WOW Minutes 3/18/12

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Present at jail support – 60 Wall was closed – Celeste, Larisa, Ris, Simran, Mel G

We mostly concentrated on the agenda outline for our planning meeting tomorrow.  Plus, we got to really use our celly system to make sure everyone knew where we were once we learned that the Atrium was closed.

(My aside is that if there is a war on women, we should start gathering our army/protection.  I know this is language that some might have suggestions or edits for, and would love your help with that.)  A copy of our collective notes on this topic lives here:

Simran agreed to do the intro, welcome, and a bit about some of our language (GA, DA, twinkles, stack, etc…) as well as a brief description of WOW, its history, and how the Fem GA idea came about, and a brief reading of our Community Agreements (1st sections only). – 7 minutes will be allocated to this section.

Followed by a quick go around the room to introduce everyone and their affiliation. – 10 minutes or less

Mel G will then lead a fun, interactive, quick exercise to break people into groupings according to (feel free to add edit here please)
-(perceived) class
-borough the org mainly works in
-age of org
-issues they work on.

reproductive rights
Street safety (harassment and safe rides)
young women (I would change this to something like”youth issues” MG)
gay rights
minority women/Immigration issues – MG
older women (I would change this to something like “elders” – MG) – 5 – 8 minutes

Simran – Stephanie – anyone else who wants to take part – Break out groups if there are more than 10 of us, or stay in large group. – 45 mins

What do you envision a Fem GA to look like
What goals would you like a Fem GA to achieve
What types of organizations should we be inviting
What specific organizations should we reach out to that are not already here
What steps do we need to take before the Fem GA to make it successful
How big do you envision the Fem GA to be (do we want to get masses of people or have something more intimate?)
Where would you like to see this General Assembly be held?

Next steps discussion (15 minutes);
– Ask people to reach out through their own network of orgs (depending on our decision about size of GA)
– Contact info to add to our list
– Suggest dates for our next planning meeting (we decided there should be no more than 3 total leading up to May 17th)
– Announcements from anyone who has any (1 minute or less each)
– Volunteers to facilitate next planning meeting and suggestions for agenda items.

Close – Mel G (this is a suggestion I didn’t get to throw in yesterday.  Let me know how you feel about it) Pass the pulse while holding hands in a circle or unity clap. –  1-2 minutes

Our friend and fashion designer, Priti Bali came by to talk to us about whether we might like to have a fashion show with her portable runway.  She will type up her pitch, and send it to me.  I believe her goal was to help us with fundraising.

Mel G

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