WON Meeting Notes – January 15, 2012

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WON Meeting Notes – January 15, 2012 – Location: 60 Wall St


Introductions: Attendees said their names, where they are from and why they joined the OWS movement


Discussed issues concerning Newark Camp and their lack of a women’s only tent and how to make the overall camp more welcoming to women.


Debriefed the rally at the Nigerian Consulate. WON gave consensus on doing an event in solidarity with the women of Nigeria. We will outreach to women in other countries to support this event. We agreed to reach out to noted feminists and activists to enroll their support for this event


Talked about Feb. 20th ‘Occupy For Prisoners’ event. Discussed injustices in prison, including mistreatment of women, sexual assault in prison.


Discussed about upcoming Black History Month. WON voted in consensus to organize an event to honor women who helped advance equality for Black Americans and the civil rights movement


Meeting adjourned at 2pm


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