WOW Meeting notes Thursday, Dec 8th, 2011

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I. Introduce New People
II. Agenda Items
A. Self-Defense workshop
1. One 3-hour workshop for up to 24 ppl to be held 12/18 @
Pace University by Annie from Center for
Anti-Violent Education
a. due to Annie’s availability, she cannot do any
trainings for all of January
2. Workshop to address both physical self defense and verbal
de-escalation techniques
a. please inform Annie on our Google Groups or at the
Wednesday 12/14 meeting of your OWS
experiences that could shape the workshop (i.e. unsafe
space, assault, etc.)
3. do a processing/follow-up after workshop to discuss what
was effective/helpful, and decide if we’d like
to have another later when Annie is available
4. Bring proposal to G.A. for $300 for the cost of the

B. Momentary Interruption from Demands Working Group
1. WOW was invited to be part of a Solutions Cluster. If
interested, there is a meeting on Sunday 12/11 at
4PM @ Liberty Plaza/Zuccotti Park near the red structure
C. Proposed Amendment to the Declaration
1. removed “on a weekly basis” and added “girls” (discussed
the inclusion of ‘children’ or ‘girls’)
2. We consented to present the following as the WOW proposed
amendment to the Declaration of OWS:

“They deny women socio-economic and political equality and autonomy
over their bodies, and they oppress women through commodification,
sexual exploitation and violence, thereby denying women and girls the
ability to reach their full potential.”
3. Send the proposed amendment to the Declaration to all
working groups for feedback.
a. Leave the comment/feedback period for 1 week after
sharing & discuss feedback at a WOW meeting
with the understanding that we do not have to
necessarily change the amendment based on this
b. include in the message/email to the working groups that
we are constructing a manifesto in which
theĀ  hows of what we highlight in the amendment can
and should be written and expanded on
D. Manifesto
1. what is the manifesto? a living document that declares our
shared values and principles as WOW
2. share and post examples of historical manifestos on Google
3. take our time to give this discussion and co-creation of
the living document our best

E. Report Back from Spokes Council meeting
1. importance of storytelling
2. unsafe space
3. we can come together!
4. very moving, emotional, cathartic

F. Future Agenda Items
1. National Day of Action for Reproductive Rights

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