WOW mtg minutes 4/8/12

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Present; Ris, Marie, Mel G

We mostly just chatted, and discussed some ideas for the Fem GA.  Made a list of the things that need deciding;
-Decision about location
-Art, music, performance:  should we have this? what/who should we have?
-Experts to invite

We talked about the possibility of a pinata, maybe some kind of banner, umbrellas with a logo …

We discussed asking the planning group to think about the answers to some of these questions before Thursday’s meeting.  Still looking for input about this blurb:
“We invite all feminists to a General Assembly on May 17th, 2012.  Our hope is to draw many local organizations that work on issues related to feminism.  As the “War on Women” rages on, it’s time for us to join together in support of each other.  It’s time to amplify our voices, and empower each other.  This Fem GA will be the first of what we hope will become an ongoing tradition nation-wide.  We will be soliciting suggestions for topics and questions to be discussed at the Feminist General Assembly.  Looking forward to hearing yours!”

We also discussed the location of WOW meetings, and decided that the North side of Union Sq is a much better, more visible location, and that we really need a sign or banner so that people can find us.

Thanks, and see you guys on Thursday!
Mel G

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