WOW Minutes 3/25/12

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Hi All. Here are the (unofficial) meeting notes from last weekend. Sorry for the delay on them.

We briefly discussed the Spring Awakening Event and I said I would follow up with WOW over email. (I will send an email response to the original email that went around about this).

Celeste had some concerns about the last planning meeting:
She didn’t like that the warm up exercise had been changed after we had agreed upon one
She does not want the fem GA to be a typical Zucotti GA
She does not think this GA should be about ows feminist problems
She thought we would have had more done at the first planning meeting and is concerned we don’t have enough resources to have too many meetings for this
We discussed an agenda for the next planning meeting – subject to everyone’s feedback:
Brief introductions (just name, gender pronoun, organization) – 10 minutes
Breakout groups – 1 hour
structure (setting the agenda/facilitation)
logistics (like finding space)
outreach/media & messaging (we lumped these two together but we can separate them if everyone thinks they should be separate)
Report backs from break outs (30 minutes)
Next steps/anything left over (20 minutes)


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