Tweets for Wed, 11 Jul 2012

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Liberty Square is buzzing with activity tonight, & we’re having our Wednesday #RoundtableReportbacks momentarily! Tweets here in a few. #OWS

First reportback: Phoebe! “I have a reportback about @OccupyTownSq. Bushwick was amazing!” #OWS

Cont’d: “It was the best town square in terms of community outreach thus far. We had immigrant worker justice, they did amazing…” #OWS

Cont’d: “…canvassing and did a legal workshop and brought people from the community in; it was just brilliant.” #OWS

Cont’d: Next @OccupyTownSq is in Astoria. #OWS

Next, Ravi, @interocc: “ has just launched a new set of tools called hubs; also newswire. Check it out!” #OWS

Next, @justinstoned from Info. “We have two parks, Liberty and Union Squares,” want folks w/ info and events. #OWS

Cont’d: “Second, the ppl looking to create a new media space will have a unconference on social media and the digital divide,” Sept 20-23.

Next, Stan: “We’ve been having mtgs about #S17 and how the weekend will look like, so if you’re interested, have an action you want…”

Cont’d: “…to plan, we have meetings on Mondays, 6-10pm, 220 E 23rd St, 7th floor.” #OWS

Someone wants to know how reliable is in terms of finding out about events. Mid-twinkles. #OWS

POI: “Most of the events are accurate; best thing to do is email event coordinators and make sure they’re happening.” #OWS

Next, Tax Dodgers, now playing baseball games, “we’re a theatrical group that highlights corporate malfeasance.” #OWS

Cont’d: “We used to do a theatrical event; now we’re playing baseball. Were at #NatGat and @OccupyTownSq in Bushwick.” Get involved! #OWS

Tammy, @interocc: “2 things: we just got back from #NatGat! Thanks to everyone who came! Ppl there created a vision for…” #OWS

Cont’d: “…a democratic future.” Find it on the newswire. And their new site is illlllllin’. Check it out! #OWS

Next, “I was on the Occupy Caravan, and wanted to give a reportback on that.” Lots of solidarity+love everywhere they went. #OWS

Cont’d: “Occupations out there are really small, and they watch you guys — they watch Wall St, and they love it. Y’all are their heroes.”

Cont’d: “On the darker side, things are a lot worse in middle America.” Ex: Kansas, which now has no council of the arts. #OWS

Cont’d: “In Arizona, we tried taking to the streets and marching, and it was, like, no.” Instant arrest there if you walk off sidewalk. #OWS

Cont’d: “Let’s keep being critical of this movement and make it better, research, work harder. Read more.” #OWS

Next, Billy: “Summer Disobedience School goes on!” This Saturday, noon, Washington Square Park, focus is student debt. #OWS

Cont’d: “There are 5 buses going to Tampa for the RNC; you can go to “OWS takes over the RNC” on Facebook. #OWS

Cont’d: “The buses will leave August 25th, arrive in Tampa the 26th; will return to NYC on Sept 1,” except one bus directly to DNC. #OWS

Next: Michael from Occupy San Diego / DC: “We are planning a National Gathering at San Diego called 12/12/12,, a world w/o borders.” #OWS

Cont’d: “We’re opening a space for anyone interested in participating” on immigration issues, will include all Occupations in planning. #OWS

Cont’d: “We’re planning a 4-day action,” a marriage of MayDay and #NatGat., he says. Want to include Occupy Mexico and Occupy Tijuana.. #OWS

Cont’d: …for some cross-border visioning. “For now, opening the floor to anyone interested” in terms of planning that event. #OWS

Next: “To + onto Billy’s #OWSDS announcement, at 3pm there will be a teachin w/ David Graeber re: the problem of the state.” #OWS

Next, Aaron, FtheBanks: “So remember how all those bankers went to jail?” We don’t. “We’re putting together actions re: theme of citizens..”

Cont’d: “…arrest of bankers.” Need hel;p w/ wanted posters, planning, etc – @interocc will be involved too. Come see him! #OWS

Next, Occupy Brooklyn TV starts airing on Brooklyn Public Access, the web, and YT very soon! Rotate all positions, come help! #OWS

Cont’d: “The website is” for the new #Occupy TV show. #OWS

Next, Sean lets us know we’re marching on Wall Street to do the People’s Bell at 4pm Friday. Did it Monday for opening bell too. #OWS

Next, Saturday at 7pm there will be another step towards renewing #NYCGA, will discuss using “values-based consensus.” #OWS

Next: “I think these working groups, it’s beautiful, but let’s not forget we’re all together here,” Occupy Philly, OWS, occupiers! #OWS

Cont’d: Refers to miners in Spanish, suggests we do a march tonight. Someone from Occupy LA wants to talk, share instead. #OWS

Next: 11:30 tonight at Columbus Square, a demo in response to police arresting two 50-somethings for dancing in the subway. #OWS

Cont’d: “Bring silent devices, signs, glowsticks; we’re taking over the subway with a dance party, 11:30pm at Columbus Circle.” #OWS

Next, Doctors for the 99% affinity group just launched a website to plug physicians nationally into #Occupy: #OWS

Next, Alex: “Tomorrow we’re going to have a TPZ – temporary party zone – here in Zuccotti Park, 9am to 9am the next day.” #OWS

Cont’d: “Bring washable paint; we’ll have power dye here to make a lot of colors.” Wear light clothes. Peak hours will be evening. #OWS

Next, Occupy University: “We consensed on a proposal to have a thematic semester; to determine theme we’ll have open house in August.” #OWS

Cont’d: Check the Occupy University website for details on that process. Need facilitators and other folks who want to help! #OWS

Next, from @OccupiedStories, “We collect first-person experiences from the movement, w/ tons of submissions.” Write!

Cont’d: “We have stories from all over the country and from Montreal, as well. Visit us, work with us.” Occupied Stories. #OWS

Next, @stopmotionsolo: “If you want to hear about any reportbacks you missed, I streamed it:” Also, here! #OWS

Matt also reminds us to support the #ConEd workers, who’ve been “locked out for 2 weeks straight.” Unions asked for solidarity frm 9-4. #OWS

Next, Billy again: “We began last week a bi-weekly campaign” that will go til November elections, protesting Citizens United. #OWS

Cont’d: “A week from Friday, July 20th, and every other week til November, we’ll have some action at rush hour in the AM.” #OWS

Cont’d: Last week, it was hardlocking at the Brooklyn Bridge. “Until we change that, nothing else is going to really change.” #OWS

OK, that’s it! Thanks for reading, come next Wednesday afternoon/evening for working group meetings and the 7:30 reportback. #OWS

Tweets for Sat, 07 Jul 2012

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Hey fam! Just got word from our prospective facilitation team that #NYCGA has been pushed back to 8 PM.

Currently about 20 ppl standing by at #LibertySq, though it is threatening to rain and we may have to consider moving to the Atrium.

Going to check back in with y’all in about 30 minutes. If you can get down to #LibertySq by 8 come on down, we’d love to see you! #NYCGA

OK, change of plan. Looks like group consensus is to get started now. Lady is facilitating, Dan on stack, Michel on minutes. #NYCGA

Also @Stopmotionsolo is on livestream #NYCGA

Starting with announcements and reportbacks. #NYCGA

First up, Sumumba shouts out @occupytownsq tomorrow in Bushwick tomorrow 11a-7p, Maria Hernandez Pk.

@smcke0wn announces that we will be trying to frame the work week by marching on Wall St. #NYCGA

We’re going to be marching on Wall St. Mondays for opening bell 9:30a & closing bell Fridays 4p #NYCGA

Stephan giving a reportback for the Restorative Justice WG. Talking about how they’ve been working…

… On perfecting a discussion process based on indigenous cultural practices, using a speaking totem. #NYCGA

@Stopmotionsolo and @smcke0wn announcing meetup for bus rides from Union Sq. to #KochParty in Southampton

Tomorrow at noon. There will also be a barbecue when we arrive in Southampton to protest the #Romney fundraiser.

Lady asks for new faces to introduce themselves… #NYCGA

Welcome to our family in town from #OccupyAlbany #OccupyOakland #OccupySF #OccupyTucson #OccupyElPaso! #NYCGA

Some of the folks from out of town could use a place to crash, Sumumba says ppl are working to get the House An Occupier program going

So if you can help out with a place to crash, maybe get in touch with Sumumba to coordinate that. #NYCGA

On to our agenda… First item is a discussion of plans for #S17 #NYCGA

David from #OccupyElPaso discussing whether it makes sense to focus on banks for #S17 actions. Mentions the West Coast port actions…

as an alternative to actions focused directly on Wall Street and actual bank offices. #NYCGA

Dan (our stack taker) notes that it may be more effective to focus on midtown banks so there can be a lot of outreach rolled into actions.

Sumumba discussing plans for a #RedMonday action to move money from banks to credit unions for #S17 #NYCGA

@smcke0wn and Billy from #OccupyTucson discussing the idea of a mortgage strike since banks need…

…the cash flow from payments on our debt to continue operating. #NYCGA

“Fear is what they use! We gotta not use fear! We gotta show people something better… Empower them!”

Billy continuing with some words on social aspect of the #Occupy movement #NYCGA

@smcke0wn putting out a call for anyone w mortgage law expertise to help w that strike idea BTW. #NYCGA

next up, Aaron Black discussing how #OWS does not belong only to 200 people that lived in a park. #NYCGA

Now discussing the #PeoplesPicket action planned for #S17 #NYCGA

There are plans to have 20-30K people for a moving picket around the entire Financial District on #S17

Aaron points out that organized labor and people from several Occupies are involved. #NYCGA

Aaron stresses that #PeoplesPicket should not be the only action for #S17 but one of many! #NYCGA

Conscious speaking on the importance of supporting those who sat in #LibertySq and now at Trinity

…with a tent, and now with just a sign, living the direct action of #OccupyWallStreet #NYCGA

David speaking on the importance of finding concrete, achievable and effective means of striking at banks

Talking about empowering workers, empowering students, empowering each other rather than focusing…

…energy on the banks all of the time. #NYCGA

Stack is closed for #S17 discussion. Some crosstalk going on about moving on… #NYCGA

Robert PoPs “Facilitation cannot alter the process without the consent of the group!” #NYCGA

Seems like there is some disagreement on whether stack should have been closed for #S17. Reopening stack. #NYCGA

@smcke0wn notes that intent of the discussion was to get a better outline of the vision of our community inre: #S17 actions #NYCGA

@CyMadD0x notes that #S17 is also the 225th anniversary of the ratification of the Constitution. Says that even if we in #OWS …

Don’t respect or value the Constitution, we should respect that the people we say that we support and want to help do respect it. #NYCGA

Jonathan says that when we consider the PATRIOT Act, NDAA, voter suppression, he questions what we do stand for…

… If we don’t stand for respecting the Bill of Rights. #NYCGA

Next, Bill exhorts the group to speak out as much as possible not only on #S17 but every day. Can’t possibly do this speech justice on LT.

Much twinkling and clapping for Bill. Now more crosstalk on whether to close stack on #S17 #NYCGA

Sumumba proposes that we table further discussion #S17 until next week. Consensus… Moving on. #NYCGA

Next, a discussion of values-based consensus. #NYCGA

Sumumba giving a brief explanation of values-based consensus for the group. #NYCGA

Sumumba notes that our consensus process broke down when we stopped having regular GAs. #NYCGA

“Our GAs were not a safe space, we didn’t even have a community agreement.” #NYCGA

Robert notes some differences between VBC and our previous consensus process. #NYCGA

“there are no blocks in VBC… Concerns are heard and when all concerns are addressed the proposal moved forward”

Stephan notes that values also include values regarding how we treat each other within the meetings.

Tony mentions he is working with an affinity group to train VBC facilitators, he will take contact info if interested

Steve notes that we may also not be using electronic resources to the fullest and need to work out…

How that fits in with VBC and however our process evolves. Notes will be a Think Tank meeting to flesh this out.

Sumumba notes that there is a small mostly male group here, and maybe we should revisit VBC before…

Stairs propose that those present “On Conflict and Consensus” and other works by CT Butler for more info before we revisit topic. Consensus!

Last agenda item: Accounting. Naz speaking about how hard it has been to get information regarding the #NYCGA accounts…

Naz feels strongly that we need to find an accountant to help us sort out exactly what is going on with #OWS funds and tax status. #NYCGA

Sandy notes that a good deal of money was sunk in to housing at the churches that could have been better spent on other housing arrangements

Lady PoIs that there is information regarding temporary housing for Occupiers in the current issue of the Catholic Worker. #NYCGA

Tony speaking about information he got from Cynthia Price saying that somewhere btwn $35K and $1M in donations “went missing” #NYCGA

RT @DanShockley: .@LibertySqGA Corrxn: consensus was that VBC wld be explained next week just before a discussion on adopting it for dec …

@danshockley thanks fam!

Reviewing the outcomes of the meeting before moving on to closing soapbox. #NYCGA

Moving on to soapbox – this might go on a while so catch that on @Stopmotionsolo’s stream. #NYCGA

Thanks for following along fam! Questions, comments, critiques hit me up @CyMadD0x. Peace!

Community Assembly, 7/7/2012

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Occupy Wall Street Assembly, Saturday July 7, 2012

Location: Liberty Park
Facilitators: Lisa, Dan
Minutes: Mischa

•    Upcoming Actions
•    Working Group Reports
•    New Faces and Places to Spend the Night
•    September 17th
•    Values-Based Consensus
•    Accounting
•    Points for GA Next Week
Read more »

Tweets for Sun, 01 Jul 2012

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Hi fam! We’re at the #OWS National Gathering. Tonight, we’ll be livetweeting the #NatGat #FemGA (Feminist GA)! Follow here, @LibertySqGA2.

Also, @TesselizaTC is live streaming the #NatGat #FemGA: #OWS #Occupy

The facilitator right now is running through some announcements about the #NatGat — check out for more info!

Facilitator: “Welcome! I’d like you to know our participation guidelines today for a hope-filled safe space. We’re asking everyone here to..

Cont’d: “…be curious and open to learning… we’re asking for balanced advocacy with inquiry. We’re seeking to learn and understand as much..”

Cont’d: “…as you want to persuade. This is about listening as much as talking — and let’s not forget about doing!” #NatGat #FemGA

Cont’d: “We’d like you to seek alignment rather than agreement — alignment is shared intention, vs. agreement is a shared opinion.” #FemGA

Cont’d: “Be short and to the point,” make sure you’re on topic and not redundant. Speak quickly and be honest and integrous. #FemGA #NatGat

Cont’d: “Look around you, and actively support getting yourself and others back on purpose when needed.” Speak from your own experience.

Cont’d: “Important… this is not an ‘i hate men’ fest. Nor an ‘i hate women’ fest either. What we seek to do in this space is bring men…”

Cont’d: “…and women together to succeed. Together in this balanced process we can move forward.” #FemGA #NatGat

Next, “let’s check in on how we’ll communicate. #FemGA is about cooperation and transparency.” Fewer handouts than ppl on purpose. #NatGat

Cont’d: “We don’t have enough pens,” either. Hope folks will share their own pens and paper. “And we ask folks to help each other grow.”

Next on the #FemGA agenda: “We’ll go around and introduce ourselves, and get a checkin on where folks are from around the country.” #NatGat

Intros: Nancy from @OccupySF and Code Pink! “I’m so psyched to be here!” Remy from Portland, Jose from Portland… #FemGA #NatGat

(Not gonna make you read all the names, but in the house: Buffalo, Portland, Long Island, New Mexico, Philly… etc. Lots of people! So many!)

.@gomelanie: “For me, the purpose of #FemGA is to make sure that everyone can be heard,” and to counter perception #Occupy is maledominated.

.@gomelanie now explaining that #FemGA came out of realization that most GAs didn’t have enough space for feminist voices. #NatGat

.@gomelanie: “To me, #Occupy is a feminist movement.” Means we hear every voice, work horizontally, actively reach out to margins. #NatGat

.@gomelanie: “#FemGA isn’t anti-male in any way; it’s about including everyone. Thanks everyone!” #NatGat

We’re now “popcorning” shared values: love, justice, respect, cooperation, equality, truth, honesty, equity, job security, accountability…

Cont’d: …trust in women, cooperation, collaboration, respect for Earth, consent, no gender roles, redefining masculinity.. #FemGA

Cont’d: security, ending rape culture, supporting mothers, wages for housework… #FemGA #NatGat

Facilitator: “With so many, we need to record them.” We’re writing these vales down on paper, will send them to facilitators. #FemGA #NatGat

So many shared values being shouted out — some more: “End war,” “Moving beyond the gender binary,” “patriarchy has no gender”… #FemGA

Cont’d: …”accessibility”, “sex-positivity”, “sex workers’ rights”, many more. “We’re all here together as community.” #FemGA #NatGat

So, we’ll have breakout groups now. Lorena: “Hi, I’m with Women Occupying Wall Street!” Introducing the breakout questions. #FemGA #NatGat

Question 1: “What personal experiences have drawn you to or alienated you from feminism?” #NatGat #FemGA

Question 2: “How does being a feminist make your life easier or harder?” [If tweeps have answers, we’ll RT them!] #FemGA #NatGat

RT @chapeaudefee: @LibertySqGA Life easier: Feeling confident and empowered as a woman Life harder: Emotional distress fielding hatred o …

RT @chapeaudefee: @LibertySqGA Drawn me: The beauty of empowering those who feel disempowered Alienated me: Ignorance regarding ethnic d …

OK, more questions: “What do you think are 3 main goals for feminism today?” “What are you already doing for those goals?” and… #FemGA

RT @FemArchy: @LibertySqGA I’ve felt judgment about the kind if woman I choose to be by Feminists .

Cont’d: Question 3: “What help do you need from your allies? What can we collectively do to bring change going forward?” #FemGA #natgat

[We’ll LT the reportbacks later, tho as always, breakout groups are best experienced in person! -Ed.] #FemGA #NatGat

[But again, please tweet us your own thoughts and we’ll RT! -Ed.] #FemGA #NatGat

OK, we’re moving to the next piece. Cal & Matthew will explain: “We’ll have a bit of male facilitating here” in support of #FemGA. #NatGat

Cal, Michael, and Matthew are “feminists… and proud of it!” Here comes Chris Hedges: “I lived for 20 years of my life with ppl who weren’t..

Cont’d: “…white, overseas, and I learned something very important that as a white male, you can never claim to speak for the oppressed…”

Cont’d: “…including women — because when you’re a white male.. as my relationships deepened, I had to confront my own blindness…”

Cont’d: “…which is inevitable when you are a white male in a position of privilege and power. There are some things you just can never see.”

Hedges suggests he can never call himself a feminist because “I am incapable” of bridging certain understandings. #FemGA #NatGat

Cont’d: “It’s once you accept that blindness that you can start to build solidarity with those who are oppressed.” #FemGA #NatGat

Brandy gets up. “The #Occupy movement has helped me see my own oppression– before I was just mad and frustrated a lot, and now I…” #FemGa

Cont’d: “…understand why.” Next, the facilitator draws comparisons between gender oppression and class oppression. #FemGA

Cal says he is “white, straight, male, and older– the quadruple whammy.” When he lived in CA, he was the only such person. #FemGA

Cal: “My psyche was sandpapered through that experience” — it was painful, he says, but now he feels he can call himself an ally. #FemGA

Cal: “So, here’s what I’ve been asked to do: ask anyone who wants to share to share something someone else said” during breakouts. #FemGA

First: “I heard someone say ‘collective wisdom access’ – we need to get voices out there that we don’t hear, and that’s how that happens.”

Next: “Women need to be supporting women.” Next, Barbara: “I heard someone say she’s really tired of men saying, “We don’t get it..” #FemGA

Cont’d: “…”we thought you got what you wanted, what’s wrong? And I agree, I’m tired of hearing men say, “What are you talking about… hon?”

Next: “One thing said was, it’s in the culture, the media — when you see women on TV, you think that’s how they’re thinking…” #FemGA

Cont’d: “…and it’s always ‘women shouldn’t get raped’, not ‘men shouldn’t rape.’.. It’s a circle of no good, on media & TV.” #FemGA

Next, Sara from Occupy Philly: “In our group, we talked about breaking down gender roles and building your own gender identity, and..”#FemGA

Cont’d: “…embracing, you know — don’t do stereotypical female things to fulfill a stereotype – do things that empower you.” #FemGA #NatGAt

Next: “One thing I heard – when you’re out of money, you say ‘you’re broke’ — like broken down, useless — this is one way we punish…”

Cont’d: “…ourselves when we don’t reach the American Dream. In response to this insight that the language holds us back, I had a flash..”

Cont’d: “…that I want to say, I’m of use! What did you do that was of use today?” #FemGA

Next, Christina, Eugene, OR. “1 thing I heard was that when participants suggested that we could apply critical thinking not just to big..”

Cont’d: “…issues, but also personal issues and the things we do and say and whether they actually reflect our values — i.e., buying..”

Cont’d: “…products that harm women — even if they’re on a different continent, we should think about it. Also, we want to see less…”

Cont’d: “..trivializing of violence against women — even with things like “the banks are raping us” – it’s not an apt analogy.” #FemGA

Next, Jerry: “In response to our critics: 50 million americans have no health insurance, 1 mil lose homes to foreclosure, 1/3rd…”

Cont’d: “…is at or near poverty level, and our government spends more on our military than everything else combined. No problem at all!”

Next, Nathan: “I heard for the first time tonight the idea that women are raising men- so, integrating feminism into raising feminist men.”

Sarah, Philly: “Someone said he was tired of his daughter being sexualized, and he wants women to be able to express themselves without..”

Cont’d: “…being sexualized.” Vivian is next: “Heteronormativity was a big issue for us in our breakout, and virginity is a construct to..”

Cont’d: “…make women more desirable.” [To recap, these are insights from our breakout groups. -Ed.] #NatGat #FemGA

Next, someone says “growing up, I wanted to be a small, white, skinny blonde.” (She is some of those things). “We should encourage…”

Cont’d: “…children to” love who they are to avoid those kinds of disconnects. #FemGA #NatGat

Next: “More talking; people need to talk about things that aren’t normally talked about. Celebrate femininity, redefine yr own masculinity.”

Next, Kelsey: “We had someone mention in my group: gender is really just a made-up oppressive tool. Why have a he or she? Why do you…”

Cont’d: “…need to know my gender on my job application? What does that have to do with whether I’m qualified?” #NatGat #FemGA

Next: “We need equal pay, toys should be de-gendered b/c that’s where a lot of it starts, not all women were included in earlier feminism..”

Cont’d: “… in fact, some prefer words like ‘womanist’.” “We are not from Adam’s Rib; we can all lead in different directions.” #NatGat#FemGA

Next: “We talked a lot about having young women take ownership of their bodies,” ignore “dumb patriarchy.” #NatGat #FemGA

Next, from Occupy Raleigh: “I want to read an excerpt from a poem I love: the whole poem is about ‘how does it feel to be a man.” #NatGat

[Can’t keep up with the poetry, but check that out. Hafez? (sp?) -Ed.] #NatGat #FemGA

Next, Jesse, OccupyDC / Pittsburgh: “One great idea I heard was about more women running for school board and helping take schools..”

Cont’d: “..back from corporations that are buying charter schools and high-level politicians to make that happen.” #NatGat #FemGA

Cont’d: “And we should have those women keep working higher in the system so we have greater representation across the board.” #FemGA

Facilitators say time is up, but continued discussion will happen about actions we can do at #NatGat to advance feminism! #FemGA

RT @sugarmaple77200: @LibertySqGA hafiz the subject tonite is love

RT @sugarmaple77200: @LibertySqGA raise boys to respect & care for everyone

RT @aliathabit: @LibertySqGA What a twit. Feminism: The advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equ …

OK, thanks for following, fam! That’s it for tonight’s #NatGat #FemGA. Cont the discussion, if you want, by replying to the discussion ?s!

Here are the #FemGA questions again; we’ll retweet responses and try to facilitate some discussion. You ready? #NatGat #Occupy

Discussion question 1: “What personal experiences have drawn you to, or alienated you from, feminism?” #NatGat #FemGA

Discussion Question 2: “How does being a feminist make your life easier or harder?” #FemGA #NatGat #Occupy

Discussion Question 3: “What do you think are the three main goals for feminism today?” #FemGA #NatGat #Occupy

Oops! Twitterjail! Oops. #NatGat #FemGA

Discussion Question 4: “What are you already doing regarding these goals, or what would you like to do for them?” #FemGA #NatGat #Occupy

Discussion Question 5: “What help do you need from your allies? What can we collectively do to bring abt change toward these goals?” #FemGA

[Those are the questions; we’ll RT replies! Much love and have a good night. -Ed.] #NatGat #FemGA #Occupy

RT @ladyotomoofsaka: @LibertySqGA equal pay, educating males re advocacy for women, more women in office at all levels (with financial h …

RT @aliathabit: @LibertySqGA Q1. rewire social programming B. Stop scapegoating of women/minorities/etc C. excavate internalized oppres …

RT @aliathabit: @LibertySqGA Easier: understand and can guard against some tactics. Harder: Still have to fight every day. #FemGA #NatGa …

RT @aliathabit: @LibertySqGA Lol, oops Q1 was really Q3 :) #FemGA #NatGat

RT @aliathabit: @LibertySqGA Q4: I speak up about what i see, and will continue to do so. I keep an eye on my own responses. I’d like to …

RT @aliathabit: @LibertySqGA Neg: Pitbull feminism hurt us. I don’t want to associate with strident, unhumorous people of any gender. Po …

RT @aliathabit: @LibertySqGA Q5: Young folks are key. Teach your children well. Model change to give permission. #FemGA #NatGat

RT @icurnsane: @aliathabit @LibertySqGA Fair is a world that can afford one parent to stay home and raise the children.

RT @aliathabit: @icurnsane @LibertySqGA Fuck YES! I chose to be poor and stayed home with my kids. Never regret for one moment. good par …

RT @icurnsane: @aliathabit @LibertySqGA God bless you and all those who are at home and/or want to be home raising their own children.

RT @aliathabit: @icurnsane @LibertySqGA Not everyone is suited to child-care. Those who choose to should be allowed to, not punished by …

RT @homegypsy: @libertysqga Q5 My 25-yr-old lives, acts, & thinks like a feminist but hates the term.

RT @chapeaudefee: Answer to Q 5 RT @LibertySqGA Male allies can work to be awesome partners & to appreciate femininity in themselves …

RT @icurnsane: @aliathabit @LibertySqGA True, but children need there parents and nations need strong families. Sometimes we have 2 make …

Tweets for Mon, 18 Jun 2012

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Hi fam! Tonight, we’re going to livetweet the second @WOWSNYC #FeministGeneralAssembly. Follow here, @LibertySqGA2, @LibertySqGA3. #OWS

“Mic check! Welcome everyone to the 2nd Feminist General Assembly. Happy Pride Week!” #OWS #FemGA

“The first thing on my mind this week is Cece McDonald”, a transgendered woman held in the mens’ ward. #OWS #FemGA

“She was violently attacked at a bar in Minneapolis. Today, #WOW shows solidarity with… a woman… another victim of violence.” #OWS #FemGA

.@gomelanie asks folks to take a seat. “Some of you may have heard about a representative in Michigan named Lisa Brown, who…” #OWS #FemGA

Cont’d: “…dared to use the word ‘vagina’,” for which was was forced to leave the floor. “In #solidarity… I’d like us to chant…” #OWS #FemGA

Cont’d: “…the word ‘Vagina!” #VAGINA #VAGINA #VAGINA #VAGINA! Woo. “Welcome to the 2nd Feminist General Assembly.” #OWS #FemGA

Eve: “Mic check! Those of us working on the #FemGA and other struggles struggle how to best refer to individuals and groups respectfully.”

Cont’d: “Terms like sisterhood, slut, feminist, queer, gay, war on women, are sometimes challenging. So we wanted to bring this…”#OWS #FemGA

Cont’d: “…to the #FemGA, and ask what some of your experiences have been, and what are some ways to address these issues?” #OWS

Cont’d: “The question we bring to you: what words, names, or terms have you had trouble using or receiving, or been criticized for using?”

So, in groups of three, we’ll have a brief discussion about this question. #OWS #FemGA

@SaboKitty steps up: “@Ustream, which we use to make sure people far away can participate or hear what’s going on, is still a corporation..”

Cont’d: “…and I hate corporations. This particular corporation apparently will not allow me to tweet ‘vagina’. It told me…” #OWS #FemGA

Cont’d: “…”that’s inappropriate language.”” Asks folks to shout vagina into his Ustream feed. #OWS #FemGA

OK, time for breakout groups. “These breakout groups are going to address two formats: you may talk about your experience if you want to..”

Cont’d: “…but these are questions about today’s theme, the LGBTQ. And that means Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Queer.” #OWS

Cont’d: “And we want to talk about the connection between Feminism and these other or same movements, b/c this is #PrideWeek.” #OWS #FemGA

Each breakout will “choose a note-taker, a facilitator if there is a want, a timekeeper, a stack-taker if necessary, and someone to write..”

Cont’d: “…the report back. Now, I’m going to read the questions. And these will be 45-minute discussions.” #OWS #FemGA

The questions: “1. How do the feminist and LGBTQ movements influence each other? 2. How can we collaborate towards goals of gender…” #FemGA

Cont’d: “..and sexual justice and freedom?” “We’d like each group to share some insights from your discussions. We have 2 ways to do this..”

Cont’d: “…first, in your report backs, share some language or some understanding your group reached together. And also…” #OWS #FemGA

Cont’d: “…a new possibility for collaboration, to help us move forward from here. And second, on the Internet, your group can choose and..”

Cont’d: “…agree on the most important points of your discussion, to post on the web- email to” #OWS #FemGA

Cont’d: “We have facilitators! So, go!” Breakouts now; we’ll have reportbacks later. We’ll RT any replies you all may have at home. #FemGA

#FemGA is reassembling. “So, now we’ll have report-backs, but before we do that, Tess and Becky have an announcement that concerns..” #OWS

Cont’d: “..all of us.” @tesselizaTC: “Today wrapped up the #D17trial. 8 ppl were standing trial. 7 of those ppl were sentenced to 4 days..”

Cont’d: “…of community service. One person, our good friend and comrade @emarkadams will be spending up to 45 days in Riker’s Island.” #OWS

Cont’d: “We are sad about this. #D17, for those of you who don’t know… there was an action at Duarte Square; an attempt to take space…” #OWS

Cont’d: “…all of the charges involved trespassing.” Becky: “Tonite, a group of our friends are organizing a march to Rector Cooper’s house.”

Tess clarifies: “Rector Cooper being the reverend of @TrinityWallSt.” Becky: “They’re leaving now from Foley, and you’re welcome to join..”

Cont’d: “…them after this is over at 37 Charlton Street for a speakout called #CoopervilleConfessions about how we feel, whether…” #OWS

Cont’d: “…personally or politically, about Mark being in prison today.” OK, “now we are going to have reportbacks” on ?s. #OWS #FemGA

First reportback begins: “Our group, we talked about the African-American civil rights movement, the gay pride, and feminist movements.”

Cont’d: “There needs to be more cross-discussion about queer and feminist issues. We talked about how we need to have more discussions…”

Cont’d: “…about common issues that are not just about identity, and we talked about questions around gender & that there needs to be…”

Cont’d: “…more discussion about the relationship between gender and trans and queer people. We also talked about…” #OWS #FemGA

Cont’d: “ minority feminists have led the discussion during the third wave of feminism about white privilege and racial issues w/in..”

Cont’d: “…feminism.” OK, next group. “Hi! #Vagina!” Everyone repeats. “We went off-script, because the question supplied…” #OWS #FemGA

Cont’d: “…assumed queer and feminist activist groups were separate. We asked our own questions: what are the practical things happening..”

Cont’d: “…in people’s lives, like queer and youth homelessness, and can we work together, as intersectional feminists, to come up with…”

Cont’d: “…solutions? How does poverty affect gender oppression, and vice-versa? How can the #occupy movement bring an analysis…”

Cont’d: “..beyond a few classic poverty issues? Who’s here, and who isn’t here, and why? Why is not all of #Occupy here? Why is the…”

Cont’d: “…crowd smaller today? Is it because of the #LGBTQ focus? Some people work on LGBTQ issues all year, and don’t want to come here..”

Cont’d: “…to educate others. Thanks!” #OWS #FemGA

Next! Nicole: “Hi! OK, so the first thing we talked about was that there’s a history that’s not exactly well-known…” #OWS #FemGA

Cont’d: “…and that maybe we’d benefit from a reading list… that there’s a history that’s being suppressed, including…” #OWS #FemGA

Cont’d: “…black women leading and gay men being treated as if they were taking the role of a woman. We talked about how we need..” #OWS

Cont’d: “…to have allied movements, not combined movements. And on the second question, we had support for each others’ actions…” #FemGA

Cont’d: “…and that we also need to dig deeper in our self-interest for doing so. Thirdly, we want to call out social dynamics while we’re..”

Cont’d: “…in the group. Not in a way that attacks people, but by creating a situation of care, where calling something like that out…”

Cont’d: “…is positive and productive. Cool.” OK, next group: “In our group, we talked about how movements inspire each other. We need..”

Cont’d: “…more privilege workshops and canvasses about queer rights and oppression. We need outreach — we need to break through.” #OWS

Cont’d: “We need rights, to be who we are, and to have those rights defended, and not by marriage.” #OWS #FemGA

Next group: “We began with a discussion of the history of movements, but we felt we were not experts on the history of these movements…”

Cont’d: “…and it would be better discussing how we felt these movements interact now. Some of us felt these movements cannot and should…”

Cont’d: “…not be separated. We also talked about the great and positive impact of feminism and LGBTQ on ppl who don’t identify as either..”

Cont’d: “..and how the younger generation somewhat takes these movements for granted. We also discussed notions of capitalism and its…”

Cont’d: “…impact on feminism and LGBTQ movements. How it appeases many while maintaining a lot of the oppression.” #OWS #FemGA

Cont’d: “…and we get small and incremental gains. We feel some solutions are assembly discussions like this that open up the topics to…”

Cont’d: “…more people. We think we need to challenge capitalism and the way it corrupts social movements, and that the movements must…”

Cont’d: “…stay together. We mentioned that it’s important not to compartmentalize injustice. We should use our social media networks to..”

Cont’d: “…promote feminism and LGBTQ ideals together, and to continuously call out people who stigmatize others when they do so. Thank you.”

Next: “In our group, we discussed the fundamental problem of the economic structures that separate the 99% from the 1%…” #OWS #FemGA

Cont’d: “…reflected in the inequalities among gender and other identities. We nd to address this interconnectedness and support each other.”

Cont’d: “We also need to raise ?s that can unite us in discussions. We also should find a way to influence or join the #NewValuesGA to…”

Cont’d: “…bring a feminist voice. Another idea we had was to integrate the Theater of the Oppressed.” #OWS #FemGA

Next: “We began by discussing the ways that feminism has questioned, exposed the rigidity of sexual roles, challenged authority…” #OWS#FemGA

Cont’d: “..and constantly opened up areas of critique. We ask the difference between equality and justice: what does it mean, for example..”

Cont’d: “…to be just like those we are critiquing? What does it mean to be represented by professional advocacy groups?” #OWS #FemGA

Cont’d: “How do we become our own experts and set our own agenda? What role do power and privilege play?” #OWS #FemGA

Cont’d: “What brings us to #OWS, we said, is the collective and individual experience of oppression, and what brings us here is to fight..”

Cont’d: “…against the fight that restricts our ability to free ourselves. Our underpinnings, we suggested, must be horizontally-based.” #OWS

Cont’d: “This is how we will collaborate towards the role of justice. We asked about the role of art and artists, because we are…”

Cont’d: “…frustrated by our seeming incapacity to reach more people. We want to see revolution, hear each other’s voices, engage in…”

Cont’d: “…direct action, we want to reinspire solidarity. That’s why we came to Occupy Wall Street. That’s why we will continue to come…”

Cont’d: “…to general assemblies, and continue to spread the word!” Big cheers! #OWS #FemGA

Someone adds: “We want to see not only revolution, we want to see evolution. We want you to evolve.” #OWS #FemGA

Next: “In our group, we discussed about the meaning of inclusion, that we need to consciously think about it and what it means.” #OWS #FemGA

Cont’d: “Economic issues connect everyone. We need to focus on our shared values, such as minimum wage, health care.. we believe that…”

Cont’d: “…hot-button political issues are being used to keep us from organizing on our shared issues. We need to focus on the root…” #OWS

Cont’d: “…of the problems, and why these things are happening. We also need to be aware that we have privilege that we are allowed to be..”

Cont’d: “…here. Other people can’t be here because some are incarcerated, some are afraid of being deported, and some have to be at work.”

OK, that’s the end of the reportback. We’re going to take a #FemGA family photo! I think that’s it for tonite. #FreeMark! #OWS! #Solidarity!

An announcement: The next #FemGA is scheduled for one or two months from now, and the theme will be women of color. Email wowsnyc@gmail #OWS

Photo: The 2nd #FeministGeneralAssembly, Washington Square Park, June 18th, 2012. #OWS #FemGA