WOW Minutes 3/4/12

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Present; Maureen, Denise, Larisa, Mel G

Meetings (frequency)
Logo final decision

For the Encuentro we decided we would have some handouts that Larisa said she would put together.  Maureen offered to make copies.  Here are the things we decided we should include in them.
-Mission statement (from NYCGA)
-Description (from NYCGA)
-Our contact info – main email, google group, twitter, FB page, nycga address/blog
Larisa thought it might be nice to have a glossary, and allow folks to add to it there are the Encuentro.  She also offered to video tape the Encuentro.  (yay)

We discussed our logo, and decided to go with the one Larisa made, and we have been using.  We all agreed that it was appropriate to have one made by one of us, rather than a professionally outsourced one.

We also discussed the idea of having one meeting instead of two per week, and agreed we should have two since there are some who can’t make it to Sunday’s meeting.

We also had a conversation about MRG and decided that it should be an option for specific projects, especially since they are not really part of OWS, but are trying to help.

Maureen mentions that Occupy Patriarchy had a meeting about Patriarchy FOR MEN.  She also brought up a concern that measures should be taken to specifically prevent rape, and that we should make a list of concerns to present to the folks meeting about the topic formerly known as Grievance Council.  This brought up the topic of the community agreement, and we had a short discussion about the amendment to the word “nonviolence”, and why we had blocked it.  We were very concerned that this would set a precedent and that our concern was being dismissed.  Larisa points out that it doesn’t have to be a legal document to be binding for all in the community since we consented to it.

Maureen has a great idea for an action where she would remake covers of magazines with slogans that say what the model might REALLY be thinking, or that allude to the subtext.

Denise wants to show Terry Richardson that the world is watching and bring stickers where we can write all kinds of things and stick them on his ads.  (One of his ads is currently in the windows of Equinox)

Larisa said she would put our description in a google doc. (I can’t remember now what this was)

Maureen shared about meetings where men ask for her number, but don’t make clear why.  Maybe we can use the idea we had a while back (Kathleen?) about handing them a WOW card instead.  Either with quirky responses, or with a made up WOW email address, where Denise suggested we can turn it into a Tumbler account, and let the world see the emails that are sent.

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