WOW Meeting notes November 27th, 2011

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-Mikey stopped by from Justice in El Barrio to confirm that some members of our group are interested in attending their action Dec. 4th. We have an email in the google group with that info, so please email them if you are interested because RSVPing is the only way to get tickets/find out the location.

– Our first Agenda item was suggested by Susan. Her proposal is to amend the Occupy Wall Street Declaration of Independence to include a statement (or multiple statements) about the oppression of women. We read over the wording she is currently using in the proposed amendments and debated both the content, and whether or not we want to amend at all.

– it was decided as a group that we shall put the amendments Susan has been working on up as a google document, Larissa B volunteered to do that, so they will be open source and editable by members of the WOW google group. We also discussed the idea of after we’ve agreed on the wording, we could put the amendments out to other groups, such as POC or Immigration to see if they have anything to add to our amendment about the oppression of women. The other statements made in the declaration were short so there was some discussion of trying to keep our amendment short as well.

-Our second agenda item was also proposed by Susan, and it was a discussion of how to make women more visible as the public face of Occupy Wall Street.

– we discussed the idea of approaching the Media and/or Press working groups to discuss this with them, and how women could be more equally represented in media portrayals of OWS.

– Mel G informed us she has been approached by a working group within the press/media umbrella about joining and helping them specifically because she was a woman, and a member of WOW. She was asked by members of WOW to give us report backs from time to time about her work with that group.

-Mel G then shared a story about disempowerment/intimidation of a woman within our own movement, similar stories were than shared by others leading to a discussion of what to do about oppression within our movement.

– It was suggested that perhaps we take part in or attempt to organize some training sessions for women on Self Defense, Deescalation, and Assertiveness, to help us be able to better deal with these situations.

-It was also suggested that this training could allow us to deal with times when we as a movement are silenced, such as when we are having/attending a rally and someone disrupts it with messages of hate, as has happened.

And that pretty much covers it, hope to see everyone at the meetings/Spokes Councils this week!

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