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    • Toni Jean

      I guess you don’t recognize true Patriots when you see them…and you clearly have no compassion for those without a place to call home…..

      I’m lucky and financially comfortable- I dont have to pay attention or support OWS- but I do. It’s because of them- the real hardy committed Occupiers that we will see a better country for all !!
      So save your nasty remarks heartless remarks.

      Toni Jean

  1. Alexa

    Just a question from a curious follower of the movement, why are you all protesting and living in parks and churches instead of looking for jobs? Homeless shelters are available for those with no options, and there are places hiring. And those with jobs, why are you protesting rather than working? I don’t mean to offend, I’m just looking for answers from the people who would know best how to answer.

    • Bonnie

      Hi Alexa,
      First, if you are a “curious” follower of the movement I would suggest reading the paragraph on the right hand side of the OWS website. The paragraph begins” Occupy Wall Street is a leaderless resistance…”This paragraph gives a brief statement of why we(99%) are protesting. Second, homeless shelters are open to all who need a space to sleep.We should not be so quick to judge others if they are willing to sleep in a homeless shelter. If you have slept in a homeless shelter you would know that the protesters are not sleeping their for fun. Third, there are “some” places hiring but not everyone is trained in banking, hospital work or barista . Fourth, the people who are fortunate enough to have jobs believe there is a strong need for “change” and we are not waiting for a president or a leader to do the job.
      Finally, ask ‘yourself’ why are we protesting: hint… financial meltdown, congress not cooperating with each other, housing crisis, high unemployment, etc…If you want to look for answers I would suggest reading peer reviewed articles and reliable news about what is happening to America and the future. Good luck in your research.

    • kazar

      Further, given that if one is LUCKY one MIGHT find a place to live (owned by the 1%) for less than $2,000 per month in NYC (i.e., $24,000/year AFTER taxes just for rent), and that obtaining an apartment normally requires a credit check and employment information, and given that “places hiring” are paying maybe $10/hour (i.e., approx $18,200/year BEFORE taxes) … do you see the fallacy of your criticism? Aren’t you glad that there are people willing to uproot themselves from their homes, come to NYC and protest this sort of inequity? Might you want to reconsider your POV?

      • Smitty

        How about get a couple roommates… Everyone has to start somewhere… Also, you could start your own business, just sayin..

        • Lance Horne

          I have a couple roommates, have started and run my own business (and start-up capital, don’t forget, Smitty? I was lucky and still working off the debt), work about 10-12 hours a day, get paid for about 2 of them, Alexa, and offer what time and effort I can to the movement and those at #ows camps who are able to maintain a continuous vigilance and provide the media with a face of protest to my rights being stripped away: “…abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    • David Everitt-Carlson

      Alexa; Making the transition from ‘curious follower’ to active participant could answer all your questions. Once you’ve got some ‘skin in the game’, you’ll be better prepared to begin changing things for the better – if that’s what you want.

    • kevin renner


      I have a job. I took what time I could off from that job to travel 700 miles, and join the occupiers in Liberty Square (aka: Zucotti Park) just days before the police-riot/”eviction”. Why was I protesting rather than working? Would you ask, on a Saturday afternoon, why was I mowing my lawn, rather than working? The answer would be the same for both questions: it needs doing, and I could take time out from earning my living to do it, I’d skip the lawn for the protest, though (priorities, you know).

      As for those of us who don’t have jobs – if you think they should all be in competition with each other to get what inadequate employment the 1% are willing to offer – you really aren’t getting the point.

    • Ashley Anderson

      Lots of occupiers and organizers have jobs. Most of the ones that don’t would rather have one. Some choose to make it their unpaid job to help build a movement that can change society enough that those who want good jobs will be able to get them, and those who want to be self-sufficient can do that too. The assumption that all those who occupy and sleep in churches have no jobs or ambition is unfortunate.

    • Butterfly

      I would like to reply with an example. My husband recently left a freelance job at a non-profit institution that hires a crew several times a year. That org has recently fired a freelance employee because that person blew the whistle on the org for an illegal practice that is commonplace but not beneficial to the freelance employees. This practice for years has ensured that the freelancers would be paid as contractors instead of employees and, therefore, gave them no access to any benefits. This saved the org a lot of money – and made them quite angry when they had to change it and tow the line. This practice was approved by the board of the organization which has also approved high salaries for the director and other employees up the ladder, so to speak. My question is, why do the few people at the “top” of the organization deserve high salaries and benefits while the hard-working freelance crew is offered no benefits and a mediocre salary? It seems to me that this is why the folks at OWS are there.

      • Alane Blanch

        Great comment Butterfly. For many years I worked in museums and at universities. Many of those institutions follow these same practices of only offering part time work so they don’t have to offer benefits or decent salaries. At one university I worked at people would work 2 half time jobs but still not be able to get benefits and I also worked at a museum that called even full time workers “independent contractors” so they wouldn’t have to offer benefits or pay payroll taxes, etc.

    • Ame Johnson

      Dear Butterfly. Looking for job and be paid minimum wage (wage of corporate executives have 493% increased and min.wage continue to be the same, and prices of commodities + fuel prices has rocketed in the last few years- time of Bush/Cheney duo till now)difficult to survived, developed intellect working and living to feed corporate america- corporate america continue to have everything- many homes, jets, resort vacations, all sorts of cars and amenities and our voices gag for years on end working like non-humans feeding others with genetically modified foods in food chains? or starbucks?
      Students used up high student loans, educated to be employed, then have to work for big food chains which take away profit to their corporate coffers? does that make sense? feed the private corporations? why not evolve thru this OCCUPY MOVEMENT and come out STRONG, SOCIALLY ACTIVE, Corporate America is now scared, even REPUBLICAN Governors are being coached not to anger the OCCUPIERS for purposes of votes and elections. Some people have to continue doing this OCCUPY to unleash the wrath of the 99% , unearth and expose hidden rotten practices that deprive collective humanity from advancing to true Human Progress.

    • Gymnos Alithiea

      “Work!” as a solution requires first that there is a foundation of fairness. This is what is missing from this high Capitalist system of corruption and greed.

      Perhaps the question should be reversed: why work when you are only going to get screwed in the end? Why work for a home when it will simply be foreclosed or tagged for eviction so that the rent can be raised?

      These are difficult times, when the working class are street smart, and the 1% are creating ponzi schemes within the banking system, and we have no other recourse than to openly resist.

    • Toni Jean

      You clearly have not met many of the Occupiers- who are employed, highly educated, and financially secure and currently students. A group who has welcomed the unemployed, and homeless to show the rest of the world what real community and a real functioning govt should look like.

      Lastly, about jobs- clearly you dont read the Wall Street Journal or Bloomberg news- or read the newspapers….there are more than 6 people looking for every open job and most unemployed people do not have the skillset for most of the jobs open. There is a hudge massive disconnect with skillset and open jobs. For example- all the manufacturing jobs lost in the past several years ARE NOT COMING BACK- they moved to China. most manufacturing workers are not qualified for any high tech or computer jobs or nursing jobs ( which are the ones you see most advertised) nor do most people have the capacity to go back to college for 4 yrs to become a nurse or gain whatever degree necessary for those open jobs. This is just an example of the serious dynamic playing out in the job market. And i should probably notify you that Monster.com has been screening resumes to only include those who are currently working…(serious discrimination going on) So , not to offend you- but what planet have you been living on?

    • Sarah

      First of all Alexa, everybody involved with OWS has a job. They work within their respective groups serving the community that we’ve all created together. Those of us who had no options (many who graduated expecting they would find a job but instead were left with nothing but student loan debt/ those of us laid off who’s pensions and benefits evaporated/ those of us who’s homes were foreclosed on illegally by banks that had defrauded them, etc) came down because they were directly affected by the pervasive economic problems in our country and had every right to fight back. Others packed up and left their lives, their work, their families, because they believed in this cause so deeply that they simply couldn’t miss an opportunity to help change the world. And still more, like me, come down every chance they get, even though they work, even though they have families to care for, because they believe that we are all responsible for helping eachother. How can we call ourselves the human race if we have no humanity? All of us, regardless of our personal circumstances have basically picked up a second job serving the OWS community that we’re a part of. Think of it this way, if the crash in 2008 was just the beggining and circumstances in the world could possibly get A WHOLE LOT WORSE, who can we count on for help if not eachother? Someday, through no fault of your own, you too might be out of a job, homeless, hungry and needing the help of your community. And no matter who you are or what you happen to believe, OWS would have it’s arms open to you because that’s just what we do.

  2. Scott Galindez

    New York is the hub, Many came from out of town…the churches they are staying in are not shelters, they are providing space because they support the movement…

    Many encampments around the country are feeding the homeless and letting them stay in camp.

  3. organizerx

    question? I stayed at 86th chuch 2 nights last week, what does it mean for those who were on the orginal list? can I stay there when I travel down again or do I have to get my name on a list? Thanks for explaining…..

    • garrett

      You may contact me directly via housing hotline or in the atrium from 6-9 today. If you stayed at 86 in the last 5 days you should be there still, but check with me or attend an emergency housing at 330 pm at 60 wall to make sure. Good luck.

  4. Mary Jo Hawkins,

    I am trying to convince New Yorkers to be OWS Aunts and Uncles. If you have room, host an occupier on a long term basis. For older people, having a healthy young person in their homes could be a terrific advantage. I am a 66 year old mother of 4, big sister of 6, grandma of 5, aunt of 11, oldest of 45 first cousins. I am investigating setting up a host/occupier matching service. I would interview both parties, make suggestions, deal with problems, etc. Do you think that would make hosts less nervous?

    We are going to have to look beyond Manhattan. Housing is so expensive very few people have extra room. People are confused about geography. My home in Baldwin, Long Island (40 min. on LIRR) is easier to get to than many places in Queens or the Bronx. Why isn’t OWS money being used for transportation? People tell me Baldwin is too far, when I have been commuting form there at least 3 or 4 times a week with my 66-year-old arthritic knees.

    Let’s me honest. Some occupiers are unwilling to accept the necessity of following a host’s rules and would be unsuitable for any private apt. or home. Another problem is health care. From the beginning, it has disturbed we greatly we don’t know enough about the kids’ medical and psychological problems, what prescription meds they are on, what chronic conditions they have, etc. I see far too many scared, traumatized young people trying to take care of each other when they need adults, experienced parents, to look after them.

    • Mary Jo Hawkins,

      Sorry about the typos. I should go to bed. I will be at Zuccotti tomorrow in my usual red.

      • Apollo

        Hi this Apollo with OWS outreach, and im working on some of the issues about housing among other thing feel free to discuss your (I am investigating setting up a host/occupier matching service) idea, call comhub for phone contact info or email to canvess@hotmail.com. look forward to talking to you.

        • Mia

          Is this the Apollo that did the poem “march on” ? If so, I just wanna say, THANK YOU! It gives me much inspiration every time I watch it!” Love and solidarity from OccupySeattle!!

          • Annie Appel

            Hi Mia,
            I am going on a 3 week cross-country road trip starting in Portand Jan 15 to make portraits of the activists. I’ll be in Seattle Jan 19,20,21. Can I call/write you directly with some questions? Looking for a couch with an activist, for starters. See more about The Occupy Portraits at http://kck.st/sUAZzj and contact me at annie@documentingworlds.com if you
            can help introduce me around?
            Thanks, Annie A.

    • fitzgeraldam

      Mary Jo this would be a great service! Thank you for this idea. While I’m not obsessed with building new ground with too many ‘middle-men’, having open minded mentors and facilitators involved in sheltering for the long term movement could be real links-in-the-chain so to speak. Especially if a desire for more communal living situations builds within the consensus (for the many economic and ecological reasons to head that way) and also of course for next Spring when there will be more people coming out to continue the on-the-ground demonstration aspect of the movement. Websites which offer criteria to help hosts and guests find each other semi-directly based on their own felt needs seem to work well and can help people with easy access to the internet find their match. Perhaps we can use this as an online model? For people who don’t have the use of computers, etc., having a Person IRL to facilitate the arrangements I imagine could be great. What help would you need in getting this idea off the ground Mary Jo?

  5. otool

    I am looking for an accommodation for the next few days, I need no money, can do anything and everything like accommodation and good entertainment for a bin, Germany has yet to 05.12 but here again. ps, all translated with google but can speak and understand english well, and certainly. am a global psytrance artist.

  6. Brooklyn Steve

    I recently learned that Occupy Newark is willing to host occupiers and that they have vacant tents. Path train takes people right there….take train at World Trade Center stop to Newark….just requires a metro card….Military Park…Broad and Raymond Streets. Newark reps were in Zuccatti today offering assistance and encouragement to those who are willing to seek shelter in their camp.

  7. channing creager

    ok well i guess ill be walking to 86th st? why cant we get money for metro cards again or just metro cards period?

    • channing creager

      believe it or not DESPITE the half million we have gotten some of us actually have 0 dollars and 0 cents and possibly, like in my case, have already been caught going around the turnstyle

      • garrett

        We now have a metro card system! Contact Lauren 330 pm in atrium at 60 wall. Look for her blue hair. Goof luck.

  8. janessa browning

    Alexa is curious.,, well alexa, ive heard from homeless in ny city that in the shelters there, there are so many people, some end up sleeping in a chair at night.
    Their things get stolen. And most of the PERMANANT housing is given to quote “ethnic” people .
    They need to build more shelters. There are plenty of TEMPORARY displaced and normal unemployed people that just need some help at this time.
    Instead on a few people the 1% living in king like castles with 40 rooms and no one in them. Wouldnt it be nicer, to build more shelters.
    And of course personal responsibility like not getting pregnant when you have no money would be nice also. Use birth control.

  9. John Turmel

    Jct: In 1999 I paid for 39/40 nights in Europe with a timebank IOU for a night back in Canada worth 5 Hours registered at my own P2P timebank account for those IOUs at http://facebook.com/john.turmel?sk=info page listing my Offers, Wants, Hours given, Hours received. You could all do it too and have a database of every empty room in town in no time. Find UNILETS UNISET to see how I set mine. If the 99% start our own underground timebank and no longer need the money of the 1%, the 1% will have to get a job like the rest of us. Sadly, engineering your own accounts is usually beyond the ken of armchair philosophers.

  10. social worker in park

    park slope methodist church – the CORRECT address is 410 Sixth Avenue (Corner of 6th Ave. and 8th St)

    also, they will NOT store belongings there.
    (I left email and phone messages for housing to correct the info….)

    • social worker in park

      update – the church is now accepting people from 9:30 pm to 12 midnight, to be out by 7 am. it is not an all-night drop-in shelter, please respect the time boundaries.

  11. Kyla

    Metrocard funding was a big topic at GA tonight. Didnt the transport union express solidarity? Would they not be able to assist us with this issue? I realize it wouldnt be the whole thing, but they could surely make a dent to help us spare exorbitant costs going to MTA that would be associated with getting people safe to warm shelters? Not sure if it has already been explored, wanted to throw it out there.


    Dear Sir,
    We are Contracting Company in the U.K.
    we have Used Truck,Forklifter to donate to your Charity.
    But we Can not ship ,because will appreciate if you will be responsible for shipment to your Location.
    Kind Regards,
    Christopher Wilson.,

  13. Malcolm R Migacz

    Occupy Wall Street condones organized religious organizations , when it’s a fact that religion has a negative effect on humanity. Was this list approved by the Occupy Wall Street General Assemby ? If so, please direct to the approval information through the G.A. transcripts.

    • Enrico Petrucco

      Dear Sir,
      Without identifying my belief wrt religion surely you must realise the the good AND the bad functions that it serves in society.

      The context of the question you really raise is fundamentally against the core principles of a socially just community – People who want to communicate and get involved helping each other any way that they wish should NOT consider the prejudice that you presuppose.
      OR any other prejudice for that matter, we are The People, not Some People.

  14. Dan Chilton

    I have an empty apartment in our house that my wife and I might consider volunteering for OWS guest use:
    I briefly spoke to Loren (sp?) (green hair) at 60 Wall, and mentioned this.
    I liked her suggested list of rules visitors must adhere to, and I have some respect for her judgment.

    My wife and I live in StGeorge Staten Island, 10 minutes walk from the Staten Island Ferry.
    The ferry ride is a free 25 minute pleasant ride.
    Its 5 minutes from Wall Street.
    Metro card is not required. But we are on a bus route.
    45-55 minute travel time.
    We’re willing to consider guests without metaphorical baggage.
    Can’t cope with smoking, drug abuse mental health or behavioral problems.
    Will consider screened guests, who visit on a schedule, are at peace, and leave our place as they found it, and are dedicated to OWS.
    I Have WiFi to share.

    I’m saddened by the destitute, and needy, but we’re only willing to share our space with dedicated OWS folks who we feel will respect us and the space.


  15. Rev. Herbert Miller

    I’m the pastor of Park Slope United Methodist Church which is providing housing. First, I would like to find out how to correct some mis-information listed above. The first address for the church is correct, however, in the “directions” section the church address is listed incorrectly. The church is at 410 6th Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11215 (at the corner of 6th Ave. and 8th St.)

    Secondly, I’m wondering if there is a way to directly contact the housing group. Issues occur from time to time which are challenging to address because we have no clear point person or centralized information. Any information you can give me would be helpful. Our goal is to provide hospitable and safe temporary housing conducive to rest for those involved in OWS.

    • Annie Appel

      Hello, I’m coming to OWS from Occupy Los Angeles on a cross-country photo documentary trip and need a safe place to rest for 5 nights. Can I please contact you directly for more information? Thanks, Annie@documentingworlds.com

  16. steven Robinson

    We are introducing a new portable, structure, storage unit, shipping unit, all in one, and can function as a home, believe it or not.
    It can operate as a storage unit, portable office, permanent home, fits on a mobile home pad or the back of a flatbed truck.
    We would be interested in working to provide jobs to build these low cost units.
    I am presuming eventually this movement will span the country in every town, where each chapter should have an office in the heart of the towns where Wal Mart has otherwise gutted the economy and people need homes which are inexpensive, easy to build, and move. Can’t offer a church,. but the group should look into any vacated churches or buildings and work forming Not for Profit housing via the many groups across the country who cannot afford to staff hospitality temp housing to grow the group effort across the country.
    Call me at 314 220 2498 Steven

    • laguy

      Three days and no reply, not good at all. Hope somebody will get to you soon Dan.

  17. laguy

    Why not use “occupy our homes” or “occupy your foreclosure” to solve housing problem for the occupy movement members. Folks who can save their homes from foreclosure or who can move in to a newly repaired boarded up home, courtesy of the occupy movement, would be happy to let people camp out in their front yard or even lend a room or two with free use of showers and bathrooms, I would think.

  18. Jay

    Is there anyone looking to house OWS people in vacant/abandoned buildings? There are tons and tons of such spaces in NYC with a lot of potential for serving not just as housing, but also meeting and work space.

  19. Roy Sharkey

    I worked non-union construction for 30 years and all I have to show for it is a broken body. No paid vacations, no paid sick days, no holiday pay. I want to help get the message out there that the Corporate Elite’s system doesn’t reward people for working hard. That was propaganda back in the day to get people to work hard out of pride. But, where is the pride in working as hard as you can and still not be able to take care of your children the way you think they deserve? The people that run corporations don’t look at us as people, it’s a numbers game to them. We’re tools on a shelf to use when they need us. Then, when we are injured, get sick or get old they want to throw us away. It’s uncivilized. We need to educate people on how unfair and un-American our system has become. It’s not natural to be so cold-hearted. I don’t understand how anyone in this country could not see what’s happening. We need change . That’s why I’ve spent most of my time since Oct. 1st fighting the iron grip the Corporate Elite have on our election system – as well as our financial system. I work as hard as I can to bring about awareness. I believe this is our last chance to do something about it…