Worksession Assembly Note 8-10-12

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August 10, 2012 (Notes)

Meeting started @7:20pm (Liberty Plaza)


18 In Attendence


Reportbacks/Announcements- Stop and Frisk- Ali, Open Spaces-(Accounting and NYCGA)-Sandy Naz Sunset Park, Joseph, Occupy Gracie Mansion and Stop and Frisk action, Red Hook, Buswhick, Astoria/LIC Town Square,  – Updates from Film Night Occupy Astoria/Long Island City-Sumumba, S-17- Ethan working with Comfort S17 International Convergence on facebook…Kitchen reportback, Leticia helps with kitchen, Ethan meeting with Bill about feeding people for September 17th.

Values-Review-VBC- Sumumba working on bringing all the values, ethics and principles togther

Proposals-Meeting with Occupy Union Square next Friday(consensed)  Conference of the Occupies (tentative consensus-specifics released next week) Fund Buttons/T-shirts (specifics tabled) Accountability/Activity Sheet (presented no consensus) Open Spaces- Sumumba, Solidarity with Money Out/Voters In AG no representatives showed up-tabled). Consenus given to solidarity statement for both Occupy Trinity and Union Square.

Upcoming Actions-march on labor-day, voting and getting money out of politics theme September 3, 2012. Rally 10am-11am 12-12:30 Cadman Plaza occupy subway 12:45@Clark St. St. George Hotel … Solidarity with Bum Rush The Vote- statement (consensed upon)  Sumumba -Letter of thanks to Donators (tabled) -March to Labor Day-

$66.00 raised at meeting-29.oo toward Metrocard the rest toward Banner and Buttons, Miscellaneous.

*Presentation-a NEW direction for OWS (tabled)

Symposium-Sandy (tabled)

Open Floor/ soap box-Various people spoke primarily about logistics of labor day march see (Upcoming Actions) for logistics

-Next Meeting-To be held at Union Square as a Occupy Union Square (General Assembly)

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