WOW Minutes 3/6/12

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Amelia proposed streamlining WOW so that we can get more done and
alleviate meeting burden.  She proposed leaving direct actions to
affinity groups and reserving WOW for caucus-type activities, which
would include Fem GA, manifesto, declaration.  No banner necessary.
We discussed the feasibility of changing to purely on-line
communication or one meeting per month, but Mel G found that we need
to meet at least once a week to meet the minimum requirements of a
caucus.  And we acknowledged the benefit of face-to-face contact.
Sunday meetings only were consensed upon as that has been the day with
better attendance.  We will still need one or more Tuesday meetings
for Fem GA planning.  Mel G will revise our schedule on the nycga

Mel G also volunteered to lock down a space for Fem GA planning
meeting on Tuesday, March 20, 6:30 PM.  (Fem GA is still planned for
May 17). Simran will recirculate list of local groups to invite and
spreadsheet to record who is contacting which group.  Please pitch
in!  We clarified that the planning meeting is to provide input on the
agenda & structure of the GA, not the logistics.  We don’t want
outside invitees to think we’re asking them to do our work.

We consensed upon adopting Larisa’s beautiful and witty logo of the
dancer on the Wall St bull statue.

For the March 8 encuentro hosted by Movement el Barrio, Larisa will
provide hand-outs.  Simran will send PJ fallback design of previous

Mel G brought up the idea of combining our celly with the Hollaback
model of taking photos of offensive male behavior.  We decided that
wasn’t necessary as it would only mean circulating the photos amongst
ourselves and not posting them publicly as Hollaback does.  But we
will ask Hollaback for advice on how to promote our celly and vice

Maureen proposed that we come up with recommendations for the
Grievance Council regarding response to rape.  She will start a list
of possible recommendations.

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