Tweets for Fri, 24 Aug 2012

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RT @TesselizaTC: Coming to NYC for #S17? Register for the AG Spokes @InterOcc call (6p Aug 23) @OccupyChicago @OccupyPhilly @OccupyOakla …

RT @TesselizaTC: Coming to NYC for #S17 w your AG? Register for the AG Spokes @InterOcc call (6p Aug 23) @OccupyWallSt @OccupyWallStNYC …

RT @TesselizaTC: Not in an AG? Not to worry! AG training will be held an hr prior to spokes council in the park! @OccupyWallSt @OccupyWa …

RT @TesselizaTC: Plug into #S17 at the AG spokes council! Fri Aug 23 6pm, Tompkins Sq Park under Hare Krishna tree @OccupyWallSt @occupy …

Establishing of Quorum for holding #NYCGA

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In order to begin to determine how to set a fair Quorum threashold for holding an fully empowered #NYCGA our community needs to establish how many active Groups make up the assembly at any given time.

An active #NYCGA Working Group would be defined s a group who has had a public event which has been posted on and has submitted meeting minutes within 30 days of when quorom is taken.

This verfication process would be informal & would be used if the GA consents setting a threashold in the future.

A New York General Assembly must have a full facilitation Team (as determined by the Fac WG), Minutes, Livestream, De Escalation and at least 9/10ths of the number of existing #NYCGA working groups of people assembled to consent on any proposal.

Members of facilitation, Minutes, Livestream, De Escalation, proposers should be included in the count of people assembled.

Park Security, Animals, Food Vendors & Uniformed Police Officers should not be included in the quorum count.

If a Full Facilaition Team is not put forth and/or the required number have not assembled the Assembly should continue but should use consensus process to determine the nature of the community discussion.

All proposals should be tabled & brought forth at the next #NYCGA.

(As of 9/1 there are 91 Working Groups on To Have Quorum there would need to be 82 People Assembled to hold a #NYCGA)



Financial & Accounting

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We would like to address the financial freeze on funds, review the accounting situation, and make necessary changes to the existing system –
Our goal is to make the accounting more transparent and unfreeze the account.