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Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho to re-let the brightest of the people nothing less speculative idea, with the words of Mike Mussina has been signed for Chelsea dozens of people, but the recent Blues boss has a striking phrase, then, that is not the big bucks, This makes a lot of ideas into a beautiful empty of people, this and the UEFA Financial Fair is also related to the purposes of the bill, but focus more on existing talent and training young talent Chelsea actually more promising, but Mourinho’s first season is back can get the heavyweight championship   * juicy couture outlet * trophy harder to come by. Former Muslim era £ 70 million investment in the introduction of the players, and now only one person Xu Earle into the stadium renovation, in addition to many of the media speculation are buying big rumor, so if you do not cause big players Chelsea next season, the road will champion How much more than any other team winning rate? Everything depends on the excavation of existing staff and mobilization of potential energies.
Mourinho has always been afraid of challenges, previous generous, and now actually have to introduce restrictions on the ability of the test coach, and Mike Mussina never short on players mobilization capacity. High investment needs to adapt to the introduction of the players also need more proof of the value of strong performance, while enabling existing staff and will lease out the strength of the recovery is bound teenager Bo future better choice, these outstanding people who have proven their ability to return the ball team is bound to be more to the force.   * coach handbag outlet  * £ 17 million signed Xu Earle, sidewalks horse has been guaranteed demand, and now the rest of the filling center and midfielder, Cavani, Hulk both are big investment to the introduction of the players, compared to The latter is now down more adapted to Chelsea, while the former’s performance in the Confederations Cup to prove that he did not, as quoted value. Confederations Cup will end nearly two weeks of competition, I believe that this time will determine the performance of the players after the signings of the competition, and for Chelsea, it is estimated that after the Confederations Cup will be announced which players leave, the introduction of which players.


Uruguay 1:2 Spain watched the game, Cavani and a grade worse compared to Drogba, who singled out the World of Warcraft is one of an entire line of defense teams, Cavani face Ramos are no way to reveal the shortcomings of his breakthrough, and attack range is not large, but the impact and advantages Qiangdian tip did not play out, restricting him to become a stumbling block. Some respects even worse than Cavani recall Loukakou * baseball cap hat *  Loukakou impact force has proved himself in the Premier League, by contrast Cavani is obviously exaggerated player, able to adapt to the Premiership soil is unknown. Cavani match against Spain was tightly Chande Ramos Suarez performance is poor, it touches on the second half after Fran desperately, pitch changes, Cavani also does not seem so weak, and Nevertheless he did not offer a team accomplishment,
Instead, Suarez scored a goal opportunity by positioning the ball, we can see people on the Cup after Cavani’s expectations and aspirations will be reduced. Furthermore midfielder position whether there are better choices arrival is unknown, perhaps Mourinho believes that the existing players enough to qualify * cheap nfl jerseys *  him for this position needs. Mourinho at Real Madrid and Casey unpleasant, people worry about whether Chelsea will encounter the same problem as Mike Mussina disciplined management team, which will inevitably lead to Terry and Ashley Cole will be more attention to some. Recently because Cole and Leo met in a foreign country almost fight, so detrimental to the image of the things that the team would mind Mussina, so this point Cole is most important to note one.


This aspect of the other main players will not matter even bench players, just how good use of existing players is a problem. Oscar’s performance and position in the Confederations a change may give Mourinho more revelation, Future Star, and his talent is indeed worthy of recognition and reuse, but his body thin and there were several in the Premiership against disadvantage relative Buddha handsome than before or benitez, * manchester united jersey   *  Mike Mussina what changes actually deserves consideration. Torres has been declared not want to leave Chelsea, then for his arrangements also require more attempts, now the Federation of game he played little chance, even Mata playing time is not long, which for Mike Mussina to his considerations will be restricted until after the return to formal training Cup warm-up match in Canada may be the clappers moment, in short, things need to change Chelsea striker as early as possible, do not be quick once the season begins before airborne somebody.

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