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Site Update!

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You may notice some changes to Here’s what happened, and why:

  • The servers went down for ~8 hours last week. Possibly a DDOS attack, but definitely made worse by our social networking plugin (BuddyPress). GREAT job on the detective work, Pea and Ross.
  • The groups feature was thus deactivated. Maintenance costs outweighed the benefits, anyways.
  • Some group-related content was therefore archived. Forums, documents and contacts are preserved, but need users to help move them to the new system. Blogs, events, and main forums are already done.
  • An awesome new theme was set up (Foundation). It’s responsive, so the site now works on tablets and mobile phones!
  • Admin permissions must be reconfirmed if you want to keep adding files!

Please contact us with any twinkles and:

  • Confirmation of admin accounts to keep active
  • Confirmation of groups with active meetings
  • Desire to transition content, style the theme, etc. You’ll learn how our general assembly site works!
  • Questions about anything
  • Jokes

They can take our uptime, but they’ll never take our meetings!

Tweets for Mon, 11 Feb 2013

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RT @tentcityunited: This April 1st, where will YOU #Occupy ?? #TentCity #OATX #OO #OccupyWallStreet

RT @OccupyOakland: RT @Occupythemob: 7:00pm #ogp
it’s the historic
V 2.0
Wear black

#oo #osf

h …

RT @OccupyAustin: #OccupyAustin endorses @TentCityUnited Day of action #a1 April 1st. #TentCity #OATX #ows #oo #RAD