Working Group Meeting Minutes 1/29/12

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Present: Charlie-Minuites, Darah, Germ, Marcy/OccuMom, James-Facillitator, Chantel, Colin,
Jim Drougas (unoppressive’s owner)
Agenda:Should we move part of the OWSL into
Unoppressive nonimperialist Bargain Books at 34 Carmine Street?
We call several other Librarians and begin discussions.
Reponse is overwelmingly positive. Unopressive wants a copy of the bull poster
to advertise our presence.
We agree to move the Washington park books in.
We agree to take Donations in the name of OWSPL to go to Unoppressive’s rent.
Marcy volunteers to help raise funds.
Charlie and Darah offer to volunteer at the store.
Zach proposes we put some of the books, not all of the books in Unoppressive- We agree.
Charlie James and Darah offer to clean out the back room.
Germ and Chantel become the point people while Charlie and Darah are gone.
The Customer base and stranger customers think this idea is “Fuckig fantastic.”
“time bank” gets mentioned
Tuscon Gets mentioned.
Mobile Library- Awesome
Action today- AWESOME, do it often
when the weather’s good.
Children’s books, March to get them back
charlie was unidentified white male,
Now Stephen is Unidentified white male. Police will run Stephens picture, we will reschedule the march. Charlie has a contact
in the Spanish speaking community ot advertise the march.
We need to print up occupy flyers for unoppressive.
Charlie: Can we make the flyers say: Unoppresive Nonimperialist People’s Free Library Branch.

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