WOWs Meeting Minutes 5-20-12

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These are a very informal recollection by Mel G since formal notes were not taken during the meeting.

Present; Christina D, Lorena, Liza, Janet, Marie, Mel G

We discussed Jodi and Kathleens emails. Wanted to find ways to make WOW more supportive for ALL.  Christina says it feels unsupportive to her and others.

People seem not that interested in keeping WOW going.  Some are, but cannot commit much time.  Liza says people have been leaving the movement for many reasons.  And offered the possibility of this happening because it was engineered by forces that are trying to disrupt it.

Mel G says preferred gender pronoun and other unfamiliar language was also a reason people have not felt comfortable in WOWs early on and many left.

Christina says she feels she is being shut down.  And that Mel G is directly responding, not letting what Christina says just be, being defensive.

Mel g. – “working daily for months to make FemGA happen makes me resentful of those who come later and try to change things”.  Kathleen’s decision not to talk about her concerns privately has caused Mel G a lot of heart ache.  Kathleen also attempted to publicly shame Ravi and Christine (from accounting) before.  Radical feminist space is really about supporting each other not calling people out in public before giving them a chance to be aware of and understand concerns.

Liza: Mel you’re not a racist.  People who take on leadership and many tasks are always attacked.  This is most likely orchestrated.  Many good people left the mvmt because we tolerated disruption/abuse for so long.  Like an abusive relationship.  People who behave this way have made navigating Poc caucus difficult as well.

Lorena wants to be able to move on and past this kind of challenge.  Can’t be there every week but needs this kind of space.

Mel G – One of the biggest challenges for WOWs is regularity of mtg space and taking of responsibility for recording.  No institutional memory.

Janet feels it would be horrible to disband WOWs. It is much needed.  Also can’t be at every mtg, but needs to know its there.  Wants to be sure everyone feels supported.  Also found a lot of the movement ageist and abusive. Exclusive for cliques who are unsupportive.

Marie didn’t think WOWs was necessary, just the FemGA mtgs.  But only came recently and came late to the mtg.  Wasn’t clear that FemGA was a project of WOWs.

Mel offered to make a list of duties/tasks and hand out contact sheets from FemGA.

Meanwhile Maureen waited for us at Ghandi her text did not arrive till later.  :(

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