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This is the official website of the working groups which comprise the New York City General Assembly. Together we work to organize and set the vision for the #occupywallstreet movement.

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New York City General Assemblies are an open, participatory and horizontally organized process through which we are building the capacity to constitute ourselves in public as autonomous collective forces within and against the constant crises of our times.

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Join us for actions, skill shares, workshops, and working group meetings.

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Working groups are autonomous collections of people (just like you) who work on a wide range of projects and topics.

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Occupy Wall Street is powered by people. Do you see a way to make a positive difference? Are you fed up with the current system and want to make your voice heard? Have a good idea about how we can do something better? We want you to join us, we want you to be one of our many leaders.

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NYCGA.net is maintained by the NYCGA Tech Ops Working group. All work is done by volunteers and equipment and operating expenses are donated or paid for with donated money approved by the General Assembly. Design and policy decision are made by consensus within this group and brought to the larger movement for consensus as needed. To get involved with the design or operation of NYCGA.net, participate in the forum or join one of our open meetings.