WOW Minutes 2/12/12

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Big doings, folks!

Stephanie elaborated on the conversation she had with Hollaback, a
group we chose to work with in solidarity.  I’m going to refer readers
to Stephanie’s earlier email that beautifully lays out their plans and
suggestions as to how we can collaborate.  We will connect Hollaback
with Occupy Jackson Heights for their audit of street harassment
there.  Ravi explained an Occupy Map phone app that might be useful in
the Jackson Heights audit.  She offered to talk to Hollaback about it
in case they didn’t know how to twitter a sighting or incident
location and have it appear on a map.

We agreed that we should be a presence at Hollaback’s March 18 – 24
week against harassment.

We’re also in favor of establishing contact with other groups on the
list Stephanie compiled, both to identify actions we could join in
solidarity and to recruit those groups for Feminist GA.  Stephanie
will maintain contact with Hollaback, Mel G will get in touch with
Planned Parenthood, PJ will reach out to NARAL.  Plenty left on the
list for others . . .

For March 8, National Women’s Day, Ravi suggested that we join in
solidarity with Movimiento El Barrio.  They are well organized and
have something planned (unlike us!).  We agreed that was a fine idea.
(I think Ravi volunteered to follow up on this, but it isn’t in my
notes.  Am I correct, Ravi?)

We’re thinking that we are nowhere near close enough to staging a
Feminist GA for March 8.  May is more likely, but since we’d like to
do it before Mayday, in preparation for Mayday, we’re aiming for mid-
April.  Suggestions are sought for space in which to hold the Feminist
GA.  Bluestockings came up as a possible location.  A WOW field trip
to a Bluestockings event some night was proposed.

As for Mayday, we foresee marching together as a pink bloc or a purple
bloc (as opposed to the black bloc).

Which ties into Mel G’s urging that we find a way to watch each
others’ backs, a system of coming to each others’ rescue both for
daily trials and tribulations and during actions such as a Mayday
march.  We were told about a celly loop where one text message can go
out to a group, but that requires twitter.  Does that include enough
people?  We started building a phone tree.  Emergency contact lists
for WOW members to have accessible to one another is an item for an
upcoming meeting.  During actions, the suggestion was to blow a
whistle to draw WOW members to a particular situation.  In the case of
an offensive individual, we could then surround the offender and blow
bubbles or don clown noses.

Marissa spoke of a very important meeting planned for February 19th,
at 16 Beaver St.  It is going to be a discussion about power,
privilege, and access to resources within the movement.  This is a
move to identify the REAL hierarchy.  People working for other
movements are being paid to participate in OWS.  Please try to attend
this meeting!

And we had a titillating discussion about                         –
which cannot be repeated here, but will be continued at Tuesday’s
UnValentine Meeting!

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