Working Group Meeting Minutes 2/5/12

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Working Group Meeting Sunday, 2/5/12 6PM 60 Wall St

In attendance: Frances, Jaime, Danny, James

No formal facilitation

  • Tucson Update
    • All of the publishers and living authors have been contacted. Donations should be arriving shortly
    • Consented on NOT marking books with OWSL as they are for the students and teachers of Tucson and not for OWSL
    • Word Up Event set and scheduled for March 1. Who will be speaking? How do we get the word out to Spanish speaking community? Contact OWS En Espanol allies and Occupy Writers allies to line up speakers and participants. Also contact Outreach to print flyers for event.
    • Sunset Park wants to have a book bomb drop off event as well. Contact Sunset Park GA to discuss good locations for action.
    • Transportation and storage for books after book donation events? Contact Nathan for possible van rental assistance.
  • SIS Supplies
    • Where did all of our bins go? Missing all ten bins and lids purchased for D17 Action
    • Two shopping carts missing
    • Down to one working hand truck. Consented that handtruck should not be removed from SIS. Is only for moving books to and from the building. Shopping carts should be taken on outside actions. Should we buy more shopping carts? Perhaps lock them in SIS/Chained to bookshelves so only librarians can remove them?
  • Un-Oppressive Non-Imperialist Bargain Books on Carmine St in West Village
    • James working on cleaning out the back of store. Could use assistance
    • Should be a great spring/summer hideout location. They have a backyard! Backyard book parties!

This was a quick meeting. Thanks all!

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