see you tonite for #NYCGA tweets starting 7pm(ish). [Questions, comments, concerns, hit me up: @diceytroop. -Ed.] #nycsc #ows

Hi ya’ll! Welcome to another GA. We’ve been underway for a few minutes now (train delays) but catching up! #nycga #ows

We’re currently in break out groups discussing our first emergency proposal from Direct Action. #nycga #ows

The proposal is on actions on Bungi (sp) on behalf of #OccupyOakland #nycga #ows

DirAction: The action is to generate awareness on that corporation and how they affect west coast long shoreman unions. #nycga #ows

Stairs: Stack is open for concerns and FAs. #nycga #ows

Stairs: Stack is now closed. One friendly amendment. #nycga #ows

Proposal restated: Global & Beyond leader action. They are involved in the slave market. They also monopolize the food system #nycga #ows

Stairs: How does everyone feel? (Uptwinkles). Standasides? (1). Blocks? (None). Consensus reached! #nycga #ows

QuickAnnouncement: Bungi wants to unload a ship but not thru the union. We ask u keep up on this issue. #nycga #ows

EmergencyProposal: This is in response to the GA cutting off funding & housing. #nycga #ows

EmergencyProposal: We would like you to discuss for ten minutes this proposal. #nycga #ows

EmergencyProposal: We ask you help them w/ food stamps, housing, etc. For months we’ve made them dependent on us. #nycga #ows

EmergencyProposal: So what about creating workshops to help build their resumes? We just ask for your help. #nycga #ows

Stairs: So lets take a temp check on breaking out into groups & discussing (uptwinkles). Go, lets break out. #nycga #ows

Stairs: ok, it’s been 10 minutes. How does everyone feel about adding 5 more min? (Ambivalent Uptwinkles) Ok. 3 more min #nycga #ows

Stairs: ok. Everyone come back and give a 2 min report back. #nycga #ows

ReportBack: our idea was to kick this to the radical social workers & tag team w/ individuals who need support. #nycga #ows

ReportBack: and also create a defacto group to have a quick transition to help. #nycga #ows

ReportBack2: There were a variety of opinions here. We were discussing alternative occupations who have open spaces … #nycga #ows

ReportBack2: like occupy new haven who has 100 or so spaces open. #nycga #ows

PoI: the proposers suggest we come back tuesday to further discuss this issue. #nycga #ows

Stack: We think it’s important that those who feel displaced not do anything violent. #nycga #ows

Stack: I do not know how many of u were watching the livestream last night. But there was an incident that could have.. #nycga #ows

Stack:..been prevented. I found last nights event disturbing bc i ended up in the hospital last night. #nycga #ows

Stack: that aside, we have a spokes council where working groups can get things done. #nycga #ows

Stack: unfortunately, that has happened. So, how can the GA create a way to deal with broader issues. #nycga #ows

Stack: the spokes council is creating a divisive environment. #nycga #ows

Stairs: ok so lets take 10 min to discuss how to strengthen the GA. Uptwinkles? (Consensus not reached) #nycga #ows

Stairs: ok, moving onto announcements. #nycga #ows

Sean: About 1/2 the WGs want Nan removed. We havent defines disruptor, but Nan has broken principles of solidarity. #nycga #ows

Stairs: Ok. That was kimd of personal. Please keep announcements to facts or actions. #nycga #ows

Stack: Tomorrow at Charlottes place we’ll have a workshop on using #nycga #ows

Announcement from Minutes: We do need more ppl. Please visit us at and contact us if ur interested. #nycga #ows

Announcement: Sat noon-4 there is a march in solidarity with egypt. We meet in front of the UN building. #nycga #ows

Announcement: this monday from 2-4, we have a direct action seminar. Location to be disclosed. Please join us. #nycga #ows

Announcement: im from LA and my website is We love u guys & everyone watches u. Thx for the warm welcome. #nycga #ows

Announcement:There are ppl in this mvmnt who stand on moral ground & would never withhold food or shelter. #nycga #ows

Announcement: im from occupy burlington. Ive heard from WashingtonDC that theres an action Mar. 30th there #nycga #ows

Announcement: it seems like a rumor, but it might be in the works. Find out! #nycga #ows

Announcemt: occupy the courts is tomorrow at 5pm beginning here. Join us for this natl day of action! #nycga #ows

Stairs: Ok, thats it for tonight. Thanks for bearing the cold and get warm! Thanks all! #nycga #ows

Thats it for tonight! Thanks again for staying with us! Rest well, all.

Tweets for Tue, 17 Jan 2012

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Live from Liberty Square, it’s General Assembly! Follow here, @LibertySqGA2, @LibertySqGA3, and @LibertySqGA4. #nycga #OWS

Announcements! The residents of the Park Slope church will have a community meeting tomorrow at 9:30, 6th and 8th, Brooklyn. #nycga #ows

That’s it for announcements- first proposal tonight is from the Vision and Goals working group. #nycga #OWS

The Vision and Goals working group has been working on a vision statement for a couple of months! It’s come to GA many times. #nycga #ows

Tonight we’ll have another breakout discussion on the Vision and Goals’ WG’s draft Vision statement. #nycga #OWS

Once the GA agrees a draft is ready, V&G say they will take it, share it for a week, then bring it back to GA for consensus. #OWS #nycga

Here’s the Vision & Goals WG’s draft vision stment. Leave feedback here! GA now breaking out to discuss. #nycga #OWS

Ok, we’re coming back. Stairs: “Can everyone come closer and reform the General Assembly?” Now stacking reportbacks. #OWS #nycga

No reportbacks, so we’re stacking concerns. No concerns! Now we’re straw polling 3 options… #nycga #OWS

Totals for straw poll: 1 for a, 5 for b, 5 for c. Tiebreaker between b and c: 6 for b, 7 for c. So, option c wins. #nycga #ows

Stephen, the proposer, notes they’re working on a bullet point about “protecting the commons.” But we’ll temp check whether we feel…

Cont’d: …that it’s ready to go. Very positive temp check! Someone: can we make “people power” adjacent to “people before profits”? #nycga

Proposer notes it’s hard to do Friendly Amendments in this way, but if he specifies, the GA can tempcheck. He proposes we move.. #nycga #ows

…”people before profit” to right after “people power.” Tempchecking the change: we like it! #nycga #OWS

Ok, so Patrick from Vision and Goals is re-reading draft proposal. GA will tempcheck whether we feel ready to seek consensus on it. #nycga

Someone suggests another friendly amendment: “let’s put equality and fairness side by side!” Patrick asks if there are more changes.. #nycga

…because “if there are, then maybe we’re not ready!” Amender: “That’s it from me!” So we’ll tempcheck that new order… #nycga #ows

Tempcheck is very positive. One last FA: “Let’s end [the list of bullet points] w/ peace!” Tempchecking that: Looks good! #nycga #OWS

So, now we’ll tempcheck whether the re-ordered document is ready to come back for consensus in 1 week..? Temp check is positive! #nycga #OWS

So, the V&G proposal will return to GA for full consensus in a week! Awesome! #nycga #ows

Next proposal: Occupy Earth Day! “Connecting the dots between the 1% and the destruction of the planet”! Reading this:

Opening stack for Clarifying Questions on the Occupy Earth Day proposal: “How would one person be able to do the planning of this?” #nycga

A: “We’ve already started working with many working groups, and we’ll have open meetings at 60 Wall.” Working on a climate change action.

That’s it for questions. Stairs: “Any concerns?” No concerns. FAs? “Since animal agriculture is a leading cause of climate change…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…can we include a demonstration against a company that does that?” A: “Yes!” That’s the idea, he says. #nycga

That’s it for friendly amendments! Tempchecking the proposal… very very positive! No blocks! CONSENSUS! #nycga #ows

Hahah. Maybe the fastest consensus ever; “No money!” someone points out. Awesome. #nycga #ows

Hermes: “There is no more left on stack for proposals! Any announcements?” #nycga #ows

Announcement: “To protest drone strikes which kill civilians around the world – to protest support for brutal dictatorships…” #nycga

Cont’d: “..and to contest the socioeconomic status quo, I’m beginning a hunger strike at 8am tmrw at the Times Square Armed Forces..” #nycga

Cont’d: “…recruitment center! All are welcome! I was inspired by y’all!” John from Philly! #nycga #ows

Next, Lorenzo: “Tomorrow’s a day of action against #SOPA!” A million people are going dark tomorrow. “Make sure you explain why, if you do!”

Lorenzo explains SOPA/PIPA: “They’re a big grab at controlling the flow of information on the Internet.” #nycga #ows

“Every aggregated site will be illegal, b/c if someone puts a link on your site to copyrighted material, you’re responsible!” #nycga #ows

Lopi’s announcement is next: “Our friends at the Yippie Cafe are having an open mic tomorrow night at 8pm, welcoming all #OWS…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…poets, musicians, performance artists, comedians. And no one will be turned away for lack of $!” 9 Bleecker, tomorrow 8pm.#nycga

Next: Nan. “Trish asked me to make an announcement; everybody knows about the freeze, that the GA freeze the funds. I think that’s..” #nycga

Cont’d: “…the smartest decision we’ve ever made, and I’m so happy about it. But we have the GA Funds Freeze WG; we had a meeting today..”

Cont’d: “…3-5 at Charlotte’s place, and there’s another Saturday at 60 Wall, 3-5. Please come to talk about how to use the money wisely.”

Someone notes Charlotte’s Place isn’t open Saturday, so Nan corrects and says 60 Wall. #nycga #ows

Patrick: “Structure WG has been talking about a # of things to make our structure stronger, our movement a little stronger.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “One of the things we’ve been talking about lately is fewer meetings, to get better attendance and make space on the calendar…”

Cont’d: “…to talk about things we’re not talking about, like what do we all agree on? And how do we form a budget?” Atrium, Friday, 5:30.

Devin is next. “ is a site we’ve been building for awhile; goal is to provide NYCGA w/ a front-facing website.” #nycga

Cont’d: will curate content frm around world, and go live in 2-4 wks. “We hold content team mtgs at 60 Wall, Mon 7pm.”

Next, Jason. “I’m working w/ the WG called Occupy Town Squares; our first open community meeting that we invite everyone to is Thurs, 6pm.”

Cont’d: “The goal is to develop events — a roving occupation. First, a tabling event, to set up as if in the Park, Jan 29th at Wash Sq Pk.”

Cont’d: “We invite everyone to be a part of this, as everyone needs to be for it to succeed! Occupy Town Squares.” #nycga #ows

And that’s it folks! A nice and short #NYCGA. Have a great rest of your #J17! [Joys and concerns, hit up @diceytroop.] #nycga #ows

“Mic check! Mic check! Happy 4-month Anniversary!” WOOHOO HAPPY BIRTHDAY #OWS!! #NYCGA

@AmProgressive [thank you!! -Ed.]

The @LibertySqGA team is proud to be joining tomorrow’s #SOPAblackout! We’ll try to “air” the Weds #NYCSC livetweets on Thursday. #J18 #OWS

Tweets for Mon, 16 Jan 2012

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Hey fam! We’re about to start the #OWS Spokescouncil, at 86th/Amsterdam tonight. Follow here, @LibertySqGA2, @LibertySqGA3, @LibertySqGA4.

Laura is introducing herself — she’s one of our co-facilitators tonight, and has done a lot w/ the Library. #nycga #ows

.@shawncarrie is our other facilitator. Stefan and @emst are timekeeper and stack taker, respectively! Woohoo! #nycga #ows

Shawn: “When we enter the space, we’re committed to mutual respect, and mutual aid and anti-oppression. Let’s keep in mind there are..”

Cont’d: “…forms of oppression we don’t really see, because oppression is invisible, and if you step back you might learn something about…”

Cont’d: “…oppression you didn’t see before, if you take the opportunity to step back before speaking. One of the most disrespectful things..

Cont’d: “ can do to someone is deny them the right to speak, & by interrupting them, you just a little bit deny them the…” #nycsc #OWS

Cont’d: “…right to speak. It’s not an evil thing; we’ve all done it before.” But we should listen, then respond. #nycsc #ows

Laura notes that “this may be a bit of an interesting Spokescouncil” because Saturday’s GA froze the budget. “We’ve been made..” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…aware that there’s some disagreement on how this plays out, and so we’ll make some space here to address it.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “We’ll go into our groups — break out for 3 minutes — then we’ll open, have a 10 minute discussion, take stack to address this.”

Shawn: “It’s just an opportunity to speak with your groups before we talk.” Jason, whose proposal it is, recaps the proposal… #nycsc #ows

Jason: “I don’t have the full text, but the #OWS budget is frozen until we have a Financial assembly sometime next week. It exempts…”#nycsc

Cont;d: “…food and housing, and proposals relating to metro cards are able to be heard.” Also, pre-approved budget items. #nycsc #ows

Jason explains a meeting will happen tomorrow at 60 Wall to set up the financial assembly, which can consense to unfreeze the $. #nycsc #ows

OK, now working groups will discuss the question of how we deal with the proposal that froze the funds. What’s unclear is… #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: …whether this restriction, obviously meant to be movement-wide, applies to Spokescouncil. This is a conflict between the GA…

Cont’d: …and the empowerment of spokescouncil, on a structural (not personal) level. Where we go with this as a spokescouncil will… #nycsc

Cont’d: …have repercussions, regardless of whether we decide we need to follow the GA’s decision or ignore it and take it head on. #nycsc

RT @occupymusician: #live now at #spokescouncil on and #ows @occupywallstnyc @libertysqga

OK, now stacking up comments. First @dap: “We feel that GA doesn’t have authority over Spokes, so it can’t make this decision.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “The only thing it says that the GA can do is dissolve Spokescouncil, which must be announced a week in advance.” #nycsc #ows

Next, @OWSFacilitation: Sully: “We want to acknowledge there are 2 problems here. The specific question is, what to do w/ regard to freeze..

Cont’d: “…the overarching question is uncertainty as to the relative powers of these two bodies. Regarding the overarching problem…”

Cont’d: “…we have pretty serious reservations in our group about whether the GA can restrict the powers of the Spokescouncil. We also…”

Cont’d: “…are respectful of the concerns of those who think it does. We need to be careful. Regarding immediate situation, we don’t want…”

Cont’d: “…the Spokescouncil to wage war with the GA, so we think it should follow through and cooperate w/ the formation of this…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…financial assembly, & use it as an opportunity for the SC to carry out its original charge of doing budgeting in a concrete way.”

Next, Picture the Homeless. “I have two things, mainly questions: I wanted to ask if there’s a list of occupiers who were arrested, and…”

Cont’d: “…how, if not, we go about getting that, so we don’t have just numbers, but also the names of ppl that were arrested…”

Cont’d: “…and participating in the events or protest. And the next thing is, do we have an education program so as to inform members…”

Cont’d: “…who have been arrested to make them aware of the various terms that are used…” Library PoPs (@HelloFrances!); not about proposal.

Next: “I was just thinking about hearing that $50k has been spent and we have nothing to show for it. We need the freeze, and we need…”

Cont’d: “…to manage it. Because that’s ridiculous. $50k/week, that’s $100k/a month. And I’ve never seen any of it.” #nycsc #ows

DA: “The $ is GA’s money; if the GA is what froze it, doesn’t matter who else is trying to get it — it’s frozen. SC doesn’t have access.”

Cont’d: “But that’s what we’re kind of talking about — whether the SC has access to that still. That wasn’t made clear in the beginning.”

.@shawncarrie: “Let’s try to keep in mind right now that the people talking are just Spokes.” Sage and Nan both trying to interrupt. #nycsc

Next, Press. “Hi, everybody. I made the proposal; I’m the only one here from my working group. But the reason I brought this proposal is..”

Cont’d: “…I wanted us all to slow down, and look at ourselves, and I don’t think we’ve done that in the entire process of this movement..”

Cont’d: “…to slow down, look at the things we’ve done,” look at the bigger picture. “This also really exposes the need to look at…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…our decision-making process, and maybe this is something we need to slow down, analyze it ourselves, and before taking the next..”

Cont’D: “…step, look at where we’ve gone and then figure out how to go forward.” OWS Works: “We strongly feel the general fund is..” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…what provides resources to the whole movement, and there’s a very good case to be made that the GA has overarching control.”#nycsc

Cont’d: “That said, there’s a good case to be made on both sides.” Let’s respect that a big part of our movement went to GA and said…

Cont’d: …”Let’s step back.” Notes that GA made allowance for the stuff Spokes is supposed to do, but “please, let’s come together..”#nycsc

Cont’d: “…as people, take a step back and think about budgeting so we don’t spend $50k a week.” #nycsc #ows

Next: “I agree, the $50k/week is too much, and this gives us a chance to shake things down and look at how we operate collectively…” #nycsc

Cont;d: “Maybe we do a little stop, take a look around at how we work together.” Next: “I’m learning a lot about this, but… correct me..”

Cont’d: “…if I’m wrong, but anyone can go to GA and participate. But SC is specifically for working groups and the people in the movement..”

Cont’d: “…itself, and we’re all movement-oriented. This is movement-driven stuff. So I don’t understand why a decision made in public..”

Cont’d: “…at GAs should affect spokescouncil.” But does agree this needs to be talked about and “the bleeding has to stop.” #nycsc #ows

SWR: “GA authorized Spokes to exist; can take it away as well.” Asks that what’s written about it be read out loud so there’s no confusion.

Next, Comfort. “I’m w/ the freeze; I like the freeze.” Nan starts yelling. Folks who feel strongly about the GA’s ownership of the fund…

Cont’d: …seem to be having trouble making space for this conversation to even happen here. #nycsc #ows

About 10 people formed a human wall and are encircling Nan so she can’t interfere with the meeting. She’d been hollering nonstop. #nycsc

This is a new development for #OWS; folks taking non-violent direct action to deal with disruption. #nycsc #ows

@allisonkilkenny Yeah basically. It’s calmed her down, but we also can’t really continue until she leaves or ppl sit. #nycsc #ows

Stairs: “I’m feeling that this assembly isn’t ready to move forward w/ Spokescouncil. I’d like to facilitate…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…but I’m not sure we’re ready to do that, and it’s a group activity.” Notes it’s hard to deal w/ Nan and continue Spokes. #nycsc

RT @AliaGee1: @LibertySqGA Did it N17 when some guys were swearing and shouting at us that we weren’t real New Yorkers. (Not exactly the …

Stairs: “I have a POI: the pastor of the church is here, and de-escalation has been empowered to deal w/ this situation however we…” #nycsc

Cont’d: — sorry, “they see fit.” Suggests that may include calling for outside help. Suggestion has also been made to halt SC and have…

Cont’d: …a “general community meeting to deal w/ what’s happening right now.” Asks if we want to do that. Temp check? #nycsc #ows

.@lmnopie suggests they put a time limit on it. @shawncarrie: “It seems like things are kind of dissolving; I think it makes sense to…”

Cont’d: “…halt what we’re doing, and deal with this now.” @HelloFrances: “I’d hate for this to derail the Spokescouncil. Let’s keep moving.”

.@shawncarrie: “I’d like to note the best thing you can do is reach in and find peace in yourself, and not get sucked in.” #nycsc #ows

@heratylaw definitely never happened at Spokes tho, and I’ve never really seen it at GA except for like drunk non-members of community.

.@shawncarrie: “In order for us to facilitate process, the room needs to facilitate itself and draw attention to the group.” #nycsc

Wow, the room just dropped to near silence, punctuated only by a couple of people still talking who have been unable to step back. #nycsc

.@shawncarrie: “The spending freeze brought up some bad vibes, but also some underlying issue.” Moving along… #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “We had 2 proposals that were brought to us at the start of this reason; one was financial, the other one wasn’t.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “What we’re going to do is go ahead with the non-financial proposal.” #nycsc #ows

@heratylaw applied to whom?

TechOps’ PoP: “Tech feels the discussion we were having is not finished; I’d like to take a temp check to see if..” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…people feel strongly about finishing the discussion that we brought up,” re: whether Spokes is bound by GA spending freeze.#nycsc

OK, Facilitation is going to try to clarify this and “propose that the Spokescouncil consense on cooperating w/ the spending freeze.” #nycsc

Facilitation also suggests that we support and contribute to process of establishing the Financial Assembly empowered to unfreeze $. #nycsc

.@shawncarrie making a heroic effort to refocus the room, despite disruptors talking constantly. #nycsc #ows

Stairs: “We’ve tried several things to move forward, and it hasn’t worked for the room…” Other people stepping up to try to facilitate.

Sage is stepping up. “I’ve asked the Facilitation team to allow me to bring –” “Oh, no,” starts a chorus of boos. #nycsc #ows

Nan’s trying to mic check; no one’s responding. There’s probably no more clear rejection frm this community than unspoken ban frm human mic.

.@shawncarrie: “This is really difficult. I don’t know the way to proceed. But it starts w/ one mic; one voice. We might get somewhere..”

Cont’d: “…from one person speaking at a time.” Suggests one way forward would be to open a stack for people who feel need to speak to do so.

Cont’d: The next way: “to hear the proposal facilitation has brought,” and finally to ask “if there are other things we want to talk about.”

Sully steps up. “I’m asking for your permission to jump in to facilitate.” Some clap.[I strongly feel this wasn’t about facilitation.]#nycsc

Sully: “I need a minute to figure out what’s going on.” Teddy Mic Checks. “I’m Teddy. I live here. We’ve lost a place to live here…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…if Spokescouncil acts like this, we’ll lose this place for Spokescouncil. So fuckin’ grow up, and fuckin’ behave.” #nycsc #ows

Jeff: POI: “The Reverend of this church wanted to address the community this evening re: spokescouncil and events in housing here.”

Jeff asks that we give him space to speak here, introduces Reverend Bob. Says he’s an activist and supports us strongly. #nycsc #ows

Rev Bob: “Just let me say a few words; I’m not going to take too long. Re: Spokescouncil: tonight — ” interrupted by a disruptor whistling.

Cont’d: “You’re not the only people in here. There are classes below you. Obviously what happened earlier can’t happen.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “What I want is a community of communities. We want an intention of mutual respect and mutual accountability.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “When this group is in here Wednesday night, it can’t go down like this. It can’t happen. I have a responsibility to make sure..”

Cont’d: “…everyone in this space, and the neighbors feel safe and secure.” RE: what happened recently… #nycsc #ows

“A few weeks ago, my laptop was stolen. I’m an urban chapter; it happens. I’ll get something back. But now we’re in a place where we have…”

Cont’d: “…to put locks on the door. That’s not social progress, that’s social egress.” Tells us that they had a very old Baptismal fount..

Cont’d: “We discovered the other day, the base was gone,” other parts missing. Noticed by someone whose entire family was baptized there…

Cont’d: “It’s not God that makes it holy; it’s people’s experiences, people’s hopes.” “Even in 80s, when crackheads came in here w/ knives…”

Cont’d: “…even they didn’t mess w/ that stuff.” Asks that SC somehow coherently respond to that incident; wants the thing put back together.

Cont’d: “It’s not like, ‘i’m sorry, it won’t happen again.’ I have to speak to pain of ppl who felt their lives were violated by that.”

Rev. Bob says if we can’t do that, then we can’t stay here. “Consensus is really cool. It works if everyone agrees on what the goal is…”

Cont’d: “…and if you’re committed to one another. If you’re not, it stops being a vehicle of empowerment, becomes vehicle of oppression.”

Cont’d: “We all know what the other side is capable of. And you’re all gonna make it easy for them, they won’t have to lift a finger.”#nycsc

Cont’d: “Don’t make it easy for them. This is the long haul. You’ve all got to be in solidarity w/ one another, or it’s over. OK?” #nycsc

Reverend Bob thanks us. We applaud heartily, and when it settles down the room is quiet for the first time in an hour. #nycsc #ows

Someone steps up. “On behalf of these people, we need to apologize. We’re beyond sorry.” Have been working towards solutions. #nycsc

The basin was found recently. They’re working to put it together, or to get artists to build something of meaningful replacement. #nycsc

The next thing is to go and publicly apologize to the congregation, to show “we don’t need to resort to stealing.” #nycsc #ows

“We signed community agreements 2 days ago that said we have to be accountable for the behavior of those staying here.” #nycsc

“We need to change the dynamic here, and we apologize it hasn’t been done before. We need people to be involved in OWS, Spokes, actions.”

“I know there have been people working w/ building; we’ll get more of that. We’ll present it to the people who stay here, and I know all…”

Cont’d: “…the ppl who stay here who are in this room, they’re committed to the work.” “Those ppl actually here are the ones who’ll work.”

Anthony: “I don’t stay at the churches; never have. But when it comes to manual labor, I’m fine with that in any spare time I have.”

Cont’d: “I also want to say, we’re all a family, we’re all a community. We should not be fuckin’ each other over.” #nycsc #ows

Sully notes we’ve had a request to monitor our language in the space we’re in. #nycsc #ows

Sully: “We’ve had a presentation of a proposed solution to this situation, so let’s take some CQs and see if it works for the room.” #nycsc

Bob: “I got impression I wasn’t going to get a coherent response.” Feels we need a 2-3 day break, but “I’m open to being cnvncd diffrntly.”

Bob requests that the suggestion that came from the two proposers who spoke earlier be written down so he can respond to it. #nycsc

Bob: “I’d like if you could use your networks to return the original [missing component], but if not, I could live with #OWS creating…”

Cont’d: “…a replacement that will last, so 40 years from now after I’m gone people will look at it and say, “Occupy Wall Street, who…”

Cont’d: “…changed the world, created that, something that became a part of this congregation.”” #nycsc #ows

Next, Translation. “We talked about a safe space, people should respect language. Everyone’s walking around, instead of being…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…in a circle. It’s really disruptive; please respect our group. I understand this is a sensitive issue, and there’s a lot of…”

Cont’d: “…emotion involve, and we don’t want to forget we’re here too. We use a visual language, we need to be able to see.”

Cont’d: “I understand some things happen, and that’s completely understandable. But please, be aware of us.” Translated from ASL. #nycsc

Sully: “B/c what we’re talking about right now is about space, and deals with a lot of people’s needs, I want to ask that we move out of…”

Cont’d: “…Spokes mode to deal with this agenda item.” OK, we’re doing that. So people who aren’t Spokes can speak. #nycsc #ows

Mike: “I want to know if we can compensate them for the lost computer and basin top. I’ve heard comments we didn’t do it…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…but we’ll suffer for it if we can’t compensate for it. I do think we need to get the church back where they were before we came..”

Cont’d: “…in fact, it was our intention to leave them better off. We should leave them in a better place and they were before.” #nycsc #ows

Sully asks if proposals accept that friendly amendment. “Yes, no questions asked. That would be great.” #nycsc #ows

Next: “First, I came from Miami FL, and I’m eternally grateful to be able to stay at this church. Pastor has a heart of gold for letting..”

Cont’d: “…us stay here,” despite the bad things that happened. “I really appreciate the idea that [inaudible] and Maria came..”

Cont’d: “…up with,” wants people here to be involved, be part of the community, empowered, self-directed. #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “I’d like to be able to respond to consequences of actions” within our community. “If it weren’t for us, none of this would have..”

Cont’d: “…happened to him or this church. So I agree with us compensating him,” going forward and “making this church better than it was.”

Also, she asks us if she knows where she and others from this church can stay the night if they’re kicked out. #nycsc #ows

“There were about 70 of us… we’re going to be staying outside tonight.” Ouch. Sully notes that we need to do one thing at a time #nycsc #ows

Sully: “What we have right now is a proposal to redress,” try to deal w/ this space. Suggests breakout to deal w/ immediate housing needs.

Nick is “very disappointed in Facilitation today because they wanted to hear a budget proposal,” had an emergency meeting today which…

Cont’d: …should have been how to settle this. [This has nothing to do with Facilitation’s responsibilities. -Ed.] #nycsc #ows

Nick proposes we purchase a new baptismal thing for this church. #nycsc #ows

Sully notes that that is, indeed, the proposal we’re discussing. #nycsc #ows

Next person says “#1 priority” is to replace the man’s laptop. Says we don’t need signs, meetings. [OK, so how do we allocate $? Ugh. -Ed.]

Next, Tio suggests we need to have a participation requirement for people to be staying in #OWS housing. “Everyone should be in..”#nycsc

Cont’d: “…a working group or somehow involved in the movement.” Sully asks him how that relates to the proposal; it’s a friendly amendment.

Sully: “What I’m hearing is an amendment to the proposal requiring that people in housing have to be in working groups.” #nycsc #ows

Proposer: “I think people need to be responsible for the community. Maybe not finance, but the cleanup crew we have here — get involved.”

Tio: “How do you mean, chores and helping out?” That’s basically what she means, yes. Tio: “I feel that’s not enough.” #nycsc #ows

Nan: “When the Metrocard budget came to GA, we added that as a friendly amendment.” Suggests needs to be added to housing budget request.

Sully: “It seems to me we’re talking about things beyond scope of this specific problem; I’m asking we focus on the problem at hand.” #nycsc

James from Organization: “I’m really concerned we’ve left SC mode and are now in a Twilight Zone mode, where we have no process…” #nycsc

Cont;’d: “If this isn’t Spokescouncil, and isn’t a GA, how are we doing this?” Sully: “We’re still a Spokescouncil. We’ve been asked to..”

Cont’d: “…respond to this specific issue.” Notes precedent for Spokescouncil leaving Spokes format and going to individual mode…

Cont’d: …and notes that it’s because this affects ppl in the room who aren’t Spokes or part of working groups. #nycsc #ows

Anthony’s POI: “NYPD are sending homeless people to our churches.” Accounting: “I feel I was totally disrespected. I came in…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…and I signed something saying I’d be good. It kind of goes against everything I believe, but I signed it. We all did.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: She’s mad that “Facilitation didn’t step up” to deal w/ the disruption. Says that she and Reverend Bob are similar in age… #nycsc

Cont’d: “…and I’m sorry to sound like an old leftie, but we knew in our day that some of those people were cops.” #nycsc #ows

Sully suggests proposers answer how they’ll deal w/ disruption. She feels that they’ll need a “tiny bit of power” to exclude disruptors.

Susie, Support: “It’s my understanding that as far as this proposal goes, the Pastor was clear on what he wanted, which was…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…what the specific proposal was, which was re: lid to baptismal font.” Notes laptop is dealt w/ already, and not about disruption.

Cont’d: “I have no problem if the Spokescouncil as a whole wants to address it, but he wanted to be addressed RE: lid before end of SC.”

Cont’d: She also notes that Bob mentioned he still wanted to remove #OWSers for 2 days; but it’s very cold tonight and it’s conceivable…

Cont’d: …if we communicate with him satisfactorily he might let some ppl stay during the next 2 days. “But during those 2 days, I believe..”

Cont’d: “..that he’d like #OWS, the Spokescouncil to come up with a way of dealing with how he can relate to #OWS more efficiently…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…more smoothly, dealing with communication and lines of authority.” Suggests the 2-day breather is intended to help come up w/ tht.

Cont’d: “I don’t think he wants to be a part of that process; he feels, and I think we agree, that it’s incumbent on #OWS.” #nycsc #ows

OK, next on stack: Nan. “I feel very sorry for those ppl who’ve had to sleep outside during the cold, & some of them are #occupiers.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “But I feel those individuals who force their will, their policing, whatever you want to call it, is wrong. For example, one…”

Cont’d: “…of the things being policing…” Says she loves her occupiers, but feels this space isn’t safe. Now starting in on spending freeze.

Sully: “We’re not making a decision about how this space will be used; this is a petition for redress.” #nycsc #ows

Someone asks they clarify proposal. “It’s that we’ll either replace the font, or have some artists come up w/ something equivalent…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…an apology to the congregation, an overall change in how we’re going to operate here, things like that.” #nycsc #ows

Sully: “So what does this room need to agree to?” A: “To give us the power to redress situation with Pastor.” #nycsc #ows

Sully recaps, noting main components of plan are to redress grievances of material loss and then also work to solidify community agreements.

CQ: “Seems there was a security element before; that got lost somewhere along the line.” A: “That was about something already fixed..”#nycsc

Sully: “To be clear, it’s not part of the proposal.” Jake, TechOps wants to know why we’re talking about this as a Spokescouncil if it’s…

Cont’d: …about the community living here. Sully: “We were asked to do this tonight.” #nycsc #ows

Someone asked about whether a budget is required. Sully: “Is that getting covered here or would that need another proposal?” #nycsc #ows

They answer it would need another proposal. Right now it’s unclear where any budget money would come from anyway. #nycsc #ows

Evelyn: “Paying Pastor back is right thing to do, but it’s not sustainable.” Proposes a community watch, so ppl will be held accountable.

Cont’d: “Some of us may lose our privacy, but if it protects property, if we can’t establish trust, it might be needed.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “Trust is imperative, but unfortunately” we’re not there. “Please, be mindful of where you are.” #nycsc #ows

Someone notes that the Church also expects that people who stay here are active participants in their communities. #nycsc #ows

They suggest that anyone who stays here should need to be signed for by a WG “point person”. Housing notes they tried. #nycsc #ows

The proposers ask how the community feels about that friendly amendment. Lots of uptwinkles. Ravi and Nan are pointing PoIs at each other

Ravi: “Hi! One of the things we’ve been working on really hard is to build strong relationships w/ communities” at churches “so that..”

Cont’d: “..everyone who wants to be actively involved in the community, can be.” Thinks OWS Work can get everyone involved. #nycsc #ows

Ravi also notes there have been many people here not participating. Also, people have not been coming to actions. “That is a problem.”#nycsc

Nan’s POI was pure opinion, but she notes that she suggested the same thing at last housing proposal. #nycsc #ows

Sully recaps: “We’ve had an amendment to require working group participation; and Housing has asked how ppl feel about that.” #nycsc #ows

Sully: “I’m seeing POIs all over, but sometimes you just have to keep rolling.” Starts temp check. “That looks pretty good.” #nycsc #ows

Someone interjects w/ a PoI, & it’s not informational. The room gets unruly. Sully, killin’ it: “Hey, room! Let me deal with it! Thank you!”

The proposers accept the amendment. Sean from Town Planning notes that ppl visiting need some kind of dispensation. #nycsc #ows

Ravi has a PoI, coaxes Sully to hear it: “Ppl from other occupations can join 2 working groups: Occupiers and Inter-Occupy.” #nycsc #ows

Next, Chris. “I have a concern w/ the proposal; I’ve been a member of this community; I’m concerned we have nowhere to stay tonight if…”

Cont’d: “…this doesn’t work out. But my concern is that as a group, we’re not really addressing the issue of whether we deserve this space.”

Cont’d: “Whether through all these spaces we’ve been offered and kicked out of, we’ve never addressed question of why we can’t…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…maintain this space, why we can’t come together as a group and be respectful of the spaces offered us. I think this proposal is..”

Cont’d: “…a good-faith effort to deal w/ these problems, but I think having a piecemeal solution at the last second under duress of..”#nycsc

Cont’d: “…not having somewhere to stay isn’t the way to do it.” Asks that we examine why this happens and ask if we deserve these places…

Cont’d: …generous support. Next: “My concern is it sounds like Pastor wanted actual piece returned; sounds like a lot of the proposal is..”

Cont’d: “…to replace it.” Suggests they add something to proposal for outreach for trying to get it back. #nycsc #ows

First point, proposer says, is to find the stolen piece. Sully notes this sounds like it’s more abt implementation than the proposal. #nycsc

Jake: “My concern is there are 2 ways we use this space; 1 is housing, 1 is SC. While I appreciate your effort to step up and say you’ll..”

Cont’d: “…enforce our agreements, I don’t have much faith it’s possible. I haven’t been very involved in housing; maybe it’s possible…”

Cont’d: “…there, but I don’t think it’s possible in Spokescouncil.” People have worked hard, but so far we haven’t proved we have a fix.

Cont’d: “So for us to go in front of Pastor and Congregation and put the name of #OWS on the line again, I can’t support that because…”

Cont’d: “…I don’t think we can do it.” Proposer understands, but notes that if we give up here, we lose housing and SC space. #nycsc #ows

Jeff PoI: “The proposer is asking for only one resolution. But these requests are from this community, that if they give their consent…”

Cont’d: “…to give to the pastor..” says that it’s valid for Spokescouncil to be raising these concerns. We all agree, tho. #nycsc #ows

Sully: “I’m hearing lots of different perspectives on what Pastor wants. But we did hear from the Pastor.” #nycsc #ows

Sully notes that what we really need is to decide if this is a proposal we as a community can move forward with. #nycsc #ows

Next, someone who stepped up to facilitate earlier apologizes “for yelling at you earlier, but when you see the room escalate,” hard to sit.

Cont’d: “I want to propose that 3 days from now, we have an event w/ musicians, comedy, speakers from community to speak…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…about what they wish to say, without being speaken over, ridiculed, judged, and will be a time for potential forgiveness.” #nycsc

Sully has to stop her, because it has nothing to do with the proposal. She gets up, upset, and leaves. #nycsc #ows

Jason from Faciliatation asks that we stop talking about this and just pass it, since “I don’t see it as that complicated.” #nycsc #ows

Next concern is similar to the earlier one that we shouldn’t ask for another chance without a solution to the problem. #nycsc #ows

“These churches have been asked to house activists for #OWS, and that’s just not what’s been going on in our housing.” #nycsc #ows

Proposer asks for a temp check on that friendly amendment, which is to say we’ll only be here another week, and then vacate. #nycsc #ows

The temp check was mixed to negative on that one, which isn’t super shocking. Ravi: “This whole situation has been really tough. I’ve been..

Cont’d: “..staying here for a minute. This is a tough room, and you guys have been fantastic, & putting this together is really admirable.”

Cont’d: “We should recognize that. My concern is regarding our inability to hold to our community agreements. There have been situations..”

Cont’d: “…where agreements that have been consensed upon that have been overturned on an ad hoc basis. There is no promise we could make…”

Cont’d: “ this wonderful man and this wonderful community that we couldn’t potentially break.” Suggests we need an exit strategy. #nycsc

Her FA is to empower “specific people with the authority to reject people who have violated those proposals.” Suggests it be De-Escalation.

Cont’d: “Without that, we are animals; if we can’t keep our word, we are animals. We must specifically empower people to help us enforce..”

Cont’d: “…community agreements by rejecting people if that is necessary.” She wants a process for that. Nan is yelling, because she knows.

Proposer: “I worked at SPSA for a long time, but I learned a lot and made a lot of mistakes. This won’t make me the most popular person…”

Proposer: “I worked at SPSA for a long time, but I learned a lot and made a lot of mistakes. This won’t make me the most popular person…”

Cont’d: “…in the room, but I agree. One of the biggest problems is that we came here with no rules.” The community agreement “failed.”

Cont’d: “And I’m sad that it failed, because there are amazing ppl here and I respect them and what they do. But because it hasn’t…”

Cont’d: “…worked, there need to be a few ppl who take responsibility and action so we can actually stay somewhere and not just…”

Cont’d: “…do something on empty promises, blindly, with no actual way to enforce it or do something for ourselves.” Accountability.

Cont’d: “…do something on empty promises, blindly, with no actual way to enforce it or do something for ourselves.” Accountability.

“There needs to be good people here, the good people who do the same work out there for #OWS every day. So I’m going to accept the FA.”

Sully asks her to clarify. Proposer: “De-escalation and some people from the community will be given a tiny bit of power to enforce.”

.@lmnopie suggests that people need to reckon w/ difference b/w work for movement and work at Churches. “That’s not work, that’s chores.”

Cont’d: “We all hv to do that.” Says people actually nd to be involved in #OWS, wants to extend FA to rule out “chores” as “work for mvmnt.”

Sage bursts out with an accusation, and immediately apologizes and puts his hands over his mouth. De-escalation pulls him aside. #nycsc #ows

.@lmnopie continues, expressing concern, like many, with lack of accountability. Reiterates her FA. Stairs notes we only have til 10:30.

Nan makes a personal attack at proposers and accuses them of “policing people.” “This movement is not about policing people…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…communication is what we’re missing. You can ask what they need.” “You opened the door for those ppl to defend themselves. And..”

Cont’d: “…a person like me, if people try to police me, I’m going to fight you. And if you touch me, that’s going to be another step. So..”

Cont’d: “ people really need to think about that.” Says is concerned with how folks are dealing with disruption. #nycsc #ows

Finally, gets to FA. “Before you guys try policing people, I’d ask tht you guys talk to person, ask what they need before policing anybody.”

The amendment is accepted. “We’re not about policing people, Nan; it’s not about throwing someone out.” Sully asks ppl to stop side condos.

Sully: ‘What I heard was a FA committing to a de-escalation tactic whn enforcement is required. A commitment to going through non-violent..”

Cont’d: “…channels.” That was accepted, he reiterates. Nan seems mollified. Sully: “That was the end of stack, and we’re…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…close to the end of time here.” Asks people to stick to topic, strictly. #nycsc #ows

Jake’s CQ: “Does the accepted amendment to ask people to leave apply to Spokes or just housing?” [Nooooooo! Don’t do it! -Ed.] #nycsc #ows

Answer is no, just housing. Room did not explode. Close call. Sully opens a stack for any desperately needed statements, Cs an FAs. #nycsc

.@wookietv notes we’ve already done those stacks; Sully clarifies that stack was closed before all were spoken. Corey: “That happens w/…”

Cont’d: “…every stack, and we don’t go back.” Sully recognizes this, but wants to give people a chance. There’s not much — stack closed.

Oh, 1 more, FA asks that “if de-escalation removes someone, the community has a chance to consense on it in meeting.” Accepted. #nycsc #ows

Max notes that “the pastor doesn’t expect us to solve our housing problems now; just wants us to make amends.” Sully clarifies that… #nycsc

Cont’d: …the Spokescouncil has expressed clearly that beyond amends, they want to be prepared to do better going forward. #nycsc #ows

Ronnie says that he spoke to Pastor, and what he wants most is cohesion. I guess we’re back to FAs; his is “if we are unable to maintain…”

Cont’d: “…and keep this space, then we leave the movement. If you want to maintain this space, you need to put yourself on the line for it..

Cont’d: “You need to go beyond words to action and own it, maintain this space, show the Pastor you’re serious.” #nycsc #ows

Sully notes that he saw a lot of response, but wants to be clear “it goes beyond what we can do in this proposal b/c it goes beyond…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…principles of solidarity w/r/t autonomy. We can’t require individuals to leave the movement, I’m sorry.” #nycsc #ows

People are frustrated with that, ask if that’s an opinion. “OK, I’m sorry; ppl didn’t like my process point, I’ll withdraw it.” #nycsc #ows

Tempchecking the FA. Proposer asks if people could be asked to leave the community instead of the movement. #nycsc #ows

Ronnie: “If we don’t follow the agreements, we should leave the movement. That requires an even greater sacrifice from us.” #nycsc #ows

OK, 2 minutes til we become some sort of self-propelling tuber, so we’re trying to wrap up stack ASAP. #nycsc #ows

Next, Jason. “I’m repeating myself: my concern is we’re out of time.” That’s it -ppl are basically chanting “vote”, which is weird. #nycsc

Nan is next. Sully: “I’m going to ask you: this is an outstanding concern or statement?” A: “Yes. If you need to remove someone, how will..”

Cont’d: “…you do that?” People reject this question; it’s implementation. Sully: “I feel we’ve already addressed tht as well as we can now.”

Proposal restated: “We’ll find the stolen font if we can, or replace it w/ artist’s work; we’ll apologize to congregation… we need to…”

Cont’d: “…change the dynamic, we need to hold people accountable, we need to be parts of working groups, we can’t just make empty promises..

She’s trying to figure out FAs: “The working group thing (not chores), de-escalation thing, 24-hour appeal process, and we need…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…to remove ourselves from the community if we break the agreements.” Sully: “OK, I’m going to ask the room; how do we feel?” #nycsc

Jake asks if we’re spokes, or individuals. Sully: “We’re still moving forward outside of spokes formation b/c we said we’d do this tht way.”

Blocks? 10 blocks. Ravi: “I <3 you guys, but we’ve in this community consensed on rules and changed them constantly in last 2 weeks.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “We have betrayed our word; ppl not on the housing list have been let in, because we dropped that rule. I do not believe that the..”

Cont’d: “..the community here has the moral or political strength to stick to the rules we agreed on. We can’t even stick in spokes to…”

Cont’d: “…things we all agreed on. Verbal altercations.” Doesn’t think we could give our word to this congregation. #nycsc #ows

Sully: “Is there an amendment that would allow you to remove your block?” A: “I don’t see how.” Folks: “She has somewhere to sleep tonight.”

Ravi: “I would like to first of all, say, I think personal attacks are really inappropriate. I was going to address that concern.” #nycsc

Cont’d; “There’s a friendly amendment on the table to ask the Pastor for 1 wk so we can create an exit strategy.” That would resolve block.

Proposer: “If we worked together for a week, followed every rule, could we bring it back?” Ravi is very skeptical… #nycsc #ows

Several of the blockers seem to feel the community consensus appeal process is a loophole. They want de-escalation to handle it. #nycsc

Jeff’s block: “The list of rules that were given to us were given to us by Rev Bob. I’ve seen this community come together to make…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…consensus to overturn the rules given by Bob, the landlord.” Doesn’t find that tenable. #nycsc #OWS

Proposer says that once a rule is broken, they’re out. But consensus is to resolve grey areas. Sully: “Can we clarify that the consensus..”

Cont’d: “…process is only for determining if a violation has occurred?” Yes. Jeff is possibly appeased. #nycsc #ows

Next Block: “I’ll remove my block if Spokescouncil will also go along with these guidelines.” Folks observe we’re not really SC right now…

Sully: “To clarify, we are still the Spokescouncil; we’re not meeting in Spokescouncil mode.” Hmmm. #nycsc #ows

Moving to next block. Jose, Medics: “I’ll continue tonight to help finding housing for ppl in this community. I think it’s a basic human…”

Cont’d: “…right. I think we need to take a step back and check what we’re doing. We’re talking about housing 100 people. I came here..”

Cont’d: “…to radically change the world. I want to develop housing as a human right for all.” Has safety concerns with providing services…

Cont’d: …in this way. “We can’t keep trying to service housing in this way,” yanking it out from under them. Hook them up w/ existing…

Cont’d: …resources, and “although they do it horribly, let’s organize to change that. Let’s stop harming people; that’s my sense.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “We’re not helping people by providing this space for a limited period of time, so I’ll block this.” #nycsc #ows

Jose also notes that he’d be interested in an exit strategy. Next, “I admire dedication and activism of those in housing…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…but this project is enabling the utter selfishness of some people and is damaging the movement.” #nycsc #ows

Lopi’s block is about “accountability, which is very close to consequences. If you do not face consequences you’re not being accountable.”

Cont’d; “If I don’t lock my bike up, my bike is stolen. I don’t have some daddy to get me a new bike. I have to face consequences.” #nycsc

Cont;d: “The situation wasn’t set up so this could happen, and people need to be accountable. The consequence is, we can’t have space.”

Cont’d: “The exit strategy for a week; I can try to find housing. That’s it.” #nycsc #ows

Nan’s block. “The reason I’m blocking– I have a very moral ethical concern; I don’t know what the process is we should be using.” #nycsc

If they can explain the exclusion process to her, “I’ll stand by.” But in the meantime, blocking. #nycsc #ows

Dovid, nearby me, quietly: “She has a moral, ethical concern to holding people to a moral, ethical standard.” #nycsc #ows

Next block points out that due process “of investigating what is actually occurring” needs to be established to avoid witch hunts. #nycsc

“If it’s clear, they’ve violated the rules consistently, at that point we’d try to help them understand that so they can leave on their…”

Cont’d: “…own merits. If they won’t leave on their own merits, then we may remove them as a threat to the community.” #nycsc #ows

Sorry, that was not a block; it was De-Escalation addressing Nan’s concern. Sully asks if it satisfies Nan’s block. Nan is worried by…

Cont’d: …the language “threat to the community.” “That worries me. How can you know they’re a threat if they choose not to move?” #nycsc

De-escalation gives examples: “If you’re making verbal threats, have weapons on you, pushed someone down stairs,” that makes them a threat.

Proposer says “I would accept a 2-week exit strategy for this place.” Sully says he understands that this removes several blocks. #nycsc

Sully: “I’m redoing the process; there’s an amendment that sets a 2-week exit strategy. How does room feel about proposal in its…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…newly-revised state?” Sully says it looks super mixed. “Are there any blocks to this proposal?” Nan: “I’m blocking.” #nycsc #ows

Many voices in unified dismay: “Why is she blocking???” [Tragically cute, like Bambi by the roadside… -Ed.] #nycsc #ows

Sully: “The proposal is the exact same proposal we just had, plus an amendment the says we’re only staying for 2 weeks…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…and over the course of it, we’ll develop an exit strategy that avoids people just instantly being left out in cold.” #nycsc #ows

Sully: “That 2 weeks is to allow for a plan to figure out what happens afterwards.” Someone clarifies: Jose: “For me to be comfortable…”

Cont’d: “…with this, this is not just 2 weeks to recreate this clusterfuck in another space. I think we should be very clear that…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…we leave this space 2 weeks from today, and we don’t re-enter another space until this body decides how we’re going to do that…”

Cont’d: “…and why we’re going to do that.” Specifically rules out people autonomously going to find housing and “calling that #OWS.” #nycsc

The proposer accepts that. Next block: “2 weeks is too long. I want one week.” Yikes. #nycsc #ows

Room very tense; it’s like the last 2 minutes of a Celtics-Lakers game… and yes, that’s a regrettably applicable metaphor. #nycsc #ows

(#NYCSC is still continuing over at @LibertySqGA3! Very intense right now.) #nycsc #ows

Another block is very personal, requests that Jeff & the proposer not be involved in the de-escalation. It’s accepted; block removed? #nycsc

Next, Archives: “Everything that’s happened in the churches and shelters is humiliating, embarrassing to movement as a whole.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “And as we keep prolonging this for another 2 weeks, what is going to happen? I’m embarrassed b/c of what’s happened in Housing.”

Cont’d: “Extenuating it for another 2 weeks — I don’t think we have to do that. I think 1 week is enough.” Holding block. #nycsc #ows

Sully asks what amendment would get her to remove it, she says 1 week. Proposer says it would be almost impossible to do for 100 ppl. #nycsc

P: “I’m asking for 2 weeks, in consideration of how many people have jobs and can’t meet all the time.” No, blocker stands. #nycsc

Anthony’s block: “We’re all being selfish here.” Feels we’ve really done poorly to spaces. “We’re not coming up with solutions.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “You’ve let lots of people yelling slide; when some ppl have tried to make sense out of process, you’ve shut them down.” #nycsc

Anthony tells us that he finds places to sleep. “We should be more damn resourceful! We’re activists.” Notes that we might need to…

Cont’d: …help sm people find a place to sleep who *need* to be under a roof, but others cn find a way. “The E train is warm all damn night.”

Cont’d: “I don’t want to see this fall apart .” Sully asks him if anything wld remove his block. “Nothing I’ve heard, unfortunately.” #nycsc

Sully prepares to move to modified consensus. “At this point, consensus has failed. We weren’t able to reach consensus. So now we’re…”

Cont’d: “…asking people to vote whether they’re for or against this proposal. If 90% are in favor, it will pass, in spite of the blocks.”

Sully: “Now I’d like all those in favor to please raise their hands.” Counting… #nycsc #ows

Not sure about official # of yeses yet. Now asking how many are opposed… #nycsc #ows

Sully: “We’re 81 in favor, and 7 opposed. It does pass by 9/10ths consensus.” Cheers from many! “We’re out of time, we need to leave.”#nycsc

OK fam! That’s it for tonite’s #NYCSC! Thanks for following along. Lots of interesting developments tonight. Peace and love and #solidarity.

[Any questions, comments, concerns, e-drink tokens, co-option attempts and missing baptismal basins, hit me up @diceytroop. Thx fam! -Ed.]

Tweets for Sun, 15 Jan 2012

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Hey fam! We’re starting #OWS General Assembly right now at the Atrium at 60 Wall Street. Follow here for livetweets. #nycga

Stairs: “Everyone here knows how this goes, right? So we can skip that?” Hahah. Yeah. Very small grp tonight due to #J15. #nycga #ows

Working group reportbacks! Class War Working Group will meet in the Park at 5pm, Wednesday. #nycga #ows

OccupyFarms: “I’m going up to a farm in VT to work for 2 months; there’s a work-share program. Leaving Wednesday! Let’s get our farm on.”

Facilitation WG: “We’ve passed a proposal to reduce GA and Spokes to 2 meetings a week each, and we’re going to bring it tomorrow to SC.”

OK, moving forward to announcements. No announcements! Oh, Anthony: “I just dropped my fork!” There we go. #nycga #ows

Moving onto proposals. Vision and Goals didn’t show up, so “the only other item we have is to ratify the transportation working grp.”#nycga

Transportation WG! (@TransportOWS) “We’re trying to ratify this WG; we had our first meeting Saturday. Purpose is to facilitate…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…transportation for occupiers and working groups. We’re going to utilize rental services; we have a Google voice # to be a…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…hotline, allowing people to call, and if they give us a headsup we can provide a vehicle or driver to meet the needs of the WG.”

Cont’d: “We would like the GA…” Sage PoPs to suggest we have “three GAs so that everyone here can be involved.” #nycga #ows

Jason responds: “There were 6 people in Liberty Square; we came here 10 minutes ago and went to every group and announced the GA would…”

Cont’d: “…happening here, so I’m trying to figure out why we would need to go over there to them when we already did that.” #nycga #ows

Sage is continuing to pick this bone with Jason, who is Facilitating. Sage: “I’ve tried several times to get your brain to simulate a GA…”

Cont’d: “…where everyone here is involved.” Sage says Jason isn’t trying to understand; Jason seems just to disagree. #nycga #ows

[Context: there’s other groups meeting, ppl chatting here in the Atrium; Sage is driving a point that is neither here nor there IMO. -Ed.]

Sage: “Fuck shit shit fuck fuck. How is trying to make it 3 GAs so everyone can participate hijacking?” Sage leaves, here we go. #nycga

Stairs: “What I’d like us to do is go back to this proposal.” So, back to the Transportation WG proposal. Nan is saying that they… #nycga

Cont’d: …are conflicting with another “Transportation WG” that Nan is working with. That was a PoI, but Jason notes it would be a “concern.”

Stairs: “To decide on this proposal, let’s actually hear the proposal.” Invites Transportation to resume after Sage’s interruption. #nycga

Proposer: “The proposal was to create this group I described earlier. I’ll restate so people that came in can hear about it.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “The proposal was to create a Transportation WG that would provide transportation to working groups and occupiers…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…when and where they need it.” Will have a transportation hotline. “If you call with a couple of hours notice, we’ll show up..”

Cont’d: “…with a vehicle that meets their needs. The goal of bringing this proposal is to have the GA ratify.” Notes they can change WG…

Cont’d: …name for Nan. Nan: “I told you, let’s work together. We don’t need a 2nd group.” Stairs PoPs her, opens clarifying questions stack.

Nan’s CQ: “When you brought the proposal to Spokescouncil, and I said, ‘we’ve been meeting for 3 weeks now,’ we did everything…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…we went to Spokescouncil, we went to GA and I told you you were welcome to work with us.” They meet Wednesday 5pm. #nycga

Nan is retelling her interactions w/ these people. “It’s a huge project and a lot of responsibility; the more people involved, the better.”

Cont’d: “My question is to you: when I went to you with that idea, why did you have to bring it here? You agreed to come to meeting, and..”

Cont’d: “…now you come here and do this.” A: “First, I’m still completely down to work w/ you and your group. Why I came here, to…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…answer your question, is I and a few other ppl had this idea; we thought this was the solution. We have specific things we want..”

Cont’d: “…to do, and a way to do it.” Will still go to her mtg; “if this group is called something else, that doesn’t matter to me.”#nycga

CQ: “GA has a spending freeze right now; what’s the point of doing this? You’ll have no money.” A: “The GA — there’s going to be some…”

Cont’d: “…discussion at spokescouncil tomorrow — I’ve been made aware — the GA only has one power over Spokescouncil, and that’s…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…to dissolve it with a week’s notice. They don’t have the power to stop SC from spending money. That may or may not be true…”#nycga

Cont’d: “…we’ll find out tomorrow.” So CQ says, you want to come to GA for approval, so tomorrow you can go to Spokes and ask for $. #nycga

POI: “RE: spending freeze, Metrocards are excluded from that proposal.” Nan’s POI: “The $ belongs to GA; Spokescouncil took some..” #nycga

Cont’d: “…power from GA, but if the GA’s freezing it, Spokescouncil has no say in it because it’s the GA’s money. Our money.” #nycga #ows

Stairs notes that that relates to something that happened last night and will be discussed at tmrw’s Spokes. “Let’s stick to this proposal.”

CQ: “Who is this for?” A: “I’d prefer to provide transportation to everyone at #OWS. I’d like if ppl called w/ larger groups, but…” #nycga

CQ: “And about trains?” A: “1 part I forgot was we intend to take the burden of Metrocards off of Housing’s hands. They don’t want..”#nycga

Cont’d: “…the burden.” Nan’s POI: “Housing only has Metrocards for 2 weeks; after that it has to go back to GA. They already know…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…about the transportation working group, so Jeff is already aware. If you go back to minutes long ago, it’s posted there.” #nycga

Proposer notes it’s unclear if Spokes can allocate money, but if it can’t, “that’s fine.” Doesn’t change need for the WG. #nycga #ows

CQ: “What’s the specific area you’ll serve that is different from the Transportation WG that already exists?” #nycga #ows

A: “We’d be available 24 hours a day to respond w/in a couple of hours to your transportation needs. AFAIK that doesn’t exist yet.”#nycga

Cont’d: “We haven’t developed a framework yet as to know who has a project and needs it, but we may in the future.” #nycga #ows

CQ: “What can your group solve that the other group can’t?” A: “I work w/ food, and a problem we have all the time is when transportation..”

Cont’d: “…is needed, like a van, it’s a scramble.” CQ: “Why haven’t you joined this other WG?” A: “TBH, I’m not sure how legit this WG is..”

Cont’d: “…there are no minutes online. I don’t know; I’m taking her word for it but there’s no evidence.” #nycga #ows

Jason (stairs) is trying to get folks to focus on Concerns. Nan: “One of the ppl who made the Transportation WG just walked out…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…he’s so insulted. We made the announcement at GA & Spokes.” Reiterates she reached out, asks where they’ll find money. #nycga #ows

A: “The answer is, I’ll volunteer to do this. There are other members of the WG who are willing to do this, ppl w/ driver’s licenses.”#nycga

(That was in response to Nan’s scoffing about their service promises (24/7)). Also, notes that if there’s no money, they’ll go outside OWS.

“If no one asks for transportation, we won’t drive anywhere. If you nd drivers, we show up.” CQ: “So suddenly we’ll have car service?”#nycga

Stairs notes that a lot of these things coming up could be concerns, and we’ve reached end of CQs, so we’re moving to Concerns stack. #nycga

C: “I’ve spoken w/ Nan & w/ you, but my concern is what you just said, made me say, “we at #OWS, before #OWS never had car service…””#nycga

Cont’d: “”…so why should we have one now?” It would be proactive to have these for specific events…” But Nan & he should sit down, he says.

Chris clarifies, saying that since there is little money from GA, it makes best sense for them to work together w/ Nan rather than conflict.

Anthony notes that there are “Alternative” working groups for certain things, so it’s not unusual to “have 2 wrkng grps” for the same thing.

Next C: “My C is how much this will cost; it could be really expensive, depending on how much your rentals cost.” #nycga #ows

He’s concerned that the vast promise to guarantee transportation is too wide open, and “our role isn’t as a car service.” #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “I see no need for people to be driven around like that.” A: “I have no intention of acting as a chauffeur. The problem I’ve seen..”

Cont’d: “…is not having people have to scramble when they need transportation for a project. That’s just something I’ve experienced.” #nycga

Cont’d: “RE: money, I don’t know what requests would be needed. I’m not asking for $ right now, and if I do, it will be very clear.” #nycga

Cont’d: “And if the transportation WG asks for a budget, and exceeds it faster than expected, that will just have to be the way it is.”

Nan’s C: “We’ve been fundraising, just in case the GA decides to open the account back up, it’ll be transferred to the GA, as that’s who..”

Cont’d: “…it belongs to. My concern we have with this is we’ve been making wrong financial decisions. That’s why we’re in the mess…” #nycga

Cont’d: “..that we are. Everyone around the world keeps asking for money lk we’re an ATM.” “You should be more wise; do yr homework.” #nycga

Nan: “My concern is without more evidence, more fact, I don’t know how your working group is going to survive when we have a budget freeze.”

A: “I do have some details about how much rentals cost; I haven’t been asked so I haven’t given details.” #nycga #ows

.@thejorobin notes that these are ?s that can be answered, “but to do that you need a working group.” “They’re not asking for a budget now.”

Someone suggests that maybe he should table to rework this. A: “We need to do this as a group and are looking forward to doing that..”#nycga

Cont’d: “…we’re asking to be allowed to be a group. I’ve made a mistake here; I attached my vision for what this group may someday do..”

Cont’d: “…that’s not what I’m asking the GA to approve. I’m asking to have this working group; that’s my mistake.” #nycga #ows

“By authorizing this WG you’re not authorizing all those details I described.” Another back and forth starts; Jason diverts back to process.

Ronnie’s POI: “I also created a Transportation WG in early Oct, and told Jeff from Housing; I know I didn’t come to you to consolidate..”

Cont’d: “…our efforts, but I’m concerned that my WG exists as well and isn’t being integrated into your effort.” #nycga #ows

Pavan’s C: “Abuse is a big concern of mine.” Next C: “Feel like this process has been hijacked; all the concerns have been about…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…what this group will do after it’s formed, & he can’t answer that yet.” Notes that other Transportation WG haven’t posted minutes.

Aurora withdraws her concern “because I feel like he’s right, and it pertains to what happens after they’re formed.” #nycga #ows

Next Concern is “this has been done 3 times before” and there’s no group. Will he do it right? A: “I just added it to the site.” #nycga #ows

Next C: “My concern is the frame of expense — it hasn’t been formed, but you’re describing a scale of expense that I don’t think we…”

Cont’d: “…have the income to support. You’re asking to form a working group that might have expenses far beyond” what we can afford. #nycga

A: “If there’s an amount of $ spent- it’s currently $0- these concerns can be raised w/ the $. I agree with you; the amount of money…”#nycga

Cont’d: “…that could be spent could be a lot, but” we haven’t proposed anything yet. Nan’s next. #nycga #ows

Nan: “I’m concerned abt you coming to us– what I understood, before you create a website, you have GA approval 1st.” Not vice versa. #nycga

Nan’s second concern is that this is a plot to get us to “have more debt.” [We’re $170k above water. -Ed.] “You’re asking us to have..”

Cont’d: “…faith in something we can’t even see.” Stairs recognizes 3 PoIs before he responds. #nycga #ows

Aurora’s PoI: “The last metro card proposal, they only felt comfortable passing it if during the 2 weeks we worked on other options.” #nycga

Ronnie’s PoI: “The WG criteria doesn’t specify what order you nd to do things in,” so Nan’s off-base. Other PoI was a dupe.#nycga

POI, @thejorobin: “No WG has been required to provide a budget before ratification, ever.” #nycga #ows

CQ: “Does GA apprvl give WG access to $100/day?” Ronnie: “Not until it meets all the requirements.” Proposer notes they don’t wnt it. #nycga

POI: “RE: ComHub proposal…” there’s some confusion… we’re looking it up. Confirmed, 30 day grace period only for existing WGs. #nycga #ows

(Means all new WGs nd to be ratified by the GA.) Nan asks, what if you already announced before proposal passed? A: Grandfathered til 20th.

OK, moving on to Friendly Amendments. Chris’ FA: “I wish you two would come to some type of understanding.” Wants to table til then. #nycga

A: “I accept the friendly amendment of trying to work with the other group; I don’t find the amendment to table friendly, but I do promise..

Cont’d: “…that my group will do our best to work with this other group.” They have about 8 ppl right now. “Personally, I’d like to see..”

Cont’d: “..the process go forward tonight without having to table it.” Next FA, Nan: “My FA; my working group already made the anncmnt…”

Cont’d: “…my friendly amendment is you guys work with us, and table to make this a better working group.” #nycga #ows

A: “I promise, we’ll work with everyone. It’s an open group and I will go to the other meeting & do my best to connect these groups..”#nycga

Cont’d: “..together. People who want to work on transportation for #OWS should be working together. This isn’t a power play; I want..”#nycga

Cont’d: “ solve a problem.” FA: “It snds lk you’re very sincere; what if you form a subgrp of this grp?” If doesn’t work, can come back.

A: “I’d love to work w/ the other group. How many people in that group?” Nan: “6 ppl.” A: “We have more ppl than in the other group.” #nycga

Also notes that they have posted minutes. “The other group doesn’t have posted minutes; we’re already more transparent.” #nycga #ows

Stairs notes that this is getting into unrelated things. “Let’s focus on this proposal to ratify this group.” #nycga #ows

POI: “This supposed transportation working group hasn’t done anything to my knowledge. Also, both ppl who are currently..” #nycga

Cont’d: “..using their private vehicles for #OWS, were at [this working group being proposed now’s] meeting.” #nycga #ows

FA: “Since the broader scope is to find any cheaper, more efficient means of transport, could you organize a bike share?” #nycga #ows

A: “I readily accept that; I’m going to bring that to the group.” Doesn’t want to call it Transportation in case there’s a conflict #nycga

Cont’d: “There’s a lot of things I want to discuss about transportation that are totally outside of what we’ll talk about tonight.” #nycga

Ronnie’s FA: “Like I mentioned before, I had my own transportation group.” Suggests they consolidate his into theirs, “so we’re all..”#nycga

Cont’d: “…working on the same mission together, because it’s about mission, not individuals.” #nycga #ows

A: “My group wants to work with *anyone* helping to facilitate transportation for #OWS. My group, your group, any group.” #nycga

Cont’d: “We can call it ‘Snails on the Wall’ WG; as long as we can facilitate transportation for #OWS.” #nycga #ows

FA: “We need transportation; different people have different ideas; let’s ratify, let’s get it going, let’s see who’s resourceful.” #nycga

Cont’d: “No one’s ever driven me; I carry food every day. So these groups are ghosts to me — let’s see who steps up.” #nycga #ows

Stairs: “I see lots of up twinkles on that, which says to me as facilitator that we all want to work together on this.” #nycga #ows

That’s it for FA’s; Jason asks how the GA feels “about moving towards consensus on this proposal.” “That looks fairly good.” #nycga #ows

Stairs asks if there are any standasides. Notes there is nothing to stop these groups from working together if they’re ratified. #nycga

No standasides. Any blocks? Someone suggests we restate the proposal. Stairs: “You’re right; I’m sorry.” Mea culpa, he says. #nycga #ows

Restated: “The transportation working group will facilitate transportation for #OWS.” Friendly amendments…going to @Buddhagem on Minutes…

Friendly amendments were: to set up a ride/bike share, work w/ anyone interested in similar mission, and to decline the $100/day. #nycga

Stairs: “OK, one last time, temperature check. That looks very good… any standasides?” No. “Any blocks?” Several blocks. #nycga #ows

Stairs: “As each blocker presents their block, we’ll go to response from proposer and try to see if we can resolve those concerns.” #nycga

Chris asks Jason to clarify what a block is. “It’s a moral, ethical, or safety issue so strong that you could leave the movement itself.”

Block 1: “This proposal to me just sounds like a pet proposal; sounds cool, but doesn’t benefit the group.” #nycga #ows

PoP: “That’s not a moral, ethical, or safety concern.” Blocker is non-plussed. #nycga #ows

PoI: “If you eat food, this is doing something for you, as it will let Kitchen bring food to you.” #nycga #ows

Nan’s block: “I block not only b/c of the money [What money?? -Ed.], but because it’s a problem if two ppl are doing the same thing.” #nycga

Next Block: “I feel the same way that she does, as far as the amount of $ being spent.” [There’s no money being spent. -Ed.] #nycga #ows

Block: “This doesn’t confirm to standard of this body. Who will be driving these vehicles? Do they have licenses?” Suggests refining. #nycga

Another block joined. “My block is a quorum issue. I’m concerned there’s only 20 ppl here, and if we push through consensus and it might..”

Cont’d: “…be not tabled but declined. It should be heard by more people who I think will be very supportive.” #nycga #ows

A: “I’d like to address everyone who spoke and talk about the concerns; I don’t think I can address them now, which means…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…this won’t pass, and that’s OK. I think you’re right; I wish there were more people here. Specific issues about what the group..”

Cont’d: “…will do after it’s formed.. we haven’t formed, so we’d want to work out those issues. A driver’s code of ethics is definitely..”

Cont’d: “…something we need to work out as a group. As an opinion, I don’t know if it directly affects the formation of the group…” #nycga

Cont’d: “As I said earlier, I made a mistake earlier giving too much info about my personal vision for the group.” He’ll table it for later.

Cont’d: “I was trying to move quickly to solve a problem I saw as urgent; not a power play, just trying to solve a problem. And honestly…”

Cont’d: “..I wanted to do it the right way.” Notes that it *is* a pet project in that it is something inspired by the logistical headaches..

Cont’d: …he’s run into working on the ground. Says many have affirmed what he’s doing and asked why it hasn’t been done earlier. #nycga

Cont’d: “Perhaps not seeing the need is a result of not running into the problems I’ve run into.” #nycga #ows

Ahh, sorry, forgot to close the GA tweets– yeah, t’was the only proposal: tabled. Have a great night fam! [ <3 -@DiceyTroop] #nycga #ows

Tweets for Sat, 14 Jan 2012

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Hey fam! We’re getting going here at tonight’s GA! Follow here, @LibertySqGA2, @LibertySqGA3, and @LibertySqGA4! #nycga #ows

Trade Justice’s reportback! Occupy Harlem wants to go protest Obama at the Apollo Theater, Thurs, maybe at 6:30. Updates: #nycga

Also, Rep Bob Turner, who supports mad FT agreements, is holding a fundraiser in Queens!. Protest 12/1, 10:45am, Portofino’s Restaurant.

Strong Women Rules is next. “How are you guys doing tonight? BTW, it was funny watching you do exercise. I want to applaud you for that.”

Next, Jake! The Tweetboat! “We tweet on @OccupyWallStNYC!” They’re doing some “direct action tweeting” coming up, re: the Occupied Office.

“We think that just as some ppl can call to complain abt us on 311, we can call to complain abt Wall Street! Come to mtg Mon, 11am 60 Wall.

Someone requests a reportback on the office: Jake: “I’m back! I’m not part of the office affinity group, but I did go to the open mtg..”

Cont’d: “…today at 60 Wall. A few days ago, there was an anonymous complaint filed with 311 saying the office space was housing…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…a “cult group” that was sleeping there w/ sleeping bags and tents. This is not true.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “However, building management, our strong allies the UFT, has still had to take the complaint seriously, and it’s led to a lot of..”

Cont’d: “…conversation between OWS, the office affinity group, and the UFT.” Right now access is strictly limited “basically to no one.”

Cont’d: “They’re looking at ways to address this in as fair&open a way as possible, hence the open meeting.” More:

Bobby from Accounting reports back: “Right now, although there’s a lot of money coming into the movement, it’s not going into the ..”

Cont’d: “…GA account. So we’re not taking in money right now. We spend about 50k a week; have about 170k as yet unallocated.” #nycga

Someone wants to know where the money coming in is going. “It’s coming in from other places, not to accounting.” Affinity groups. #nycga

Accounting WG meeting are Friday, 5:30, and also they’ll make themselves available for questions on the side now. #nycga #ows

Structure WG’s report back is next. “I’m Patrick from Structure! We meet on Fridays, same as Accounting, 5pm at 60 Wall. Something..” #nycga

Cont’d: “…that was really popular at our last meeting, which may interest some of you, is having fewer meetings or changing our schedule..”

Cont’d: “..of meetings throughout the week.” Feel it might give us a chance to “have some of the conversations we’re not having now.” #nycga

Cont’d: “If you’re interested in discussing this further, come to our next meeting, Friday at 5:30.” Atrium, 60 Wall Street. #nycga #ows

Nathan asks for a temperature check on his being one co-facilitator. Stephan asks if he can do the same, positive temp check! #nycga #ows

Joe asks for a temperature check on his being stacktaker; many up twinkles. @Zoetreuer asks to be timekeeper and greeter– same same! #nycga

Stefan will review the hand signals. “I’ll start with up twinkles, for agreement, “yes, I feel good, I like it.” #nycga #ows

“Downtwinkles — no, I don’t feel good, I feel pukey, I don’t like it. Midtwinkles, I can’t decide. One finger pointing up is speak up…”

Cont’d: “…and one finger raised means you have a factual Point of Information.” If someone said something incorrect, you could offer fact.

Next, a point of process. “We’ll get into the process we use; steps that let us be knowledgable and take ownership of a proposal as a…”

Cont’d: “…community agreement. If you feel we’ve stepped away from that process, you can put up a point of process.” Triangle w/ 2 hands.

Nathan reminds us that the point of process, as with all signals, should be directed at facilitation, not another person in the GA. #nycga

A clarifying question, signaled with 1 finger crooked into a C, indicates you have a question that would clarify the proposal for you.#nycga

Stairs: “First, the presenter will explain their proposal. Then we’ll have clarifying questions to make sure you, the body, understands..”

Cont’d: “..what’s being consensed on.” Next, concerns; express a concern you have. You can also express a friendly amendment that would…

Cont’d: “..resolve your concern” and make you supportive of or comfortable with the proposal. #nycga #ows

Nathan also describes step up, step back, which is a philosophy that reminds us to check our privilege and make space for those who…

Cont’d: …may have been traditionally disenfranchised or not encouraged to be heard. Using progressive stack is aimed at the same ends.#nycga

Now, a block. “You can temperature check down and let us know you don’t like the proposal, but a block indicates you have an ethical…”#nycga

Cont’d: “…moral or safety concern with the proposal.” Something that you couldn’t live w/. A stand aside lets you express a deep personal…

Cont’d: …concern, but not one that would cause you to need to stop the community from moving forward. #nycga #ows

Cont’d: When there’s a block, the proposer can offer an amendment to resolve the block. If any blocks stand after this, we’ll… #nycga #ows

Cont’d: …move to a 90% vote, called “modified consensus.” 90% must consent to the proposal for it to pass. #nycga #ows

OK, first proposal is from Direct Action and “a bunch of other things!” Stairs: “We’ve discussed giving 20 minutes to each proposal…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…and if you want to extend that, you can.” OK, sounds good. “How many proposals are there?” #nycga #ows

Nathan says there are 7. “Every day at 6pm, the facilitation team meets at 60 Wall and proposers can check in w/ the team.” #nycga #ows

That’s when the proposals are put in order. Otherwise, they go into a list based on their order on the website. #nycga #ows

OK, it’s Sully and Sparrow! “We’re bringing a proposal for an inter-occupy road trip to build solidarity with other northeast occupys!”

Sully: “We’ve spent the last several weeks networking with other occupations; have bottom liners for each city and…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…most cities have gotten consensus on this trip through their GAs.” Shadow: “This project came out of DA, but people from…” #nycga

Cont’d: …a laundry list of other working groups “are actively involved and participating.” “We want to strengthen the OWS network by…”

Cont’d: “…deepening our relationship with these other occupations.” Here’s the full text: #nycga #ows

“We’re in very explicit communication with these occupys about what’s going to happen when we get there,” determined by those cities. #nycga

Sully: “We’re structuring this 5 week trip in such a way as to include as many people from OWS that want to participate- instead of…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…sending people on a 5-week trip, it’s split up into 1-week leg.” No one will be on for more than 2 weeks. #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “We’re looking to be leaving towards the end of January.” Providence, Boston, Northampton, Hudson Valley, Albany, Ithaca, Syracuse..

Cont’d: …Rochester, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Scranton, Lehigh Valley, Occupy Philly, and then “Occupy Newark before heading back into town.”#ows

Cont’d: “For each city a team of 2 from #OWS and 2 from the host city” are planning events, logistics, etc. Using #interocc to support.

Cont’d: “The occupations we’re visiting have offered a lot for food and housing; this budget is the barebones we need for this trip.” #nycga

Cont’d: “Bus has a capacity for 30 people.” “The budget is being determined by consensus by sponsoring WGs, and is obvi…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…subject to approval by the GA. We’re requesting $9450, and asking that we have access to $6000 in case there’s a crazy emergency.”

Cont’d: “The budget breaks down as follows: we’re renting a converted school bus running biodiesel; there’s a van that will shuttle some..”

Cont’d: “…ppl between different legs.” Fuel, maintenance is about $2400;
“most food will be provided by other occupations but…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…want to be able to fill in gaps for ppl on tour, so we’re asking for $1500 food budget.” Total is $9,450. #nycga #ows

OK, stacking up clarifying questions. Nan: “You said the bus only holds 30. Will you pick and choose those 30 people?” #nycga #ows

Sully: “We’ll be rotating people in and out; probably about 100 ppl from #OWS will be able to participate. The slots will be allocated by..”

Cont’d: “…each working group getting a chunk of seats, and they’ll decide how to split up the seats.” Nan: “How big is the bus?” #nycga #ows

A: “It’s a full-sized school bus.” Kyla’s CQ: “Re: rental, could we ask if anyone could offer their vehicle for the time?” #nycga #ows

Sully: “We did do a lot of networking w/ as many as we could who could give us a bus; what we’re renting is from ppl we got connected…”

Cont’d: “…with through networks, and the price we’re getting is ridiculously low.” 10 to 20 times this, normally. #nycga #ows

POI from Bobby: “Part of our agreement w/ our fiscal sponsor is that no money coming to us frm thm can go to things that require insurance.”

A: “We’re paying a non-profit cooperative who owns this bus. They’re paying the insurance. We are not paying the insurance.” #nycga #ows

Bobby says it makes him nervous, though I’m not sure. #nycga #ows

Library’s issue is they’re not invited; they’re an “important group.” Sully: “We’d love to talk to you, sure. The groups are based on..”

Cont’d: “…feedback we’ve been getting from the other occupations. We’ll work all this out. That’s entirely possible.” #nycga #ows

Stairs: “Is it accepted?” Sully: “Yes. And also taking amendment that it all has to pass muster with accounting. “#nycga #ows

Stairs notes that proposals have passed with contingencies that certain issues must be resolved first. #nycga #ows

Nan’s concerned that her wrkng grp isn’t invited. “My first part of my FA that I want to add is I want the bus to be a bigger bus than 30.”

Sully: “We can look into that; I want to stay within the confines of this budget b/c I recognize where we are as a community w/ $ now.”

Sully will look to see if we can get a bigger bus for the same price. “What was the other thing?” Finance, Sully already covered it. #nycga

Sully: “The reason that some of the details still need to be worked out, but it’s important to pass, is that other occupations need…”

Cont’d: “…things to be set up — venues, etc — so we need to tell them very soon whether this is happening or not.” #nycga #ows

Sparrow notes that OccupyPittsburgh has rearranged stuff to accommodate us, so we need to give them a firm answer. #nycga #ows

Next concern: “I don’t think it’s a very good use of the limited funds we have, even though it sounds fun and useful.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “We can do a lot of this inter occupational organizing w/ conference calls, etc.” #nycga #ows

Sully: “I hear that concern. I believe that direct personal relationships are the basis of the kind of networking we need to do in the..”

Cont’d: “…region. Recognizing that there are limited funds in this community, we’ve started process of trying to raise funds on our own…”

Cont’d: “..we’ve done a Kickstarter and all of that.” Notes they want to use as little of the GA’s funds as they possibly can. #nycga #ows

PoI: “If working groups get outside funding, they have to be affinity groups and not working groups.” [I don’t think this is true. -Ed.]

Nan’s PoI: “People can actually fundraise the money; but I think they should give some to the GA acct.” Stairs: “Not a PoI, but thank you.”

PoI: “As being a part of an affinity livestream team, we are in the process of obtaining a mobile home and converting it into a mobile..”

Cont’d: “ center that will travel to different occupations.” Nick will be happy to touch bases with proposers on that. #nycga #ows

Sully reiterates, “This is what we’re asking for to tell these occupations yes, we will visit you.” “We need to be able to give an answer..”

Cont’d: “ we can’t leave everything contingent on things that may or may not work out.” Reached time; Nathan temp checks 5 more mins.

Continuing Concerns. “My concern is about the # of ppl. We have seen this proposal before at GA, it seems to me. It didn’t pass…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…doesn’t mean it shouldn’t pass now.” Wondering if all 30 people need to come to make it a success. “Could it be 10?” #nycga #ows

A: “The budget has nothing to do with the # of people; it would be mostly the same because it’s mostly costs of operating the bus.” #nycga

C: “I guess my question is, maybe we don’t need a bus, we can use a van and cram 10 instead of 60.” #nycga #ows

Sully: “We’re basing our programming decisions based on requests we’re getting from occupations.” Need array of things to meet requests.

Cont’d: “It also seemed necessary that we have a large selection of WGs, and can’t do that with 10 people.” So doesn’t accept the FA. #nycga

Next: “My concern and FA would be that you reduce the amount providing you get the Media person to provide transportation.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “At this point, considering the amount of $ we have, $10k seems like a lot.” #nycga #ows

Sully: “So if the FA is that we axe the money for renting the vehicle, if we can use this other vehicle- I accept that.” #nycga #ows

Nan notes that there was another group that we gave money to to travel to different occupations around the country. #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “Why don’t you work with those guys, since they passed already? Why do we need 2 different groups doing the same thing w…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…two different monies?” Sully notes that the previous Mobile Occupation group proposed something similar that didn’t pass. #nycga

Cont’d: “We’re proposing something similar because we think it’s important and it hasn’t happened yet.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: Notes walking occupation that came from MobileOcc is doing great. “I think these 2 projects can really complement each other well.”

Nathan suggests we extend time 5 minutes to move forward to consensus! Agreed. “Do we have any standasides?” #nycga #ows

OK, restating proposal. “The proposal is this funding request for this Direct Action-sponsored movement building road trip and…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…the 2 friendly amendments are that we get accounting’s approval and that we slash rental budget if we can use this vehicle that..”

cont’d: “…we won’t have to pay for.” 2 standasides. “Do we have any blocks?” There’s one. He says it sound like way too much. #nycga #ows

Sully: “It’s not bussing ppl to a single location; it’s bussing people to like 17 different occupations over the course of a month.” #nycga

Cont’d: “So, the reason for the amount of money is because it’s a long trip visiting lots of places.” #nycga #ows

Someone gives some PoI, saying that the price is in line with what he would expect it to be. The block is removed. #nycga #ows

Someone wants to ask what the specific goal is. Stairs: “With all due respect, we’ve allowed time for friendly amendments, questions, Cs.”

One last call for blocks. None! “So, we have consensus!” Yeah #Occutrip!

Next, Hermes! “I come here tonight to propose a wrkng grp called GRISP, meaning Group for Realism, Intelligence, Spirituality and Politics.”

Here’s the text of Hermes’ Grisp Working Group proposal: #nycga #ows

“Through our deepening understanding of these living concepts, and empowered by this knowledge, and its flow, can we save our countries..”

Cont’d: “..from many influences, attacks and suggested attitudes.” “OWS ought to be a credible alternative to failing officials and…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…institutions with problems they don’t comprehend in depth and cannot solve. As new as it might sound, #occupy in many…” #nycga

Cont’d: “..ways is the only hope for this country and countries around the world against the concealed war of hidden kings who control…”

Cont’d: “…in many ways, many things, including corporate power and the innocent masses and much more organized entities.” #nycga

OK, opening CQ stack. Jake: “My clarifying question is, on a daily basis, what would this group be doing other than having conversations?”

A: “This group will have many things to do. It’s not conversations, but analysis of fact and documents and organizing trainings for the…”

Cont’d: “..things that most of us are not prepared at the level of critical thinking. We are not able to understand many subtleties…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…happening that are concerning us.” Now, concerns stack. C: “I feel we have so many working groups right now that…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…it’s diluting our effectiveness. Not this group in particular, but in general.” A: “This group is for the big picture.” #nycga

Cont’d: “This group knows most ppl are tangled in the daily operations and don’t see the big picture. I said we need to be a credible..”

Cont’d: “…alternative. Why? Because politicians don’t understand what’s happening. But thank God, in #OWS there are some ppl who…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…know what’s going on even though some of us don’t seede the big picture. This group is addressing the big picture.” #nycga #OWS

.@jdegroot “My concern follows my CQ. I like trainings and convo you want to promote. But we already have forums where these conversations..

Cont’d: “…can take place such as Think Tank and Vision and Goals.” A: “I’m already in relation with those groups. What I’m talking about..”

Cont’d: “…here is special.” For example, spirituality is being unaddressed by those groups. “Most of us are not aware, and this poisons us.”

Cont’d: “Most of us are asleep and don’t understand that many of the problems here come from this level.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “How most of us become aware of it is one aspect of what this group will clarify.” That’ll be the concrete work of the grp. #nycga

Next C: “I think this workgroup has a potential to philosophically and spiritually attempt to steer the movement. That is dangerous and..”

Cont’d: “…breaks the horizontal leadership of the movement.” A: “The group is very far from doing that. It will address facts happening..”

Cont’d: “…at many levels that are affecting the movement in many ways.” Nathan notes we have 7 more minutes. Closing Concerns stack. #nycga

C/CQ: “Is this group asking for any $? It sounds like the kind of group that would be very useful, but doesn’t need funds.” #nycga #ows

A: “Money will never be our concern; maybe if you have documents that you’d like to be distributed to ppl, we’d like to help w/ that.”

Someone asks if WGs need to be approved. Stairs explains that as of recently all new groups now need to be approved by the GA. #nycga #ows

Next: “What is the purpose for this group?” A: “It’s to give #OWS the tools it needs to be able to move forward.” #nycga #ows

OK, that’s it for concerns. Opening Friendly Amendment stack. Dallas’ FA is first. #nycga #ows

Dalls: “Your acronym kind of stinks!” Suggests change from GRISP to GRASP, Intelligence to Awareness. #nycga #ows

Nan’s C: “You say you want to give back to #OWS; how will you do that? Are you going to basically raise funds?” #nycga #ows

Stairs notes 2 PoPs. Hermes: “It’s not about money.” Stairs asks Nan if there was an amendment in her statement. #nycga #ows

Nan says she wants to know how the group will “give back to #OWS.” Temp checking extending for 5 more… “that’s overwhelmingly negative…”

Cont’d: “…so we’re going to have to table the proposal.” Many objects, wanting to move to Consensus. #nycga #ows

OK, we’re moving forward to consensus. “Do we have any standasides?” 1, based on uncomfortability with access to petty cash. #nycga #ows

Nan’s standaside is because she doesn’t understand the mission of the working group. Sage suggests an amendment to not give daily budget.

“Do we have any blocks?” Yes, one block. They want the proposal written down to be more clear. So, we’ll move to modified consensus. #nycga

Someone PoPs to suggest that the block really isn’t a moral, ethical, or safety concern. Stairs notes we currently have no process to…

Cont;d: …challenge blocks, other than to move to modified consensus. Many are trying to explain to her what a block is. #nycga #ows

OK, so we’re moving to modified (90%) consensus, asking first for the total # of people: 26 participating. Now, ppl against? More than 3…

So, the proposal didn’t meet modified consensus. People suggest that he “do it anyway!” “Do your thing, man!” #nycga #ows

Here’s the next proposal: #nycga #ows

This proposal is for a working group to advocate against dependency: “Occupy Dependency working group.” The request is not for $. #nycga

“45 million of Americans are dependent,” the Proposer says. “We need to establish prevention program to stop new users, from age 9.” #nycga

Someone calls him out, out of process- “That’s a crock; you sound like them.” Sage joins in: this shoulda been higher on agenda. #nycga #ows

…frankly, his thick Russian accent is a communications problem for a lot of us, I think. #nycga #ows

CQ: “I want to say I think what you’re doing is very admirable, but what is the actual proposal you’re bringing to the GA?” #nycga

A is that he wants to start a working group. To change the system of services provided to those w/ chemical dependency. #nycga #ows

CQ: “Are you trying to form a working group around drug prevention?” Very confused. Proposer again asserts drug abusers are everywhere.

“Our kids are going through this problem. We need to create a new system. We have this project.” Stairs tries to interpret… #nycga #ows

Nan’s CQ: “You say you’ve been doing this for 10 years — why do you want to join #OWS? Is it a 10-step or 12-step program?” #nycga #ows

A: “We came here because our own voice was not loud. We’ve lost time; millions are effected. We’re large, but still not big enough.” #nycga

A: “Only us, free of drug addition, can help those people in their struggles. It’s not a life, it’s a real hell.” #nycga #ows

Moving to Concerns. Stairs suggests ppl make FAs for their concerns. C: “B/c you’re already established, how will your integration into…”

Cont’d: “…occupy go w/o isolating people? How will you be a part of the #occupy movement?” #nycga #ows

A: “To move these things forward at the national level, we need your voice. Our government will pay attention, need to change.” #nycga #ows

Nan’s C: “Will you be a working group that gets $100/day or an affinity group that’s already established?” #nycga #ows

PoP: “If they want to be an affinity group, we dion’t have to continue this conversation.” Nathan reminds them WGs can’t get outside funds.

Stairs suggests that we support the work they’re doing, but if they’re not going to be a working group, they can withdraw the proposal.

They agree! Stefan asks for a temp check to say whether we support what they’re doing. Uptwinkles, for the most part. #nycga #ows

OK, their proposal has a 2nd pt, which is about Occupy Condos (see the text I linked earlier). They’re describing that now. #nycga #ows

n, [ ;

This will also be an affinity group, so we’ll move on. Some folks want to skip to the spending freeze, but Stairs suggests we stay w/ order

Next, the Anarchist Education WG. “I have a lot of ppl who want to be involved, but don’t have time or money.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “If we had a budget, I could bring in ppl from MOVE org, Black Panthers, etc.” #nycga #ows

Here’s the proposal: #nycga #ows

Some folks balk at his suggestion we give speakers a “salary.” Proposer: “Well, you’ll give $100 to the cigarette WG.” OOOH. #nycga #ows

“We want to do some political education of these movements before they all die off.” Wants Legal to help document these issues. #nycga #ows

“There are political prisoners all over this country tt nd to be supported, IMO, by eductinl encmpmnts.” Asks if we know what COINTELPRO is.

So, he wants money to pay stipends, make fliers, etc. POI: “This sounds almost exactly like the training DA is developing.” #nycga #ows

A: “This is an educational group.” Now opening stack on CQs. CQ: “What does this have to do with us, and how does it move us forward?”#nycga

A: “If you don’t understand what the government is doing…I want them to work with Legal. If you want to oppose the gov’t and create…”

Cont’d: “..the society we want, we need to study the government.” Notes #OWS didn’t invent democracy by itself. #nycga #ows

PoI: “The NLG/Legal are also wrkng on smthing similar.” CQ: “Why should anyone in any working group be getting paid, especially anarchists?”

A: “They have to take a day off. No one will take a day off for free.” Some giggles from group. #nycga #ows

Someone asks the Legal point of info-er if they’re working to document our unlawful arrests. Yes, they are. Someone asks if person he…

Cont’d: ..wants to pay for teaching services is a teacher. “No, he’s someone who I think needs to be heard by a large amount of people.”

CQer replies, “I think there are many here with experience who are sharing knowledge and skills w/ people without receiving payment.”#nycga

Next: “I just want to say, there is some kind of inherent arrogance in yr proposal. It’s about important info, but if you could…” #nycga #

Cont’d: “…reconfigure it so that it is less biased, it could be great, but for now I don’t think it’s ready or good for the movement.”

The concern was aimed at the calling it “anarchist’ and asking for payment for things people have been doing for free. #nycga #ows

Jeff’s C: “This is a great proposal, but I’m concerned it won’t pass because of the language you’re using.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “RE: his boss not liking him taking a day off work; we use money for actions and different things. It’s a volunteer movement…”

Cont’d: “…but at the same time, I think Fred Hampton’s son should come here. So, I think it’s the way you’re wording it.” #nycga #ows

P: “There are ppl who I think have asked for ridiculous working groups. I.e., someone asked for money for a tobacco WG. That’s ridiculous.”

Proposer wants to show history of movements. “I want to show historical documents, pamphlets, background. It’s not about give him a free..”

Cont’d: “..ride, it’s that economically he can’t come to do anything for free. Is that better?” #nycga #ows

Next: “If this guy feels he has something to say that we’d benefit from, he’ll come here on his own.” #nycga #ows

Stairs suggests he’s hearing an amendment in these concerns that we’d be behind him if we weren’t going to pay for ppl to be involved.

The proposer accepts that amendment. “How much would that reduce it to?” A: “$1000.” Next concern: “We haven’t seen an itemized budget..”

Cont’d: “…listing where every dollar will be spent.” A: “I can address that, but in order to do this, I won’t have every penny itemized..”

Cont’d: “..right away. In order to do this, I need to know how much money I can get. How many fliers,, what I can do for these people.”

We’re out of time, but we’re done w/ Qs, Concerns, and FAs (no one has anymore), so we’re tempchecking moving to consensus. #nycga #ows

No consensus on continuing, so the proposal is tabled. Next up: The spending freeze proposal! #nycga #ows

Jason: “I brought this proposal last week, about freezing #OWS spending. I brought this for many reasons; one is that so many ppl talk…”

Cont’d: “…about problems w/ the way we spend money at #OWS.” Many solutions to this. Wants to freeze all funds except bail funds… #nycga

Cont’d: …until we re-occupy. Notes there are lots of conflicting friendly amndments he’s gotten, ranging frm freeze some to end petty cash

“So, I brought it back to this (the core proposal). I told ppl I’d bring it back in a week. Here’s what I came up with…” #nycga #ows

Here’s the text, although there are some major differences as presented tonight:

The proposal is to freeze funds until we have a “financial assembly” on Feb 4th, and then once a week thereafter, and that assembly…

Cont’d: …feels we’ve agreed as a movement what to do with our funds. (Some disruption now, but we’re resuming.) #nycga #ows

Jason also suggested he could hear a friendly amendment to exempt funds allocated for food, housing, and metrocards. #nycga #ows

Jason: “This is so we can talk about the reasons we’re here, and not money.” Notes it’s going very quickly. #nycga #ows

“We need to check ourselves and say, ‘why do we do this? what is this mvement for?'” Also wants to make precedent of bringing dissent to GA.

“It’s important to do so we can solve problems, by bringing proposals, and using consensus to change it until it works.” #nycga #ows

“I’m ready to come back again and again until we reach consensus on this. Thank you.” #nycga #ows

Jason suggests that maybe we can have a short discussion stack, before moving to consensus. Robert suggests this goes against CT Butler’s…

…suggestions, but Nathan temp checks it with the GA and the GA agrees. #nycga #ows

Here’s the proposal, sorry about the pic quality: #nycga #ows

Chris is first on stack. He feels that though we have issues w/ how we deal w/ money, cutting out services we depend on is not the answer.

Chris refers to the FA to exempt food, housing, metrocards, but still feels that a blanket freeze for everything else is reckless. #nycga

Chris says he suggested to Jason that a process of determining which expenses are pertinent or not first would be better. #nycga #ows

Next: “I know you don’t like that the GA has become about spending $ instead of activism, but why not just let us spend it all?” #nycga #ows

Next, Bobby, Accounting: “We have about $170k unallocated, and spending $50k a week. So conservatively we’re broke in a couple of weeks!”

Cont’d: “So, let’s talk about what we want to do with what we have left, before we completely run out.” #nycga #ows

Dallas notes that other organizations are totally broke and it’s not a big deal; mentions Rainbow Family that operates on trading economy.

Sage: “Very soon, we’ll go broke. We should practice something before you do it. If we freeze, we can consider it as practice.” #nycga

Sage notes that disruptive person before, Maximus, asked why housing and food is going to “derelicts.” “If that’s true, it might be b/c…”

Cont’d: “…are not focused on our housing. If there’s no light, there’ll be mold.” “There are so many ways ppl can participate in #OWS..”

Cont’d: “…right now, it somewhat devalues what we’re doing.” Suggests this will cause a focusing to occur. #nycga #ows

OK, moving to clarifying questions, since we hit our second time extension on that. #nycga #ows

CQ: “Are you looking to keep Metrocards & Housing and Food out of the freeze, and how much is that?” A: “Would accept as a FA.” #nycga #ows

Haywood’s POI: “Aside from sending money to other occupations, almost all of our money goes to those things.” #nycga #ows

Patrick: “I think there’s a lot of support for what you’re proposing, though maybe not as stated. I think we should freeze after 2 weeks…”

Cont’d: “..until such time that GA and Spokescouncil come up with a budget, which is the conversation we haven’t been having.” #nycga #ows

Stairs: “Is there an amendment there?” A: “Yes, do housing, metrocards, food for 2 weeks, freeze afterwards until we consense on a budget.”

Next CQ: “There’s some spending we’ve already agreed to on a monthly basis; i.e. hosting website. Would we renege on commitment to pay?”

A: “Yes.” CQ: “So our website would go offline?” A: “That would be part of it, yes.” POI: “Currently, WGs cannot accept outside funding.”

Haywood: “They are allowed to raise money outside of the GA; they just can’t get money from GA also.” #nycga #ows

Jake asks where that came from. Many people not sure. Next, Evan: “Is there vision for how we’re going to fundraise moving forward..” #nycga

Cont’d: “…sitting on this money we have, is there a strategy for that moving forward?” A: “That’s not part of this proposal.” #nycga #ows

No more CQs, now opening stack on Concerns. “If we waited to do the freeze, wouldn’t we be broke anyway?” A: “Yes, it seems that’s true.”

Jeff’s C: “I’m concerned this mvmnt is spending money on things that perhaps don’t further our cause. Also, accountability. But…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…I came here to protest corruption. But not that our economy exists. I have a feeling we’re having a problem spending money..”

Cont’d: “…but if we just freeze money, that makes us no better than those bankers. How you use $ is a difficult challenge and that’s…”

Cont’d: “..exactly what we’re here to protest. And if we just get rid of money, we duck that challenge.” #nycga #ows

Jason says that’s exactly the basis, that we stop spending until we decide on how exactly we want to do it. #nycga #ows

C: “If we stop funding, services in place won’t be available. If we freeze funds, you’re telling ppl in churches, “gee, you’re SOL.” #nycga

Cont’d: “These people have come in good faith. Maybe a better way is to say, ‘let’s raise some funds.'” #nycga #ows

OK, we’re out of time- tempchecking continuing. Nathan: “That’s very mixed. What happened previously is we had…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…gone through the process on the last proposal, so we were able to just wrap up over time.” “How abt 5 minutes?” OK. #nycga #ows

C: ” I see a lot of value in this; obviously the money is going quickly. Very concerned about cutting off money that has been allocated…”

Cont’d: “At that point, I’d probably block, b/c you have to keep momentum of movement going.”Acknowledges need for org. dev. tho. #nycga

Suggests we amend to cut off the $100/day budget, and keep spending current commitments, don’t enter into new commitments. #nycga #ows

A: “Concern is that I don’t actually know what all the commitments are– many here don’t.” Accounting will weigh in. #nycga #ows

POI: “We have a # of outstanding bills, some services, but need to wire money to Oakland. You’d have us renege on those promises?” #nycga

Jason asks us if we like the amendment to exempt current obligations — we do, so he accepts. #nycga #ows

Someone from Occupy Chicago definitely agrees w/ need for budget, is somewhat appalled at WGs’ $100/day budget. #nycga #ows

Nan’s concern is that medical isn’t accounted for, noting they do a lot of important work. “You’re cutting ppl who will get sick…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…especially in Winter.” Suggests we keep half of the medical budget. Finance notes they get $2k a week. #nycga #ows

Next, Bobby. He suggests we let Housing put one more proposal forward on Monday. Jake, next, likes financial assembly idea. #nycga #ows

Jake: “Let’s have the financial assembly like, really soon! Like 2 days! Repeatedly coming to GA, there’s too many variables.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “Let’s just start budgeting right now.” FA is to start financial assembly very very soon, within few days, not freeze money. #nycga

Jason likes idea of moving financial meeting earlier, but is concerned b/c he’ll be in DC for a week, protesting Congress. #nycga #ows

After some parsing, we decide the FA is to table the proposal and call for a financial GA within the week. Jason doesn’t take the FA. #nycga

Patrick suggests that we freeze the spending for 2 weeks, but allow essential items (housing, transport, food) and things already approved.

POI: “I think it was just confirmed that if we do accept that amendment then we’re broke in 2 weeks and it’s moot.” #nycga #ows

Bobby notes that the other FA would prevent food from being cut off; another FA would let housing make another proposal. #nycga #ows

Bobby also notes we have a fundraising group that hasn’t brought much back to the GA yet, but we should help out! #nycga #ows

Jason feels like the amendments he’s already accepted have resolved that. Notes that concerns should come out of FA. #nycga #ows

Jason feels like, yeah, “let’s find a way to have a comprehensive budget, we’ve already said, keeping food, housing, medical in half..”

Cont’d: “…and pre-existing things.” Patrick restates his amendment and this time Jason excepts. Jake is confused; FAs have contradicted.

Jason reviews: “We’ll freeze all spending except food, half of medical, housing (1 more proposal), transportation, things already..” #nycga

Cont’d: “…approved — and working towards a financial assembly starting early next week to make a budget, discuss fundraising, and..”

Cont’d: “…our vision for how we want to spend $.” Jason is getting humorously frustrated as ppl try to help. “Dammit! Stop saying things!”

We’re out of time again, Stairs asks how we feel about extending time again. “That feels very positive.” Continuing on… #nycga #ows

There’s some confusion as to whether we have already done FAs; feels like it morphed from concerns. Cold GA brain in effect. #nycga #ows

Robert asks when this takes effect. “Right now.” He’s concerned about his reimbursement, but Jason reminds that is excepted. #nycga #ows

Someone asks to clarify which medical group — both of them, is the answer. #nycga #ows

Haywood’s FA: “I’d like to withdraw cut from medics; feel it’s wrong to cut their pre-approved budget in half w/ no medics here.” Accepted.

So, both medical groups keep their budgets. Darryl suggests he thinks we’re making this hard by not having line items in front of us. #nycga

Daryl’s FA: “Let’s just cut off proposals til end of week for >$1000, put full freeze on end of week for $100/day, etc etc…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…and in the coming week, accounting will provide a line item record of what we’re spending on.” #nycga #ows

So, FA is to table all proposals over $1000, at the end of the week, get info frm Accounting, then get budget w/in one more week or, freeze.

Bobby from Accounting suggests that data is already set up; we just need “something like a financial assembly” to review that data. #nycga

.@occupymusician notes we’ve been outside in cold for 4 hours. “I don’t think we can have a process to resolve this now.” Ice cream brain!

Nathan also notes that given the # of amendments, it sometimes means that a proposal needs to be more hashed out. #nycga #ows

Last on FA stack: Nan! “You mentioned you’re going to put the freeze now; my concern is we’ve got ppl who have outstanding receipts…”

Cont’d: “…if this is freezing now, people won’t get to be reimbursed.” Also notes Occupy Copy and Screenprinting Guild rely on $s.

FA is to work w/ Outreach. Jason suggests that receipts w/ dates before this be considered expenditures before the freeze. #nycga #ows

Restating proposal: “Freeze $ now, except funds already approved, including continual spending, medical, per diems of past receipts…”

Cont’d: “ budget, metrocards, and housing gets to bring their next proposal.” And we’ll have a financial assembly early next week…

“…which will talk about setting a comprehensive budget, and the freeze continues until FA meeting, which needs to have ppl from each WG.”

Stairs asks how we feel about moving forward to consensus! We want to! We’re cold! #nycga

Any standasides? 4. Robert stands aside, noting that he feels we’re echoing the world situation. “Belttightening in a crisis,” down sparkle.

Someone else stands aside, noting that an assembly won’t necessarily solve questions of vision. Any blocks? “No blocks?” CONSENSUS! #nycga

Haywood: “Wait – this fucking passed? Holy shit!” Hahahah people are dancing. OH WAIT THERE WAS A BLOCK! #NYCGA #OWS

Elizabeth is blocking b/c she feels we’re stressed out, it’s cold — “we’re not processing this. It’s not fair to the process.” #nycga #ows

Elizabeth drops block, tho, once given the chance to ask if ppl think the process was fair, and they seem to say it was. CONSENSUS! #nycga

OK! That’s it for tonight! Closing the GA! After announcements! John, Occupy Oakland: “It’s great to be here, even tho it’s hella cold!”

Cont’d: “We never get this cold in Oakland. Also, thank you for your support in the past, and we want to invite you if you’re able to…”

Cont’d: “…join us and other west coast occupies in shutting down the unloading of the EGT ship in WA when that happens.” #nycga #ows

No more announcements! OK, that’s it fam! Questions, comments, concerns, hit me up at @diceytroop! Word! #nycga #ows

Tweets for Fri, 13 Jan 2012

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Hey fam! #NYCSC Spokescouncil is getting started. Follow here, @LibertySqGA2, @LibertySqGA3, and @LibertySqGA4 for livetweets! #ows

Jason from Facilitation, @zoetreuer are facilitating (I’ll call them Stairs for short!) First, we’ll do working grp reportbacks. #NYCSC #OWS

First, Sustainability announces that environmental-focused working groups will meet 2ish pm Saturday, the 28th. More info to follow. #NYCSC

Also, Sustainability are working to develop a 5,000 square foot rooftop farm in Bushwick in partnership with other orgs! #nycga #ows

“We’re still in development stages of how we want to do it; we have Dr. Susan Rubin and Andrew Faust helping us design it.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “The NLG won a profound victory for us, getting those barriers torn down. That’s the first place we came together…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…where the public could come in and engage. And I know I didn’t have that voice before and I have been changed by having it.”

Cont’d: “We invite you all to remember the first time you entered that park, the hope you felt knowing something greater than yourself..”

Cont’d: “…was happening. And even though they destroyed our community in that space, they haven’t licked us.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “We want you to consider having your WG meetings in Zuccotti Park. If we did, we’d be occupying, all the time.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “The public would be able to re-engage with us, and we could open that space in our own terms.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “They can take our tents, but they can’t take our hearts and minds and our work. The question isn’t what are our demands..” #nycga

Cont’d: “…it’s what are you doing to create change? And we’ve all been working, & want to show you. We invite you to come out of hiding.”

Sustainability describes an anecdote: they had a meeting in that space, and many people came. “If we’re there, they will come.” #nycga #ows

She describes a coal miner / activist who came to Liberty Square simply to thank us, for giving him hope he’d lost over years of struggle.

Cont’d: “When the snow melts, and the flowers blossom, we will rise back up. So we invite you to join us in rising up.” #nycga #ows

Next reportback: Where Workers are Owners — specifically designed to help OWSers find self-employment. #nycga #ows

“We have this idea that the 1% doesn’t like people being employed by themselves, in their own groups — over time, as ppl do this..” #nycga

Cont’d: “…their exploitative companies won’t be needed.” They plan to exploit 1% rather than letting them exploit us. #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “We’re getting work for ppl who know how to design websites and give music lessons w/ specific instruments. And I’d like to..”#nycga

Cont’d: “..extend that to any artist.” No matter your discipline “there are people who really want to study that.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “This is my personal conviction; we have a company set up so they can’t bother us.” We’ll boycott the 1%’s jobs. #nycga #ows

“If you’re involved in an artistic discipline, or if you know an artist who’s broke, put ’em in contact w/ me!”

Next, Nick from Facilitation reports that Facilitation is working on a plan to try to reduce the number of GAs and Spokes. #NYCSC #OWS

Nick invites anyone who wants to be involved in writing that proposal to come to the FWG meetings, TuThSat, 4pm. #NYCSC #OWS

Next: “I’m a photographer, and I run a blog — Just a Tumblr; no commercial or media interests attached.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “I’m here w/ my camera, and I’m wondering if I can take occasional pictures. If you’re not cool w/ that, let me know.” #nycga #ows

Malina, of Outreach and Politics and Electoral Reform: “We have 2 events centered around the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling..” #nycga

Cont’d: “…which is two years old on Saturday.” Will have many great speakers, students, community leaders, 5-7 Friday 1/20. #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “And Sat, Occupy the Corporations. And will include an Occupy the Faith contingency. 12:30-2:30 Saturday 1/21.” #nycga #ows

Next, :Legal. “Legal could really use some help, b/c I don’t think anyone else from Legal’s here right now. We’re not lawyers…” #nycga

Cont’d: “..but there are a lot of things an activist legal team can do. So if you have an interest in working on legislation or…” #NYCSC

Cont’d: “…anti-repression work,” should get involved. Sundays, 6:30 at 60 Wall. Also working on global anti-repression work. #nycsc #ows

Camille, continuing, makes point that other movements have been hampered by impacts of repression. She wants to avoid that for #OWS. #nycsc

Jason from Housing: “We’re still working on our showers and some of the things we need for basic living here at West Park. Will bring…”

Cont’d: “..a proposal for that later. And in terms of internal work, and we’re thinking about having a night off someday, if you get..”

Cont’d: “…a chance to look for good activist speakers to kind of rally the troops — we’ve been taking a lot of shots.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “So, just having people help us get riled up on a daily basis, like a rally instead of a meeting, might help us out. We might…”

Cont’d: “…learn something.” Notes that the church can accomodate like 600, 700 people for a meeting/rally. #nycsc #ows

Katie w/ OWS Works: “RE: the office; there was an anonymous complaint that there was a mini-Zuccotti in the office, which is..” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…obviously not true.” So they’re working w/ UFT, building management to figure out what kind of access they’ll have. #nycsc #ows

There will be a meeting tomorrow at 1pm about the Occupied Office. #NYCSC #OWS

Katie also announces that if you were penned in during the Obama dinner fiasco, a law firm is working towards a suit, get in touch! #nycsc

OWS Works is having a community meeting 1/19 at 6pm in the Atrium to plan town halls they’re having. #nycsc #ows

Outreach: “We have a printing budget! If you want printing, all you have to do is email; just have a working group listed.”

Cont’d: “And also, b/c we were sort of using the office as our dropoff/pickup point, there are some prints up there that I don’t have..”

Cont’d: “…access to, but we can work with people to get the prints they need.” #nycga #ows

Next, Patrick, Vision & Goals: “I’d like to take a min & read something to you very quickly. This is the work-in-progress vision statement.”

Here’s the Vision proposal from Vision and Goals Working Group: It’s in front of GA, not Spokes, tho. #nycsc #ows

Patrick from V&G is explaining that they’ll keep bringing it to GA until they give the sense it’s done, then they’ll seek consensus! #nycsc

One more: OWS en Español: “We’ve passed a resolution approving some funds — conducted a radio program for a month and a half…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…it’s 2 hours, every Saturday, in Spanish, 89.3 FM.” Spanish assembly approved money… #nycsc #ows

Oh, this is the first proposal. “The program runs every Saturday 7-9pm at 89.3FM. Our mission is to empower our community to present laws..”

Cont’d: “ the city council, at the state level, where the communities are involved.” First want a measure to have Council read every…

Cont’d: …proposal they discuss on cable and TV channels. “Also, the radio program belongs to #OWS en Español and the community.” #nycga

Cont’d: “Those are the two bodies this program will belong to.” Want ppl to see what we’re doing!” #nycsc #ows

So, OWS en Español proposal says that they passed the money in OeE but Accounting made him get it through a GA or SC proposal. Wheew..

Stairs clarifies: $750 for a radio and TV; part of what they also want is to have a digital library. I’m still not totally clear tho. #nycsc

Proposal’s not on the website, but I bet we’ll have some good “clarifying questions” about this. #NYCSC #OWS

First CQ: Facilitation. “Exactly how much time does $750 give you with the radio station?” A: “The whole program is 2 hours, every Sat..”

Cont’d: “…but all the money will be also towards expanding the program, leaflets, other mediums to expand into the community.” #NYCSC #OWS

Cont’d: “So it lasts for 2 weeks.” #nycsc #ows CQ: Library. “Is this the first time you’ve asked for $; will you ask for more?” #NYCSC #OWS

A: “We want this to be able to sustain itself, using small businesses, who will buy advertising to be sustainable.” #nycsc #ows

CQ restates Q, A: “Yes.” #nycga #ows

Someone asked something I couldn’t hear, but the answer is “$150 to pay the sound engineer.” $20 for transportation? #NYCSC #OWS

Proposer says he’s not in charge of all the details. Sustainability, CQ: “Thank you for the proposal. I didn’t understand a lot of it, so..”

Cont’d: “ Q may have already been A’d. Bt you said this was an ongoing show; but you said that was to pay 1 session of engineering.”

Questioner isn’t sure whether it’s an ongoing effort. Answer is that pays for 2 sessions? #nycga #ows

TechOps’ CQ: “We can’t offer you anything right now, but if you didn’t need the tech and engineer, would they charge you just..” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…to syndicate the show itself?” A: “We don’t have facilities for television, just radio. That’s pt of the idea, we could expand.”

That’s it for CQs, so we’re moving onto concerns! Working groups have conferred, so we’re opening stack. #nycsc #ows

C: “Is this only broadcast in Spanish? I think it’s great that you want to broadcast bills, but I live in those neighborhoods too…”

Cont’d: “…and I don’t speak Spanish. Will it be translated?” #nycsc #ows

A: We were handed over a program that has always been in Spanish. #nycsc #ows

Next, OWS Works’ concern: “Since this is a complex proposal, we’re wondering if we could have the proposal written out and up on the site.”

Cont’d: “Then, you can bring it back to Spokes on Monday.” #nycsc #ows

Next concern; if this *does* sustain itself after two weeks “it’ll be worth it.” Wants some assurance of this. #nycsc #ows

A: “It’s been working and airing over 1.5 months; we can write out the proposal…this is just til we get on our feet.” #nycsc #ows

Next, “I understand more, but now I’m confused. The program has been run for 1.5 months. So you want to expand your listener base for 2wks..

Cont’d: “…and that will solve your finances?” A: “We’ve been paying ourselves, but no one will give you 2 hours for free.” #nycsc #ows

So Stairs tries to clarify that the money is for time already used, tht they can’t pay. Library gets up to support distributing info. #nycsc

Anthony from Class War WG asks that we support it so people from other communities, like his family, might support #OWS. #nycsc #ows

An FA: “I support what you’re doing, but the proposal was so unclear. Next time, can you bring more details?” A: Proposer was asked last min

Tech’s FA is that they can maybe defray some costs by providing their own resources/engineer in future? Accepted. #nycsc #ows

Next FA: “I agree it’s necessary and worthwhile; but my concern is with sustainability. What is going to sustain this going forward?” #nycsc

Cont’d: “So, a plan for that — maybe bring it back with a plan to make sure it can keep going.” #nycsc #ows

A: “We’re working to make it sustainable — we’re going to list resources we have between us,” invite skill shares. #nycsc #ows

So, the FA is accepted — next time, if “you come back for more money,” bring a plan for it to be sustainable. #nycsc #ows

OK, restating the proposal: $750 for the OWS en Español radio program! With accepted friendly amendments as previously stated. #nycsc #ows

Moving to consensus. “Are there any standasides?” No standasides. “Are there any blocks?” No blocks. Consensus! #nycsc #ows

Next proposal! Max from Facilitation will present. “We’ve been having SC in this space when it’s available, which is usually!” #nycgs #ows

Cont’d: “We’d like to continue doing so!” We’ve been getting serious discounts. The proposal is for funding for Spokescouncil space. #nycsc

Here’s the proposal frm Facilitation. Working groups are discussing any CQs or Cs for their Spokes to present: #NYCSC

Max clarifies, this is our 7th night here, so the budget will start tonight going forward. Trish’s NYCGA Council has the first CQ. #nycsc

Trish: “Can we get a clarification on whether this belongs at Spokescouncil or does it need to go to GA?” Notes recent confusion #nycsc #ows

Max clarifies, the Spokescouncil handles funding requests for internal logistics. GA handles outward-facing budget allocations. #nycsc

Trish is debating the point with Max, tho it’s not easy to pin what the point is. Stairs clarifies, this is logistical and internal. #nycsc

CQ: “Who manages this, and why are we behind?” A: “It’s been historically difficult to get $ for #Spokes, b/c it couldn’t hand out $.”#nycsc

CQ: “Are efforts being made to find other places who will host for free?” A: “Hours and hours of outreach have been done; the search for..”

Cont’d: “ Spokescouncil locations close to Zuccotti Park continues.” #nycsc #ows

Restricted Diets, Sage: “We’re covering the next 3 meetings?” A: “No, paying back cost on this space, then $450/week cap going fwd.” #nycsc

Next CQ: “How important is it to have a Spokes location near Zuccotti Park? It’s not really that centric.” A: “I’m not sure it 100% bears..”

Cont’d: “..on this proposal. The original proposal said it would be as close as possible to ZP. Here, we just want to keep paying for this.”

CQ: “Can you clarifying that Spokes can only make decisions internal to OWS/SC, and cannot make decisions that affect GA?” #nycga #ows

Max clarifies that Spokes could allocate money to pay for GA, but it can’t tell GA to move. “Doesn’t make sense to me to do that..” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…when GA hasn’t even asked to move indoors.” This is in response to Sage and Nan saying GA should get money for space too. #nycsc

OK, stacking up Concerns. Anthony, Class War, is concerned it doesn’t hv enough wiggle room in case there is a space emergency. #nycsc #ows

Next Concern: “Have people been looking for a permanent space where #OWS can live and work w/o paying rent?” #nycsc #ows

Jason from housing answers glibly: “The search for space continues.” But there are legal reasons that we cannot be a tenant. #ows #nycsc

Next, Nan asks if Facilitation had had a chance to speak with someone named Stan? Says he has a list of spaces. #nycsc #ows

Nan asks if we’ve been working with Housing to try to get a better deal. Max notes that he has been working w/ them and others. #nycsc #ows

Max: “I have been working on it; others have been working on it; we’ll keep working on it.” Might be a church that will let us.. #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: …use their gym for free, but we need to get our own act together first “because they’ll be easier to offend than this one.” #nycsc

OK, we’re on friendly amendments. The first FA: “Can Facilitation make an effort to post the location of Spokes >a day in advance online?”

Next FA: “I propose facilitation and housing get together and set one amount for meetings and housing held here.” #nycsc #ows

A: “By the time I started working on this, Housing had already gotten $ for sleeping space. I had to bring it separately. But…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…I am in communication w/ Housing and we’re working on something like that.” Trish says Housing has a new proposal. #nycsc #ows

Jeff notes that Housing has a proposal for Monday for 2 more weeks of space at this location. Max says the budget is a cap, so.. #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: … if collaboration w/ Housing saves money, the $ will go back to the GA. But says that the philosophical issues facing Housing..

Cont’d: …are different from those facing Spokescouncil. “I think they should be separate. But I feel the group should decide.” #nycsc #ows

PoP: “Maybe recommend we do the reimbursement part, and separate the ongoing budget, get the first part passed?” #nycsc #ows

Stairs notes that’s not a point of process. Hahah. [Isn’t it tho? 😀 -Ed.] #nycsc #ows

Minutes’ FA: “Let’s be more concerned with management of these funds and pay our rent on time.” And let’s be mindful of our reputation….

Cont’d: “People already think we’re lazy hippies and stuff; let’s not let them think we’re lazy hippies who don’t pay their rent on time.”

Restricted Diets’ FA: “This is 2-fold: 1. there should be something in the writing of this proposal that mandates that you sit down..”#nycsc

Cont’d: “..with Housing, and the Pastor of this Church.” Sage feels that since the ppl living here are #OWS, detaching the two things…

Cont’d: …isn’t a privilege that we have. “Secondly, allocating $ for comfort of Spokes without taking care of GA,” is unethical. #nycsc

Max: “I can’t take all that on. If someone else can, great.” Max notes that GA was moved indoors on trial basis but lost the space. #nycsc

Anthony’s POI: “Spokescouncil doesn’t have the power to move GA inside. GA has jurisdiction over Spokes, not vice versa.” #nycsc #ows

Someone suggests we try to have a bartering exchange w/ the church. Jason from Housing: “We can’t go to Pastor to say, maybe we can…”

Cont’d: “…figure out someone to do the work that you need.” Jason pauses to consider. “I wouldn’t put Spokes, Max, or #OWS in a position..

Cont’d: “…to have to put together a team to provide services at this point.” Max: “When I met Pastor Weds, I invited Housing. They…”

Cont’d: “…didn’t come.” Explains that he sent an email, but someone says they didn’t get it. “I just want the $450/week cap, so we..”

Cont’d: “…can pay our rent going forward.” Notes that Facilitation really likes idea of moving GA back indoors. #nycsc #ows

Trish says she’s glad tht Facilitation is still “interested in GA building.” She says she had subgroup of Facilitation bt “it went nowhere.”

[It’s not true on any level. -Ed.] Trish again makes same suggestion about Facilitation and Housing working together. #nycsc #ows

Next FA suggests that Facilitation return next week after working out these various concerns and options. #nycsc #ows

Max: “My concept was to get a budget cap, and then coordinate with housing.” But he agrees to take back payment and a week’s budget for now.

Next FA: “What I want to amend, because I agree this shouldn’t all fall on Facilitation. Where we have Spokes and GA isn’t…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “It’s been discussed in smaller groups, & we need to make sure we’ve got our resources, but we need to pay rent and keep SC going.”

Someone asks if the intention is to revisit this issue every week? A: “No. We’ll come back in a wk & have worked something out w/ housing.”

Facilitation asks Max to confer with them about going forward; they seem to want Max to stick with the original proposal. #nycsc #ows

Max: “My working group, and others in the room, don’t want me to combine with housing; others do.” So, still the one week plan.. #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: …but instead of a promise to coordinate with Housing, they’ll “get on the same page as Housing” and bring a new proposal. #nycsc

Sumumba’s FA is that we “all come to the table and offer something to help us with our space needs.” Max “would love not to be finding..”

Cont’d: “…space for GA or Spokes,” bt “this doesn’t sound like a friendly amendment that *I* can accept.” I.e., it’s everyone! #nycsc #ows

Max: “This is me reaching out: if you can help us find a cheaper space, please let me know.” He’ll keep trying to get it w/o general fund.

Restating proposal: “$1000 for backpayments, $450 for tonight, Mon, Weds, and we’ll be open to any future help we can get finding spaces…”

Cont’d: “..for less money.” It’s already on the website, but we’ll put it out in other ways. “And we’ll look for outside funding.” #nycsc

Moving to consensus: 2 standasides, 1 block. Trish’s block: “I just feel very strongly facilitation should work with Housing.” #nycsc #ows

Stairs asks Trish if anything can be done to remove the block. “Yeah, drop the second part of the proposal.” #nycsc #ows

Max: “If this passes now, we’ll cut the check on Monday. If I bring another proposal Monday, we’ll be behind already.” #nycsc #ows

Max: “I’ve already dropped the second half of the proposal to make it work for you.” Trish: “No, you didn’t do that for me- it was for you.”

Max: “So even though I dropped the ongoing budget for you, you’re still going to block it?” Trish is. #nycsc #ows

Max: “OK, so I’m going to drop the friendly amendment and ask for the weekly budget, since I’m getting a block anyway.” Bam. #nycsc #ows

Folks whooped at that. “Let’s pass it.” OK, so we’re moving to modified consensus. @ZoeTreuer chides Facilitation WG for being loud, hah.

Anthony says, “If your block is not morally, ethically, or safety-based, it’s not valid. And this from the #NYCGA Council Council!” #LULZ

Stairs: “At this time, I’d like to know if there are any standasides to the new proposal.” No standasides. “Are there any blocks?” Trish.

Stairs asks if Trish’s block is for the same reasons. Trish: “It’s still the same old same old; nothing’s changed.” #nycsc #ows

Stairs: “The proposer has chosen to go to modified consensus.” Someone else PoP: “A block is intended to state an ethical, moral or safety..

Cont’d: “…concern, right? But that block is a safety concern because it would make us lose this space. So I think that’s invalid.” #nycsc

“You could make us lose this space by putting us into debt yet again. That is a safety and ethical concern.” A little spat ensues. #nycsc

.@ZoeTreuer summons our attention. “Max has a statement, and then we’ll move to modified consensus.” #nycsc #ows

Max: “If you don’t like what’s happening in the room, at any moment, the worst thing you can do is start making noise.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “I’ll still work w/ Housing and talk to the Pastor. If we can still get a better price, we will. I’m committed to that.” #nycsc #ows

OK, Stairs counting modified consensus. “How many spokes against?” Just the one. “How many for?” 22. “22 to 1, this proposal passes.”#nycsc

OK, next proposal! It’s Housing. Allegra is the spoke. “We want to continue offering weekly metrocards to facilitate” individuals… #nycsc

Cont’d: “…contributing to #OWS.” They’re the 7-day weekly Metrocards. This proposal used to go to GA, but now is Spokes’ since activation.

Here’s the Metrocard proposal from Housing: #nycsc #ows

OK, CQs. “Last time I was here, there were 120 ppl being housed. Now we’re down to 115?” A: “There were 30 cards left over since last…”

Cont’d: “…proposal, but we split it into 2, so it’s 15 per week. That’s how that happened.” #nycga #ows

Facilitation: “Who are the point ppl for Housing and who will be passing out these Metrocards to the groups?” #nycsc #ows

A: “As far as Metrocard distribution goes, it differs depending on who in group steps up to do it. It’s been me and Brian.” #nycsc #ows

Next, Movement Building asks how they determine who’s contributing. A: “Working group point people have that responsibility – Housing has..”

Cont’d: “ right whatsoever to determine who gets cards.” If they have the form signed, they get a card, “that’s all.” #nycsc #ows

Library thanks them for bringing the proposal for the benefit of the movement. “I don’t enjoy this service, but 2 in Library do.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “Their concerns are that the distribution has been problematic; it seems unclear and unsafe at times.” #nycsc #ows

Library also says they’re not sure this is a good expenditure of funds. “That’s the general feeling that we have.” #nycsc #ows

A: “I personally was looking into bicycles, but because it’s cold, may be snowy and icy, we tabled that until it gets warmer out.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “We’re also looking into buses.” “I can’t stress enough that we’re really open to suggestions.” #nycsc #ows

Library asks that they address the distribution issue. “There seems to be more demand than supply.” #nycsc #ows

A: “We give them out on a first-come-first-serve basis right now.” She’s not quite sure the entire context of the question… #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: …and neither is the questioner, since he’s not speaking from his own experience. She reviews the process anyway. #nycsc #ows

PoI RE: distro: “I was really uncomfortable making the decision for people, so essentially we let the group decide who gets it; I’m…”

Cont’d: “…just the guy checking a box.” That’s Ronnie, Outreach. “That’s kind of fair, actually.” K, no more CQs, conferring for concerns.

OK, we’re back with Concerns. Sustainability: “My concern is, it’s a lot of money per week to be spending on Metrocards.” #nycsc #ows

He, though, got one “because I really need one.” Reminds us it started with moving people to churches. “We could see this get out..”#nycsc

Cont’d: “..of control, really quickly.” Notes they’re essentially like money; maybe Accounting should be handling them. #nycsc #ows

A: “There’s a Transportation WG being formed at 60 Wall tomorrow at noon; this will probably be transferred to that group.” #nycsc #ows

Nan notes there are others working on transport for weeks, should get in touch. The Transportation WG ppl agree, will do. #nycsc #ows

Minutes is concerned that the distribution of the cards seems kind of “flaky, arbitrary.” A: “As it stands, we give them out at Spokes…”

Cont’d: “…or GA, unless there’s a crazy weather event or something.” They try hard to let them know when they’re giving them out, where.

Cont’d: “But it’s 6-9; they’re generally at Spokes or GA.” Minutes is still concerned. “You give them to point people right?” #nycsc #ows

A: “No, we give them out to people directly [with signed form from point ppl].” Next: “Maybe you could create a cluster, with..” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…Housing in charge, to make sure somebody is doing the work.” Wants to increase accountability for Metrocards. #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “Maybe that’s something you’d be open to, point people could come together, and say, “Who’s doing what?” Not to exclude…”

Cont’d: “…but to make sure we’re not running a social services agency.” Next,”NYCGA Council”! #nycga #ows

Trish: “I thought when it was put forth, cards not ust for sleeping, but to help ppl get to protests, and events. Is that still true?”#nycsc

A: “Yes — we let WG coordinators decide this based on work being doing.” Someone asks if weekly unlimited is cheapest – it is. #nycsc

OK, we’re back. OWS Works has a friendly amendment: “We’d like to recommend you have de-escalation and security present when cards..”#nycsc

Cont’d: “…given out so it can proceed in an orderly and safe fashion.” Accepted. “Next, Sustainability.” #nycsc #ows

Sustainability’s FA: “I’d like to see the people distributing rotate every time.” A: “We always have 3, w/ different jobs.” #nycsc #ows

A cont’d: “And we do rotate, but we’ll make it official and accept.” #nycsc #ows

[We took a short opposite-of-a-break in order to give Trish time to make a fuss about nothing and slow us all down. -Ed.] #nycsc #ows

Housing clarifies that “we were asked to take on the transportation situation” because people were getting arrested hopping turnstiles. #ows

Next FA, Vision&Goals: “My FA is we should have this as our ongoing and reoccuring item rather than needing a new proposal.” #nycsc #ows

A: “Very good proposal; maybe once Transportation and Nan’s wrkng grp come together to deal with this, they can take it from there.” #nycsc

Next FA: “Since this is unsustainable based on our money situation, I’d like to have a meeting between stakeholders to discuss…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “..other options.” Feels strongly that bikes should still be on table unless there’s snow on the ground. #nycsc #ows

A: “That’s great; I hope the Transportation WG will consider that.” #nycsc #ows

Next FA is from Sumumba’s concern about making sure people are actually doing “work”. Housing mentions it’s been a challenge to define it.

Sumumba’s amendment proopses that point people for Metrocards need to come to an AM coordinators’ meeting to speak w/ them. #nycsc #ows

Minutes’ FA suggests that they hand the Metrocards to the working groups, rather than do it themselves. #nycsc

A: “The way we do it was set up by GA; we can’t go back on that in Spokes.” Clarifies that “we know the numbers on these cards…” #nycsc

Cont’d: ..and they verify that they are being held onto. Verifying work “is up to the point people.” They keep a tally and the serial #s.

Cont’d: “On top of that, we keep a stack of used cards from the week before. If you don’t bring your card back, you won’t get another.” #OWS

Cont’d: “So, it’s a lot easier for us to keep them consolidated, for record-keeping purposes.” OK, one more FA on stack. #nycsc #ows

PoI from Nan, who says she’s seen people forge signatures. A: “We’ve had ppl forge signatures; we’ve seen people walk outside, change…”

Cont’d: “…clothes, come back with a different name and ask for another card.” So they need someone (WGs) to verify folks. #nycsc #ows

Sage PoPs, notes that this proposal comes up over and over again, asks if Facilitation can help make things easier next time. #nycsc #ows

Stairs reminds us that a FA was added that makes this proposal renew itself indefinitely. Housing restates proposal plus FAs. #nycsc #ows

FAs: “We’ll do everything in our power to rotate, this proposal is indefinite, and de-escalation will staff distribution places.” #nycsc

Stairs: “OK, I’d like to take standasides. If your group is standing aside, put your card up.” 6 standasides. “Any groups blocking?” #nycsc

Facilitation is blocking. Some people are surprised. Nan is ecstatic: “I love you! I love you!” Stairs calls for silence. #nycsc #ows

Facilitation is blocking because of the loop — “if we do that, we won’t need to change the situation until we run out of money.” #nycsc

A: “We accepted an FA about finding better solutions; there’s a Transportation working group that will be taking this on…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…and I like the bicycle idea, but it will take time to bring them back.” Housing and Facilitation are negotiating. #nycsc #ows

Jason from Housing stands up, and speaks to facilitation. “We’ve gone to every single working group that could potentially stand..”

Cont’d: “ benefit to give us things to do. We were going to go to press to show the Press what ppl in Housing were doing while…”

Cont’d: “…#OWS was paying for housing.” Housing decides to remove re-occuring FA, keep it to 2 weeks, to be sure this doesn’t…

Cont’d: “..get lost in the shuffle without further conversation and improvement.” Facilitation changes their block to a yes. #nycsc #ows

OK, so we’re back to basic proposal. $3335/wk for 2wks of Metrocards, plus FAs of having de-escalation present & they’ll rotate. #nycsc #ows

OK, so here’s what just happened… Hydro, the “People’s Hero”, who is some dude who basically just shows up to interrupt meetings, just…

Cont’d: …did his thing. Sage, simultaneously, decided to block the Housing proposal simply to try to give Hydro the floor. #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: The group balked at him doing that, having already ignored Hydro, and then someone pointed out that Sage was spoke on Wednesday.

So, Sage can’t block. “Consensus,” Jason declared! But then Nan flipped out, threw herself at Jason, and was forcibly separated. #nycsc #ows

That’s the last proposal, tho, so #NYCSC is over for the night. Thanks for following, fam! Qs, concerns — hit me up @diceytroop. #ows

Tweets for Thu, 12 Jan 2012

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@alexisgoldstein – they just combined Info & ComHub, so not sure if email address has been updated, but you can reach there

@OWSTranslation oh no! sorry about that. fixed. @lmnopie, what do you think about maybe a point of information? too bad, i love the POP…

@LibertySqGA @owstranslation @lmnopie oh, i actually meant a point of affection! (heart)

#OWS General Assembly starting now in Liberty Square! Follow here & at @LibertySqGA2, @LibertySqGA3, & @LibertySqGA4 for livetweets. #nycga

As is tradition, we’ll refer to our facilitators tonight, @j_z_nelson, @zoetreuer and Evan, as Stairs for short. #nycga #ows

Working group reportbacks! First, Volunteer Services / OWS Works: “I want to bring up something we’ve mentioned before; we had an…”#nycga

Cont’d: “…individual in our group who really misused funds. GA had allocated $ to complete a workspace in Harlem; the person involved…”

Cont’d: “…was the only person who really knew the landlord; long story short, we no longer have access to that space.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “We’re going to take this as a learning opportunity — trust, but verify. But someone else called Tekserve, said they were..” #nycga

Cont’d: “…from #OWS, and Tekserve said, ‘hey, where’s the money you owe us’? So it turns out this guy Alex said ‘bill this stuff to #OWS.'”

Cont’d: “We worked it out with Tekserve; the complaint is now against him instead of #OWS. But we want to bring this to you guys as..”#nycga

Cont’d: “…something that is now going on.” #nycga #ows Next, Info/ComHub! #nycga #ows

.@raviahmad from Info/ComHub is reminding us that the new working group requirements go into affect on Jan 20. #nycga #ows

You can speak with Ravi if you’re worried about getting your working group over the bar and stay listed on the site. #nycga #ows

Sage, from Restricted Diets WG: “This WG was created out of a need to make sure ppl w/ restricted diets have food.” He invites anyone..

Cont’d: …with restricted diets to get involved, as they very much need the help. “We have a meal every day, 5pm, Tribeca Whole Foods.”#nycga

Nathan: “Tomorrow, 6-10, there’s an Open Space meeting at Unity Hall. Bring topics you want to discuss; small groups will form around them.”

CQ: “How many people can the Unity Hall space fit?” A: “Same space as anti-oppression training; about 400. It’s 235 West 23rd, 6-10 Friday.”

OK, that’s it for working group reportbacks. Now, proposals! #nycga #ows

Stairs: “There are 4 things on the agenda. First, we have a proposal to start a new working group for Park Slope Church.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d; “Second, Vision and Goals; they’re finishing up their meeting but would like to do a breakout group for a while.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “Breakout groups let small groups break out and discuss for awhile and then report back to the GA.” #nycga #ows

Third, a new Mobile Occupation working group. And fourth, some kind of nuclear arms-related proposal. 5th, an emergency proposal. #nycga

“The emergency proposal is being brought by Jeff; wants it to be discussed tonight. We’ll decide whether it constitutes an emergency prop.”

“The grounds for a proposal being an emergency proposal is that there is an unforeseeable external deadline.” #nycga #ows

Stairs: We’ll decide whether we agree it meets those criteria for an emergency proposal; if not, it needs to be posted 24hrs in advance.

Jeff: “Good evening. I’m here to ask for a censure. And when I originally wrote the proposal, I mentioned names and working groups.” #nycga

Cont’d: He’ll leave those out tonight. “In the past week, there have been claims of racism and sexism against people in this movement.”

Cont’d: “I’m going to ask for a censure against the use of these names, these isms, to smear people names.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d; “I want us to agree we don’t use racism, sexism and other insults against people as weapons.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “It’s bad for racism as a whole, and this couldn’t be more opportune as MLK’s birthday is coming up.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “It’s not OK to cheapen these claims on behalf of personal politics. I want to ask for a censure of the groups and people…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…to make these claims with no basis. And if they do, they need a concrete basis for making those claims.” #nycga #ows

Stairs: “OK, w/o getting into a discussion about the contents…” reminds us the criteria. Will temp check. “I’m seeing a mix of up and down.”

People aren’t convinced it’s an emergency. Jeff: “Why is it an external force? They’re external to the proposer.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “Moreover, they’re external to the movement because there’s no basis and it’s disrupting our movement and process.” #nycga #ows

Temp checked it again; it’s mixed. So, the proposal is tabled. Some have issue; @shushugah clarifies that this is the process. #nycga #ows

Next proposal! “The Park Slope church, where #OWS people have been living for 2 months now, have reached consensus that…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…we’d like to become our own working group. Our mission is to have a more horizontal approach to community living and..” #nycga#ows

Cont’d: “…and to be recognized as an #OWS working group would be supportive of that.” #nycga #ows

Stairs clarifies, recently the process changed and now working groups need to be ratified by GA. #nycga #ows

Proposer: “We’ve been working on this group for a few weeks now. The urgency of this proposal is more completion of what’s already..”#nycga

Cont’d: “…in process.” Note they are already in compliance w/ new working group procedures. #nycga #ows

CQ: “What is the mission of this working group?” A: “The mission is to promote a living example of an #OWS housing solution that is..”#nycga

Cont’d: “…by design, truly horizontal in purpose and in intention. It’s existing now; we’d just like to be recognized as a WG.” #nycga #ows

CQ: “Why, exactly, do you need to be recognized officially, if you’re already doing what you’re doing?” #nycga #ows

A: “We’re part of #OWS; we hold regular meetings, we have a consistent body, we’re a living example of a real issue & providing solutions.”

CQ: “Is there space available to house more people, or..?” A: “That’s a great question; yes. We created a solution and system for..”#nycga

Cont’d: “…empowered growth of this specific community.” @shushugah’s CQ: “Will this WG be open for everyone to join?” #nycga #ows

A: “The working group, for its meetings, are open to everyone, so that everyone can learn and appreciate the purpose and creation..” #nycga

Cont’d: “…of that community space.” Nan’s CQ: “My question is, this new WG, will there be flexibility? Because the WG we have right now..”

Cont’d: “…we have male egos making decisions on behalf of women. I need to know if that WG will be open for women, in order for women..”

Cont’d: “…to have their voices, and also be partaking of that new working group without fear of being oppressed or marginalized?” #nycga

PoP! But A: “I got this – yes; this working group is open to women.” Someone PoIs: “Our financial point person is a woman, Nan.” #nycga #ows

CQ: “How many people are in this space?” A: “Right now the WG consists of about 30 people.” #nycga #ows

CQ: “Is this being done b/c of problems w/in the Housing WG, or is this being done b/c this would be more efficient as a separate group?”

A: “Perhaps both. More importantly, as a working group, how our meetings go internally, and have gone internally- it’s a constant learning..

Cont’d: “…experience, in that living community where people are residing, to maintain that horizontal approach. The purpose is to..” #nycga

Cont’d: “..promote that, and more meetings where more people are welcome to join in and see how that process is evolving.” #nycga #ows

That’s it for CQs; Stairs opening Concerns stack. “My concern: right now, a working grp can get $100/day w/o the accountability of the GA.”

A: “I believe all working groups are responsible for their own systems to be accountable, and w/ receipts for everything they spend.” #nycga

Cont’d: “We’d be no different.” C: “I’m not opposed to this, but I am opposed to things that will fracture us as a movement, that will..”

Cont’d: “…create separate schisms that will fight and antagonize each other. So I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be more prudent to take..”

Cont’d: “…the energy of creating a working group, and use it to fix what’s wrong, if anything, in the existing Housing WG.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “Also, it seems like it’s a good idea, for now, to have 1 housing working group so the ppl aware of tt project are aware of…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…anything that’s going on in housing.” POI: “All you have to do is basically come to Newark, go through our intake process.” #nycga

Cont’d: “We got $10k from #OWS, thank you very much, and we’ll house everybody that needs housing.” #nycga #ows

A: “To respond to that concern, it’s a completely transparent working group. To restate the purpose: to promote on the most local level..”

Cont’d: “…community values w/in an #OWS living residential community. I could compare it to larger umbrella systems that would essentially..

Cont’d: “..correlate a pyramid structure of order that right now dominates the housing solutions w/in #OWS as something that falls under..”

Cont’d: “…a larger umbrella, that would be called NYC’s Dept of Homeless Services. The purpose of this working group is, again..” #nycga

Cont’d: “…to share what we learn on the most local community level, and to promote and share horizontal consensus-building values w/…”

Cont’d: “..hopefully everybody else in the movement as well.” Nan’s C: “Are you going to bring proposals when it’s time to give out…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…MetroCards to people who need it, and are there going to be different people that’s going to pass out the Metrocards..” #nycga

Cont’d: “…and not have one person doing it?” Notes that *some* working groups that handle Metrocards have issue w/ ego, withholding. #nycga

A: “We promote #OWS values w/in this WG. Everything we do in the future — I mean, our purpose and intention is to work horizontally.”#nycga

Jeff PoI: “I want to make it clear that different individuals have given out metro cards this week and last week. Thank you.” #nycga #ows

[Can you figure out who Nan was talking about? -Ed.] #nycga #ows

C: “While we feel huge gratitude to Housing WG and the ppl at Park Slope for the work they’ve done helping our displaced occupiers..”

Cont’d: “..on the long term, the model we have now is probably not very sustainable. We need to work on longer-term solutions.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “And I understand you’re creating a community based on horizontal structure, but until we have longer-term solutions, where..”#nycga

Cont’d: “…that community’s in a place where it can grow, and is best using resources, perhaps the energy is best placed towards those..”

Cont’d: “..goals, instead of rooting into something unsustainable.” A: “Are you telling me my community isn’t sustainable?” #nycga

C: “I don’t know, you tell me.” A: “We’re a community that is building horizontal, consensus-building, living values to the movement.”#nycga

Sage’s POP: “What are the categories that govern my ability to speak to this topic?” #nycga #ows

Stairs: “We have questions, which we’ve been thru; we’re wrapping up concerns and then we have friendly amendments.” #nycga #ows

Sage isn’t sure, but Stairs invites him to speak. “This community of yours, if this was an #occupy, it could request from #OWS a budget…”

Cont’d: “…or a budgetary investment quite similar to the $10k that was provided to @OccupyNewark. But the idea that you’re a living..”#nycga

Cont’d: “…space for #OWS would kind of imply that everyone in your living space should already be part of a WG, and every WG has..” #nycga

Cont’d: “..its own funds and ways of plugging into the movement. And if your living situation needs some sort of administrative WG, that..”

Cont’d: “…would be called Housing. They do housing, and then the specific locations have point people.” #nycga #ows

A: “I like what you’ve brought up. I think community values and sharing that process in which the community members live and share..” #nycga

Cont’d: “..a residence, how they work thru this process and maintain horizontal and consensus-based decision values, it…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…it’s a polar opposite to a larger umbrella, dictator-style, pyramid group. The community in this WG meets regularly…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “ handle issues and make decisions that affect those living in that community, as an example of a living…” #nycga #ows

Sage: “It sounds like an #occupy to me.” A: “If we formed a budget, we’d bring it here, like any other working group.” #nycga #ows

C: “How is becoming a working group going to assist w/ yr goals of creating community. living and sharing those values?” #nycga #ows

A: “We’d have access, at that point, to post our minutes on the NYCGA website, and we’d also be able to open it up and share the processes..

Cont’d: “..we go through w/ other people in the movement.” #nycga #ows

OK, friendly amendments now. @shushugah: “I hear you about the minutes and openness; but I’m uncomfortable w/ access to $100 a day…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…perhaps you could agree not to take funds w/o GA approval?” A: “I’m going to reject all of that; we’d like to be a working…”#nycga

Cont’d: “ that’s recognized like every other WG in this movement.” #nycga #ows

Nan’s FA: “I hope and pray you do become a WG. But my FA is that you guys will handle Metrocards once you become a WG.” #nycga #ows

A: “I don’t think that’s a decision that would be made here and now. That’s something that would evolve, and if we were to do that..” #nycga

Cont’d: “..we’d reach consensus w/in our working group, and probably maybe end up right back here. We’re just trying to be a working group..

Cont’d: “ this point.” Next, @NaSh12: “I very much agree w/ what Sage said; the horizontal community you have is an #occupy.” #nycga#OWS

Cont’d: “If you’d like to propose funding from #OWS, I’d support that. As far as a working group, the things you’re doing seem to me to be..

Cont’d: “..covered by several different group. So amendment would be to become an occupation and request funding, or become…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…a subgroup of Housing. Whichever fits.” A: “I don’t believe further fragmenting a working group that’s sharing community values..”

Cont’d: “ open itself up to all #OWS; I don’t believe that’s necessary. We’d like to open up to share that process, and the learning…”

Cont’d: “..process that comes w/ maintaining a horizontal approach to living.” #nycga #ows

Next FA is “that you broaden yr scope, because it is broad already — you’re living the things we’re striving for.” #nycga #ows

A: “We can only handle so much, but what we share and open up as far as information and process, it’s very much in alignment w/ these..”

Cont’d: “…intentions.” Deb gets up on stage and asks us to to listen to her. #nycga #ows

Deb: “We have a rape problem; it’s normal because there are rapists in the world. But it’s not an OK thing and is in no way acceptable.”

Cont’d: “If we don’t take action against it, we are all rapists. If we don’t take women seriously and treat them as equals, and give them..”

Cont’d: “..respect, this movement will not work. I believe very strongly in this movement, bt I believe 51% of this world deserves respect.”

Cont’d: “I will not accept anything less. You can make subgroups and branch out, but if we don’t deal w/ it, you won’t get anywhere.”

Jeff (Housing) across the Park, is screaming back at her. Deborah: “You won’t silence me anymore, you misogynist pig! You must step down!”

Stairs mic checks: “I just want to state that emotions are running high. We have been having discussions in our community about developing..

Cont’d: “…better grievance processes. We’re not there yet, and w/ permission of this GA, I would now like to return back to the proposer.”

[Note: this isn’t about any new assaults, this is abt allegations that Jeff mishandled the return of an offender to the Housing community.]

OK, we’re moving to consensus on the proposal for a Park Slope residents’ working group. #nycga #ows

[There is mediation in process… it’s just bleeding into GA here right now. The GA as a whole is moving forward. -Ed.] #nycga #ows

Stairs temp checks moving to consensus. The outcome: “We don’t have consensus.” #nycga #ows

Stairs points out new working groups can form January 20th; anyone who wants to be one can simply meet the required criteria. #nycga #ows

Jeff mic checks: “This doesn’t feel like a safe space when people can call out personal accusations against any individual.” #nycga #ows

Someone mic checks that using mic checks to take over the GA is “a dominating move. You should sit down and listen to other people.” #nycga

Stairs steps up, and encourages return to the process. Vision and Goals’ proposal is next! #nycga #ows

V&G are asking us to break into small groups to discuss the vision statement. “We’d like to take your feedback.” Stairs will temp check.#ows

“We’d like to temp check whether to break out in groups and discuss the proposal Vision and Goals is putting forward.” #nycga #ows

The breakout group is approved; we’ll proceed for 10-15 minutes. See y’all again once it’s done. #nycga #OWS

Here’s the Vision and Goals proposal: #nycga #ows

Breakout groups are choosing a point person to report back, and then the GA will reconvene. #nycga #ows

OK, we’re back. Stairs: “We’re going to set the time to 2 minutes for each speaker. And when you have 30 seconds, we’ll wave.” #nycga #ows

First, @shushugah. “These aren’t all my personal views; my first concern, the sentence “united w/ the ppl” should read “in solidarity w/…”

Cont’d: “..corrupts absolutely.” Under Equality, also include “structural violence” and then “with peoples”, just “people.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “..the people of the world.”” And wants to replace “rights” w/ “human rights” and add to “power corrupts”, “absolute power..”

Next report back: “Our group, in general, really liked the statement. We’re saying it’s more a vision statement than a goal statement..”

Cont’d: “..and had some discussion about whether it’s worthwhile to write the goals in tandem.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “We wanted to get rid of the word “now” in “our democracy now belongs to the highest bidder.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “We also thought the liberty section was a bit jargony, not everyone will understand what the listed rights are.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “Equality, we said was about equality of outcome in this paragraph, and maybe to be explicit about that.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “We really like ppl before profit, and the last 2 paragraphs. Overall, we really liked it.” #nycga #ows

Next: “Overall, my group liked the positive tone of the statement. Most of our concerns have been covered already, but…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “..we thought the statement would not cover some of the more radical folks in our movement, and their goals and tactics.” #nycga

Cont’d: “We thought some of the bullet points could be condensed, like peace and justice.” Bullet pts longer than the text. #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “We really liked it — thank you.” #nycga #ows

Next, Daryl: “My group felt much the same way – it’s beautifully written. I was reading it out loud, and I was like ‘woah.’ It flows…”

Cont’d: “…really well. But I agree with her; it’s written in rly flowery language; maybe should be a condensed version that’s more simple.”

Cont’d; “But we think this should stay pretty much as-is; it’s beautifully written and these folks have done a lot of work.” #nycga #ows

Vision and Goals thanks us, asks us to submit written feedback “if you didn’t feel like mic checking or speaking. We thrive on this.” #nycga

Cont’d: “We’ve had disagreement in our group about how to set a deadline to say we’re done w/ this. A lot of ppl want to move on to goals..”

Cont’d: “…we do too. We think it’s important to get the Vision statement at least 98% right before we do.” Needs GA to tell them when..

Cont’d:’s done. “We took a lot of feedback today, and the last GA.” They’ll come every GA, and ask: “Are you satisfied w/ the doc…”

Cont’d: “…that you have in your hand tonight, as the completed vision statement?” If so, they stop feedback, wait a week, seek consensus.

So, Stairs will temp check. There’s one more comment tho, that Stairs missed before. “There was one more person on stack.” #nycga #ows

Stairs: “Before we take the temperature check, let’s hear from that person.” #nycga #ows

Jeff! “Hello! I’m Jeff; I don’t speak that much but this is very important. While I believe we need a vision and goals statement to..”#nycga

Cont’d: “…present to the world, I also know we must have our own house in order. I have serious concerns w/ the idea that we silenced…”

Cont’d: “..a very serious conversation regarding the heinous act of rape in our community. To put this document into the world for…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…everybody to see, to represent us, and we don’t check ourselves first, we’d be doing a disservice to our movement.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “Basically, we’d be hypocrites.” Pause. “But, I liked it. I like it, tho.” (The proposal, he means.) #nycga #ows

OK: “The temperature check is if you want us to stop taking feedback, including what you gave us tonight, bring doc back in 1 week…”

Cont’d: “..come back here, and shepherd it through consensus process with you. You’re in charge; you tell us when to stop.” #nycga #ows

CQ: “Can you take the feedback tonight, then do that?” A: “We can’t just absorb your feedback on the fly; we meet Weds and Thurs at 5:30..”

Cont’d: “…also, Sundays from 12-3, same place. We really take our time, and we listen to you. We try to find ways to make the document…”

Cont’d: “..better, with what you’ve told us. So we’re uncomfortable doing a real fast trigger pull. We’d like you to tell us when you..”

Cont’d: “..finally feel you’re holding *the* document in your hands. And when it’s ready, it’s ready. We hope it’s soon.” #nycga #ows

OK, now temp checking. “That looks pretty mixed. So, keep up the good work!” V&G: “TYVM GA! We love you!” #nycga #ows

OK, 2 more proposals, tho Stairs notes none of the proposers have presented themselves yet. Looking to see who’s here. #nycga #ows

OK, the proposers for the remaining 2 proposals on the docket didn’t show, so we’re now going to stack up announcements! #nycga #ows

Announcement: “Context! 1million ppl are on strike in Nigeria! At least 12 have been killed! They named their movement @OccupyNigeria!”

Cont’d: “They named it after us! There was a demo on Tues, about 120 ppl were there! Again on Weds at Nigerian Consulate, about same size.”

Cont’d: “There will be another demo, led by Nigerian community, including ppl who just got back from there, Saturday, 12 noon at the UN.”

Cont’d: “We need more #s! They were inspired to have more than 1 million walk off their jobs! Let’s stand with them!” That was @sabokitty.

OK, next: “This is the announcement of a new working group: Occupy Town Square. We’re starting to establish what is basically a roving…”

Cont’d: “…occupation, where all working groups can come together, set up tables, and inform each other and the public about what we do!”

Cont’d: “The first one is set to happen January 29th, at Washington Square Park! We will continue to inform everyone so we can get as…”

Cont’d: “…many ppl involved as possible. The first community meeting will be next Thursday at 6PM at 60 Wall Street.” #nycga #ows

Next, @molly__o w/ Minutes WG: “We’re going to keep making announcements, b/c we need help! Transcribing verbatim minutes takes a really..”

cont’d: “…long time! But we have to make sure we’re accountable to each other and have a record of our movement!” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “Thursdays, 6pm, 60 Wall!” Thank you! Someone: “We love you minutes!” #nycga #ows

Nan: “I have a petition online; this is a petition for the rape victim [vis a vis recent events, not new assault]. You can go to

Cont’d: “…sign it, we’re trying to collect as many signatures as possible. Once we get enough signatures, we’ll bring it to Housing WG..”

Cont’d: “…and they’ll make the final decision.” [The petition is to get Jeff from Housing to step down, I think. -Ed.] #nycga #ows

Stairs: “The link is in the forum section of the Strong Women Rules WG page on the website.” #nycga #ows

Nan: “We need your support, we need your signatures, we need your help.” #nycga #ows

Next, Danny. Prolly last. “Hi! I’m Danny! Occupier since day 1.” Someone: “Anyone know this guy?” Someone: “Never seen him before.” Hahah.

Danny: “I’m working on a website to archive our personal stories over last 4 months. Been long; feels like 4 years.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “We’re getting submissions from all over the country; wnted to announce it here. We publish everything we get.”

Stairs: “That was last for announcement stack! I want to thank you all for being patient with us, being patient w/ yourselves, and getting..

Cont’d: “…through a great GA. Goodnight!” Woohoo! Thanks fam. See you tomorrow, same time, same four handles! #nycga #ows

[Questions, comments, concerns, clarifications, jokes, news, whatever the heck — hit me up at @diceytroop. Thanks for reading fam! -Ed.]

@lmnopie @owstranslation grin, much appreciated!

Tweets for Wed, 11 Jan 2012

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Coming at you guys live at #NYCSC! Follow here and at @LibertySqGA2 @LibertySqGA3 & @LibertySqGA4!

We’re going to jump right into parts 3&4 of the Tech Ops Proposal, which we didn’t get to at last Monday’s #nycsc

The @OWS_Tech Proposal is a doozy, but through the magic of the internet, you can view it here! #OWS #nycsc

Part 3 is is for Server Infrastructure & Operating Costs. Jake (@jdegroot) is charismatically describing the nerdy details in easy terms.

Currently, our servers are being donated by 3rd party hosting co. Starting in March, that service will expire and we’ll have to start paying

We have &, as well as in the pipeline, for which we’ll need lots of infrastructure. #ows #nycsc

We’re now into stack for CQs: Susan from Translation: “Would Datagram (the company that @OWS_Tech is proposing we go with)… #ows #nycsc

CQ:…”have any access to our database?” A: No, they wouldn’t. It’s against terms of service, and bc we have the physical hard drives.”

CQ: Chepe (@sabokitty):”Being that we live in the richest country in the world, would this server space allow us to provide our services..”

“to other occupations, say, in other countries like Egypt, Syria, Nigeria if their governments shut down their servers?” #ows #nycsc

A: “Yes ! Absolutely! If we have the resources, we’d love to share them with our comrades.” #ows #nycsc

Proposers ask:”Do you guys feel like that’s a decision Tech Ops can make, or should we check back w/ GA before donating servers?”#nycsc #ows

CQ:Carrie (@carriem213) is the $250/month for server hosting indefinite, or for a specific period of time?” #ows #nycsc

A:”It’s for as long as we want the websites to be up.” CQ from Think Tank: “What happens when we run out of $?” #ows #nycsc

A:”That’s a good question that we’re all going to have to think about” #ows #nycsc #deeptweet

That’s it for CQs on Part 3 of the @OWS_Tech proposal. Now conferring with our Spokes to see if we have concerns – No spoke for LTers.. :(

Stairs:[Negesti / @negestiC): It seems like there’s no concerns! Now conferring for Friendly Amendments. This is going so well! #ows #nycsc

Note: A proposal from @OWSArchives was added to the agenda earlier. [Ed: Sorry! I missed it before!] #ows #nycsc

Stairs: [Dwayne/ @Dwayne_wins]: Opening stack for Friendly Amendments. No Friendly Amendments? #ows #nycga

Negesti is asking if we feel good about moving to consensus: Any stand asides? Any blocks? … Ready, set, CONSENSUS!!! #ows #nycsc

Jake: “Isn’t this fun? We’ve got one more part to this proposal.” #ows #nycsc

Now moving on to Pt.4 the @OWS_Tech’s proposal:”Livestream HD Supercharge”-Remember, you can view the proposal online @

“Livestream has been an integral part of this movement from the very beginning, and we all love the work they do.” #ows #nycsc

[Ed: Trying reeally hard to be neutral and not shout out some of the awesome Livestream team!!! You know who you are..] #ows #nycsc

We have a relationship with an awesome tech co. who makes Teradek bond units and they’ve agreed to give them to us for FREE #ows #nycsc

This equipment is worth a couple thousand dollars, and they’ve offered donate it to us totally free. #ows #nycsc

So we already have all the hardware we need to streamline our Livestream process into HD – but we would need to pay for monthly data costs.

$312 one-time cost for 4G USB modems (one from each major wireless network: Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, At&T) #ows #nycsc

$888 one-time cost for 4-mic wireless microphone system & cameratop microphone system. #ows #nycsc

$413.68/month for data plan subscriptions for the 4 modems #ows #nycsc

Benefits: HD Livestreaming of #OWS events, actions, GAs, Spokes Council. [Ed: Livetweets in HD!] #nycsc #nycga

Now onto CQ stack: Why should we go with big networks like AT&T/Verizon? They ethically suck. | A: Good question. They do suck. #nycsc #ows

“But fact is, those networks are the fastest out there.” Discussion is getting messy around this issue of paying unethical companies. #nycsc

“Can we at least not go with #Verizon? We have to put our money where our mouth is, as activists, and stand for something.” #ows #nycsc

Negesti:”This is turning into a back & forth, maybe you could confer with your spoke and come back during Friendly Amendments?” #ows #nycsc

Ashley: “Could you talked to PR WG about potential media fallout from using Verizon, who the movement is very much against?” #ows #nycga

A:”We’d be glad to speak with PR and Media about this.” Now at the end of CQs – conferring about Concerns. #ows #nycga

First on stack for Concerns: Archives: “On #N17, we put the 99% bat signal on the #Verizon building.” #ows #nycsc

…”Is the system really not gonna work without #Verizon?” A:”Truth is, it will work, but not work as well. Verizon 4G really is fastest.”

Someone PoI’s with an opinion about using Verizon… Stairs brings it back & reminds us that PoI and PoP signals are NOT for jumping stack!

Facilitation notes that their concerns among the group were mixed, but would like to know more about why Verizon is better. #ows #nycsc

A: Basically, the other networks’ upstream is 2Mbp/s, while Verizon’s is 8Mbp/s. That’s 4x faster.[Ed: Just like the ads say..] #ows #nycsc

Concern: “Other companies are just as evil as Verizon. We should just use them if they’re the company that’s best, unfortunately.” #nycsc

Concern from Direct Action: Since 9/11, Verizon has given information to the Federal Gov’t without subpoenas. #ows #nycsc

“Perhaps a Friendly Amendment would be to include a statement that we are conflicted about using their services?” #ows #nycsc

Ashley from WON: … [couldn’t get it all, and it turned into a rant and messy back&forth] #ows #nycsc

Stack has now finished for Concerns. We are conferring about Friendly Amendments. #ows #nycga

You are now watching New York City Spokes Council on W@LibertySqGA! – Now discussing @OWS_Tech’s proposal for HD Livestreaming #ows #nycsc

FA: Before moving fwd, contact the striking Verizon Workers union to see if they’re OK with us using Verizon’s plan?” #ows #nycga

Proposers: “Can we confer with out group on whether to accept that FA?” #ows #nycsc

FA to consult striking Verizon workers [CWA] accepted. FA from DA: Could you work w/Media on handling the messaging of this choice? #nycga

FA from : “This a creative amendment! But I’m a little uncomfortable speaking in front of large groups.. *Lots of PoA’s* #ows #nycsc

FA cont’d:”When the service cuts out, could you put up a message that says something like “this dropped signal brought to you by Verizon”?

Tech:”We love that, but since Tech won’t be running the stream, it’s not our FA to accept.” Media says they’ll do their best. #ows #nycsc

FA: Ashley from WON: Don’t sacrifice principles for technology, don’t go with Verizon. #ows #nycsc

Jake (Proposer) notes that this concern seems to be shared by a lot of people. Could we take a straw poll on whether/not to use Verizon?#ows

Someone PoI’s: Even if you use smaller networks, they still piggyback on the major network’s towers. It’s the same thing. #ows #nycsc

We are taking a straw poll on whether to use Verizon (after much falling off process) Straw poll was mixed. #ows #nycsc

Jake from Tech: “We recognize that we make decisions as a community, but also that members of Tech feel that other co’s are just as bad..”

..”and disavowing Verizon would effectively be endorsing the other companies, whose behavior is just as bad. But it seems ppl don’t…

…”want us to go with Verizon, and it’s more important that we make our Livestream better. So we accept the FA to not use Verizon.” #nycsc

We’re done with FAs. Any blocks? One from Strong Women Rules WG, whose Spoke is Justin. “People should put videos on YouTube instead. #nycsc

Negesti: “Is there any amendment that would resolve your block?” SWR confers… “No.” Moving on to stand-asides. #ows #nycsc

Negesti notes that we will now be moving to Modified Consensus, which is a vote. Tech now restating the Proposal:

Straw Poll found 15 in favor, 1 against, and 2 standing aside. #ows #nycsc

Stairs: “We have reached Modified Consensus!” #OWS #NYCSC

Blocker is contesting: “Point of something???” @shawncarrie PoP’s that this is not in process, it’s simply a blocker dissatisfied w/ outcome

Next up on the Agenda: Safer Spaces has brought us a proposal to have Community Agreeements! #OWS #nycsc

Safer Spaces is now passing out the new copy of the Community Agreements, having revised it after feedback from last #nycsc. #OWS

Safer Spaces:”We’re asking everyone to be very generous – how do we make space for people with completely different experience?” #ows #nycsc

We are now conferring with out Spokes about the revised wording of the document. #ows #nycsc

Dwayne is now asking if our Spokes are finished conferring, and opening stack for CQs: Facilitation:”What defines an ‘issue?'” #ows #nycsc

..”Also, what is Facilitation’s role?” A: We talk about the De-Escalation process a lot. There’s room to develop it more. This is a model”

“Facilitation’s role, we thought, is to de-escalate situations before they get bad. Perhaps if someone feels there’s an issue…”#ows #nycsc

…”they could work through their spoke.” PoI from De-Escalation: This is what we’ve been waiting for, a way to identify situations…#nycsc

..”where we would be needed.” CQ from WON:” I really applaud this proposal.” #ows #nycsc

CQ from @OWSFacilitation:”Could we see a role play of how this might play out?” Stairs asking for temp√ on role-play. Twinkles abound.#nycsc

PoP from Town Planning:”Wait, is it the whole room that decides what’s gonna happen, or just Spokes?” [Ed: Bummer..I wanted roleplay] #nycsc

SWR:”This just seems pretty vague.” SS:”It’s supposed to be vague, not prescriptive.Any course of action would be decision of the community”

CQ from Education & Empowerment:”Do these agreements apply to the entire movement, just Spokes Council/GA, or during action? In the park?”

CQ from Tech:”Were there any other community agreements that you drew from for this?” A: “Yes, other occupations..other WGs..”#ows #nycsc

CQ from WON turned into a soapbox, Stairs asked if she had a CQ, she mumbled something and went silent. #ows #nycsc

Concern from Town Planning: “Having lived in the park, been closely involved w DeEscalation, having escorted people out of the park..”#nycsc

“I understand that these groups are trained to these sorts of things – but why are those groups’ opinions any more valid than anyone else?”

Ashley interrupts:”Because they actually care about people!” Lots of PoPs. #ows #nycsc

By the way, for the folks at home, here’s the proposal! #ows #nycsc

SS says that this is a living document, and we will continue to work on the De-Escalation Process. #ows #nycsc

Chepe from @OWSEnEspanol voices concern: “The biggest form of oppression, that we haven’t even talked about, is State Violence.” #ows #nycsc

“That’s a gaping hole! I have FAs to solve that, but think this proposal is important to pass.” #ows #nycsc

Discussion about extending time took about 5 minutes, but we’ve given Safer Spaces 20 more minutes. #ows #nycsc

Facilitation:”We have mixed feelings. Some edits offered last time were not incorporated.. We’d like you to table and bring this back”#nycsc

Safer Spaces: “We could continue working on this..” back&forth ensues. Negesti offers that since this proposal effect both SS&Facilitation..

..”Maybe the two groups could find a time to meet and talk about Facilitation’s involvement? Just thrown that out there.” #ows #nycsc

WON uses stack to soapbox and gets 5 PoP’s. #ows #nycsc

Next on Stack: Housing: “I’m concerned that trying to cover everything opens the door for a lot of ambiguity.” #ows #nycsc

Housing cont’d:”I just have a hard time seeing what this might look like. But I appreciate the work you’ve done, the language is beautiful.”

We’re finished with stack for concerns, but Stairs notes that we’ve hit the 20 minutes that we gave to extend. #ows #nycsc

Stairs is asking if we feel like we can reach a consensus on Safer Spaces’ Community Agreement tonight. We’re conferring with out Spokes.

Straw poll to extend time again wasn’t very positive. Safer Spaces agrees to table the proposal and bring it back. #ows #nycsc

Now moving on to Working Group Reportbacks! #ows #nycsc

Safer Spaces: We meet every Sunday at 5pm @60WallSt, and we’re meeting this Sunday at 4 to discuss the Community Agreement! #ows #nycsc

#J15: “Jan 15 is #MLK’s birthday! We have funding! Al Sharpton has signed on! St John the Divine Church, 110th St & Amsterdam Av, 6:30pm

?: Barricades coming down was a victory! People are dying in Nigeria..When people started #occupying, finally things changed.

(cont’d) “It is illegitimate from a legal standpoint what Brookfield did.. I have some literature that needs to go to all working groups..”

“and GA to be endorsed”… Now reading from some literature, passing copies around. Meeting 4:00 tomorrow at Charlotte’s Place..

? cont’d: Next week, ooccupiers are gonna meet.. if anyone has space, please let us know. #ows #nycsc

Town Planning: “There’s a new Transportation WG forming.. Our weekly meeting is tomorrow at 11am @60WallSt #ows #nycsc

Housing: We got a donation of $2,000 and we’ve spent most of it, we’re trying to put in kitchens & showers. Metrocards tomorrow 6-9! #nycga

Housing: Homeless? Go to Charlotte’s Place from 4-6 tomorrow and you can get adopted! #ows #nycga #AdoptAnOccupier

@OWSArchives: We’re holding a forum to talk about the future of where our Archives will be stored! Location & Time TBA #ows #nycga

Minutes: Yo, we SERIOUSLY need Minutes takers. Our Weekly meeting is Thursday at 6pm @60WallSt. We need you! Tweet it! #ows #nycga

Chepe: People are being killed in Nigeria. They need to see our #solidarity. Saturday 12 noon at the UN. #ows #nycga

Library: Tonight @OWS_Library is occupying a swanky dance club, from now until 4am- music,dancing, and BOOKS! 34 VanDam St #ows #nycga

Anti-Racism Allies: We’re group for white people who hate racism! Sun 4.30 @60Wall-Also,We have copies of the Declaration of the Occupation!

InfoHub: Remember on Dec 20 we passed a proposal to define what a WG is? 30 day compliance periods is almost over.. #ows #nycga

InfoHub: If you need help, come to us! If you need to be an admin on your group on get consensus in a meeting and bring us Minutes

InfoHub:”We’re gonna read the list of groups w. are currently in full compliance. If you’re not one of these groups, you need to do better!


Direct Action,Arts&Culture,Facilitation,Deisgn,EarthSummit,Housing,InfoHub,QueerCaucus,Occupy the Youth,POC,Kitchen,Principles of Solidarity

Tech Ops, 99% Declaration, Translation, Visions & Goals, OWS_Works,Wellness Cluster, WOW Caucus.

If you don’t see your group listed, you need to get in compliance by having public mtgs, posting minutes, etc. See InfoHub for help! #nycsc

That’s all for tonight, folks! This has been @shawncarrie for the #OWS Livetweeting Team, signing off. #OWS #NYCSC – ALL DAY ALL WEEK

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Tweets for Tue, 10 Jan 2012

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Hey fam! Liberty Square is about to have its first General Assembly since its liberation from barricades tonight! #nycga #ows

Follow here, @LibertySqGA2, @LibertySqGA3, and @LibertySqGA4 for livetweets of tonight’s GA! #nycga #ows #liberation

OK, first off tonight, announcements. Check out the Anti-War WG on for info about a proposal for international solidarity. #nycga

He’ll report back quickly about Austin: “Doing lots of good work! Have moved nearly 1mil out of banks into local credit unions!” #nycga #ows

Next, Ethan! “I left NY on the 21st for Austin; it’s nice to come back to a barricade-free park!” #nycga #ows

Cont’d; “But they’re doing good work, and they send solidarity.” Next, Aaron. “I’m from Think Tank!” #nycga #ows

Aaron, Cont’d: “We need more facilitators! Email owsthinktank@gmail; it’s really easy to facilitate a think tank, and lots of fun!” #nycga

Cont’d: “They’ve reoccupied foreclosed houses, and they suffer the same angst and trouble that we have as well.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “2: we need facilitators in DC for our #J17 action! We’re having think tanks with occupiers, community groups, and reps willing..”

Cont’d: “So, we’re going into that period now! Making new friends! We love our old friends, but more ppl at the party is more party!” #nycga

Lawrence’s announcement: “I’m w/ the Free Society WG! I want to report that we’ve been meeting each week, Sunday, 12-2, Tues, 5-7.” #nycga

Cont’d: “Also, come to the Free Society WG meeting! It’ll be great!” #nycga #ows

Cont’d; “We’ve been talking internally a lot, noting that Winter is kind of a transform time, to change gears to outward-facing condos!”

Cont’d; “I’d suggest that we all think about this: outward-facing organizing! More friends! More party! More #OWS!” #nycga #ows

Next, Patrick: “I work in a # of working groups, but tonight I want to mention Structure. We help make this movement more efficient!” #nycga

Cont’d: “We meet Fridays at… ” He’s interrupted by cheers as the People’s Kitchen returns to the Park! #nycga #ows

Stairs: “POI: This day in History, in 1946, was the first General Assembly of the United Nations! It seemed like a good idea at the time..”

Cont’d: “…I think this General Assembly’s a lot better!” One more report back, from @OccupyDC. #nycga #ows

Joe, @OccupyDC: “We’re up here w/ the statehood hunger strikers, and bringing information about #J17 in DC! If you’d like more info…”

Cont’d: “…about what’s going on in DC, email! If you have any ideas for actions, or if you want to come down! Thanks!”

Next, OccupyTucson! “Greetings from OccupyTucson, where we have the second-largest # of civil disobedience arrests- 2nd only to #OWS!”#nycga

Cont’d: “You are an inspiration. We send our gratitude and love!” #nycga #ows

Stairs: “Tonight’s agenda: we have a proposal from vision and goals, which actually is not requiring consensus tonight.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “We have another proposal from Sean, [Block modification prop, as seen previously]. And one more from someone who just walked away.”

OK, Vision and Goals! “Vision and Goals has been helping the GA to crowdsource two things: 1st, the vision statement many have in yr hand.”

Cont’d; “It’s a draft work in progress.” They’ll read it, then ask for feedback. Here’s the proposal: #nycga #ows

“What we’re trying to get frm the GA is permission to bring the document 1 week from the time you give a big up-twinkles that you’re ready.”

“Take a look; if you think it’s ready for primetime, we’ll be back in a week w/ it all dolled up.” #nycga #ows

Em, V&G: “I’ve been working on it, and ppl have been working for months and incorporated your suggestions, from GA and online.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d; “Thank you for your input; it’s made it a better document.” Stairs temp-checks breakout groups, but not a warm response, so…

Cont’d: …it looks like V&G will read it to us, and then we’ll take questions/concerns. “If you like the document, tell us so!” #nycga #ows

Em: “And, when you feel it’s ready, we’ll be able to put it on the website so the rest of the world can know that you and we have vision!”

They’re reading it now. The link again: #nycga #ows

While they’re reading this, let me give you some info that I got errors when I tried to post originally, from the Think Tank report back…

Think tank (earlier): “We’re doing a mobile think tank Friday at 4 in Jackson Heights, Queens!” Get info on that at #nycga #ows

OK: Stairs: “Patrick, Michael, and Em would like to take questions and suggestions.” Stacking up reactions. #nycga #ows

Next: “Some of the rhetoric is reminiscent of the French Revolution. #OWS recognizes Paris Commune; I respect that.” #nycga #ows

Next: “I thought that was beautiful; I’m down w/ everything right now. How long have you been working on this?” A: “3 months.” #nycga

V&G: “So, we want to ask you if this document is ready for prime time or not. Now, we do have one more thing to say…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…we have some feedback, a few more items, that we need to incorporate for total inclusivity. So, we need to look at that…”#nycga

Cont’d: “…as well.” Say it’s 98.5% done, “unless you say it isn’t. So, what do you say?” #nycga #ows

CQ: “What about taking out the word ‘must’ in the last sentence?” A: “We can’t do it on the fly; hv to bring it to a committee.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “But, it sounds pretty good! We like it.” “Just to give you a sense of how we do this, we bring this to you w/ copies, take yr..”

Cont’d: “…feedback, in writing, take it back to group when not cold or in the dark, and integrate it nicely.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “We did have some feedback sheets from Monday, so if you tell us to stop now, we have to disregard those sheets as well as..”

Cont’d: “..any suggestions you have today. But we’ll do it.” Stairs temp checks whether we feel it’s ready… GA doesn’t feel that way.#nycga

V&G: “We’re gonna bring it back to you, w/ all the suggestions made so far that we’ll work into doc, Thursday.” #nycga #ows

V&G: “We’ll also be at Spokescouncil tomorrow — we’ll be in front of you continuously until you decide we’re done!” They thank us. #nycga

V&G: “One more thing: on the bottom of the document, go to the website, where you can find the document, sit down, relax w/ a cup of..”

Cont’d: “…coffee, sit down w/ a beverage, and come up w/ yr own ideas.” Meet Wed in Atrium at 5:30, Sunday at 12. #nycga #ows

OK! Stairs mic checks: “There’s been a problem. Unfortunately, did not get updated properly. There may have been proposals..”

Cont’d: “..that were properly submitted, that were not properly posted. Is there anyone here that may have one of those proposals?” #nycga

After a beat, Stairs: “I don’t see anybody. If a person had brought a proposal to the GA and they’re not here, then they can’t present it!”

Stairs: “So, that being said, we’ve concluded our agenda!” Woah! Quick GA, now we can get back to celebrating liberation day! #nycga #ows

Stairs: “We’re going to start a soapbox! Right here! Who’s up?” I’ll get y’all a livestream link if there is one! #nycga #ows

Thanks fam! Come on down if you’re in the city, celebrate the end of the barricades! Hit me up at @diceytroop w/ ?s, comments, concerns.

RT @TesselizaTC: @LibertySqGA has been LIBERATED!! if you can’t be there, come watch: @GlobalRevLive @OWSLivestream