WOW Meeting Minutes – Wednesday, 12/7/2011

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WOW Meeting Minutes – Wednesday, 12/7/2011

Agenda – we agreed on this agenda @ the meeting

  • Housing Report Back
  • Self Defense/Anti Aggression Training
  • Facilitation Report Back
  • Amendment to the Declaration
  • Women and Media
  • Principles


Julia, Amelia, Mel G, Ris, Larisa H, Chelsea, Simran, Kathleen


Housing Report Back

Julia let us know that she’s been working with housing.  There are some new possibilities.  The community is encouraged to participate in identifying solutions and helping – anyone with an idea please join and help do something about it.


Self Defense

Mel G let us know she spoke with Annie and multiple sessions seem hard to schedule.  The group tonight recommended one training and and then to share skills and transfer knowledge to the community.

We agreed to finalize the description Thursday and Submit to the on Friday to bring to the GA Saturday.


Pace is available 12/18

One three hour session (we think it’s the same amount: $200)

WOW shares this info with the community in workshops or teach-ins


Facilitation Report Back

We interrupted the agenda add this time sensitive topic.  Mel G described that Facilitation planned to step back from facilitating the 12/7 Spokes Council.


Amendment to the Declaration

We discussed it a bit but it didn’t seem the right time to word smith it.  We agreed to continue editing online and on this plan:

  • Noon Thursday 12/8 is the deadline for all edits
  • Thursday 12/8 – post this in the WOW forum the alert all groups on the site that WOW plans to propose this addition to the declaration at an upcoming GA and invite them to provide feedback & comments from Thurs – Sunday

We agreed to set up a WOW email.  Amelia is investigating one at or we’ll set up a google account (something like WOW@ or wownycga@ or wowlibertysq@)


Women and media

Julia proposed handling our own media.  We love this idea. We write and publish our own press releases. Could involve video.   The idea is to set up a WOW Media sub-group to start on this.

Sub group first meeting:  5:30 Thursday @ 60 Wall St and also Sunday at a time to be determined.



Please reach out to construction & electrician people in your networks to see if any would be willing to help with Homes in East NY and Housing.



We didn’t have time for this but want to keep it on the agenda.  The idea is principle/values that would be a framework for decision making and empowering all WOW to be decision makers.



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