Working Group Meeting Minutes 1/22/12

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60 Wall St

In attendance: Betsy, Scales, Michele, Hristo, Stephen, Germ, Chris, Darah

Michele took minutes. There wasn’t formal facilitation.


1.     Unoppressive Non-Imperialist Bargain Books/ Darah

2.     Tuesday 1/24 4pm Red Cube NYPD book recovery action

3.     Book Mobile / Scales

4.     1/29 Town Square

5.     Book collections/emails

6.     Housing Works Panel 1/30

7.     Occutrip


1.     Unoppressive Non-imperialist bargain books; Darah: 2 nights ago went to Jim’s bookstore. He has back area that’s currently cluttered…wants us to utilize some of his shelving. We were pretty for the idea. I want to see how we feel about that. Betsy: we have to get the books out. But we talked about space a while ago – did something get resolved? Who is this guy? Is it a real store? Hours? Hristo: Was there a long time ago. He lives in the back in an apartment. Kinda open 24/7. He’s been there 30 years. Darah: Open till midnight except on Sunday, till 10. His rent is being raised. But he’s not coming to us for money. Wants us to help him fundraise. Betsy: Good idea to have it there. And our next meeting there. Hristo: We had a meeting there before. Betsy: Main concern is that I don’t want us to get played. Does he want someone to work there? [Part of the original proposal is that we would provide an unpaid intern] Darah: I offered to work for free. Hristo: He offered to pay us if we work. Sean: He’s coming from a really good place. Betsy: Can we meet there and everyone build a relationship with him? Darah: We could go there after the meeting. Hristo: He says the sooner the better, but there’s no rush. Scales: Seems like a strange statement to make. Hristo: Issue with rent being raised…and he wants to make use of the space. He thinks that if there is something like the OWS library it will show his landlord that he’s doing something with the space. We’re not going to put all our books there at once. Scales: Not against having books there. Good idea to have meeting there next week. But at the same time I don’t like the idea that….we are being rushed into something because someone is gaining something from it. Darah: Similar to 86 Amsterdam: The books are still there; people are benefitting from them. It doesn’t have to be a huge amount of books. It can be an experiment. Scale: Slow increments of testing out the space. Can we propose to have meeting there, and if we all agree? Frances: What about the fact that it is a retail space? Darah: This came up when I talked to him, and it doesn’t bother him. Frances: How long? Hristo: Indefinitely. Sean: Would suggest that we establish similar relationships with other bookshops, like Word Up. Frances: Would propose that these bookstore libraries be lending libraries, not a book giveaway in a commercial store. Chris: If the leaning library were moved to a different space, he would feel left in the lurch? Darah: no…I don’t see that it will make much of a difference… Michele: But he wants to have OWS there to show his landlord activity… Scale: Should be tabled, but we should have meeting there next week so more people can see space… POI Hristo: Occupy Town Square action is the same day – Jan 29 – as our next meeting. Darah gets on the phone with the owner to tell him we’ll be there next week. So, next week’s meeting will be at Unoppressive Non-imperialist Bargain Books, Sunday Jan 29, 6pm, 34 Carmine (at Bleecker.) Needs to go up on nycga, our website, FB, Twitter, skywriting, etc.

 Betsy: What about the café in Greenpoint that Eric talked about? Shouldn’t keep having meetings in different places…

2.     Tuesday 1/24 4pm Red Cube NYPD book recovery action:

Jaime’s thing. She texted thus: ‘This is happening! Have everyone invite friends.’ (paraphrase) We need to post online. How much info to post?
Need to clarify with Jaime what info she wants to go out, what exactly is being organized, and Stephen will tell contact at VV.

3.     Bookmobiles/Scales: Scales has been building in PA with his father, who knows how to build things. Basic idea: large containing devices with 3 wheels that can be pulled by car/bike/Tricycles/1-2 humans. Will hold approx 500 books. Scales draws us a picture. 2 shelves on either side. Kind of like an ice cream cart or rickshaw. Question: should area above wheel be a shelf or something else? Scales wants it to be functional library, so what if there are desks there? Mass sparkles. Also a donation/return slot? There will also be lighting so we can use it at night. AWESOME. One thing he needs is wheels and tires. Something like small BMX or mountain bike wheels. Hasn’t found source of cheap wheels. Didn’t want to do craigslist – Wants to make a prototype…and then make multiple ones. Need to take mobile libraries to less privileged places… Wheels are really important… Stephen: what if we ask VV for a free ad? Frances: what about asking sustainability? Scales: Main thing: tire needs to be air tire. Has to be inner tube tire. Thick and durable.

4.     Town Square 1/29, 11-5pm, Washington Square Park – Frances said library would represent, so let’s represent! It’s going to be mini-occupation…

5.     Book collections/emails.

Where are the books? Gaysquat, in Bushwick, some at 86th st, some at Occupy Office, some at Stephen’s, some at farm. Mostly at SIS. (Side convo about Charlie’s idea to move the library to back of SIS…maybe not feasible….separate issue.) Frances: I just want us not to get too scattered…and we keep getting random emails about book pickups…Anybody want to leap on crazy emails, hop to it!

6.     Housing Works Panel 1/30

Frances: we are invited to speak. Steve S. may have it covered. [Details??]

7.     Occutrip

Frances: anybody want to go on the trip? Still taking applications. What is it? A mutlileg trip of NY occupiers traveling for one week at a time, via bus, to different places. This week Providence and Boston. Starts Wed. What is contact info? Frances will resend the link when she’s home. She can’t go and is requesting that others apply to go in her place.

Task: Michele will add newby Chris (who is involved with OccU and Education/Empowerment) to working group list!

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