Wall Street South & Occupy DNC Solidarity Statement

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Draft Proposal to be brought to #NYCGA on Saturday, August 25th by Queering #OWS:

We the members of Occupy Wall Street in New York City as represented by #NYCGA stand in solidarity with the Coalition to March on Wall Street South & their efforts to bring the Occupy message of economic inequality to the Democratic National Convention on September 2nd in Charlotte, North Carolina.

We call on all Occupy Wall Street allies, supporters, activists & members of the #NYCGA Working & Affinity Groups to join the coalition to March on Wall Street South by sharing their call to action & the Charlotte Principles.

Call to Action


In September of 2012, the social justice movements of the United States have an opportunity and obligation to use the spectacle of the Democratic National Convention as a platform to raise people’s demands for justice on the world stage.

Progressives from around the state, from across the South and from all over the country will converge in Charlotte to oppose policies of the Democratic Party and their banking cronies.

Charlotte is the “Wall Street of the South.” With the world headquarters of Bank of America and the East Coast headquarters of Wells Fargo, it is the second largest concentration of finance capital in the U.S., after New York City.

We need a people’s movement for justice for the 99%.

Economic crises at home and abroad intensify while jobs and vital services have been cut at municipal, state and federal levels. The Democrats and Republicans are pushing austerity programs while simultaneously brokering deals that bail out and benefit banks and large corporations.

Public workers in North Carolina and Virginia are denied their right to collectively bargain, and workers elsewhere across the country are seeing this right under attack. Under the Democratic Party, the reach of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) expanded and deportations skyrocketed. U.S. wars abroad have extended and the US continues to spend billions in Afghanistan and Iraq. U.S. war drones fly over the Middle East and Africa. Antiwar and international solidarity activists are targeted in FBI raids and Grand Jury witch hunts while we continue to fight for freedom for long-incarcerated U.S. political prisoners like Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu-Jamal. We have seen a rise in bigotry and political targeting of Muslim and Arab people.

We want to see justice and equality for Black, Native, Latina/o peoples, for women and for LGBTQ peoples. We must call for a moratorium on foreclosures and evictions! We oppose the attack on our planet by big corporations; we must continue the fight for environmental justice and demand our right to a healthy air, land, and water.

Now more than ever we need a powerful mass movement that can challenge the pro-war, pro-Wall Street agendas of the two corporate parties. We see the seeds of this movement all around us.

Join the Coalition to March on Wall Street South to plan actions and events that will take place during the convention. Read through our Principles of Unity (adapted from the St. Paul Principles & Chicago Principles). Then begin working with us to develop plans for Charlotte, as we come together in resistance to the economic crisis, the banks, the wars and all the attacks on working people!

We Demand:

Good jobs for all! Economic justice now — Make the banks and corporations pay for their crisis!

Money for education, health care, housing and all human needs, not for war and incarceration!

Justice for immigrants and all oppressed peoples! Stop the raids and deportations!

Charlotte Principles (Adapted from the Chicago and St. Paul principles:

We are opposed to all forms of oppression.

We condemn and oppose racist, sexist, and homophobic demonstrations planned for the DNC.

Our solidarity will be based on respect for the widest possible diversity within the struggle for social, economic and environmental justice. As individuals and groups, we may choose to engage in a diversity of tactics and plans of action but are committed to treating each other with respect and working towards a common goal of peace and justice.

As we plan our actions and tactics, we will take care to maintain appropriate separations of time and space between divergent tactics.

We oppose any state repression of dissent, including surveillance, infiltration, disruption, limiting our action to “free speech zones,” and violence, or attempts to divide our movement through the conscious creation of divisions regarding tactics, organization, strategies, and alliances.

Any debates or criticisms will stay internal to the movement, avoiding any public or media denunciations of fellow activists and events.

End Spending Freeze

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End the #NYCGA spending freeze.

1) The NYCGA cannot hear financial proposals unless a member of Accounting is present and the current balance of the general fund has been presented. The NYCGA will not spend more than 20% of its total balance on any given night.

2) Non-consensus means of obtaining funds will not be honored – funds are accessible through prior consented budgets, the General Assembly, or the Spokes Council, only.

3) These protocols do not affect how the bail fund and general fund interacts (i.e., if the bail fund is emptied, the general fund becomes a backup bail fund – and no consensus is required to make a withdrawal, nor does the 20% restriction apply).



OWS Archives Status Update

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Proposal for the GA to request that the OWS Archives Working Group make public the current status of the OWS Archives, with the idea that informed members of the General Assembly and it’s working groups, affinity groups, autonomous individuals and diaspora will be able understand the current issues facing the OWS Archive Working Group and if necessary help resolve any issues facing the working group.

In the event that the OWS Archive Working group has dissolved, this proposal will allow for an OWS Archive Coalition to temporarily recover and maintain the OWS Archive until the OWS Archives Working group is re-established and functioning as a working group.

Using Open Spaces Model to Discuss Consensus Dialogue Methods

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To hold Two Open Spaces on Tuesday, July 31st and Thursday, August 2nd at Liberty Plaza to discuss OWS decision-making structures and the General Assembly. These loosely facilitated community discussions would then report back to #NYCGA on Sat August 4th.

Consensus Dialogue Methods

There are many different ways for consensus to grow within a community, only one of which is via massive gatherings of all stakeholders in an assembly seeking formal consensus on an issue or proposal.  Formal models for decision-making can bring a group that already has a baseline of consensus being formed to formal consensus, however, consensus-building prior to formal consensus is not well-served by rigid frameworks when the group is nowhere near the same page as each other and need to have a conversation before consensus can even begin.

Models that allow for more normal dialogue and human interaction in the discourse exist and can be utilized; one such is Open Spaces, a loosely-facilitated discussion space in which individuals cluster around the topics of immediate interest to them and discuss or work on whatever they want to.  While the General Assembly can and does host discussions and dialogues in addition to proposals seeking consensus, it does not do so while keeping the attention of all involved, and the barriers of process on dialogue can be tedious.  Another discussion model exists – ‘just talking’ – which is far from ideal in large groups.

Rather than seek consensus on the use of this sort of open space for dialogue as part of our consensus-building practices, I would like to host two Open Spaces on the subject of the current OWS decision-making structures and the General Assembly, for the repair of our structures.  Ideally, the use of open spaces for dialogue could replace our current proposal-crafting procedures, making sure there are more perspectives involved in proposals by making them a direct work output of Open Spaces discussions.  I believe we will learn best by doing, and with community support will host discussions at Liberty Plaza at 7pm on Tuesday, July 31stand Thursday, August 2nd.  The products of these discussions can then return to the General Assembly on Saturday, August 4th as proposals for consideration crafted by the community as a whole working together.

Disability Caucus #OccupyGracieMansion Solidarity Statement

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Occupy Gracie Mansion Solidarity Statement:

We the Occupy Wall Street movement stand in solidarity with the members of the #OWS Disablity Caucus as they Occupy Gracie Mansion on August 8th to raise awareness of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s 1% policies & the City of New York’s continued economic marginalization of individuals of all backgrounds & ability. We ask all #OWS Allies, Supporters, Trade Unions & residents of the City of New York to join them as they bring the Occupy Message of economic inequality to the Mayor.

Occupy Union Square Encampment & Trinity Sleeps Solidarity Statement

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We Propose the following solidarity statement:

We the community of Occupy Wall Street stand in solidarity with the physical encampment located at Union Square, the ongoing direct action #TrinitySleeps & the continued presence of activists on the steps of Federal Hall known as the #FreedomCage.

We call all stakeholders of #NYCGA, Open Spaces, VBC, OccuEvolve & other affinity groups/ communities currently using the tools of consensus within #OWS to join us in planning regular Community Assemblies if needed and/or appropriate.

We encourage all Working Groups, Affinity Groups, Occupations & members of Occupy Wall Street movement to support their continued efforts to reclaim the commons through direct non violent action.

Working Group: Housing Working Group
email: cultureminds@gmail.com

Tweets for Wed, 25 Jul 2012

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We’re at LibertySquare! Working groups are wrapping up their meetings, & we’ll gather for #RoundtableReportbacks soon! Livetweets here. #OWS

“Silent Josh the Mute”‘s been printing the #RoundtableReportback tweets! Great job Silent Josh! Pic: 7/11, p1. #OWS http://t.co/bkqSKTWG

And here’s page 2 of “Silent Josh the Mute’s” #RoundtableReportback flyer for July 11th’s @LibertySqGA tweets. #OWS http://t.co/JdvP9P3b

And tonight’s #RoundtableReportbacks will be starting on 2 minutes! Stay tuned. #OWS #LibertySquare #GSD

OK, we’re starting tonight’s Liberty Square / #OWS #RoundtableReportback! Follow here for livetweets.

DA’s report back! “Emma Goldman Memorial Popular Assembly, #S17, 7pm-10 at 55 Water. Not an occupation.” #OWS

DA also reports back on the #S17 meeting, but talk to Anthony for the details. #OWS

DA is going to do some actions regarding @TrinityWallSt’s Rector Cooper, who’s caused many people to leave Trinity Church over #OWS trtmnt

There’ll be an action w/ Disability Caucus August 8th, as well. #OWS

Next, Library! “Library is split into three satellite branches right now; part on Governor’s Island.” Temporary, for Summer. #OWS

Also, the People’s Library has a branch at Paul Robeson Freedom School and a new one in front of Trinity, but NYPD have confiscated! #OWS

Reportback from Trinity; the occupation there has been harassed recently by the NYPD. “We’d appreciate people coming down and supporting.”

Specific request for support from livestreamers in front of Trinity. “We’re at the foot of Wall Street; we think it’s a really good spot..”

Anthony notes they’re also doing messaging tying Trinity to Wall Street & vs. banks. They’ll flyer, do outreach if you give them materials.

Anthony: “Livestreaming or tweeting would be great, b/c the cops like to up their harassment when it’s dark and no one is around.” #OWS

Anthony: “They block off the road, so we’re not visible to anyone, so if anyone can come and show support and love, it’d be awesome.” #OWS

Next, Dan from Environmentalist Solidarity WG. Flyering for documentary, the Crisis of Civilization, about our interconnected problems. #OWS

Dan: “The system they’re perpetuating is environmentally unsustainable and unjust.” Crisis of Civilization, Wed. Aug 22, 6:30pm. #OWS

Next, Corporations are not People and Money is Not Speech WG: “We’ve initiated something called the voter’s block, where voters are…” #OWS

Cont’d: “..going to decide whether to vote for ppl on the basis of” their support for a constitutional amendment to get money out politics.

Silent Josh reminds groups to announce meeting times; DA notes they meet Wednesdays at 5:30 here in Liberty Square. #OWS

Next, Billy, @FtheBanks: “Meet here, 5:30, Wednesdays. We’ll be rolling out Wanted Posters for members of JP Morgan, Citigroup, that…” #OWS

Cont’d: “…should be indicted.” Will have indictments prepared for crimes around the 2008 scandal. Need most help w/ investigation on… #OWS

Justin, Info, notes they have info tables at Trinity & Union Square, so give them flyers to distribute. #OWS

Cont’d: “Westchester, Long Island, we’re not opposed to going to their homes” to effect citizens’ arrests. #OWS

Justin also notes the Council on Elders is holding an unconference in Sept, Hacking the Digital Divide – planning mtg Wednesdays at 5. #OWS

Cont’d: “…we conducted a survey of alternative voting methods at #OWS events.. our full report is now online.” http://t.co/s5hB84Vj!

Next, “2 announcements, 1 question” for us. “First, free movie screening Mon. night, “Lifting the Veil, Obama and the Failure of…” #OWS

“On the basis of that success,” working on exit poll experiments w/ alternative voting on election day. P&ER 6pm Sun, Liberty or 60 Wall.

Cont’d: “…Capitalist Democracy.” Politics and Electoral Reforms. Monday night screening. “Also been working on voting experiment group..”

Next, Values Based Consensus meets Mon, 7, 60 Wall. Running a process different from previously at #OWS, working to train, organize.

Cont’d: …where some of the people in question gather in NYC – “breakfasts, lunches, when they’re at Capitol Grille.” Best to do in public.

Silent Josh reminds groups to announce meeting times; DA notes they meet Wednesdays at 5:30 here in Liberty Square. #OWS

#S17 report back: “Mondays, 6pm, 220 East 23rd Street, 7th Floor.” “Minutes from that are on http://t.co/t4BAdHKi, go to S17 hub.”

“Also, there was a GA Saturday; there’ll be one Saturday at 7,” proposals for solidarity statements for Disability Caucus, TrinitySleeps.

This Saturday, #OWS Environmental Solidarity will have buses at 7am to go protest fracking on DC. Find on Facebook!

Billy notes a standing consensus in an affinity group to do actions every other week vs. Citizens United and money in politics. #OWS

The next bi-weekly action vs. Citizens United will also be a hard lock, against a specific target, says Billy. #OWS

Anthony thanks everyone. “Yay! We’re free!” OK fam, have a great night. Come get involved! See you next Wednesday in Liberty Square! #OWS