Year 2 Visioning:

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Hi all,

Hope everyone is fully recovered from the Occupy the Barclays Center
actions. Thanks so much to everyone who came out and supported the

It seems like we have a gap in time where there are no major actions going
on, and I was hoping that we could use that time to have a serious
discussion about the group’s first year and our year two mission,
priorities, and projects.

We have our regular meeting tomorrow, 7pm at 60 Wall Street. I know that a
lot of folks have conflicts, and it’s difficult to get to the meetings, but
I am really hoping that folks who are interested in working together in
year two can make it out to this one. If you can’t, it would be really
awesome if you could answer the questions below with a line or two each.
Feel free to add any other questions, concerns, directions, or thoughts
you’d like to see addressed. We will definitely take and post notes.

–what has been successful with the music working group in year one?
–what could we have done better with the music working group i in year one?
–what coalitions have we successfully built within NYC Occupy, NYC, and
the world?
–what coalitions would we like to build in year two?
–what should our priorities for year two be as a group?
–what kinds of actions/education/discussions/training can help us support
these priorities?
–what models do we have for economic sustainability within our group and
NYC occupy?

Below is our “year one annual report.” Surely there are missing
actions/events, so if you have those, please share the memory so we can
make a more accurate portrait of our year.

All best,

Became a working group
Participated in Occupy Lincoln Center

Organized and performed at Occupy Broadway

D17 WBAI live broadcast during Duarte Square action

J15 MLK riverside church music and vigil

Occupy Guitarmy Performance
at Music For Occupy album launch

May Day Occupy Guitarmy march and concert

Performed and lead marches at the National Gathering
99 Mile March from Philadelphia to New York City
Perform at the Arlo Guthrie 100th anniversary concert for Woody Guthrie,
Central Park

Free Pussy Riot actions at the Russian Consulate and Russian Orthodox Church

S13: Justice for Ramarley Graham March (8am)
S16: Spectra Frack Pipeline Blast Zone March (10am)
S17: 99 Corners, 9am-9pm
S28: Occupy Barclays Arena, 4-7pmpm

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