WOW Minutes 2/28/12

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In attendance:  Mel G, Evangelina, PJ, Amelia (partial)

1)  Report back on 24 hour knit in Liberty Square Planning Meeting:

–  event planned for 24 hrs starting 5 PM the eve before May Day
–  will have teach-ins ahead of event
–  includes both knitting and crochet
–  encouraging people to bring items they’ve made in advance that can
be connected at the event,  then separated back out and donated
–  asking for donations of yarn

2) Report back from OMG Meeting last Sunday night  (now someone will
ask me what OMG stands for & I can’t remember but it is the small
group of interested people with big money, e.g. Ben & Jerry’s – now named ) :

Mel G and Evangelina both attended, but not together.  Which was
unfortunate because Evangelina had the bad luck to be sitting next to
a man who muttered loudly whenever a woman was speaking.  It became so
irritating that she got up and left.  If she had been on the,
Evangelina could have called Mel G and any other WOW members in the
vicinity to join her and surround Mr. Mutter Nutter.

Mel G. found the experience frustrating in another way because we’re
trying to change the paradigm in our country to cooperation instead of
competition, and this sets up a competition to see who gets funding to
do that.  Proposals for funding are to be submitted to OMG by March
15.  Of course some people in OWS want nothing to do with corporate
money, even from benevolent parties, but Mel G points out that at
least with OMG there’s a degree of transparency not present with many
affinity groups.

3)  Meeting Attendance and WOW Purpose:

Mel G proposed that since we have such poorly-attended meetings, we
could instead rely heavily on online communication and scale back in-
person meetings to once a month.  (She will check to make sure that we
still qualify as a caucus with a once-a-month meeting.)  Amelia stated
that she feels direct action planning should not be a function of WOW
and agrees with Mel G that WOW can perform as a caucus best by
standing together to make a visible presence at events.  (To that end,
we still need a banner!)  PJ suggests that if we go the once-a-month
meeting route, it would be important to change the Google Group
default setting back to “Respond to All” to encourage transparency and
participation.  (To control the flood of emails, PJ recommends that
people switch to Digest rather than receiving individual emails and
rely on for urgent messages.)  Meeting just once a month and
not planning direct actions are major decisions that require input.
Please respond!

4)  Fem GA:

Fem GA would still be considered an appropriate event for our caucus
even if we adopt changes proposed in #3.  But now there is a problem
with the May 17 target date – it falls smack in the middle of G8
Summit.  June 17th was suggested as an alternative, but that is
Father’s Day, which poses another set of problems.  What date do
people think would work?

Participation in planning the Fem GA appears to be limited to Simran,
Mel G, Stephanie, and PJ.  3 of those people are hampered by full-time
jobs.  Does it sound reasonable to write a group proposal to OMG that
Mel G be provided with a stipend of $300 – 400 weekly to allow her to
work full-time at setting up the Fem GA?  Can we get wider
participation in planning the Fem GA from other WOW members?

5)  Social Outing this Friday, March 2:

It has been proposed that our outing take place at 9 PM, and set in a
venue on Smith St. or Court St. in Brooklyn, to allow for attendance
at very important discussion regarding grievance council from 6:30 – 9
PM, 110 Schemmerhorn.

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