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“@OWScom: Spokes Council Tonight has been CANCELLED! Unable to find a space. #ows #infohub #nycsc”

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GA is getting going here in Liberty Square! Follow here, @LibertySqGA2, @LibertySqGA3, and @LibertySqGA4 for livetweets. #nycga #ows

David, who’ll keep time tonight, is explaining the hand signals we use to communicate w/o needing to speak. #nycga #ows

Uptwinkles = I feel good about this, mid-twinkles = I’m in the middle or need more info, down-twinkles = I don’t like this. #nycga #ows

A point of process, made by forming a /_\ with two hands, tells the facilitators that you feel the process is off-track. #nycga #ows

A point of information is indicated with 1 finger raised. This tells the facilitators that you have a fact to share pertinent to the topic.

“And this,” David says, “is a signal I hope no one has to use: a block.” This indicates you have a SEVERE moral, ethical, or safety concern.

Stairs will now review the agenda. “We’ll start with working group reportbacks. Then, the first agenda item is…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…from Marsha; it’s about the GA weekend schedule. The next agenda item is from Movement for Justice en el Barrio.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “The third agenda item is from Ted Hall, and it’s a request to ban an individual. The fourth item is a breakout discussion…”#nycga

Cont’d: “…from Vision and Goals. & the last item is a proposal to bring the GA indoors during winter. We’ll then close w/ announcements.”

Daniel, one of our facilitators: “The soil of consensus is respect and mutual understanding. These things require an open, flexible mind.”

Cont’d: “So, as facilitation, we ask you, please check within yourself, again and again: am I being respectful? Am I trying to understand..”

Cont’d: “..the other person? If we all do this, we can move toward consensus. And we can change the world. So, let’s go!” #nycga #ows

Working groups stacking up for reportbacks now. Adam, from Trade Justice, is first. “We’ve had a busy week! We presented…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…at the eco cluster Saturday, then a workshop Sunday at the first Occupy Town Square, on the Transpacific partnership..” #nycga

Cont’d: “…which is a 9-country NAFTA for the pacific.” We’ll have an action b/c it’s currently being negotiated. “One of the things..”

Cont’d: “…they’re negotiating is extending drug patents,” which will put lifesaving drugs out of reach. Thanks Pfizer! #nycga #ows

Cont’d; “This Wednesday, we’ll be protesting at Pfizer’s corporate office. We’ll have the CEO and President Obama walking over the…”

Cont’d: “…bodies of ppl who will die b/c they can’t get their medication, while throwing money in the air,” plus more theater. #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “They’re keeping the text, the documents of this negotiation secret until 4 years after it’s ratified, which means the only…”

Cont’d: “…thing anyone gets to see is the final text before it’s voted on, which completely locks out civil society from having any…”

Cont’d: “…voice in the agreement, while corporations have roles” advising it. The 1% are on the inside while the 99% are locked out.#nycga

That’s Wednesday, check for the details. #nycga #ows

Next, Nan. “I’ve been very excited reading every comment that some of you have posted online and also, but my…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…working group is about to file a lawsuit against some of you. I’m just reporting to you.” #nycga #ows

OK, time for the first agenda item! Marsha: “I see there’s a lot on the agenda tonight, so I’m going to keep this short and sweet.” #nycga

Marsha’s proposal is that weekend GAs be held at 2pm from November to March, and 5pm the rest of the year. #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “I’m proposing this because I know a lot of ppl have a hard time being here at night during the winter.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “Also, this will open up our meetings to families, so we can show grade-school aged children, this is what democracy looks like!”

Now opening stack for clarifying questions. “Raise your hand if you want to get on stack!” First CQ: “Why are the working group meetings..”

Cont’d: “..taking place at the same time as the General Assembly?” A: “I’m not empowered to answer that question, I’m sorry.” #nycga #ows

CQ responds: “I think it would be great if people had the option to go to both.” Someone notes that some working groups are meeting now….

“…so I don’t think that changing the time will make a difference.” CQer notes that she left one early to be here on time. #nycga #ows

A: “The facilitation proposal that was passed to have 3 meetings a wk was to accomodate more ppl, to concentrate efforts on being…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…able to come to the GA. I think this does that as well.” David’s POI: “Working groups schedule their own meeting times.” #nycga

Cont’d: “They know when this meeting is. So, talk to them!” CQer will, by golly. Stairs gives last call for CQ stack. #nycga #ows

Rich’s CQ: “I’m w/ Info and De-escalation. I’m here almost every day, including the weekends. And I believe that her proposal is an..”#nycga

Cont’d: “…excellent proposal, as I speak to supporters who visit Saturday all day, but when I say it’s 7pm they can’t be here.”#nycga #ows

Stairs: “Stack is now closed. Now, we’re opening up stack for concerns! Raise your hand high to get on stack!” #nycga #ows

First concern: “It’s cold outside, and my nipple hurts! Is there anybody from comfort w/ a hot pack for my nipple?” [Hahahahah. -Ed.] #nycga

Next concern: Jack. “One thing you need to remember: we’re standing on holy ground, also known as the holy land of #OWS!” #nycga #ows

Jack cont’d: “And that’s it! Forever! So even if we have meetings somewhere else, i.e. like Sunday at WSP… we’re still in the spirit…”

Cont’d: “…of this holy land. So, welcome to the holy land of Occupy Wall Street!” Stairs acknowledges the Points of process up now…

Stairs: “I think I know what it is, so we’re going to keep going. But I’d like to remind everyone, please show respect to the proposer.”

Next concern, Kyle. “Hi! My concern is that this proposal’s designed to bring more families and children to the GAs. I feel that having..”

Cont’d: “…the meetings at 5 would prevent working families and children from getting here in time. I’d like to say, perhaps 6?” #nycga

A: “How would 5:00 on a Saturday prevent families and children from being here?” Clarifies this is only for weekends + 2pm during winter.

OK, that’s it for concerns! “We’re now going to move on to Friendly Amendments.” Opening stack. “Don’t all raise yr hands at once!” #nycga

Sage’s FA is that “you make sure to coordinate w/ Kitchen and the website, and keep the relationship open so ppl Saturday” are being…

Cont’d: …supported by our community. A: “I accept that friendly amendment.” That’s it for friendly amendments… temp checking! #nycga

Stairs: “How do we feel about this proposal?” Then, “It looks pretty good!” Now we’ll move to consensus; proposer will restate first. #nycga

Proposal: “I propose that GA meetings Saturday be held at 2pm starting November to March, and at 5pm on Saturdays the rest of the year…”

Cont’d: “…keeping in mind to keep communication with the Kitchen, so we can support the rest of the park!” #nycga #ows

Stairs: “OK, we’ll move to consensus. First, we’ll check for standasides. A standaside is when you object to the proposal, but not…”#nycga

Cont’d: “…so strongly that it rises to the level of a block.” Any standasides on the proposal? There is one standaside: Nan. #nycga #ows

Stairs: “Nan, would you like to speak on behalf of your standaside?” Someone interrupts to make an “emergency” announcement about someone…

Cont’d: …who’s in jail. He proposes we have a massive rally Saturday in support. Stairs acknowledges the points of process… #nycga #ows

…but makes sure he’s done. He seems unsatisfied; Stairs asks what we can do. “Spread the word,” he said. “Saturday.” #nycga #ows

PoI: “An affinity group is working on getting him out.” Nan will explain her standaside now. #nycga #ows

Nan: “It’s not about the time, it’s about the date. There are Jewish ppl that might not be able to attend on Saturday.” #nycga #ows

A: “I’ve talked to some Jewish ppl about this, and they said that during Summer, it didn’t get dark until way after 9pm, and they…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…didn’t come to those GAs anyway.” Nan says she knows otherwise, but it’s not that she’s against, she’s just standing aside.

Stairs will now test for blocks, which are a “moral, ethical, or safety concern” so severe that if it passed, “you’d leave the movement.”

We have one block. Lady: “My block is because I don’t think we are consistent with anything we do in this movement and I think that…”

Cont’d: “…is a consistent 7:00 meeting that has happened since the beginning and should continue to the end inside Zuccotti Park.” #nycga

Someone PoPs, saying a block “should be a moral, ethical, or safety concern.” Lady insists it is, because she doesn’t like the proposal. OK.

The proposer decides to move on to modified consensus, which requires 90% support from the GA to pass the proposal. #nycga #ows

Stairs: “If you want to vote against this proposal, please raise your hand.” There are 6 against; we’ll need 61 to pass it. #nycga #ows

Stairs: “We counted 34 hands in favor of this proposal; it does not pass modified consensus.” Proposer thanks us and steps down. #nycga #ows

Stairs: “So, we’re going to move on to the next proposal, which is from Movement for Justice en el Barrio.” #nycga #ows

MfJelB: “Receive greetings and solidarity from Movement for Justice en el Barrio, in East Harlem, NY! Women around the world…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…are rising up and saying enough! They’re organizing new movements, from Chiapas to Egypt, Greece to Spain, S. Africa to NY..”

Cont’d: “…and everywhere in between. They are indignatas outraged by the staggering inequalities, violence, deceit, hatred of democracy..”

Cont’d: “…corruption, and lack of respect for our planet” that characterize “this nightmarish status quo.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “At the forefront of these global movements are countless dignified women who resound in different colors and languages across…”

Cont’d: “…the lands. They are spearheading the movement and battling injustice head-on and w/o compromise at enormous risk.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “In honor of the tremendous leadership and contributions of women everywhere, Movement for Justice en el Barrio has…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…organized an International Women’s Day Celebration, as we do every year, to take place March 8th.” #nycga #ows

“Movement for Justice en el Barrio and the Global Justice working group propose the following: that the General Assembly of #OWS celebrate..

Cont’d: “…and honor the noble, dignified contributions of women in our movements, and to support by encouraging members of all working..”

Cont’d: “…groups and caucuses to attend.” Stairs gives the proposal 20 minutes, notes we can extend if we want to spend more time. #nycga

Opening stack for clarifying questions. None! Now opening stack on concerns, then! “Raise your hands high!”, Stairs says. #nycga #ows

…. long pause… Stairs: “So, there seem to be no concerns! Since friendly amendments come from concerns, I’m just going to ask if…”

Cont’d: “…bychance anyone has a friendly amendment, please raise your hand!” “Nope, don’t see any of those either!” Tempchecking proposal.

Stairs: “That looks pretty good! If the proposer could restate the proposal…” #nycga #ows

Restating: “Movement for Justice en el Barrio and the Global Justice WG propose that the GA publically endorse and support our…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…International Women’s Day Celebration, and encourage members of all working groups and caucuses to attend!” #nycga #ows

Stairs now asking if there are any standasides on this proposal. None! “Now I’m going to ask for any blocks! There were no concerns, so…”

Cont’d: “…I shouldn’t see any blocks. But I’m still gonna ask!” Hahah. “Are there any blocks?” No blocks! Consensus! Woooo! #nycga #ows

Stairs: “We just found out that came in at about 4 minutes for the consensus process. Moving along!” Woooo. #nycga #ows

Stairs: ‘The next proposal is from Ted Hall. This proposal is significantly different than the proposal that was on the Internet.” #nycga

Cont’d: “So, I’ll allow Ted Hall to explain.” Robert point of processes it: “If it isn’t the prop on the Internet, it can’t be brought.”

Stairs acknowledges this concern. Ted will explain, and then we’ll temp check whether to hear it. #nycga #ows

Ted: “The proposal got a massive amount of feedback, but it seems unfortunately that I will have to post it online. I would like to…”

Cont’d: “..share some of my experience with this rather contentious and pressing proposal that was originally written, if you’d like to…”

Cont’d: “..hear that. I could save it for announcements.” Stairs wants to temp check: “If you want to hear a little about why it’s…”#nycga

Cont’d: “…different, twinkle up.” Robert grumbles; Stairs notes that the temp check was vastly positive. We’ll hear from Ted. #nycga #ows

Ted: “I see, and felt, a very dangerous reaction within our community to try to adopt an exclusionary process. I feel and understand…”

Cont’d: “…from speaking to people at other assemblies that we are at a very slippery slope. It was very hard to sleep at night, trying…”

Cont’d: “…to account for all the perspectives being thrown at me, b/c we had sort of a freak accident last week that highlighted…”#nycga

Cont’d: “…fundamental problems that challenge the way our movement operates.” Sage mic checks, saying he doesn’t feel comfortable..#nycga

Cont’d: …functioning with inside information or doublespeak.” Wants to know what the shock is Ted’s talking about. #nycga #ows

Ted: “Last week, ppl from another occupation came to the assembly and very nearly successfully stopped it. Several were drunk, some…”

Cont’d: “…were punched in the face, I saw a lot of issues around that and tried to address it at that time. I now see that many…”

Cont’d: “…of us focused on Nan, when actually Nan did not punch anybody.” “That day,” someone points out. Ted: “And we do…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…have issues as a community, I think, with how Nan operates at times. But through writing this proposal, and this reaction…”

Cont’d: “…many people are holding, I see that we’re on a slippery slope to become an exclusionary body that is actually ill-equipped..”

Cont’d: “…to deal with these community issues. So this proposal I’ve written, w/ feedback from everyone else, will be shared online…”

Cont’d: “…for a later time.” Stairs notes that “many people feel very strongly about this issue, so I encourage you to talk about it…”

Cont’d: “…with each other, and try to come to an understanding.” Both Ashley and Nan are trying to force a stack to open up… #nycga #ows

Stairs: “Everybody / chill out / we’re all in this together! Let’s not fight. We are *not* opening stack, and that is final. We are going..”

Cont’d: “…to move on. I’m sorry to those of you who don’t agree with this.” “So, next…” Lots of people wanted to talk about Nan. #nycga

Anthony: GA can be a place for discussion as well as deliberation, and if we want to talk about it, we can. “Know your process!” #nycga

Stairs: “From my perspective up here, I saw a lot of uptwinkles on that discussion suggestion. So, I’ll ask for a temperature check for…”

Cont’d: “..going to a discussion about what just happened.” OK, so we’ll break out and discuss for 10 minutes. #nycga #ows

Trish: “Where are the twinkles? I don’t see them!” Someone says: “The wire is blocking your view!” Hahahah. #nycga #ows

Someone gets up and says he’s the disruptor being discussed, and it was because he felt left out. “I did come out of process, and I..”#nycga

Cont’d: “…apologize.” Then, aggressively defends notion he’s #OWS and not #OccupyNewark, acknowledges he was drunk but “ppl have stress.”

So, Stairs will break us out “to discuss what this community needs re: accountability and how we go forward from here.” #nycga #ows

Ted: “With respect to a lot of that,” Safer Spaces is working on a grievance council that might be better for dealing with these issues.

OK, so we’re back. “We’re going to hear from breakout groups, but with no responses.” First: “We appreciate the apology by the gentleman…”

Cont’d: “…from Newark. We felt it was inappropriate to draw a line between #OWS and Newark. We appreciated his apology for intoxication..”

Cont’d: “…but it’s not acceptible, for safety and the integrity of the process, to be intoxicated.” So, next time, they ask for… #nycga

Cont’d: …de-escalation to be present. They feel that 2 minutes of stack being open would have resolved the conflict. #nycga #ows

Finally, they think we should all receive de-escalation training, “because if there was a war, but no one went, that would be best.” #nycga

Next reportback. “This is what our group came up with. 1, if anybody’s not following the statement of autonomy, then they’re not abiding..”

Cont’d: “…by #OWS principles, and not acting in best interest of the movement. 2, anything that’s distracting our movement is…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…a cause for concern which must be addressed. 3, the failure to exclude some individuals will cause exclusion of many.” #nycga

Cont’d: “4, #OWS is inclusive of all identities, but not all behaviors. 5, we need a process of exclusion and grievances. Thank you.” #nycga

Next, Lady. “I’m concerned that if we set a precedent for getting rid of someone, we become our own police department, but we have…”#nycga

Cont’d: “…convicted someone w/o due process, and that’s not the way we should operate in a movement that is all-inclusive.” #nycga #ows

Richard: “My name is Richard. Our breakout group had a very productive discussion. We didn’t target anyone in specific. We…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…talked about the need for personal accountability, the need for criminals to be held accountable criminally.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “If we met someone on the street, who committed a crime against us, it should be the same in the GA, and everyone has…” #yncga

Cont’d: “…that personal right to decide. We also had the discussion of spanking disruptors.” Everyone guffaws. #nycga #ows

Next, Nan. “I have a chance to go group to group to hear what the groups have to say, and it was wonderful, Sage. Anyway…” #nycga #ows

Nan cont’d: “Sage, go masturbate yourself. Anyway, I appreciate what some of you guys have to tell me, and I appreciate your comments.”

Cont’d: “One of the things I did not like was how I was being marginalized and attacked from not having all the facts together.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “Those ppl from Newark did not come with me; Razor knew that. I was working hard on my proposal for that GA, and I was trying to…”

Cont’d: “…find a copier, and next thing I knew I was being attacked and lied about by individuals who didn’t have the facts.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “But sometimes life isn’t unfair, sometimes it is. I was given lemonade, and I made lemonade out of it.” Yes. #nycga #ows

Nan closes with a rousing defense of “people of caucus” and a nice “fuck you” to her detractors. #nycga #ows

Next, Ashley! “W/ the group’s permission, instead of standing over there, I’d like to stand behind these bars over here, because I don’t..”

Cont’d: “..feel safe physically from an individual over there.” Asks us to temp check. Of course we’re cool with it… #nycga #ows

Ashley: “I personally am upset w/ ppl appropriating important issues, like marginalized communities, and using them as an excuse to bully..”

Cont’d: “…ppl, and marginalize ppl.” Feels this movement is our last chance to avoid global tyranny by the 1%. #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “If a man physically assaulted ppl, he’d be out a week ago, right? So why should a woman be able to? It’s a double standard.” #nycga

Many people giving Ashley support for that. “There was a point when I believed this person’s intentions, and when I realized that this…”

Cont’d: “…person wasn’t working for marginalized people but rather marginalizing them, and made me care and betrayed…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “If they really care about issues of sexism, why did they block WoW’s proposal? If they really cared about marginalization, why…”

Cont’d: “…did they block the proposal for solidarity with Zapatistas in Mexico?” #nycga #ows

Ashley shouts out to the double standard of Nan’s behavior being accepted, and also shouts to her going to “corporate media…” big cheers!

Ashley gets a huge round of applause. #nycga #ows

Stairs: “I completely acknowledge the weight of this conversation, and understand the proposal posted was about a certain individual.”#nycga

Cont’d: “That is not the proposal any longer, and it was not the goal of the breakout groups. We acknowledge that there’s a lot…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…of feelings all over about this situation. But out of respect to the GA, please do not make this about targeting one person.”

Razor: “This is a historical moment in #OWS. We are talking about banning individuals. This movement has to be above that; we have to look..

Cont’d: “ who’s being spoken about versus those who have committed violence all along.” Notes that he feels violence has been present…

Cont’d: …& that it’s suspect that the first ppl we’re trying to ban are ppl of color. Razor also says we need to examine process. #nycga

Razor: “I’m also very concerned that when this comes up,” it tends to target individuals, rather than accountability. #nycga #ows

Razor: “I think Teddy did something amazing. He started in one space, and spend days talking to others, and came from something w/ a..”

Cont’d: “…higher ethical standard. That’s what this movement is about and we need more of that.” #nycga #ows

Razor also speaks to Newark and tells them “you’re being baited” and not to react. #nycga #ows

Lopi’s next: “Our group spoke about a few things; we didn’t have a concrete solution, but we felt it was smart that Ted had tabled..”

Cont’d: “..the proposal so we could talk about larger issues instead of one person’s behavior.” Also discussed other forms of violence…

Cont’d: “When some ppl don’t have the same language as dominant language, they react angrily & then that causes other kinds of violence.”

They also spoke about how we need a grievance process and better communication structures. Feels “one of the most pertinent problems..”

Cont’d: “..facing us internally is also facing us externally, and that is, as a movement, as we committed to nonviolence?” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “We felt that we need to come up with a statement dealing with our principles of nonviolence for internal and external purposes.”

Sage notes many people have already spoken his ideas – many who are more traditionally heard, and less confrontational, than he is. #nycga

Sage cont’d: “But I still think there needs to be some aspect of confrontation;” otherwise how do we change ourselves? #nycga #ows

Sage had several other ideas but because I had to switch feeds, I missed some of them. Sorry @Graizur, help me out? #nycga #ows

Next, someone points out “this movement is about accountability and the lack of accountability w/in our superstructure.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “We want to come up with new ways of doing things, so why, when old problems come up, are we looking to old solutions?” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “Banning someone, imprisoning someone, is old.” “The ppl in this movement must be empowered, and not destroyed.” #nycga #ows

Anthony: “We shouldnt use sex, gender, color, any of that bullshit, to call marginalization! We’re human; all bleed red! Except reptilians.”

Anthony feels that people who are disruptive, like who “block everything” should be held accountable. He’s had one block, an ethical block.

Anthony: “We should all realize when blocking without a real reason, you’re hurting everyone!” Ppl’s mic is very loud right now. #nycga #ows

Anthony: “Every time we go into modified consensus w/o a real reason, we’re hurting the movement! We all need to be accountable to…”#nycga

Cont’d: “…ourselves & all of our sisters and brothers in this beautiful movement. And fuck Monsanto!” (“And Fuck Monsanto!” the ppl yell!)

OK, that’s it for the reportbacks. Time to move forward on the agenda. “So, now, Vision and Goals is gonna talk to you all!” #nycga #ows

Sumumba and Michael from Vision and Goals: “We’re attempting to come to consensus on a Vision statement! I want to say, this is not the..”

Cont’d: “..goals; we still have the goals to get to.” Notes he’s on Outreach and Movement Building too, and wants to make sure the…

Cont’d: …Vision statement “gets us in the house, so we can feed them and” talk to them. Wants to not have alienating language. #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “That said, we are not reformists!” Yoni notes that many felt, last time, that the document wasn’t radical enough. #nycga #ows

Yoni: “I feel the content is there, but perhaps we can radicalize the language.” So the discussion is about how we make it more radical…

Cont’d: “…more about what #OWS is about.” But notes that since this is an autonomous movement, it shouldn’t be about personal politics.

Sumumba also notes: nonviolence is part of the longer vision, even though the definition of “violence” is at question in a tactical sense.

Sumumba: “And once again, we are NOT reformists!” Hahah. Michael tells us he emailed all working groups to ask for feedback recently. #nycga

V&G also notes they meet Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 at 60 Wall. “Your feedback is very important, and remember we still need to do Goals.”

Cont’d: “Even President Obama is talking about co-opting the 99% with the tax thing! Let’s not let him co-opt us, let’s co-opt him!” #nycga

OK, so we’ll read the document for 5 minutes, and then open a stack for general comments. #nycga #ows

OK, we’re back! Stacking comments. Camille: “The statement is great, but one problem I have, which I quietly have w/ movement is a whole..”

Cont’d: “…is the impact of animal enterprise.” Suggests add something about “liberation of animals, but something more welfarist is OK.”

Notes animals are used for many things like testing and vivisection, and “I wouldn’t be an activist if I weren’t a vegan.” #nycga #ows

Camille also notes that many vegans are ostracized by this movement b/c of lack of attention paid to this issue. #nycga #ows

Yoni answers: “As a non-vegan itself, I hear what you’re saying,” also notes fur trade and mistreatment are real problems. #nycga #ows

Yoni suggests it could even be given its own section, which Camille is a fan of. #nycga #ows

Next: “If you hang out w/ good ppl, 9 times out of 10, you’ll have good results.” Then suggests women should watch their dress? Boos. #nycga

“GA-Amended 1/24 Draft OWS Vision Statement,” page 1. This is what we’re discussing. #nycga #ows

“GA-Amended 1/24 Draft OWS Vision Statement,” page 2. That’s the last page. #nycga #ows

Vision&Goals restate: they want us to help radicalize it w/o making it inaccessible to “ppl from Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn to Billings, Montana.”

OK, time for the next proposal! It’s Patrick, bringing a proposal to move the GA indoors for the winter. #nycga #ows

Here’s the next proposal, to bring the GA indoors. Patrick is reading it aloud right now. #nycga #ows

Patrick: “When we discussed changing the GA, Marsha, who brought the time-change proposal earlier, felt she was being marginalized…”

Cont’d: “…because she can’t stand outside in the cold at night during the Winter.” Notes GA at 60 Wall is still “occupying wall street.”

Stairs now opening stack for clarifying questions on the proposal. First CQ: “This proposal seems to be for the benefit of 1 person…”

Cont’d: “..I know others could benefit from it, but if we move indoors, others may have issues w/ an indoor space. I don’t know if the…”

Cont’d: “…GA should be moved just because one person has an issue.” Patrick presses him to imagine a reason there’d be an issue w/ indoor.

Patrick: “If you think it’s OK for everyone here to have to suffer through cold — and you know I’ve been through so many, and I have…”

Cont’d: “…froze almost everything off. And I’m still here! So, I’ll be here, but many can’t be here, like Marsha.” #nycga #ows

Next CQ: “Just going to say that the original proposal is great, because let’s face it, if it was subzero, many of us wouldn’t be here.”

That CQer suggests that it be contingent on temperature and weather. #nycga #ows

Nick: “If we never got raided; we’d still be in camp here. Ppl said the winter would stop us; moving GAs indoors doesn’t prove them wrong.”

A: “I don’t think we have anything to prove in the strength department. Anybody going anywhere?” No, we say! “OK, so let’s be comfortable..”

Cont’d: “…indoors as we make decisions.” Next CQ, Nan. “You know that we have a lot of ppl at 60 wall; can we find a permanent place…”

Cont’d: “…without police officers and without people circling us?” Patrick: “Nan’s concern appears to be that there’s a lot of police…”

Patrick cont’d: “You know, I don’t really feel any concern about the cops myself, but maybe it’s a concern some folks have. We’ll have..”

Cont’d: “…to live with cops everywhere we go, so we’ll have to deal with it.” #nycga #ows

Next CQ: “If the weather’s nice enough, are we going to be here? But I saw in the proposal that if weather’s nice enough, we’ll be here.”

But it leads into a concern: “I don’t see the GA as mobile; it shouldn’t move around. But the proposal besides that is fair.” #nycga #ows

Patrick will temp check removing that. But, “not everybody can see who’s suffering from cold; ppl at GA have to tell us.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “If more than 10% there may need to leave, maybe we owe it to that 10% to move the GA, cooperate and continue with all.” #nycga #ows

Stairs is restating Nan’s question: “If 60 Wall is not available, is there a backup location?” Patrick says it’s covered in proposal. #nycga

Patrick: “The backup location is right here (Liberty Sq).” Next CQ: “Some WGs meet during GA. What happens if GA brings many to 60 Wall?”

Cont’d: “The question is, do you think that if we get a lot of ppl, can we function in that space w/o disrupting everything around us?”

Patrick notes that it has worked before without interrupting other groups. “It’s noisy, but it can be done.” Also, “60 wall need not be…”

Cont’d: “..the only place we can go. What’s called for is indoor public space.” #nycga #ows

POI: “Maximum # of ppl in 60 Wall is 604, so there’s a lot of ppl we could fit in there and many old bastards like myself could attend.”

Robert’s CQ: “I haven’t attended a GA in 60 Wall; I know they’ve happened, but w/ smaller groups. We are so gonna get kicked outta 60 Wall.”

Robert is point of processed, because we’re still on clarifying questions. Ashley’s CQ: “Is this proposal b/c a lot of ppl weren’t…”

Cont’d: “..going to GA because it was cold, which is disempowering to GA?” Feels it should get benefit of being indoors, like Spokes. #nycga

Ashley cont’d: “We should do this to be fair and democratic.” Stairs starts to define CQs, so Ashley rephrases as a CQ. #nycga #ows

A: “To me, it’s just common sense. I’m healthy and young, but if you watch, I’m already trembling. To me, this is cold. If I wear a hat…”

Cont’d: “…my hearing is muffled. It would be better indoors.” Sumumba’s POI is that the last few GAs indoors have worked well. #nycga #ows

Sumumba: “Also, for Sat at least, there’s not as many WGs meeting, so it’s very pleasant in there. This is inclusive; think of our seniors.”

Anthony’s concern: “The knitters say they don’t come out at night b/c it’s cold! So we shouldn’t permanently move it indoors…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…we should look at weather in advance, and then post it ahead of time.” Shouts to Marsha, a knitter, who can’t often come to GA!

Patrick notes it’s already in the proposal- if we expect temps above 50 degrees 48 hours in advance, we can move it indoors. #nycga #ows

Next concern is that he won’t leave the park unattended. “If we’re in this for comfort, we shouldn’t have done this!” #nycga #ows

Patrick: it’s not about his comfort, it’s about the comfort of many. “Do we want to prove we’re tough, or accept we’re tough & include ppl?”

Next concern notes that there are fewer disruptions when GA is indoors. “Just b/c of that, it would be a valuable experiment.” #nycga #ows

Nick’s concern: “I am very concerned that by having the GA indoors, we’re going to lose a lot of ppl. I’d like to see some kind of..”

Cont’d: “…count made first as to whether more people come when it’s indoors.” Nods to Occupy Alaska, who are outside always. #nycga #ows

Sumumba: “My concern is for the movement, again, the infirm, the ppl that get sick.” Hopes if we’re indoors, we look for backup spaces.

Corey’s is “a reverse concern. Won’t anyone think of the minutes and the livetweeters and the facilitators who have to be outside?” #nycga

Patrick acknowledges that. “We all love the minutes and the livetweeters and we want to see if we can help them out too.” #nycga #ows

I said that it’s not respectful of consensus to insist that others’ lack of willingness to be outside is not tough enough. #nycga #ows

I also pointed out that our decision-making process suffers greatly when we are meeting and it is too cold. #nycga #ows

Lopi shouts to what I said, and points out the machismo inherent in trying to prove we’re tough. “Also, we rush through proposals when…”

Cont’d: “…we’re freezing our ass off. Everyone wants to just get done; we pass things we have to live w/ that may not be well considered.”

Chris: “I’ve been here since the beginning; I don’t know a lot of you and I’m glad you joined on with us. But the GA needs to go on here.”

Cont’d: “People need to know we’re still here, even though it’s not about the park. We made a message when we took the park. But right now..

Cont’d: “…for our voices to be heard, we need to be out here.” Apologizes to knitters; he loves them. “I don’t know about a lot of you..”

Cont’d: “..folks, but if we want to make a message, occupy your brain! Not #OWS, occupy your brain! Occupy movement! That’s what we are.”

Patrick: “Chris is a great friend to the movement; I know the park is important. But if we could get indoors, maybe we could occupy…”

Cont’d: “…our minds a bit better, and think about how to take the park back!” Next, someone points out NYU will start teaching #OWS…

Cont’d: …courses, “and I believe NYU should provide us a place to meet during the winter. If they’re going to make profits from our…”

Cont’d: “…cause, they should give us a place to meet.” Notes that Pace University is in the same situation, could also help. #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “They should at least hv the courtesy to give us a place to stay, & someone should negotiate with them. Maybe Patrick.” #nycga #ows

Gilbert’s concern: “2 things. I think that we should go inside when the weather is inclement, so we can better articulate our points.”#nycga

Cont’d: “Secondly, I don’t think that us standing outside makes us braver or weaker. We should do what’s best for the whole group.” #nycga

Cont’d: “…in order to not marginalize disabled or older people.” Many whoop at that. As they did every time that point’s been made. #nycga

Ashley: “My concern is w/ ppl who feel very emotionally and spiritually attached to this ground. And I think we’re all one of them…”

Cont’d: “…but we need to be sensitive to the infirm, the elderly, the livetweeters can’t wear gloves, I think we need to have it inside.”

Cont’d: “Some of my best friends in this movement are in the Granny Peace Brigade.” They can’t come to things due to environmental concerns.

Cont’d: “So, although I have compassion for the ppl who are emotionally attached to doing this every day, that’s ego. Sometimes you..”#nycga

Cont’d: “…need to set aside yr own sentimental attachments.” Should be sensitive to Chris & others like him, maybe do 1 thing here a day.

Patrick suggests that’s a great point. “We don’t want to show disrespect to those who hold the park still. We love you. But this is about..”

Cont’d: “…all the people who’d like to be, but can’t because it’s too cold.” Someone: “Why don’t we all wear space suits?” #nycga #ows

Nan’s concern is next. “Hi guys. My concern is if we keep moving the GA back and forth, ppl might get confused and they might give up on..”

Cont’d: “…coming back to the GA. So we need to make sure, if we’re going to go to 60 Wall or any other places, other ppl must stay here..”

Cont’d: “ let them know that we’ve moved. Because we had issues like that before.” #nycga #ows

That’s it for stack! OK, now opening stack for friendly amendments, coming to the homestretch on this (famous last words.) #nycga #ows

Richard’s FA: “I’m in the group that can’t make GAs b/c of health issues; also, I have to travel from Staten Island, so if it’s going…”

Cont’d: “…to be snowy and won’t be many here anywhere, I just stay away.” FA is that we move indoors one day a week on a weekend, so…

Cont’d: …that “people in the outer boroughs, and older people,” can come, and an experiment. Temp checking Saturday-only FA. #nycga

Robert’s amendment is that the language in the proposal of throwing up a PoP to move the meeting indoors can only happen at start of GA.

Clarifying amendment: applies on days when we have GA outdoors expecting it to be nice, but isn’t. Limit to *1* tempcheck on moving inside.

Next FA is to have a 3-wk trial period of trying it. If it doesn’t work for us and the ppl at 60 Wall, then vote on moving it back outdoors.

The temp check on that was really mixed; Patrick wasn’t quite sure what to do but decided to decline that friendly amendment. #nycga #ows

Next FA is that we include Occupy Money Group and other folks in the discussion so we can be open to alternative spaces. #nycga #ows

Patrick notes this is about “indoor public spaces,” so he’s not sure, that seems like a separate conversation. Some back and forth… #nycga

Sumumba just wants to make sure “we’re not dependent on 60 wall; if we are excluded,” we have some other place to go. #nycga #ows

Patrick reads the language in the proposal about “other public spaces,” and Sumumba is satisfied, steps back. #nycga #ows

Ashley’s POI is that many who opposed moving indoors have walked away and aren’t listening to this process, restates her concerns about…

Cont’d: ..keeping it outside being “ageist, sexist, and ableist.” Stairs nudges her to make FA. “To appease the individuals..” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…those individuals who are attached sentimentally and might block, to have one do-or-die event outside each Sunday.” #nycga #ows

People like that amendment, according to Stairs’ reading of the temperature check, so it’s accepted. #nycga #ows

Martin’s FA: “I wish it was more strongly worded, b/c it seems exceptions may be made, but wishes it was strongly encouraged…”

Cont’d: “…to hold the meetings outside if it’s above 50 degrees outside,” due to symbolic value. Patrick suggests changing… #nycga #ows

Cont’d: …the language from “exceptions may be made” to “shall be made” when the temperature is above 50 degrees. FA accepted. #nycga #ows

Nan’s FA: “I’d mentioned my concern earlier, and was told to make it an FA, to let people know somehow that we’ve moved.” #nycga #ows

So, Nan’s FA is that someone “must be here” in Liberty Square to make sure ppl know where the GA has moved. Folks ask if she’ll volunteer…

Patrick narrows it to only times when we schedule it outdoors, and then consent to move it back indoors due to it being cold. Temp check?

Patrick: “It’s close, but not quite.” Mixed response. So, he declines Nan’s friendly amendment, tempting the dragon…. #nycga #ows

Patrick notes that as long as we make 60 Wall our default location, and we’re not in the park, ppl will know where to look for GA. #nycga

OK! So now, Stairs will tempcheck how we feel about moving the proposal forward! “That looks very good!” Patrick re-reads the proposal.

Changes from what I posted earlier are that we *shall* (not may) have it outside if we expect temps to be above 50 w/ good weather… #nycga

Cont’d: …& that if the meeting starts outdoors, only 1 proposal can be made to move indoors. Last FA: that we have a Sun event outdoors.

Stairs calls for standasides. One: “I’m out here all the time; it’s not my ego.” Was offended by that. & is upset by “comfort”. #nycga #ows

Stairs now tests for blocks.. Nick blocks. “It’s morally wrong to hold this indoors. Many people have problems with heat in summertime..”

Cont’d: “…also, there are occupations not having this conversation.” Nick decides to standaside tho, having said his piece. #nycga #ows

One last test for blocks: “Going once…going twice… no blocks… that means we have consensus!” Cheers! #nycga #ows

Stairs: “That was the last proposal; we’re now going to open stack for announcements.” #nycga #ows

First announcement: “Hi, my name is Faith, I’m a day 1 occupier and I work w/ #OWS radio show. And I want to draw attention to..” #nycga

Cont’d: “…the fact that one of our comrades is in Riker’s this afternoon b/c he did not receive the kind of support he should have…”

Cont’d: “…received from #OWS.” It’s Elias Roberts, “who is such a strong voice, and he’s been left in the lurch.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “He’ll be going to the supreme court friday. I’m asking that there be an arsenal of NLG lawyers there, familiar w/ the case.”#nycga

Cont’d: “We can’t walk on by each other. If any of you can in any way get the word out; I wanted to let you know our comrade nds our help.”

Next, Camille, who mic checks to make sure folks come over to hear, “especially if you participate in direct action.” #nycga #ows

Camille: “For the past 3 days, the NLG has not been equipped to rep people at arraignments. We need to understand that the NLG was around..”

Cont’d: “..before #OWS; it’s not an #OWS work group. They have jobs, do it on volunteer basis, and had full caseload before #OWS.”

Cont’d: “They’re now in a situation where they cannot come at the drop of a hat; only in mass arrest situations.” #nycga #ows

Camille says she’s looking into what NLG needs to get more ppl to come out. But “if you’re doing autonomous actions, please think twice..”

Cont’d: “..about what you’re doing, because we can’t guarantee we’ll get the support we all deserve. We’re taking on an enormous…”

Cont’d: “…corrupt system.” NLG knows we deserve better than public defenders, “but we are not equipped, so we need to re-think our…”

Cont’d: “..direction, our tactics, and the way we conduct ourselves. I’m not saying don’t participate in DA; I’m saying think about what..”

Cont’d: “…you’re doing. Because the person who throws something isn’t the one who gets hurt, it’s whoever’s standing closest.” #nycga #ows

Camille also shouts out that we can show solidarity to Elias by putting money in his account so that he can buy good food while in Riker’s.

“We’ll keep everyone apprised, as this is the only person who has been put in Riker’s directly from an #OWS event.” #nycga #ows

[To clarify: the Williamsburg “OccuParty” was *not* an #OWS event. The distinction is lost on some. -Ed.] #nycga #ows

Next: “I appreciate y’all showing solidarity and letting me get up to talk, but I came from @Occupy_DC; we’re having a serious problem..”

Cont’d: “…and what we really need is numbers. If we can get ppl to come down… we’re trying to get the SEIU to help us bus ppl down…”

Cont’d: “…and there’s some lady with a van or something. We need numbers; we can’t let Washington DC fall. It’s one of the final…”#nycga

Cont’d: “..physical occupies.” They have put out statements that if they catch ppl sleeping in tents, they’ll mace and taze and drag em out.

Cont’d: “As soon as we can get ppl down there, the better.” Ted’s POI: “Feb 2nd is the date that many of the police actions are set for.”

Ted cont’d: “We need to get there right now, and we need to be there for awhile until this shit blows over.” #nycga #ows

#ODC guy notes that the kitchen in Freedom Plaza was given a 98/100 after an inspection – then they came back and gave 100/100!! #nycga #ows

Big cheers for that. “We have two chefs that cook there — they occupy! And they’re chefs! Everyone’s welcome; we’d love to have you.”#nycga

Next, Al. “Like the gentleman just speaking, I was down there with him; he’s a great guy.” Shouts out the dude who gave him ticket to go…

Al, whom we all love very much, is soapboxing, and no one is surprised. Tells us about his trip. Any announcement content same as last guy.

Next, Sean! “Hi! You may have heard magic word ‘grievance council’ today for 1st time!” Meet Friday, 6:30, at 110 Schermerhorn in Brooklyn.

Sumumba makes an outreach announcement: “We’re trying to reach communities we’re trying to “liberate”!” Canvassing in East NY. #nycga #ows

Next is Ted w/ “a couple little announcements. #1, Occupy Tour is going to be kicking off in Newark! Anyone who wants to help build..”#nycga

Cont’d: “..a stage, where we’ll have a ton of artists making awesome music, come talk to me afterwards!” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “Occupy Newark is in an old historic military base! They have no issues with cops; some internal issues like us, but it’s…”#nycga

Cont’d: “…it’s an amazing place to launch stuff.” Shouts to close proximity of Newark and Yonkers, trying to work together more! #nycga

Ted also notes that Newark’s occupation is in the shape of a sword pointing right here. “it’s really awesome!” #nycga #ows

Ted also notes his background in climate science and that a “bee landed on my face earlier” today, which is fucked. “Anyone who wants to..”

Cont’d: “…come to Times Sq. at 3pm tomorrow in a t-shirt and shorts, when temp should be 59 degrees, we’ll ask “where the fuck is winter?”

Nan’s announcement. “Most of you know I have a proposal to dissolve the Spokescouncil, but I didn’t come back to do it. I’m announcing…”

Cont’d: “…here to ask facilitation to please put my proposal back online for the next GA, to dissolve the Spokescouncil. Thank you.”#nycga

Ashley is last on stack! “I was supposed to propose at yesterday’s Spokescouncil to make sure there’s a democratic process at…”#nycga

Cont’d: “…Spokescouncil, b/c a lot of proposals have been slipping in w/o proper time for discussion.” It’s to establish 48-hour notice..

Cont’d: ..period for proposals in Spokescouncil, and that working groups are notified. But she couldn’t come b/c she was arrested Sunday.

That’s it for GA! “We’ll see you all Thursday — same time, different place!” See you at 60 Wall on Thurs family! #nycga #ows #occupy

[As ever, any questions, comments, concerns, please hit me up over at @diceytroop! And shouts to the great folks who helped handle this…]

[…family of livetweet accounts while I was helping build the movement on the @OWSbus! That’s @PoweredByCats, @Carriem213, & @Nash12. -Ed.]

Tweets for Mon, 30 Jan 2012

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RT @PoweredByCats: Tonight! #OWS #NYCSC at Riverside Church – 91 Claremont Ave between 121st & 122nd St (1 train to 116 or 125) 7pm-10: …

Hi fam! #OWS Spokescouncil is rolling up here on 121st St, at Riverside church. We’re doing reportbacks… #nycsc #ows

Sage is talking about his frustration with trying to maintain his working group so his restricted dietary needs can be met by the movement.

OccupyDignity: “We’ve been recently helping connect w/ OccupyPortland. There’s a big action in WA about a nuclear waste facility.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “That’ll be April 15th; there’ll be solidarity actions here.” Members of OD are traveling to do restorative justice work there.

Sebastian (OD) notes that the entire culture of the area revolves around the facility, so they want to make sure concerns are kept in mind.

DA: “Many are coming together to talk about Mayday; been difficult to agree on language. On Sunday, there was a breakthrough.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “We want to make sure that we learn from the past, and that when there’s big actions that affect everyone, everyone knows how..”

Cont’d: “…to plug in, b/c it takes everyone to do a major day of action. The language was basically the larger frame of Mayday 2012, and…”

Cont’d: “…then there’s a statement with the framework that #OWS and #NYCGA is in solidarity for calls for a “day without the 99%,”..” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…which includes General Strikes and more.”#nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “The framework that came out of DAWG is not set in stone, but we want maximum #s of ppl participating, either in streets, or…”

Cont’d: “…teaching about Mayday in classrooms, etc, but mostly in the street.” There will be a rally, DAWG will discuss with unions.

DA’s spoke suggests that we may have a joint, permitted march with unions that will march to the upper east side “Where the 1% lives.”#nycsc

This Wednesday, folks will be at 33 W 14th at 8:30 to discuss Mayday. #nycsc #ows

This Wednesday, folks will be at 33 W 14th at 8:30 to discuss Mayday. #nycsc #OWS

Someone points out Mayday is often celebratory, and wants to know if there’ll be some. DA is supportive, notes the plan is evolving. #nycsc

Occupy the Youth are doing an event w/ students on stop and frisk, loan debt, school-to-prison pipeline and direct democracy. #nycsc #ows

OtY meet Wednesday at 6 in the Atrium at 60 Wall. #nycsc #ows

Outreach notes that Occupy Town Squares was really great! More of that going forward. Also, they still have a printing budge for WGs! #nycsc

To get stuff printed, email with your working group’s email address. #nycsc #ows

PoC Direct Action are having another meeting this week. #nycsc #ows

Picture the Homeless is calling for some accountability from Finance, and they meet Sundays at 60 Wall. Not sure what time. #nycsc #ows

That’s it for announcements! First agenda item is “to start a conversation” about a budgeting process. Idea is to break up into WGs… #nycsc

Cont’d: “…and discuss 4 questions.” Brooke offers 2 mins of background if it’s of interest to people. #nycsc #ows

Brooke: “So, basically, the #Spokescouncil, which was proposed in Sept and formed in October…” Sage interrupts, suggests it’s not fair…

Sage: “It’s not fair” to frame Spokescouncil one way or another, when “there are a lot of opinions about SC and why it was formed.” #nycsc

Lisa asks Brooke to continue. “This is just about finance. There were 4 bulletpoints, including making logistical decisions and…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…approving #OWS finances.” Brooke notes that the process of assembly ended up taking over a month, and then we ended up just…

Cont’d: …saying that it was operational and that all groups were included. “But we intended to have a budgeting process soon, but didn’t..”

Cont’d: “…have the forethought” to see that the assembly process would be a huge thing. “We didn’t start that process; now that there’s…”

Cont’d: “…a spending freeze from the GA, this is a moment that the #SC could step into the original intention that the GA approved…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…which is to do budgeting for not the movement but for the money we use within Occupy Wall Street.” #nycsc #ows

Brooke notes “participatory budgeting” may be unfamiliar to ppl, but it’s about us collectively working on the budget. #nycsc #ows

Haywood: “Don’t get caught up on phrase ‘participatory budgeting’; we just need a budget.” They want to have conversation about… #nycsc

Cont’d: ..what working groups need in a budget. “This is about coming forward and having a budget, which is rational for any organization.”

Sage: “All language requires assumption, so if I say something tht sounds assumptive, please interact with me, otherwise I’ll keep talking.”

Cont’d: “So, #OWS. Ppl are showing up. Sleeping there. For that to work, we have to make decisions. GA requires a long term process…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…of vetting before proposals can go forward. It’s called, people are coming up with plans, and then someone comes up and says…”

Cont’d: “…I haven’t eaten for 3 days. Someone else says I can’t eat pizza. Someone else says, I need a raincoat.” #nycsc #ows

Sage notes that these requests are interrupting the “movement assembly, this passionate, activist decision-making body.” #nycsc #ows

Lisa tries to cut Sage off, bt he says “it’s really important.” Lisa encourages him to find his way to his pt “to respect the group’s time.”

Sage: “The words “operational logistics of #OWS”, for many ppl, meant the camp.” Feels many who consensed upon SC felt that way. #nycsc

Cont’d: “You’ll notice that proposals from SC don’t need to be vetted over time; this is b/c the operational needs come up on a day to day..

Cont’d: “…basis.” Feels that folks who don’t feel need to recognize disenfranchised voices left wiggle room for exclusion in design.

Sage: “I don’t know how to deal with people who have a giant blind spot about this.” Lisa says he’s right re: confusion abt “operations”.

Lady feels we need “a headquarters”, not where ppl sleep, but to have a stable environment, a permanent address. #nycsc #ows

Secondly, Lady feels we need to create a “decentralized way of raising funding,” so it’s not going into one pool like “mommy and daddy.”

Lady suggests we have separate pools. She knows someone who provides ppl with fundraising profiles and apps for computers and phones. #nycsc

Lady: “The 3rd app is to create a phone app for iPhone and Android so we can stay better connected within the movement.” #nycsc #ows

Lady says that would cost between $20 and $30k, and the space could be a storefront. #nycsc #ows

Lisa wants to hear from other groups who need to chime in before we have working group discussions, asks only Spokes to speak. #nycsc #ows

Someone who isn’t a spoke asks to chime in and continues before getting an answer. “Usually a budget starts w/ what we have… it sounds…”

Cont’d: “ we’re starting from what we need instead.” She doesn’t understand. Lisa says we’re starting a conversation first. #nycsc

Jason notes there are 5 questions for working groups: where they see themselves in the budget and financial needs… #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: …how they see themselves w/ fundraising and attitudes towards it, ideas re: decentralized vs. centralized budgets… #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: …analyze how affinity groups have done outside fundraising, and thinking up other financial models outside of fiscal sponsorship.

Lisa notes that we don’t need to make decisions tonight, “we’re doing what we shld do more often, which is building a proposal from…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…the group itself.” [I’ve heard about this recently from other experienced facilitators; props should come from whole group.]#nycsc

OK, we’re coming back together after discussing these questions in our working groups! #nycsc #ows

Lisa: “Since we’re in a creative process, and not trying to make a decision, I’d like to get your highlights.” #nycsc #ows

Minutes: “As far as our budget goes, we’ll have occasional items such as laptops.” Favor “transparent” project-based fundraising… #nycsc

Cont’d: part because groups know what they need. Translation: “We really don’t have any need for money, except special projects…”

Cont’d: “..that’s usually handled by affinity groups. I suppose we’re open to fundraising. Yeah, it’s fine. Centralizing makes…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…accountability easier, but for ongoing costs, it should be diversified.” Suggests Kickstarters for #4 and doesn’t know about #5.

OWS en Español: “We also don’t have a lot of needs; have mostly worked with organizations that already have resources around the city.”

Cont’d: “We’ve really leaned towards that, so our needs haven’t been that high other than some printing here and there.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “As another alternative, we advocate for looking into a bartering network, and to see how we can” get away from money. #nycsc #ows

“As far as centralized versus decentralized,” supports more centralized, but w/ project-based kickstarter-like approach. #nycsc #ows

Town Planning: “We have no sort of recurring or periodic expenditures; we do occasionally spend $ and I could see where come..” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…warmer weather, issues of tents and one-offs like rope might come up.” Apart from that, they’re cool w/ what group wants to do.

Cont’d: “At those times it was needed, though, we wouldn’t like to feel like there was no financial support system for those needs.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “RE: the iPhone app and Kickstarter, we can get behind Kickstarter, but the other two” they don’t see need of. #nycsc #ows

Next group: “What I got out of the group was that these questions were extremely difficult, #1. So, we said what we were thinking about..”

Cont’d: “…them,” but notes that without info about success on how ppl raised and spent money made it hard to compare. #nycsc #ows

Haywood responds: “Expenditures are listed online;” they’re a little behind but they’ll “have a data entry project.” #nycsc #ows

Haywood: “Who writes the checks? Signatories on the accounts are Bobby and Pete; they only get to write checks as GA and Spokes determines.”

Haywood notes Accounting doesn’t make decisions in and of itself. Sage disagrees, Haywood acknowledges: “I should say, ideally.” #nycsc

The speaker also wonders if #OWS is a non-profit. Haywood: “We’re an ‘unincorporated association,’ but our financial sponsors lets us…”

Cont’d: “…collect tax-deductible contributions.” PtH adds to group report, notes that financial info should be put on paper… #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: ..for folks who don’t know how to get online. Also, “in the music biz, we say, ‘what’s not in writing is rotten.'” #nycsc #ows

He’s mainly saying that skepticism about finances stems from lack of access to info, not as much from upsetting info. #nycsc #ows

Lisa asks 4 ppl from Accounting to stand up so ppl know who they are. Ppl start whistling. Haywood: “I know; sexiest working group ever.”

Sage is very frustrated. Brooke notes that she’s kept time and says he’s spoken “10% of the time.” Sage is very frustrated, continued.#nycsc

Someone: “It’s been hard to have this conversation without discussing values, priorities, which” many felt underlies the discussion. #nycsc

Cont’d: “So again, what are our values and priorities for allocation?” Supports de-centralized model of fundraising, but some had concerns..

Cont’d: …that different groups would have disproportionate access to capital depending on who was in a group and their networks. #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “That would be unequal, and also #OWS itself might appear disproportionately based on who had access to funds.” #nycsc

So, they suggested we have some balance between centralization and decentralization. Also, written weekly finance reports. #nycsc

Next group, Brooke. “We were mostly Facilitation, but with some other groups.” “We ended up doing a straw poll, and the group was…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…divided b/w favoring a centralized process and a mix between decentralized and centralized.” No one supported fully decentralized.

RE: fundraising, they liked the idea of the app, wanted to talk to tech, and also suggested tabling. Notes that not just class, but…#nycsc

Cont’d: …”sexy vs. non-sexy” projects might get disparate funding. “So, facilitation only requests we get a smoke machine out of the deal.”

Next, someone wants to underline one thing Brooke said: how easy it is for donators to begin to control what the group does. #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “That was a reason for having a more centralized accounting for money, so that doesn’t happen, so we aren’t controlled by funders.”

Lisa: “So, we want to start wrapping this piece up,” will take last few groups/hands. #nycsc #ows

Lisa: “So, we want to start wrapping this piece up,” will take last few groups/hands. #nycsc #ows

Next cluster: “We had 5 groups in cluster. Discussed autonomous fundraising, letting donors pick which WG they give money to…” #yncsc

Cont’d: “…and equal distribution among working groups, helping get funds to groups that don’t get as much attention.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “To have a budget, it’s important to have a vision; we talked a little bit about need to establish where we want to be in 6mnths.”

Cont’d: “Let’s say in 6 months we wanted to reoccupy or expand; we could weigh all spending based on its contribution to that.” #nycsc #ows

They also talked about affinity groups having no transparency if there is autonomous fundraising. #nycsc #ows

Occupy the Youth notes they don’t make money, but if they did they’d share it with other working groups. #nycsc #ows

Anthony feels like if it’s a working group that spends a lot of money, they may take a big percentage of it for themselves, and give rest…

Cont’d: “…to the central pool, so that others could use money for actions and things like that.” #nycsc #ows

Anthony notes catch 22 of preventing working groups from doing outside fundraising but freezing internal budget requests. #nycsc #ows

Outreach feels “it’s an interesting question as to whether we should have a general or decentralized fund,” especially because it’s… #nycsc

Cont’d: …so interdependent with other groups in #OWS. “If we’re alone, we don’t mean much, but collectively, we all do Outreach.” #nycsc

Ronnie (Outreach) continues, noting that they bring it lots of human and financial resources. But depend on all others to serve role. #nycsc

Lady: “I’m going to bring this back when we talk about finance in a later group,” so she’ll wait until then. “This is a working document.”

Haywood: “I’m running bail tonight, so I have to step out,” but he wants to make sure that ppl understand “why WGs cannot raise outside $.”

Lisa’s cool with adding that to the agenda, “because people want to know,” but things next Spokes should have more “formal thing…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…from Accounting” on some of the issues and concerns. “Let’s do it, but we need a more thorough presentation.” #nycsc #ows

Haywood: “#OWS and the #NYCGA was founded on anarchist principles, as a collective. So we were founded to make decisions by…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…consensus for our collective.” No money on day 1, then $100 came in, then $200, and allocations proceeded from that. #nycsc #ows

“The GA decided it would dictate where $ was spent, since we’re a collective. That was fine, until Occupied Wall Street Journal came out.”

Cont’d: “It was an overwhelming success; someone went to GA and proposed #OWSJ get more money, and someone pointed out…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…all of the money has to go through GA.” But bc they’re not officially in #OWS & subject to #GA’s rules, they’re an affinity grp.

Cont’d: The decision was made that “if you get outside money,” you cannot say you’re #OWS, and you can’t get GA money. #nycsc #ows

Robert notes that “from listening to the room, there’s a lot of either/or thinking about this topic, and it need not” be that way. #nycsc

He means that we can allocate based on percentages and influences. Lisa notes she heard a lot of need for transparency, priorities, and…

Cont’d: …balance between differences, and safeguards for ‘equity’ between all these different grps. “Good principles” to build from. #nycsc

OK, so, next proposal was from Ashley’s Women Occupying Nations, but she can’t be here b/c she was arrested last night. #nycsc #ows

But, Stairs will put forward the 3 main parts, and then get a straw poll “initial reaction so the feedback can go back o her.” #nycsc #ows

Stairs: “So, the proposal in general is talking about our communications process when proposals are coming forward.” #nycsc #ows

First, she proposes that proposals are mentioned 1 meeting prior to consensus, that they’re posted 48 hours prior, and that all WGs and…

Cont’d: …caucuses are notified directly 48 hours in advance. So, we’ll straw poll, and note it in the minutes. #nycsc #ows

Sage suggests that when proposals need advance dates, “it’s more like GA,” and wants to keep Spokes set up to work more quickly. #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “This seems to drop even the appearance of this being functional for an occupation.” Sage wants us to “admit” it, if we do it.#nycsc

First part was widely supported. Second aspect is posting proposals 48 hours in advance, also widely supported. #nycsc #ows

The third part, about notifying WGs and caucuses directly 48 hours in advance is more mixed. #nycsc #ows

[I’ll ask Minutes how they interpreted the temp checks, they may have a better view than me. -Ed.] #nycsc #ows

Lisa: “We’re now moving to an emergency proposal” brought to facilitation at the beginning of the meeting. Haywood presents… #nycsc

Apparently it has something to do with someone being in jail, so DA registers formal complaint w/ it going at end of the agenda. #nycsc #ows

Haywood: ‘One of the things we decided when we first discussed bail in late Sept, and then revisited @ Spokescouncil, was Q of who we bail.”

Cont’d: “It’s come to our attention that during the weekend, there was an action in Williamsburg, and arrests. This was not an #OWS event.”

Cont’d: “For ppl who weren’t there, it was coined a party for activists; they allegedly moved into an abandoned building on Bedford…”

Cont’d: “…and w/in about a half hour, the police showed up, they moved into streets and things got hectic, lots of confrontations with..”

Cont’d: “..protesters were police. 4 were arrested, 3 have $25k bails on their head that were put down to $1k.” Those 3 got out, but there..

Cont’d: …was a fourth individual. “In writing, [organizers] said, ‘This is an autonomous action not related to #OWS.”” #nycsc #ows

Haywood: “Now, there were occupiers there. And some ppl were arrested. Do we bail those people out?” #nycsc #ows

Haywood suggests we break spokes for a bit and just have anyone say what they feel. “That would be really good to me.” #nycsc #ows

Sage’s POI: “There were no arrests at the bldg; the arrests were on a march. Very important detail.” So, not different than how arrests…

Cont’d: …often happen. Negesti notes that it wasn’t an #OWS event because it was not DA-sponsored. #nycsc #ows

Someone notes that it was called the “OccuParty,” but had nothing to do with #OWS specifically. #nycsc #ows

POI: “I was arrested in Zuccotti Park, and #Occupy paid my bail. It wasn’t an action; how does that relate?” #nycsc #ows

Haywood: “That was an action. Zuccotti Park itself was a direct action.” #nycsc #ows

So, we’ll now breakout to discuss the question of whether #OWS should bail out members when participating in non-#OWS actions. #nycsc #ows

OK, we’re back. Folks are trying to find out more info about past conversations about bail limits. It was a different issue tho. #nycsc #ows

Brooke: “There’s always been a little bit of wiggle room when break-off marches happen.” That’s a convo in DA, but some things are… #nycsc

Cont’d: …kind of “loosely agreed to” rather than consented to. So, things that come out of, but aren’t planned, #OWS actions, are included.

This time it’s “not an #OWS action, but there are #OWS people” in it. Negesti: “This event was targeted to #OWS ppl; they advertised..”

Cont’d: “…this event at an #OWS meeting.” Notes that this person is very active in #OWS and we should support them. #nycsc #ows

Anthony: “It might not have been official, but people from #OWS were there.” Notes we bail ppl for lots of related things. #nycsc #ows

Next: “There’s a lot of violence being perpetuated against us, and a lot of” misleading press full of mistruths. #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “We’re trying to support our brothers and sisters in Oakland. If you act unilaterally in a violent way, you should not be bailed.”

Zack clarifies, feels we should bail ppl out in this instance; unilateral actions in general tht violate community agreements shouldn’t be.

Cont’d: “…charged with something as ridiculous as heroin possession, for example, where do I fit in?” Concerned for all of us. #nycsc #ows

.@thejorobin notes that law enforcement has habit of arresting ppl outside of actions randomly. “If I’m pulled off the street, arrested..”

Zack clarifies, feels we should bail ppl out in this instance; unilateral actions in general tht violate community agreements shouldn’t be.

Minutes reports that it’s clear that the previous GA consensus is we don’t post bail for people who have been arrested “outside of #OWS”.

Sorry, that’s a consensus from Spokescouncil. Brooke notes that it’s a murky area to determine what constitutes “at #OWS.” #nycsc

Brooke: “I’m not going to tell you what we need to do right now; Finance isn’t putting together a proposal to change what is, they are…”

Cont’d: “…seeking clarity.” Need proposal to change rules, asking if WGs want to put forward a specific proposal to bail people out. #nycsc

Brooke: “In order for us to move forward, we need to put the proposal forward. I’d love to get a proposal from a working group.” #nycsc #ows

@JoeMakesThings thanks fam!

RT @thejorobin: @LibertySqGA2 Lulz. I said there is a “historic precedent for police dept and FBI arresting activists in social justice …

So, someone has a proposal. “We believe when an #OWS participant is involved in a protest-like action, it should be supported by…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…the #OWS community. Someone from #OWS is in jail right now, and should be bailed out.” #nycsc #ows

OK, now taking stack for clarifying questions on the proposal. #nycsc #ows

First CQ wants details, because case-by-case, the details may matter. Concerned about limits on bail funds, need to conserve. #nycsc #ows

So, some details are provided– it’s Elias from the Class War working group. Anthony: “I wasn’t there when he was arrested, don’t…”

Cont’D: “…know the circumstances of the arrest. But I do know that when I was arrested, I was charged w/ inciting a riot…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…and when I was arrested, I was by myself.” So, police lie, charges are often falsified and are always trumped up. #nycsc #ows

Next CQ: “I was going to ask you, when he had bail assigned, he had counsel, yes? But you’re saying now it hasn’t happened?” #nycsc #ows

.@thejorobin clarifies that the arraignment hasn’t happened, so this is dealing with a likely hypothetical. #nycsc #ows

Robert says that before charges and bail have been set, it’s hard to make a decision. Thinks details are important. #nycsc #ows

He also asks why this is so time-sensitive; Anthony notes that he wants to know when he’s arraigned whether bail is available. #nycsc #ows

Someone asks if the charge matters, if you get bail for a violent charge. Answer is you would, b/c we’re not judges. Charges are alleged.

Folks want others to talk about what happened, but we can’t. “Usually someone who witnesses something to do with law can’t speak re: it.”

“So if we can’t trust the cops, and we can’t hear about it, how we can we make a decision?” #nycsc #ows

Media: “I first have a CQ as to why – there were at least 6 arrests. So 5 ppl — why is it just 1 person that we’re bailing out?” #nycsc

A: “Because that 1 is the one that is part of #OWS.” PoI: “I asked him; he said the 3 ppl bailed’ve been arraigned, bail set, they’re out.”

Apparently Occupy Williamsburg bailed out the other arrestees. “Elias is part of #OWS.” Media: “As a movement, we can’t be responsible..”

Cont’d: “..for our autonomous actions in our private lives. This was not disseminated to everyone; I didn’t know about it until I heard…”

Cont’d: “..halfway through it happening. We sent LiveStream there b/c we heard occupiers were being arrested; we were told it was not..”

Cont’d: “…an #OWS function. It opens up a huge can of worms to open our bail funds to any legal problems anyone from #OWS runs into.” #nycsc

Stairs: “That’s a valid concern, but we need to stick to clarifying questions at this point.” #nycsc #ows

PtH: “This person should be bailed out only because certain things should be written down so that consequences are understood.” #nycsc #ows

He says he knows if he goes to PA and gets arrested, PtH won’t help. Feels that ppl may need better explanations of “what’s covered.”#nycsc

Cont’d: “So, let’s bail him out this time, and let people know that consequences will happen next time. B/c we don’t have $ for this.”#nycsc

Proposers table the proposal to try to rework it so it covers future cases as well. #nycsc #ows

OK, that’s the end of the agenda. Opening stack for announcements. Lisa acknowledges that debrief about last night’s action didn’t… #nycsc

Cont’d: …happen, but notes that direct action working group did one and a lot of issues with it were raised. #nycsc #ows

Announcements! “There’s a man who’s going around who’s really wealthy, wants to donate to a cause, is considering #OWS.” May sit in soon.

OK, one last announcement: Tomorrow at 5:30pm, mic checks in Grand Central! Be there or miss out on some fun! #nycsc #ows

Tweets for Sat, 28 Jan 2012

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Hey Fam! Getting started here at Liberty Sq

Lady is Facilitating. A few announcements already happened. Incl Occupy Town Square tmmrw, Wash.Sq 11am-5pm #ows #nycga

Anncmt Nan – No thanks to FWG there is a proposal to ban me from the movement on Tues. This mvmt isnt for billionares. #ows #nycga

Anncmt – PR – On there is a form on our blog that you can submit to get a press release for your events or actions. #ows #nycga

Anncmt – Occupy Newark – We have infrastructure to handle lots of people, we have permission from the city council to be there. #ows #nycga

Occupy Newark – We re-up our agreement in Military Park every 30 days. We have shelter and tents and just need people! #ows #nycga

OccNewark – We have showering facilities and bathrooms and lots of supplies on their way. #ows #nycga

Anncmt – Lou, Occupy Long Island – We had our first GA in Hampstead tonight! Just asking for your support. #ows #nycga

Anncmt – Occupy LI – We had 100 people in a cmmty center, and plan to get a storefront as a hub for information. #ows #nycga

Anncmt – Occupy Danbury – Check out our website for info! Good luck to everyone in the Movement! #ows #nycga

The #ows #nycga is now moving to 60 Wall Street. Be back shortly!

Now in 60 Wall Street, waiting for people to roll in. #ows #nycga

My name is Lady, nice to see you! I’m supposed to be *co* facilitating, but he didn’t show up, someone can step up to help. #ows #nycga

[Atlanta] Jason steps up. Lady and Jason will be known as ‘Stairs’ for the rest of the night. #ows #nycga

Stairs reviewing hand signals, stack, etc. #ows #nycga

Stairs – 1st up – FUNHub! Presented by Yuri. #ows #nycga

Yuri – FunHub is short for Fundraising Hub. Hub of information for fundraising and empower people to raise funds. #ows #nycga

Yuri – Also connect people w/artisans who’s skills would benefit them/their work. Also want to help find locations for events. #ows #nycga

Yuri – FunHub meets every Monday at Noon at 60 Wall Street. #ows #nycga

Opening stack on Clarifying Questions. CQ – Will the money go back to the general fund of the movement? #ows #nycga

Yuri – We want to empower people to do their own fundraising for their own work and events. #ows #nycga

Lady just stepped down as Facilitator feeling there is too much infighting and that she was set up. #ows #nycga

Yuri – We are not taking any money, we want to help people develop their own work and do their own fundraiser. #ows #nycga

Yuri – We want to make it so that people can be self-sustaining, as individuals as well as working groups. #ows #nycga

CQ – Can you give a few more examples of what the work of your WG will actually look like? #ows #nycga

Yuri – We will look at events already in motion to work with that event to create a fundraiser for that event that could… #ows #nycga

Yuri – … possibly go to the General Fund if it doesn’t need to go to a specific WG or porject. #ows #nycga

Yuri – We’re trying to bring out the artist in you. Everything is literally an art. #ows #nycga

Stack opening on Concerns. 1st Concern – Nan – I have a concern and Friendly Amendment – W/the budget freeze, if we do… #ows #nycga

Nan – I would want to see transparency of how much money WGs raise and how much they give back to the Mvmt. #ows #nycga

Yuri – My solution for that, each WG have to get a prepaid debit card so that Finance can track all the spending on that card. #ows #nycga

CQ – Diego – Wouldnt giving money to a debit card be going through corporations and empowering Visa & Mastercard & Banks? #ows #nycga

Diego – Isnt it against our principles to say its easier to do stuff online through a corporation than just write down receipts? #ows #nycga

Yuri – I would be all for a credit union handling this if it were possible. But it needs to be unified and not at several. #ows #nycga

Concern – Jack – Ive been in the bank card industry for 12yrs, every group should go to a credit union. Debit cards are BS. #ows #nycga

Yuri – The debit card I’m thinking about is $3, the only problem I see with opening 90 credit union accounts is there is a lot.. #ows #nycga

Yuri – …of responsibility on the 2 individuals who open the account. OccupyDC had major issues with this. #ows #nycga

Concern – Stack – You can go to the LES Credit Union & they will help you. You need to screen people carefully & check them out. #ows #nycga

Concern – Its a whole lot of $ you are going to have to deal w/. Take time to figure this out. Debit card shld be out the window #ows #nycga

Yuri – FA the working group can go to the credit union and give the information to Finance. #ows #nycga

Stairs – This is turning into a back and forth and we want to limit that. #ows #nycga

Stairs – Also, I’m not sure that you can add a Friendly Amendment that tells other WGs what to do. #ows #nycga

CQ – Bless – We just want to make sure we know where our money is going correct? #ows #nycga

Concern – Michael is singing his support for this proposal. Everyone claps and cheers. [Love him. – Ed.] #ows #nycga

Stack now closed for Concerns. Since this is a WG formation proposal, we aren’t going to take Friendly Amendments. #ows #nycga

Yuri now restating proposal. Asking for (and explaining) stand asides. 1 – has a problem w/putting the $ into general fund. #ows #nycga

Yuri – We’re just giving WGs a way to autonomously fundraise for their actions. If its OWS endorsesed thats different. #ows #nycga

Nan is also a stand aside because it deals w/money & earlier concerns were not properly addressed. Also wants privacy for WGs. #ows #nycga

Yuri – This WG does not want any money ever. We will never ask for money. Want to help WGs sustain themselves. #ows #nycga

3rd Stand Aside – WG mtgs should happen after 6 because people work. #ows #nycga

Yuri – We will have one set mtg Mon, noon but will have others at fluctuating times anncd 48hrs in advanced. #ows #nycga

Stairs – Are there any blocks? No blocks? None. Consensus. #ows #nycga

Next proposal – Anti-War WG. Passing around a proposal for a declaration they want OWS to adopt. #ows #nycga

Reading the Declaration now. Trying to get a link. Stay tuned… #ows #nycga

[My internet is being mean to me, hopefully this works for you. -Ed.] #ows #nycga

Declaration finished reading. Lots of uptwinkles. Opening stack on CQs. #ows #nycga

CQ – Dallas – ‘Stepping down’ are we asking for step down from launch status or asking for full disarmament? #ows #nycga

Anti-War (AW) – There are 2k missiles ready to fire. Stepping down that status wld be a good first step. #ows #nycga

CQ – I’m wondering if there is a precedent for declarations like this? #ows #nycga

AW – I can’t say for sure, besides the Declaration of the Occupation of NYC. #ows #nycga

CQ – Patrick – This is big step you are asking us to take we dont have any joint-declarations. Can you tell us more about AW WG? #ows #nycga

AW – We’ve been mtg since October, but didnt become “official” til Jan1 cuz of process changes. Members are from OWS & Code Pink #ows #nycga

CQ – Uncle Bob – As a former soldier who has been in the 3rd world, I’d like to know how you figure you’ll get the US & Russia.. #ows #nycga

CQ – UB cont’d get rid of their weapons when so many countries & terrorist orgs are actively trying to acquire them? #ows #nycga

AW – Thats a good Q. Its pretty obvious that the US is the largest superpower, & has done horrible things to not give that up… #ows #nycga

AW – It’d be a huge step if the US made steps toward disarmament. #ows #nycga

Uncle Bob – There is no practical reality base in this proposal. #ows #nycga

CQ – What is ‘Code Pink?’ #ows #nycga

AW – ‘Code Pink’ is an anti-war women’s organization that has been in the park since day 1. #ows #nycga

PoI – Michael is singing about switching military spending to co-community spending. [Really love him. – Ed.] #ows #nycga

Stack on concerns open. – Lulu – Concerned about the provision to abolish NATO. I think NATO has sometime acted to end genocides #ows #nycga

Lulu – That seems like a separate issue. AW – I can’t really go into details on the purpose of NATO now, but it is relavent. #ows #nycga

Concern – Bob – I have a concern that this Declaration is not well thought out, no way to be backed, & will discredit us… #ows #nycga

Bob – Con’t …by having no reference of what is actually happening in the disarmament movement & the role of nukes… #ows #nycga

Bob – cont – … of preventing a first strike by another country. #ows #nycga

Concern – Frances – I have concerns that groups have been working on this for decades & to make a blanket statement… #ows #nycga

Frances – … on behalf of OWS w/a few dozen people at a GA is idealistic. #ows #nycga

Concern – Patrick – Maybe we’ve seen this before, I havent yet, I don’t oppose it necessarily, I just dont know yet. #ows #nycga

Patrick – A statement like this would benefit from more debate and discussion within the movement & occupation. #ows #nycga

Patrick – It feels rushed. AW – I announced it at a GA at least 2 weeks ago. #ows #nycga

C – Nan – The Anti War WG, I think you’re great & I’ve followed you on This is a great doc, hitting nail on the head. #ows #nycga

Concern from Occupy En Espanol – The world is not equal. Some nations need to defend themselves. #ows #nycga

Opening stack on FAs – If this isnt going to work, I want something to, so maybe we could call for world peace. #ows #nycga

AW – There are real problems that people suffer & not having these details in the declaration, just calling for peace is naive. #ows #nycga

FA – John – Table this proposal for more input from the people, get more buy-in, look at how Visions & Goals proceeded. #ows #nycga

AW – Declines that Friendly Amendment. #ows #nycga

FA – Nan – I’d like to see more details on how more housing or hospitals would be achieved. How would we get more schools/books. #ows #nycga

AW – Decline. Thats for other WGs to determine. #ows #nycga

Sumumba PoP to remind us we’re indoors and can only be here til 9:30pm. #ows #nycga

FA – Dallas – Please change the word “burns” to “consumes,” Uranium doesn’t burn.
AW – Accepted. Restating proposal now. #ows #nycga

Stairs asking for Temperature check – Mostly positive. Asking for Stand Asides – 10. Asking for blocks. 1 block. #ows #nycga

Stairs – Id like to say, w/that information, perhaps you should table. #ows #nycga AW – discussing amongst themselves briefly. #ows #nycga

Bob voiced his block, too much cross-talk and I missed it. #ows #nycga

Patrick, Stand Aside – I feel like we’re rushing a declaration, we havent done the discussion around it. Lets work collectively. #ows #nycga

Francis, SA – There are bully nations & other who have to defend themselves. #ows #nycga

Mary – SA – I’m for peace, I just don’t think this is the way to go about it. It seems like its going to be very violent. #ows #nycga

Nan – I don’t know why you guys who are concerned w/being non-violent. Why are you hating on these people who are doing work? #ows #nycga

Anti-War Working Group has decided to table it and asking for more input. Tuesday 6pm, 60 Wall Street is our next meeting. #ows #nycga

OccupyRoads is the next Agenda Item. Janet presenting. Jason stepping down so that Yoni can take over, but Nan blocks. #ows #nycga

Nan’s concern is that Yoni expresses personal opinions about he WG on & can’t facilitate appropriately. #ows #nycga

Damien steps in, but people voice concerns. He steps back. Concerns about going to modified consensus to allow Yoni. Evan steps in instead.

Evan – on to OccupyRoads – Evan reading – Here is the proposal on #ows #nycga

Janet – I’ve spent 10k of my own money & wld like to be acknwledged by OWS since I can’t ask for $ for the 2nd half of the trip. #ows #nycga

Janet – We need to reach the 60% of the people who don’t know what this is about. #ows #nycga

.@PoweredByCats (me) drops the PoI that OWS does not “endorse” anything, but we can stand in #solidarity with you. #ows #nycga

Stack on Concerns – Yoni – You don’t need anyones permission to become a solidarity, as soon as you identify. This seems to go.. #ows #nycga

… against the principles of autonomy and solidarity to send out a representative. #ows #nycga

Janet – We have to be creative. (she said some more but I missed it.) #ows #nycga

Concern – Please be careful who you allow in the bus, we had a situation where people came in your RV & disrupted our GA. #ows #nycga

Concern – Stan echoes the last concern & says how can we trust you in other cities? #ows #nycga

Janet says she gave some people a ride from Occupy Newark and really apologizes for what happened at that GA. #ows #nycga

Temp Check on 5 min. No. Temp check on 3. No. Move right to consensus? No. #ows #nycga

People want to move right to a vote. PoPs that we can’t do that. The whole process is consensus process. Need to hear FAs. #ows #nycga

FA from Amelia – Do not call yourself a ‘representative.’ Accepted. No stand asides. #ows #nycga

One block from Yoni – You don’t need our endorsement to do your work. This feels like building hierarchy. #ows #nycga

Evan stepped down in disgust. Bana stepped up. #ows #nycga

Yoni holds his block. #ows #nycga

We are now moving to Modified Consensus. Bana counting. 45 in favor. 7 opposed. Proposal does not pass. #ows #nycga

[Things erupting a bit here. People don’t like the math, but numbers don’t lie. -Ed.] Bana trying to get things under control #ows #nycga

[I guess we’re going back to the park to continue the GA and do the Accountability Proposal. I may go quiet for a minute. brb – Ed.]

Back in LibertySq. Lots of chants of “Whose park? OUR PARK!” GA shld be back up in a few minutes. #ows #nycga

To prevent Twitter jail, I’m going to switch to @LibertySqGA2 now while there’s a lull. Meet me over there wont you? #seeyousoon #ows #nycga

Well hello, nice to see you! #ows #nycga

Bana back on Stairs, Alia on stacks. Sean handing out copies of the Accountability Proposal. #ows #nycga

Sean from Town Planning starting to read and explain the proposal. #ows #nycga

[Sorry I’m missing things, got into a little tif with someone. I’ll try harder. – Ed.]

Lots of people seem to have problems with the fact there is no actual Code of Conduct yet & this wants to hold ppl to it. #ows #nycga

Sean just wants to set a process in place for removal of ppl, since a proposal is coming up on Tues. #ows #nycga

CQ – Have you considered what OccupyDC is doing? Including Dragons which are de-escalators. How can we make rules to remove ppl? #ows #nycga

Sean – We have deescalation, there are things that ppl can’t deescalate. Like a grp in CA wanting to run politicians in our name #ows #nycga

Sean – If people say they are us, but aren’t we should be able to deal with that. #ows #nycga

CQ – Echo – I’ve seen this a few times in a few forms, there are dif strategies to a better world, this GA is one way its shown. #ows #nycga

Sean – There are cases where we may have to use this on an individuals in addition to companies. #ows #nycga

PoP – The GA is not a soapbox for denouncing people. #ows #nycga

Sean in response to Nan – Town planning has been working on this for a long time. DA, etc was in support 2 months ago at spokes. #ows #nycga

Sage – I believe Grievance Circle can allow people who want to not be a part of the mvmt by refusing to take part in Grievance #ows #nycga

Sage – So maybe we should put our energy into determining that process. #ows #nycga

Sean – The Grievance Process should be whats determining who is a part of the mvmt, but we dont have that yet. #ows #nycga

Stack for Concerns – 1st – Who and how is going to determine who is going to get pushed out of the mvmt? And this will snowball #ows #nycga

We shouldnt be pushing people away from the mvmt. This is opening pandora’s box. #ows #nycga

Sean – Pandora’s box exists whether we acknowledge it or not. I hope we never have to use this. But it would be determined by #ows #nycga

Bana steps in to tell Sean his repeated mentioning of the alleged rapes in the park. Charges were filed, but no convictions. #ows #nycga

Concern – We come here to be a whole, and either we’re together in this or we’re not. #ows #nycga

Sean – As a whole, we have to determine whether an individual or a group is just not a part of us. #ows #nycga

Stack – I’d like to say we shouldnt not bicker about stupid shit & don’t believe anyone should be removed from the mvmt. #ows #nycga

Stack – I think there should extenuating circumstances for informants, etc. #ows #nycga

Stack – We’re going to leave a lot of people from this movement due to our inability to deal w/physical violence. #ows #nycga

Stack – We need to have a mediation process for minor things, & if they choose not to do that, there has to be something… #ows #nycga

stack … in place if people choose not to be a part of that process. #ows #nycga

Sean – We’re working on passing a Cmmty Agreement. Grievance Process is also on its way. I think accountability is impt. #ows #nycga

Stack – Nan – This mvmt is supposed to be for 99%. Im truly concerned that you have been following me on dif online networks. #ows #nycga

Nan – I feel like you’re stalking me. Spokes has already excluded ppl. Now you want GA to. GA is the people. #ows #nycga

You have no right to kick me out just because we disagree. But we’re part of the 99% and we have to put up with each other. #ows #nycga

Sean – Actually this proposal says that sometimes people are doing the work of the 1% paid, or not. #ows #nycga

PoI – We cannot kick someone out of a public park. #ows #nycga

Stack – I don’t like the idea of kicking someone out, we have to have a mediation process etc. #ows #nycga

Stack – What does this actually look like? You came to us with very little. How do we actually enforce this? #ows #nycga

Sean – We can do very little. We refuse to give them the benefits of our movement. No stack. No acknowledgement. Don’t listen. #ows #nycga

Sean – No benefit our food, or housing, or website. Etc. #ows #nycga

Stack – But none of that is in your proposal. #ows #nycga

Stack – Razer – We’ve had rapes in this park, and not held them accountable. Non stop prejudice. And no accountability. #ows #nycga

Razor – The two people who have been banned are people of color, one has an accent, the other is a homeless person and was… #ows #nycga

Razor – called the N word [this is an allegation for the record. -Ed.] There is no inclusivity in this mvmt. #ows #nycga

Razor – You can be transphobic, racist, sexist, assaulted, and there is no accountability. People up for banning are targeted. #ows #nycga

Razor – Call a spade a spade. (Lots of cross talk over him.) #ows #nycga

Razor – I’m ashamed to be a part of this. I came here to fight this shit. And you’re doing what I dont want to see in this world #ows #nycga

Lots of screaming and cross talking. Stack for FAs is opening. #ows #nycga

Bana – This grp has empowered me to facilitate this mtg. I apologize for going off process. #ows #nycga

Stack for FA – I do not feel safe right now. I dont think ppl understand that we all agreed upon the Principles of Solidarity. #ows #nycga

Stack – We have to treat each other with love and respect and theres a lot of other good shit & we’re not adhering to them. #ows #nycga

Stack – Nobody here is adhering to them. Some are, but not everyone. And its the same people that arent. #ows #nycga

[There was actually not a FA there, just a statement of support.] #ows #nycga

The Principles of Solidarity now being read. You can read it here : #ows #nycga #solidarity

[Laptop battery is dying. If I switch to my phone soon I’ll tweet as best I can but fingers are cold so thats already limiting. PoA! – Ed.]

Announcement made that Occupy DC really needs our support right now. #ows #nycga #solidarity

FA – Please table this until we have the process and the Codes of Conduct and the Community Agreements. #ows #nycga

FA – Razor – Want a neutral 3rd party to analyze demographics of the WGs, Caucuses, and who is getting banned. #ows #nycga

Razor – We set up an occupation with nothing in place to create a safe place for people. #ows #nycga

Razor – We need to make OWS diverse. Sean declines the amendment. #ows #nycga

FA – Ravi – I want the proposal to include that if people don’t go through the grievance process they identify themself as not part of OWS.

Sean declines – grievance prcess doesnt exist. [Yet neither does Community Agreements or Code of Conduct and his prop. includes those. -Ed.]

Stack – Lopi – Concern – ppl are using circular arguments to put this proposal down. We can’t enforce our PrincOfSolid. w/o this #ows #nycga

Bana asking for stand asides. None. Asking for blocks. 5. #ows #nycga

But now asking for Sean to restate Proposal with the accepted Friendly Amendments. #ows #nycga

FA Accepted – If someone refuses to go through GrievancePrcess then it wld be apprpriate to bring forth proposal to remove them. #ows #nycga

There are at 9 blocks. #ows #nycga

Block – I don’t believe in the social contract. I dont agree with a systematic process to exclude an individual. #ows #nycga

[Yelling and cross talk regarding an individual filming.]

Nan’s Block – I find this proposal to be biased. #ows #nycga

Bana- This is not functioning as GA. There are too many blocks to reach consensus. Either address them or not so we can move on. #ows #nycga

Proposal has been tabled due to number of blocks and not enough people for modified consensus. #ows #nycga

A few anncements that I missed incl occupiers marching in Williamsburg. We’re done! Thanks fam! [Comments go over to @poweredbycats, 1love!]

Tweets for Thu, 26 Jan 2012

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We are experiencing technical difficulties right now, but hope to be back on track soon.

Two new working groups created tonight via consensus. 1- Food Justice WG. 2 – Global Justice WG (breakout of Movement Building) #ows #nycga

Movement Building wants to focus on domestic issues, Global Justice will look internationally. #ows #nycga

Formation of Occupy Your Workplace Working Group via consensus of the GA. #ows #nycga

This GA reached consensus on cutting one day of the GA meeting schedule. #ows #nycga will now only meet Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

RT @NaSh12: Just arrived at GA (60 Wall St.) @PoweredByCats and Brian from Facilitation presenting their proposal to reduce the number o …

RT @NaSh12: Correction 4 members of Facilitatio presenting. Also including Christina, David and Alia. #nycga

RT @NaSh12: FA to move the time up on Saturdays being denied as it would exclude people who respect the Jewish Sabath.

RT @NaSh12: Proposal is to reduce the GA’s to 3days per week. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. #nycga

RT @NaSh12: Patrick stating that Structure has discussed this proposal and believe that this would open up days for tiger types of meeti …

RT @NaSh12: Patrick offering FA that when temp is below 50 Degrees GA’s be moved to 60 Wall. #nycga

RT @NaSh12: Cont. believes that this would open attendance up to older people. #nycga

RT @NaSh12: Facilitation asks when the temp would be taken. Discusses and decides that that Gould be left up to the Ga to decide on any …

RT @NaSh12: Cont. also states that it may be part of a larger thought out proposal, and sugests Structure may want to work on such a pro …

RT @NaSh12: Trish offers FA in tow parts 1) stay with 4days and allow GA to decide what I do on 4th night. #nycga

RT @NaSh12: Or go to 3days and someone offers a proposal for a 4th night of meetings #nycga

RT @NaSh12: Facilitation states they would like to leave that day open for the community to fill, not as part of this proposal. #nycga

RT @NaSh12: FA to change the 3days. Facilitation responds that the last time this proposal was presented, these days were decided by a s …

RT @NaSh12: FA from Evelyn that proposals be decided on by straw poll. Stairs states that this does not fall within parameters of the pr …

RT @NaSh12: FA stack is closed. Facilitation restating proposal. #nycga temp check positive to move forward with proposal. No stand asides.

RT @NaSh12: No blocks. We have consensus! Moving to announcements. #nycga

RT @NaSh12: 1st announcement. About appalachian forrests. has a phone number for employment opportunities to help preserve the forrests. …

RT @NaSh12: Yoni makes announcement about #occupytheprimaries. #nycga

RT @NaSh12: Occupy Mediation makes an announcement declaring their autonomy from NVC. #nycga

RT @NaSh12: Next announcement re: trans pacific partnership, Nike loves it, Pfizer loves it, actions being organized in San Francisco an …

RT @NaSh12: #solidarity action to be held in New York outside of Pfizer HQ. Wednesday at noon. #nycga

RT @NaSh12: VG announcement discussing Vision Statement. Didn’t get to do breakout tonight, but offering copies and asking for contribut …

RT @NaSh12: Next announcement re: Open Space tomorrow at 6pm. Food, no process, open conversation. Doors close at 9:30. 235 W. 23rd 2nd …

RT @NaSh12: Safer Spaces announcement: they will be attending open space to discuss community agreements. #nycga

RT @NaSh12: Ocuppy Farms: scouting lots for urban farming for #Occupylot this Sunday. #nycga

RT @NaSh12: GSD affinity group will be meeting at 60 Wall everyday at 4pm. #nycga

RT @NaSh12: Catholic meeting 60 Wall Saturdays at 6pm. GA is over. #nycga

Tweets for Wed, 25 Jan 2012

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#OWS is finally getting back the tents we lost in the raid!

RT @OWScom: Tonight: Spokes @ 110 Schermerhorn Street Brooklyn, NY from 7p-10:15p #ows

Hey Fam! We’ll be live from the Quaker House at 110 Schermerhorn in Brooklyn for #ows #nycsc! Should be starting soon! Stayed tuned…

Reminder, if we go into Twitter Jail, swap over to @LibertySqGA2 @LibertySqGA3 @LibertySqGA4 #ows #nycsc

Tonight’s Facilitators, Daniel and Danielle, asking spokes to gather their signs and move to the center of the room. #ows #nycsc

Stairs welcoming us & acknowledging that people are getting MetroCards. Library misspelled their Spokes Sign [Lulz. – Ed.] #ows #nycsc

Stairs asking for side conversations be kept to a minimum and introing the rest fo the team. Daniel & Danielle co-Facilitating #ows #nycsc

Uptwinkes on them, Melanie on time, & David on stack. #ows #nycsc

Danielle calling attention to the space, it is sacred to the people who have allowed us to be here. #ows #nycsc

Daniel – This space is free until 9:30, but will cost $40 if we go til 10:15. Passing around a donation box to pay for the space #ows #nycsc

Stairs – To open this space in an uplifting way, contributing to an awesome movmnt, asking how about doing a call/response song. #ows #nycsc

Singing – Power to the people, the mighty mighty people, the people’s power. #ows #nycsc

Stairs hopes everyone can help facilitate an awesome meeting. First up, Working Group reportbacks. Indivdual anncmnts at the end #ows #nycsc

Dave with InfoHub – Taken over the email for so we can now answer over 100 inquiries that come in a day! #ows #nycsc

Archives – Anncd that we’re looking for hard drives and received a donation! Yay! #ows #nycsc

Outreach – We had a really cool last couple weeks, talked to a lot of people, every Wed at 1p we go & talk to people… #ows #nycsc

Outreach… Meet at 60 wall st at noon! #ows #nycsc

Direct Action Painters – We painted the bus of the Occutrip, breaking our strike but wanted to see them off. #ows #nycsc

Library – We came up with an awesome action today. Book Bomb Tucson! They banned a ton of books, especially Hispanic books. #ows #nycsc

Library – We’re gathering allies here in the NY and have already gotten support from #OccupyTucson, and want to get as many… #ows #nycsc

Library – … copies of those seven books and bomb the heck out of Tucson! #ows #nycsc

Facilitation – On Monday there was talk about whether the freeze effected the payment of spokes spaces, and after talking… #ows #nycsc

Facilitation – … with Accounting any previously consensend upon ongoing budget expense is not effected by the freeze. #ows #nycsc

[I stepped in to help facilitation clarify that point. – @PoweredByCats] #ows #nycsc

There is a group exploring civil litigation regarding various issues of Brookfield’s rules in the park & suppression of rights. #ows #nycsc

Town Planning – Continuing to be involved in any space where people are gathering, housing, squatting, public. #ows #nycsc

Town Planning – Also keeping track of inventory of supplies. We finally got our military tents back! Yay! 8k lb weight lifted! #ows #nycsc

Sanitation – Working on fixing abandoned properties. Picture the homeless has been taking survey of abandoned properties in NYC #ows #nycsc

Sanitation – PtH believes that 1/3 of the abandoned properties could house all the homeless people in NY. We want to help people #ows #nycsc

Sanitation – get into these properties. Get in touch with us! [I didn’t catch the email, check for Sanitation WG -ed.] #ows #nycsc

Jeff from Housing will now present a three part housing budget proposal, along with Yuri. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – We’ve been in each of the three churches for at least three weeks and house around 150 occupiers a night. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – Because of the budget freeze there is limited copies of the proposal, so please share. #ows #nycsc

The text of the budget can be seen here. #ows #nycsc

Jeff currently discussing roles of Housing WG – maintain sites, payment for supplies/utilities & maintain relations w/landlords #ows #nycsc

Jeff – Each community of occupiers is responsible for their own communities, thats not the role of Housing. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – We will no longer pay for space at 86th St as a result of the proposal last week that set an exit situation. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – But we need to fulfill the responsibility to the landlord (part 2)

Jeff – We want to take consensus on the whole, after friendly amendments taken for each section. #ows #nycsc

[I was called upon to take a Facilitation role in trying to clarify whether this proposal fits into the perview of the budget freeze – Ed.]

Opening stack on clarifying questions – Outreach – Do we know what % of people in Park Slope are in WGs? #ows #nycsc

Yuri – I’m one of the occupiers in PSlope, I don’t like lying to people who are staring at me, ~1/2 of the people participate #ows #nycsc

Yuri – in working groups or the movement, we’ve tried to get people involved but met resistence. We’re still trying. #ows #nycsc

CQ – DAP – As I understand, every group gets 7 metrocards. Jeff – At one point that was true, but it changes week to week. #ows #nycsc

CQ – DAP – How does my working group get on that list? Where do leftovers go? #ows #nycsc

Jeff – We used to do 150, and there were leftovers, and they went back to Finance. And we checked them back out. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – There is a process explained online, & use of financial point people to help us determine who is eligible. #ows #nycsc

CQ – PoC – So this is partly a back pay thing and part 2 is about moving forward? We don’t understand the prepaid phone part #ows #nycsc

Jeff – There needs to be communication btwn spaces and allowing people into the space for the first time via a housing hotline. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – We don’t buy phone time for everyone, its only for people who are manning the hotline. #ows #nycsc

PoC – 490/week for utilities is for what? Jeff – gas/hot water/electricity $70/night documented in previous proposals. #ows #nycsc

PoC – $3500/week for unlimited metrocards is a lot of money, what are these actually being used for day to day? #ows #nycsc

Jeff – These are actually being allocated independent of Housing, they are authorized by WG point people. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – This is effectively the metrocard stash for the whole movement. Housing wants to give this job to Transportation. #ows #nycsc

CQ – Library – @HelloFrances My understanding after that #nycsc we could only bring a proposal to pay back the last 2 week. #ows #nycsc

CQ – Library – This seems to not be that, because its a recurring budget. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – The proposal that night was brought by the community staying at West Park Church, not Housing. That cmmty accepted FAs #ows #nycsc

Jeff – That proposal was not made by Housing and doesn’t effect Housing’s ability or need to meet its obligations. #ows #nycsc

CQ – OWS En Espanol – Why not use monthly metrocards instead of weeklys? #ows #nycsc

Jeff – We’ve discussed it, but people lose them, & thats less problematic with weeklys. This is very transient, so its easier… #ows #nycsc

Jeff – … to get into a rhythm and be more accountable with weekly’s than monthlys. #ows #nycsc

CQ – Anti Racism – In the 2nd section, is this recurring forever? #ows #nycsc

Jeff – This recurring budget will have to be renewed every 4 weeks. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – I don’t think theres enough clarity on the spending freeze (reads language of the freeze from Minutes.) #ows #nycsc

Jeff – We don’t like ongoing forever recurring budgets so we’ll be back in 4 weeks politicing if the freeze is still in effect. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – We are reevaluating the number of metrocards based on our precious experiences. We’re open to FAs asking for more. #ows #nycsc

CQ – Outreach – We heard that the person who engaged in violence at Brecht perhaps is staying at Park Slope Church. #ows #nycsc

Yuri – The churches & communities have to abide all resolutions consensed by the OWS community at large. #ows #nycsc

Yuri – However, the pastor is allowing the person to stay there. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – We are looking for space who may be displaced by the exit strategy at W Park incding bus tickets to go to nearby Occupies #ows #nycsc

CQ – Restricted Diets – with 1/2 of Park Slope not involved in Working Groups is there a way we can get people involved to stay? #ows #nycsc

Restricted Diets – I dont want to make it a rule in order to stay in NY you have to be in a WG, our process is dehumanizing. #ows #nycsc

Restricted Diets – But it should be required to stay at these spaces, which helps with community and accountability. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – I have concerns with putting up requirements to housing. #ows #nycsc

CQ – Minutes – When we talk about WGs is that the new pruned list or the 140 imaginary list of WGs? #ows #nycsc

Jeff – We feel we are now going by the list of active WGs as established by Info/ComHub. #ows #nycsc

CQ – WOW – There was supposed to be mediation between Housing/SaferSpaces/WOW. What happened? #ows #nycsc

Jeff – Some people thought notice was too short, & our mtg time changed, members were ready, we were told it be rescheduled. #ows #nycsc

Stack is now closed on CQs. Moving on to Concerns, spokes can take 5 minutes to discuss. #ows #nycsc

[As a note, Facilitators barely had to speak during that process, things are very calm and orderly. – Ed.]

Opening stack on Concerns (people can combine in Friendly Amendments) #ows #nycsc

Anti-Racism Allies – PoC was concerned about power relations w/in the mvmt especially Jeff’s role & the amount of time he speaks in #nycsc

Jeff shakes his head and doesn’t respond. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – In reply to TechOps FA – we had been approached about a proposal about time banking but there are limitations. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – Its not a perfect system, we’d love participation from other groups who r better at these things. It needs to be in place #ows #nycsc

West Park – We’re concerned that the spokes decision to close the church for housing may not be shared by the pastor #ows #nycsc

West Park – Would this spokes consider rescinding that decision and also add more metrocards? #ows #nycsc

Jeff asks for group temperature checks on accepting Friendly Amendments. #ows #nycsc

Daniel – FA on increasing number of metrocards from 120 – 150. Temperature check very negative. Jeff rejects. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – The FA had no relation to housing, was proposed by this body to the WestPark cmmty & was accepted to form exit strategy. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – It is not up to Housing to undo that decision or find a new location for that cmmty in finding new space. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – That community can work out an agreement with the landlord/pastor and disassociate with #OWS in order to make an arrangement #nycsc

Media – Concern – Serious concern over part 2 – paying Park Slope. I stay there, I’m apart of housing & media. #ows #nycsc

Media – Its an unsafe space, indvdls are violent, the pastor isnt able to remove people, I need help from the body. #ows #nycsc

Daniel – Asks for us to to hold what just happened and what we heard for a moment. Danielle – Acknowledge the gravity of it. #ows #nycsc

Stairs asking for Media to clarify her earlier statements. #ows #nycsc

Media – At Spokes on Wed a man named Will attacked people, stole a metrcard, flipped a table, came back to the church & went to sleep #nycsc

Media – He threatened to murder someone, & has been sleeping at the church. He got into a fight while another person held the victim #nycsc

Media – But he isnt the only violent offender in the church, & its not always physical. People yell at me every day. #ows #nycsc

Media – The pastor looks to us, & we look to him, & to GA & Spokes, we don’t know what to do. We need help. #ows #nycsc

Town Planning – FAs – No funding unless we have a way to deal with violence, & an exit strategy. In ParkSlope empower the pastor #ows #nycsc

Town Planning – Say that Nan, Michael, & Will must be out by Thurs night or we cut funding. #ows #nycsc

Town Planning – FA – West Park, we will house 50 active occupiers for the month of February & thats it. #ows #nycsc

Yuri – I have brought this up to the Park Slope Community. Everyone is met w/abuse. People look to me for enforcement. #ows #nycsc

Yuri – Im sitting here for guidance, what can we do? Disruptions have got to end. #ows #nycsc

Housing accepts the amendment – That funding will not passed unless Nan, Will, Michael leave before tomorrow night. #ows #nycsc

Media clarifies that this will also apply to people in the future. Housing says yes, we will not abide violence. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – Asking for an additional month at WestPark is not within our power bcuz it goes against the agreement made by the cmmty #ows #nycsc

Housing is uncomfortable making this decision, and says the pastor has concerns as well. An agreement was made already. #ows #nycsc

Housing asks for a temperature check on the WestPark FA (extending through February for 50 occupiers) – Very negative #ows #nycsc

WOW – We applaud the anti-violence amendment. We have concerns about the amendment that jeff still hasnt stepped back & the lack #ows #nycsc

WOW – of mediation that has happened btwn Housing/WOW/SaferSpaces. Don’t like the term ‘Occupier’ not applying to everyone in mvmt #nycsc

Outreach – Blocking concerns that we’re keeping that space open after removing violent people. [I missed the rest, twit probs, Sorry! -Ed.]

Jeff – We need to address violence as a community. We’re putting too much on the pastor. #ows #nycsc

PoC – We’re talking about kicking people out of space, we need to be very clear about ‘violence’ when we remove people from spaces. #nycsc

FA – Split the metrocard proposal part into a separate proposal to be consensed upon tonight. #ows #nycsc

Media – Clarifying the violence that has occurred by various individuals. #ows #nycsc

Stairs – The question is not whether violence has happened, but what violence is. There are meek, clean ways we can be violent. #ows #nycsc

Stairs – Violence is obvious & sometimes its there all the time. #ows #nycsc

Taking a few deep breaths to clear some tension from the room. #ows #nycsc

OWS En Espanol – Violence hurts your body, your mind, its simple to register, theres nothing complicated. Perhaps bcuz this is…#ows #nycsc

OWS E Esp – a new mvmt, we want to seem inclusive & are afraid of setting boundaries. I understand my liberty ends where yours starts. nycsc

Archives – Im very concerned w/the length we’re paying for housing. We didn’t have an occupation this long. Every space we’ve… #ows #nycsc

Archives – funded has turned into a violent space and we’ve ruined it. This needs to stop. #ows #nycsc

Minutes – Support everything the Anti-Racist Allies said, FA want to split off the metrocard proposal & give cards to WGs to allocate #nycsc

Jeff – Thats been proposed w/in Housing, but we’re concerned about accountability of who gets the cards & not. We have a system. #ows #nycsc

Restricted Diets – Im going to talk low and try to keep it short. A lot of people talking about concerns & others close to taking.. #nycsc

Restricted Diets – responsibility. I have asked for help in space, i wasnt calm, but i was asking for help. In order to flip… #ows #nycsc

Rest. Diets – it around on you guys, we put restrictions on others but when restrictions are put on us, we dont show up. #ows #nycsc

Restricted Diets – Financial Assembly, no one showed up. Mediation w/WOW no one showed up. FA we add a stipulation about a… #ows #nycsc

Restricted Diets – a grievance process to hold emotional violence accountable. #ows #nycsc

PoI from Stairs – At the Open Space event on Friday there will be discussion on establishing a Grievance Process. #ows #nycsc 235 W.26th St

Library – Oh boy! I have a blocking concern, I’m willing to be the bad guy. I cant pay my rent & am unemployed. Bring it. #ows #nycsc

Library – We are not equipped to fix the homelessness problem in NYC we don’t have the capability. We didn’t have an occupation this long.

Friendly Amendment that we stop paying for housing after this weekend is accepted by Housing. #ows #nycsc

DAP – Echoes Library blocking concern & Anti-Racist Allies concern that Jeff is always the point person for housing… #ows #nycsc

DAP – Asks Jeff to step back so that others may step up. #ows #nycsc

Occupiers – Darryl – Concerns w/how housing is being talked about. All the people complaining about $ do not live in the church..#ows #nycsc

Occupiers – … they didn’t live in the park. They came after. Last month we spent 200k on non-housing & 10k on housing. #ows #nycsc

Ronny breaks process to say that the spoke for Occupiers is not speaking for him (as an occupier.) #ows #nycsc

Stairs asking for restatement of proposal with Friendly Amendments. #ows #nycsc

Part 1 of the proposal remains in tact (please check website link from earlier), Part 2 is cut, no funding past this weekend #ows #nycsc

Part 1 – $4000 to cover this week & last week. We have 15 minutes to finish this process. Asking for stand asides. #ows #nycsc

1 stand aside – Arts & Culture; 3 Blocks – People of Color Caucus, De-Escalation, Anti-Racism Allies #ows #nycsc

To clarify, all sites will be cut off of funding past 1/27. This is to pay our current bills up to that point. #ows #nycsc

PoC feeling like we need a transition period of 2 weeks for Park Slope. #ows #nycsc

De-Escalation wants a homesteading class for people who will be removed from housing. [Lots of cross talk, hard to follow. -Ed.] #ows #nycsc

PoC asks for a process of accountability not just kicked to the curb. #ows #nycsc

Jeff – Additional 700/week to create a 2-week exit strategy for Park Slope & withhold funding if Nan/Michael/Will are allowed to stay #nycsc

Jeff acknowledges that Housing can’t create a grievance process on its own, needs help, but supports it. #ows #nycsc

De-escalation lifts its block because Housing is exploring other options for housing including homesteading, other occupations, etc. #nycsc

Library & PoC make a deal on 1 week extension for Park Slope. Park West still ending 1/27. Violent people out by tomorrow. #ows #nycsc

Part 1 of the proposal passes via consensus. #ows #nycsc

Part 3 – the metrocard part – 5 stand asides. No blocks, consensus.
#ows #nycsc

[That’s it fam! Sorry for truncated ending, have to be out at 10:15. Comments, questions, love, meet me over at @PoweredByCats] #ows #nycsc

Tweets for Tue, 24 Jan 2012

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GA is starting! “Hi! I’m Anthony! I’d like to be your co-facilitator tonight! Ronny is our co-facilitator, but he’s running a little lat …

First, reportback from Facilitation-Tomorrow’s Spokes Council in Brooklyn at the Quaker Meeting House! Also, Friday Open Space at Unity Hall

Justin from Info: We’re back in the park mon-fri 1pm-5pm. We could use your help! #ows #nycga

Now announcements: Justin from Disability Cacus- we’re a new caucus, meeting his Sunday at 2:00 to talk about future actions…#ows #nycga

…and what it means to be a caucus at #ows #nycga

My name is Rich, I’m w Occupy Farms, we’re gonna meet Wednesday at 6pm @60WallSt-we’ll be talking about scouting out some urban farm lots!

Next is Evelyn: Would like to bring a wakeup call, to be vigilant about what’s going on at #OWS #nycga

People are mismanaging the website, and trying to take my group off the website. #ows #nycga

Next on stack: im from OccupyLA, where I just finished this book on #OWS! Hello from LA, Portland, Seattle, New Haven, &Oakland! #nycga

If you’re interested, come see me and I’ll take your portrait! Thank you! #ows #nycga

Joseph: over on White St, there are three boxes of clothes. I also have some with me. If any needs, come see me.

Next: Tuesday Jan31 at Foley Sq-rally against Monsanto! Yells of “fuck Monsanto!” #ows #nycga

First on the agenda: Dissolution of Spokes Council, from guess who: Nan! #ows #nycga

Nan: Most of you guys know me, but I have my partner here, Eric Richardson, he’s from #OWS and Newark, NJ. He’s gonna read my proposal.

The proposal is not posted on the website, but here’s a photo. #ows #nycga

And the back: #ows #nycga

@lmnopie Point of Process: According to original Spokes Council Charter, a proposal to dissolve needs to be proposed 1 week in advance…

…and announced in person at every GA and Spokes Council meeting for 7 days. #ows #nycga

Some disagreement over this fact, Marisa, who was part of drafting the original proposal, confirms this. #ows #nycga

10 more minutes given to the proposal

cQ what have you done to solve these issues with spokes?

I strongly believe this proposal is not about nan but about the people…I’m focusing my energy on the GA

CQ: who wrote this proposal? With all due respect this doesn’t seem like your language?

Stair- I’m not it here for my health, can we continue on please?

[lots of yelling in the audience and I can’t hear what’s being said -Ed.]

Nan- I saw some evidence from livetweets and minutes and one of the reasons, #9…

On Monday spokes tried to remove the freeze GA posted on the money. Nick and I said that’s not right.

PoI – tim, i write the livetweets and thats not at all what happened.

PoI – spokes is not a them, it’s us. We are the people at spokes.

Stairs: we have run out of time for this proposal does the ga feel comfortable giving more time?

Temp check mostly negative stairs:give me one second #Ows #nycga

Stairs-I asked for a second temp check bc there were people who didn’t know what was going on

Stairs-your options proposer are table or push for consensus?

Nan:we will ask for consensus

Stairs:it was nautilus clarified that we can not gonon with consensus process the proposal is tabled

Next proposal is visions and goals statement

Visions and goals is handing out copies of the final draft of the statement

Last tuesday the GA asked us to stop editing this document.

There are a few edits submitted after the GA said stop v&g did not feel empowers to put them’s up to you

PoI is it possible for is to start the friendly amendment process right away?

PoI from my understanding you were asked to table and bring it back?

V&G-this is a GA approved final draft

Cq-are you going to read this to us?

Stairs can we do a temp check to hear the proposal?

Stairs it looks mixed, let’s move on

V&g- this is the same document you had last week’z we have handed out hundreds of copies posted it and told everybody we could

Stack is closed for CQ

Stairs-stack is open for confers

C-I have a lot of confers,this reads as a set of principles and it’s confusing with trying to be a visions document mixed with principles

C-I feel the continuity of this document from where it started to where it is now

VG-we have done as much as we could six meetings at first three more recently…we have done the best to deliver despite disruptions

….I’d you think we have not done our job you can send us back to the drawing board…I’d we need more vision tell us what you would li …

Stairs we have gone over time can we take seven more minutes to finish?

Temp check positive. We are closing stack for concerns

C-there is an issue which is the prison industrial system that needs to be addressed

VG-we think this important by it does not belong in the goals we would like to address it in goals

VG-we are not going to accept or reject any FA this is a crowd sourced document. It will be a living document which we will spend time e …

Stairs-it sounds like they want a temp check on adding this FA to our document

FA”Specifically the prison industrial where profits are gained by the labor of incarcerated composed most of poor people and people of c …

FA accepted

Stairs- seven more minutes? Temp check positive. Please limit concerns to a minute at most

Sorry about the weirdness folks! Some new folks stepped up, which is great, plus some technical difficulties.. #nycga #ows

[Sorry fam, losts of editorial swaps tonight, thanks for baring with us. – @poweredbycats] #ows #nycga

Concerns – Marisa – This is a reformist document, I came to OWS for revolution, not reforms. #ows #nycga

V&G – Just to be very super short, it hasnt been easy to create a comprehensive statement from the assembled body here. #ows #nycga

V&G – We’ve done the best we can to synthesize people’s collective beliefs. We’re open to friendly amendments to the language. #ows #nycga

Marisa FA – Change “governance” to “decision making.” #ows #nycga

Stairs taking a temperature check on Marisa’s FA. Its mostly positive. #ows #nycga

Stack – I would ask that people to allow them to finish the Vision provided that the Vision is a living doc that can be changed. #ows #nycga

Stack – My concern is that this is representing the whole of our movement, and doesn’t represent me. It can be used against us. #ows #nycga

Stack (con’t) – I would ask a lawyer look over this before we consense upon it because it could be used against us by the NYPD. #ows #nycga

Stairs taking a temperature check on FA – “Downtwinkles.” So thats a no. #ows #nycga

Stack – On the question of non-violence, it does state that non-violence is a way of life. Its not my way of life. #ows #nycga

Stack cont’d – many of us feel that way. Also, living document is also a way of being used to get us to not make changes now. #ows #nycga

Stack cont’d – How many changes were made to the Declaration? If we’re calling something a living doc we need a way to change it #ows #nycga

V&G – This is a Vision, not a DA tactic, I don’t live by non-violence either but we want to live in a world that is non-violent. #ows #nycga

V&G – This is a Vision, not a DA tactic, I don’t live by non-violence either but we want to live in a world that is non-violent. #ows #nycga

V&G – We have a FA – this should read that we are gathering to build a just society for all generations. #ows #nycga

Temperature check on that Friendly Amendment positive. #ows #nycga Five more minutes also temperature checked positive.

Temp check on adding the word ethnicity also positive. #ows #nycga

V&G – want to add language to the liberty point to suggest rights to include civil, human, etc from all entities. #ows #nycga

[Lots of side conversations, I’m confused where we’re at right now. – Ed.] #ows #nycga

Stairs – We’re now going to move to actual consensus with all the friendly amendments. Are there any blocks? #ows #nycga

There are three blocks. 1st Block – This does not represent me or the whole of OWS & I’m fine not being a part of it, if this is #ows #nycga

V&G – We ask you to consider all the work that went into this & know your feedback has gone into it. #ows #nycga

2nd Block – Shawn – My block, as the 1st, this doesnt represent me, or the values i believe to be of OWS. I feel it doesnt say…#ows #nycga

… anything is a weak statement to have taken 4 months. I’ll remove my block if they table it & bring it later. #ows #nycga

3rd block – I dont feel people really know what this document is saying. #ows #nycga

4th block – I don’t feel that the marginalized voices of the movement can be represented by this watered down statement. #ows #nycga

4th block – …the language must represent the social movement of the people on the streets… #ows #nycga

4th Block feels the language is so watered down, from Malcom X to a non-profit NGO. Wont lift block unless it reflects reality #ows #nycga

5th block – Marisa – The vision is not radical enough, and nothing about diversity of tactics. #ows #nycga

Marisa will drop block if “respect of diversity of views & tactics” and the language is radicalized. #ows #nycga

Taking a temperature check on FA – positive. 4 blocks standing. Modified consensus beginning. #ows #nycga

V&G says we should try to get a statment that is close enough to appealing to everyone and will move to Modified Consensus. #ows #nycga

After some feedback, V&G asks for a temp check on whether we should move to Mod Con or not. Temp check is mixed. #ows #nycga

Retaking the temperature check. Its mostly down. We will not move to Modified Consensus. Vision Statement is tabled. #ows #nycga

V&G thanks us for our time & input and ask if we want them to continue their work & invite those who blocked to join their mtgs. #ows #nycga

Stairs handing things over to a Vibes person to help us get out some energy after a lengthy discussion on the Vision Statement. #ows #nycga

Stairs bringing it back. Next on the agenda, craft fair proposal from Yuri. agenda item moved up bcuz he’s staying in the church #ows #nycga

Yuri – This craft fair event will be a teach in, outreach event, & cmmty building. I want everyone to make something! #ows #nycga

Yuri – Everyone has a chance to be self sufficient. Put something toward your working group fund, or general fund or own pocket. #ows #nycga

Opening stack on Clarifying Questions, with a new stack taker, since old one left. #ows #nycga

Yuri – I am asking for help on this, if you can, let me know. 1 other thing, plz let me know by Feb7 if you want to participate #ows #nycga

CQ – Is this an announcement? What do you need from the GA? #ows #nycga

Yuri – I need help, participation, and endorsement. #ows #nycga

Stack open on Concerns & Friendly Amendments. Seem to be none. Moving toward consensus. Now asking for blocks. #ows #nycga

Ronnie, who is also co-Facilitating [I think? He hasn’t done much tonight – Ed.], raising a concern about WGs pocketing money. #ows #nycga

Yuri – If you’re looking for transparency, I request pre-paid debit cards be bought be each working group with the money earned #ows #nycga

Yuri – “So everyone can see online what was purchased.” That apparently alleviated Ronnie’s block, so he dropped it. #ows #nycga

There are no stand asides. Now taking a temperature check on endorsing the craft fair fundraiser on 2/11. Positive. Consensus. #ows #nycga

Next proposal from Facilitation. FWG – A week ago we passed 2 props for rescheduling mtgs. The first passed #nycsc to reduce… #ows #nycga

… mtgs from 3 to 2. This one is to reduce the number of GAs from 4 to 2, and can add or reduce mtgs as sees fit by consensus. #ows #nycga

Opening stack for Clarifying Questions. 1st CQ – Could you explain why this is the best thing for the mvmt? #ows #nycga

FWG we want to open space for other types of meetings that might benefit the community other than this type of forum. #ows #nycga

FWG proposing that the GA meets on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7pm. #ows #nycga

CQ – Would you be open to having the Saturday GA be during the day out of respect to members of our community. #ows #nycga

FWG – The GA has the power to change its time, and that proposal doesnt need to come from Facilitation. #ows #nycga

[GA no longer using the human microphone so its really hard to hear whats going on. – Ed.] #ows #nycga

FWG – Out of respect to Jewish members of the community, there are some issues with holding a GA on a Saturday prior to sundown. #ows #nycga

Stacktaker addressing Nan’s Concern – 1 alternative is Open Space, its been great, but has conflicted with #nycga or #nycsc… #ows #nycga

… becuse of that, attendance is low. There are other models, we just need to open the space in our schedules to do them. #ows #nycga

FWG – GA will always be in LibertySq, other events may be in different locations, thats up to the assembly to decide. #ows #nycga

Ashley’s concern – Not sheltering the GA like we shelter Spokes empowers Spokes by forcing GA folks to be outside. #ows #nycga

Opening stack on Concerns & Friendly Amendments.Stack – Can we move Saturday to 4 or 5? #ows #nycga

FWG – As was pointed out before, that would cut into the Sabbath, also we want to keep this proposal simple & only cut the days. #ows #nycga

Chepe Concern – I like the idea of reducing the number of GAs, but only 2 is too few, how about 3? Im here for a lot of hours… #ows #nycga

cont’d… this is an experiment in radical democracy and GA is our greatest example of that. GA is very important to me. #ows #nycga

…also, it looks like OWS is giving up some if we reduce it to too few GA’s a week. So i ask for 3 a week. #ows #nycga

FWG asking for the GA to weigh in on friendly amendments to gather buy in. Asking for temp check/straw poll on 3 a week. #ows #nycga

Now taking a straw poll on 3 vs 2 GAs a week. And then on T/Th/S vs Th/Sat/Sun. #ows #nycga

The proposal is now to cut GA to 3 a week to be held on T/Th/Sat based on friendly amendments & straw polls. #ows #nycga

Anthony announcing that Ronnie is stepping down so he can participate in the consensus process. #ows #nycga

Ashley concern – [once again I can’t hear bcuz Ashley won’t use the mic check. I think she doesnt like use of straw polls? -Ed.]

FWG agreeing with Ashley’s concern for need for cmmty building and thinks this will open up the space for forums to do that. #ows #nycga

FWG – We’re trying to break the hammerlock on the schedule. It feels like there is a law, and we’re trying to break it/be flex. #ows #nycga

No longer combining concerns & friendly amendments on this proposal. [I stinkled that decision. – Ed.] #ows #nycga

Concern – We shouldn’t fill the open spaces filled by this prop w/more mtgs. Cmmnity day would be great But we need time to work #ows #nycga

C – Marisa – We dont need to concretely schedule new mtgs. This changes our schedule, we dont need it to say we have that power #ows #nycga

C – Nan – We’ve already cut out 3 days for #nycsc, now we’re cutting out another 2, thats a lot. #ows #nycga

C – Wants cmmty mtgs to overlap in a day of meetings. Maybe a day for finances, a day for cmmty, a day for non-decisions. #ows #nycga

cont’d – Turn this into a a big cultural event. #ows #nycga FWG – We like that, and this is a step toward it.

Ronnie – As a member of the illuminati thats controling OWS, this would bring harmony & harm our ability to control things. #ows #nycga

FWG – While we appreciate the opinion of the lizards and you should go to DC where the streets are shaped liked your goat god. #ows #nycga

Point of Appreciation being thrown by Stairs for the GA. Opening stack on FAs. #ows #nycga

FA from Ashley – Wants T/Sat meetings not the additional 1 on Sun. But have a family get together on Sunday instead. #ows #nycga

FWG deliberating on that FA. PoI – Cmmty Solidarity Proposal has decided to table til Thursday because its getting late. #ows #nycga

FWG does not accept Ashley’s FA. The GA can cut an additional day in the future, & others can plan events in open days #ows #nycga

FA from Ronnie – Wants a sacrifice to be given on every night that there isn’t a GA. FWG respectfully declines. #ows #nycga

FA Nan – Offering structured schedule for every day of the week. FWG declines so as to not create structure in this proposal. #ows #nycga

FWG feels the GA will be strengthened by having few mtgs a week. We’ve been stuck in a pattern for a long time. #ows #nycga

Aggresive disruption demanding to be heard, “in process or out of process and will break the process.” #ows #nycga

Stairs trying to get control of the rowdy shouting. Looking for FAs of the Facilitation proposal.

Heckling, verbally violent disruptions, & rapping going on. Switching to @LibertySqGA3 w/new live tweeter. [One love fam! – @poweredbycats]

Mic checking by Stairs.

[Out of process yelling of “We will occupy your GA,” etc.]

Stairs: We are going to allow these individuals to be put on stack. #nycga

Discussion of if the newcomer disruptors should be put on stack, which is closed. #nycga

Stairs still trying to take control. More commotion. #nycga

Facilitation announces they are tabling their proposal. #nycga

FWG: “We appreciate all the hard work, dedication … on this proposal tonight.” #nycga

Facilitation: “We will be back.” #nycga [more commotion from disruptive people]

Ted now mic checking about people disrupting GA. #nycga

Someone asking now for people to respect the process. #nycga #ows

[It’s unclear what’s happening. Stairs seems to be talking to the Facilitation WG]

[It seems like GA has dissolved due to disruptors, but Stairs never called it over.]

Hey folks, all indications are that this GA has ended, somewhat abruptly, due to disruptors.

Wait! Just kidding! Anthony says GA is not done! #nycga #ows

Back to the mic checking at the GA. Ted is claiming a certain person has been planning this. #nycga #ows

Some pushing and shoving between Facilitation and the disruptors. #nycga #ows

Ted: “GA is being violently hijacked. …” #nycga #ows

Ted: “She [Nan] brought a proposal to destroy our Spokes and when she did not get it …” #nycga #ows

[Ed note: I am going to excise the rest of this because I’m not sure it’s on process.]

#NYCGA seems to have turned into an informal conversation, so we don’t feel comfortable tweeting it until it’s on process.

For the record, the live tweeters are hanging out in case the meeting gets back on track. #nycga #ows

Ted asking for the GA to address this right now. “People in this movement are suffering greatly…” #nycga #ows

“There’s a lot more going on than one person and it has been brought to our attention that the very first …” #nycga #ows

“…violent disruption of our assembly was planned by Nan.” #nycga #ows

Ted: “I suggest we continue with our assembly and say that …” #nycga #ows

Ted “We will will not tolerate any violent plot to harm the heart of our movement…” #nycga #ows

Ted: “And I believe that it can be said, it is very clear who was destroying this assembly, and that it be recognized …” #nycga #ows

Ted: “… any attempts thereof in the future, will not succeed.” #nycga #ows

New speaker says it’s not productive to remove disruptors from the process. Just let them speak. #nycga #ows

Ted says we as a community cannot tolerate violence. #nycga #ows

Ashley says the Spokes Council voted to remove Nan on Friday for violence. #nycga #ows

[Suddenly much yelling from the disruptors who showed up recently.} #nycga #ows

A woman from Newark saying we can’t let our emotions let us block one individual, Nan in particular. #nycga #ows

Same speaker: “Stop acting like the 1%. Take your feelings and put the under your feet.” #nycga #ows

Same speaker: “Family argues. You will find more love from people you consider family.” #nycga #ows

Same speaker: “In Newark, you can express yourself however you want.” You don’t have to worry about police. #nycga #ows

New speaker: “I left a physically abusive home and family and I didn’t come here to be a part of another abusive family.” #nycga #ows

Okay, fam, we are making the executive decision that this is an important conversation, but it’s all off process.

So we are signing off. This has been @shawncarrie, @poweredbycats @carriem213 and Lauren doing your live tweets. Have a great night!

Tweets for Mon, 23 Jan 2012

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Hey fam! We’re starting #OWS Spokescouncil now! Follow here, @LibertySqGA, @LibertySqGA2, @LibertySqGA3, and @LibertySqGA4. #nycsc #ows

We’re starting w/ reportbacks. First, Minutes is letting us know that they’re having a lot of trouble getting ppl to Spokescouncil b/c..

Cont’d: …meeting locations have been announced so late recently. Minutes are considering striking until folks step up to help address it.

Facilitation is next: “We want to acknowledge the frustration Minutes expressed; we’re sure it’s shared by many in this room.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “There’s currently a dispute w/ Accounting about whether the spending freeze allows us to pay for this space.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “We also just found out this space won’t be available Wednesday; ppl are working on finding another space. We’ll try to give…”

Cont’d: “…24 hours notice, but want ppl to know the hurdles we’re facing trying to get ahold of space without funding.” #nycsc #ows

InfoHub’s report back is that they kind of want to discuss the issues raised by the last two reportbacks! Oh, @raviahmad continues: “We…”

Cont’d: “…had a proposal that went through GA on 12/20; we’ve been talking about it the last few days.” She’s passing out a report of…

Cont’d: …the 35 working groups that are “completely in compliance with all aspects of that proposal.” There are 46 groups that need…

Cont’d: …to do a lot to get back onto the site, but can email. And there are another 40-odd groups that are almost there but not quite.

Email or to inquire or ask for help getting stuff up so your WG can stay active on the site. #nycsc #ows

Next, Occupy Farms, Shazz. “We had a meeting on Sunday; we have one coming up on Thursday. We have a trip arranged to the farm..” #nycsc#ows

Cont’d: “…this weekend to the farm.” Ppl will learn first-hand about farming and do work on the land. “Coolest thing we’re doing is…”

Cont’d: “…outreach to farms, getting new farms online.” One in Albany… 60 Wall, 5:30 Thursday for the Occupy Farms working group meeting.

OK, now we’re opening stack for announcements. Library is first: “Hi everyone; it’s Steve from the People’s Library! Library loves you.”

Cont’d: “There’s an action tomorrow; we don’t want the details going out over social networks.” Fun meet up tomorrow, 4pm at red cube.#nycsc

“For purposes of public disclosure, we want to make it a little bit of a surprise. But tomorrow, 4pm, bring your friends!” #nycsc #ows

Safer Spaces announce that they’re bringing their community agreements proposal tonight! Also, they’ll meet Friday to start.. #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: ….talking about “what a grievance process might look like”! Trying to meet at the Quaker space in Brooklyn. 7pm, Friday! #nycsc #ows

@thejorobin ayo! what was the time on the fem block meeting again?

Next, @OWSTranslation lets us know they’re here and need clear line of sight across the circle for signing purposes! #nycsc #ows

Archives lets us know that “we’re badly in need of hard drives.” They want to store some sensitive info! #needsoftheoccupiers #nycsc #ows

OK, we’ll review the agenda. “Safer Spaces has been passing around a piece of paper detailing what their proposal is…” Also, there’s…

… a budget proposal from Daryl, I think. Stairs suggests we start w/ Safer Spaces since it’s been pushed back a few times. #nycsc #ows

Safer Spaces is up! “You’ve probably seen this before!” Been bringing to Spokes for about 3 weeks. “We really hope today it’s at the point..

Cont’d: “..where everyone’s happy.” Some points about it… re: enforcement: “We don’t view ourselves, Safer Spaces, as the enforcers of…”

Cont’d: “…this movement. We believe we have to participate in a dialogue w/ entire community about how entire community creates a safer..”

Cont’d: “…space.” So, they’d like us not to expect that of them. “We want this to be a back-and-forth w/ the community.” #nycsc #ows

Secondly, “We hope today we all come in good faith; we agree we need to be explicit about behavioral agreements about being in this space..

Cont’d: “…so we hope unless you disagree with content, please try not to do further line edits and let’s try to work w/ the whole document.”

Cont’d: “Also, to be clear about what this is intended to do, this is a set of principles; building on that foundation we hope we can…”

Cont’d: “…start to develop what we want to do” to deal with a grievance process. But they don’t think this is going to deal w/ it right now.

They also ask that we re-read, because “we’ve continued to make changes to it and it’s mildly different than last time you saw it.” #nycsc

So, here’s the Safer Spaces working group proposal, “Occupy Wall Street Community Agreements”: #nycsc #ows

OK, now starting stack for Clarifying Questions. Think Tank: “We’re wondering if you could explain what constitutes verbal aggresson…”

Cont’d: “…as that’s an important thing to have in here, but we recognize there are diverse styles of interaction.” #nycsc #ows

A: “I think a lot of what’s tricky about this for ppl is we’re defining harm based on ppl experiencing harm, not on any objective idea…”

Cont’d: “…of what harm is. So if ppl feel verbal actions have been hurtful, then if we’re coming in good faith, we can say, “OK, this..””

Cont’d: “”…person experienced harm.” But I don;t think we can define it objectively because” of the diversity Think Tank lifts up. #nycsc

Cont’d: Safer Spaces suggest that if someone feels hurt, they can say “ouch” and the other person will say “oops”, to acknowledge… #nycsc

Cont’d: …and then move on. “That’s a small-scale example” of how to lift up that kind of hurt. #nycsc #ows

Next CQ, Library: “RE: first bullet pt under section b- curious if you’re going to expand on that, how that might…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…be addressed.” A: “In this SC situation, we’re thinking if we temp check and the room consenses that something needs to be..”

Cont’d: “…dealt with, or if a caucus stops the meeting” to deal with something — we just “want to make sure we’re as responsive…”

Cont’d: “…to harms and injustice that may play out in our community as we are to the harms and injustice” in outside world. #nycsc #ows

CQ: “Do you have to vote ahead of time for this to be applicable, or does it apply whenever there’s 2 or more #OWS people?” #nycsc #ows

A: Right now, we’re trying to get this passed within the context of Spokescouncil. Encourage ppl to work on community agreements… #nycsc

Cont’d: …in working groups, and other spaces, and maybe use this as a model. Will bring it to GA, “but for now” it’s just #SC. #nycsc #ows

Accounting’s CQ: “When in announcements, you said Safer Spaces is not in the business of enforcement. Accounting doesn’t find…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…anything objectionable about this, and lots of good stuff. But we have lots of good rules in place- our problem is enforcement.”

Cont’d: “…so my question is, who is going to enforce this?” A: “That’s been discussed, and to jump back, we think that… like, here’s my…”

Cont’d: “…vision of how this thing works. We have agreements that we together come up w/ about how we’re going to be behave towards…”

Cont’d: “…each other. They may be violated; if so, we need to bring it a lot of things — a de-escalation process, a road back, a…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…grievance process to bring out concerns ppl have.” “It’ll be difficult to wrap them all up in a series of agreements.” For…

Cont’d: “…right now, it’s about “how will we behave?”” It’s not that SS doesn’t want to help w/ an enforcement process, but they worry…

Cont’d: …that the movement is waiting for them to bring it, rather than preparing to do it together. #nycsc #ows

Safer Spaces notes we need to decide what the agreements are, before we can decide what to do when they’re violated. #nycsc #ows

Next, OccupyFarms. “My only ? on this is, under the first section, 7 bullets down, I think the 2nd sentence — individual freedom…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…we can probably do without that — it’s just an opinion, maybe divisive. And the 2nd section, 7 bullets down, where it says…”

Cont’d: “…we won’t use substances that may attract attention of the police; maybe we should say ‘illegal,'” notes spray paint attracts NYPD.

Cont’d: “And finally, bad jacketing, maybe we can expand that to all personal accusations in order to prevent in-fighting.” #nycsc #ows

OK, Safer Spaces would like to hear how people feel about these changes. First change, Shazz says is to remove language he says… #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: …demonizes the 1% by saying “Individual freedom w/o responsibility to the community is the way of the 1%.” Temp check.. midtwinkles.

Safer Spaces: “We’re going to offer this change, to make it say “is not the way of #OWS” instead of “is the way of the 1%.” #nycsc #ows

Next, Shazz brings up clarifying the “substances” ban by adding “illegal”. Robert notes alcohol then would not be included… #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: …and suggests we add alcohol specifically. Temp check on this one is mixed to negative. #nycsc #ows

Safer spaces decides “to not accept the amendment. While we understand the concerns,” rather than making a judgment about legality… #nycsc

Cont’d: …they’d “really concerned with what risks harm to community.” So it may include illegal subs, but basic thing is what’s harmful.

Shazz’ next proposal is to expand the statement against “bad jacketing” (accusing folks of being plants or cops w/o proof) to… #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: …include all unfounded personal accusations. Safer Spaces: “W/ a lot of love and understanding, we’ve decided not to accept that..”

Cont’d: “…and for me, with a lot of background working on sexual violence, a lot of times accusations of assault don’t come w/ proof or…”

Cont’d: “…evidence.” Setting expectation that all accusations need tangible proof may silence, cause more harm than help. #nycsc #ows

OK, now we’re going to discuss concerns w/in working groups and then come back with them after 5 minutes. Be right back! #nycsc #ows

OK, Concerns. @OWSTranslation feels the language is a little flowery, except the first page which is “very clear.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “Because there’s several of us here that use different language,” want to make sure it’s clear and accessible to everyone. #nycsc

OK, we’re out of time, so we’re temp-checking extending the conversation for 15 more minutes. Mostly up-twinkles, so we’ll continue. #nycsc

A: “We’ve tried to make it as simple as possible; it will also be translated into other language. It should have been approved last…”

cont’d: “..Wednesday, but physical violence broke out in the space and as a result it was promised we’d make it a priority to get passed.”

Also, “we want to acknowledge the concern that language should be clear,” want to work to make sure it’s translated in a clear way. #nycsc

Cont’d: “We think that’s really important, but aren’t sure we can fix that in next 15 minutes, and think agreements are really important.”

Safer Spaces note the concern is a little bit stymying for now, and want to get this passed tonight, and ask that we work to clarify on…

Cont’d: …an ongoing basis. Are willing to have workshops to explain it to people. #nycsc #ows

DA: “One CQ – has this been considered to put into braille?” Maybe this can be an FA, Stairs notes. DA suggests work with @OWSTranslation.

DA’s concern: “All of us enter the space w/ different levels of understanding about how we all interact w/ each other…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…so we want to suggest a friendly amendment of adding to 2nd page that we commit to teaching others, newcomers, about…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…our processes, agreements, and tools we use as a community, just to make sure it’s a part of our central focus.” #nycsc #ows

DA: “Basically, we want to make sure that anyone who doesn’t understand this gets where it comes from and what our forethought is.” #nycsc

A: “We want to accept the concept, but tweak the words a little, so we’re trying to figure out how to do that.” #nycsc #ows

A cont’d: “Do we want to move on while we do that?” One of the proposers asks if we can trust that they do that. #nycsc #ows

Town Planning’s concern: “I’m concerned there’s no process to amend these.” Hopes the GA will pass them soon, and hopes that when GA does…

Cont’d: …pass them, hopes that Spokescouncil will address their version to reconcile it with the GA’s version. #nycsc #ows

Safer Spaces notes that we can definitely do that in Spokescouncil, but don’t need to put that into this proposal. #nycsc #ows

Town Planning also suggests that they strip the resources and readings, since “there’s an aura of bias.” Temp check very negative on that.

Town Planning also suggests we number the bullet points to make them more easy to reference. Safer Spaces jumps in, before answering, to…

Cont’d: …remind us that “there have been meetings and meetings” about this, and that minute revisions can be dealt with more productively…

Cont’d: …elsewhere. Stairs suggests “it would be respectful to group to continue to next group,” but Town Planning “respectfully declines.”

Town Planning’s next concern is that use of the word “consent” in the document might be confused with the process of consensus. #nycsc #ows

“Consent is not the absence of a no, it’s the presence of a ‘yes’.” It’s talking about personal interaction, not consensus process. #nycsc

Safer Spaces: “We’re not talking about consensus; we’re talking about consent.” Temp check, no one else has an issue with it. #nycsc #ows

Library’s concern: “Are you intending to continue to print them out and distribute them, or just online? There’s a small group of people..”

Cont’d: “…deciding on this for everyone,” Library says. Safer Spaces clarifies this is just for #SC; but will distribute it. #nycsc #ows

Safer Spaces: “Do people feel it needs to be written into the document?” Library clarifies they don’t, but want to make sure it’s distroed.

.@OWSTranslation is next: “We’re still feeling a little uncomfortable w/ the level of the language; it’s a little dense and “very adult.”

Cont’d: “We’re trying to think about the human mind, and its capacity to memorize all this.” They like it, but think it would be more..

Cont’d: …effective if language was less “dense.” Also feels density makes it open to more interpretation. #nycsc #ows

.@OWSTranslation notes there are words in it for which there are no signs in ASL. “In order to match language level of ppl in space, we…”

Cont’d: “…need” to do work. But they think much of it needs to pass. Safer Spaces are conferring on their response to this concern. #nycsc

Safer Spaces: “What we heard are larger concerns about language and accessibility,” they share them, and want to get ideas in there…

Cont’d: …while still addressing those concerns. They suggest, if we’re OK with it, “let’s pass it tonight but still try to work with you…”

Cont’d: “…guys to make it accessible, make it translated, make it understandable. We want that to happen.” #nycsc #ows

.@OWSTranslation asks if they mean their spoke in particular; sounds like Safer Spaces means @OWSTranslation as a whole. #nycsc #ows

Next, Housing: They want a time limit about how we’re going to decide on the grievance process and where this applies. #nycsc #ows

A: “This only applies to #Spokescouncil.” “We encourage you to bring this document to working groups and other areas.” #nycsc #ows

That answers one of Housing’s questions, but they’re asking how long it will take to “come up with a viable solution” to the enforcement…

Cont’d: …process, and notes that they’d like to learn from Safer Spaces since they’re having trouble with it. #nycsc #ows

Safer Spaces notes that this document is just to establish agreements, and she can’t say how long it will take for community to establish..

Cont’d: ..enforcement process. But that’s what the meeting Friday at 7pm to establish grievance process is about! #nycsc #ows

Next: “Once we all agree upon this, what’s the next step? What’s the final goal?” A: “Right now, we want to get this passed in #nycsc.” #ows

Cont’d: “Maybe let’s talk after about what you would like to see done with this document.” #nycsc #ows

So, next, Safer Spaces will restate their proposal w/ friendly amendments, and then we’ll move to consensus! #nycsc #ows

So, it’s the document, plus the modification on page one to indicate “not the way of #OWS” rather than “the way of the 1%”… #nycsc

Cont’d: …next, we’re stating a commitment about teaching each other about process and community agreements, and though… #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: …it won’t be written into the document, “we’re committed to finding ways to” make the document more accessible. #nycsc #ows

Stairs: “So, let’s say we’ll do 2 minutes to talk very quickly w/ Spokes, and then we’ll move on towards consensus.” #nycsc #ows

OK, we’re back. “We’d like to move towards consensus.” Any standasides or groups w/o consensus? None. Any blocks? 1 block? #nycsc #ows

Block: “I don’t think it’s fair to pass this and hold ppl accountable for this if it’s not comprehensible.” Would be happy to pass if…

Cont’d: …in most direct language, everything after page 1 is struck. “Can’t accept keeping ppl accountable for language as written.” #nycsc

A: “This is not for #OWS; it’s just for #Spokescouncil. And I am going to check with my group before I say anything else.” #nycsc #ows

Safer Spaces: “In the past, we’ve been told by lots of groups they’d block if certain things were not included.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “I’d like to acknowledge this is a real concern, and we want to have a commitment to making this understandable to everyone.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “Also, is this inaccessible to anyone in this room, I’m not sure, aside from explicitly-stated examples. I don’t know…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…that — basically, we’re not comfortable with removing everything” from point indicated. #nycsc #ows

They want to work with @OWSTranslation, but are “not willing to just break it all down.” #nycsc #ows

.@OWSTranslation notes that they’re just saying that those are the parts they feel need to be clearer, could be as clear as earlier part.

.@OWSTranslation doesn’t want to “remove” those parts of proposal, but they do want to pass the parts they’re comfortable w/ only. #nycsc

So, their block will stand, and we’ll move to modified consensus on this proposal. WGs conferring now… #nycsc #ows

OK, there are 14 spokes, so if there are 2 votes against then we’ll fail to meet modified consensus. Aaaand… there’s 2 against. #nycsc #ows

Stairs: “So, the proposal, under modified consensus, did not pass.” Voting against were @OWSTranslation and Shazz, for Occupy Farms. #nycsc

OK, so now we’re moving to an apparent budget request from Daryl. Making sure all spokes present are signed in. #nycsc #ows

Daryl: “Most of the problems we’ve had, running out of money, talking about it all the time, are pretty normal problems.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “This is an organization w/ a pretty good budget; every other occupation isn’t able to work w/ so much as a $10k budget.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “I’m proposing that we look forward, and designate a monthly budget.” Decide what we can spend in a month, and go from there. #nycsc

Cont’d: “Basically, once you’ve set up what you’re going to expend and take in, you can debate allocating w/in that amount.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “It seems to me the org needs its own space.” Won’t have to worry about outside sponsors making rules, affinity groups; trying to..

Cont’d: …stay away from “having influence peddled within your organization.” So, wants to set aside $10k to allocate spaces. #nycsc #ows

He also suggests $1.5k for auditing service, a number of thousands for worker co-ops – “we’re essentially a group of somewhat, mostly…”

Cont’d: “..or totally unemployed folks;” want to help people start working for themselves. Also includes money for vans… #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: …..for “field trips,” “all of a sudden the thing has wheels.” $50k budget for month “may seem low compared to..” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…what’s been spent,” but he says it’s a lot “and much higher than any other occupation.” #nycsc #ows

Here’s the full proposal that Daryl is making right now, for a monthly budget: #nycsc #ows

Daryl also feels we can raise more money if we ask for it (active vs. passive fundraising) and that we change our fiscal sponsor to… #nycsc

Cont’d: …one that will help w/ accounting. “Any questions?” Stairs recognizes a point of process. #nycsc #ows

Facilitation: “While we acknowledge this was posted online and sent to us, we’re uncomfortable w/ this body hearing a proposal from..”#nycsc

Cont’d: “…an individual.” Stairs asks if he is proposing as an individual. He is… is there a working group willing to adopt it? #nycsc #ows

It is the understanding that proposals be brought to #nycsc by working groups; Accounting suggests that there’s no precedent for… #nycsc

Cont’d: …having a group adopt it. “A group did not consense upon bringing this to the #spokescouncil.” But does think a budget… #nycsc

Cont’d: …is a very sensible thing for us to discuss within #Spokescouncil. Stairs recognizes these concerns. #nycsc #ows

Stairs: “We do have a half an hour left on our agenda.” Ppl may have proposals to put forward; let’s discuss how to use the next half hour.

Stairs asks if there are any proposals that have been consensed upon by working groups. “This is an opportunity for discussion to…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…start here, and then bring it back to working groups.” @dovidmoishe suggests that Facilitation would like… #nycsc #ows

…some guidance as to how the budget freeze should be interpreted, especially as pertains to ongoing funding for #Spokescouncil space.

David explains that Accounting disagrees with Facilitation WG (and the budget freeze proposer) that the pre-allocated expense for… #nycsc

Cont’d: …#Spokescouncil space is exempted with other pre-allocated expenses, which is why there’s been delay in announcing #SC spaces.

Accounting suggests rather than getting more suggestions on topics, “let’s temp check” Facilitaiton’s. Drop their own convo topic. #nycsc

Vision and Goals (Patrick) feels that it would “be great to have a chat about budgets in general.” #nycsc #ows

So, the two proposed topics are “how the freeze affects Spokescouncil spaces” and “a general budget.” #nycsc #ows

Facilitation clarifies that their issue is more what to do when there’s a disagreement w/ Accounting, not just this issue. #nycsc #ows

So, we’re tempchecking these options, plus continuing the safer spaces conversation. We’re going w/ Facilitation’s topic. #nycsc #ows

Facilitation will introduce the issue, and then we’ll stack up an open conversation. Facilitation: “We’re looking for guidance from this..”

Cont’d: “…body b/c there’s a difference in interpretation of the spending freeze.” Felt the space for Spokescouncil was included in an…

Cont’d: …exception for previous allocations that was a friendly amendment to the budget freeze. Accounting disagrees, and so…

Cont’d: …we have no financing for Spokescouncil faces. “This is affecting our ability to find spaces and announce with a sufficient..”

Cont’d: “…amount of time where Spokescouncil will be held. Where do we go from there? We don’t know.” #nycsc #ows

Accounting POI: “We’re not withholding any money; the GA is. We’re not a decision-making body, we just do what GA tells us.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “I love facilitation! I love Spokes! I want to pay ppl who will actually host this clusterfuck! I really do! But the GA says no…”

Cont’d: “…the GA says spending freeze.” It included, he says, exceptions for housing, medical, kitchen, and outstanding debts. #nycsc #ows

Haywood states his understanding outstanding debts, like things owed Oakland, are exempted. Notes that there are disagreements…

Cont’d: …about what was included as friendly amendments, but the minutes aren’t available yet. Minutes says audio is now available. #nycsc

POI out of process is that tech’s ongoing budget was exemplary of the “previous allocations” exemption, so Facilitation’s would also fit in.

DA’s spoke suggests that they can’t trust either Facilitation’s or Accounting’s take, b/c of shared respect, and needs Minutes. #nycsc #ows

Accounting agrees, we need to refer to the minutes to figure it out. Facilitation raises next point: “We brought this to an accounting…”

Cont’d: “…meeting, and we’re still left with this issue.” Not looking for he-said-she-said, but wants to know “what do we do” when there’s..

Cont’d: …a disagreement with Accounting’s interpretation? Accounting felt that they’d revisit once Minutes were available, which they now..

Cont’d: …should be. Library is next: They feel similarly to DA; feels weird getting to point in movement where we’re interpreting things…

Cont’d: …”in ways that break down what we want.” Feels GA and Spokes are at odds w/ each other on one hand, and the idea that GA has…

Cont’d: …power over spokes. “Where did this come from, this idea that GA has power over spokes?” #nycsc #ows

Library spoke feels that it was said so many times that he himself has just internalized it, but notes the #SC proposal only gives… #nycsc

Cont’d: …GA one power over Spokes: to dissolve it. Notes proposal specifically gives #NYCSC power over budget and expenditures for #OWS.

Library: “GA and Spokescouncil are not competing bodies; they’re the same body in different forms.” #nycsc #ows

Stairs notes that we’re running out of time, will close stack and wrap up. #nycsc #ows

Vision and Goals doesn’t remember for sure what happened at GA when Spending Freeze was approved, but does remember… #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: …offering an amendment he thought was approved that the freeze would be lifted if a budget was created for #OWS. #nycsc #ows

So, Patrick (V&G) feels that’s an important conversation to have. Accounting agrees and feels this dispute can be resolved w/ Minutes audio.

Someone reminds us that we’re talking about question of what happens if there’s a dispute. Zack from Facilitation notes that many feel…

Cont’d: ..that GA doesn’t have the power to shut off finances to #Spokescouncil. “I don’t want a conflict b/w them, but perhaps another..”

Cont’d: “…way around this is… to ask Spokescouncil if Spokescouncil felts empowered to make spending decisions” regardless of freeze.

OK! That was last on stack; we’re done w/ that discussion for now. We’re now stacking up individual announcements. #nycsc #ows

First, “as I promised 2 weeks ago when we discussed community agreements, I worked to get feedback about how to implement…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…codes of conduct. I have a second draft, I’m sending around and will bring it back.” Not sure how community agreements not…

Cont’d: …being approved will accept that, but de-escalation is ready to start the conversation about “the teeth”. #nycsc #ows

Someone: “I have some extra money, and I’d like some help shopping for grapefruit and other things, b/c you’re nt getting enough vitamin C!”

Cont’d: “I’ve a nursing degree, a library degree, and a remnant of the Berkeley Free Speech Movement!” #nycsc #ows

We’re ending with a unity clap! slow clap… medium clap… fast clap… woooooo #nycsc #ows

OK, that’s it for tonight’s Spokescouncil! Thanks fam! [Questions, comments, concerns, hit me @diceytroop!] #nycsc #ows

Tweets for Sun, 22 Jan 2012

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Hi fam! We’re currently awaiting a livestream so we can remotely live tweet the GA. The #occuplague has hit us hard today. #nycga #ows

If anyone’s physically at the GA & wants to paraphrase, that’d be great. This marks the 1st time since #O11 tht @LibertySqGA isn’t onsite :(

RT @j_z_nelson: 15 people in the GA tonight. One proposal and an emergency proposal.

OK, we’re livetweeting from @occupymusician’s livestream:! Here we go… #nycga #ows

“Mic check! The General Assembly will resume right now!” This follows a break taken to move the GA to 60 Wall. Ready to go… #nycga #ows

First proposer: “I’m proposing to have #OWS house parties,” a la Obama campaign “house parties”. #nycga #ows

The idea is to give people a way to gather, share skills, share action ideas, and maybe raise money. #nycga #ows

Proposer notes that if you can connect small actions (recycling, turning off lights) to idea of “occupying wall street”, that’d be great.

Nan’s CQ: “Will this cost money?” Also asks if there’ll be alcohol. Answer: No, and it depends on the host. #nycga #ows

Zack’s CQ: “I feel this is vague; I’m not sure what you’re proposing or asking for.” No $, no date? But he supports having parties. #nycga

PoP: “This doesn’t sound like a proposal; it sounds like an announcement.” A: “I’m talking about #OWS setting a date and being behind it.”

Next questioner suggests this should be discussed in a breakout by DA, then brought to GA, making it “a lot more coordinated.” #nycga #ows

Proposer: “That’d be great!” Says she had this idea & was told to make a proposal, but she’s now learning abt how to work w/ existing grps.

OK, so she’ll table the proposal. There’s an emergency proposal, maybe. Yoni clarifies that means “it’s an external circumstance you…”

Cont’d: “…couldn’t have known earlier.” We’ll hear the proposal, and then we’ll temp check whether it qualifies as an emergency. #nycga #ows

Proposal, by Shazz: “I sent this to Facilitation on Friday; they didn’t put it on the site, asking for more info.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “I didn’t know they were going to not respond to it or put it up here.” The proposal is to give him permission to raise money…

Cont’d: …for him to attend the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. It’s coming up soon, so that’s why he says it’s an emergency. #nycga

So, we’re now temp-checking whether we’re interested in hearing the proposal… we are, so we’ll hear the rest of it and move to consensus.

Shazz’s proposal is for us to label him an “official delegate” of #OWS so that he can raise money to go rep #Occupy at WEF in Davos. #nycga

CQ: “Sounds like you’re raising money for yourself to go — you mentioned other #OWS people going. Will you help” them raise $ too? #nycga

A: “That’s a good question!” He’s into it. CQ: “Will you bring an agenda with you?” Shazz would love to send one through the #NYCGA. #OWS

Concern: “I love the idea of engaging w/ Davos,” but thinks it’s too late to handle logistics and vision. Suggests we do something here…

Cont’d: …and then livestream it to participate. Shazz’ A: “I hope you all do something here! But I have a personal reason for wanting…”

Cont’d: “…to go to Europe,” so he’ll try to do that regardless. Next CQ: “Are you willing to go w/ other people?” A: “Yes, it depends on..”

Cont’d: “…how much we raise.” Yuri’s CQ: “You want to leave on the 24th; that gives you 2 days’ time to raise funds and purchase ticket.”

CQ: “Do you have a copy of your written proposal?” A: Yes, it was emailed to @OWSFacilitation, and it’s on his own site. #nycga #ows

OK, Concerns: “If you do raise, say, $15k, who else will be going?” Shazz suggests we figure it out tomorrow, as long as he gets… #nycga

Cont’d: …to be one of them. “I’m not too worried about the money; I suggest tomorrow at 10am we discuss these details.” #nycga #ows

Next, what happens if he raises less than the money he needs to go? “Does that go to you, or to the general fund?” A: The latter… #nycga

Cont’d: …as “long as you make me the delegate. If not, that money’s going to boots or whatever else I need.” #nycga #ows

Nan’s FA: “Let’s put any money you raise if you don’t raise enough into a fund for working groups, not the GA or Spokescouncil.” #nycga

Shazz temp checks it. Very mixed, and many point out “there is no fund for working groups,” aside from the GA. #nycga #ows

Shazz notes that spending freeze may cause more proposals for endorsement of autonomous actions like this one. #nycga #ows

Concern: “If we don’t endorse you, will you represent us anyway?” A: “No, I’ll act at my discretion.” The top 2600 ppl in world’ll be there.

Cont’d: “And they’ll be talking about poverty, and the protests worldwide.” Would be nice to chime in as #OWS. #nycga

Jeff’s concern: “I hope you go, have a presence, raise a banner.” But he questions the idea of us choosing someone to “represent” us. #nycga

OK, sorry, stream was down, but they’re restating. “If you agree to this, #Occupy will help others fundraise, tomorrow we’ll work out…”

Cont’d: “…details about how to coordinate this and get the press release out by noon tomorrow.” Last ? is what to do if money… #nycga #ows

Cont’d: …can’t be raised. Shazz decides, “Let it go to the general fund.” Yoni, facilitating, asks if we’re ready for consensus. #nycga #ows

OK, there are 2 blocks. Nan’s is, “we’re spending money like crazy, that’s one of the reasons we have the spending freeze.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “We don’t know how long this $ will be frozen, and we have a problem with housing” getting money. She says it’s ethical because…

Cont’d: …she has a concern that Accounting are evil thieves and, secondarily, that we may stop paying for housing and leave ppl… #nycga

Cont’d: …without someplace to go. Anthony notes that Metrocard, Housing, Kitchen, aren’t affected by spending freeze. #nycga #ows

Nan wants the FA still which would give any extra money to a “fund” for working groups. #nycga #ows

Nan’s block stands. Elizabeth’s block: “I have serious reservations about” “how you’d represent #OWS.” Strong reservations. #nycga #ows

Shazz offers to give her a 1 minute background of what he’s done in the movement, and notes that he handled the #OccupyFarms $. #nycga

Elizabeth and others clarify that that doesn’t affect her concern about him being a representative voice. Moving to modified consensus.

OK, counting those against: 9. Stairs: “We have not reached modified consensus.” Shazz: “Tomorrow, we’ll meet here at 60 Wall…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…for the ‘unofficial’ trip to Switzerland.” 10:30. “Entirely at my discretion how [independently-raised money] is dispensed now.”

Announcements! Someone went to DC, and found that both occupations are still active, if we want to be in an occupied park. #nycga #ows

Nan: “I had a wonderful day today. Woohoo!” They’re indy fundraising too; going to try to start dispensing funds to WGs…. #nycga #ows

Next, someone: “One place we haven’t gotten to is the prisons.” Feels we’ll get revolutionary intellectuals from “prisons, not colleges.”

Someone notes that facilitation has been having a hard time getting proposals submitted up on the website, wants to talk abt it. #nycga #ows

Someone asks, “is there anything on the table to help projects” get money? “If it’s not, we need to do that.” #nycga #ows

OK, that’s it for tonight’s GA! A little more on the prison stuff: “I got a bunch of postcards printed up w/ some of my comrades, b/c…”

Cont’d: “…I think #OWS has reached many parts of society, but not prisons.” First prison GA recently. they’re doing “Occupy The Yard,”…

Cont’d: The postcard is basically a pic of Attica rebellion & info abt how to do GAs, encouraging them to have ’em during normal yard time.

(That’s a project of the Class War working group, see them on for more details.) Awesome! #nycga #ows

Thanks fam, sorry about the 2ndhand tweeting tonite; if you have any miracle cures for noroviruses, hit me up at @diceytroop. <3 #nycga #ows

Tweets for Sat, 21 Jan 2012

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Hey fam! We’ll be live from today’s #ows #financialassembly! 2pm @ 60 WallSt.

Live from 60 WallSt. Small crowd so far gathering for #ows #financialassembly including Jason, proposer of the budget freeze.

Archives is here and excited to get a budget after many failed attempts to have their proposal heard by #nycsc. #ows #financialassembly

10-15 minute gossip session happening while we wait for some more people to arrive. #ows #financialassembly

Just announced that there are supposedly people coming down with the intent to disrupt the proceedings of the #ows #financialassembly.

Jason states the tentative agenda for the meeting. Starting with your name, what brought you to occupy… #ows #financialassembly

… then questions inspired by original Sept17 mtgs. What is the current crisis? How can we better handle finances #ows #financialassembly

Jason intends for breakout groups to discuss these questions and then plan a 2nd mtg to continue budgeting. #ows #financialassembly

So far, only enough people for one breakout group. Deciding not to use stack and have loose facilitation. #ows #financialassembly

Introductions beginning. [I don’t feel comfortable transcribing this part – Ed.]

Jason says part of the intent of budget freeze proposal was to initiate the #financialassembly convos around fiscal responsibilty in #ows.

15 people currently here. 2 members of @OWSAccounting. #ows #financialassembly

[I’m on my phone so I’ll be doing my best to transcribe the essence of what people say, not exact quotes. Sorry! -Ed.]

Looking like we’ll break out into 3 groups. Threr questions to discuss… #ows #financialassembly

1. What is the crisis with the way money has been spent? 2.What are our personal visions for how we should deal w/$? #ows #financialassembly

3. What are tangible action steps we can take to work towards those visions? #ows #financialassembly

Each group will write their thoughts and then Jason offers to synthesize notes and disseminate prior to next mtg. #ows #financialassembly

Jason sees this as the first in a series of mtgs working toward establishing comprehensive budgets. #ows #financialassembly

Someone feels we are going too fast and must first have open discussions about the financial crisis we’re facing. #ows #financialassembly

We’ve decided to address the first question as a full group.
#ows #financialassembly

Requested that someone from @OWSAccounting describe their interpretation of the crisis first. #ows #financialassembly

Meeting taking a detour while we try to address the immediate needs of an individual in need of food.
#ows #financialassembly

Several individuals expressing concern w/the functioning of OWS but unwilling to help this meeting be productive. #ows #financialassembly

#nypd just walked over to ask us to keep the noise down. #ows #financialassembly

Attempting to get the meeting back on track after several disruptions and a bit of mutual antagonizing w/#nypd.
#ows #financialassembly

Jason saying he’s trying to create a place for listening as well as speaking. #ows #financialassembly

Susan from @owsAccounting will start the convo. Anthony offers to provide loose facilitation. #ows #financialassembly

Susan speaks on the role of accntng to take money and do the GAs bidding. Feels the 100/day WG rule games the system.#ows #financialassembly

Susan – LibertySq was a vortex of energy but now there is no central accountability. Affinity groups are a problem. #ows #financialassembly

Susan speaks on developing structural problems. Affinity groups providing resources w/o accountability. #ows #financialassembly

Anthony, also from Accounting now speaks on his experience there. Joined because of his issues with them.
#ows #financialassembly

Many working groups being faulty with receipts, especially many groups who blame others for being irresponsible.
#ows #financialassembly

Anthony believes WGs should be able to raise funds independent of #nycga w/o having to be an affinity group. #ows #financialassembly

“Different kinds of people need different kinds of communication.” – Sage #ows #financialassembly

Trish trying to clarify who called this mtg & why. Says nycga council wg also has a spending freeze group.
#ows #financialassembly

[To be clear, people are expressing their personal views from their experiences. Not official positions of any Working Groups. – Ed.]

Anthony asks for ten seconds of silence after some heated back and forth between Trish and the group. #ows #financialassembly

Jason details his frustrations w/Finance (now @OWSAccounting), accusations of theft and shadiness started early.
#ows #financialassembly

Jason says he tried to join Finance but was not allowed to join. They were opaque and not transparent. #ows #financialassembly

Jason notes that since changing their name to @OWSAccounting from Finance, some issues have been resolved… #ows #financialassembly

.. and there seems to be more transparency and a focus on just maintaining the books. #ows #financialassembly

Susan says many discrepancies originate not from theft but from lack of bookkeeping & missing receipts. #ows #financialassembly

Susan asks for us to take rumors with a grain of salt.
#ows #financialassembly

Jason says the current irresponsible way we’ve been handling money/resources reflects the system we’re fighting. #ows #financialassembly

Someone says he reached out to @OWSAccounting with people who wanted to help keep books & offer was refused. #ows #financialassembly

Pointed out that a legal firm runs background checks on volunteers who have direct access to #ows finance accounts.
#ows #financialassembly

Back and forth between Trish and members of @OWSAccounting. Kind of devolving into story time. #ows #financialassembly

[As soon as one disruption ends another pops up. Its like whack-a-mole right now – Ed.] #ows #financialassembly

Jason tries to reel it in, telling Trish she is horribly disrupting the mtg & he wants to hear other people. #ows #financialassembly

Yoni says the critical issue is bad accounting and lack of information on the part of people requesting funds.
#ows #financialassembly

Yoni believes the 100/day was totally irresponsible and allowed for burning through money.
#ows #financialassembly

Yoni notes our comrades in Egypt are dying and we’re squabbling over money.
#ows #financialassembly

Someone points out Direct Action was given $7500 for #d17 and nothing came of it.
#ows #financialassembly

Marisa says we’ve created a fucked up power dynamic btwn 2 bodies with centralized control of funds.
#ows #financialassembly

She thinks we should have independent fundraising that reports back to #nycga to work under the #ows name.
#ows #financialassembly

Marisa says affinity groups have been used to cloak vanguard activity and not to encourage autonomous actions. #ows #financialassembly

[Should be noted the loudest group in 60WallSt is now the pack of #nypd & private security socializing in the middle of the atrium. -Ed.]

Someone points out its problematic to allow privileged people (with Macs & smart phones) to handle the money. #ows #financialassembly

Tashy says the principle should be “To each according to their needs, from each according to their ability.” #ows #financialassembly

Tashy notes our system is too uniform and chose to not acknowledge disparities. We can’t be in solidarity til we do
#ows #financialassembly

Money is the point of crystallization, the place of truth, & that hierarchy was established in the movement y -tashy #ows #financialassembly

Jason responding to assumptions made about his intent of the proposal. Tries to clarify.
#ows #financialassembly

He’s looking forward to running out of money so we can focus back on ourselves & what this movement is about.
#ows #financialassembly

Jason looks forward to having conversations about bigger things than how we spend money. #ows #financialassembly

“What can we show for the hundred of thousands of dollars we spent in 4 months?” – Jason #ows #financialassembly

“This movement isn’t about money, but we still live in a society that requires it.” – Anthony #ows #financialassembly

Anthony says we need to spend a lot more time & effort at the planning stage before we spend money. #ows #financialassembly

Someone thinks we have a lot to show for what we’ve done. It might not be tangible but we’ve changed conversations.
#ows #financialassembly

Marisa wants to move to long term structural changes & networks established to develop real alternatives. #ows #financialassembly

She believes a standing pool of money encourages unnecessary spending/proposals & lack of creativity.
#ows #financialassembly

Ravi points out we have to able to do logistical planning to make sure our actions/activists are supported. #ows #financialassembly

Someone wonders if we can ask for donations of sorts other than $$ around specific needs or actions. #ows #financialassembly

Susan says she doesn’t want to donate to pay for social services for people who don’t actually participate. #ows #financialassembly

Susan says she doesn’t believe you can fund raise in kind. We need to actively fund raise millions of dollars. #ows #financialassembly

Jeff asserts in kind donations weren’t handled more responsibly than monetary donations. #ows #financialassembly

Jeff wants us to ask the question who are we and what are we doing? What is an occupier? Who is using resources? #ows #financialassembly

Jeff thinks we should be establishing a structural backbone of the movement as a whole. Long term infrastructure. #ows #financialassembly

Someone asserts we need concrete goals to work toward and not be as reactionary. #ows #financialassembly

Jack asserts that if you care about direct democracy & #nycga decision making then you must show up to participate. #ows #financialassembly

Bobby explains the drawbacks of GAs in other groups/orgs & moat don’t deal w/resource allocation in that forum. #ows #financialassembly

[I have to step away from #ows #financialassembly to go to @OWSFacilitation mtg. This mtg is a soapbox Im unclear what will come of it -Ed.]

[Comments, questions, feedback, points of affection, hit me up at @PoweredByCats. Thx family!]

RT @raviahmad: NYC GA will start at 730, at 60 Wall street @OWScom @LibertySqGA #NYCGA #ows

Hi fam! We’re starting tonight’s General Assembly. Follow here, @LibertySqGA2, @LibertySqGA3, and @LibertySqGA4. #nycga #ows

Amin and Christina will be our “stairs” tonight. We’re at 60 Wall, which is a recent decision, so they temp check proceeding. #nycga #ows

Folks feel good about it! So we’ll continue w/ GA. Stairs will review handsignals; folks at home can check ’em out:

Stairs: “We’ll set 20 minutes per agenda item, as the space we’re in has a closing time.” #nycga #ows

There are 3 proposals: 1) Jeff re: Open Meetings, 2) Changes to GA schedule, 3) Park Slope residents’ working grow. #nycga #ows

First, we’ll do announcements and reportbacks. Alexi announces a meeting to determine exit/housing strategy going forward. #nycga #ows

Alexi: “I just hope that Mon at 6pm, those interested to work on alternative housing and an exit strategy” will come to 60 Wall. #nycga #ows

Anthony: “Open Accounting meetings are 5:30pm Fridays at 60 Wall, and Class War WG Wednesdays at 5, either here or Charlotte’s Place.”#nycga

Jack: “I was asked by the student assembly to announce that they called for a 3/1 Day of Action; they’re planning stuff.” #nycga #ows

Ravi: “The WG proposal (in terms of what a group needs to be) kicked in yesterday. We’re contacting lots of groups, telling ppl they..”

Cont’d: “…need to post their minutes and meeting times because we don’t want to deactivate your entry on the website.” #nycga #ows

Ravi notes that we’re working on ways for folks who aren’t a working group but are still doing stuff to use for that. #nycga #ows

Next, Patrick, Vision and Goals, notes that GA signaled that they should bring their vision statement back on the 24th for final consensus.

Shawn: “DA working group has formed a new subgroup called the Feminist DA” — they meet Thursdays 7:30 at Judson Church! #nycga #ows

Next, Lady. “There was a lot of action that happened after I got arrested, but the GSD group is still on.” Focused less on meetings… #nycga

Cont’d: …and more on facilitating direct actions, and getting video and response to those actions. Check with her when you see her! #nycga

Dallas: “Some of you may have heard of MegaUpload — it got shut down this week. The FBI’s website also got shut down!” Uptwinkles! #nycga

Dallas also notes February 11th will be a “Don’t Buy Any Media” day. Sumumba notes that 60 Wall security needs us out by 10. #nycga #ows

Lorenzo: “Today we live streamed the Egyptian Solidarity rally; 200 ppl at its peak. Super rowdy, super awesome.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “We went to OccupyTheCourts too;” also a shout out to the Bay where folks shut down the SF financial district! #nycga #ows

Next, Jeff from Housing has a proposal about open meetings. Here’s the proposal he’s explaining now: #nycga #ows

Jeff: “It was formalized in the Info/ComHub proposal that all working group meetings need to be open.” Notes that some have had… #nycga #ows

Cont’d: …closed meetings for specific topics. “There are some that have closed meetings for reason of security culture.” #nycga #ows

It essentially mandates that all operational decisions should happen in open meetings, except for some important secrecy (i.e. DA) #nycga

CQ, Patrick: “Can you show us which working groups are having closed meetings, so we know whether this makes sense?” #nycga #ows

A: “I don’t want to call any of them out to make them feel targeted.” He describes his belief that some groups operate on a closed model.

Trish’s CQ: “RE: structure, the new structure working group- the old structure WG is a great example of tht issue; that entity…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…had closed meetings,” and consensed, she said, on a model known as “Spokes” [I question so much about these statements.) #nycga

CQ, @sabokitty: “You’d cited DA as perhaps having a good reason for an exception- so it’s in your proposal?” A: “Yes.” #nycga #ows

POI: Someone says DA, Accounting both do it (have closed meetings.) Ravi, earlier, note Info/ComHub proposal was neutral on closed mtgs.

Nan comes up on stack, but wants to be last (?): Next, “Tech makes decisions all the time — when you place a button… how do you decide..”

Cont’d: “…what a decision is?” Jeff: “Any decision that requires consensus to go forward.” Sumbumba asks if breakout groups are OK. #nycga

Jeff:”Yes, they’re fine as long as they’re planning, but any decisions need to come back to the larger group.” #nycga #ows

Nan: “What about groups that do private and public meetings?” Notes that she feels like efforts to clarify WG role is top-down behavior.

Jeff: “I think anyone in this movement is horizontal; we can all be leaders when we see something wrong and” can make a proposal. #nycga

Cont’d: “The only groups I feel like have an issue with it is with caucuses who might set stipulations;” Jeff doesn’t mind that but as…

Cont’d: …long as they’re open to anyone who fits that standard. That’s it for CQs; now, concerns. #nycga #ows

C: “These two are both blocking concerns: 1) being involved in operations involves some amount of responsibility; when they..” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…make meetings closed it’s because they have responsibilities.” Notes Kitchen needs closed meetings to make decisions… #nycga #ows

Cont’d: …to prevent people from coming in and just making them change their eating times or whatever. “But once you join, you’re in.” #nycga

Her next concern is “working group autonomy.” Notes she opposed proposal to remove Jeff from Housing because it did the same thing. #nycga

Jeff: “Although WGs are autonomous, they must fit w/in certain standards.” Feels GA can continue to set requirements such as that. #nycga

“What this proposal is meant to clarify is whether working groups being open means “open participation” or “open to join” #nycga #ows

“The other pt you mentioned was fact that some WGs would function better w/ closed meetings. I agree.” “People often show up…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…to voice complaints, then we never see them again, and leave us w/ policies” that are untenable. #nycga #ows

OK, we’ve used the 20 minutes allocated for this proposal, so we’re temp-checking extending time for 10 minutes. “That’s very mixed.” #nycga

Cont’d: “Let’s try temperature checking for 5 minutes.” It’s mixed, but more positive. Yoni asks if we can try to reach consensus w/o…

Cont’d: …completing concerns and friendly amendments. Stairs notes that we’d have to table, can’t do that. #nycga #ow

Trish: “My concern is closed meetings w/ working groups that are making decisions that affect entire mvmnt. Those shouldn’t happen in…”

Cont’d: “…closed meetings.” I.e., if Accounting was to move the account, should they do that in a closed meeting? #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “Things that affect the entire movement should not be behind closed doors.” Anthony’s concern was already addressed, passes. #nycga

Sage: “Also w/in Principles of Solidarity, there’s a statement to keep meetings open, but even w/ that stment and value, still having…”

Cont’d: “…secret meetings.” So, even if this is approved, how do we call people on it if they’re still excluding people from participating?

Finn: “I’d like to speak about exclusion being *necessary* to this movement.” Open meetings enable people to block anything they want.#nycga

Finn asks Jeff: “Is it possible, during these open meetings, to consense in a less than 100% way to exclude someone for that mtg?” #nycga

Evan: “I worry about creating a situation where compliance is gray, and it’s tough to define when an individual is in or not in compliance.”

Cont’d: “The groups proposal is clear, explicit about what it requires for a WG to be a working group.” W/o defining openness and… #nycga

Cont’d: …what decisions need to happen where, we get in a situation where “there’s too much gray.” Stairs notes clock’s at 1min left. #nycga

Stairs: “We’ll temp check again about extending time; we still have friendly amendments and then consensus process.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “If we don’t get a positive check, it means the proposal is tabled & may be brought back at another time.” Looks good, 5 more.#nycga

We’ll restate the proposal: “I’d like to propose that all decisions made in an #OWS working group happen in open meetings” for all… #nycga

Cont’d: …”participants of #OWS to take part in with no requirement of working group membership.” #nycga #ows

Patrick’s friendly amendment: “I suggest we add some language to suggest the GA specifically may consense that b/c of decisions…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…a particular group needs to make, and the way they function, and the impact of unfamiliar folks,” GA can exempt certain WGs.#nycga

Jeff accepts that amendment. Next on stack, Nan. Nan: “I feel what the Accounting Lady has to say is very important, and I want to…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…turn her concern into a friendly amendment.” Someone: “What is it?” Person who spoke before doesn’t feel there’s a FA. #nycga #ows

Nan’s FA: “If a group chooses to be exclusive, they need to remain exclusive” universally. Jeff declines, notes that it’s covered by…#nycga

Cont’d: …the previous friendly amendment, or in other cases groups should be “affinity groups” and not “Working groups.” #nycga

Trish’s FA is that decisions made in WGs that might affect entire movement should be understood to require GA consensus. #nycga #ows

Jeff restates: “I’d like to propose that all consensus decisions” tht affect #OWS, “be open to all participants w/o membership.” #nycga #OWS

The Friendly Amendment that was accepted is that groups that need to have closed meetings need to request exceptions from the GA. #nycga

Stairs: “We’ve reached end of the 5 minutes, but since we’re so far into process, we’ll test for consensus.” Standasides? 8 of ’em. #nycga

Any blocks? 3 blocks. Stairs: “Could the blockers please state their blocks?” First: “I feel strongly about WG autonomy; GA already has..”

Cont’d: “…an enormous amount of power; WGs already must be open to join.” That’s good, but dictating internal structures is too much. #nycga

There’s no FA for that block, so it stands. Nan’s block is “I don’t want any of the working groups I’m in w/ private meetings” to be open…

Cont’d: “…for just anyone to come in and disrupt the meetings.” Anthony also blocks for same reason as Christine (working group autonomy).

Finn: “I have a triple anti-block. It takes care of those three blocks. Point of process?” Hahah. Sage wants to voice concern w/ blocks…

Cont’d: …but we currently have no way to do that (despite attempts). Trish asks why working group autonomy is at threat, Finn notes they hv.

OK, Stairs ask if Jeff wants to move to modified consensus or table — he’ll move to modified consensus. #nycga #ows

Stairs: “We’re moving to modified (90%) consensus; we’ll ask who is and who is not in favor of this proposal.” In favor first… #nycga #ows

There are 21 people in favor. Stairs: “Now raise your hand if you oppose this proposal.” There are 17 against. #nycga #ows

Stairs: “Just to be clear, there were 21 in favor of the proposal and 17 against. So this proposal does not pass modified consensus.” #nycga

OK, next: a proposal to restructure assemblies! @shawncarrie offers us copies of the proposal! It’s here tho: #nycga

Nan lets us know the Park Slope proposer for the next item on the agenda had to leave, so this will be the last proposal. #nycga #ows

Since this is the last proposal, Stairs suggest that we read it for 5 minutes and then take 30min to discuss it. We’re into it. #nycga #ows

RT @TesselizaTC: @LibertySqGA is live via @occupymusician ( <3 RT

OK, everyone read the proposal? Here we go! @shawncarrie: “Hi everybody! This is the first time I’ve ever presented a proposal, so…”#nycga

Cont’d: “..I’m a little nervous. I just want to talk about where this proposal came from; a lot of ppl felt like we need to revisit our..”

Cont’d: “…assembly schedule/design. Many ppl worked on this proposal, it was an open public document on the Internet.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “I brought copies to many working groups, we had it delivered to both churches.” It’s to start a conversation about what… #nycga

Cont’d: “…this community wants to do.” “It does nothing to say, ‘this is what will happen’, it gives ideas to have a conversation about.”

Stairs: “We’re going to now open stack for clarifying questions about this proposal; if there are things you didn’t understand, ask!” #nycga

Food showed up, so we’re going to take 5 minutes to get food before we continue on with stack for clarifying questions. #nycga #ows

OK, now opening stack on Clarifying Questions for the proposal being presented by @shawncarrie. #nycga #ows

CQ: “Part one of the proposal seems to suggest that working groups are part of the structure of the New York City General Assembly…”

Cont’d: “…what structures are you saying at equal?” Asks that Shawn list the ones that are “equal.” #nycga #ows

A: “In my mind, all of us are the NYC General Assembly, which is the largest umbrella term for this community. We went back and…”#nycga

Cont’d: “…forth about whether to use Occupy Wall Street, etc.” CQ: “So you’re saying an affinity group is equal to a person and they…”

Cont’d: “…have a right to vote?” A: “We don’t vote; this doesn’t make a distinction about access to power.” #nycga #ows

POI: “A general assembly is a body of individuals; they’re in affinity groups and working groups but are, in the end, individuals.” #nycga

Stairs is closing stack on clarifying questions; Shawn will respond. A: “I apologize the language is causing ppl to trip up…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…maybe that’s a downfall of many people working on the same document. Might lead to confusion, but this proposal…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “ not making changes as to what we already believe to be pretty clear. It’s just saying that in this community, there are..”

Cont’d: “…working groups, and caucuses, and affinity groups — like me and my cat are an affinity group — and there’s no change in..”

Cont’d: “…the amount of power any group of people has.” Trish: “I heard what you just said, but in the first sentence of the proposal…”

Cont’d: “…you agree that this proposal is changing the entire structure?” Shawn shakes his head. “OK, you do not agree with that.” #nycga

Trish cont’d: “So, there’s no power grab between the affinity groups? So the GA continues to be the primary decision-making body of #OWS?”

Cont’d: “And we don’t have to deal with the Spokes issue; they took care of that issue last night. So we’re talking about limiting GA…”

Cont’d: “…to 2 days? Is that right?” Shawn notes that the proposal is that we consense on when the GA should convene. #nycga #ows

Trish: “So you’re proposing we forget about the 4 days already established, and discuss how to change it?” Yes. #nycga #ows

Trish: ‘If we decide to meet 2 times a week as Spokes decided to meet 2 times a week, the 2nd part of your proposal says we…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…look at 3 entities to fill those spaces- an action spokescouncil, a movement spokes, and a soapbox. You want us to consider…”

Cont’d: “..putting those entities in the days that are available. Is that correct?” A: “It’s not created by any person other than this GA…

Cont’d: “…reading from the proposal, it says ‘we empower the GA to create new structures.’ Further, ‘we offer some recommendations…'”

Cont’d: “‘…about what these structures might look like.'” Next CQ, Daniel: “My Q deals w/ Part 2; in light of the facilitation proposal..”

Cont’d: “…that’ll limit the # of days already, why is it preferable to come w/ a preset assembly structure rather than opening days…”

Cont’d: “…and bringing additional proposals w/ what to do with them?” A: This proposal just makes recommendations. “You decide.” #nycga

Mike’s CQ: “Since I work in Vision and Goals working group w/ Patrick and Sumumba, we’re wondering if Action Spokescouncil…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…would subsume our group, make it go away, if you’re planning on turning this into an Action Spokescouncil?” #nycga #ows

Shawn asks if he understands correctly. “You’re asking if one of these groups here would subsume V&G? No; this simply offers…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…opportunity to have a meeting if they’d like, and provides ideas for how to do so.” CQ: “Furthermore, if you want unity…”

Cont’d: “…and solidarity, then there shouldn’t be more than one power source where Vision and Goals is going.” #nycga #ows

Sumumba’s CQ: “We have a statement for consensing on Tuesday. But I think he answered it; it’s up to this group.” #nycga #ows

Bless: “Without GA, a lot of shit’s not going on.” So his Friendly Amendment is to have it 3 times a week, not 2 as in the proposal. #nycga

That’s it for CQs; now opening stack for Concerns. Lopi’s Concern: “My concern is w/ Part 1; just that the time that we meet for Spokes..”

Cont’d: “…be changed to Monday and Wednesday, which is what we decided last night at Spokes.” So, it’s a friendly amendment. #nycga #ows

Nan’s C: “We have a #Spokescouncil that basically silences people, but w/ the GA, after the GA is over, we have new ppl coming in…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…asking questions — GA is supposed to be the General Assembly, and as people we talk together and make a decision.” #nycga #ows

Nan’s concern is that changing the GA days makes it harder for visitors and new people to plug into #OWS. #nycga #ows

Shawn: “I hear you; you’re saying that by taking away GA we’d be depriving people.” Says the proposal seeks to address that, and… #nycga

Cont’d: …”proposes that we assemble and call it whatever we want.” Notes we can assemble in other communities, as outreach. #nycga #ows

Nan says: “Are you trying to kill the general assembly by giving it another title? General Assembly needs to remain GA.” #nycga #ows

Lopi’s Concern: “I apologize; this is a real concern that I have about having the GA on Mondays and Thursdays and not on Saturday, as…”

Cont’d: “…many people who work can’t make it during the week.” Sparrow’s Concern: “One of the suggested structures is an action..” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…Spokes which already exists.” Feels this proposal suggests it doesn’t exist, when it does, and gives the proposal ownership…

Cont’d: …over the action spokescouncil, when it was created by DA for a purpose other than the one outlined in the proposal. #nycga #ows

Sparrow’s FA is “that the entire second half of the proposal be removed.” Sean: “I really hear your concerns and have tried to implement…”

Cont’d: “…them myself, and in conversation w/ others working on the proposal. I have no desire to create or destroy or take over…”

Cont’d: “…anything; I am just one person. Only the people in this room have the power to do anything. In actuality — and I have..” #nycga

Cont’d: “…talked with Sparrow at length about this, and actually, there is no Part 2 about this proposal — it just says let’s talk..”

Cont’d: “…about what we want to do.” So he happily accepts the amendment to remove the non-existent Part 2. Haha. #nycga #ows

Trish basically said the same thing Sparrow said and accused Shawn of being tricksy when saying that there is no part 2. #nycga #ows

Shawn apologizes that it made her feel that way, & reads from the proposal and notes it encourages a “discussion leading towards consensus.”

Next concern is that the proposal “seems to indicate that people have the same power as working groups,” which he compares to corporations.

Also, “I never thought an affinity group could vote” like a human, feels this suggests that. A: “That’s not what the proposal says.” #nycga

Lorenzo’s PoP: “What exactly are we trying to decide with this proposal?” Stairs clarifies, we’re trying to consense on part 1. #nycga #ows

Stairs: “Part 1 is what we’re looking for consensus on. Part 2 is not actionable; and an FA has already struck it.” #nycga #ows

So the proposal is only to change when GA meets, basically. Sean: “Written on this paper is a recommendation for when GA might happen…”

Cont’d: “…but it’s up to everyone to decide when.” Also, a recommendation for when Spokescouncil happens. #nycga #ows

Stairs reads the specifics: “That GA convenes Mon and Thurs at 6pm; and SC on Tues and Fri at 6pm.” That’s the core of the prop. #nycga #ows

Friendly amendments is next. Shawn: “it’s all love here; we’re a community. What we’re trying to do here is come to consensus, and…”#nycga

Cont’d: “…that might require stepping back and seeing what you want from this proposal, and that’s what this is to do.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “It might not come in the form of clarifying questions and concerns and, like, ‘I’m fighting you with this proposal.'” #nycga #ows

The idea is just that we decide where and when assemblies should happen. #nycga #ows

Stairs: We may have a hard time finishing this process, as security told us we may be arrested if we don’t leave 30 minutes before closing?

Evan went to clarify by talking with the security people. “We have at least 10 more minutes.” Will temp check to continue discussion. #nycga

It’s mixed, so we’re going to close GA since we won’t have time to finish anyway. Shawn: “Consensus, to me, is not something…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…we can rush, like “let’s go everyone do the twinkle up down thing.” “I know we won’t come to a consensus on it right now…”

Cont’d: “…even if we say we twinkle came to consensus.” He hopes “someday we come to a meaningful consensus as a community…”

Cont’d: “…about when we should meet and what we should do then.” People cheer his speech! OK, that’s it for GA tonight! #nycga #ows

[Thanks fam! Questions, comments, smoints of smasmection, hit me up at @diceytroop. Much love! -Ed.] #nycga #ows