WOW Minutes 4/1/12

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Tonight’s meeting was very inspiring, especially towards the end.  We had a small one at first where we decided on the agenda for the Feminist GA planning meeting coming up this Tuesday.

Larisa made a Feminist Glossary pamphlet we can hand out.  It’s very thorough, and has space in the back for additions.  Thank you Larisa! Stephanie volunteered to help make copies, and we are hoping others can help with that as well.

There was a brief discussion about moving our meetings to Union Sq now that it’s getting warmer, and that seems to be where everyone is (60 Wall was eerily quiet, and dark).  If it rains, we can meet upstairs at Whole Foods, or in any number of other cafes in the area.  We didn’t make any decisions, and hoped we could do this in our google group.

We had some unexpected guests.  Lisa from Visions and Goals, who will be joining us at the planning meeting on Tuesday, brought another member of that WG.  Yay!  One of our visitors, Marta, brought Julietta from Bolivia, who told us about her group “Mujeres Creando”  She will be speaking on Wednesday at NYU.  Her group has had a Feminist Assembly for the last 11 years!  We were delighted to hear about her experience, and to have Marta translate for us.

One metaphor these women use is that community is like a body.  And when they speak with men, they explain that a body needs two eyes to see.  Opposition against women is opposition to a part of one’s own body.  They demonstrate this by asking them to close one eye, and showing that it is impossible to then see the whole picture.

Julietta will be joining us at our planning meeting on 4/3/12.

We also spoke about the need for a Women’s Army, even if it means redefining what the word “army” means to us, AND to the world.  We spoke about the need to reach out to labor, and that women have been doing most of the organizing in labor lately.

Feminism is a struggle of all women all over the world.  We want to define what that struggle means to us.  In Bolivia, they had a patriarchy that was less detrimental before the “invaders” came and brought a more severe form pf patriarchy, which also oppressed the indigenous men.  SO it is evident that we have to fight all systems of oppression in the world.

Great to have visitors bringing wisdom.

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