New Group Policy

So you want to form a new group with #OccupyWallStreet? This page will give you all the information you need to make that dream into a reality!

Our best advice is to find an existing group and join forces with it. United, we will be stronger than ever. If you truly think that none of our existing groups could potentially benefit from what you have to offer, it is possible to create a new group. As decided by the General Assembly on 12/20/2011 the policy for new groups is as follows:


New groups must:

  1. Agree to uphold these guidelines:
    1. Provide a public mission statement which does not conflict with the NYCGA principals of solidarity
    2. Publish contact info on the NYCGA website. A working email or phone number will be required, and both should be provided if possible.
    3. Be based in NYC, and hold at least one open meeting per week within the New York metro area. The time and location of this meeting must be listed on the NYCGA website.
    4. Publish minutes from at least one meeting per week on the NYCGA website that demonstrate at least five members in attendance. (Groups will not be considered out of compliance with this guideline until attendance has been less than five members for three consecutive weeks)
  2. Arrive at consensus at the General Assembly.
    1. Bring a proposal to the General Assembly via the usual process and get consensus on the formation of their group. You must then be able to provide a link to the minutes or past proposal from the GA when consensus was reached. This link will be required in the form below.


We want your new group to succeed and we’re all here to help! The following resources are available to you to help you meet all the requirements listed above.

  • ComHub/Info is committed to supporting groups through this process. Please contact us at or (917) 524-8732
  • Charlotte’s Place, 109 Greenwich Street, Open Monday to Friday noon to 6pm. Computers open to the public.
  • Tech Ops Group. Meet Wednesday and Sunday, every week 6pm at 60 Wall Street or email them at  Help setting up email addresses, google voice phone numbers and NYCGA group web pages and group blogs.
  • New York Public Library, Fifth Avenue at 42nd Street, Open Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10am to 6pm, Tuesday and Wednesday 10am to 8pm and Sunday 10am to 5pm. Computer open to the public, one day passes available.

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5 Responses to “New Group Policy”

  1. zex

    I just submitted an application to the best of my ability. It offers a place to leave it blank if we still need to go before the GA however it would not let me submit the form without selecting a date. I selected yesterday since that is the day my working group had its 1st formal meeting. We are oping to go before the GA tonite.

  2. Caroline

    The group I submitted, Meet the 99, has not been approved by the GA… the last GA minutes are from March. Is there a new process? Also, I wanted to submit the group so I could post an event that’s happening tomorrow. Any way I can still post without a group?

    • DirekConek (aka Dallas)

      @caro327 re: GA and new group approval via that route – long story short, participation in GA was so low and meetings so dysfunctional that Facilitation came to the conclusion that GA was no longer serving the needs of OWS as a whole.

      As far as posting the event, please PM me the info and I’ll try to get that done for you.