Working Group Budget Process

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Financial Procedures

*Working groups must submit a list of preferably 3 individuals (point people) who will handle actions with finance. This is to aid in preventing fraud. Providing this list on the initial WG application form from central Info is preferable.


Working Group money under $100 (daily petty cash)

-WG gets consensus on purchase
-One of the financial point people of the WG approaches finance with the request
-Finance checks record to make sure the WG has not already used their daily petty cash
-Finance disperses funds
-WG point person returns receipts to finance


Working Group money over $100

-WG point person gets proposal form from finance
-WG fills out form after budget consensus has been reached
-Finance checks that this is not an existing resource in inventory
-Finance signs proposal
-WG rep attends the 4pm facilitation meeting, adds their budget item to that night’s GA agenda
-WG presents the budget at GA for consensus
-GA passes the proposal and the minutes are put onto the website
-Finance checks the minutes and disperses the funds
-WG point person brings back receipts

One Response to “Working Group Budget Process”

  1. Ricky Ray

    While a good starting point, this process document doesn’t account for the posting of proposals 24 hours in advance of their being presented at the GA, and it doesn’t address how finance validates the disbursement of funds if the minutes aren’t posted on the website.