WOW 1st meeting on Women in Media 12/8/11

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We discussed how men seem to be dominating the media in OWS.  and decided we’d start making our own media.

-We should make a film centered on women and female identified individuals in OWS. (Women of the 99% was one suggested title)

-We also discussed having a computer set up at 60 Wall allowing people to tell their stories.  We’d have to find a way to have someone there to monitor this activity. This way we wold be able to get to know more people, which would help the movement organize.

-A suggestion was made to approach women already in high positions in the mass media to get their input, as well as their coverage.

-Sarah will share her list of women in media with the group.  Then we can reach out to them together.

-Someone mentioned there was a group called “Occupy Patriarchy”.  Here is the link  “This website is a project of the Feminist Peace Network, begun and authored by FPN Director Lucinda Marshall and feminist scholar and activist Kathy Miriam.”

-We mentioned we should get in touch with the Village Voice, and Politico

-Our own Mel B was in a Huff Post article.

-These are the tasks that were delegated;

1. Ris will look up press release samples that we can work from

2. Susan will make a list of press contacts and look into how to get published in the Occupied Wall St Journal

3. Julia will begin filming women and their stories, reactions, etc… to OWS

4. Kathleen will get in touch with tech to check in about the ways they can help us spread the word.

5. Julia, Ris, (maybe Alexis?) will begin building a WOW website to house all the info/media we gather.


(minutes by Mel G)

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